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  2. From the album Muddy's Album!

    Just something I doodled whilst a fair few of us were spitballing ideas in Discord. Moths can be surprisingly colourful.
  3. Holy cow the hair is GORGEOUS.
  4. Listening and watching his second born, there was a broad smile on the older Kirin's muzzle with visible pride as he listened to him show his concern for the guard - as well as straighten out the ruffling he had given him. He'd get him later, most definitely. Nopony was free of his fatherly ruffling now that he was back and he felt like he had a lot of that to catch up to most certainly, the playful older gentlecolt wouldn't be swayed from more pleasant evenings with his family and the staff he had equaited to part of the homestead. "And I missed all of you...I can only imagine how busy you've all been with everything," That concern always rode high on Akarui's brow, as it had with all his children, the worry of the country's weight baring down on their shoulders. Ryu was the Shogun whilst Ishi and Kaze were prince and princess, those were some hefty titles to carry here and he wondered if it ever got too much. He never let it show, not truly, nobody wanted to see their parent overly concerned or worried, worry and anxiety was a cold that caught quickly after all. "But I'm sure you've done wonderfully as usual, including keeping an eye on that little whirlwind you call a sister." He smiled. And boy did it grow at Ishi's intrigue as he raised a hoof to pat at the gently wrapped parcels, a chuckle escaping him with a hefty tone as it escaped the large stallion's chest. "All in due time, Ishi, I want to give them to all of you...I couldn't rightly go somewhere new and not bring back something for all of my children could I?" The playfulness in his tone was palpable, despite any noble baring or quiet dignity the Kirin might've perceived to others - at home he was a playful old soul that wanted to bring joy to his family.
  5. canterlot

    Ohhhhh. That explained the voice. Smiling towards the filly MudBug simply offered a wink and a reassuring pat of a muddy hoof to her shoulder. Differently abled ponies were pretty amazing in their adaptations to the world, her younger 'cousin' - really her neighbor for so long in Ponyville that it'd almost become familial - couldn't fly properly, couldn't fly at all actually. But he still had aspirations to be a 'star venturing pony' despite that and it was admirable to Muddy. "Well if it helps, you sound great." Not a hint of condescension laced the peppery puddle jumper as she smiled towards Echo before her eyes settled back on the colt with a wall eye'd blink. He seemed like a good kid, even if he was a bit of a...stick in the mud. Celestia she had to bite the inside her cheek to not laugh at her own mental japery, but it was quickly quelled when the colt called her a kid and she chuckled. "Kid? Fast Track you're gonna be a little flatterer I'm sure, I'm pretty sure last I checked, I'm at least old enough to have a job." She was a young mare at the least, she'd been an adolescent for a fair time and was slowly approaching adulthood. "I soften up all the mud and dirt back home for new saplings and seeds...I also do deliveries of specialized mud and dirt and sometimes those stupid shiny gemstones that everybody goes gaga for now and then." There was a roll of her eyes. She didn't get gemstones half the time, they weren't that fascinating to her.
  6. Dad is of the opinion however of MORE CHERRY BLOSSOMS This is a great pic x3
  7. Holy cow!
  8. From the album Muddy's Album!

    My Sarugami's pony form. 'Handsome' Monkey King indeed.
  9. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shuài Hóu Wáng (Handsome Monkey King), usually goes by 'Monkey' Sex: Male Age: Atleast Six Hundred Years (Most of these spent asleep/imprisoned) Species: Sarugami (Monkey Yokai) Eye Colour: Golden Yellow Coat: In his usual form, Shu is covered in thick (if scruffy) fire red fur that covers light tan skin. In his pony form his hide has become a light golden colour. Mane/Tail: All his red fur has become his mane in his pony form, thick and shaggy forming a rough beard. Physique: Either in his Sarugami or pony form, Shu is a BIG boy; in his usual form he just about scrapes seven feet in all his monkey Yokai goodness - where as in his pony form he is still clearly a good couple of feet taller and bulkier than the average stallion. Residence: The Mountain of Flowers and Fruits | Currently imprisoned by a magical seal in a Temple Occupation: Self proclaimed 'Monkey King' | Chaotic Prankster | Folklore Figure Cutie Mark: Shu has no cutiemark in his pony form, he thinks them ridiculous - however due to the seal imprisoning him he will most likely have that on his flank whenever he changes into his pony form. Unique Traits: Yokai Magic; Including the usual shapeshifting, changing his size from the likes of a bumblebee to a mid sized elephant and trickery that Yokai are known for, Shu is capable of using his fur to make ephemeral clones that can last for about an hour depending on how healthy or stressed Shu is. They can only do simple things like move objects, but if they get damaged they turn back into hairs. (After the release, he will only be able to summon two to three clones at once.) Super Strength; Both physically and magically, Shu has a great amount of strength in him. Being able to lift atleast thirty times his weight with relative ease. There are obvious limitations, he cannot put too much strain or lift too much weight otherwise he will start to struggle. However this also means he's capable of jumping rather far due to the strength in his legs. Golden Eyes of Truth Seeing; The golden eyes were a relatively new trait that Shu picked up several moons before his actual imprisonment - he can see through the disguises and enchantments of other magic users. Seeing them for what they are instead of what they're pretending to be. This comes in handy when he just wants to tease them and watch them squirm in front of everypony. Somersault Cloud; Less a trait, more a piece of magic he stole from Longri-La. The magic city held in the clouds, made OF clouds obviously had some intriguing properties to Shu and so he stole a part of the magic clouds. After several moons, the cloud became obedient and bonded to Shu helping the otherwise flightless Sarugami an easy mode of transport. History: Folklore surrounding specific Yokai in Neighpon and Long Guo aren't completely unheard of, one particular folklore figure started many generations ago on a small patch of craggy land between the two nations in the heart of the sea. Many ponies like to make up that he was born from a great stone egg swept from the sea, caressed by the winds and so forth, in reality he was born from one of the very few Sarugami - or Monkey Yokai - that hadn't been taken for exotic entries in beastiaries and open zoo's for the study of Yokai by the magically inclined or much worse for those who could seek a profit from them. However his birth was met alone as when he opened his eyes, any mother he might've seen had left him in the middle of a forest at the base of a mountain deep of Long Guo. For most of his early years, the little Sarugami was raised by a local troop of monkeys upon the mountain that was affectionately called Mount Huaguo, or the Mount of Fruit and Flowers. It was a happy time, he grew into himself, his powers, he was well loved by his surrogate family and he loved them in equal measure. Soon enough with the growth into adolescence and the further exploration of his powers and Long Guo as a whole however, he soon became more and more curious of the ponies of the country. Especially their magic. A hermit scholar and sorcerer of ancient magics by the name of Suhbeti took the Sarugami under his hoof and taught him the ways of pony kind. Their culture, their views of the world and their magic to which he took very well, imbuing his own trickery laden Yokai craft with that of the ponies and it didn't take long for him to grow an earnest respect for the elderly stallion who gave him the name; Shuài Hóu Wáng. Eventually he returned home, full of knowledge and full of energy as he grew into adulthood. Using his magic, he used it to protect his little troop of monkeys from all that would plague them, from hunters to ponies that would threaten the forest in and around their territory. It also gave him a chance to explore other parts of Long Guo and even Neighpon. He even found the time to make friends with other Yokai that he often visited when he became more confident in his powers - such as shapeshifting - to travel to Neighpon and visit those there and for those that lived in the further stretches of Long Guo. Of the most notable of his friends, Yanhua the nine-tailed KitShue was one of them. But eventually his initial innocent view of the magic he'd been taught and the Sarugami's natural penchant for mischief soon bore him into another facet of life. Chaos. Itchy fingers soon turned to pranks that he roped many of his yokai friends into pulling on innocent ponies, from farmers to even the then current Emperor of Long Guo - who obviously had more back up when he became more vocal about Shu's mischief and the Serpent Council had to step in. Unfortunately they and the Serpent King Ao Shenlong were no strangers to his mishief either, having taken a fair few of his yokai friends to Longri-La and took several things from the beautiful kingdom. Including a vial of magic pills that gave his golden eyes magical sight and a chunk of Longri-La's own enchanted cloud structure. When they asked for his apology, the Monkey King only greeted them with barking laughter and some disdain for feeling looked down on by the glorious Serpent King - though it wasn't Ao Shenlong intent - so Shu continued his mischief. This went on for several moons, every time the Monkey King would slip from the grasp of Serpent Dragon and Pony guard alike until eventually the Serpent Council and King decided upon a plan to put Shu in his place. Ao Shenlong issued a challenge to Shu Wukong, who had become boastful and big headed in his shows of power and ofcourse would never say no to a challenge if it meant showing up the glorious Serpent King, who wagered that the Monkey King could never actually turn into as many forms as he said he could - to which he boasted fourty seven individually - Shu ofcourse put this to a bet. His terms were dangerously out of line, for he said he won the bet that he would become the Emperor of Long Guo and the monkeys of Huaguo would rule the country instead of the ponies. And as risky as it was, Ao Shenlong and the Serpent Council agreed to the terms. The whole day Shu transformed, starting from the biggest and getting smaller and smaller till he was nothing but the size of a bumblebee - however so exhausted from his use of power he didn't expect the Serpent King and the Council to use their magic on him. Immediately the proud Sarugami was put into an indefinite sleep and sealed away within a large ball of jade, which was then put away in a temple atop one of Long Guo's many mountains and kept secret to all bar the Serpent King, the Serpent Council and Emperor of Long Guo. And there he stays in a semi-permanent 'time out' within his prison of jade, locked behind a magic seal that none but the Serpent King, his descendants, the Serpent Council and the royal bloodline of the last Emperor can unlock. The magic seal itself was made in two parts, the first to lock him away and the second that if it should be unlocked and he continues his mischief - that a certain chant passed down through generations of both royal families and the council will keep the yokai cowtowed and obedient. But then again, to all others bar those who know best. This is only a folklore. Character Personality: Shu is...a brute to say the least. He's blunt, impulsive, cocky and inquisitive with no real thinking of anyone's comfort than his own which gets him into trouble far too easily. Often prone to invading personal spaces, playing pranks and jokes on ponies he really shouldn't be or just downright making a donkey's uncle out of himself for nopony's amusement but his own and not considering the long term consequences. This has been ingrained into him after years of pride in his own abilities and his natural penchant for trickery being a Sarugami. Deeper into his core he's a surprisingly laid back and even intelligent individual despite his chaotic neutral standpoint and 'action before thought' tendencies that he's grown into, like he's grown aversive of anything close to sleep or slowing down - which isn't surprising given the magic he was put under for him imprisonment. He comes off as aloof or uncaring to otherpony's emotional states, but mostly because he has no idea how to respond to anything overly emotional. If somepony was crying infront of him - he would most likely lock up and watched them perplexedly till they stop or attempt a half-baked pat on the back because 'that's what you do when someone's sad 101'. It's not out of any spite, unless he truly dislikes you, it's mostly out of a lack of understanding of non Yokai and non monkeys. Monkeys he can read. Ponies, even with his teachers aid, he still has trouble grasping now and then. Character Summary: Shu is a powerful force of Yokai prankster energy brought to heel for his misdemeanors in the past. What the future holds for him? Nopony really knows, it'll either be very chaotic. Or very fun. Or even both considering this barrel of royal monkey madness.
  10. This is great!
  11. canterlot

    MudBug was more than a little relieved internally that this filly wasn't bothered by her muddiness, it really reassured her that what she loved was nothing to be ashamed of. Not that she was ashamed of being the muddiest earth pony she knew, it was just hard to explain to ponies why. So that this filly was so chilled out around her made that smile on her muzzle just beam. She was about to answer her before the sound of another voice piped up causing her to tilt her head slightly to peer at the colt with a bemused blink of her eyes. Oh boy, here was the starting one today. There was always going to be at least one comment on her lifestyle and likes, not that it got under her skin at all, it just kind of got repetitive at times and she could've done without it...but no reason to be down and out about it. She just shot the colt a grin and smiled back towards Echo. "Nice to meet you Echo...and I'm called MudBug because, well, I love mud! Have done since I could wiggle my hooves about in it so it was easy for my mother to name me." Her eyes then settled on the colt and she couldn't help but try - and fail - to suppress a smirk forming on her face. "Well I mean, this is Canterlot, the only other creatures 'ambling' in the mud would be other ponies...or worms I guess, but worms are good for the dirt." She sat her haunches down on the cobblestones and flicked her tail around her, flicking more mud about in an arcing spray that splatted her in the face. "Mud's also good for the circulation, some muds are good for exfoliation too...or whatever Aloe and her sister said it was good more back in Ponyville...besides which, when it's all dry, it's easier to get off with a good shake." A slightly darker, but playful smiled coiled on Muddy's lips as she watched the colt and then gave Echo a small reassuring wink before she spoke again. "Unless you want me to shake it off now in this busy street?" It was an empty threat, she'd have never done that. Too many ponies going about their day to day lives and she didn't want to actually cause a stir and make otherponies feel uncomfortable. She just wanted to see this foal's reaction. Seemed like a bit of a cleanfreak and she loved messing with those types, if only slightly.
  12. canterlot

    MudBug hadn't been expecting an 'Excuse me' to start off today's first interaction, granted she probably should have, turning herself slightly till her big purple eyes landed on the pegasus and she greeted the other with a big friendly smile, even if that smile was framed by the fact she was caked in a layer of squishy, squelchy, wholesome wet dirt. Even holding out a filth clodded hoof in a kindly greeting, as one does with a stranger, not really thinking about what the response or reaction would be. This was a new pony after all, had to be polite and friendly as she would've been back home! "I guess you could say it was 'on purpose'," She began with the same big smile on her muzzle, eyes rolling wistfully as she recalled the start of her little walk. "Took a nosedive in my aunt's garden, made a mudpuddle just for myself before I took a nice walk through the city, makes me feel right at home!" A proud exclamation was pinned by a jostle of her head, her mane flipping as a big clod of mud flew up into the air and landed with a noisy SPLAT next to her that ricocheted more brown splatters on her creme coat. Not that she minded. In fact she looked as content as a moth in a cupboard full of woolen sweaters. Again she aimed another friendly smile to the filly as she stood there, proud and tall as any of the Canterlot guard in her grimy garb. "My name's MudBug - accurate name I know - but you can call me Muddy if you like, or Bug, either's good, heh." She peered back at the filly. "Yourself?"
  13. At the sound of hooves clattering over the fine wooden floors of the palace, Akarui was briefly torn out of the revelry of absorbing his homestead yet again and steadied himself for the inevitable tackle. Sounded like one of his boys because the hooves sounded far too heavy to be his little girl and sure enough he soon had said hooves wrapped around him in an embrace from none other than his dear second born, a smile spreading across his face as he returned the embrace with gusto - making sure to ruffle his mane a little in an affectionate manner as he felt his heart swell at the sight of one of his children. It was easy to tell he'd missed them from being away. "Ishi, my boy! I've missed you and your siblings so much, but yes I've had quite a fine time." He gently relinquished the hold on his son and rubbed at his bearded chin thoughtfully. "Though I could've done without the waves belting the ship at one point, one of the vanguard got quite ill, poor boy." However such focus then returned to his son, taking him all in with a proud smile on his face as he watched him. "So! What've I missed? And where is your brother and sister? I managed to get you all gifts whilst I was away."
  14. Still contemplating using that spiritual advisor/master of the harmonious path design I showed you earlier. HMMM. *RUBS CHIN*