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    Like you'd ever get rid of me O w O And I'm doing alright just making do Hope you're doing well Dessa!
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  3. The walk to the room with the holding cages was a decent one to say the least, a good few twists and turns in the heated cave tunnels of the mountain before the sunny golden ryuma eventually opened a heavy wooden door to a room that was just as full as the throne room...but certainly not as lustrous. Everything within the room was dusty or rusted, the only thing kept immaculate were the thick barred cages that side wisely away from any walls or anything to be tugged or pulled upon, the metal of the bars having odd sigils carved into them that must've prevented any magic whilst within the cage. The Queen was obviously clever. But aside from the cages and their daunting size the room was surprisingly filled wall to wall with books, manuscripts, all stolen and all from different walks of life that the gang must've stolen and tossed aside in this room for some other reason or simply to be forgotten like an old coat or some rusted horseshoes. However where the majority of them were dusty and near rotten from the moons left alone, some were actually kept in quite good condition, like they'd been read religiously. Once the princess, her partner in crime and the two prisoners were inside the room the yellow ryuma raised a hoof and waved it as the bandit group holding the prisoners secured them so they could not move even if they tried. "That'll be all, I need to focus on their pricing and you all need to get back to work..." There was a pause before a small smile teased the corners of the golden princess' mouth. "Besides, I think chef managed to get enough turnip for stew tonight." There was barely time to breathe or pause as the bandits near hurtled over each other to get out of the room, scrambling at the idea for a hot meal after their work grabbing the two unfortunate souls that were now left to the Bandit Queen's daughter and her odd ring tailed friend. She moved to close the door and throw down the heavy wooden beam that locked the room from the inside, purely one of the precautions to be sure if this was a prisoner room and then rested her ear against the flat of the door. And stood there. Silently. Listening. "...Alright, Goto help me remove their ropes in one piece." Her tone had immediately shifted, no longer stiff and partly numbed in her commands, now she was a touch more spirited and the concern rang obvious in her voice as she moved over to the Yokai and 'pony' with her brow knitted together, eyes briefly scanning the knots before they scanned the faces of the 'prisoners'. "You both aren't hurt are you?"
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    This is SO pretty!
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  6. It took a decent chunk of time, decent enough for the echo to reach the back of the cave, even more so to get the Bandit Queen to twitch ever so slightly in irritation when her demands weren't met immediately and caused one hoof to scuff the dirt floor of the lair. After a few more seconds however, the Queen's daughter soon made her appearance from one of the offset tunnels that somehow lead further into the lair. Barring some small obvious traits shared between the two, it was obvious this young mare wasn't her mother's daughter. Her hooves trod lightly on the dirt as she was called and she scanned the cave briefly once she entered before her eyes locked on her mother, not seeming to notice the Bandit Queen's unwilling guests or the plight they were in as she approached the crimson Ryuma. "You called mother? I hope it's not another instance of me checking if the bits are counterfeit-" Now she noticed them. As soon as she took a proper look to the guests she stopped mid sentence and eyed the pair over in relative silence, a fleeting expression of concern reading across her features as her eyes darted between the two and then immediately was replaced by a level headed and otherwise uncaring facade. Turning back to her mother with an arched brow as she saw the smug expression on the older mare's face. "The black market? Really? After the bad deals we've had with them before?" She received a snort for her answer as the older mare roughly pat her between the wings in some half hearted attempt to affectionate to the golden child in front of her, but she barely staggered at the treatment. "Yes my sweet, well this time they'll have to give us a good deal with merchandise like this and I'm sure you'll figure out just how much they're worth and deal with it yourself." "Me? Not interested in dealing with it yourself, mother?" The expression on the hot headed Queen's face grew briefly soured as she snorted and walked away. "I doubt they'd enjoy seeing me again after the little 'incident' we had." "You burnt down half the Underground Cartel, we're lucky any of them even still talk to us." "Pff collateral damage at least, now don't backtalk your mother, after all you'll have to learn this trade if you want to lead this gang." Her words were met with silence and it seemed to be appreciated, even though it appeared that her words weren't appreciated in the slightest by the younger mare. "I'll be taking my nap, you can take these two to the cages we have in the back and give them a proper look over, see if any part of them is damaged and see what'll be deducted if we can sell them...you know what'll happen if they end up useless to us." The tone in the Queen's voice was enough to steel Jinsoku's gaze, but she remained silent. With one last condescending pat on the back, the crimson mare made her way off down a tunnel away from her throne room as an exaggerated yawn escaped past her muzzle and the rope bandits and 'Princess' were left with the prisoners, said Princess eyeing the pair for a moment or two over her shoulder before sighing in mild frustration through her nostrils. "Alright, bring them to the cages and I'll take a look at them." And turned to lead the other bandits and their quarry down the tunnel she'd come from.
  7. These two were definitely a pretty pair of prizes to be sure, smiling to herself more than she did with her 'guests' she eyed them in the way a buyer might've sized up a piece of jewelry she was seeing to buy or trade. The Yokai definitely fascinated her, especially that tail that she glanced over almost in a covetous manner before she caught the other guest's sickeningly sweet tone that'd been thrown back at her - it did nothing but provoke a near cackle that held more dark humor in it to be anywhere near pleasant...but held a more serious tone in it to be anywhere near humorous like a fairy tale bad guy. This was a mare that definitely held some bitterness in her and a threat in her tone. Lifting a hoof she rubbed Nosk's head like one would've condescendingly done with a foal that thought they knew better then their elders as her cackle dissolved in a mockingly warm chuckle in her throat, it was obvious this wasn't her first time dealing with guests that had a bit of sass in them. "Wonderful, I'd hate for such a pretty pair to be uncomfortable in our humble cave...granted the heat must be such a bother...I'm sure that was aided by any uncomfortably heavy valuables being.." She rolled her hoof with a small, smug grin. "'Liberated' from your person?" Her eyes wandered from bandit to bandit, at least the ones that weren't clung to the ropes holding the pair and she watched as they avoided her gaze, her grin disappeared quickly and was replaced with a slight frown. "Nothing?" No answer from her bandits just gained another wrinkle in her brow as her frown grew. "Not even one COIN?" When still no answer came from the shaking crew, the 'Queen' snorted a puff of black smoke in their faces before she eventually cooled off after a second or two of frustrated stomps into the black sodden dirt of the cave's floor, immediately that sickeningly sweet smirk appeared - this time more conniving and thoughtful as she wafted a hoof in a dismissive gesture. "No matter! We'll get enough coin out of our delightful guests once I've had Jin appraise them, go through the books for what connections we have through our underground aliases and such.." Again she circled them, almost like a shark as she scrutinized their details. "I'm sure you two must be worth something, the Yokai most certainly, that tail might make a pretty scarf for some prissy little governess somewhere...maybe even silk for some geisha's gown." She looked to Nosk and gave a huff. "You...? Hmm...probably a servant, there's definitely a few assembly lines that would pay handsomely for a few workers that nobody will look for, especially not a hobo without any bits." This all seemed a very strong intimidation play, throwing verbal weight around to show she was the boss, the threat of undeniable odds and danger in case they wanted to be clever. However such play went out the window when she stepped aside from the pair and raised her voice, the echo reverbing the walls of the cave. "JINSOKU! COME HERE!" She grinned over her shoulder to the pair and flicked her tail partly. "But we'll soon see once my daughter has a better look at you."
  8. To say that the Dragon Fangs Bandit Gang's cave was...well...'a fixer upper' was something of an understatement in itself, it was settled in the heart of a mountain that bubbled at its core - which the heat gave away making the insides almost uncomfortably sweltering during the day...but was probably extremely cozy at night. No cold nights on the hard ground outside, but cozy warm nights on the hard ground inside. Unless you were the Bandit Queen that is. And wouldn't she be happy today. Her gang had brought in two juicy pieces of bit-bait indeed, they had made sure they were roped and well kept in place as they were brought through the cave, it was littered with multiple spoils of their heists. Turned over carriages, baskets filled with half eaten or half rotten food that stank in the heat of the cave - but the deeper into the cave the better the treasure appeared to be. Gold, jewels, silk, seals of traders and village mayors and at the heart of it a big throne that must've been part of some ornamental palanquin that'd now been changed into a ramshackle seat covered in tattered silks and treasures. Needless to say a throne fit for an equally ramshackle pony, who happened to be sat on it chomping away at a peach before her eyes settled on what was being dragged into the 'throne room' with a cold stare as she threw the fruit away and shifted herself to her hooves to get a better look at what was being dragged in. However when she did get a good eyeful of her 'guests', there was a brief moment of disbelief that was completely overtaken by a cruel smirk that worked its way across her muzzle as she stepped down from her pedestal. If only the physical one. "I was about to tan your idiotic hides for interrupting me, you know I don't like being interrupted while I eat." Came her sharp bark as she walked past some of the bandits that'd immediately cowtowed to her, those that weren't keeping a hold of their prisoners that is. Eyeing over them again as she stepped up closer, she continued to smirk at the ideas bubbling away between those cruel violet eyes of hers. "But I'll admit, you muddling milquetoasts actually did something right for once this week...two pretty prizes indeed." The venom in her smirk turned sweet, sickeningly sweet, fake and full of false promise as she took a step back and took a more condescending expression. "I do hope your escort to our home was comfortable."
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  13. Listening and watching his second born, there was a broad smile on the older Kirin's muzzle with visible pride as he listened to him show his concern for the guard - as well as straighten out the ruffling he had given him. He'd get him later, most definitely. Nopony was free of his fatherly ruffling now that he was back and he felt like he had a lot of that to catch up to most certainly, the playful older gentlecolt wouldn't be swayed from more pleasant evenings with his family and the staff he had equaited to part of the homestead. "And I missed all of you...I can only imagine how busy you've all been with everything," That concern always rode high on Akarui's brow, as it had with all his children, the worry of the country's weight baring down on their shoulders. Ryu was the Shogun whilst Ishi and Kaze were prince and princess, those were some hefty titles to carry here and he wondered if it ever got too much. He never let it show, not truly, nobody wanted to see their parent overly concerned or worried, worry and anxiety was a cold that caught quickly after all. "But I'm sure you've done wonderfully as usual, including keeping an eye on that little whirlwind you call a sister." He smiled. And boy did it grow at Ishi's intrigue as he raised a hoof to pat at the gently wrapped parcels, a chuckle escaping him with a hefty tone as it escaped the large stallion's chest. "All in due time, Ishi, I want to give them to all of you...I couldn't rightly go somewhere new and not bring back something for all of my children could I?" The playfulness in his tone was palpable, despite any noble baring or quiet dignity the Kirin might've perceived to others - at home he was a playful old soul that wanted to bring joy to his family.
  14. Ohhhhh. That explained the voice. Smiling towards the filly MudBug simply offered a wink and a reassuring pat of a muddy hoof to her shoulder. Differently abled ponies were pretty amazing in their adaptations to the world, her younger 'cousin' - really her neighbor for so long in Ponyville that it'd almost become familial - couldn't fly properly, couldn't fly at all actually. But he still had aspirations to be a 'star venturing pony' despite that and it was admirable to Muddy. "Well if it helps, you sound great." Not a hint of condescension laced the peppery puddle jumper as she smiled towards Echo before her eyes settled back on the colt with a wall eye'd blink. He seemed like a good kid, even if he was a bit of a...stick in the mud. Celestia she had to bite the inside her cheek to not laugh at her own mental japery, but it was quickly quelled when the colt called her a kid and she chuckled. "Kid? Fast Track you're gonna be a little flatterer I'm sure, I'm pretty sure last I checked, I'm at least old enough to have a job." She was a young mare at the least, she'd been an adolescent for a fair time and was slowly approaching adulthood. "I soften up all the mud and dirt back home for new saplings and seeds...I also do deliveries of specialized mud and dirt and sometimes those stupid shiny gemstones that everybody goes gaga for now and then." There was a roll of her eyes. She didn't get gemstones half the time, they weren't that fascinating to her.
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