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  1. She did feel for them, really she did. Not everyone was as lucky as her when it came to funding. But as much as she wanted to Rosedust knew that she couldn't just throw bits away at the promise of future profits. Her left ear flit as she thought through her options and she glanced at the sketchbook again. "The Emporium here is all my own work if you would like to look at the displays, and Strawberry Bell has a photo album behind the counter of past collections too," she said slowly, "but if I might make a suggestion?" She paused for a moment to take a sip of tea and collect how she wanted to phrase herself. "When I was first starting out here I had a hard time getting people through my doors. I am a little hidden away down here, so it was not obvious that I existed. What I did to drum up some interest was that I had Strawberry Bell model some pieces for me and walk through town. People stopped and asked her where she had bought her jewellery and she gave out leaflets with my location on." Once more, another sip. "The gown for your villain...if you could come up with a sum and you redesigned it to be a little more streamlined I could most certainly contribute a matching set of accessories to really make it sparkle and catch the eye. Then perhaps you could do the same? When the costume is completed I am sure the residents of Canterlot would love to meet the character in the street. You could do some improvisational acting? And then with the proceeds of the ticket sales, commission more."
  2. Rosedust busied herself for the first half of the conversation with delivering on tea and cake. Then, when the silver tray was neatly set into the middle of the room so that every pony had ease of access, she settled down herself to listen properly. She had not heard of the New Dawn Theatre, although she wondered if her parents might have in their retirement. As they came to a close with their explanation, Rosedust took a few moments to slowly chew through the barrage of information, crossing her front hooves and concentrating so that she could filter it down. "Costume jewellery," she said after a short silence, "is very different to most other types of jewellery. It has to be big and bold so that it can be seen from stage and enhance the performers without being uncomfortable and easy to take on and off for costume changes. It needs to be durable, so that it can withstand multiple uses per week, and also perhaps for resale later." This seemed to be more for her own benefit than anything else and eventually her gaze returned to her clients with a blink as she realised that she might have let her own thoughts carry her away from present company. "I would love to help you two, although I must ask - what is your budget?"
  3. Both Strawberry Bell and Rosedust Diamond were a little lost for words as the pair of mares traded words back and forth enthusiastically. It was a little hard to keep track of at first, but the aid of pictures certainly helped until finally Rosedust managed to figure out exactly what they were asking her for. "Oh!" She said suddenly, almost running afoul of interrupting. "You are speaking of the theatre? How lovely, it sounds very exciting. I have not been myself in quite a long time." She smiled gently at the sisters, eyes scanning over the pages as they were flipped back and forth until Strawberry Bell coughed casually to get her attention. The bell at the door to the Emporium chimed again and the earth pony practically pranced off around to greet the new customer, glad to get away. Knowing that the main storefront probably wasn't the best place for this kind of business arrangement, the unicorn nodded over her shoulder at the door she had originally come out of. Sequestering them all away would let Strawberry get on with her work and hopefully make a sale or two in her absence. "Why don't you two join me in my studio for a cup of tea and a slice of cake? It would be my pleasure to discuss this with you in a more relaxing setting where we can all sit down for a spell." Came the offer. She waited just a moment before bowing her head at Limelight and Goldie and then glided away, the handle of her studio entrance glowing mint green as she used her magic to open it and gestured for them to go through. Her studio was a little cramped for three ponies perhaps, but with a little of the same enchantment Rosedust rearranged some of her displays quickly, tucked away her tools and loose gemstones and found a silver tray lurking at the back which would serve for snacks. "Now you both make yourself comfortable, I will be right with you. Oh!" Having forgotton that the sisters would need somewhere to sit, she turned about-face and knocked a couple of cushions onto the floor from a high shelf. "Perfect! So, what did you have in mind?"
  4. Rosedust Diamond looked up at the sound of what appeared to be a rather delighted catastrophy in the making. She had had a good morning thus far. The day had started nicely, breakfast had been delicious, she had grabbed a cup of tea for both herself and her employee on her way to the Emporium and Strawberry Bell had already opened shop and had been carefully counting out change for the counter when she had arrived. She had said hello, left her her tea and then trotted on through to her studio in the back to work on her latest collection. There she had spent her time at her drafting table and had been drawing and humming to herself musically when the bell on the front door had gone off and suddenly...did it sound like...'proprietor of this fi'..? Oh dear, she couldn't really hear very well with the door shut. Getting to her hooves, Rosedust nudged open the back door to peer around it. Framed almost perfectly by the gossamer curtains and strings of white-pink lights designed to make the Emporium look almost fairylike were two mares - a unicorn and a pegasus respectively, one of which looked like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her immediately. Seeing that Strawberry Bell looked about as taken aback by the sudden outburst as anypony would be, Rosedust slipped into the store, using her back hoof to gently press the door closed behind her. "Ahem," she cleared her throat, "please pardon me for interrupting but I thought that I heard that someone would like to speak with the proprietor? My name is Rosedust Diamond and I am the owner of the Grace of Hearts Gemstone Emporium. Can I help you at all?" Moving quietly around the other side of the counter to stand next to Strawberry Bell, Rosedust fixed the pair with her best 'customer smile'. She did not recognise either of them so it seemed unlikely that they were disgruntled customers or had had a bad experience. Why, then, the demand for her attention? She was curious. Her usual clients were not so well animated and expressive, that was for certain.
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Rosedust Diamond. Sex: Female. Age: Mare. Species: Unicorn. Eye colour: Mint green. Coat: A dark, dusty pink. Mane/Tail: A very pale pink, almost white in colour. Long with a slight curl. Physique: Rosedust is tall, lithe and graceful. Somewhat delicate, she is outwardly soft and genteel in mannerisms. Residence: Canterlot. Occupation: Jeweller. Cutie Mark: A heart shaped diamond which shimmers green and pink. Rosedust earned her cutie mark when she was somewhat older than most, almost a filly. A bridesmaid in her sister's wedding, Rosedust was looking forward to the ceremony and was informed in no short order by all of her family members that she was to spend her time beforehand resting up to avoid being ill during the event itself. Rosedust complied, but two days before the nuptials disaster struck when Moonstone Star's jewellery and accessories were stolen on route to the family home. In secret Rosedust created an entirely new custom designed set for her, using her own savings to buy the materials she would need and surprising her the next day at the cost of her own health. This sacrifice was what earned her her cutie mark and even though Rosedust could not attend the party, she was happiest knowing that her sister was the most beautiful bride in all of Canterlot. Despite Moonstone gently chewing her out for it of course. Unique Traits: Like all unicorns, Rosedust Diamond has magic to her. Even though being physically active tires her out, magic never seems to. Perhaps she has a higher tolerance for it than most unicorns? She's never really looked into it. History Rosedust Diamond grew up the youngest child of a unicorn father, Mystic Haze, and an earth pony mother, Sugar Candy. Her elder brother, Bolt Storm, and her elder sister, Moonstone Star, were very close in age and Rosedust arrived when they were already a colt and filly respectively making her the baby of the family. In her early years however Rosedust was a sickly foal. She struggled with her studies, always afflicted with some kind of vague malaise, and grew shy and timid as a result. Her brother and sister were her closest companions, always there for her, and her mother schooled her at home as much as possible. To give herself something to do Rosedust Diamond took up making jewellery as a hobby. Starting out by string cubes and beads along brightly coloured strings, she progressed into making her own designs and when she was too anguished to leave her bed she could be found using her magic to make accessories for her family members. After years of treatment through some form or another, Rosedust aged into a filly and grew healthier thanks to her father's medicines and magics. Although she no longer felt ill though, she was still somewhat fragile; a cold would always linger too long, a bruise would always bloom under the slightest bump. Not only this but Rosedust had large gaps in her own knowledge and was always underperforming academically despite her best intentions and hard work. With this in mind, and given her talent for jewelcrafting, Rosedust's family collaborated on collecting the funds required for Rosedust to open her own shop and surprised her on her twenty first birthday with the down payment to start her own business. Now, years later, Rosedust Diamond is a happy mare who works out of the 'Grace of Hearts Gemstone Emporium' on the edge of Canterlot city. It is a small shop (but neat and tidy) with an aesthetic that matches its owner. She has one employee, an earth pony mare named Strawberry Bell, whom takes care of customers when she is not able to do so (or is babysitting her large supply of nieces and nephews). Happy to sit and bring her creative dreams to reality for the ponies of Equestria, Rosedust hopes to one day be one of the most in-demand designers in the world, making tiaras, earrings, necklaces and more for society's most adored. Though of course, to Rosedust Diamond, that simply means the ones who are closest to her own heart. Character Personality Rosedust Diamond is a polite, well-brought-up, and quietly confident mare who values the ones she loves more than anything else. Protective and lawful, even though she is physically weak, she'd do anything for a friend. Even though words aren't exactly her speciality she thinks that actions speaker louder anyway. She has a low tolerance for cruelty of any kind and thinks that compassion and kindness are the truest, clearest gems of personality. That said, in her quest to bring a little light into the life of all she meets, Rosedust can be naive and overly trusting which has led others to take advantage of her. More than anything though she tries her hardest to be the best pony she can be and would be very happy knowing that she has inspired others to do the same. Ponies make mistakes, but often it's nothing that a heartfelt apology, a cup of tea and a slice of cake can't fix as far as she is concerned. Character Summary: Rosedust Diamond is a determined, hard working jeweller who aims to shine in kindness as much as her creations do.
  6. Why make my own character when I could spend literally hours reading everyone elses?
  7. Thank you so very much for the replies! I am currently in the process of making up a character application but I keep getting distracted by everyone else's cool OCs. I could spend a long time on here just reading through other people's characters haha.
  8. Thank you very much for your kind welcome Flooberoid! I am indeed having a lovely week. (✿◠‿◠) Right now I am doing a lot of forum reading and building up a character sheet that can hopefully be approved.
  9. Hello Canterlot forums! I'm RoseDustRabbit, but I like to be called Rose! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I am from the United Kingdom and a long time RPer, although it's been a while since I dove into a big forum community like this. I'm a pretty quiet person online but I adore people's creativity and writing and I want to write and be creative in Equestria! Offline I'm probably a little older than the majority, although my true age will remain a closely guarded secret. I am half artist, half office worker and I like baking and my two cats. I live alone and have a wonderful group of friends who bless me every day with their presence, but I am always open to making more. I have been watching MLP:FiM since the very beginning, although I was a fan of MLP before that and have a small but select collection of G1s and G3s. Recently I was inspired to get back into the fandom after the reference in Stranger Things season 3 had me binge watch a lot of the original cartoon online. Man, that sure was a show! Anyway, I am very pleased to meet you and I am looking forward to getting a character sorted so I can come play with you all. Have a lovely day!
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