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  1. The mood has changed! So has the music! The stallion slowly stood back up onto his hoofs and paused, standing there for a moment as his single golden eye shifted slightly, glazing over the mare then to the Batpony. A gentle breath was sucked in. Before he spoke he shifted slightly on his hoofs. Attempting to make himself as comfortable as possible. His face showed that serious guard expression once more. No longer was he the faded warm stallion he was before. It seemed he had shifted back into his normal state of being. His tone was soothing, slow, but it had power behind what he said. Taking great pride in what his job and his name sake was. "I am Silver Armor, Royal Guard, Soon to be the Captain of the Solar guard. It is a pleasure to meet you both. Burning Aegis, and you Street Art. Forgive me for not giving my intro sooner. I have had a lot on my mind." He gave it a few moments to settle in, before sighing softly once more shifting his fluffy blue mane from covering the eyepatch. Silver wasn't one often to flaunt around, nor did he enjoy telling his name. Though the two before him had given him nothing more than trust, kindness. It would have been rude for him not to say anything. But that expression that held upon his face softened for a split second. Hoping he had not ruined the soft kind mood that was placed out before them. As he heard about the Club, his head turned to glance at it. Silver wasn't much of a party pony. Yet he had made a promise to get out more. "I didn't know there was a club like that. I guess I really do need to leave the kingdom walls more to explore." Silver turned his head back with a huff. The air now felt heavy, colder even. The mist of the small fountain they stood before aided in the cool wind blowing across them all. Out of habit Silver lifted his hoof to his scarf and shifted it around. Tugging it slightly tighter. Now he knew that he wasn't the best at being social. Give the Stallion a break, he was just out for a walk before this had changed into a small group gathering. But he kept his gaze away from the two. Looking towards the sky now, the moon kissing his coat with that silvery glow.
  2. Click to Listen to what went through Silver's Head And as soon as the gentle moment between two Ponies had arisen. It had ended far too quickly. The once dawning sappy mood of understanding, caring and perhaps even the hint of flirting with one another was cut very short. But was expected with Silver he never really did have the best of luck when it came to romance, this was just no other time than the rest. For a moment he let his head hang low as he sucked in a deep breath. Glancing towards the new comer. Overhearing that there was another guard his ears perked up. Then went back down as soon as he saw the red mane. With the expression of confusion that spread across his muzzle, his single eye glanced around the face of the Lunar Guard. It was as if you could see the questions flowing through his mind though he kept silent for a few moments. "A guard who.. is also in a band. How you pull that off I may never understand. I for one know I am too busy with my work to even attempt to go see a band, let alone.. be.. er.. in.. one..None the less should you not be at your post. You are of the Lunar Guard. With the moon so high, I would assume that all of Luna's guards would have been at their post. Forgive me if.. I am.. confused. I mean no insults. Just.. confused.. with.. all of this." The stallion blinked a few times as he shifted slightly, his wings ruffled slightly but his eye remained focused on the lunar guard. His head though tilted to the side. It was like a puppy really, confused why it wasn't getting a treat. But why would Silver understand. He was a stubborn guard of the day. In this moment.. he longed for the dawning sun to get him out of this.. now rather awkward conversation
  3. Silver hummed softly as he turned his head to look at the Mare trotting towards him, laughing softly as he shook his head. Keeping it low for a moment with is mane covering his face before he looked back up to her, sighing ever so softly, blowing some of the blue mane out of his eye. He paused, opening his mouth to say something but closed it as he shrugged his shoulders, glancing to the ponies laughing. Then back to her. His tone was soft once more, but it seemed to be cheerful, well as cheerful as a guard could muster really. It wasn't fully dry, but easy enough to read. "I read a lot of books, some speak of the stars, others speak of the kingdom and how it came to be. Others I enjoy reading are of those who can have simply what I want. Guilty pleasure books really. Though since the loss of my eye, I can't say reading has been the easiest kind of task at hoof. Though if you don't mind I have a few questions for you." Silver paused for a moment, keeping that golden eye fixed onto her face, Humming in thought as if he was pondering how to word it. "As much as I like to get to know those who simply talk to me, what is your drive to get to know a guard. I know that we have this.. stigma about us. Harsh. Cold. Commanding. All of that is true to a point, but you seem to be a free soul, one who has a smile that could make anypony smile around. And why do you sneak in the night? Do you not wish to be seen in the day? I may be a little bias. But the day time, in the early morning. I think is the most amazing view. Seeing the sun rays lighting up the land in a soft golden color." Silver stopped himself, rubbing at his cheek with a frown, he knew he had rambled again. Yet it was more so that he never got to talk much. And the mare before him had seemed to make him calm and soothed his very being. But he turned his head once more, focused on one of the smooth stone blocks that made the roads within the town. "Forgive me, I know that I ramble a lot, most are putt off by that. But trust me, once a guard has somepony to talk to. All that is on their mind, from standing on guard, will spill over. There is so much you see that most never have a second thought about. The simple movements of somepony having a bad day, or sometimes it's the ones you see that are just skipping for joy. You see.. so much, but your duty comes first. Standing. Forever watching. Don't get me wrong I love it. But it's a very lonely job."
  4. Silver was truly caught off guard. Not only was it a mare under the cloak but her voice was soothing to the ear. It took all of his power to look down at her gaze with his own stone cold look, almost breaking within that sweet caring look. To combat it, he let out a gentle cough looking towards one of the buildings. His eye now out of sight. A soft sigh was heard as he collected his thoughts. Attempting to sooth his own mind. The fact that she had a missing leg made himself feel.. rather good about himself. He wasn't alone now. His missing eye had caused him a lot of internal turmoil. Beating himself up for looking so odd, Unable to look at those he cared about with his own two eyes. Yet this was a gentle reminder to him that not all ponies were made the same. He was lucky. He smiled softly, as he turned his head to flash that charming smile of his, a rarely shown trait he had. Before he spoke he adjusted the white scarf on his neck, keeping himself comfortable. "You are very sweet, and for you missing leg, I am very sorry. Whatever happened I wish I could have helped. I know the price of losing something you vaule closely." Silver brought a hoof to tap at his brown patch, giving a wink that was only a second long. "May I ask why you would be walking so alone at this hour, not saying you can't hold your own. By all means you have magic. Something that.. I could never dream of even close to controling. Always thought that kind of stuff.. hurt. Use it too much and you'll go mad. At least, that's what the books I've read have said." Slowly he stared to pace around the mare, giving another glance over with a curious glint into his golden eye. Which had a flare of the silver moon to shine off it, his face was no longer the soft smile but back to the stone cold. Stopping as he made a ful circle around her laughing gently about her guard comment. "It may be hard work but ponies like you always make it worth the trouble. I mean, getting thanks is really all I need, Standing there. Watching over this town day in and day out you get to learn a lot about yourself, and about those around you. It's.. funny to see the same ponies everyday. Doing their job and yet from afar they will never know you're watching." He hummed softly, Sitting close to the fountain, Closing his eye as he glanced to the moon. Enjoying the small soothing moment he had made.
  5. Silver's golden eye by habit kept an eye on those around the kingdom, wherever he walked he was keeping his eye out. Literally in that fact. If it wasn't for the rather loud ponies, enjoying their cider. He almost wouldn't have caught the cloaked figure moving from an ally way. In Silver's head it was nothing but red alarms. His pace stopped for a moment near a fountain. Giving that cool breeze that brush against his muzzle, he started to make his turn around. The silvery light bouncing off the clear blue water as it shined for a moment his own reflection. That alone caught the Stallion off guard as he took a good look at himself. His hoof gently going to the brown patch against his face. A huff left his chest shaking his head moving back to look for the oddily cloaked being who moved through the streets. As he peered around the fountain he saw as if the being was now wounded. From the harsh and stone expression he once held across his face had softened into a bashful and foolish blush across his muzzle. Lifting his hoof to smack against his nose. "Smooth, you were about to yell at somepony who is hurt, who is most likely needing some help. But no, no, Silver. Just go all serious and guard duty.. by the sun above.." He mumbled to himself as he slowly approached the cloak, putting on his most soothing voice, with a hint of charm. His hoofsteps stopping just behind the cloak, clearing his throat. "I can't help but notice your limp. Are you okay? Are you in need of any help? We can easily get you to the kingdoms aid ward. Get you all patched up and on your way in no time." The Stallion's face was still that stone cold serious look, a bad habit he picked up from being in the guard for many years. Though the curious glint in his eye wandered about the cloak, if there was somepony under there in need he was sure to be the one to give them aid. It was his duty. "I can assure you I mean no harm, I am one of the Royal Guards. It is my sworn oath and duty to keep all of the ponies of Canterlot safe under the watch of the Guard."
  6. Music To Read With Canterlot, The home of the magically gifted. The home of the Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. To those who move the heaven and earth have all seen the glory that Canterlot brings to those who stay in her safe haven kingdom. With the walls high and the courtyards empty. The setting sun gave a nice orange hue to the land the sun kissed. From the trees down the mountain, to the building roof touched with the light brown plates. Many ponies would make their way homes, the shifting of the guard for the Royal Guards who stood their post time and time again protecting those who cannot protect themselves from danger. But the wind gently blew across the land. For those who had started to make their way to their loved ones, homes, pets. The walls of Canterlot stood guarded with the moon slowly rising into the sky. The courtyard of the Kingdom was silent, say for a few hoofs hitting the smooth and polish marble which laid a path to the gates. The guards, cooks, and all in between started to change their ways. Yet the water off the mountain gave a gentle whisk of a fresh air, letting some of the mist carry within the gentle wind. Brushing against those who wore no protection from the wind and mist their coat would be gently sprayed. It would feel rather soothing to those who enjoyed the sea. Or even give a memory to those who grew up in those conditions. Canterlot was truly a place of peace now, through hardship the kingdom had stood the test of time. Giving thanks to those who called it their home with ceremonies, parties, and a gentle smile in the morning Though a young Stallion stood at the courtyard, his single eye shifted to watch the silver light from the moon bounce down and bless the lands in a shimmering glow. The mountains waters looking like liquid silver pouring from inside the mountain. Giving the courtyard itself an odd glow with the marble. Yet the young stallion kept his single golden eye on the moon before he stood up. His helmet stowed away within it's place in the armory and his armor no longer weighing him down. The silence of the courtyard was cut rather short while the young Stallion made his way out of the gates, onto a path leading into the town of Canterlot. The hoof steps echo'd through the empty streets. Giving notion that the Stallion was walking very very slowly. Enjoying the moon light after a rather long day of standing his post within the kingdom walls. Yes, Silver Armor was finally off work and took each and every moment he could to enjoy what he had. The smell of a breath air, the breeze, all of it made him feel at home. For a moment he paused to glance over. Taking a look at the kingdom with the moon fully within the sky. Giving the beauty it truly had. It was a shame most never took in the kingdom for how amazingly pretty it was. But Silver knew. It's why he loved protecting it. If not for the people, for moments like this is what drove him to hold his post. Day in and Day out. His thoughts were cut short as a soft hoo was heard from an owl. The golden eye shifted to look where it had come from, though he couldn't find the bird. But it was a good reminder that he should keep moving, slowly walking through the town. Giving a wave or two to those who noticed him. Holding that charming smile he never got to show on duty.. that was when no one was looking. Silver Armor hummed gently, keeping his face that stone cold look as he walked. Hearing the laughing of some pony who had a little too much to drink, and their friends laughing. Canterlot really was the perfect place to be.
  7. @GoldenDaze for the amazing fan art (Art of Silver Armor, he is seen with his armor 85% of the time) (Uncolored image of Silver in normal wear) Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Silver Armor Sex: Male Age: Stallion (Early Twenties) Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Right Eye: Grey with a scar down the middle || Left: Dull Gold Coat: White Mane/Tail: Dark and Light blue Physique: Built/Fit Residence:| Born and Raised : Canterlot Occupation: Royal Guard Cutie Mark: Silver Shield with a sword in the middle Unique Traits: A brown eye patch is worn over the Right side of his face, covering his eye. Under his eyes are bags, he seems to be tired most of the time. History: Silver Armor was born into the guards, it was his descanted job from the day he was born. His father, Bronze Armor was an Officer with in the ranks of the Solar Guards. Taking up the family name of Armor. Silver had always looked up towards his father for guidance. At such a young age Silver was always around the Solar guards, standing forever watchful over the lands, his father guiding them along. He was always friendly to the guards on their shifts, attempting to play with them which always failed. Then again, he did get some smiles and laughs out of the few that cracked under his playful nature. His father seemed to enjoy the de-stressing that his young stallion brought when he was allowed to follow him into work. As the years past, and as the little filly grew. He gained his cutie mark while in the Junior Solar Cadet training program. Much like a typical camp Silver gained his cutie-mark during one of the activities of making cardboard armor. Once he had placed it upon his body the cutie mark appeared his Grey Shield with a sword. As he grew ever older school was something he loathed, though not in a wrong way, it just bored the young stallion. He wished for a calling one where he knew his heart belonged. If you asked any pony who knew him, they would tell you he'd become part of the guard. It was already set in stone that he would become one. Though the part of his life that you never heard of was with his mother. Around his teenager years Silver and his mother became rather close, his mothers name was Harmony Wave. Silver was a rather awkward child, saying the least he never interacted quiet well on the normal terms. He was happy, content, though somewhat nervous talking to those he didn't know. Harmony always held her child dear and close to her but she knew herself that there had to be some kind of way to open up her growing Stallion. Push after push she took Silver out of the house, out of the little places he loved to hide away and.. to see the world. During this time, as he went out Silver learned more and more of his mother, of their family, their bond forever growing. - One little trip came up that his Mother had dragged him along, this was to Visit his aunt which was in Roam. During this trip Silver was out of his shell finally, bold and daring while his mother had simply let him be. Never in his life had he ever done something so amazing watching the town the city itself.. but this trip was.. important. For this was the first time Silver had ever felt like himself. Being out on his own. More years past and we lead to Silver's late teens. As he joined up with in the Solar Guard Ranks starting at the enlisted ranks. He went to Solar Guard boot camp, training for months on end with out contact from family, friends, perhaps a lover he once had. It gave the young Stallion time to think and reflect on who he wanted to be, to be the best Stallion he could possibly be. As the months past, Silver grew as a pony. Passing the Solar Guard training. He came to do his job, helping those in need, doing the boring guard posts. Though this was the time he had been himself, finally fitting his task to become a guard. Even as time went on.. things around the kingdom had gotten darker. Nothing bad truly happened, the Discorded issues, the little fights here and there. The changeling attack was what had affected the young Stallion the most. During the attack on Canterlot Silver was called to arms very quickly that day. Though the shield held, they broke through swarming. Buzzing around. All of the guards did their job, to the best of their abilities. One on One Silver faced a Changeling who had looked like his mother at first, but used this cover as an attack. Not only was Silver confused, but the attack had been effective. The next moment the slash that went across his right eye had blinded him. In the rule of chaos in that little fight, he was pulled back and taken to the medical area. Patched up as soon as possible. Silver was no longer allowed to fight in the Canterlot invasion. After the medical progression and repair the rest of the days seemed to be blurs. Rest. Treatment. Repeat. Though the changelings have changed, Silver still holds himself very wary of their kind. Others may like them. But he still holds the resentment of what they had done to him and his Kingdom. Yet he still serves with a proud unseen smile as he patrols the areas. But he isn't always at Canterlot. The young Stallion does travel time to time when he can. If you're ever looking for Silver, look for the Guard with the missing right eye. Character Personality: Silver is a stallion to himself, but bold in his movements. Over all he's rather stone faced. He is somewhat grumpy, but he has a rather soft spot for those who get close to him. The more of his walls are broken down the more open and cheerful the stallion becomes. His duty becomes before all. To be loyal is the biggest trait Silver Armor has. But he has a soft heart when it comes to Romance Character Summary: Silver is a loyal Stallion to all that he does, may it be from his job or to his friends. He is rather stubborn when he has his heart set on something, but also gives a rather gruff look to the outside world. Those who are able to get close to the Stallion knows that he is really a rather large dork, but it takes time with the training of the guard and the serious undertones he takes with is job and how he carries himself. Much like his father he is proud to be in the guards. Yet the Stallion will never admit but he is a sucker when it comes to Romance, he often reads Romance novels during his breaks on shift, or in his small little home in Canterlot. Good luck trying to pry that out of him. He wishes to keep everyone around him safe, which can take a large tole on his heart and mind. Needing times to recharge and be with friends and family is some of the most important tasking he can do, but that takes time something he doesn't have much of. With the times changing of the new Changeling empire it has taken him a long time to gain the trust to not freak out or go on guard whenever there is one of the Changelings around. Learning to accept will take time for Silver. RELATIONSHIPS (To be built later: Make it easier for me, Request!) Lover/Romantic feelings/ Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Known / Neutral / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Sanity
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