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  1. last thursday lost my girlfriend in Barcelona Daesh attacks, her mother phoned me. :'( At least she's in a better place now. I hold no grudge to Muslims, they did a mistake and paid with their lives. holding a grudge would be overkill.

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    2. tacobob


      Not sure what to say. Sorry for your loss...

    3. Rosewind
    4. PrinceBlueblood


      I'm real sorry man.

  2. Be extraordinary.

  3. Who talks about the second one? Nobody. Sad But True.
  4. three words: Shadow the Hedgehog. He portrayed both the "Evil by circumstances" and "Ultimate emo bada$$" tropes, those are both tropes appealing to young pseudo-countercultural youth. He also had a sob cookie-cutter paper-thin backstory.
  5. Oh you mean in real life? Never happened to me, mainly because "Everybody" in Spanish means "Todos los Cuerpos" or "Todos los Ponis" for Everypony making sense the second in just an equitation club and the first just in a Morgue
  6. Parker_Izing

    Raver Filly

    Graze O'Shea? (after a character of film 54) Also, hoars pun.
  7. finally I for one welcome our Furry village people overlords

  8. cut the horn tip (leaving it out of frame)
  9. Well,every episode tends to end in a high note, are the double ones, that the first one is kinda a downer, oh well. When the CMC's got their marks, unsettled me the comment Applejack did about their parents being there to see AB (At least, in Spanish dub it was a clear ringer at their demise and quite literal).
  10. good, but take in account that in fact my grammar is terrible ( when I pick-up speed I begin mixing languages, consider this: here, a "Discussion Forum", could be translate literally as an "Arging Forum" as if we are cutthroat slinging maniacs) also Sunset Shimmer when she's in equestria as a God? Demigod?is an Alicorn, but at the end she would be the usual Unicorn I know I would be hated when I update the story with Alicorn Sunset, many would Damn my teeth Likely I'd have to put the Alicorn to pasture for good on the same update... also, just checked the story, yep, Grammar is terrible, so, I'l need to... Edit the released chapters, after all I am kinda a "Then" addict. Work on new chapters, edit them before updating. Pad it, 12.000 words are too few, I was aiming at 100.000 minimum, but not like Tom Clancy did (where a Character took 10 pages to open a door because he had weird memories of his childhood at Wilmington, Delaware, were his nana sited him)...
  11. I'm working on a written piece about EQG Sunset Shimmer, well, the point is that at certain moments she becomes the only multiverse Sunset Shimmer and due this gets god-like powers, she actually dislikes the idea and after resurrecting many killed off characters,(Killed by her version of another universe who wanted to be the only one) she eventually loses the power or divinity concept for good.
  12. found the intrinsic advantages of writing fanfiction, my knowledge of written English increased by tenfold, my agility to quickly reply also increased, and my character (Bilious) just mellowed to nothing, so I am even more sociable than ever...

  13. quite, had a 70% probability of kicking the bucket, but made it out, that post was more about annoynment than serious... also, on August the 1st I have to go again AT 8 AM...
  14. My peeve lies on the wiry legs.
  15. this week had the nth Scanner,quickly growing tired of that, lose a couple of hours going to the hospital, don´t eat from 4 hours before, strip on the buff, put on a paper toga, go to the machine (that looks like a giant donut) stab in the arm with something (that makes me queasy ) and some hours later they release you, still lightheaded, put your clothes back on, leave the TCR area eat something expensive from the vending machines, and wait 4 hours for your transport to pick you up... Also, the guy who invented body scanners surely did it for dead users (because I took on last year enough radiation for 40 lives)
  16. Dunno, perhaps you are somewhat overreacting over a warning? Those stuff happens to a lot of us, all I know that eventually your warnings should expire on a year or so, So starting fresh is jut trying to not goof any more + waiting. but try not to go overboard about it, like me, got a warning point for random reason I don't feel like remembering and just stopped posting here, eventually gone to other forum.
  17. Just restored my fanart folder it was just erasing one corrupt file

  18. Yahoo should go bellyup, can't get why it even survived the 2001 dotcom crash...

    1. TheFinestSorcerer


      YAAAH HOOOOOOO-Ooo-OOO~ *echo*

    2. Parker_Izing


      yarrrr ye scurrrby dogs...

  19. This is intended as a container of sorts of mind's gems of genius but I'd prefer kittens, or Pony kittens...

    1. tacobob


      prefers HORSE DOGS.

    2. Parker_Izing


      those are all bark and no bit...

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