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    I am the Official Lyra of this site.
  1. I had a dream I was Rainbow Dash, and I was stranded on a island. Wierdmuch?
  2. Hm! I can probably do writing. I love to write. I can probably go for about...I dunno...A few hours? <_>
  3. But when Lyra sticks her tounge out at the Parasprite, its sooooo cute! ^_^
  4. Yeah. Haha! Thanks for appreciating me for being Lyra/Heartstrings (I prefer to call her Lyra)
  5. 1. Do you ever speak in this 'brony language' outside of the MLP fandom? Is this in other online communities or offline? Yes. Online & Offline. 2. Does the way we speak to each other in the fandom have different grammatical rules than standard American English? (I use SAE because as far as I know the majority of bronies are American, feel free to talk about your own native language if I'm wrong) Uhrm..No, I guess.. :I 3. Has using the 'brony language' affected the way you think? If you say somepony instead of somebody, are you reminding yourself to love and tolerate? No. 4. Have you used the Ponify app? How has that affected the way you interact with others online? Yes, yes I have. Well, I made some mistakes with it, but it doesn't affect anotherpony's computer for words.
  6. What the-- That's not Lyra! That looks like Twilight! D:
  7. Okay. I'm The Lyra of Canterlot. The best of Lyra: BUT LYRA, YOUR NOT A PEGASUS VVV Thanks for reading! Enjoy! Lyra still is still not a pegasus! ^^^
  8. I suppose I may be Lyra.
  9. Well, good to know! Which pony do you think I should be? :I
  10. About myself.: Hello, Everypony. I am Car0t. How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: Searched MLP:FIM forums How did you became a fan of FiM?: I hated it after a while, so I decided to try it. My one favourite main cast pony?: Rainbow Dash Hello, Everypony! I am Car0t. Which pony do you think I should be?
  11. Car0t


    Images packed full with Lyra. Some images belong to their rightful owner.
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