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  1. Oh yes, along with "Daring Don't," this is a really garbage episode. Most of the criticism from previous posters is merited, though I found Seabreeze's voice kind of fun, but that was mostly the accent. But when the Mane 6 'Breezies' spoke, God, it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. And this was definetly one of those Hasbro Overlord episodes trying to sell toys with an overabundance of cute imagery and fairy rubbish. which took precedence out of actual plot developing and humor. But that's to be expected. Just remember folks, no matter how we think the writers retain their integrity for the show, Hasbro's word is law, so I wouldn't act so shocked an episode like this would come out every now and then.
  2. The first quarter of the episode was enjoyable. But it pretty much was destroyed when Daring Do turned out to be real (didn't even need for 'AK Yearling', which was a good pun btw, to take off her clothes to know instantly she was DD in disguise). The nerding back-and-forth between Twilight and RD was the highlight of the episode, and was the only good moment post-DD reveal. But after that, RD's fangasming had me grimacing the whole time (except for her facial reaction to DD's proposal quip to Azzi-what's-his-f***). The pacing was jerky and nearly unintelligable, it was like an animated version of a turrible fan fiction. As some people mentioned, all this reveal of DD's universe being real would normally intefere with the general lore, but since when has MLP ever been about world-building consistency? (In this case I'm glad it's not.) But we're not watching Game of Thrones here, so I wouldn't sweat it. But still, the reveal of all this was just weak and unimaginative as far as the standing for this episode. Instead of all that poorly executed fan service, I would have instead liked to see the mane six help a genuine AK Yearling in her writing process. It would have been a far better lesson for the little ones other than... whatever they were going for in this one. They probably explained it at the end as usual, but I completely spaced it, even though I watched it literally ten minutes ago. I think that says allot about how effective the 'lesson' was. And helping AK Yearling the-author-that-is-no-way-Daring-Do would have been far more interesting than these thoughtless in-jokes. If they had just stuck with the plan that was presented in the first quarter of the episode, this would have been a much stronger story. Sadly, they didn't, and it fell flat on its face and twitched like a crushed mouse. I'm gonna have to chalk this one up with other stinker episodes: Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, Dragon Quest... well, almost everything ever written by that Merrieth person. Glad to see they found a replacement on par with her story-making skill. 2/5. Would have gotten a 1 if not for those few saving graces I mentioned.
  3. I have a broad taste, I just tend to listen to dark metal more than light metal. Arguably a majority of metal is dark, and not necessarily because of gritty guitars and growling/screaming. Epica can be pretty dark; but their music is pretty varied, as to contrast with their darker songs. And even if the music isn't that dark, the lyrics can be heavy. Therion does that sometimes.
  4. Rotting Christ and Orphaned Land released albums this year as well, ones I still need to get Apparently Melechesh is in the midst of writing a new album too, and actually had some lineup changes concerning the guitarist and drummer. They left on friendly terms though, so it's not too bad. Not like when ICS Vortex and Mustis got booted from Dimmu Borgir. But at least Vortex went on to do a great solo album and return to Borknagar and Arcturus. Amon Amarth is good, but the thing is, once you've heard one AA song, you've heard them all; barring maybe a couple songs that have a unique composition or just general stand out more than others (Twilight of the Thunder God, Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags). They seem mostly to be a one-trick pony. But I saw them live when the Mayhem Festival came to Bangor, Maine, just an hour from where I live. They were bleeding awesome. It was a lineup of them, Mastodon, Five Finger Death Punch and Rob Zombie (the last two totally stole the show). The Rob Zombie segment was just mind numbingly awesome. We were outside at the Bangor Waterfront; see, it was dark and a lightning storm had brewed up. A huge bolt of lighting with 7+ forks went across the Bangor river right in the middle of 'House of 1000 Corpses' and it kept thundering on even after the end of the show. It had started raining, and the lights were illuminating the rain and the heat vapors coming from the audience (me and my friends were sitting under a pine tree on a grassy knoll off to the side, sheltered from the rain and seeing everything XD). Rob actually had to come back on stage after the show to tell the audience screaming 'Encore!' to go home, since the storm was getting nasty. More lightning, and apparently a building had gotten struck like half a mile from the venue, all sorts of emergency vehicles were blaring down the streets while everyone was leaving. It was pretty surreal, and epic for my first concert.
  5. I'd have to say Deepercutt (hi-larious Youtube Poops) PewDiePie, even though I don't watch him as much as I used to. MarkiplierGAME (he basically replaced Pewdie for me as an LPer). Yamimash (friend of Markiplier). DasBoSchitt, kitty0706, RubberFruit (the aforementioned three are great GModders). big think (not really a specific Youtuber, but a collection of philosophers, scientists and other thinkers like Neil deGrass Tyson, Penn Jillete, Henry Rollins, etc.). ShoddyCast (they do an amazing Elder Scrolls Lore series and other news/podcast videos concerning Elder Scrolls Online). TatsTopsVideos (fun little videos like 'Top XX Game Glitches' or 'Top XX Weather Phenomena'). AwfulFawfuleTheFalafe (another hilarious Youtube Pooper that does mostly pony and Spongebob poops, among other things). TeamFourStar. CardGamesFTW. Shesellsheshells (he doesn't do allot, but he made the mega popular 'Extreme Rice' and did a fun LP of the terrible game 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' and does 'Youtube Reacts' videos, which is basically a collection of online buddies who quote ridiculous Youtube comments on popular videos in loud and crazy ways). And of course 1KidsEnterainment, home of Pokemon 'Bridged, seemingly the only good Pokemon Abridged series on the net.
  6. NEW FLESHGOD ALBUM!? I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW, I'M SERIOUSLY WIGGING OUT RIGHT NOW LISTENING TO 'ELEGY'!! XDD Now I know what I'm spending my next pay on next week XD. I recently listened to another band that reminded me allot of Fleshgod, they sound like a progressive version of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlMsWdZtsB8 Moar money to spend!
  7. There's a Metal thread and that's awesome, but also as an avid fan of Hip-Hop, I feel there needs to be a Hip-Hop thread. Now before we begin with sharing our favorite groups and MC's, let me say a few things on the genre. This isn't to be confused with Rap. Now if you like Rap, like Li'l Wayne, Puff Daddy or Jay-Z, okay, I won't be provocative or anything, but I have some rather divisive views between Rap and Hip-Hop. I'll open this with the words of the father of modern Hip-Hop, KRS-One, paraphrased: "Rap is something you do, but Hip-Hop is something you live." Rappers can front and show off wealth in the faces of those less fortunate all they want, but it won't change the heart and soul of the roots of Hip-Hop and the people who maintain that spirit, whether they be African, Caucasian, Asian, Latino or anything else under the sun. Hip-Hop can be one of the angriest and most scornful genres in the airwaves, what with artists such as N.W.A, 2Pac, Chuck D and Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz and Jedi Mind Tricks. But at the same time it is one of the most conscious and thought provoking genres an ear can absorb (which attests to some of my animosity to mainstream Rap). Perhaps this track can sum it up: With that being said, it's as much entertainment as it is a thought process. But let's get to the music. There are some great well-known MC's out there as well as underground artists, such as Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def; but a majority of the guys I listen to are underground. Now before we get started, to avoid any thread locking due to NSFW videos with 'questionable' visual content or strong language, I suggest posting the name of the song and artist instead of a video. Believe me, if there was an 18+ sub-section in Entertainment, I'd post videos until doomsday. Who knows, I may move it some day. I mostly want some exposure now with the general site to get a discussion going. But here's a general list of some of my favorite artists and/or albums: Immortal Technique (He can easily be identified as the most controversial name in the underground scene, due to his venomous lyrics and political views, but some of his best works are 'Revolutionary Vols. 1 and 2', 'The 3rd World', and 'The Martyr') Nas, Pharoahe Monch (W.A.R. We Are Renegades), Binary Star, Lowkey (Soundtrack to the Struggle), Akrobatik, Jedi Mind Tricks, 2Pac, N.W.A
  8. A Metal thread? *slams fist on table* How come I was not informed of this!? So from what I've read, aside from a brief mention of Drudkh, I find the lack of Folk metal unacceptable! There, one video to alter the tide, and a big ol' list to keep the waves rolling: Ensiferum, Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Primordial, Orphaned Land (Middle Eastern oriental folk, with other death and doom metal elements), Heidevolk (they have the best vocalist(s) in the Folk metal scene period), Týr, Moonsorrow, Elvenking (early albums, they moved onto an infusion of Power metal in the album 'The Scythe' and beyond). And although I've only heard a touch, there's apparently some really good Folk metal going on with Central/Native American cultures, though they seem to mostly be fused with Power metal as well. And I suppose I should drop a few vaguely obscure bands no one else I know seems to have heard of: 3 Inches Of Blood (just some straight up blaring, blast-beating, banshee screeching, guitar screaming, puke on your shoes swords and sorcery heavy metal), Rotting Christ (Greek black/melodic thrash metal, their later albums are good: Sanctus Diavolos, Theogonia, Aealo; but their earlier albums I don't like as much), Melechesh (Middle eastern black metal, lots of ancient Mesopotamian mythology and mysticism woven into their verses, they've become one of my all-time favorites), Keep Of Kalessin (they automatically win happy points for their name referencing Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea series), The Kovenant (Industrial black metal that makes Marilyn Manson look like Candyland), Midnattsol (Norwegian metal band with folk themes and an ethereal Gothic sound to their instrumentation), Naglfar (so-basic-it's-good blackened death metal, imo better than Dissection, who could be considered competition), Bal-Sagoth (a blend of power metal and black metal laden with heavy synth symphonies, sci-fi/fantasy story arcs with black metal vocals and deep-voiced story narrating; so cheesy that it's good), Virgin Black (symphonic doom with some neat male/female operatic vocals and some death growls), Fleshgod Apocalypse (this is one of the fastest Death metal bands out there, I'm not kidding; they make the Han Solo's ligh-speed look like old lady driving). Oh God there's so many more bands I'd like to post, but I'll just drop all my fave Metal genres in no particular order: Death, Power, Black, Folk/Viking, Prog, Gothic, Heavy, Thrash, Industrial, and Symphonic.
  9. I don't accept opinions when they're clearly contradicted by facts.
  10. As someone that thinks the first two episodes are not good and nearly repelled me from watching the further episodes, the film remains uninteresting and shallow for myself. I don't watch the show for morals I already follow anyway, I'm more interested in the characters in the fantastical setting of Equestria.
  11. Of course it's fiction. It doesn't matter how many people you may know that get hooked, or didn't like it at first but painstakingly got hooked. There are over seven billion people on the face of the Earth, you can't possibly say that every single one of them could eventually like MLP over some course of time. And people who do think on the contrary have some serious issues in thinking within the realms of reality. It's just a cartoon, and the brony subculture is not some sort of revolutionary phenomenon. This mode of thought seems to come with the thought that MLP can change every person that watches it, which is completely asinine and has about as much logic and factual structure as a Fox News report.
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