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  1. Bought these at an NYC Bronies meetup this past weekend: Cutie Mark Coasters, if you will.
  2. I personally thought of a certain scene from Family Guy when "Applejack's novel" was brought up...
  3. EXTREMELY weak episode. Nothing of any credibility happens. We get a whole bunch of moments of Spike trying to help Applejack/Mane 6, with random humor thrown-in in an attempt to make up for the fact that NOTHING HAPPENS. If there was humor, I could've AT LEAST excused it for that. Episodes like "Too Many Pinkie Pies" uses humor over plot to its advantage...but this? Nothing of any importance occurs. No characters are built-upon, no ground is broken...it just feels.... EMPTY *Admittingly, Pinkie served as a decent comic relief throughout the second-half of the episode.*
  4. Thoth

    Fan Pandering

    Isn't it amazing how quickly this fandom will turn on the crew when regarding shout-outs? Remember when people were looking for Derpy every episode in Season 2? Remember when we all loved Derpy being in The Last Roundup? How much we loved the crew? Now we're bad-mouthing them? Whatever. Personally, I just WATCH THE SHOW. I say we stop pointing at and nitpicking every little hint to us, and do what the crew EXPECTED it to cause...for us to chuckle and love the crew for the love they reciprocate. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Thoth

    Fan Pandering

    I think many fans blur the line between "fan pandering" and "writing characters-in" A prime example would be when Luna came back for "Sleepless in Ponyville". SO MANY BRONIES got butthurt about that, because they thought it was "fan pandering". ...Friends and neighbors, did it ever occur to us that maybe the writers wrote Luna in because she was part of the episode. Not EVERYTHING is a shout-out, and not everything will. Heck, Trixie coming back is not a shout-out, because they are both RE-OCCURRING CHARACTERS. They have nothing to do with fan demand, because the writers technically aren't even allowed to follow our demands. Fanfiction is NOT inspiration to the writers, as that would be ILLEGAL in many senses. In general, the MOST fan pandering we've seen is Derpy's original appearance, and that was more of a shout-out than pandering. Besides that, I have no idea where people are pulling that the writers are "pandering" to us. Anybody who's concerned about this is as hysterical as Twilight Sparkle. And you DO NOT want to be as hysterical as Twilight Sparkle...
  6. ...Am I the only one who didn't like this episode? It certainly feels that way.
  7. The Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie covers for the standard release.
  8. Just bought TWO copies of Issue #1 today! Love the comic! The artwork, the humor, the general feel for it...it just comes as close to ACTUAL FiM as it can get! Will be sure to preserve the two copies...they'll be worth something someday,
  9. Funny, I JUST got that hat last week for my birthday. ...along with the plushies, buttons, DVDs, prints, toys, t-shirts, robes, etc I own. ...IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A MERCH KING!
  10. Never can have enough pony. Generally, there's no true line you can draw in the sand between having an interest or an obsession. It's based on personal opinion, so we can't accurately say there's a certain amount. Some people just love their passion. It's sometimes a funny truth, but it's wonderful to see the people who truly dedicate to it. Just...don't end up like Lenny... Anybody here who has seen this episode of PPG knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
  11. Hasn't the story of Spider-Man been re-written, re-imagined, and re-made a billion times already? I don't know comics extremely well, but frankly the story of Spider-Man has been a mess chronologically, to my knowledge of the mythos.
  12. LM..... I. LOVE. IT. I know it's only the line art by now, but it still looks GREAT! I know I shouldn't thank you until it's totally finished, but still, THANK YOU!
  13. Yes, this is true. But realize that it wouldn't effect anything FiM-related in that regard. You don't see Marvel changing after being bought by Disney, do you?
  14. I actually get the feeling that Babs Seed is going to get influenced by DT and SS to bully the three of them. After all, why else would Apple Bloom's own cousin start bullying them? But anyway...I just pray this isn't a "very special episode" sort of deal. If so, I'm ready to cringe...
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