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  1. Yokai Dogs

    Such good doggos!
  2. Sunset Shimmer There are other worlds out there, just waiting to be explored... Name: Professor Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Body Color: Golden yellow, the color of the midday sun. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Fiery orange-red, with a single yellow streak Eye Color: Cyan Physique: Average for a mare of her age and profession, though she does her best to keep fit because adventure is demanding! Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Aetherology at Canterlot University, specializing in planar travel and multiversal navigation. Theoretical, of course. Part-time adventurer. Cutie Mark: A fiery sun with its disc marked by interlocked orange-red and yellow swirls in the approximate shape of a yin yang. Unique Traits Walking Arcane Encyclopedia. What Sunset lacks in raw magical strength she makes up for in quick thinking and such a comprehensive, internalized well of arcane knowledge that she can virtually craft any spell in her head and execute them with surgical precision, aimed at just the right spot for maximal impact. Education Nonpareil. Having grown up in Canterlot to enthusiastic parents and in a climate that demanded academic excellence, Sunset Shimmer is a peerless intellectual. While her primary focus is in planar travel, she has spread her net wide and caught knowledge of many things. If there is anything that could potentially be an academic field, Sunset probably knows of it, or has at least heard of it, even if she is not an expert or direct practitioner. Portal Specialist and Planar Theorist. Sunset’s expertise is in portals and planar travel. Not so much instant teleports, but deploying precise portal entres and exits for traversing hazardous terrain during adventuring or simply getting from one place to another. She is also an expert in deploying and maintaining teleportation circles and assessing artifacts that facilitate teleportation. Daydream Shimmer. Rumors abound that Sunset conceals the true magnitude of her abilities. Such hearsay is dismissed as the idle daydreams of her students. As the good professor herself would say, “I would prefer not delve into the bottomless abyss that is my students’ fantasies of me.” Character History Personality Since the portal incident, Sunset has softened her image, though she is still well known for her sarcasm even in research circles. She can always be counted upon to respond to dangerous situations or unexpected lab results with an exasperated eye roll or wry quip. She is unflappable under extreme stress and level-headed in the face of danger. Despite the mask of the jaded, hard-boiled researcher she wears, Sunset has a soft spot for those who genuinely put forth effort but still struggle. Building her academic career from the ground up when challenged by both her peers and titans of her field before her was no easy task; indeed it was overwhelming at times. She is willing to sit down with students who need a bit of extra help. She has little tolerance for troublemakers and this is perhaps where she gets her frosty reputation. Sunset sees her teaching job as penance for her terrible treatment of her classmates in her youth. But even with most of her time devoted to teaching, a fire for hands on experimentation, research, and adventure still burns within her, the same drive that led her both to her calling and her fall. Given the opportunity, it is conceivable that she might be lured out of her lab and back into adventuring in the wide world of Equestria!
  3. Discord app bot suggestion

    I'll do some reading up on it!
  4. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    “The unknown is dangerous, Princess. Power is dangerous. Unknown power, compoundingly so.” Daedalus took a moment to indulge in drink. It seemed hydration was needed in copious amounts after their latest escapades. “Of course, that does not quench my need to study it. But care must be taken lest we find ourselves out of our depth. Benign as its intent might be, it most certainly has its own agenda. And should we find its goals in opposition to our own, I would find it difficult to place the artifact’s needs above yours or mine.” The usual lilt vanished from Daedalus’ voice, the gravity of his pronouncement seeming to suck the color out of him for the moment. A bit of edge was clearly present, accompanied by a subtle bristling at his own words. Were one unacquainted with him, it might be easy to assume fear. But Daedalus would sooner indulge in hubris before he would allow fear to rule him. Pride and envy, it seemed, would kill him before cowardice. He would not allow an artifact to outsmart him, however prodigious its power. "I must, however, concede to your suggestion." Just as quickly as it came, the proverbial dark cloud dissipated. "I would be happy to pick up analysis at a later date, after we've completed our… convalescence. Perhaps over a long soak in a tub, perusing wine and olives at our leisure?" However sour his mood had been a moment before, that smile was genuine. After handling warp anomalies and roughing it half dead, Daedalus could use a bit of self indulgent relaxation. Perhaps Twilight felt the same.
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  6. Daedalus

    A handsome boi!


    I'm just a rainbow in the dark!


    *runs away*.


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  8. Symphy is taking requests! (Read Original Post)

    I'm fine without tattoos.
  9. Symphy is taking requests! (Read Original Post)

    Might I indulge in some more Daedalus art? Reference:
  10. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    “And here I thought it would be wine and olives,” he said with a wry grin. He nodded in acknowledgement to the other Keeper as he passed, trotting to a seat opposite Twilight at the table. Shedding what remained of his tattered robes and traveling gear, Daedalus breathed a long sigh of relief and soaked in the cool, dry, air of the Keep. For the moment he could enjoy a modicum of safety to relax. Kyanaster detached from her armor socket and idly floated by Daedalus’ head, making a soft chirp to indicate she was ready to receive commands again. Daedalus placed his saddlebag on the table next to him and gestured with his head. “Kyanaster, catalogue remaining reagents.” Daedalus withdrew a notebook from the main pocket of the bag and opened it to a blank page with his magic. Kyanaster glowed blue, letting out a beep to acknowledge the command. A stream of runes scanned over the saddlebags, a second one reaching out to the tome and transcribing item names and quantities into an arcane ledger. While she attended to the mundane task, Daedalus finally turned back to Twilight; for the moment ignoring the food. “I would at this point prefer a long soak in the tub. The warp sickness seems to have expired, but that does not change the dirty and sweaty part. Being thrown down a mountainside can be such a hassle.” lock of hair fell in his face. It was onlythen that he realized his usual braid had all but come entirely undone. With a resigned sigh, he began slowly putting it back together with a combination of hoof and magic. “I would be entirely happy to retire for the next day or so to recuperate. That said, I cannot let the mystery of the Anchor go un-pursued. I have a hard time believing that there was not some intelligence to how it attempted to interact with you. I aim to find out why.”
  11. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Kyanaster sounded a soft tone and shifted her emitted color, turning a bluish-green. The runes on the teleportation circle flared brightly and fired bright beams of light into the middle of the circle. What appeared to be a miniature sun ignited in the midst of the rune ring before quickly fading into quiescence. In its wake remained a floating sphere with mirror-smooth surface, holding an image of the receiving room of the Keep. “Yes. Safety before discourse with regard to these matters.” Daedalus said. Key words from Twilight’s musings lingered in his mind, however. Distant sun. Parents. Observing. Manipulation. Aether erasure. Dark energy. Uncertainty gnawed at Daedalus. The Anchor had brought them to the cusp of untapped potential, potential that they could unlock if they only but tried. But the Maretonian in him warned heavily of the watcher, whoever they were. Being comfortable around someone was a privilege that had to be earned. That Twilight would feel comfort around an entity she knew nothing about -- that Daedalus knew nothing about -- tripped all of the warning alarms in his head. “The portal is ready. Shall we?” Daedalus forced a smile and gestured toward the portal.
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  13. Cold scales lay on colder tile. Fur and feathers did little to hold heat against the shivering wreck that wrapped itself in loneliness and soft sobbing. Limbs, tail, and wings splayed, Qing was a right mess. The cool floor of the small bathroom down the hall was momentarily soothing to Qing’s aching stomach, but only just. The feeling of malaise lingered long after the offending allergen had been disposed of. Physiological ailments Qing could recover from. She had encountered many in officer school and while growing up. But the wounds which continued to weep and fester were not inflicted upon her body. She had failed in her service to the empress. Where a flawless party was to be planned and executed, she had let one thing after another derail her, resulting in the debacle she now had on her hooves. Then there was the matter of Discord. God of Chaos, Prince of Puns, Monarch of Mischief. Whatever he chose to call himself he had disrupted the proceedings with all the graceful elegance of a typhoon in a vase shop. Except the evening was not ruined by Discord. It was ruined by Qing’s failure to adapt. She could choose to blame the spirit for his antics. The court might even believe her. But in her own mind, she knew the truth. Her stomach rumbled one more time, but Qing was far too tired to move herself from where she languished. She would pick herself up and return to her apartment when she had gathered her strength. But until then, the cold floor was what she needed… what she deserved.