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  1. Daedalus awoke to the sudden swish of air as the teleport displaced air around him. Before he could cry out, he was face down in the shallow water, waves breaking over his head and sand grinding into his muzzle. He scrambled to push himself upright, finally sputtering to the surface as he hacked and coughed the accidentally inhaled water out of his lungs. The sudden adrenaline surge blasted him wide awake and set him looking about. The Assembly? Were they here? Had they thrown him into the sea for prying into their plans? It took a few moments more for Daedalus to fully understand his circumstances. He was not at Erinys estate. He had not been lounging in the sun browsing on wine and olives. Nor was he drowning. Nor was he snuggling with Acantha. As he picked himself up Daedalus bit his tongue, half in amusement and half in embarrassment. While he was fairly certain Twilight wouldn’t vaporize him (else she'd already have done it), surely she would be upset at some unsolicited touching, as accidental as it was. It was like the beginning of a bit of lurid fiction that would be available in certain bookstores. Thankfully, it was just the two of them, so no staff and retainers would cause a scene over such a… misunderstanding. As for Twilight herself, that could be a different story. Daedalus spat the last of the salt water out of his mouth and began the slow trudge back onto the beach. Survival was the first thing on his mind, but Daedalus could not help but wonder to himself. In another life, could he and Twilight have been free to pursue ties beyond mere professional association. He snorted. A schoolcolt’s fantasy it was, becoming consort of an Equestrian princess. He’d indulge himself after they were out of danger. “Apologies. It seems the warp-sickness hasn’t quite... worn off yet.” He chuckled, a bit of uncertainty creeping into the laugh as he approached the tent. It was an impressive piece of hardware he had to admit. While he had merely sought to construct a simple igloo-like hut out of slabs of crystallized aether, Twilight had gone so far as to replicate fabric and tentpoles that softened the sun and sand alike while obviating the sterile, artificial feeling of the hut. Daedalus paused at the entrance of the tent. Whether he would face a clean brush-off or the wrath of an incensed alicorn princess was yet to be determined. “Are you all right?” he ventured.
  2. “All interpersonal relationships have some modicum of culpability attached.” Daedalus said dryly. “As much as we’d like to leave no hoofprints, it is inevitable that we do.” Daedalus tugged at the mithril brace again, the skin beneath beginning to itch uncomfortably after radiation exposure and temperature extrema. Discord had since shown himself to not hold malicious intent, but it was difficult to shake an ingrained physiological response. There was still no ready means of removing it. Daedalus sighed. “What have I to lose?” he echoed. “That’s the wrong question to ask. Let me frame it this way. Would you not be wary of one who could visit harm upon you without opening themselves to retaliation? What if you were confronted with someone exponentially more powerful than you, at first offering friendship, then suddenly reneging upon it and inflicting grievous harm upon you. Would you not be skeptical when offered friendship by another such being?” The bands seemed to tighten. Daedalus took a deep breath. The band would not spring blades and maim him. Discord’s actions thus far and his gift had given plenty of evidence for his kindness, even if reasonableness was out of the question. He continued. “Equestrians deem this a problem of petty narcissism. But not everyone is so blessed with a cultural disposition toward altruism. You can see that my conundrum is not with the concept of friendship, even so naive a version as classical Equestrian, but in the uneven distribution of power. To borrow a turn of phrase from an old parable, it is the sword that dangles over one’s head, suspended by a maiden’s hair.” Finally, Daedalus sat down on the porch furniture Twilight had arranged on the balcony. A final round of fiddling with the gauntlet uncovered something he had missed before. A quick press of the switch rapidly disengaged it, allowing it to fall away with a clunk. Daedalus gave Discord a sidelong glance. His bad leg was still weak, as evidenced by the spontaneous shakes that began when he leaned upon it, but searing pain it was not. Relaxing had made it easier to deal with. Guarding was what had given the impression of blades preparing to strike to begin with. Visual metaphor was not lost upon Daedalus. “That said, I am not the Assembly. My means of winning friends and influencing others does not involve knives in the dark and poison in the night if I can avoid it. Perhaps it is naive to adhere to that code, but I much prefer wine and olives to hemlock and garrotes as it were.” He finally turned to Discord. “In fewer words, thank you, friend.”
  3. For what felt like an eternity, Daedalus saw and felt nothing but empty blackness. But slowly, steadily, his senses returned, each dulled by the strange filter of sleep. With time, however, they eventually coalesced into something intelligible and familiar. The lapping of waves and the call of seabirds seeped into Daedalus’ ears, slowly replacing the blackness with warm sun and the cold void with the soft caress of a beach towel on warm sand. The Erinys estate had the perk of its own private beach, providing the perfect place for lazily lounging beneath the shade of a large sun umbrella. The smell of salt air mingled with the sultry aroma of wine and olives. But Daedalus paid the food little mind. Instead he nestled in closer to the mare he was cuddling, nuzzling into the back of Acantha’s neck and eliciting a breathy moan from her. “Daedalus, are you awake yet?” “Of course I’m awake,” he mumbled into her mane. “I couldn’t be enjoying you if I were asleep, silly!” Unconscious as Daedalus was, his actions in dream were replicated in reality. Thus, what was done to Acantha in dream was visited upon Twilight in reality. But to Daedalus’ sleep and void-addled mind, he was for a moment, home. He rolled over, still close-eyed and noted that the wine bottle was now empty. “Shall I fetch more wine, my love?”
  4. 10/10 would have her cook for me.
  5. Merit Would you instead care for a game of chance, perhaps? Name: Yu Jin He, Yu Kinokawa, usually goes by “Merit.” Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Yokai, hebi Body Color: Onyx black scales that glimmer with a polished sheen. Belly scales are a polished gold that seem incapable of being tarnished by any semblance of dirt or filth. Unremarkable off-white coat in pony form. Mane/Tail Color and Style: As a hebi, no mane. However, has four horns like a classical western dragon, two atop his head that point backwards and two below those on each side that curl forward like ram’s horns. As a pony, a well-kept, trimmed mane that is jet black. A single stripe of gold is present about two thirds of the way up. He also keeps a very short trimmed beard of the same black. Eye Color: Green. Preserved in pony form. Physique: In natural form, a large serpent that would rival a young Long or an alicorn in size. In pony form, an average stature, albeit handsome middle-aged earth pony stallion. Residence: Has holdings in Long Kong, Polohama, Canterlot, Saraneighvo, Talonopolis, etc. Merit has a place to stay in any city be it because he owns property there or can acquire lodging of the highest caliber. Occupation: Entrepreneur, real estate mogul, all around rich guy. Cutie Mark: A black serpent that looks curiously similar to his yokai form curled around a collection of neatly stacked gold coins. Unique Traits Mathemagician. Merit has a head for numbers. He is able to effortlessly compute sums and estimate costs and quantities, making him a hellish negotiator to confront and a gambler nonpareil. Sneaky Snake. Like his yokai form would suggest, Merit always figures out ways to get around and through obstructions in his path whether literal or figurative. If a potential business partner becomes hostile, he will twist conditions around them to make them more amenable. He also has a tendency to arrive silently to social events or meetings, not being seen or heard unless he wishes to be. Whether this is through magic or simply shrewdness is at times difficult to tell. While spells are not his preferred means of conducting business, Merit has command of the magic that yokai naturally possess. This is mostly used to transform between his natural form and pony form as well as drop the occasional minor charm or hex to assist his otherwise entirely capable negotiation skills. Finally, he can summon mist on demand and vanish into it if necessary to either slip away or make a grand entrance. A River of Gold. Merit has accumulated a dragon’s horde worth of wealth in an extremely diversified portfolio spread out over several nations in his long lifetime. No matter where he goes, Merit is never at want for luxurious housing, excellent food, and royalty-level service. Any time an entourage of retainers or servants would be useful, it seems he can summon them at will. His pony form is the legal owner of a number of diversified properties across the world. Just snake things. While Merit is not truly cold-blooded, he is sensitive to cold and dislikes it extremely. He can be found wearing heavy (but stylish) clothing in any place with high elevation or low temperatures. Character History Growing up was so long ago that no others are alive to remember it. Merit himself rarely speaks of it, preferring instead to focus on the present. Suffice to say that the only relic of such a time was his name in Long: Yu Jin He, the river of gold, a place since lost to time. Merit’s long history meanders across the world in a series of acquisitions and sales. Beginning in the east, he worked his way west, first to the shores of Roam in Equestria, then to its neighbors. Each place he explored, he established new contacts, new properties, and a new node for his network. Eventually, he returned to the east a wealthy, self-made yokai. Personality As his chosen name suggests, Merit holds those who stand above their peers in high regard. This is tempered, however, by his skepticism of those whom he has not personally tested. He is perpetually polite thanks to years of slithering through high society and learning the ins and outs of both business and courtly affairs. This does not, however, mean he is a pushover. It is apparent when someone has incurred the ire of Yu Kinokawa and those who do often find things going wrong for them in short order. With wealth and privilege comes vanity and a touch of arrogance that individuals of lower standing might find repulsive. However, Merit is unapologetic in his pride, as he has earned every right to be proud of himself via hard work and sacrifice. To mere plebeians, Merit appears polite and at times even kind -- if not a bit patronizing. Merit is fond of games that involve cards, chance, and the clashing of personas. He is an exceptional gambler and does not hesitate to conduct business in one of his casinos either over drinks and a meal or even at the games tables. The thrill of the bet and the satisfaction of the deal is where Merit thrives. Even if he is bested, he celebrates a game well-played… so long as it was accomplished fairly. Woe to those who cheat Merit. As much as Merit coddles his vice of pride, he intensely dislikes those who came to their wealth or privilege without paying for it with their time and their energy; even less for those who have no idea the kind of influence they wield with their wealth. Merit mostly stays out of such affairs, preferring to avoid entanglements with such undesirables, but sometimes he goes so far as to indulge in the orchestration of their downfall.
  6. As soon as Twilight stumbled through the portal entrance, Daedalus leaped in after, grabbing hold of the Kyanaster and the medallion on his way in. For a moment, he was exhilarated; the same excitement that came with cheating death and tapping arcane powers beyond measure now thrummed in his heart and made his brain tingle. Just a bit longer and they would be nice and cozy warm in Stalliongrad talking about how they’d just rescued an entire troop of-- Of course it couldn’t be that simple. Of course not. It was never that simple. With a thundering whip-crack that threatened to make his eardrums bleed, the fabric of reality seemed to stretch and twist, taking Daedalus with it. The horrid nausea was accompanied by crushing and twisting pain as space itself compressed and rotated around him in directions that his limbs were not supposed to go. It was only a last second activation of void cloak that kept him whole. Kyanaster flashed blood red in an ominous indicator of what was about to happen. There were few times that Daedalus felt outright dread. This was one of them. The portal was collapsing and with it, he and Twilight as well. As powerful as he and Kyanaster were, there was no way he could recalculate an exit near the destination they needed. But he had to try. Ending up in an unintended location was better than dying a horrible death via nonexistence. In fact-- Twilight was faster. Before Daedalus could even utter a word of command a glowing sphere exploded into existence in front of him. A blast of fresh air struck him as he hurtled through the in-between netherspace even through the protection of the void cloak. The sphere engulfed him in an instant and the searing pain ended. Daedalus gasped for breath as he snapped awake. He was alive. Or so he hoped. He was looking forward to neither afterlife nor wandering the world as a ghost; in his mind, being forcibly ejected from a collapsing void conduit surely counted as being violent enough to warrant creation of a ghost. Thankfully, quick inspection revealed that he was still corporeal and indeed alive, for whatever that was worth. As he got his bearings, Daedalus’ ear twitched at the faint hum followed by a weak chirp. Kyanaster’s light flickered unsteadily as she floated to him, having freshly excavated herself from the… lava? This wasn’t just dirt. This was volcanic soil. Daedalus leaped to his hooves, which proved to be a colossal mistake. Immediately, he collapsed, cursing himself as he landed on bruised ribs and a tired face. His limbs were shaky, his ribs probably hairline fractured, and his inside squidgy bits felt like they had just been run through a spice grinder. It took several minutes before he could summon the fortitude to pick himself back up. Finally somewhat in control of his senses, he took a quick inventory. The mage’s cloak was barely serviceable, its hems in tatters and the hood looked as though a manticore had seen fit to play with it as a cat would a ball of yarn. His hardlight armor had long since lost its charge, probably a result of his sound thrashing in netherspace. Kyanaster and the medallion seemed to be safe. The only thing that was missing was… Twilight Sparkle. “Twilight!” His call echoed across the vast emptiness of the mountain range. “This isn’t going to work,” he mumbled. “Think. How did we get here? Reconstruct the path, use it to find Twilight, then use it to get home.” Carefully so as not to agitate the already thick feeling of malaise, Daedalus activate the analysis spell again. The pointillistic display materialized in front of him, spreading out from the runed circle and outlining the still hot remains of an aetheric construct roughly resembling a ramp in the sky. One end rested firmly in the depths of the caldera several hundred meters above. The other pointed west. West of his position, there was only downhill. The trek down was arduous, even more so in Daedalus’ condition. The loose soil made traversal difficult; any misstep could turn into a potentially fatal face-first slide into a boulder. Daedalus didn’t fully understand how he made it to the beach without falling, but somehow through a combination of Kyanaster’s gravity adjustments and hypervigilance, he arrived alive. It was late evening by now, the fading rays of sunlight in the west outlining dark shapes upon the beach. Daedalus’ vision blurred as exhaustion prepared to put him to sleep on his hooves. But something on the beach caught his eye, something that wasn’t black volcanic sand or the spindly silhouettes of palm trees and scrubby brush. There was a splash of violet. Summoning the last bit of strength he had, Daedalus broke into a gallop, finally culminating in a running faceplant near Twilight. Too tired to fully stand back up, he instead belly crawled to where her still form lay. He propped himself up just enough to attempt to take vitals. “C’mon, you’d better not be dead,” he mumbled. A placement of a hoof on her neck found a pulse. She lived, even if she was out cold. “Shelter,” Daedalus muttered weakly. His horn glowed as he attempted to construct a tiny hut spell, an attempt met with complete and utter failure. The light from the spell fizzled out. Daedalus’ head hit the sand, the hoof used to take vitals flopping limply over Twilight’s shoulder in a vain attempt to cover them with his cloak. With every last bit of energy he had expended, Daedalus faded into dreamless slumber.
  7. How did I know you were going to make her yandere?
  8. i am twigg.
  9. Cute quotient increased by 400%.
  10. You're necroposting in a silly thread from way, way, long ago [emoji14] Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
  11. The princess said nothing in response, instead beginning to cast another ward on the portal. Kyanaster chirped as their spells met, forming a softly glowing violet grid over the portal. Daedalus’ analysis spell showed that the reinforcements were holding steady for the moment. The crew gathered around, self organizing into a queue as they prepared to move out. The non-ambulatory crew were helped to the portal entrance by those who could move, followed closely by the walking wounded. Daedalus frowned. Despite two separate layers of protection from both Twilight and Kyanaster, there was no way he could ensure long-term stability. While he was far from risk-averse while handling things himself, involving such a large collective of others changed the stakes dramatically. Having dabbled into portals and teleportation since he was young, Daedalus was acutely aware of the harm that could result from malformed portals or void manifold tears, much to his tutor’s chagrin and concern. He sighed as he glanced one last time at Twilight. She was entirely focused upon her task, eyes and horn aglow with light that very nearly hurt to look at. Not wanting to keep Twilight in her state longer than necessary and understanding the need to move the wounded quickly, Daedalus gave the word. “Sergeant, let’s start getting the crew through the portal. The medical staff at the royal hospital in Stalliongrad will standing by.” The sergeant nodded and barked his orders. The queue moved forward, each group of soldiers and airship crew stepping through making room for the group behind them. Daedalus swapped from watching them move to monitoring portal state. The evacuation was going better than expected. Only the last last third of the group remained before analysis picked up anything anomalous. It was small at first, more ripples in a pond than waves crashing ashore. Daedalus would have overlooked it had he not been primed to watch for such things by the prior events of the afternoon. In the aetheric plane, it appeared as a faint humming noise, even above that of the portal. “Not good,” Daedalus murmured to himself. “Sergeant, the portal won’t hold forever. We need to get the rest of them through.” “Unless you want to be cut in half when that portal closes, get your flanks moving!” the sergeant ordered. Thankfully all that remained were those who could move under their own power. One after another, they filed into the portal. Daedalus gritted his teeth as the humming grew. Kyanaster’s orbits grew faster as she attempted to keep pace with the shifting aether. The humming came to an end with a CRUNCH. The portal entrance wavered for a moment and Kyanaster flared brightly as she struggled to hold it open. A low rumble echoed through the mountains and sent a shiver down his spine. The ley line had begun to shift again, settling in after being forcibly ripped from the earth. The last few crew hesitated, not wanting to enter after seeing the portal waver and with the sudden apparent earthquake on the horizon. “Go while it’s still open!” Daedalus shouted above the upset earth. “Don’t make me do this!” ‘This’ being what Daedalus did anyway when the crew simply froze in fear. A combination of magical shove and physical tackle sent the mini herd toppling through the portal like spilled dominoes. The sergeant cringed at the crew being bowled over but nodded in acknowledgement as he leaped through the portal. With the crew through, now it was their turn. The tremors intensified and aetheric lightning began arcing around the portal. Weather phenomena formed and dissipated in seconds up and down the mountainside. Wind began to howl and flurries of snow blew through the camp as clouds formed and dispersed chaotically. “It’s our turn now, Twilight!” Daedalus shouted. “Get in! I’ll be right behind you!”
  12. “Perhaps they should have crowned you Princess of Obstinance,” Daedalus remarked dryly. Snark aside, allowing her to push herself like this was dangerous. The longer Daedalus stared, the worse Twilight looked. Though she never said it, Daedalus was almost certain she was in pain. Having her initialize the portal solo would be a mistake. Pushing the canteen closer, however, did nothing to dissuade Twilight. He withdrew the offered water, tucking it away with a mild scowl. Even after all she had been through, she still wanted to handle the full brunt of establishing a stable portal? Even when there were other lives on the line? Daedalus glanced around at the arrayed guards. His eyes lingered on the injured in the makeshift infirmary lean-to. Perhaps Twilight had a point. The longer the injured remained out here, the more likely it was that they would die of exposure or infection. In spite of this, however, there was no way he would let her handle transport. Twilight lit her horn, reaching for the portal medallion in her bags. Daedalus sighed at the command to start. At least Twilight wasn’t going to attempt this solo. “Kyanaster can handle stabilization. Her affinity for cosmic magic makes her particularly adept at handling anything that involves spatial translocation,” he chided. “Don’t overexert yourself.” He lit his horn in response. The medallion floated above the cleared rock and dirt and began to slowly spin. A sequence of glowing sigils appeared in a ring on the ground, the symbols rapidly shifting as coordinates for the portal exit were dialed in. Daedalus reached out with his magic and withdrew Kyanaster from her armor socket, casting her toward the portal. The stellar core began to drop before catching herself and beginning a slow orbit around the magic circle. Kyanaster pulsed with a warm pink glow in time with the shifting sigils. As the cycling of sigils slowed, the medallion descended to the ground, finally coming to rest upon its flat side. A milky white circle appeared above the sigils, beginning with a bright flash but slowly fading to a soft glow. Daedalus cast his analysis tools one last time, the pointillistic display showing the portal to be momentarily stable. He frowned at the supplemental analysis results, however. Twilight’s hypothesis was spot on. The portal was indeed usable, but any further shifting of the ley line could result in instability that would need to be compensated for. With Twilight weakened from her previous actions, it would fall to Daedalus to handle that. “Portal is stable for now. Let’s start moving them through before we lose it to an aftershock.”
  13. a fluffy!