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  1. “It is quite well then that I am only questioning one, lest they leave me only three-fifths of a pony post-negotiation,” Daedalus chuckled. Ah yes that would be quite the sight wouldn’t it? An entire congress of draconequui, a gaggle of goofs, a flock of flamboyant fools, an assembly of the asinine. One Discord was quite enough. Daedalus was uncertain if he could handle a dozen or more, or however many would compose a legislative body for chaos. "It was too quiet in Equestria so I thought I'd love it up. But the resident princesses were quite good at defying me and usurping my attempts to usurp! Go figure. You could say one thing led to another and I grew short with their constant interference. It is the epicenter of Harmony after all. Why wouldn't a god of chaos not reside in the heart of it?" He pressed his claw to his chest, cocking his head as if it was a simple task to make sense of him. “I cannot logically prove or disprove a negative. You might be able to do so, but seeing as I am bounded by logic in this mortal coil, I doubt it would be comprehensible to anyone outside yourself; hard solipsism exempted.” “Why wouldn’t” was never so much a question as it was a dodge. No one answered a question with a reversal like that unless they were shifting burdens of proof and in turn avoiding answering the question to begin with. The Kastroti philosophical education kicked in and Daedalus again had to remind himself that he was dealing with the equivalent of an omnipotent child. He sighed. There would be no true answers to his questions, would there? "Please. Do you think Griffons needed me? They managed to fell their own monarchy in a matter of years toss around a few gold crowns you had in hoof and you'd think I spat at their idol. Equestria was a challenge I wasn't willing to lose… Ah, but ce la vie." “I find it funny that you leave out the unification of Aquellia and the establishment of a griffon democracy. Ancient griffon kings might have squabbled over gold and gem, but I find their current bureaucracy a bit more robust than you give them credit for, if opaque.” He quickly added, “Not that I’m inviting you to topple democracy. Regime change fomented by external means is always so messy.” Again, it was said mostly in jest. He was certain Discord had the capability to manipulate factions against each other and create a civil war with the snap of a finger and Daedalus was not about to encourage him to do so. If a minor apocalypse involved blowing up Twilight’s castle and most of Ponyville, destroying the Aquellian government and sending the neighboring country spiralling into civil war would be a cataclysm of world-shaking proportions. Civil wars should never be initiated before you’re ready for them. He thought to himself. "As for my questions little pony. If you don't think Celestia is the sun itself… why are you here in Equestria? It is obvious you've your own sense of affliction." “I think you underestimate mortal ponies if you think their lives are dedicated to kissing Celestia’s hooves.” He said, following Discord’s trail. “A good friend to her people and capable diplomat as she might be, she is no deity. As for my reason on the mainland, I seek knowledge as I travel. Kastrot sought to limit what I could study, so I came to Equestria for the freedom to pursue what I desired instead of being hopelessly pigeonholed.” “Personally, I am content to remain in the castle, but if you have other ideas, I am open to them. After all, I am shackled to you for the day and not visa versa.” And now a question of his own. Discord loved his games and he loved talk. So what better to occupy a draconequus than to leave him talking about himself? Daedalus had little confidence he could find a reliable ally in Discord if push came to shove, but he supposed that someone on amicable terms was better than a belligerent by any stretch. Besides, his scholar's curiosity was still tingling. “So how exactly does a god of chaos come to be? I could assume that you are merely eternal, but you already know what happens when one assumes…”
  2. Ryuichi, I...
  3. longma

    I maid a dragonhorse. Ready!
  4. Dong Qing This is a second chance I will not waste! Name: Dong Qing (冬青), “Holly” Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Longma Body Color: Phthalo green coat with bronze belly scales. Pinions are ash white, though her left main pinion is often blackened by ink and has had some of its feathering trimmed into a quill point that she can write with. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Ash mane and tail. Mane is either pulled into a tight bun or tied back and allowed to drape over her shoulders as appropriate. Tail tufts are kepted well coiffed if possible. Eye Color: Auric. Wears thin-rimmed glasses. Physique: Tall and willowy. Her horns are rather prominent, with one main branch and one large additional branch on each side. Residence: Huangjing, the Imperial Capital, ever by Empress Yue's side. Occupation: Personal assistant to Empress Yu Yue. Cutie Mark: An unfurled scroll with two completed check marks on it and a quill pen drawing a third checkmark, symbolizing her attention to detail and knack for numbers and lists. Unique Traits Qing is well-educated and well-spoken, being able to speak Long, Neighponese, and Equestrian Common fluently, with a smattering of other languages that she can understand, all a result of her schooling prior to her service to the Empress. She is also proficient at mental math and memorizing figures and dates, all skills which make her an excellent personal assistant. Her time as an officer cadet also gives her an understanding of strong vs. weak leadership, tactics, and how to read body language and morale. Being a personal assistant, however, she finds herself mostly deferring to others’ authority. Qing is not trained in combat, but is certainly strong enough to throw a punch in a pinch and big enough to hold down an uncooperative pony or carry an injured one. She is very dextrous with her wings and tail, being able to write with either and even manipulate some objects with them as if they were hands. Her dragon breath manifests as a golden flame which she can focus down to a fine point. She uses it most often to melt seals and occasionally heat her tea. Character History Dong Qing can best be described as the lovable screwup growing up. She was always tall for her age and often had trouble finding her feet, leading her to be very clumsy and awkward at times. It immediately became apparent that physical activities were not her strong suite and thus her parents gently nudged her toward more academic pursuits. It was in school that her talents brought themselves to light. Qing had a knack for remembering facts and events and keeping long lists in her head. She excelled in her classes and tested well, though she didn’t find any of them particularly interesting. Seeing that their daughter was bored, her parents once again nudged her, this time toward officer school with the Army. Because of her academic aptitude, Qing breezed through their equivalent of JROTC and crushed the entrance exams to military academy. She quickly found, however, that the environment was not what she had anticipated. Instead of quiet labs or organized classrooms, the school was so competitive that she could feel it seeping into her coat and scales against her will. The pressure of overachieving and the constant drilling and yelling of military school caused her to crack, her anxiety rapidly crashing her grades and her will to continue. Just shy of completing her first year at academy, she dropped out. Qing was left in a funk after returning home, often disappearing for days at a time in her room. Even when her sister came home to see her, she rarely ventured out. Her parents reached out one more time, contacting a family friend to try and help her find a job and put her life back on track. The friend quietly passed along an opening for a personal assistant, where Qing’s skills would be useful and keep her engaged and focused. Qing applied thinking it was some bureaucrat requiring a personal secretary, but was shocked to find she would be serving the Empress of Long Guo. In spite of her protests, her parents nudged her toward the job. Swallowing her anxiety, Qing accepted. As it turns out, she was an ideal fit. The authority she was given and the constant use of skills where her gifts lay put vigor back into her step and gave her something to work for. While she still struggles with anxiety due to the sheer importance of her job, her desire to succeed and redeem herself for her perceived failure in officer school continues to push her forward. Personality Dong Qing is quiet and reserved individual under most circumstances. Her foalhood clumsiness never entirely went away and she is still somewhat self-conscious about her height, but experience has tempered her fears and taught her how to put on a proper face for the occasions she finds herself in. Still, without time to unwind after a long day’s work, Qing often finds herself exhausted, fidgety, and anxious. Qing has a head for organization and leadership both due to her natural aptitudes and her stint as an officer cadet in the Imperial Army. She rarely speaks of her time there because of the shame she associates with failing out, instead calling it “boarding school” and subsequently changing the subject. Her aversion to officer school has not dampened her skills, however. First encounters with Qing are always done with her professional face on. She plays an excellent hostess, keeping up with current events, trends, and even switching to the language that guests prefer to make them more comfortable. Any inquiries to her personal life are usually either deflected or returned with stock neutral responses. It takes quite a long time for her to warm up to most acquaintances. Despite her occasional crises of self-confidence, however, she is hopeful that she can someday overcome her personal problems and live up to the potential she knows she still has.
  5. Have dated someone who did both SA and server duty, this is all true.
  6. Canon will never keep up with the content the fandom can generate. We love and miss you and your art, Kudaface!
  7. “I suppose I can’t blame the cataloguing team,” Daedalus mused in response. “I wouldn’t expect bean-counters to have top-tier arcanology training or even research experience.” Daedalus never trusted “inert” artifacts. The Doomsaker was inert. The strange red rune sword in the Keep vault was also inert. Both due to their nature were aether-reactive and either could manifest strange phenomena given the correct circumstances. Whatever this artifact was it seemed to have found its activation parameters. Were it his choice, Daedalus would have elected to secure the artifact first in light of this discovery. However, Twilight was still in charge. “You’re the boss.” He finally said. “Seeing as I have no wings and teleporting directly into a massive bundle of ley flux would likely be suicide, I will have to leave recovery of anything near the anchor to you.” Flying into extreme ley flux was only marginally safer than teleporting into it. Were the physical restrictions not in place, Daedalus honestly would have preferred their roles be reversed. He’d done this before. He had built safeguards into his blink spells. He could slip into the void to evade misfires and unexpected aether reactions. Not that he questioned Twilight’s magical prowess. She was an alicorn and a princess. She had been training for things like this her entire life. No, it was not a question of her capability, but her safety. So in spite of her abilities, Daedalus’ concern remained. “Right. Sterilization, environmental impact corrections, and destruction of sensitive equipment. Kind of amazing what you learn doing government work even if you’re not military.” Daedalus pointed northeast. “Search teams, assemble at the northeast end of the main crash site. We’re going to sweep through the debris field. Your priority is to search for survivors, but you might encounter magical anomalies or other artifacts. If you find an artifact, mark it with a smoke flare and continue sweeping for survivors. Do not touch or manipulate it; either I or the Princess will handle them.” As the troops marched to assemble, Daedalus turned to Twilight one last time. Unlike the commanding tone he took with the soldiers, his speech to Twilight softened considerably. “I’ll be back in two hours’ time with artifacts in tow, hopefully the remaining survivors as well. Be careful with the anchor, all right, Princess?”
  8. Daedalus looked up at his horn and scowled. In an instant, a dark purple flame with black core sparked and flared to life, vanishing just as quickly as it had appeared. The mossy green was incinerated with cold flame before it could put down roots. As with the gauntlet before, wisps of deep purple smoke wafted away from where the moss had perched, leaving a faint chill in their wake. “I prefer it remain red, fine thank you,” he said flatly. “You’ll have to do better than that to grow on me.” The prior puns, however, were having their desired effect. Having Discord willing to laugh was far preferable to having him turn Daedalus inside out. If such a thing were to be attempted, there would of course be the minor apocalypse in protest. Seeing as Ponyville had thus far done without said apocalypse in his absence an Discord’s presence, Daedalus did not wish to be “that guy,” as Rainbow Dash would put it. Daedalus frowned briefly at the lack of actual laughter. The sliding scale between gleeful deity and minor apocalypse had just moved slightly toward apocalypse. The appearance of costumes was sudden but expected. Things just seemed to happen whenever Discord got to talking if the shackle, the faux toga, and the formalwear from before were anything to go by. Replacing the threads from Starlight in Detrot were the stereotypical Sherlock Hooves clothing. Daedalus raised an eyebrow. How anypony could take the costuming seriously was beyond him. Wasn’t the entire point of being a detective to not stand out? He quickly snuffed the inkling of question from his mind, however. Discord didn’t appear to be able to read thoughts directly or actually execute mind control spells, but being lord of chaos, Daedalus was fairly certain it could be emulated fairly easily. For now, though, he seemed content to remain with conversation. "Well we've til the stroke of midnight." He chimed, tuning the dial. "Fifteen questions. You can earn more if they're good." He didn't like making a game easy, but by the Stars, those puns almost had him in tears. “Remind me to viciously mock and berate the congress that decided upon this three-fourths compromise.” Daedalus scoffed. “Very well then. Fifteen for me it is. Since you’ve already taken two of your twenty, I feel it fair to take two of my own.” “Of all the places in the world you could have chosen, why Equestria? And in Equestria, why ponies? You very well could have chosen to dwell in Long Guo or Aquellia or Maretonia. You could have chosen to dwell among the griffons. And yet, here you are…”
  9. KUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Also yus. There will be much shoo-be-dooing. Much to Aqua Drop's chagrin.
  10. “Then where are the other six?” Daedalus thought out loud. He could see plenty of injured, but there were no signs of fresh grave markers or burial shrouds. Daedalus could only assume that they were still considered missing in action. He looked out over the debris field and the surrounding swaths of Leotan wilderness. Even Daedalus would usually not stray so far off the beaten path. Unless he and Twilight could figure out a means to rapidly locate those missing, their chances of survival were low and rapidly dropping. They would be dead from exposure or injury before a proper search and rescue team could arrive by airship. “We don’t have the horsepower to run a manual search of the area for the last survivors, but we might be able to put together a scrying spell if we could get some of their personal effects. If the triage line is stable we can use the last few hours of daylight to scan for and recover them before we portal everypony out at once. I can get that started if you would like, Princess.” When no response was heard, Daedalus repeated, “Princess Twilight?” He followed her gaze into the sky. Floating in the air with the solidity of a mountain face sat a globular section of the ship’s hold. The cross-section of compartments was carved out of the ship, forming a perfectly round sphere of airship surrounding what he could only assume to be the artifact in question. Daedalus’ gaze shifted back to the debris field, then back to the floating decks. The rest of the ship was torn to pieces as would be expected by a crash, but this floating bit looked like it had been precision cut from the ship with a massive scalpel. Not trusting his eyes alone, Daedalus’s horn immediately lit. His eyes glowed an eerie violet, momentarily washing out his pupils and a corona of the same color engulfed his body as he slipped partially into the aether. What he saw was fascinating. Much like watching a solar eclipse with a blackout disc blocking out the Sun, the sphere section of ship appeared as a jet black globe floating in a mass of indigo strands that snaked up to it from the ground in great writhing bundles. Like a nest of serpents, loose ley field lines constantly slithered around the surface of the sphere, some rejoining the ley streaming up from the ground and others diving back into the dense ball of shifting magical force within. “The artifact… it pulled the ley line out of the mountain,” he said breathlessly. The stale chill of the void snapped back into the fresh, crisp air of the mountain as Daedalus shifted fully back into the material plane. He looked to Twilight. “What in Tartarus is that artifact? This wasn’t included in the dossier at all!”
  11. “My three to your twenty. Your twenty questions… or perhaps forty-two from what you said before. That hardly seems fair.” They were carefully phrased as not questions so much as statements of fact. After all, it wouldn’t do to blow all three questions before the rules of the game had even been established. Three questions from Daedalus. Anywhere from twenty to forty-two from Discord, some of which had been addressed. Answered was too strong a word. Discord seemed to meander in his speech much like his constantly moving snake-like form did so in defiance of gravity and aether. Daedalus never expected fair. Life was not fair. Discord would in all likelihood not be fair, given his proclivities for mayhem. It was in all likelihood a futile exercise, but a defiant one nonetheless. Daedalus fully expected cheating to occur in Discord’s games, but every game had to start with rules even if those rules were meant to be broken in the end. “Though again, seeing as you have the keys to my shackles, it seems I have little choice in the matter,” he said with a mocking, dramatic sigh. The cheeky grin soon returned, however. “Given the current circumstances and the need to delve deep into research for what you seem to have planned, I thought the Starlight in Detrot detective outfit quite appropriate. In spite of your current orneriness, it fit you… to a tea.” The last bit was drawn out for emphasis, just the beginning of a proverbial pouring-out of puns. By the gods if the dastardly deity draconequus was going to addle him with such inanity he wasn’t about to take it lying down. Reflecting his sentiment in body, Daedalus stood, his mobility momentarily restored by the gauntlet, and began pacing the reading room, occasionally pausing to consider his words. “I must pause to thank you for temporarily obviating my need to make a hobble horse of myself. Trying to handle lab tasks with a mangled leg is both difficult and exasperating. One might even call it lame. After all, if some thaumotological accident were to occur, I would be hard pressed to brace myself for it.” Every pun was hoof selected to be as lame and cringeworthy as possible. Daedalus grinned. Perhaps he could have a bit of fun with this. “But enough with the theatrics. I think it fair if you would like twenty questions that I should get twenty as well. I hope those terms are not too pun-ishing…”
  12. “Were gravity so generous, I would accept that offer, but alas,” Daedalus said, rolling his eyes at Discord’s complete disregard for the fundamental force and the implied expectation to have him do the same. "As I said. I am Discord. God of Chaos." Certainly this fellow wasn't such a closet case that his very name had never crossed him. He was sure Canterlot had a book or two of him. "While I am sure your sun princess was kind enough to make the effort and diminish my less enlightening literature given my efforts to amend my reputation… mister Advisor of Arcane Affairs should be fully educated on me." He leaned back, pressed his paw to his chest as he presented a smug pose. Daedalus chuckled. “Kastrot has no Princess and no Queen. While Celestia is oft admired for her beauty and grace, nopony from there -- myself included -- swears allegiance to her. But please, do go on.” He gestured with his good hoof to continue. A tiny, miniature version of the chaotic noodle suddenly appeared in Daedalus' mane, atop his coif and leaning down to look him in the eye. "Now being me Twilight would have to have given me my Friendship lessons today if only to occupy me." Of which he would have stubbornly worked to abscond. "But she's not here. And you are. As her affair advisor of all things arcane..." One could see as Discord perverted the title with each repeat how obnoxious it was. It probably could do being shorter, or he'd just mess it up anyway. "I think your lack of education with the history my grace and skill should be remedied." With a poit he reappeared standing in front of Daedalus. Daedalus flicked his tail in annoyance, barely restraining himself from swatting at the sudden insect-sized Discord taking a leisurely stroll through his mane. The tales from Twilight and Rarity and Rainbow Dash, however brief his interactions with them, were all true. Reading the history, he had expected a monster with a side of trickster. Instead he found… a foal. A foal with absolute command over transcendental magic to which playing with aetheric lattices could barely hold a candle to. Certainly opening the floodgates of the Void would match Discord’s abilities in raw magnitude, but it was beyond Daedalus’ ability to control and direct so precisely and in a manner so capriciously. "Enchanted mythril." He topped his marker, which poofed away in smoke. "You're a princess now. So at the stroke of midnight it'll wear off and you'll be immobile again." He grinned. "Of course it comes with a price." As it always did. "You'll have to spend the day with me." He was just bored and a little lonely. Nothing wrong with a little joke and game. "So what do Arcane Advisors of Affairs do?" It was absurd the way he tossed magic around so easily. Daedalus’ first reaction was to grip the gauntlet in magic as if it were set to grow internal blades and shred his leg. After a tense moment, however, he realized he was able to move without weakness or pain. It appeared that whatever Discord had done had temporarily suspended the injury’s effects. Still, being shackled was NOT acceptable to him. But Daedalus thought again to his prior assessment. Discord was a foal. His grasp of consequences simply did not exist. Perhaps it would be best to indulge him temporarily. The glow from his horn faded and he released his aetheric grip on the gauntlet, the faintest wisps of what appeared to be dark purple smoke sublimating from its surface before vanishing into the aether. “Everything comes with a price.” A hint of bitterness slipped in, the aftertaste of experience, but it was quickly quenched by the more snarky, “If I’d wanted to become a mare, I would have requested it. I believe they have potions for that now? Regardless, seeing as you have the key to my shackle and I am not of the mind to bring about an apocalypse upon this fair town of Ponyville or to obliterate Twilight’s castle undoing it, I suppose that I will be spending the day with you.” Sarcasm to be sure. Mostly. Daedalus would only become a plaything if he were paid to do it and even then only for a client he’d vetted. And yet here he was. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that there was an inkling of vain spite and the faintest hint of a challenge on his remark about bringing about a minor apocalypse. It was well within his magical capability to do so. He rather liked its inhabitants, however, and magical fisticuffs with Discord would not end well for any of them, not to mention the sheer amount of trouble he would be in with Twilight -- nay all of the Equestrian Princesses. “My arcane advice on affairs?” He said, running with Discord’s mangling of the title. “Don’t get caught.” He paused a moment to let the joke sink in. “Anyway, I’m a subject matter expert for the princess. My job is essentially to drink tea and know things,” he said with a smirk. “Though seeing as Princess Twilight is a walking library in and of herself, anything I know she usually already knows in spades. More often, I find myself providing a second set of eyes in the lab and an outsider’s perspective on her work. I’m sure you already know how easy it is for Twilight to get caught up in her own work. When she does, I help straighten things out.” He met eyes with Discord. “So do I get questions as well or are you just going to make a gyro of it and grill me?”
  13. All right let's back up a bit. Did you try right clicking on your desktop, accessing the "Display settings" drop down item, and selecting the "Display" tab? There should be drop-down options for you to configure multiple displays, define a main display, and buttons for you to detect monitors and identify which monitor is which. Try this first. Second, what kind of monitor is it and what cables/ports are you using to connect it to your computer? I looked up Displaylink Core and it appears to be a video over USB program. Most monitors use HDMI (same as you would connect to an HDTV), DVI (white connector), or VGA for older displays (blue connector).
  14. “I don’t have any additional improvements on it,” Daedalus quipped. Twilight was off like a shot, leaving him scrambling to keep up on the ground. He was tempted to blink the distance, but decided that the magic was better off saved for later. Besides, he wasn’t about to let Twilight best him physically. Filling his lungs with mountain air, Daedalus pushed into a dead sprint, closing the gap as Twilight arrived at the edge of camp. Two guards approached. Daedalus’ first instinct at having a weapon pointed at them was to step in front of Twilight (even if she was still airborne) and energize mage armor, though he managed to stop himself just short of the second step. The crew was injured and scared. The last thing they would need was two glowing mages walking in with potentially apocalyptic spells charged. Thankfully, they lowered their weapons as soon as they recognized Twilight. Daedalus took the time to catch his breath, allowing his pounding heart rate to settle from the run, which it quickly did. Though nothing more than idle curiosity and perhaps a bit of winded consternation showed on his face, a ping of uncertainty rang in his mind for a split second. Certainly ensuring the safety of the Princess of Friendship was to his advantage. But there was also the last bit of worry that came from beyond the bounds of their professional relationship. There were those that Daedalus called friend who had fallen prey to the games of the Assembly. These guards were no Assembly assassins to be sure, but the imagery was enough to evoke a visceral reaction. But if Twilight were as absorbed as he thought she’d be, the momentary lapse in judgment would likely be filtered out and dismissed by that brain of hers in favor of more important matters, namely getting the casualties to safety. Daedalus blew a light snort from his nostrils. Any flirtatious banter exchanged was merely banter; randy shop talk. Just because his Kastroti upbringing blurred the lines between business and pleasure didn’t mean Twilight also eschewed the boundary. Princess things took precedent over trysts. As Twilight spoke with the guard, Daedalus took a quick lap of the camp, scanning it with both his eyes and aetheric senses. No lattice residue lingered, indicating that it was free of directed spell influence. Twilight's assessment of the crash seemed on point. The ship was not shot down; any damage to it seemed to be a combination of pilot error and natural causes. Despite the lack of lattice, however, more natural ley residue remained; ley residue that fell in a curious configuration. “Ley residue. Ley residue that’s aligning itself along the axis of the ridge,” he muttered, mostly to himself, but audible to any in close proximity. “There’s a ley line running under this mountain...” He caught the tail end of the guard’s explanation as he returned to Twilight’s side. “... so the instruments went haywire. It was foggy, so we tried our best to steer with dead reckoning. By the time we saw the mountain, it was too late. Tore the keel out right from under us and sent us crashing through the trees. It’s a miracle we’re still alive.” “Ley interference would certainly explain a lot,” Daedalus said. “Looks like a fairly recent ley shift might have brought one closer to the surface, using this mountain as a conduit. That would explain the instrument malfunction and additional weather phenomena.” The mage took one last look at the triage line. “Has a headcount been taken yet? Not much chance to survive solo out here if anypony gets left behind...”