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  1. That's A work in progress to you!
  2. Limi, I...
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  4. “A kidnapping?” Hibana snorted, raising an eyebrow. She mock scowled at the brothers. “All right, which one of you jokers is responsible for this?” Barely waiting for a response, Hibana tapped a hoof on the ordering crystal. “Fifth of Apple Bourbon. You know what kind!” Sweet Apple Acres Zap Apple Bourbon was an import to be sure, but Hibana could afford to live high for tonight. Her discovery of it was entirely on accident one night after the usual post-match pub crawl through Watertrough. It had quickly become a favorite of the Dome crew after a round at one of the hole in the wall places near the arena. The service was prompt, with an attendant appearing at the door seemingly moments after her order had been placed. “You boys can keep your rice water! I’m here for the real stuff!” Hibana grinned as she accepted the bottle and its accompanying shot glasses. “Riko, hold this.” The snake-like golem unfurled itself from its necklace form, the spaces between its segments glowing faint violet. It curled itself around the neck of the bottle and idly floated by Hibana’s head as she set down the other glasses upon the table for those who potentially wished to partake in Zap Apple Bourbon. As songs were previewed and debates ignited over who would be the first to venture upon the altar of the karaoke stage, Hibana took a moment to study the young caribou. A bite-sized caribou! Kawaii! She mused to herself. Just about every other caribou she’d seen in photographs and passing in the streets had come off as hulking giants compared to the average pony or long sun, exuding near excessive amounts of confidence in their own strength. This… Limi was it? Seemed skittish as a foal on the first day of school. “Riko, pour.” The golem chirped in acknowledgement and poured the literally sparkling liquid into the glass she held in her hoof. The liquor seemed to shift from one color to the next, cycling through all the colors of the rainbow before repeating. She allowed the flavor to waft into her nostrils before quickly downing the shot. She was pouring another in short order, grinning and sauntering over to where Ryuichi had seemingly corner Limi. “Don’t caribou usually fancy drink and song?”
  5. Daedalus’ muzzle scrunched as Discord intruded upon his personal void bubble. It was then that he realized that sound did not propagate in a vacuum, so all of his vexations were voiced into void. Discord was probably having the time of his life doing bad lip readings. And thus he chose not to give him the pleasure of repeating his question. Against his better judgment, Daedalus took a deep breath and released his grip on the void cloak. A deep chill wrapped itself around him as his protective layer of air was rapidly stripped away. He held his breath as long as he dared, but when he finally expelled it, he found the air around him breathable. The asteroid was too small to hold an atmosphere, but either Discord had imported his own air or had somehow suspended Daedalus’ need for biological sustenance. The cold remained, but he was able to breathe and his senses told him he was momentarily safe. With regards to the neutron star, Discord was not wrong… technically. They were nowhere near the actual surface of the pulsar. But a pulsar’s degenerate matter held more mass in a thimble-full than entire planets, with correspondingly strong gravity. Even being within visible range of the pulsar would be like crashing into a normal star’s surface. It was probably only Discord’s meddling that Daedalus was not immediately being shredded by gravitational tidal forces or cooked alive by radiation that had penetrated his shield. “I have little means of traveling out this far if I expect to be able to return,” he finally said. “Carelessly teleporting into the void of space is tantamount to suicide if a clear destination is not in mind. I can’t say I haven’t sent unsavory individuals out this far, though. Tearing open a portal in space-time is easy. Controlling it is hard.” “Before you ask, I brought them back. I am not so heartless as to kill in cold blood or so barbaric as to slaughter in fits of rage. But they were changed when they returned. Maybe it was fear, fear of desiccation, irradiation, incineration in the heart of a star at their exit point. Fear of the unknown that surrounded them, the black soundless void, the endless sea of stars and the stark reminder that they were in the cosmic scale insignificant. Fear of not just being killed, but forgotten among the stars. Perhaps that’s what you smell. The stench of void-touched fear.” “I walk the edge between the void and the material. The void is from where I draw my reserves of aether. I suppose the taint of it lingers long after I’ve actually finished channeling it.” The draconequus reached into his feathered coat and pulled from it a small pocket watch which he began to wind. "Besides, you've got quite a bit of snark for somepony floating in the vastness of space." He seemed to dangle it as a threat as he leaned back calmly, returning the watch to it's rightful place, claw remaining over his chest a moment. “How else would I avoid radiation poisoning?” Daedalus replied, giving Discord a sidelong glance. “But with a splash of bitter whine.” Daedalus carefully beheld the gem forged from the heart of a dead star. “Stellar lifetimes are many orders of magnitude greater than those of my kind. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend how much energy it has produced over that span of existence. Even in death, the echoes of a star’s power are still enough to kill me thousands of times over.” The scholar in him recoiled. Having exotic matter so close, even the miniscule quantity Discord held, would crush him with the weight of a small planet. Even if it did not, it could potentially irradiate him or catastrophically decay when exposed to environs other than the black void of space. But the mage in him eyed the specimen hungrily. Even the smallest bit of stellar corpse held energies nearly impossible to aggregate via earthly means short of a minor apocalypse. The fact that it had not killed him already was evidence enough that whatever Discord had done to it made it possible to harness. He grasped the star with his magic. A sharp chill shot through him as it made contact, a wintry blast that snaked through his gut and rapidly subsumed his spine before filling his mind with an ever-expanding mass of cold bleakness. For a moment, he thought his insides would surely freeze solid. But Daedalus refused to release his grasp. His horn flared brighter and purple wisps of shadow flame began seeping from his horn and eyes. His mane and tail flashed from its characteristic ashen white to blackness darker than night. Stars glimmered in it for the briefest of moments before it returned to normal. The mage collapsed, panting. The star floated, quietly humming, now attuned to him. Daedalus felt no pain, only an overwhelming sense of loss, a fractional echo of the last millenia of a dying star. The coldness of the void subsided, replaced by a glowing warmth; not the harsh sting of pulsar radiation, but the soft caress of sunlight. With it, so too did the loss subside. "This place will always be here now, for we've met it. It existed. Perhaps you should meet others too. You've many wishes behind that big head of yours. I must say there's a charming sense of potential within your abilities. If you could just look passed yourself." He smirked, letting out a laugh. "What are you going to do with it?" He asked regarding the crystalized star, the unfulfilled wishes. Discord opened the portal home, but Daedalus remained lying down on the desolate rock for a moment longer. Indeed he drew his power from the void, but now the void had come to him. He looked to the tiny star floating next to his head. “Let us test this, then.” Leaping to his hooves, Daedalus whirled around, the star following his gaze. A glowing violet circle traced out around him as he spun, sigils appearing in sequence as he traced out the runes for a teleportation circle. It was something truly amazing. Scribing a teleportation circle would ordinarily take hours normally, but doing this took mere minutes. Was it the star’s affinity for folding space-time? Daedalus didn’t know yet, but it was exhilarating. "Consider it… a wish I'm fulfilling for the star. It always wanted to see a world." He smirked. Daedalus stepped through the portal Discord had opened briefly, but immediately cast a recall spell to the circle he had just scribed. In a flash, he reappeared at the runed circle, proving that it did indeed work. He looked to Discord with a wary smile before stepping through the portal. “I suppose it was what you intended to do to my life after all.”
  6. IPS Update 4.1.19 has been deployed. As usual, please allow at least 24 hours for streams and notifications to update and for DNS to propagate before reporting bugs. This update consists of backend security fixes and performance improvements.
  7. IPS Update 4.1.19 has been deployed. As usual, please allow at least 24 hours for streams and notifications to update and for DNS to propagate before reporting bugs. This update consists of backend security fixes and performance improvements.

  8. Scree-covered incline was too treacherous to slide or walk down, but a little ingenuity put them at the bottom of the ravine in ten seconds flat with nothing more than a light coat of dust from sledding down upon a disc of magical force. A wave of his horn dispelled the disc as the remainder of the guards dusted themselves off. A hoof motion sent them fanning out through the forest with military precision. Confident in their ability to at least warn him if danger approached, Daedalus focused on the locator spells that Twilight had sent out from the mountain-top. A circle of runes appeared in front of him, which he pressed in practiced order, producing a pointillistic overlay of the surrounding terrain. Multiple pings showed in the aether, responding to Twilight’s spell as bright violet dots. A few moved erratically, darting about as if carried by a swarm of gnats, but in the midst of the chaos, a few remained motionless. Daedalus followed the wreckage, leaving signs along the way to mark the trail and periodically waving at the sergeant to check if everything was okay. Nothing seemed to have happened yet. It didn’t take long before he was upon the first signature. A large fragment of hull had smashed a tree, leaving a cavity under which something could potentially lurk. After studying the situation for a few minutes, Daedalus focused upon a spell, purple wisps of smoke seeping from his eyes and horn as a black crystal obelisk erupted from the ground, lifting the hull piece above the compartment. There, nestled below was a small metal cylinder with a quartz window, its interior glowing a faint violet. He double-tapped the metal “roof” with a hoof to ensure that it was stable before leaning down to pick up the container. “This must be it,” he muttered, lashing it to his saddlebag with the cord recovered from the river debacle. “Two more and a gaggle of guards to go…”
  9. Daedalus had just enough time to take a deep breath before being swallowed whole by Discord’s portal. He would have cursed the draconequus, but doing so would waste precious breath in the airless void of the between, breath that could hardly be spared given he didn’t even know if the destination would have breathable air. In all likelihood, neither did Discord. A quick wave of his horn simultaneously cast void cloak, giving him a thin bubble of breathable air and mild protection against freezing, irradiating, or desiccating to death in deep space while tracing a glyph in clear view of Discord: the distinct image of a pegasus’ wing with only the middle pinion raised in a vulgar gesture. Meanwhile, a long string of sigil sequences went through his head as he attempted to manually compute a return trajectory based on what the void cloak was telling him. The universe went black for a moment as Daedalus was ejected from the portal exit and came to a dead stop upon slamming into something cold and hard. It took a moment for Daedalus to fully come to his senses, mumbling thinly veiled curses over concussion and potential fracture. Thankfully, it seemed none of his good limbs had sustained any more than superficial damage, though he would definitely be sporting a welt on the back of his head by the end of the day - whenever that happened to be, seeing as Discord seemed determined to throw him around like a ragdoll between and among multiverses. He gingerly climbed to his hooves. The air within the void cloak was cold and dry, uncomfortable but at least breathable. For now, the spell would hold. All around was darkness. As his eyes slowly adjusted, a dim starscape slowly bloomed before him, none of which seemed familiar. Wherever they were, it was nowhere near Equestria. Suddenly he felt a slight warmth wash over him. The void cloak blinked red and made agitated clicking noises, indicating that what had just swept over him was in all likelihood lethal without protection. If the vacuum of space didn’t kill him, the radiation probably would. Daedalus glanced toward the direction indicated by the void cloak, spotting a dim disc in the distance that was slightly brighter than the background stars. “A pulsar. I see you have an affinity for odd astronomical objects and putting me in danger of losing life and limb. I honestly have to wonder how Twilight keeps it together.” He snarked. The core of a dead star blinked in the distance, its lethal radiation sweeping across the cold asteroid that they stood upon every few seconds. With a few scrying sigils and construction of a proper teleportation circle, Daedalus could find his way home in both time and space with a few hours work. What concerned him more than where was why they ended up where they did. “Is this supposed to be some sort of metaphor for your own life or what you intend to do to mine?”
  10. On the one hoof, Hibana wasn’t fond of buying a round without the intent to stay, but scheduling waited for no mare. She could catch up with the other barflies next week when she returned to Polohama for the next golem fight. They were clearly disappointed in her departure, but said their goodbyes nonetheless as Hibana took wing and flew deeper into Watertrough. After all, it wouldn’t do to keep the Shogun waiting. It wasn’t often that the crew from work could all synchronize their days off, and even less often that Ryuichi himself could grab some vacation time. Thus, a night out with “Team Ryuichi” took priority over a post-game drink with the old boys. The note from Ryuichi had said “casual,” but even Hibana still did a bit of self-grooming before heading out. Her hair was done into a short mohawk, forming a ridge that ran down her neck and melded into her spine. Studs and piercings glinted in the glow of neon lights. She sported a pressed button-up shirt with the top button unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up to show off her tattoos, though for now they were covered up by her signature canvas flight jacket to keep out the mild night chill. With studs and rings in place, Hibana was dapper and slick enough to look the part of an associate of the Shogun, but with just enough edge to buck the bureaucrats and salarymares; just the way she liked it. “Riko, give me that address again,” she said, seemingly to empty air. What appeared to be an ornate necklace draped around her neck chirped and began glowing, projecting a small set of glyphs in front of her that resolved itself into an address readable in Neighponese. Riko, in addition to being her personal assistant golem, could now also serve as a piece of functional jewelry and wearable magitech. Hibana smugly smiled at her little invention’s success. The building was just around the corner. She whistled in awe at the sheer spectacle that unraveled before her. “Ryuichi really pulled out all the stops, didn’t he?” The golem chirped in agreement. Hibana was waved through by the guards, who quickly recognized her, and directed to one of the lavish private rooms in the rear of the establishment. She enthusiastically hoofed open the door and sauntered in. “Oi! Raku-san!” She greeted Ryuichi exuberantly with a silly nickname. “Sorry I’m late! Hard to get the Dome boys to shut up once they get going!” A quick glance around the room revealed the latest arrivals. Shiroi reclining. Sanda guarding. Ishi bearing alcohol. Hoshi… Hoshi? “Hoshi-chan!” Half-flying, half-galloping, Hibana slammed into Hoshi and squeezed her in a big bear hug! “They didn’t tell me you’d be coming, too!” One last thing caught her eye, a flash of brown and green among the bright, saturated colors of the rest of her friends and colleagues. Slowly releasing Hoshi, Hibana glanced at the caribou and cocked her head quizzically, before turning with a smirk to Ryuichi. “You hired someone new and didn’t tell me? Just because I don’t write laws doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be in the loop, Ryuichi!”
  11. It appeared he was not, in fact, a Long, or from anywhere close to Long Guo. The fact that this “Discord” came from Equestria certainly explained the unfamiliarity. Qing breathed a small sigh of relief as the Empress took charge before stiffening again after realizing that if there was disagreement about Discord’s place in the queue, Qing would likely have to redo the entire day’s remaining schedule. Such was the life of palace staff. "Please tell the chamberlain that if we do suddenly move the empress it may not inspire faith in the citizenry. If the divine empress flees in the presence of such a being wouldn't the world begin to wonder? If Discord stays in Long guo I doubt he'd keep such a thing to himself." Qing nodded to Silverheart before turning back to the Chamberlain. “[I believe we have a handle on it, Chamberlain. I will relay a change of schedule to you if such a thing is required.]” Already, Qing was shuffling the schedule in her head. Every possible permutation and dependency had to be considered, what with all of the goings on with the Prince’s return. There were a couple of times that Qing could already find to slot Discord in, provided that the Empress would go with a standard one hour time slot. But seeing as Discord was something of an Equestrian… would it even be right to call him a dignitary? Regardless, the Empress might have found it proper to devote more time to him, which would necessitate different blocking of -- “Pardon the intrusion, I am an illusionist, a former student of the academy. Might I be of service?” Qing involuntarily took a step back, the new arrival’s interjection momentarily breaking her concentration. She stared at the longma, her eyes blank in shock before regaining her composure, mentally filing away her scheduling ideas, and addressing her properly. If this kept happening, Qing was certain that she would have a heart attack by the end of the day. “Her Majesty is currently addressing the issue. However, we thank you for your offer of assistance, Miss…?” she replied, waiting for the new arrival to fill in her name.
  12. The perfect :3c face.
  13. She's so pretty!
  14. So cute. Love Martini!
  15. Nah, just a surprise visit from Hibana and Hoshi.