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  1. Argent Rook I am a tower. Undaunted. Unwavering. Unbreakable. But the tower does not stand to break others, but to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Name: Argent Rook Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Coat Color: Dark grey, almost black. Horn is white. Mane/Tail Color & Style: no mane. Tail is solid white and naturally short. Wears a shemagh around his head when out and about in the day to avoid sunburn and a cloak while traveling to keep warm, as he is quite sensitive to cold. Eye Color: Amber Cutie Mark: Silver rook (the chess piece). Represents his ability to make himself unshakeable as a stone tower and his unwavering commitment to the protection of others. Physique: On the shorter side. Not muscular, but toned. Relies on magic and diplomacy rather than physical prowess to defuse most threats. His lack of mane and his slimmer build give him an almost snake-like profile, especially when his armor spell is activated. Origin: Born in Trottingham. Spent most of his adult life in Aquellia. Recently returned to Greater Equestria. Occupation: Doctor. Former bodyguard. Prefers the former to the latter. Motivation: Become a better doctor. Pay his dues for the death of a friend. Likes: Reading, magic, medical science, coffee, muffins, strategy games (chess, etc.), hot weather. Dislikes: Being outsmarted, celery, alcohol, centipedes, cold weather, seeing his friends hurt. Talents Arcanometabolism: Strong. His days serving the Razorclaw family saw him experimenting with Arcanometabolism, altering his own body to avoid harm and do his job as a security guard. His signature move is armoring his entire body with magically grown adamantine scales, allowing him to shrug off hits that would kill a lesser pony and sweep intruders off their feet with his increased body mass. Though he used to be able to use the ability at will, recent side effects include insomnia and migraines which increase in intensity the longer he uses the ability without substantial rest. Rook suspects this to be linked to pushing himself past the metabolic "redline" during the Razorclaw incident. Healing Magic: Strong. Can administer first aid to staunch bleeding, stitch cuts and lacerations together, or clean wounds via magic. Can set broken bones and speed healing, but cannot repair them outright. Magic substitutes for medical imaging instruments as a diagnosis tool. His healing magic is an outgrowth of his original Arcanometabolism ability. Instead of using it to fight by casting the spells on himself, he uses it to heal others. Character Summary Originally hailing from Trottingham, Argent Rook has a birth defect that leaves him without a mane. His tail is naturally short, as is his pelt hair. As a result, he takes to hot weather just fine, but absolutely abhors the cold. With no mane, he normally covers his head with a shemagh to keep the sun off. Rook left Trottingham as a young stallion in search of adventure, testing his wits and his magical might against the best that Equestria had to offer. Eventually, he found himself in the Griffon lands. While the griffon racism precluded him from finding steady work, everywhere he was able to show up his feathered counterparts with his skills earned him fear and respect. This all came to a head when he rescued a member of the Razorclaw family from a mob hit in a bazaar outside Talonopolis. The griffon returned the favor by finding Rook a job as a security guard, serving the Razorclaw family’s holdings on the outskirts of Talonopolis. Despite their disdain for pony-kind, the Razorclaws saw a time and a place for Rook’s unique talents. They gave him significantly more leeway than griffons would ordinarily give ponies, even allowing him to mingle with the family at certain events. He eventually cultivated a friendship with Alana, a daughter of the Razorclaw family. One night, while Rook was patrolling the factory grounds, he detected a break-in and rushed to intercept the infiltrator. He tracked down a lone griffon saboteur and engaged in combat, eventually killing his adversary after an extended battle. When he unmasked the Griffon, it was none other than Alana Razorclaw. The Razorclaw family acknowledged that Alana was a usurper, attempting to discredit the matriarch to seize control of family assets and congratulated Rook on a job well done. Rook, however, was too stricken with grief to care. He quit shortly thereafter and returned to Trottingham. He eked out an existence doing odd jobs there until Dio, an old friend from his Razorclaw days convinced him to come out of his shell once more. Rook studies medicine as penance for what he has done. Any book on healing lore or medicine that he can get his hands on, Rook devours and any chance he gets to practice his healing spells, he takes. Traveling once more, he has turned his fighting magic into healing magic and refuses to physically harm anypony unless circumstances are truly dire. In spite of his pacifistic tendencies, Rook still retains his keen observational skills and love of strategy games such as Chess, Supremacy, and Risk, though certain sports that require precision such as darts and billiards also catch his eye. The Spellbook Combat Spells Boost: Arcanometabolism. Temporarily speeds up metabolism on a cellular level and dispenses stress hormones for a controlled "adrenaline rush." Dramatically increases strength and endurance for a short time. Can be cast on himself or another pony. Dragonscale: Arcanometabolism. Grows adamantine scales all over Rook's body. Hooves and horn are armored with a metallic coating. The scales are resistant to impact, extreme temperatures, and edged weapons, though piercing weapons and blunt trauma still have their effects on the rest of his body. Firewall: Enchantment. A mental firewall of sorts that blocks non-sensory input to his mind. Cuts off telepathy, charm, and other "mind magic" spells. These three spells are used both singly and in combination to provide the right mix of strength, durability, and agility for the situation at hand. Rook possesses unique talents, but cannot make use of certain aspects of unicorn magic like teleportation. His spells channel the power of the aether directly through his body, which, while giving him access to great power, also puts him at grave risk of physical injury from a malfunctioning spell. Rook limits himself to certain power levels in his head to avoid injury, but can push himself beyond those limits in a dire emergency. Medical Spells Triage: Projects a low-powered aetheric field onto the target. Disruptions to the field indicate physical injury. Allows rapid diagnosis of physical injuries. Vital Burst: Speeds up cellular regeneration rate to patch up damaged tissue. Ossify: Manipulates and sets a broken bone to heal properly, though it cannot fully regenerate it. Chelate: Filters out natural toxins in the subject's bloodstream. Less effective against magical toxins. Stitch: Seals a wound in the same way a surgeon's stitch would. Staunch: Locally activates clotting factors to stop bleeding. Scalpel: A blade-like shard of aether that is used to cut through tissue during an operation. Can also be weaponized, but Rook is loathe to do so. Skills Melee combat: Rook is more physical than the average unicorn, a result of years traveling through the Griffon lands and escorting members of the Razorclaw family. He can't teleport and can't use telekinesis in combat, but he can still bash and stab with the best of them. Since the Razorclaw incident, Rook is reluctant to fight, and even when he does prefers nonlethal solutions. Triage: Rook can administer first aid as well as diagnose and treat minor injuries and diseases without the use of magic. Academic Knowledge: Rook is a scholar at heart and is well read in general science, medicine, and griffon politics.
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    What Say We...

    I can see the fan fiction now. "Everypony LOVES Mocha Delight."
  3. Hit Me Up, Pop! Pony Name: Dio Profile Link: HERE What Would You Like? (Please Mark One) [X] Full Body Profile Art [_] Adoptable: (Name Here) [_] Animated Blinking Avatar [_] Commission (Please contact me via notes) *CLOSED* I've only got a text description to go on at the moment, but I'm interested in seeing what you can cook up in that head of yours based on what I've written. Good luck and have fun!
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    Burd's art.

    It's Superboy. He doesn't fly, though he can jump really far and knock you silly with a flick of his... hoof?
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    What Say We...

    That's not even shipping anymore. That's canon and it is so d'aww. So much d'awwww that I need insulin... but I can't stop reading.
  6. Dawn of War II: Retribution. I don't have as awesome a paint job as Kash does, but the game is still fun. Halo: Reach. All of my friends still play even though I'm not as motivated to credit grind as they are. Call of Duty: Black Ops. Recently proved that I still had it even after a 2 month hiatus. Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Awesome team-based game made even more awesome by awesome squadmates. Apparently I'm in the same boat as Brian when it comes to violence and strategy games lol
  7. Diomedes Dio turned his head, coming face to face with a white Pegasus close to his height, but not quite as muscled. The Pegasus was young, just barely a stallion, but possessed a look of enthusiasm not unlike many of the other Pegasus Dio had met in his travels. If there was one thing about the Pegasus as a species, it was their desire to live life with gusto, never settling down for even a moment; as if doing so would dampen their very life force. Dio checked his dispatch gem again. It was still the dormant jade color that he wanted it to be and there was still quite some time before he had to be at the office. I suppose I could sit down for a chat once the barista brings breakfast? "Diomedes Ironwing," the red pegasus began, nodding in greeting, "I don't believe we've met. I'm interested in hearing how you think we're so similar from just a chance meeting." As he spoke, he caught a yellow unicorn walking up to Neon Pop and introducing himself. He caught a name, "Dubstep." It's getting crowded up here. Dio once again rapped his hoof on the floor of the café, trying to gain the attention of the small herd that had suddenly gathered around Neon. "Fillies, gentlecolts," he began. "I believe we're blocking traffic. But I have a table reserved, so as soon as I get my order, I'll be heading right back over there." Dio motioned with his head to the table on which his saddlebags rested. "You're welcome to join me," he said to Knightly. "As are your unicorn friend and Miss Neon Pop." "By the way, I never caught your name."
  8. Diomedes Diomedes Ironwing took in deep lungfulls of mountain air, his muscles burning from the climb, but his head feeling plenty good from the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The air at the top of Dragon Mountain was fresh and crisp; just cool enough to sharpen the senses, just warm enough to get the blood moving. Dio reached behind him and removed a canteen from his harness, taking a long swig. A break would be required before he could continue his training run. His usual high-altitude flights involved more gliding than physical exertion and altitude sickness was the last thing he needed. He had to admit, though, that the conditioning was paying off. The first time, he hadn't even made it halfway up the mountain before he had to stop to rest. Now, he could make it to the entrance to the Dragon's Lair without becoming winded. The Pegasus felt his heart rate going down and took a deep breath, steeling himself for the next part of his training run. Dio spread his wings to their full extension and leaped off the ledge, coasting for a few hundred yards horizontally before folding his wings, sending him into a steep dive, nearly parallel to the cliff face. His heart was pounding now as the crags he had just climbed flew past at lightning speed. He carefully adjusted his flight feathers, subtly altering his hypervelocity course so he slipped between the rock outcroppings and sparse evergreens like water running through sand. The red pegasus' mane flapped in the wind, his tail streaming out behind him as he plummeted from altitude. Though the drop could not have lasted for more than a couple seconds, Diomedes felt like he was suspended in space and time. But as the tree line rapidly approached, time seemed to speed up to normal again. Dio opened his wings slightly for better control, manipulating his feathers to rapidly adjust the oncoming airstream so he could twist and turn around the onrushing kaleidoscope of green and brown. Left. Right. Left. Left. Twist. Break. He was deep in Everfree Forest now, slowly leveling off as Dragon Mountain faded into the rolling foothills just west of Ponyville. This section was tough. There was hardly any time to react and the slightest mistake would mean a concussion or broken bones. He trusted the inherent magical physiology of Pegasus ponies to protect his wings from light impact and aerodynamic stress, but wasn't counting on it to protect his skull from head-on collision with a tree. Right. Left. Right. Twist. Roll. Dio was home free. Just a few more trees and… "Somepony!! Oh my pony stars... Somepony help me!! Ugh!! HEEELP!" What in Equestria??? The filly's voice was faint, but just enough to break Dio's concentration. The red Pegasus' eyes widened as a tree approached at an alarming speed. Diomedes snapped his left wing shut to avoid damage and twisted to avoid hitting the trunk head-on. It worked. Almost. CRASH! Diomedes clipped the tree at full speed, pulling off shreds of bark and leaving behind bits of fur and feathers. Dio winced at the pain; he knew it drew blood, but he didn't have time to think about it. Instead his thoughts were focused on slowing down to a safe velocity. The red Pegasus snapped his other wing shut and closed his eyes as his roll took his right side straight into the undergrowth. His high speed combined with his high mass ensured that he skidded at least ten yards through the mess of roots, rocks, twigs, and leaves on the forest floor, leaving devastated shrubbery and turned-over dirt in his wake. He tumbled as he slid, finally coming to rest at the base of a large oak tree, face pointing skyward and legs and wings in a tangled mess around him. Dio shook his head to clear his vision and slowly rolled over enough to where he could get back on his feet. Every muscle in his body was sore from the crash, but he wasn't concussed. He moved his wings slowly and stamped his feet on the ground to test their mobility. Nothing was broken and everything seemed to be in working order. The worst injuries would be a mass of cuts and scrapes and a handful of bruises. Dio snorted at his own luck. As Papa Ari always said, any crash you can walk away from is a good one. As he shook the dirt and debris off himself, Diomedes heard another voice, this one male. This one was indistinct, but the tonality was stressed. Taking a quick listen, Diomedes guestimated an approximate heading and took off at full gallop. Crashing through the underbrush was a lot different than flying through it. All sorts of little stickers and debris stuck to his fur and mane and dug into his skin. But Dio didn't care. Someone was in trouble, and he wasn't going to just let it go over a fashion gripe. As he crashed through the last cluster of shrubbery, he spotted the trouble: it was marshland. All of it. Opening his wings and delivering mighty flaps, he cleared the muddy water before he became mired in it, alighting on a nearby rock. From there, he spotted a salmon-colored unicorn with red hair wading into the mud, a vine in his mouth. A second unicorn's head was just barely visible above the surface of the water some distance away; locks of many colors adorning her head. Neon Pop? Dio thought incredulously. 'Hey!' Diomedes shouted to both unicorns. 'I'm here to help!' The big Pegasus kept his wings open, ready to lift off and assist at a moment's notice.
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    Are you a spy?
  10. Diomedes She seemed to cock her head ever so slightly as she looked up at Diomedes, a sort of quiet curiosity in her eyes. Dio managed an awkward smile. I guess three's a crowd? 'Ah, thanks,' Diomedes replied. 'I just didn't want to inadvertently cut you off.' The big Pegasus gingerly slipped past Katniss and made his way to the counter. 'Can I get an apple muffin, please? And coffee, black.'
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    I miss fruit.

    Neon Pop gets an internet! Mangoes are also delicious.
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    I miss fruit.

    Peaches. I could eat peaches for an hour. One internet for whoever gets the reference.
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  14. Diomedes Even from altitude, the bulbous silhouette of the airship loomed large over the hamlet of Ponyville. Diomedes Ironwing delicately flicked his flight feathers and banked left, making a slow orbit of the village and the massive ship that hovered over it. It was definitely Griffon in design; decidedly brutish, painfully utilitarian, and with almost no eye for aesthetics. The Pegasus had been to the Griffon lands many times before on dispatch, but he'd never been this close to one of their lumbering dirigibles before. Still, it was a remarkable piece of engineering and Diomedes wasn't about to knock anypony who could make one of those things fly. The carnelian Pegasus dropped into a slow spiral that brought him down to the town square, where the metal beast almost seemed to strain at its moorings. Diomedes flared his massive wings and flapped several times to cut his airspeed until he could safely touch down on the cobblestone just outside the mayor's office, kicking up a small dust devil in the process. As he folded his wings to his back, over top his load-carrying harness and saddlebags, Diomedes stifled a yawn with a free hoof. The last dispatch to Canterlot had been a long haul. The business-pony he had delivered the registered letter to was none too happy to receive it. It was all Diomedes could do to get him to sign the verification documents so that the courier could finally get moving. What was his name again? Hot Toddy? Hoity-Toity? Dio shrugged and started walking. Though it was still early in the morning, Ponyville was very much alive. Vendors hocked their wares at their stands, parents ushered their children to school, artisans hurried to their shops, and a few ponies stopped in the street to gawk at the massive airship moored over the center of town. Breakfast sounded like a good idea. He had an hour and a half to kill before he had to report back to the post office. If they really needed him before that, they would page him. Dio looked down at the polished mana gem embedded in his saddlebag harness. It was a muted jade color and remained silent, indicating that he was free to do as he pleased for the moment. But breakfast. Where to get breakfast? Dio's ears perked up as he heard the excited clamoring of local ponies and smelled the smell of freshly ground coffee. The Café Delights? Must have opened up while I was running diplomatic dispatches between Canterlot and Talonopolis. I could really go for a muffin right now. As good as coffee and a muffin sounded, there seemed to be quite the line at the café. Dio snorted. Ah, what the hay. I'll bite. He thought as he nosed open the door, being careful to duck his head underneath the door frame. One of the drawbacks to his large frame was the constant need to avoid colliding with objects designed for smaller ponies. As Diomedes entered the café, the delicious smell of coffee beans and baked goods was nearly overwhelming. The Pegasus smiled as he picked out a table, unclasping his saddlebags and depositing them near one of the piles of hay that served as seats. He noted the two griffons seated at a neighboring table and made a mental note to ask about the ship later. A muffin and coffee took priority at the moment. Diomedes made his way to the counter, carefully navigating between tables, but stopping behind two ponies excitedly chatting away just in front of the counter. One he didn't recognize. She was a younger filly with white hair and a silver mane and rather short (compared to Dio at least); fairly easy to miss in a crowd. The unicorn, however, would have stood out from a mile away with her purple pelt and many-colored neon-bright hair. Diomedes chuckled to himself. It had to be Neon Pop. Her songs were all the rage in Canterlot clubs and Jade at the Canterlot dispatch office would not stop talking about her new album that was due out soon. He just hadn't realized she was based in Ponyville. Diomedes lightly rapped his hoof on the floor near Neon Pop. 'Excuse me, ladies,' he asked. 'Is this the line for the counter?'
  15. I immediately thought "hipster pony"
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    S3 of Enterprise is where it gets good. S1 and S2 weren't much to talk about and S4 was good until the last couple episodes. DS9 doesn't start to get really good until the Dominion War (S4 I think). I guess while I like Roddenberry's vision of a future worth living for, I know deep down that there will be no pretty federation where everyone is nice. I guess I'm just one for political intrigue and realist political theory lol
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    Boom! Questions! But that's okay, I'm wired to answer questions Of the two, Picard, though (I'll probably get called a heretic for this) my personal favorite was Archer from Enterprise. That said, I loved any episode in TNG and DS9 that dealt with Romulans or Cardassians. I study politics as my secondary concentration and the mechanics of interstellar political dealings always fascinated me. I'm a fan of the Dominion War arc in DS9 because it portrays the Federation more as another faction in a battle for control of the stars rather than the paragon of virtue that TOS took. I know, Enterprise and DS9; that's two strikes against me already I'm a huge fan of the rebooted Kirk, heck the entire crew of the rebooted Enterprise. The casting for JJverse Star Trek was spot on and the mechanics of the show struck a good balance between canon tribute and original material. I'm really looking forward to the next one, especially if JJ is directing. I've never touched WoW in my life, but I have so many friends that do I've picked up a few things via osmosis. The closest I get is 4th edition D&D which kind of borrows some mechanics from WoW like the aggro system for defenders (paladins, fighters, etc.). I just never got into MMOs; I've spent way too much time on shooters to get past the need for instant action. I take it you're an insomniac, too?
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    So I'm here... now what? I'm just an ordinary brony who got sucked in thanks to 4chan, Know Your Meme, and Equestria Daily. I'm a 20-something college student and FiM is still comedy gold for me. About me? Well, I'm a bit of a nerd, so you'll probably catch me making Halo, Call of Duty, Star Trek, D&D, and Warhammer 40k references from time to time. I'm also an FPS geek and play Reach, Bad Company 2, and Black Ops on Xbox Live. My major RP experience is mostly from 4th edition D&D using some homebrew campaigns that one of my good friends cooked up in his downtime. I figured I'd give this a shot for something different. I love crafting fictional worlds and reading up on lore between engineering studies and hanging out with my friends, so let me know if you want any help with fleshing out the background lore for the RP section. That's about as much as I can think of before breakfast; hope that's enough to start to meet your acquaintances.
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