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  1. We've already removed one layer of the applications process by allowing SRP to immediately promote users to RP certified and move apps to appropriate sections without having to go through global moderators/administrators first.  For now we would like the RPH+SRP layers to remain in place.  We will re-evaluate as needs dictate.

  2. This is a fair assessment of the film's strengths and faults. It is on the whole very "fanfic"-esque, with the "effort budget" clearly focused on portraying the characters and not on storycraft or worldbuilding as a whole. I've seen a lot of fanfic execute their stories similarly; they write the characters and the dialogue pretty well, but leave significant plot holes and use contrived circumstances to showcase their characters.

    It's not a masterpiece by any means, but like you said, it was neither terrible nor inane. I have faith in the DHX team to make something truly amazing given time, budget, and story freedom.

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