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  1. Well to be fair they have kept Starlight on the side so its hared to judge her character. For me the jury is still out but I am willing to give here character a chance
  2. Actually using registry cleaners are a BAD idea, I usually visit bleepingcomputer.com and they are very smart over there concerning computers as I am myself (have a custom built computer here dualbooting windows and linux so I know what I am talking about) http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/?p=2853053 As for your issue it could be driver/windows 10 related, how long ago did you make your jump to windows 10? (I am guessing you use windows 10 based on your window decorations, your older posts were of windows 7 but guessing by your screenshots it looks like windows 10, if you are unsure your OS you can get that in your system settings/control panel) Some utilities can cause this issue as well, Asus utilites is to blame for your "AcOcItemSetBase Cannot get any information from group 3" issue And old drivers may be the cause of your "EPU-4 Engine EAccessViolation" issue Sorry for responding late to this by the way, I am moire used to these questions on bleepingcomputer Also there are better ways to capture a screenshot on windows 10: http://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-take-screenshots-windows-8-81-using-built-tools That tutorial was made for windows 8.1 but will work on windows 10 as well (plus the snipping tool is in windows 7 as well if you use that)
  3. I think the only logical outcome is that if FiM didnt happen another show would have taken its place and it would be a video series along the lines of G3 at best. But as bad as G3 was at least it wasnt G3.5
  4. I also loved Raritys Pinkie impersonation, plus Maude was great as susual. Sure we have seen the message of this episode a million times before but it was made fine by the fantastic comedy.
  5. Perhaps, but its still rather fuzzy. But maybe thats due to the loose nature of the show anyhow
  6. Well Yeah its not like this is lord of the rings or anything, still there must be some measure of standard.
  7. Well someone has to, plus even if we did add The Journal of the Two Sisters as cannon it doesnt go into full detail on what happened.
  8. Well in a way that does make sense that Luna was de powered thus why her appearance at the end of the pilot was different then her appearance in Luna Eclipsed. But its not exactly saying its cannon.
  9. Well then I officially add that live show as cannon then, totally happened! Also all those bad MLP Fim Novels that were sold, also now official! Yeah sorry but one must draw a line somewhere.
  10. Well that could have been a subtle advertisement for the book, plus we dont know if the book was written before or after the episode aired. Cant rely on publishing date as the book could have been written on a sheet of toilet paper and made a book a day later.
  11. I call this bug Spoiler tagception and came across it by accident. Normally one can remove tags in topics such These work fine but use the spoiler tags things get messy Looks fine right? Well for some reason you cant backspace out spoiler tags sometimes and sometimes you wind up with a bunch of nested spoilers Yeah if you accidentally hit spoiler tags they will nest inside eachother with no hope of erasing the tag. It may do the same with quotations too I dont know if its the forum software, my browser (google chrome on Linux) but sometimes it will act funny. This time seems fine but I had it bug out once and I wanted to artificially create the scenario I was in
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