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  1. Hi :D

    1. SymphonicFire
    2. Sailu


      haha deathsong, XD i like you already~ awesome name

  2. Hey old pal :D Haven't seen you in a while.

  3. Anti-mage with blink dagger is OP
  4. Yesssss i finally made a new song

  5. Fluttershy's "I'm fluttershy squeak" was used 3 times. Once in the first episode, Another when she was crying due to Philomena turning into ashes and another when she was crying in Hurricane Fluttershy.
  6. I went to this chinese store near my place. They had a pony that had not much hair on it, with 1 butterfly as a cutie mark and the eyes were really weird. It was called My Small pony ;_; Anyways, I buy mine from ToysRUs.
  7. I used to use FL Studio in late 2011, I didn't really like the UI and stuff. In 2012 I decided to change to Ableton Live 8. Loved everything about it. The simple UI, the Live effects and what not. I also use Sylenth1, NI Massive and Nexus (:
  8. It's pretty good, you have some talent right there. Just needs more bass and more wobbles
  9. My classmates are okay with it. However, I have an anti-brony friend and hates it whenever i talk about ponies or whenever there are pictures with ponies. Then in classed I showed him some brony-made songs and he was actually suprised and quite speechless
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