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  1. Hippogriff

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    The lack of awareness was really catching up with Zap. What did she mean, 'light with it?' He assumed that he was misunderstanding how night lights were made. "How many night lights?" Zap's question was not aimed well, but he just asked what was on his heart at the moment. Even for a two year old, a light with a light seemed ridiculously redundant. After they went inside a cave, Applejack displayed a lighting geode that filled the interior of the dark cave with a crystalline reflecting projection. Along the walls were several patches of fungi. with some shaving tools, she started collecting samples of the strange organism. The moisture in the cave was so thick you could almost see it. And it smelled strange, too. Zap took notice of the geode and found it captivating. When he noticed his body casting a shadow on the wall, he entertained himself by doing short jumps and dances. He giggled as he played, waiting for his mother to finish the chore of gathering cave mushrooms. From where they came, several lengthy howls could be heard. They seemed loud and large. Zap gasped and looked in the direction it bellowed from, the entrance of the cave. "Winona?" Zap squeaked. What could the border collie be doing way out here? But his mother was not so curious, her tone now more serious than ever. Timberwolves. Zap had heard stories about the timberwolves before, but he had never actually seen them. He knew his mothers and their friends had run-ins with the monsters before, but that they rarely came out of the forest. He also knows that zap apples, the phenomenon he is named after, have a prerequisite of howling timberwolves. Great Gran-Gran liked to tell him about the story of spontaneously growing apple trees, something that he couldn't even imagine seeing with his own eyes. But timberwolves. They were the dark part of the fairy tale. They were the monster that hid underneath the bed. They were the creatures that have only existed in howls, scaring little ponies who have never laid eyes upon them. He slowly trotted close to his mother's side, his mane being matted against her shoulder. He took a few deep breathes and sighed, the worry beginning to rise in his young mind. He sniffed a few times, a look of bewilderment falling on his face. "It smells bad in here."
  2. Hippogriff

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    He wrapped his hooves around the stick carefully, taking it gently from his mother's grasp. His eyes grew to saucers and his mouth puckered with astonishment. The green tint glowing hesitantly from the stick was fascinating, but there was no need to mention how peculiar it was or how it compared to sticks that fell from apple trees on the farm. If his mother said it was an ordinary stick, then that was good enough for him. "I want to make a night light!" Zap said out loud, his mind wandering from the luminosity of the branch to the fact that the jar of fireflies he would get in his bedroom would stop glowing after a couple days. How long do sticks stay glow-y? The two were approaching something to the cue of Applejack's readiness. Though Zap had no expectations, he assumed it would involve some kind of satisfaction to his curiosity. How much of a letdown for an exploring colt would it be if the Everfree was dull and boring? "How long will we be here?" Zap asked. "Will- will we sleep out here?" His questioning came from a pure misunderstanding of the whole point of the expedition, but at least it wasn't in the spirit of fear at the moment.
  3. Taken aback to Gallus' feelings on a veggie vacation, Silverstream nearly chuckled at the probably-joking insinuation that Applejack would run short in her next cow census because of the carnivorous nature the part-feline possessed. Surely, he could go a few days without and return to normality without extreme measures, right? Her friend loved to occasionally exaggerate. He told a cheap off-color joke. Probably. Silverstream was confident a lot of this wouldn't matter within the hour assuming Gallus took to the underwater well and happened upon a lovely forest of kelp that he would no doubt devour. To the hallowed bone truth of Silverstream's wings, nerves were starting to set in. The sudden realization of sharing this moment with a true friend in Gallus was actually kind of a big deal. It occurred to her that she had never shared her pearl magic with her new classmate friends to this point and she couldn't spontaneously understand why. The chick-mare's sensibilities with who she decides to share these types of moments with was always contained within the already established company of her family and the hippogriffs that surrounded her. The adventure she had going to Ponyville to learn about friendship and make friends in the process was her first real interaction with others not of her kind. Of course Silverstream was very happy about all of this, but this was one of the times in which it really made her think about how much her life has changed in only a semester at the academy. And possibly more importantly, only a couple seasons-worth of bonding with her favorite griffon. When Gallus was fully anxious and ready, he grabbed her claw, closed his eyes, and awaited his fishy fate. Several seconds may have passed because for Silverstream, time had suddenly lost its meaning. Gallus was never afraid to bump wings or shoulders with anyone, his loyalty to his friends was often physically shown, a peaceful bird not afraid to show his claws. But in this instance, the locking of talons from Gallus to Silverstream seemed somewhat occasional. Gallus was trusting Silverstream he would be safe. He was out of his comfort zone, miles away from home, a true cat out of water. Or perhaps in the water in this case. He could handle himself if he needed to, but Silverstream was in charge. Now she was never the type of girl to let this run through her mind persistently, but in these long seconds, she felt the warmth of Gallus' heart through his talon and gave her a sense of purpose in his life. And where that purpose would ultimately lay was still a mystery. Silverstream smiled, and then closed her own eyes. The two floated on the rocky waves of the sea for a few moments before the hippogriff reached her other claw to her pearl shard and touched it with intent. A magical glow from the shard flared light around both of them and quickly transformed them into creatures with the capabilities of effective underwater swimming. Silverstream morphed into her features of her seapony nature. First her head and ears, her wings fell transparent and angel-like, her hooves grew fins and her hind quarters completely transformed into a tail fin. Once her change was complete, she fell underwater and sunk as a fish does, using her fluke to make a last splash goodbye to the airy environment she was leaving above. With a confident smile on her face she turned to Gallus and attempted to assess his situation.
  4. Silverstream was only within an earshot of Gallus' hurried speech. She could sense the immense hesitation in his voice, but it was trumped by her own level of excitement for the expected agenda the next fifty or so hours would bring. Not too long of a quick glide and the hippogriff landed on the sand next to the water on the beach. She turned towards Gallus as he approached. "Oh, it's simple, I just touch the shard and presto!" She jumped and extended her legs. "Seapony magic!" She landed again and spoke more softly. "Although I've never seen a griffon take on the transformation so I don't know exactly what you will look like, but you should be able to swim, and that's what matters! We hold claws while I meditate on the pearl shard and we'll be all fins." What was a griffon version of a seapony anyway? It could just be like the other seaponies, but it was just as likely Gallus would feature different kinds of appendages of other aquatic animals. Too bad Headmare Twilight Sparkle wasn't here. She would be very interested in the results. Silverstream started walking in the water and stopped once her legs could no longer touch the floor and she began treading water. Before Gallus could follow suit, she said to him with slight concern. "Oh, one more thing. I was going to say this on the train but I didn't want anygriff to overhear it." Silverstream slowed her speech to abnormal levels. "But, you should probably refrain from eating any fish this week. Hippogriffs used to eat fish on occasion, but ever since Queen Novo implemented seapony transformation, we lived in harmony with the ocean creatures as we created a new home in Seaquestria. And so many of them would not like it if you decided to snatch a cute little minnow as a snack, as it might be someone's pet." Silverstream used one free talon to gently stroke her mane, her expression one of worried nerves. She was confident Gallus would have fun under the water in his first ever visit to Seaquestria, but she wasn't comfortable telling him what he couldn't do. Raised mostly in the water, Silverstream was strictly vegetarian, but she knew that not all griffons, and hippogriffs for that matter, all had the same diet.
  5. Hippogriff

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    Despite the pleasant explanation of the owl creature, Zap was still bewildered at the sound and appearance of the strange bird. "Who." He whispered back. He would casually turn his head to see how long his rotation was, and and he quickly found out he could not rotate very far. And speaking of being able to see all around you, Mother wanted Zap to stay vigilant on her back and speak up about anything that he saw. "Mom." "Mom." "Mom." Zap waited for her mother to stop walking and turn her head so she could make some kind of eye contact with him before he would continue with his concern. He required her full undivided attention. "I see something." He pointed to her left, a fer meters out on the ground was a short branch that fell from the tree above, possibly several days ago. "It's a stick."
  6. Silverstream's excited jitters beat in her mind as her mouth closed to listen to Gallus' explain his confusions and apprehensions. The feathered friend seemed to be second guessing the way that the festivities would go for him when he realized that the first night would also be the wettest night of the week for both of them. Silverstream understood his pause subconsciously, but only responded to the reality of what she knew would probably be the most likely outcome. "Oh, flying is just like swimming! or swimming is just like flying, depending on your perspective, hem. You can't move as fast in the water but neither can anyone else, so its just a lot more considerate down there." Silverstream's shard of the magic pearl randomly sparkled when Gallus mentioned it. He seemed to now be confused as to what kind of spell he was going to be surrounded by, as if he might have a choice. Silverstream snorted as she answered, "No, no. You don't want to be griffon-paddling down there, you're going to want some fins and lose the feathers." Silverstream continued to listen to Gallus' concerns, which was now about the whale singing. When the train stopped and his rant interrupted, she assured him. "We sing with the whales, it's really fun and really easy. Don't you worry Gallus, there's nothing to worry about, everyfin just wants to have fun. You wont need to worry about food, everyone is very generous with offering tasty items. Don't worry about dancing, everyone looks weird underwater when they dance. There is a slight chance that the pearl will turn you into a lobster, but that won't happen. And my family is really to see me and will ask all kinds of questions about Equestria." Silverstream brushed passed the pearl's failure chance knowing it would probably trip Gallus, but she would only tease it. The shard had never failed to work for anygriff ever, so it was unlikely that the blue feathered student would permanently become a bottom feeder. Silverstream hovered with her vacation bag in her clutches as she prepared to exit the train. She assumed Gallus was right behind. Upon exiting the train car, she increased her speed to the nearest travel kiosk, where there were temporary lockers for guests. Before she got to them, she waved pleasantries to the other hippogriffs recognized her as she arrived. Almost all of the hippogriffs and seaponies knew who Silverstream was, either because of her royal lineage, or because of her outgoing attitude, or both. She threw her bag in an unsecured locker and did an air flip. "Come on Gallus! We gotta get to the water before the sun sets!" The sun which was still several hours from setting, reflected the water quite beautifully. The waves were mild and away from the island the water was calm and mirror-like, repeating an upside-down view of the sky.
  7. Hippogriff

    The Apple's Party Pride (Open!)

    Gaining appreciation for his mighty roar, he beamed a smile as both his mother and the new guest Hoshi. It was fun getting attention from everypony, even those that Zap has never met before. Applejack's willingness to greet ponies gave Zap a very welcoming attitude in almost every situation. Being called a cute colt with a cute feline costume, chocolate and fritters everywhere, everypony being nice, what was there to lose? "Hahum! I want fritters. Imma fritter lion! Rawr!" Zap had been addressed by Hoshi and he would indeed appreciate the comment, but he was distracted by the thought of fritters adorning the insides of his cheeks. Rocky approached Zap and complimented his outfit and his persona. "Rawr!" Zap repeated. He would have to make sure everypony got at least one roar. But when Rocky pulled out a candy bar, Zap's eyes dilated in wonderment. Rocky gave the candy bar to Zap and Zap was elated. "Alright!" He would spend the next few seconds trying to unwrap the treat with his teeth and his hooves with no immediate success.
  8. Hippogriff

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    The explanation of the Everfree's lack of natural light satisfied Zap's growing intellectual mind, but gave his psyche a level of anxiety that was mostly unexplored for a colt his age. As his imagination raced of thoughts of the unknown, his eyes bounced around looking for clues in the shadows of the terrain. Despite his best efforts to discern he could not make out anything that would alarm his need for safety. However, other than the unbreakable bond of his mother's love and care, there were no indications that this was any place for a small pony to roam at his leisure. "Okay," he said softly in angst. As Applejack hopped from one stone to the next crossing the stream, the light jostle would not break Zap's grip of his mother's neck but it would encourage him to clinch slightly harder until both of them had made it to the other side of the water. Through the experience of crossing, Zap wore a worried expression, none of which was due to lack of trust in the strong earth pony he rode. When the short ride was over, his expression lightened to the attitude his mother presented as an achievement. Like the emotional roller coaster a young foal would have during their first brave attempt to go on scary rides at the fair, Zap fell into the trap of enjoying his temporary moment of distress. "Yay! Yeeehaw. Dats, howee doit... on the farm," he stuttered as his relief from the stream ended but his masked fear of the continuing darkness maintained. When Applejack asked about Zap's flying lessons, he wasn't sure what to say at first. "Ummmm." He thought for a moment trying to relive the experience he had with Rainbow Dash a few days ago when they spent the majority of the day in the park outside of Ponyville. "Yeah, Mommy Dash flies really high," Zap expressed himself by holding his hooves high, "and really fast!" Zap hopped off her back and started circling around her, his wings buzzing and his hooves dragging. He didn't really answer his mother's question, but he told his experience by replaying what he felt was his best memory of the event, which was watching his pegasus mother show off her moves. Whooo! An owl interrupted. Zap zipped back onto his mothers back, lightly grabbing onto the blonde locks on her neck. Applejack asked him if he was hungry and having fun. "No. I'm not scared." He said with a nervous whimper, answering a question that wasn't asked.
  9. Hippogriff

    The Apple's Party Pride (Open!)

    Encouraged by his Mothers, Zap jiggled with excitement while on Applejack's back. He found joy in the reaction of the ponies that would hear him roar. And he would continue to until forever most likely. "Raarrr!" He yapped at Rainbow Dash, on command of Applejack. When she gave a light buck, Zap held onto her artificial mane and buzzed his wings to gain what seemed like instinctual stability. "Woah, hehe." Zap was paying no attention to the adult conversation his Mothers were having. Even if he could make out and fully comprehend what they were discussing, none of the context was related to feeding him fritters or candy, and was therefore not important. He was ridden to the table where he was sat down so that food would be presented in front of him. He was so happy that the normal restriction of excess sugar and candy was not something that was observed on an evening like tonight. He wished it was Nightmare Night every night! As Applejack fed him some chocolate, Zap was immediately pleased by the sweet taste of the treat. What kind of apple was this? Why had he never tasted anything like this before? Where were the chocolate apple trees? "Yum!" Zap started leaning forward to help himself, not being patient for whatever pace his mother was going to set him at. However, as he was eager for more sweets a stranger pony walked towards Applejack, and she was greeted with the typical Apple family welcome. Zap decided he would also oblige pleasantries. He stood up on all legs and aimed his voice at the new equine. "Rawr! I'm a lion!"
  10. 6 more days...  #SpyroIsMyBro


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      Imagine if they did an MLP game.....:kissy:

    2. Hippogriff
  11. Silverstream had spent enough time with Gallus, about half a semester of mostly common friendship classes, to know some of the subtleties the griffon possessed. She typically overwhelmed others with her outgoing nature, but Gallus' cool demeanor kept her honest, her outwardly expressions hitting the cap on potential comprehension one of her behavioral illustrations presented. And this interaction was no different. Silverstream was excited for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was the presence of a friend from school to bring home and share the festivities with! And even though not everycreature understood Gallus' true intentions underneath his thick blue feathers, she would carry with her the benefit of the doubt that Gallus' company with her was welcome. She had gone a long time since that was not the case. She responded to his thanks and his teases with a perky smile, holding her train of thought for only a moment. Silverstream had a habit of always thinking several minutes ahead, always wanting to say things to empty her thoughts, but never able to actually catch up with the race of her mental capacity. And now, her being excited only elevated this sensation. She would have to continually remind herself to speak in the moment in order to keep whoever she was speaking with engaged. "No book? Oh, that's okay. Yeah, I know the whole thing by heart anyway." She said modestly. "And since you'll be with me the whole time, there is no reason to think you'd get lost." Her voice cracked and she chuckled. It was not lost on her how valuable her time with Gallus would likely be, and how it might drastically change her relationship with her griffon friend, probably for the better. And though she was slightly nervous about the challenges that would bring, her nerves were layered over by her never-stopping progression of thought. "The water is where everyone is at right now! The first day is already half over, Gallus. We could join the waves on the third day, but then we'd miss out on the whale-singing and the shell-stringing." She pshawed. "You're not going to want to miss it. Last year, the whales that performed for us were generous to give us an encore. It was a-maz-ing!" Silverstream had noticed Gallus' hesitation about the water, but hadn't been able to address it until she was finished explaining the importance of spending the rest of the current day in the sea. She knew Gallus' catlike instincts prohibited him from voluntarily getting wet, but she hadn't seen him make a huge fuss about it before. Perhaps he just didn't like it until he was already in the water and there was nothing he could do about it. "You're not afraid to get a little wet are you?" She asked half joking, half sincerely.
  12. Hippogriff

    The Apple's Party Pride (Open!)

    Being craned onto his mother's back, Zap was relaxed and felt no need to fight the desire for exploratory independence for now. Her speaking on lions made Zap's imagination soar. He thought of the jungle as being a dark collection of foliage, or just a smattering of really tall grass. "Haheh, rawr. Imma lion!" Zap giggled and then started petting the mane of Applejack's costume. It was more abundant and full than Zap's of course. "Big pretty mane!" After a few playful strokes of the fake hair, Zap felt his tail get pulled as his rainbow mother got his attention. He wasn't sure what the whole ordeal was or even that it was called Nightmare Night. But he knew that any shindig that took any amount of effort out of either one of his mothers meant only one thing. Eats. And a growing boy like Zap, though he couldn't put away much, loved it all. "Yeah! I want," Zap thought for a moment, thinking of the words to say. "I want. To eat, I want to eat candy." Zap raised his hooves to show his excitement to where his train of thought had led him. "Yeah, I want to eat food, and candy. Fritters and candy!" Zap saw tank flying in and Rainbow Dash commented on his entrance. While watching the tortoise hover in, Zap's wings instinctively buzzed for a few seconds without generating any lift, the subconscious of his pegasus nature attempting to fire the engines to take flight himself. But his inexperience and the bubble of his mothers' presences kept him from launching. "What is Tank drinking?" Zap asked, feeling as though he just might be thirsty himself, the thoughts on his lips attaching to the material things he sees.
  13. Hippogriff

    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    It's definately a show that would have been better if it was more sequential. I do love some of the episodes that are slice of life though. The world gets bigger as the seasons go on, i would say season 5 is where it starts to really open up in terms of the world, but I would just watch them in order.
  14. Hippogriff

    The Apple's Party Pride (Open!)

    With his fuzzy outfit now zipped on, little Zap Apple looked up at his mother with wide eyes and a half smile on his face. "Rar." Zap said simply, not fully understanding what it was his mother was asking of him. Zap Apple was now almost two years old. By now he had let all of Ponyville know that he was capable of running his legs around and running his mouth, too, mostly with words he doesn't full have contextual understanding of. Sweet Apple Acres wasn't just his home, it was also his school, his restaurant, his entire life experience. It was even his workplace. Sometimes Applejack would let him kick the trees with her, albeit his legs not adding anything effective for apple bucking just yet. Zap saw as Rainbow Dash, his other mother, floated down to the farm. He smiled at her approach, happy to see her. But his expression fell to confusion when he noticed the unfamiliar. Why was she wearing clothes, too? She was dressed in a strange suit and had a whip. What was that for? Only on one or two occasions, Zap had seen his rainbow mother wear clothes at all. And she said something about taming two lions. Zap heard everything, but only grab onto a few words at a time. He sat on his haunches and turned to mother dressed in a large cat outfit, his small tail wriggling enough to move his cub tail. He put his hooves together feeling the subtleties of the paw his hooves had stepped into. "Mommy, whats a lion?"
  15. Started a new RP thread, in need of hippogriffs, PM if you're interested.