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  1. Wonderbolts.  


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      Wonderbolts, you say?

  2. Despite Applejack making a cheap joke about elevators, she decided not to interrupt her friend's willingness to show her how the cargo elevator works. Applejack was always a good host to visitors to the farm and she loved to show and tell everything in as much time as being cordial would allow, and she always got a kick out of it, too. She figured it was the same for Ra-Ra. Besides, the cargo elevator was surprisingly roomy. Applejack tilted her head around as she peaked into the different corridors and rooms, taking mental note of the areas as Ra-Ra explained them, and imagined what was in the rooms that were not mentioned. Once they reached what Applejack would claim her bedroom, she finished detailing the general amenities and said work would not start today. Applejack received the hug lovingly. As the countess gave time for settling in, Applejack could not help but want to explore some of the rooms Coloratura likely mused in when writing her songs. So she set her guitar down on the bed, dropped her suitcase on the ground unopened, and took off her saddlebags and put them on a chair in the bedroom. Now that Applejack was lightened from her travel attire, she walked out of her bedroom to see how she could navigate what seemed like a mansion. She saw the stairs to where she knew Coloratura's bedroom was. She looked down the hallway where several doors splintered off into other rooms. Walking down the hallway, she looked inside one that seemed to be some kind of guest study or private library. In it, there were a few bookshelves, but many of the archives were not books, but vinyl records. As she explored the room, she saw that it was recently used and the record player that center-pieced the room had the look of being a muse station. Applejack figured this might be an area where inspiration was sprung, without the cords and clutter of the recording studio equipment that was likely in the other rooms. "Wonder what kinds of music a music star like Ra-Ra listens to when she's not recording. Certainly she listens to other music that's not her own." Applejack thought out loud to herself. She could see some of the labels on the records. Some were country themes, others were more pop and jazz. There were several varieties. But there was a record already on the player with no way to discern what it was visually. "Hm. I wonder what she listened to last." Applejack wound up the player and picked up the needle to feed it into a grove on the record. Shocked by the loudness an intensity of the music, Applejack quickly took the needle off the record. "Okay then!" Applejack shook her head to gain some sense and possibly her hearing back. "Ah guess she takes inspiration from wherever she can find it." she chuckled to herself. She walked out of the room and into another. This new room was a bedroom, but was also adorned with several hundred pictures all over the walls from Coloratura's past performances and accolades. In place of wallpaper were signed photographs from other musicians, newspaper clippings of concerts from yesteryear, and several shiny awards decorating the mare's musical career. It was quite the arrangement, and showed just how active Coloratura's short career had been. She was on pace for music hall of fame status, no question. Applejack walked into a third room. This one was much less interesting. It seemed to be a utility room for supplies and tools for maids and the like. Applejack wondered if at one point Coloratura had a butler. She walked out of the room and into the hallway to make it back to her bedroom. Wait, was that her bedroom? No, that's a bathroom. Maybe it was the other across the hall? Dead end. Her room was right by the stairs, but where were the stairs? Applejack walked around a little in order to gain understanding of her surroundings, but the more she cantered through the halls, the less sure she was that she was still in the same wing of the ranch. She found a window, but when she looked outside of it, all she saw was an overhead view of the garden Ra-Ra had talked about. Applejack turned around and looked deep into the never-ending hallway, and sat down. She spoke loudly. "Um, Ra-Ra? Can you hear me?" She spoke a smiling chuckle. "I seem to be lost."
  3. Spitfire. Spitfire... Zap had remembered the name, but he wasn't good at the memory of other stories unless he visualized them himself in his limitless imagination. He didn't picture Spitfire as a slick light-colored mare, but rather a larger figure that towered over other ponies because of the way Rainbow Dash described her with Zap listening to the descriptions. Zap knew Spitfire not for her ability or leadership skills, but by the fact that she is his mother's boss or teacher. Sometimes it seemed every time Spitfire's name was mentioned to Zap, it was when Rainbow Dash was explaining she had to go to work instead of spend time teaching him to fly. So Zap was not too mindful of Spitfire's purpose, only that she was a road block for Zap's playtime with mom. That is at least until now, offering him the status of honorary Wonderbolt of which he only so much understanding of how cool that might be. "Honorary Wonderbolt!?" Zap fluttered in place. "Oh yeah! I want to be one!" Zap stopped his fluttering and switched to a pensive frown. His emotion was free wielding, but his filter was absent. "But I don't want you to yell orders at me or tell me to go places I don't want to go." Zap sounded pouty, practically blaming this yellow pegasus for all the times Rainbow Dash couldn't glide with him. And being a little colt who loves using his words with as many descriptors as possible, he added the sensation and evidence of his findings. "Dashie says when you give her orders, you sound like a hungry bugbear who forgot to take a nap."
  4. Applejack followed Coloratura into the doorway. The place was big, bigger than Applejack had imagined. She would figure herself out after a while and she had no problems making herself at home. But she had no idea where to even start. "Okay, which room do you think I should take. You know I'm not picky. Maybe I can just have to one closest to yours. Which floor is that on?" Applejack looked down all the hallways that connected the foyer. A few swift swipes of her neck and she would ask, "Ya'll don't have an elevator do ya?" She smirked.
  5. Applejack looked at the rate of cider serving and realized she had to thick quick before too many fuses would begin to burn. There would be out of cider soon, and much sooner than yesterday. She regretted not putting more effort in trying to fix one of the treadmills. She ran to the barn and came back to the cider stand with a cart of apples and a half dozen apple pies. "Apple Bloom," She whispered behind her sister. "When you run out, just give out these pies and apples as free samples." She hoped that this would be enough to keep the crowd tame, but she was realistic with the idea that many would be disgruntled for having to wait another day with nothing to taste for it. She then ran back to the barn, grabbed a small toolbox, and took it to the treadmill that broke the night before. She began tinkering with the treadmill parts and attempted to ascertain why it broke and if a new wooden part would need to be fabricated in order to get it working efficiently again. "I think so." Silverstream noticed the Princesses, too. One was Princess Luna, of course. The other looked like she was related to the Archancellor possibly. "I've never had a chance to meet any of the princess before. Except for Headmare Twilight. Should we go over an introduce ourselves while we wait in line?" Without getting a response from Gallus, Silverstream zipped her way to Princess Luna, who had been trying to get noticed by the Apple ponies who were too busy pretending they had plenty of apple cider. "Princess Luna! I'm Silverstream! Queen Novo has told me so much about you, but I've never had the privilege to meet you. What are you doing so far from Canterlot today?" Current fresh cider supply: 0% ((The day will reset in 14 days, on December 1st 12:00am UTC))
  6. Silver finished her plate of food by suspending the food in the water and swimming into the snacks, mouth first. She chewed fast and swallowed. "It's this way, let's go!" Silverstream as glad that her brother meeting Gallus seemed to go off without a hitch, even though Gallus was acting super strange. But Gallus' strangeness was always a feature he carried with him from time to time, and she never considered it a flaw she had to take notice of during social functions. If anything, the awkwardness would only add to Silverstream's amusement which was typically coupled with her inability to keep to herself saying how someone was acting strange. Silverstream wasn't the most observant little fin, but whatever she did see she was sure to tell you. Silverstream led the other two in an updraft above the trench's entertainment towards a crowd of seaponies who seemed to be in some sort of queue. In front of the line was a seapony with a security cap on. He held his fins up to stop anyone from entering the accessible lane into the current. It wasn't immediately obvious why it was being held up, but after a few moments, a giant whale different from the one that was seen earlier by the music stage, swam through the current which broke it momentarily before the current increased in speed again to its normal accelerated state. As the whale swam away, it sang a loud underwater tone. Everyfin within a short distance responded in kind to the giant friend, as did Silverstream. "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." She sang before a short chuckle. Once the whale passed, the seapony who seemed in charge of entry to the flow started letting seaponies continue through it, and one by one, seaponies were taken by the flow at incredible speed. Silverstream was in front of Gallus and Terramar, and when she got to the front, she swam towards the flow looking back at Gallus. "It's easy, Gallus, just slowly swim forward and let the flow take... youuuuuu!" As Silverstream drifted backwards into the flow, it started to grab her tail fin and began pulling her away from the others. As she accelerated through the current, she laughed infectiously.
  7. "A griffon?" Zap curiously questioned. Zap had seen flashes of griffons before and he saw them as very interesting-looking creatures. He loved their wings but was intimidated by the lack of hooves. One day he encountered Gabby in Ponyville, his first impression of griffons was one of excitement and energy. But he had always wondered why there weren't as many of them, and hadn't gotten a good explanation as to why. Gallus entered the home and stooped down to Zap Apple to give his salutations. With a talon stretched out, Zap was not eager to place his hoof in his grasp, but was all-too interested in the creature anyway. He only paused and stared at him, for longer than would normally be appropriate. "You're a griffon? Where did you come from?" Zap asked him, while looking at Gallus' unusual features like his feline hind quarters and his tipped feathers on his head. In the corner of his eye, he could see Rainbow Dash preparing to leave. "No, I wanna go with you, I don't want to be watched by Gallus. He smells funny."
  8. Zap was enamored of the stranger pegasi that greeted him as they approached the grassy plateau. They all seemed really proficient in flying, more so than other pegasus ponies Zap had seen around Ponyville, like Fluttershy or Derpy Hooves. Rainbow Dash guided Zap to the surface and once they got close enough, Zap fluttered himself to a landing with only as much of a half step of re-balancing and not falling over as he would sometimes do. His eyes glistened as he looked at all the features of the headquarters. "Whoa!" Zap turned and looked at Rainbow Dash with excitement. He knew that for whatever reason, he was not necessarily allowed to be here, but today was the day he finally got to see the place for himself. "Am I going to become a Wonderbolt today?" Zap's understanding of what it meant to be a Wonderbolt was limited. He hadn't even been to or heard of regular pegasus pony flight camp, something he would probably experience at some point in the next few years. But he knew that his mother was cool enough to be a Wonderbolt. As so he wanted to be one, too.
  9. A long night of the two students bonding resulted in sleeping in too long and losing their spot in line for cider. Silverstream was laying awkwardly inside her tent in seapony form. There was no rhyme or reason to the way her blankets or pillows inside the tent were oriented, and her tail fin sprawled across her sleeping bag diagonally. Silverstream flopped up as Gallus ripped himself into her tent opening to alert her to wake. She was immediately embarrassed that she was in seapony form, a common habit she fell into when sleeping. Sometimes she would either be dreaming about transforming her body or she would inadvertently take hold of the pearl shard, causing her to transform in the middle of the night. To avoid this, she would often take off the shard necklace before sleeping, but her normal nightly routine was absent on account of the camp out in front of Sweet Apple Acres. "Ah! Oh." Silverstream screamed unintelligibly at Gallus, and then quickly changed back into a hippogriff, resulting in her laying on her back in a very uncomfortable way. Transforming was never all that embarrassing, but in this circumstance it made Silverstream cover herself as if Gallus had just seen her dressing. "OK, I'm up, I'll be out in a second." Silverstream flew out of her tent and stood next to Gallus to get a better look at the commotion. "How did we sleep in? We must have stayed up too late roasting marshmallows and talking." Silverstream had regret in her voice, and her facial expression was one of disappointment. But in truth, nothing about the previous night was anything she would ever want to take back.
  10. Applejack exhaled a sigh. "To be honest, I jus' don't like being away from home for an extended period of time." She cracked a disciplined smile. "I'm sure once I get settled in though, I will be less anxious about the whole thing." The whole thing, of course, was the fact that this may very well be the last chance Applejack had to express her musical talent in a way that could possibly be fruitful for anypony willing to listen to it. Who knows how much affair was left on the table on account of her rejecting the big music life for the one she knew and loved with family on the farm. And associating with the countess of music herself was probably the most advantageous part of the whole ordeal. Apple Bloom was right. Applejack would be a fool if she didn't at least give her performance the ol' country whirl. "Did you say third floor?" In truth, when Coloratura had written about her ranch in letters, Applejack had envisioned a more rustic cabin feel that would be offered by township more similar to Appleloosa. She hadn't even considered the possibility that the space she had to work with was reflective of her level of success. "How big is this place? I've had my share of large barns myself, but I ain't never heard of a ranch with three floors." Applejack chuckled. At least it wasn't a small loft in the crowded city of Manehatten. After Applejack got any kind of response from her rhetorical questions and her normal confident posture took over, she decided to ask more specifically about her expectations of the weeks to come. "So, I kind of understand what you were asking for. You wanted me to share with you a few pointers and such about the style of music you may or may not have heard from a little gal known as Apple Chord. But I'm not sure if she can really be much use for what you might remember. I'm sure several years of practice since that time, her style of speakin' with the guitar is probably a lot different now. Remind me again what you're wanting to do for your next project and why you think she can help." Applejack walked along with Coloratura, wherever she was leading her. Applejack had no sense of where she was physically, but she was more concerned about making sure her mentality was where it should be in case any miscommunication caused the music mare's imagination to get the best of herself. In truth, Applejack was being modest. She had a wealth of life experience and story-telling to help Coloratura in her music creating. But Applejack was not confident of how much of her involvement it would really impact the new style of music Coloratura was seeking after.
  11. Applejack leaned back in a pause as the sight and sound of Coloratura galloping her way yelling her name. After the frills of seeing what kind of following the pop star had in a not-so-large community of Ponyville, she was surprised to see her unhindered by cameras or obsessed fans. Either this train stop was more secluded than Applejack had originally thought, or Ra-Ra lost a lot of fans in the toning down of her image. Applejack sat her suitcase down with her mouth. "Hey. Oh it was, fine." Applejack said plainly, the discomfort from being away from home written on her face. "Oh, ok, if you think you can handle it. It's not the lightest of travel cases." Being away from home never bothered Applejack that much. But the knowledge of having a planned extended stay periodically made her stomach turn upside down. Even the negotiated freedom of being able to go home whenever she wanted wasn't enough of a verbal contract to make her feel comfortable about what she was doing. She would feel even more nervous if she felt like she had to unleash the powers of her singing performances passed what she was comfortable of doing. She knew that her alter ego sometimes had a mind of her own, and she wasn't entirely trustful of the flowery colored hats that made her old act so entertaining to the many few who were lucky enough to see it. When asked about the ranch, Applejack nervously responded. "Does it have a bedroom for me? As long as I have a place to lay my head, I'm sure it'll be fine." The two walked through a part-time township, seemingly populated with ponies who mind their own business. It was better than the annoying attention music stars typically got, but to Applejack it was still eerie to see a lack of bonding on the part of the community. Or maybe today was just a holiday. No wonder Coloratura wanted Applejack to come out. It had the lookings of a pony being lonely. "You're by yourself right now?" Applejack asked with the intent to ponder on Coloratura's social well-being. Applejack wasn't sure if it was her nerves or if she was being a sour apple. But at first it seemed that this was going to be a trip with many underpinnings of things that would make Applejack irrationally uncomfortable.
  12. Saturday it was. Silverstream would have to spend a weekend with farm ponies in order to pay for the apples her friends were going to use for snacks during studying this week. Which is ironic, considering Silverstream typically spent her Saturdays doing extra studying on things she was curious about during studying. Time was currency. She smiled gleefully at her professor as she hitched the wagon back to her collar, the challenge of pulling it immediately evident. She struggled to pull it at first, but gained her footing and started to move more easily once she got going. "Alright, see you in class, Professor!" Before she got too far down the road, she unhitched herself from the wagon, and flew back to the front of the line. "Oh, Smolder, you can have your meal voucher back. Turns out they don't accept them anywhere outside the school." She giggled with a futile attempt at covering her mouth with a talon, while her other was handing the ticket with Smolder's identification stamp to the orange dragon. "See ya tonight in the library." Silverstream flew back to her wagon and pulled it the rest of the way back to the school where her friends and she would see the fruits of whatever labor Silverstream had yet to perform.
  13. Day 2 of Cider season has begun!  

    Any new and returning characters are welcome!


  14. Another day, another cider camp-out. The sun was just peaking up over the rolling hills of the orchard when Applejack started to walk out to the cider stand to greet the ponies and creatures reaching for a sip of the sweet apple nectar on day two of the season. But she was noticeably jumpy. Something had gone wrong last night. As Applejack, her family, and the farm aides were helping to process more apple cider, one of the treadmills fell apart, its gears and cogs seemingly worn out. This left only one out of the three treadmills operational, an thus, only left one treadmill's worth of cider to reserve for the next day. Applejack feared how little cider there might be, but to save herself some grief, she decided to not even count how many barrels there were. Instead, she would continue as normal, doing her best to pretend like this would be like any other day. And honestly, it was like any other day, and Applejack would face the challenges just like she would normally, her friends and family to support her by her side. "Alright ya'll! It's day two of cider season. Soup's on!" Applejack winked back at her sister, giving her the ready signal for the next round of insanity. There were just as many who attended today, but they did not seem as happy. She even saw some who had been lucky to get a taste yesterday back in the line today. There would be no way to tell if somepony got to taste already, so as far as Applejack could best they would just continue to serve the next in line, no matter who it was. Oh, a line. Right. That didn't exist on days like today. And much like the day before, the cider counter started becoming crowded by ponies and creatures eager more than ever to get their cup filled by the yellow apple filly. Some were noticeably patient, while others were more urgent to get as close to the front as possible. "Take it easy, just be patient, there will be enough for everyone..." Applejack turned and muttered under her breath, "...eventually." Current fresh cider supply: 100%
  15. She was blinded by a flash of yellow. It pounced on her back just as Silverstream's flight response triggered and her wings unfolded. But before she could remove herself from the ground, Apple Bloom successfully mounted her and stole a kiss on her left cheek. As Apple Bloom rolled off, Silverstream reacted to look her way, which gave Applejack free reign on her right cheek. The attack was quick. Silverstream took four steps back and looked at Applejack who was giving a confident loving wink. The hippogriff was so taken aback that she fell on her rump and was held speechless for a moment. When that moment passed, she smiled wide and blushed, holding her talons to her face. "Oh my gosh, you guys. That was so strange!" She giggled, and then spoke with analysis. "And interesting. Do you kiss everycreature like this?" Silverstream never properly understood the whole point of the kiss for apples. She felt like it was given to her as a requirement, instead of the bonus affection it was intended to be for. "And does this mean I'm allowed to take the apples now? Oh, and when do you need me to come by and help on the farm?"
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