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  1. It was a beautiful day. The birds outside were chirping new songs, the trees in view were shaking their hellos to the refreshing breeze of the first days of Autumn, and the waterfalls of the streams were making their signature ambiance. It was the perfect day for Fluttershy to be indoors. Not exactly against her will, though. Today she was in class teaching her students the next lesson in the Kindness track, a curriculum designed to teach ponies and creatures from all places the meaning of kindness, how to use it, and why it was so important to establish harmony and friendship. And it was thorough. Day one was always about cordial greetings and object lessons about how to treat one another, but in a more advanced class, students would have to prepare several essays and projects showing what they've learned in the department of kindness. Since no one has ever actually graduated from the School of Friendship yet, it was unclear how much about kindness Fluttershy was supposed to teach to her students. But for the sake of striving to bring up students to be the kindest Equestria has ever seen, she would go over everything she knew about the subject and relay it to her students in engaging assignments and lectures. "And so class, that is why we always want to be aware of how others are feeling about..." Fluttershy paused. Along the window side of the classroom, she spotted a unique cerulean griffon who appeared to not be engaged. Now why she could not be absolutely sure, the student's eyes being closed and mouth hung wide open was an indication that they might not be paying close attention to her lesson. She walked over to the student and gave him a soft jostle with her hooves. "Ok, Gallus. What would you do in a situation like the one I described?"
  2. The water around Silverstream went from being an embarrassing warmth to a positive sign of social encouragement. The energy of the arena the two were dancing in was only hindered by themselves and how far they were willing to take it. And as the two young creatures shrugged off the nervousness by ignoring it, they both grew more and more comfortable of the situation, with each, and most importantly, with themselves. The pink seapony couldn't typically keep up with her own emotions, but if she could, she would need a filing cabinet to sort through the appendixes she was establishing with Gallus. She never realize how interesting he was at times. She always like his fake disposition because she could usually tell when he was being genuine, and it made his honest moments so much more satisfying, even when he would pretend it didn't occur seconds later. But this time, when Gallus told Silverstream he doesn't really do dancing, she could not question the integrity of his words because of a lack of faith in her own. "Oh, well, I was taught by my family, I guess. We have lots of dancing competitions in Seaquestria, so it's harder to grow up without some kind of familiarity." Silverstream pointed a short glance at the seaponies dancing around them, all of them dancing in unison as if they had rehearsed this specific waltz the night before. At this point, Silver was well enveloped in Gallus' talons. She had taken to his style of swim dancing, regardless of how out of sync it was with every other fin in the trench. After she fell silent from the brief conversation for a few seconds, she softly lay her head on the base of Gallus' neck, sporting a small smile. She was content, and she felt very happy to be in the presence of a friend who may have been becoming more than just a friend. Instinctively, she felt the urge to mention it to him. And since, Silverstream was never known to hesitate to speak her mind, she tilted her head up at Gallus, continued to smile, and opened her mouth to speak to him sincerely. "Gallus, I-" "Alright, now its time to get back to the grooves and the moves. Put your fins together for some straight up beats!" The jockey changed songs and the mood had completely changed. Seaponies everywhere diced around to re-position for the next episode of the dancing for the night. Silverstream just floated with Gallus, talon and hoofins still locked and frozen. Silverstream giggled slightly, expressing her humor of what just happened, but was also only a little disappointed she wasn't able to finish her moment the way she had thought it would. But that was old news now, she guessed. "I have to go use the little girls room. I'll be right back." She swam out of Gallus' clutches and off to the side behind a nondescript rock.
  3. "Oh. Hehe. Well, I don't usually buy dinner, ah make it! But if you wanna come over for some real good eatins sometime, we would absolutely love to have ya." Applejack couldn't read other jests from ponies too well, but all the same she would respond with her sincere intentions. Applejack would love to have her old fillyfriend visit more often, even if it meant having to tie Apple Bloom to a chair to prevent the young pony from jumping all over Rara with her obsessive questions. Applejack walked back behind the booth. "I reckon you came here to buy some apples, huh?" Applejack listened with a smile to Rara as she spoke about a proposition but then admitted her curiosity about the apple sale for today. The musical mare seemed hung on the term 'self-respecting'. It wasn't clear to Applejack how long Rara's corrupt manager had a hold of her passionate decisions, but it seemed clear to her that she was still adjusting to the self-managing lifestyle and all of the extra worries of maintaining integrity were causing her to pull her own reins in a little to make sure she was properly processing her intentions. "Don't try so hard, Sugarcube, I know you're one of the most self-respectinest ponies ever!" A slight chuckle and Applejack responded to the singer's apple preferences. "Oh well now, that's easy. All of them. Apples are healthy and nutritious and always do a good job cleaning those air pipes next to yer gullet. Provided you don't have apple skins jammed in between your teeth, they should all be good for when you are about to do a show. Now I don't know what you mean by acidic, but I'm guessing you want something less tart. Sometimes apples with a more tart lean can get you all puckered up! So I would suggest a crisp apple, like uh, gala." Applejack reached back and grabbed a bushel of gala apples and threw it on the counter. "Oh, how many bushels did you say?" What's that? Selling apples at a discount and a surprise along with it? Silverstream beamed at the thought. What could the surprise be? "See ya, Councilor Starlight! See you tomorrow, in your office probably." Silverstream waved goodbye without laughing at her joke knowing full well it was probably the truth. Smolder told Silverstream about the farm and how she was doing research for a paper she had to write. "Oh yeah, this place is huge too, isn't it?" Smolder listed off the names of some of the ponies that lived here. She knew, Applejack of course. "Wait, what!? All of the ponies that live here have apples in their names!? That is so awesome, and kind of confusing. Like, what if they tell someone else to put an apple pie in the oven and then end up cooking a pony instead. And what if I ask for my wagon to fill up with red apples and I end up pulling a red-colored earth pony back to the school for snacks?" Silverstream thought briefly at her exaggerated theoretical problem, but she was seriously concerned about possible confusion. Back on Mount Aris, it took several hours for her family to find a young seapony named Craggy Creek all because they kept looking in the streams that delta'd into the ocean from the mountain tops, instead of searching in the Aris Wood where he was lost. She then noticed Grubber, a hedgehog she once saw in the halls at the academy. Seeing him wiz by to talk to the purple pony in front of her invited her to introduce herself. She flew curious to him and hovered over the two. "I saw you at the school during orientation." She hung a single digit of her claw on her beak. "Um, what are you exactly?" But before she could hear his answer, she had just noticed him mention the name of the unicorn he was talking to who seemed to be in a rather grumpy mood. "Wait, you look familiar. Have you had someone paint a picture of you and put it in a book titled 'Equestrian War History: The Storm King'?" Even if Silverstream could confirm her suspicions of this pony being the same one with the same severed horn, she did not retain the chapters of that text book enough to be able to remember who Commander Tempest Shadow, second-in-command of the Storm King, was.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Cast Name: Fluttershy Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Light Blue Coat: Yellow Mane/Tail: Long semi-curly pink mane and tail Physique: Light and dainty Residence: A cottage just outside of Ponyville that is located near the tree line to the Everfree Forest. Occupation: Is head of an animal sanctuary and is a caretaker of all kinds of animals from all places Cutie Mark: Three pink butterflies Unique Traits: Embodies the element of kindness. Uses her ability to show respect to others as a way to gain them as a friend and ally. Can talk to and understand animals. Is a great singer. Excels at care-taking of animals, ponies, and creatures in need. History: Fluttershy grew up in Cloudsdale. She was a slow learner in many subjects and didn't appear to have any special talents or interests. One fateful day, while being defended by Rainbow Dash by way of pegasus race, Fluttershy fell down and was caught by a cloud of butterflies and was introduced to a green wilderness she had never seen before. She immediately fell in love with her surroundings and the beauty of nature. And when a sonic rainboom scared the critters around her, she was able to comfort them using her charm and her voice. It was then she received her cutie mark. When she grew older, she started dedicating her life to protecting animals and providing a place of refuge at her cottage. Some animals, like her best animal friend Angel Bunny, stayed with her and lives in her house. Other animals came and went as they pleased. Over time, Fluttershy noticed the issue of not being able to house as many animals as she felt needed, so she had built an animals sanctuary where the animals had a place where they know they would be safe and if they needed anything. When Fluttershy would go on adventures with her friends, her talent of being able to charm others into agreeability became important in some scenarios where the world needed saving. Especially when dealing with creatures of the unnatural world, Fluttershy would find a way to ease the ferocity of her adversaries by instilling a calmness that no one else could introduce. Today, Fluttershy is mostly maintaining the sanctuary and looking after animals and is in constant determination to create as much harmony among the creatures of Equestria as possible. Character Personality: Fluttershy is extremely introvert and shy. She is hard to become close friends with because of her shyness, but she can learn to trust others against rejection over time. She has learned several lessons of assertiveness that have taught her how to be proactive in her attitude and voice. Fluttershy has a temper that is rarely seen but is generally built on the constant internalization she might incur. Having friends and animals she can relate to allows her to keep this rare temper a well-kept secret. Anything that draws attention to her like her singing or her short-term modeling career will immediately make her uncomfortable and evasive. Also, things meant to scare, even for entertainment purposes, is something she outwardly avoids. Fear and the suspense that fear implies are emotions she does not like to deal with and would therefore prefer to avoid that type of conflict which creates an unfortunate rift between her and her friends who enjoy scares associated with celebration, like Nightmare Night or even a surprise party for her. Character Summary: Fluttershy represents kindness for the current generation of ponies in Equestria. Though she can be overly shy and afraid of confrontation, she is able to counter violent behavior and caustic attitudes with her ability to charm others with kindness and respect. She can talk to animals and has a very understanding relationship with them. She grew up in Cloudsdale where she was born to Mr. and Mrs. Shy, and has a brother named Zephyr Breeze who is most recently employed by the Canterlot guard as an entry level guardpony.
  5. Zap's eyelids grew heavy as he lay on his mother's barrel. The soft sound of her warm voice kept him from completely drifting for the time being. She explained about where the timberwolves would go and how they most likely would be trekking for the rest of the night. Part of Zap felt sorry for them. He was warm in bed while the timberwolves in all their fierceness were still having to deal with the elements of the Everfree and the darkness that it entailed, but he was grateful to be safe. Now that he was assured he would not have to fear the timberwolves climbing through the window to seek revenge, he was left to contemplate the happy moments of the evening despite all the terror. These thoughts of joy lingered as he felt more deeply to the spell of slumber, his breath matching the music of his mother's heartbeat. "It was a nice stick," he softly uttered, as his head started dipping and his legs fell limp. Zap Apple was a simple colt growing up in a simple family on a simple farm, living the simple pony life. Every night he dreams about what he will be when he's older and about places he's been when he experienced happiness. At some point in the near future he will experience sudden nightmares about the terrors of the forest, perhaps a timberwolf looking for a pony snack or a smelly cave full of waters capable of drowning. His memory will never let him live without the reminders of his mortality, especially in a place like the Everfree. But tonight the realm of dreams will spare him, and Princess Luna will be allowed to focus her attention in other ends of the dreamscape for nightmares that haunt the ponies of Equestria. Tonight he will experience the bliss of eating cupcakes and apple fritters in the backyard of a re-imagining of the barn house with all of the family ponies who love him. His wings fully developed to give him effortless flight, he would fly around the farm elated with the euphoria of being apart of the best family in Ponyville. Until morning, he would live his simulation to the fullest, preparing his reality for brilliant challenges and the beauty of life that awaited him. And when he was awake and ready, that life would have to come face to face with little Zap Apple, the most curious pegasus you're ever going to meet.
  6. And speaking of Starlight, here she was as well levitating her own newly purchased apples. Well, at least Silverstream was in the right place. "Councilor Starlight! Hey, yeah. I'm here to pick up some apples for this week's study sessions. Sandbar was tired of always doing it, so I volunteered to do it this week. I hope I'm in the right place, I never asked him where he gets the apples. I just assumed wherever the apple trees are." She saw the amount of apples Starlight was carrying and grew surprised. "Ho! So you can get apples here!" Smolder walked up to Silverstream and asked her about the area. Silverstream hung a talon on her beak. "I'm not actually completely sure. I'm just here to get some apples for the study session this week." Silverstream had not noticed the mentioning of kisses. "Councilor Starlight here just got some and I can see Professor Applejack up there so I assume she can help me. What are you doing here, Smolder?" She asked with a curious smile. Applejack looked at her list of sales so far today. Eighty-four. That's eighty-four individual sales of apples. Eighty-four minimum of one bushel. Eighty-four smooches off the earth pony's lips. Of course not all of them ended up being her responsibility, but it might as well have been eight hundred and four as it felt as much. But they were close to the end of the day and close to the end of their sales requirements. Applejack had to hoof it to her sister, this really was a great idea for a sale. She just hoped that it didn't mean she would be getting love letters in the mail from misled customers in the weeks to come. Having taken inventory of her sales sheet and her chest of bits she waited for her next customer. "Next!" When she looked ahead, she saw who it was but didn't believe it for a few seconds. She stepped out from behind the selling booth and approached her newest patron. "Rara?" She greeted with pleasure. "What're you doing here?" She asked as she went to hug her old fillyfriend.
  7. Silverstream jumped up and hovered to the chair in front of Starlight's desk, and landed onto it gracefully. She started to explain herself slowly, but as she went into detail of her thoughts, her tone and rate of talking began to escalate involuntarily. "So, I'm so glad that I have friends here at the school. They are the best friends I've ever had and I am so thankful to have them. But, I started realizing that there are some students at the school that are no longer here because they either graduated or they found another purpose in their life that took them somewhere else. And that's when I realized, what if after we graduate we all go our separate ways and never see each other again? What if I have to continue friendship studies in Seaquestria without my friends? Is that a bad thing? Is it bad that I would be learning about things without my friends?" Silverstream thought out loud as she continued her rant. Her concern was that of the future, one she was very well aware of having been involved in several life-altering changes in her life. She was born a seapony, taught about how her kind escaped the tyranny of the Storm King but then accepted transformation into hippogriff culture to help reshape Mount Aris society until she was encouraged by her royal family to attend the academy to learn about friendship. Knowing that things can sometimes rapidly change, she was anticipating the next shift, but this was the first time she had regrets about the possibility of change and it was all because of the time she had spent with her friends she met at the academy. "I know that some things change sometimes, but it doesn't feel right that someone would have to lose friendships." She held out her claws and began counting her talons. "Gallus, Smolder, Yona, Sandbar, Ocellus, even the professors, headmare Twilight... ...you." Silverstream put her claws to her face. "I don't want to lose touch with any of them."
  8. Zap was starting to get a little impatient because he could tell that he wasn't doing everything correctly, even though his mother was there to cheer him on. He pensively just did as he was told when she instructed him, but did have the satisfaction of being able to accomplish his own ability, yet. Baby steps. When Rainbow controlled his wings to put them in a stretch, he winced a little and held his breath unnecessarily. He had athletic genes somewhere in him but they hadn't woken up yet, he was still very inexperienced to conditioning his own body for increased mobility, but he was also fairly young, too. He was still far ahead of the curve. "It feels rough," he said in short exhales. He was too young to appreciate joy of flexibility. Perhaps he would value it more when he got older and saw his flexibility wane. After the stretch, she bet on him to fly to a tree as fast as he could. "Yeah!" He angled towards the tree and took off at it. Because one of his wings was primed from stretching, he found it easier to flap it, but his other wing felt average causing him to have to readjust his angle of approach to the tree. In an unfavorable zig-zag, Zap bumblebeed his way to the tree and landed softly at the trunk. He looked back at his mother and smiled. "I did it!"
  9. The dance arena was filled with seaponies dancing like zombies. Whatever music played, they matched the mood without hesitation. If the DJ flipped on a record that gave audible instructions on how to make a kelp omelette, everyfin would pull out a frying pan and start cracking. Silverstream was not foreign to that kind of environment, but being with Gallus made the moment peculiar as she could sense his bewilderment of the Seaquestria way of life. When the music changed, Silverstream had no expectations as to what Gallus would do. Sure, the seaponies around them fenced them in as they started slow-dancing so there wasn't much of an escape route, but if Gallus had chosen to sit this song out, she would not have faulted him for it. Instead, Gallus surprised her by embracing the intimacy despite his claustrophobic tendencies. He grabbed her and floated her close as the swaying became more and more routine. Shocked by his forwardness Silverstream just blushed more, bouncing her eyes from the awkwardness that continued. She wanted to say something Silverstream-ish but she wasn't herself at this moment. It wasn't very often she held herself back from displaying an outward reaction of interest, but for some reason it was heavier than she had anticipated and she couldn't find the words. She could only look around at the other seaponies who were enjoying their own intimate moments and wondering if anyfin was focusing on her and the seagriffon she was with. But before she could see her own reflection in someone else's eyes, her dancing partner attempted to shrug off the heat by commenting on how embarrassing the song and dance was, what most griffons would probably say at a moment like this. She finally looked up at him, her smile returning to normalcy and blush fading, and responded with her typical exclamations. "I know, right!? But you're actually really good at this. Have you been practicing?" She started swaying more to the music as if inviting more of those emotions that could only be conquered if expressed as feckless. Her hoofins repositioned so that she had as much of a hold of his claws as he had on her fins, and she was no longer concerned with who was watching.
  10. Zap followed his mother in tandem up the stairs. His hooves double-timed along side Applejack's longer stride which was slowed so that he could keep pace. He hopped up the stairs and walked into the bedroom. He climbed onto the bed first while his mother grabbed the nightly reading material. Zap by this point had already heard most of the stories from these books several times each, sometimes in the context of different ponies and voices. But the context changed even more as he grew older and his mentality caught up with some of the complexities the stories unfolded. The wolf and the donkey was a story he had heard probably a dozen times. However, hearing this story now with the context of his very recent timberwolf experience shed more light on the reality of such a possible parable. With the wolves stronger appearance in Zap's imagination, his eyes sparkled wide as his mother told the story of a wolf in desperation. The sounds she made were entertaining, but more captivating as Zap lay silent to the subtle changes in the story. He knew the donkey got away, and he knew how it ended, but he was never sure about what happened to the wolf. The story verbatim never addressed what happened to the wolf. And so, Zap's imagination, listening skills, and wonderment combined to ask a very curious question that began pinging to his brain. She finished the story, he paused for a moment, and then spoke up. "Mommy? What is going to happen to the timberwolves now?" He was not pitying their existence, but having had such a close ordeal with them, he wondered if the would grow to resent the ponies or if he would meet them again, soon.
  11. The few tears that escaped Zap's eyes left a dark trail of wet pelt on his face. But the moment he admitted his guilt, his mother reached in as close as possible to undo that concern, assuring him it was not his fault. His convulsing continued despite his mother's warm embrace, as it took a few moments for him to calm down from his elevated emotional state. Though his shivering and his sobbing would continue for a few seconds more, his mother vocalizing dismissing him from fault gave him a relief he wasn't sure he would feel at all. It rushed through his heart and started the healing process of getting himself back to composure. Winona hopped on the couch and served as another layer of family comfort. At first Zap wasn't feeling it from her, he didn't want the pity from a dog, even if she was part of the nuclear family. But after a few barks, Zap could not help but smile at her presence and the added encouragement coming from his mother that everything was going to be alright. Zap's sniffed slowed down and he was able to answer he most recent question with some dignity. He wanted to say the more adult thing and decline needing to sleep in the same bed as his mother, but he had a long way ahead of him and he could not help but respond as the foal he was. "Yes." He starred up at his mother and smiled, his face still wet from his episode.
  12. While Zap's smile was currently hidden, his mother had a smirk as if she knew exactly how he felt. Tough love was in abundance between the two parents who represent the Wonderbolts and run a farm that feeds thousands of ponies. But what separated the two was Rainbow Dash was much more eager to teach him strength and tenacity before tending to his condition, whereas Applejack was quicker to protect and be nurturing at the expense of the opportunities to illustrate humility. They both taught him valuable lessons, just in different ways. Zap wasn't even done shaking the grassing off his wings before his pegasus mother positioned herself to show him how it's done. She was angling her body and her wings to show how he should use his muscles to move, but it wasn't easily obvious to Zap, he just hadn't gotten that muscle memory down just yet. So with stray blades of grass flying out of his wings as he started to flutter on the ground, he tried to angle his body so that the wings were moving the in apparent direction they should go, but he was using his legs to angle his body.
  13. After Applejack placed her son on the couch, all he could do was sit there and look downwards, not able to crack the smallest of smiles. His mother asked him if he was alright. He wasn't, although he could account for his physical health and even his emotional damage minus a possible nightmare in the future, he could not in any sense have confidence that he was not feeling at all guilty over the night's dramatic events. The pause that she made after her question caused a silence that elevated the focus on Zap's inability to cope with his own feelings, and he started to cry. Only a few tears in, he began sniffling and he very quickly began hyperventilating. The randomness of Zap's breathing made it hard for him to say what was on his mind, even though he would rather not say anything at all. But as Mom has always taught him, being honest and telling others how you feel is very important. So in between his random inhales, he uttered his grievance. "It was, it was... all m-, my... fault..."
  14. Gallus' claw didn't look that bad, he approved of hitting the dance floor, and Silverstream started to bubble her excitement. Swimming always did a good job of burning several calories but nothing was more energetic than seadancing, especially when the entire city was participating in attendance. The music had filled the trench with waves of all different kinds of sounds. Artificial and natural lighting sparkled a spectrum of colors across the crowds of seaponies. Silverstream swam a hyperactive zigzag towards the center of the dancing area and turned around to see Gallus follow. Immediately, she start moving her fins and her body in flowing motions not clearly tied to the rhythm of the music, which for the time being was very methodical and electronic. It seemed that magic was involved in the process of playing the music, but it wasn't obvious as to how. Silverstream made aware of Gallus' proximity and started her movements closer to him. She didn't really care about his style or quality of dancing, she just wanted to see what kind of energy he was able to display. Seapony's generally didn't have many insecurities and so, besides a few elderly seaponies, everyfin was squirming to the music. Some of them were talented, most of them were not. *record skip* And then suddenly the music changed. "Alright, this one is for all you lovers out there." The song that started playing was a slow dance song. Seaponies everywhere started coupling together, their fins locked to each other's as the song started its swaying encourages. Silverstream hesitated. She knew Gallus was far out of his element, and she wasn't sure how natural he would approach this situation. In fact, if she would take Professor Applejack's lessons to heart, she was also feeling a little challenged by the action, so much so that she blushed slightly. "Oh. Um." Silverstream didn't know how to respond or provoke a response from Gallus so she just offered her hoofins up. As the song continued, the lights fell more moody, with only dark blue and purple hues covering the floor.
  15. Zap's fluttering sped up at the new command of moving side to side. All he had to do was a strafe. This was something he was not good at, knowing how to finesse his sideways movement seemed counter-intuitive to his understanding of the main purpose of flying which was to travel faster in the air going forward. With a trying smile, he attempted to shift his torso so that his left wing was higher than his right. Slowly, he started accelerating sideways to the right. At first barely, then noticeably, and then swiftly, he was flying strafe to his right side, able to hold a steady altitude for the time being. But he went too far. Unable to slow his lateral movement, he tried to angle his right wings up but was having trouble shifting his weight back. He could not get his back muscles to shift the way they should. And the distraction of focusing on weight shifting, he stopped maintaining his flutter rate and thus lost altitude. Seconds later, he felt the inevitable and gave in to the fall. Attempting to brace for impact, his legs made a sideways contact with the ground, and he was force into a roll. His body rolled twice before coming to a rest. He was unhurt, but he was embarrassed that he failed. He stood up and dusted off the dirt and grass on his wing to try again.
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