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  1. A tummy-ache was inevitable should his rate of consuming the tasty victuals on his plate that Gran-Gran stewed to Apple family perfection. Fortunately, his mouth was a mess and his mother interrupted his needless race to finish the food by cleaning his face off when the sauces drifted too far east or west from his lips. He would occasionally grunt to act out his displeasure of what he deemed was a waste of time. Typically, a foal like Zap would be slow to eat because the urgency to finish eating was not there or because the activities following a meal might include cleaning or foal-appropriate farm work, things he rarely looked forward to. But when he knew that the nightly playtime was to follow the meal, he would compete with the clock in order to maximize his time to play before bed. And luckily for him, he was kin to one of the few families in Equestria that didn't mind their matters at the dinner table as much as they probably should. Zap nodded in agreement when his mother shared the short story of their adventure in the forest. "Hmm hmm." He yupped, before taking another sloppy bite of kale. Next to Zap Apple's plate sat the stick he brought to the table. It shook for a split second, creating a jostle as if somepony had shaken the table from underneath. Zap closed his mouth from taking another bite and looked at the stick with a perplexed look on his face. Did the stick move? Zap wasn't sure about the nature about cool sticks that glow green from the forest, so he just assumed that this was a normal jumping green-glowing stick. The thought of another discovery made him smile again. "Heh, funny stick." He then returned to eating and finished the last bit of salad. He planned on skipping the dessert since he knew it was optional, but he knew he would never get to leave the table if he still had something on his plate. "Yesh, I'm full!" He said enthusiastically with his mouth packed with his last bite. With permission from his mother, Zap Apple grabbed the stick in his mouth, and climbed down the high chair to start running for the play room. When his mother asked him if he had put his toys away last time he played with them. He stopped and put the stick down temporarily to respond before picking it back up and scurrying to have fun. "Um, yes." He hadn't.
  2. It was a sunny day in Ponyville. Only a few clouds left over from the morning weather pony could be seen, not so much as in imperfection but possibly an intentional flaw to give Ponyville that quaint charm it was so good at showing. It was the normal midday hustle and bustle in the marketplace and from a distance the occasional shopkeeper's bells could be heard ringing their invitation for customers to browse wares and goods of all kinds. But on the outskirts of Ponyville where the grass grew longer and the hills began to roll, it was much more peaceful. So peaceful, that the flapping of a pair of butterfly wings against the soft breeze created the ambiance for what would otherwise have been considered an ideal place of meditation. A pony seeking relaxation could trot themselves to this spot and be able to sort out their thoughts and their dreams with comfort of interference. But of course, that was not the plan for today. Instead this grassy hoofhill would be introduced to a pair of wings with a very young mind controlling them. An orange pegasus pony flying only a couple pony heights off the ground was fluttering inconsistently towards the crest of the hill. The colt was not flying very fast, but the excited sounds from his mouth made the noise of what it might sound like had he been flying at breakneck speeds. The foal slowed to a hover and after a few seconds of wobbling himself down to an even-hoofed landing, he struck the ground with the force of a small jumping fall. After a short wince, he looked back from where he came and yelled excitedly to his mother who was following close behind. "Did you see? I was flying fast! Faster than you!" Zap Apple had spent ample time with his mother Applejack on the apple farm, where he learned all about the apple trade and the farmer pony family values. He learned how to toughen his skin and how to deal with animals. The small amount of time he spent in the Everfree was experienced alongside Applejack who was always there to protect him, but to also remind him of the dangers that lurked where few ponies canter. And Zap had spent time with his other mother Rainbow Dash, but he had only just started to really learn how to fly. A couple weeks ago, he was able to take to the sky without any help from his mother for about five seconds. It was a big win in his eyes and made him feel motivated to fly higher and longer. But so far, his flight was still limited to the strength of his wings, which was only showing the beginning signs of being able to deal with more enduring flight challenges. Zap Apple had dreams of being able to fly above the clouds and do stunts and tricks like his mother Rainbow Dash did for the Wonderbolts. And he was so sure of himself that he would join her in wearing that blue suit even though he had no concept of what that meant. This grassy hill had become a usual spot for Rainbow Dash to show Zap the beginnings of pegasus mobility, and since they arrived for today, Zap was eager to get started with what he wanted to do, as if it was up to him. "We're here, now you can show me how to do tricks. I wanna do a big trick!" He fluttered in place, his wings buzzing violently, before his wings gave up and he landed back on his hooves.
  3. Anyone want to RP as Terramar, Silverstream's brother? 34331ec40da07be9b334816478f41294.png

  4. It had been a long break. It was very refreshing to get some free time to do things a creature wanted to do, instead of things they had to do. Although the full swing of classes at Friendship Academy created a work ethic that few could really understand unless they were directly involved in the lessons learned inside the campus, it was still nice to see that hard work pay off in an individual's home where their family and communities could see the influence the academy had on them. Only a week into the first semester and Silverstream had already started to stress about the homework and school projects she was tasked with. Of course, it got a little more bearable once the EEA regulations were no longer enforced. And so even though the school had not been in session, Silverstream was constantly assigning herself projects that aroused her curiosity, and it filled the hole of not having to attend class every day. But now it was time for another semester of friendship classes and Silverstream had to prepare for another year of planned discovery and learning, and with it new challenges she may not have expected. But there were a few things she had been wondering about while school was out. She had spent so much time with her best friends she met last year, and now she was thinking about where these friendships would go. In fact, some of her new relationships built at the school were so important to her, that she couldn't fathom what would occur if the friendship was lost. But there was still a large amount of unknowns Silverstream was faced with, and so she decided to pay a visit to Councilor Starlight Glimmer to seek guidance in these matters. Starlight's door was already open when she glided to it, so she walked in. The pink hippogriff was not sporting her usual pencil and notepad she often had when asking questions to Starlight. "Councilor Starlight. Are you available? I had some questions about friendships."
  5. Silverstream's saucer eyes sparkled as Gallus put on the necklace and verbally appreciated it. She was so happy to see him accept it, and without the signature sarcasm he was well known for. "You like it!?" Silverstream interrupted him. "Oh good, because I wasn't sure if the colors would go well with your underside color by your..." She rambled while Gallus felt humbled by his inability to make one from scratch himself, admitting he had no affinity for this kind of craft. "Oh! Well it's easy." She hooked his claw and swam him over to one of the collections of shells, this one being a large treasure chest full of rejected scallop shells, some of them pretty, but many of them bland and white. "You take a shell you like, and then take some string, and you can either use holes in the shell itself to string it through, or you can make a hole yourself using the crab over there." Next to the chest sitting on the ocean floor was a snow crab with an indifferent disposition, his entire occupation seemingly being to punch holes in shells for shell-stringing. The crab acknowledged to the two with a wave as Silverstream pointed towards it. "And then you're done!" When Silverstream's example necklace was back in focus, it was already completed with about fourteen shells, all of which had pale colors. "Now you try." Silverstream turned around to not see what Gallus was doing. Being as hyperactive as she can be and this being the first day of the Three Days of Freedom Celebration, she took notice of all the other festivities going on throughout the trench. The dance floor next to the sound stage was beginning to fill up with several seaponies moving to the beats and melodies that the water vibrated with. Some seaponies were swimming their moves near the sandy floor, while others found it easier to express themselves by swimming up above the sound stage to dance with six ranges of movement. All ages of seaponies were dancing, from the elderly seaponies who lived most of their live as hippogriffs, to young seasquirts who don't even know how good salmon juice tastes yet. It was all inspirational, seeing the majority of Seaquestria celebrate to music and dancing, and quite frankly it was making Silverstream a little anxious. She wanted to turn around to see if Gallus was done yet, but she didn't want to impose on him. "How's the necklace looking? Are you having any trouble?" She was put into a difficult position. She didn't want to squash Gallus' effort at trying to make a necklace, but she also didn't want him to spend so much time making it that they lost time to do other things.
  6. The seapony backed off, and threw his hooffins up again. "Whoa, whoa! Come on, I'm tryin' ta help you here. Oh you don't believe me, huh? Well okay." The seapony pulled out a shell that was rainbow colored, and had the luster similar to a diamond. "My daughter picked this out and gave it to me today. There are about five hundred more just like it. You know what, I don't even care, you don't need to pay me, I was just wondering if I could make some profit off of the stuff I need to get rid of anyway. Apparently seagriffons are just as wisecracking as they are greedy. My property is right by the sunken log underneath the broken archway down-current from here. You'll see a stash inside the log, but you can find more underneath it." The seapony was a little irritated at Gallus for assuming his deal was a con. But in a way he could understand the mix-up. But what made him chuckle a little was the clawed fish's threat from a seapony of royalty, as if he didn't know who she was. Of course he knew Silverstream. Everypony knows who Silverstream is. In fact, this is Seaquestria. Everypony knows everypony. "Hey, next time someone tries to do something nice for ya, be a little careful before you just assume they're out to get ya." The blue seapony started swimming away, but ran into Silverstream who was swimming towards Gallus with a present. "Oh, hiya Silverstream. Welcome home!" Silverstream having bumped into the seapony responded with immediate kindness. "Oh hi, Briny Depths! Thanks!" She approached Gallus and then immediately shied down. "I made this necklace for you." Silverstream held up the necklace she made for Gallus. It was made with all different sizes of shells alternating blue and yellow colors. Most of the shells had a glisten to them that could probably be seen from afar under the right light. "I hope you like it." Silverstream spoke very calmly, which was uncharacteristic of her, almost as if the shell-stringing mode brought her tempo down to that of one that was more reflective and thoughtful. She still made the necklace fast though, this was her 9th straight year of doing it, after all.
  7. Zap giggled as the towel rub tickled his pelt all over as he was being rolled into dry by his mother. He felt like an apple being polished. Once the towel was done wicking his pelt dry, Zap was free to trot around the kitchen with his frizzy mane and tail. "Yeah I told Big Uncle about the stick. It's a cool stick, ain't it Uncle?" As Big Macintosh responded in his typical fashion, Zap was noticing the commotion around the dinner table. Mother asked him to take his seat, so he would try. A high-chair was his spot at the table ever since he could remember sitting in it the first time. He was able to climb into it after a few tries. Of course, he was far better at escaping the chair and using the steps to get down; The climbing up part was learned later. Carrying the stick in his mouth again, he pulled his little body up the chair from behind it, and jumped over the back of the chair to plop his rump into the seat so that he could face the table. Once up on the table, he spit out the stick and placed it next to his place mat. Zap was starting to grow attached to the branch despite it not coming from the family tree. It could be a phase, it wasn't the first time Zap had drawn this much attention to something so odd. To Zap, the stick represented his discovery of things outside the home. Never before had he ever brought something from another place to call his own. It was a lesson of possession and a stimulant of exploration. In the near future, he would undoubtedly search for other inanimate objects to bring into the home, with or without the older ponies' knowing. "You sit here, stick." He suggested to himself. He then relaxed and sighed, and on a second inhale, took in all the sweet and savory aromas that filled the room. "Mmmmm. Food smells good! I want carrots!" A plate was placed in front of him that featured all of the dishes in smaller portions. With little hesitation, he reach over with his head and nabbed a couple carrots off his plates and began chewing them fast. They were soft and delicious, having been simmered for at least ten minutes. Using his hooves, he grabbed his sippy cup and drank a few swigs of apple juice from it. When his mouth released he exhaled refreshment, and then moments later, burped.
  8. The stranger seapony could see this young seagriffon give him a suspicious talkdown, so in response, he decided to let up a little, while still reaching into his ego. He threw his hooffins up. "Hehe, okay, I get it, she's not your special somepony." He motioned quotations with his hoofines. "And 'we're' not going anywhere. The shells are located at a certain location only I know that is only a short swim from here. The area is private property. My property! So the shells you see here came from just about everywhere but there." The seapony scratched his neck with his hoofin. "And uh, I'd be willing to part with the information of this location." He held out his hooffin. "Five sand dollars."
  9. Zap Apple reached the saddlebag. His slippery pelt dampened the bag as he slightly struggled to open the buckle. Once the bag was opened, he reached in with his whole face for a second and then pulled out the stick with his mouth. His baby teeth grinned as he held the stick, it filled him with a mysterious amount of joy. The kitchen floor, which was made out of wooden panels, started shifting and creaking at the pace of the apple mother's canter. Zap looked up to see a large towel, darkened by its own shadow, with his mother bordering on top of it with a grin on her face. She was moving in close and slow, and even though Zap could escape and run around for another fifteen minutes, he was satisfied now that he had his stick. He was prepared to embrace whatever his mother must do to him, for he had already won. He giggled before his mother grabbed him and stood still. He spat out the stick and held it in his hoof and held it up in triumph. "Stick!"
  10. He slipped his hooves down the stairs carefully. Not being chased down the stairs allowed him to traverse the descent one step at a time. Once he was officially on the ground floor, he took off running again, at first in no particular direction but then he started looking for the saddlebag. He slid into the living room where he'd thought might have seen it, but it wasn't there. Then he went to the broom closet to see if it was placed where he could reach it. But nothing of value was there. Finally he went to the kitchen. This was enemy territory, and he would have to be careful not to be grabbed by Big Uncle or Gran-Gran. He wasn't sure where Mom went. He darted underneath the table that was being set. Looking around the floor of the kitchen he could not see a bag until he looked by the door to outside. And there it was, the saddlebag just as he had remembered it with the prized stick inside. He started running towards it and as soon as he was out from under the table, he could see his mother flanking him on the right.
  11. Silverstream's joy traveled from her mouth to her eyes as she looked at Gallus. When he asked her about shell-stringing, she was elated that Gallus appeared to be just as excited as she was. And he probably didn't even know why shell-stringing was so amazing! Anycreature who knew Silverstream for longer than two seconds knew that she took great joy in the little things about reality. Seeing a new creature she's never seen? Awesome. Spotting a small set of stairs outside a palace? Awesome. Being tested by a magical tree in order to prove herself as a creature who could exhibit friendship qualities? Especially awesome, although most others would agree that that is indeed awesome. And since this pink seapony's seagriffon friend became authentically interested in whatever the shell-stringing was about, Silverstream would not let this moment pass with the full breakdown. "Yes! Come on, I'll show you!" As the two approached the shell-stringing area, music started playing in the trench. Some seaponies were dancing, some were socializing, and some were playing games. Nearby a large clam sat a collection of small shells and underwater trinkets. "These shells are collected by the communities of Seaquestria. Some creatures from land consider this junk but we use them as a symbol of all sea creatures' ability to live together in harmony." Silverstream started digging in the pile of shells looking for interesting colors and shapes. "We find shells and string them together to make a necklace, and then you give the necklace you made to a friend. We've had this tradition ever since the Storm King's defeat." Silverstream swam slightly to the left to another large collection of shells. "And you know what the best part is? Professor Pinkie Pie invented it! My cousin Skystar was the first one to get a shell necklace when Pinkie Pie made one for her. And so now every year seaponies will have shell-stringing supplies available so that everypony can make a necklace for their best friend." Silverstream was noticing several pieces in the pile that looked very appealing and had a luster that was eye-catching. But she looked at Gallus with short regret. "Uh, this process does require that the necklace is made before the friend can see it." She used her body to block Gallus' vision while she searched for more shells. From the other side of Gallus, spoke another seapony. This seapony was dark blue and was well-aged. He chuckled. "I suppose you want to make her the best, most beautiful necklace she has ever seen now, huh?" The seapony spoke with intimidating tones, but his body language was playful. "Listen. You don't wanna use these shells. Most of the good shells have already been taken. And you don't want just any shells to represent your 'friendship' do ya? I know a place where you can find the brightest, most sparkling shells you would ever see, the kind that only a special somepony deserves."
  12. His mother got out of the tub to fetch a towel and left him to find his stick that he lost in the process of cleaning himself. The trance of the song she sung caused him to lose all focus of his twenty-second sculpture. He was dejected, not necessarily because he was so attached to the bubble stick, but because by looking at the dying bubble hills in the tub, it was obvious to even him that any resurrection of a weightless formation of bubbles was about as futile as trying to turn a snowpony made outside in the winter into a new roommate. The Apple family bought four new mops from the mop store that snowy day. Zap threw his hooves into the water as a gesture of forfeit and began being reminded of the inspiration of the whole bubble-shaping session he had. That's right there was a real stick downstairs somewhere. And all Zap had to do was find it. He looked across the washroom where his mother was still patting herself dry with a towel. He had to act fast. She wasn't looking directly at him, but there would be only a small sliver of time where she would eventually turn back to him. Quickly, Zap started climbing out of the tub. It was a bit of an obstacle, but after a few short seconds he squeakily slid down the outside of the tub and set hoof on the bathroom floor. Once down, he made a run for it. Knowing full well she would attempt to grab him to stop him, he scurried past her towards the door as fast as his wet hooves could clop. And maybe the bathwater suds still lubricating his pelt would make him extra slippery to grab if anyone could get a hoof on him. Just then, Auntie called for supper and mother suggested sharing the stick with the family. But he just tried to make as many hoofsteps as possible before she knew where he was.
  13. Zap Apple was slightly dejected that his item was only so important. He knew bath time had at least five percent responsibility, so he went along with his cleaning duties in hopes that he might get to the ninety-five percent that sold the deal in the first place. His mother started singing, and with every verse, Zappy would follow the hypnotizing instructions after a few seconds of delay. They washed together all four limbs, and then everything involving the face. "Yeehaw!" Zap responded when his mother asked him. However, despite being a rowdy colt who not to long ago was willing to run around the farmhouse to escape a bath, he was starting to feel a little tired, with all the singing about cleaning and yeehawing. When they finished, Zap looked around and realized he had misplaced his valuable bubble sculpture he fell in love with. "Where is it? Where is the stick I made?"
  14. Knowing his awareness of potential fun would put an end to his resistance, he held his eyes closed tight from the moment the bathroom door was opened. Convinced he had more important things to do like finding the stick, finding out what other vegetables are being cooked for supper, and that other thing he hadn't thought of yet but would be inevitably distracted with a few minutes into investigating the smells in the kitchen, he was determined to fight as long as he possibly could so that he would not be lured into taking a frustrating wet bath with or without the bubbles. No, he had to struggle. He continued to try to wiggle his way out of the clutches of his strong mother. He almost considered biting her, but he wasn't sure how far to take it, yet. It was pretty serious, though. If there was any way he was going into the tub its because it was his idea. When the warm friendly water was poured over his head, he decided it was his idea. Zap quit crying, and like one of Twilight Sparkle's advanced magic-powered laboratory computers, his mind hit a reset button and it slowly but surely was reprogrammed for a different execution in a young colt's mind. His heavy breathing and elevated pulse had not even subsided yet by the time his first giggle was let out. What was before a struggle to escape was now a struggle to explore the bathtub and climb the many uncharted mountains of bubbles that peaked over his head around him. His mother let him go though, and he quickly dove into a large pile of bubbles, making a violent splash in the process. Seconds later, when he reappeared out from underneath the bubbly abyss, he held in his hooves bubbles in a long unrecognizable shape. "Look what I made!"
  15. Zap thought he was invisible. He knew his mother could find him easily enough, but the thrill of hiding from Mom was one of the four most euphoric experiences he had so far experienced in his young colthood. As soon as he heard the signature hoofsteps of her presence, he tried to remain perfectly still and held his breath. She jumped on him, and it scared him playfully. He squealed. His mother's lips smooching his belly gave him the irresistible sensation of joy and laughter. But after a few giggles, he would remember his motive and try to maintain his stubbornness. "Hehe Hahe, hu, no! I don't wanna!" He screamed as his mother picked him up and tucked him onto her chest firmly. "I don't wanna growl! I don't want a tibberwolf bath!" He continued to scream and as they trotted up the steps, he began to grow very impatient with being restricted of his freedom and started to change a darker orange. Tears of emotional resistence streaked his cheeks. "Nooooo!" He shrieked.
  16. Seaquestria was a big place, but within the underwater metropolis were several divisions, similar to that of the suburbs of Manehatten, that served as different districts of interest. And the trench near the city was home to most festivals as it had ample space for temporary stages and a dark enough atmosphere to create any kind of mood. And today's mood was arguably the most celebrated of all the seaponies in the ocean. It was the first day of the Three Days of Freedom Celebration™ and all the festivities were to be had underwater for those that chose to attend. Not all hippogriffs that chose to live on Mount Aris would attend the first day in Seaquestria, but many would. And not all of the seaponies would transform on the second day where the party would continue on the restored streets of Hippogriffia atop Mount Aris, but many would. But on day three, all of the seaponies and hippogriffs celebrate along the shore of the island, allowing for community to blossom among all seaponies and hippogriffs alike. Not all creatures from this place would say that celebrating their freedom from the wrath of the evil Storm King was their favorite thing to do all year, but many would. As Silverstream pulled Gallus into the trench, what seemed like a dark endless abyss turned into a well-lit bustling gathering that featured a sound stage, several tables full of food, a social area where shell-stringing supplies were held, and lots of extra space for dancing and mingling. As soon as Silverstream came into the light of most of the attendees, several took notice of her and waved. No one was immediately startled at Gallus this time, it seemed. Although a young seapony swam up close to them and his eyes grew wide with astonishment. "He's so big!" The water around Silverstream and Gallus seemed to displace. When Silverstream looked behind her, she saw one of the friendly baleen whales swim towards and over them. There were lots of colorful alien-like creatures one could see on different ends of the activity areas, but needless to say, this guy was easily the largest. As he swam by, he greet everyone in the trench with a high pitched hum, singing his entrance to all that could hear and feel it. In mass response, all of the seaponies, including Silverstream held a matching pitched tone in her voice, attempting to sing back to the whale. After a four second note, she smiled and looked at Gallus. "Isn't this amazing!" She gently shook in place, again.
  17. He was set down in the living room and was given a small apple to tie his appetite down for the next while before supper was ready. After she went to prepare a bath, Uncle Big Mac walked into the room. He never talked much, but he was always a good listener. "Uncle Big, me and mommy went to the forest and we smelled, we smell like, tibber wolves." A slight confusion entered his mind before returning to his expressive storytelling. "We got mushrooms, and there was water, and we saw trees and plants, and we swam in the water. Oh!" Zap jumped up from his sitting position, getting excited about an important detail. "Mommy swam in the water, I held my breath under water for like, nine minutes. Ten minutes." Big Mac was giving him all the attention he typically would, and along with it, a typical reply with a nod and an occasional yes or no answer to any questions he would have. "And I got a new toy. It's a green stick." Zap's smile fell down into a partial frown as he could not see where the saddlebag was placed. "Where is it? It was so awesome and cool." Zap started walking around a little looking for the bag while using adjectives his rainbow mother had taught him to describe is new favorite thing. "It is a rad stick. You gotta see it. It's about this long and it gl-." Before Zap could go on explaining his fascination with something he found in the forest, he heard his mother calling to him to come to the bathroom for a bath. It was at this moment that Zap realized something about his current interest. He wanted to find his stick, and he wanted to eat supper, but he did not necessarily want a bath. Knowing he would get some resistance, he scurried behind a couch and said, "No, I don't wanna."
  18. Silverstream gave in to looking for the kit. One of her many cousins probably borrowed it, maybe even took it earlier today to get a jump on the festivities. She re-approached her mother and Gallus to witness the horror of what was outstandingly predictable. Silverstream swooped in between Gallus and her mother and took the photo album away from observing eyes. She had only hoped that Gallus hadn't seen page 14 of her section yet. "Nope! No more of that, we don't have time! Mom, we gotta get down to the trench to join the party. It's probably half over by now!" Silverstream sounded very genuine of the urgency to cut with the pleasantries and get down to serious party business. But Ocean Flow was not a foolish parent, she knew Silverstream was embarrassed and that her honest desire to go to the celebration was being coupled with the common goal of escaping this situation. But she would not have it, not yet. Instead of catering her words to her daughter, someone she has addressed for many years, she decided to instill attention to Gallus. "Silverstream, don't be rude to our guest, Gallus and I were having a lovely conversation. But about the copies of the photos of Silverstream's life as a fingerling, I don't think that'll be necessary." Silverstream let out a sigh of relief. "I've already sent a full album copy to Princess Twilight Sparkle." "What!?" Silverstream could not believe it. To be fair, if Silverstream's baby photos had been revealed back at school, she would be embarrassed but would also enjoy the moment of being such a silly hippogriff with an interesting lifestyle not too many others could tout. But because her own mother decided to donate her embarrassment herself made it seem a lot less appropriate. All of this emotion riding alongside the anxiousness of trying to leave so they could go to the party. "I- I can't deal with this now." Silverstream tried to save face and smiled menacingly. "This is all very amusing, but if we don't get down to the party in time for the shell stringing I'm going to lose a pebble!" Ocean Flow looked at her daughter with a bit of disappointment. Silverstream was never a hot head, so this was definitely a desperate moment for her and Ocean Flow could only guess, probably very accurately, as to why. So instead of giving her the scolding she probably deserved, she refrained from making a scene. "Okay, Silver, but you better keep that attitude in check. It's not very becoming of you." Silverstream grabbed Gallus by his claw and pulled him out of the condo, swimming both of them towards a crevice in the bottom of Seaquestria proper. As they left, Ocean Flow winked back at both of them. "I'm sorry about my mother, she can sometimes be very, friendly."
  19. A bubble bath was always a much better version of a regular bath. It was a very exciting upgrade. Zap wouldn't even consider how this was even possible, considering last bubble bath he had the bright idea of seeing what would happen should he submerge the entire opened bottle of bubble solution into the tub without Mother noticing. Well, noticing at first anyway. And the locomotive implication aroused his imagination, reminding Zap of a small but growing interest in the large engines that ran on tracks. Ever since he was taken to the train depot to see his mother return from a royal meeting in Canterlot, he has been fascinated with the over-sized pony mover. Maybe one day he would get to ride it. Mother's recognition of Apple Bloom's poisonous venture was all too filled with lessons of what not to do. But Zap saw it many other ways. Like for instance, finding ways to get mommy to pay more attention to you, and why there is food that is dangerous to eat in the first place, and of course the classic mystery of the existence of the thought process where one desires to do things they are told not to do. Zap would have to investigate more research into these subjects for several years to come. To start off, Zap had been reminded of the stick he had spotted in the woods by his mother's warning of not eating certain things you find. He bent to the saddle bag next to him and pulled out the enigmatic piece of branch. It softly glowed that green color it did before. So obscure, but normal possibly. What does Zap know? So he did what any self-respecting pony toddler his age would do in this moment of perplexing questioning. He put the radiating stick in his mouth. Not biting too hard, he tried to see if there was any tangible way of consuming such a rigid yet somehow organic cane. But it didn't taste good, and Zap pulled it out of his mouth the moment his taste buds overwhelmed his lack of comfort. And as he pulled it out, saliva dripping from one end of the stick, it started to pulse green more rapidly, as if it was trying to defend itself. Mother was right about most things, and Zap realized that the strange glowing green stick thing was not to be eaten, and so he put it back into the saddlebag. Maybe he would use it as a toy later. Applejack was so proud of her son, vocalizing it to esteem him. Words of affirmation always made the little pegasus happy. But as she talked about not being scared, the foalish honesty he could not avoid kicked him to respond. "I was a little scared," He said confessingly. "Those growls were very loud." As they approached the center of the orchard, Zap could smell the food coming from the ovens. It smelled like sweet potatoes and cabbage. He wonder if there was any room for carrots. He liked carrots. And apples. He loved apples.
  20. Gallus had fallen into a serious trap. It would probably be bad enough had it just been a normal meeting of someone's parents. Everycreature deals with that eventually. But Gallus had run into Ocean Flow, sister of the Queen of Seaquestria. If royalty alone wasn't intimidating enough, it was the forwardness of the royal family in Seaquestria that would do him in. Ocean Flow was much more modest and matured than her daughter for sure, but she was much more eccentric in other ways. She ignored his smooth talk and got right down to motherly business. "Oh yes, she likes you very much. Last time she visited home she wouldn't stop talking about how cute it is to ruffle your feathers." She swam close to him and touched him by the large fin. "Most of the feathers are transformed out, but I can see what she means." Ocean Flow smirked playfully. "Would you like a kelp fritter? They're fresh out of the hydrothermal vents." Silverstream came back to see Gallus talking to her mother. "Oh. Mom, you're here!" She darted at her and hugged her. Her mom embracing whispered loudly, "He's a lot cuter than the last one." Silverstream pushed away slightly. "Mom!?" She rolled her eyes and laughed nervously. "What are you talking about? Haha. I was just stopping by to say that I'm here. But we need to get going to the celebration before we miss it all." Silverstream looked away and starting going through some of the drawers in a nearby dresser. "I need to see if I still have that shells stringing kit somewhere." While Silverstream was frantically looking for a party supply, Ocean Flow pulled out a photo album and quickly opened it up to show Gallus pictures, not even asking if he was interested in seeing them. "Oh, look at Silverstream, here. She was only a few months old. And this one is where she and her cousin first experienced transformation into a hippogriff. And this was Silverstream's drawing on her first day of school. Isn't her little fluke so cute?"
  21. As his mother scooped up his tired legs back onto her back, he mumbled back unenthusiastic answers to her attempts to uplift. "I don't wanna bath." Such was the routine of Zap Apple not liking the idea of baths nearly as much as the reality of taking them and him sculpting the bubbles in the tub in the shape of a train. He was very ignorant of his own filth which is typical of any foal, but especially now all he could smell was the faint reek of timberwolf breath permeating his mane. "Muh." He grunted, knowing full well how this implication of hygienic duty would end. While he vocally shared his displeasure of doing anything that didn't involve playing, he had no left his state of alarm of the situation. He had found a second gear that up until this point in his life had never once been activated. He was able to be scared of some wooden creature possibly pursuing them, while at the same time latching onto the lack of motivation he had for the near future should they ever get home. It made it quite the dilemma. Go home and do what a very young foal considered work, or stay in the woods and suffer imminent death from magical tree monsters. A foal's life was always filled with difficult choices. Applejack asked him how yesterday went with his auntie Apple Bloom. Zap's aunt had gotten sick today on account of her eating mysterious berries she had found just outside the orchard's property line yesterday evening. All afternoon, Apple Bloom had brought her little cousin outside in an attempt to teach him the basics of cutie mark acquisition. Fortunately for him, he did not eat anything outside. But Apple Bloom, for all her good intentions, made sure to keep Zap Apple safe by taking the blunt force of any dangerous objects or hazards no matter how big or small. The story still was unclear why she had to eat strange berries in order to protect Zap, but he was too ignorant and egocentric to care. All he knew was that Auntie Apple Bloom was fun because she would encourage him to do things his mother might not approve of. "She got sick," he said, as if to educate his mother.
  22. Flashback: Applejack was giving Zap Apple a bath. The dirty little brat had decided it was time for a casual stroll through the pig pen and his mother had chased him to give him his soapy punishment. As his mother tried to pin him down to scrub him, he would constantly try to shift and slip out of her hooves. Since he had done this a few times already, he got used to being in a tub full of water and was comfortable submerging himself in a playful attempt to squirm away from his maternal overlord. He would take a deep breath and hold himself underwater for as long as he could, imagining his mother could not see him. This time in particular, he decided to see how long he could hold his breath. Could he stay down here indefinitely? And what about Mom? The many seconds of his ability to restrain from air was enough for him to start missing his mother that he was blithely trying to escape from less than a minute ago. But it was getting harder and harder, and his reflexes were challenging his will. Zap held himself in place, trying to stay under as much as he could. And then suddenly, he accidentally breathed in water, and the survival instinct that took control of him threw his neck back and attempted to urgently meet the air needed to remain vital. Zap gasped for breath as soon as the water breach echoed through his ear. The water rushing off his neck assured him that he was now out of the water. During the swim which to him felt like several minutes, he accidentally inhaled a spoonful of water. Now that he was out of it, he began violently coughing the foreign liquid from his lungs out. Having never let go of his mother, Applejack gently pulled his hooves off of her to let him gain his own footing. Zap continued to cough several times before slowing catching his breath to a more relaxed state of adrenaline. The look on Zap's face told the story of massive discomfort. He loved thinking about all the adventures he was told about his mother and her friends and all the heroic tasks they completed. But is this what it felt like to be in the thick of it? He thought it was awful. He wanted to say that he was scared and that he wanted to go home. But for some reason he felt he had to save face, so he instead tried to suggest a solution that would result in his wishes. "Isn't Gran-gran cooking dinner? We need to go home, or we're be late." Zap looked around him and did not recognize a single feature. It felt like outside but it was dark. Was it nighttime already, or were the trees' shadows that dense and haunting?
  23. Hippogriff

    Peryton Prince

    That. Is a very cute flappy ungulate.
  24. After the embrace and informative whisper, Silverstream turned to face Gallus, but unhooked herself from the griffon's new aquatic limbs. She sounded playfully dejected. "What-no! You don't look like a monster. That much." Silverstream nervously touched her pink hoofins together. She was embarrassed for mistaking the Seaquestrians' reaction for real danger, but was more afraid of admitting that Gallus' appearance might not be the most welcoming. "Here let's just quickly get to my mom's place, if she found out I went to the festivities without seeing her, this vacation will be cut short." With the area of the city they had entered in, no seapony was around to greet them anymore. So while everyone seemed afraid, Silverstream decided to continue on before a bigger scene was made. She motioned to Gallus to follow her. She trusted that he would be able to keep up. His large fins should make even an inexperienced sea monster a fast swimmer. She swam towards the center of the underwater city, where the lights were brightest and the structures were older and larger. Just before she swam to what looked like a palace, she darted towards a nearby structure hanging from the Seaquestria cavernous ceiling. "This is my house!" Silverstream said excitedly. It just dawned on her that Gallus was about to meet her mother. Her eagerness trumped her anxiety of the situation, which was typical for her on most things. There was no door to open, just an arch. Free entry and windows that basically served the same purpose. The home was well decorated and was engineered to accommodate beings who swim and sometimes float to the top of the structure. "Mom! I'm home from school for the holiday! Mom?" Silverstream swam into another room to look for someone present. "Yes, Silverstream, I'm over here!" From the opposite side of the foyer, a yellow seapony with pink fins approached the foyer and was immediately surprised to see her guest. "Um, hello. Wait. Don't tell me. You're Silverstream's classmate aren't you?" She rubs her chin. "Your name is Gallus isn't it? Almost didn't recognize you with all the. Well, you know. I'm Ocean Flow. Silverstream has told me so much about you."
  25. Silverstream could tell the answer the question Gallus asked was not fully satisfactory, but she was used to that. She wondered if there was more detail that he could use, or what else he would be curious about. She never knew Gallus for a griffon interested in creature history or politics, except when it came to griffontarian studies. Eventually, their slow-sinking swim would lead them to the luminous glow of Seaequestria. Gallus seemed immediately bewildered, and Silverstream mostly noticed a couple of the new structures that have appeared since she left for school. She was happy to be home. "Oh gosh, is that a new kelp store? And the shell factory looks like they expanded!" She shook with excitement while still hooking limbs with Gallus, although the shaking of her body was much slower than it would be on dry land. The two were close enough to approach, some seaponies swam up to greet them; They recognized Silverstream's signature pink and light blue appearance. Silverstream immediately let go of Gallus, an instinctive reaction to not knowing how others would see that. But then the greeters immediately darted and swam away in fear. Silverstream obeyed their reactions. "A sea monster!?" Silverstream grabbed Gallus again and pulled him down behind a large rock to hide. "I can't believe there's a monster down here. This is like the Coral Catastrophe from a couple years ago all over again!" She shook quietly with fear next to Gallus, not knowing where the announced monster was.
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