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  1. The cool breeze blew up the high cliffs of the mountain, the birds were singing their final songs of the day, and the sun was just starting to set, casting long shadows and painting the sky a lovely orange and crimson. But for one griffon, the breeze only reminded her of the chill in her heart, the birds lovely songs were a cacophony of former love, and the colors of the sky and land seemed to have faded away and been replaced with darkness. She had lived most of her life for the one pony she loved, she had dedicated every second of her day to fighting her unjust reputation and finding a way to save him from the clutches of his evil family, and now she finds out it was all a lie... and not only a lie, but a lie that he perpetrated while giving his heart to another the whole time... Harle stood at the edge of the cliff, a large boulder next to her with a rope tied around it. The other end was tied around her midsection, holding her wings closed --- though under her coat, even now she took care of that coat; the last gift from her father after they completed building her ship. She took one last look at the sky and the horizon, as tears fell from her eyes, and she began to slowly push that boulder forward, unable to see anything but the pain in her heart, and hoping that when it went over the edge, the pain would finally stop...
  2. Cloudy Skies Jasper Dragon Azure "Iggy" Ignine It might surprise blueblood to see three figures walking towards hte celebration, partly because the group consisted of a Kirin, Hippogriff, and dragon, but even more so because the kirin had a gift wrapped in pastel summer colors with a large sparkling bow on top - something that was more than a little out of place at the festival... The kirin grinned and nodded as they approached "Happy Summer Solstice, your majesty!" she said, clearly also not 100% sure how equestrian titles worked - which wasn't as suprising given the fact all three of them were from different lands "I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to really research the holiday before we arrived, its been a busy week, so we all assumed this was a summer version of the winder solstice festival!" she placed the gift down in front of blueblood as they made their way into the fairgrounds area around the castle. If Blueblood decided to open the gift, he would find that it was a lamp in the shape of the sun... clearly the trinity had taken the name extremely literally... and while they weren't wrong they weren't entirely right either.... Once they were in the castle though, things changed quickly... Iggy was shifting weight from one hoof to another as they ducked into an alcove, clearly excited Cloudy sighed "Remember, Iggy, even if the castle is officially open, dont go sneaking around too much... I know not to bother telling you not to wander off..." Iggy was grinning "Its so much more exciting when I dont have to keep an eye open for guards! maybe I'll even get lucky and find a book or test-tube that Princess Twilight forgot!" The males shook their heads sadly at their kirin friend's obsession... "right..." said cloudy "Jasper, keep an eye on her" The dragon nodded, though he looked quite annoyed at the prospective of having to play foal-sitter to Iggy, he knew how excited she could get it wasn't long before the kirin and dragon had vanished into the bowels of the palace, while Cloudy stayed out in the open to act as a distraction. -----=====----- Fleeting Hope Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of the afternoon's confusion for poor blueblood, only a few minutes later he would see, well... himself! a much scruffier version of himself atleast, mane astray, numerous small cuts on his body, and his clothing torn rush up to him "Thank goodness I found you! you have to run! the Toad Lord has returned and he's about to steal all the spoons in the city! its going to be disastrous!" after a few seconds the not-blueblood-pony giggled though and green fire washed over it to reveal the young changeling Fleeting hope "Suprise!" she said "...this is the day we're supposed to play a prank on somepony, isn't it?" she asked awkwardly "Equestrian history isn't by best subject..." Indeed, while Hope had made tremendous progress over the last year in coming out of her proverbial shell, she still was very awkward, and most of the progress seemed to be towards the adult teachers and staff - she still was very shy and quiet around students close to her own age. Hope then noticed the gift that Iggy had left and gasped "Oh no, was I supposed to bring a gift too?!" she asked, quickly rummaging about in her bags and hastily tying an awkward bow around a large green mellon "Happy Summer Solstice, sir!" she said awkwardly as she placed it at his feet near the other gift. -----=====----- High above the castle floor, on one of the balconies that was sufficiently out of sight, two small flashes of magical energy erupted, revealing a somewhat large purple-cloaked pony and a notably smaller bipedal cloaked figure. "Remind me again why we have to hide like this? I mean you know nearly everypony here, its not like we're sneaking into some secret fortress of ultimate evil or something" commented the smaller figure the large figure sighed "because we dont want to disturb anything, remember we're only going to be here a little while, we have to get back in time for the main ceremony in canterlot" "I still think your pranoia is getting the better of you" said the smaller figure as he pulled back the hood to reveal the familiar face of Spike Quickly a purple glow pulled the hood back up though "we dont want to make a scene!" "I think your paranoia has gotten much worse since you became high-princess" muttered spike "remember, these ponies are your friends, they're more likely to just wave and say 'Hey Twilight, good to see you!' than panic... they're not you" he smirked The other figure sighed "I know spike, but I have a lot of responsibilities now... I just wanted to pop in and check on how things were going, now be quiet before we're noticed, and keep an eye on the magic mirror in case somepony decides to burst into the throne room while we're here" Spile sighed and pulled back one of his sleeves to reveal a small mirror mounted to a band, looking not unlike a wristwatch, that showed an image of the canterlot throne room doors... One thing never changed, and that was twilight's backup-plans for backup-plans for backup-plans...
  3. Mid looked suprised, but not shocked, clearly she knew what this meant "You've only been here a day and you've already spoken to Storm... he must have a lot of faith in you... he used to speak to me and Rad... but... Rad's gone, and I've not heard from him since before we left... I think that since I failed he's given up on me and moved on..." She paused "If storm trusts you... I'll tell you..." she paused a moment to gather he thoughts "Scootaloo is a Fallen - The precursors who fell to this world back in ancient times, their command of technology is so far beyond even what we can comprehend now. They had technology that does not rely on lay, they could travel between stars... they could punch holes in the universe itself... and scootaloo has access to all of that technology... if its small, she has it, if its large she has the schematics of it... and I know she has a slip drive that can punch holes in dimensions and the accompanying shield to protect her from the void... she is the most likely one to have survived, though given she had no time to prepare, I dont know what her odds were... now that I'm thinking about her specifically... probably high... but like I said, despite my mate being a fallen, I have no idea how their technology worked, or even where to find any of it... the only ones left that know anything are Luna - because she and Nova were close and I'm sure she managed to weasel some secrets out of him... and Scootaloo herself, because she's the last of the Fallen"
  4. Mid sighed "Officially the ice queen is working exclusively with celestia... but the truth is she's working to undermine her at every step, If word got back to Celestia that the ice queen was working with Luna and Storm... Celestia might get suspicious and shut her out... and it would be my fault... I already damaged our relationship enough by losing her hat, this would probably end it... along with any hopes of defeating celestia without an all-out war... "...there's one more thing... well... two more things... but I dont know if I can trust you yet..." she said with a sigh "...as important as the ice-queen revelation were... these last two facts are even more dangerous..." she sighed "...but I will say this... if anypony else were more likely to survive... it would be Scootaloo... she has means beyond anything that I or the Ice Queen possess... but the only pony who'd have any hope of finding out where she is... he's probably dead...my mate, Nova" a few tears leaked from mid's eyes again, but she forced the sadness down. Whether she was just trying to put on a brave face and pretend or whether she was really trying to convince herself that nova and the others were still alive was unclear.
  5. Midnight hesitated but finally spoke "There were three other foals... well, I say foals, but one was several hundred years old --- apparently reincarnated---... they were actually demon-ponies, raised from hell and bound by old law to Scootaloo to be her friends, its a long story... but their demonic power might have thrown things off" she paused again "more importantly..." she hesitated, clearly this was an important part "The last member of the team..." she was really fighting herself, you could see the strain in her face as she tried to decide the right thing to do "...Was the Ice Queen!" she took a deep breath or two, calming herself down now "Yes, I said the Ice Queen. We kept it quiet because she didn't want anypony to know she was technically working with storm and Luna --- the truth was she came along as a favor to me..." Mid snorted "And she made it back immediately... no world-hopping, no delay, nothing..." there seemed to be just a tiny hint of bitterness in Mid's words, as if she were jelous that the Ice Queen had managed to take a shortcut, while she herself had to take the proverbial long-way-around to get home.
  6. Mid let out a sort of dark chortle "No interest in this world's Twilight or Rarity?" she asked, a little cold, but sighed, realizing that she was taking the question a little too personally since she herself was a twilight. "Pinkie has a city of her own down south that is the party capital of the world, sadly things there have gotten out of hoof as a lot of seedier types have used it as a hub for the drug trade since drugs are legal there. Pinkie's own mind seems to have been warped and strained as well, her 'fun police' as almost as terrifying as Storm's Enforcers, Much as it scares me to say it, the fact that Discord lives there is probably making the city safer and more sane that if he weren't. "As for fluttershy... I really dont know... She went into hiding somewhere. Dash still hears from her occasionally, but that's all I know. My best guess is that she's living deep in the everfree wilds - one of the few places that the modern world cannot touch because of all the wild and dangerous magics there, and equally dangerous creatures and flowers" As she packed a few things into her saddlebags she finally stopped and let out another sigh, this time deeper "I know you didn't read my report - even queen Luna had to ask me to simplify parts of it... but there were things I did not put into the report... things that might make a difference in your search... There were four other members of that final party that weren't listed... and one of the ones listed I never explained who he truly was..." it was clear that she was ashamed of witholding information from her queen, but she also seemed to have her reasons for it, which no doubt she had thought about for a long time... but the fact she would mention them to Morgan while keeping them secret from Luna said a lot about either how little she trusted Luna, or how little she thought luna would care about the information...
  7. Its not that no one on here wants to RP, its that the RP you posted went at a breakneck speed and was rather light on details and characterization. Perhaps you would be better off joining some RPs instead of starting your own, it can be hard to manage a whole cast of characters along with your own and a plot, so think about starting small and getting used to the way things work around here. Also, dont expect instant replies from most people. On average you'll get a reply every day or two, so you have to be patient.
  8. The trinity leafed through the binders, all of them disgusted at what they saw, though until Ice explained the link between Harle and Felix, they still seemed confused, at that point they began nodding along, even if they felt Ice might have been overstating some things. Jasper though did mutter 'I have claws, not hooves, thank you.....' ever-so-slightly insulted by Ice's comment, though also knowing it was a colloquial slip, not an intended slight, so he didn't make a huge fuss about it. "what I am wondering..." started cloudy "Is why Harle got involved with Felix in the first place. No doubt she knew about his parents, why would she even pursue the relationship... given that she's a pirate I am suspicious there might have been an ulterior motive..." of course the spy would be looking deeper into things and searching for connections that weren't there --- and none of them seemed to realize the old 'blinded by love' trope was painfully alive and well.
  9. Singlestone frowned and his eyes narrowed "Back home, we have the say 'you break it, you fix it'. You caused this. If Harle is dead, her blood is on your hooves. This is the reason there is only one creature in this world I will ever call 'captain'" he turned on a dime and began walking away, pausing, thinking better perhaps and adding "Thank you for at least providing the ship." he then continued off, muttering things in German. Iggy looked at the grey unicorn as he marched out. once the doors closed she looked over at Ice "um... if I may say so... I'm confused. Whats going on? what does Blackclaw have to do with those mind-readers and why would that drive her to suicide?" The other two nodded, the three of them not quite having all the pieces to put the whole story together.
  10. Sorry, I've kinda let this sit and stew a while in hopes of more reaction... especially ideas of where they could go and what would be done there... a lot of my initial ideas as I tried to flesh them out kinda fell through so I desperately need more inspiration... x_x Sure! You wanting him to be a permanent companion or a temporary (one - two location) one? Great ideas! You can still make suggestions, and you dont have to be a permanent companion, if you want to just pop in for one or two posts in one location, that's fine too. Absolutely! short-term companions to either need help or offer help is welcome, this is ultimately going to be kinda like a mini-series with only short adventures in each location instead of going to 1 location and having a single huge adventure.
  11. Iggy nodded, working hard to hold back a grin. None of them realizing just how real what she said was... at least not yet... Indeed singlestone almost kicked down the door when let in "You have to go back." he said with an almost rude commanding tone "The message My captain said was one to transfer control of she ship, crew, and assets to me because she would not be returning alive." The three looked a little suprised but not too concerned, clearly they didn't have any concern for harle, especially Iggy given her past with pirate "If you think I'm jumping to conclusions, I suggest you talk to your guards" he said, tapping his headset "Repeat to your commander what you told me after you delivered the message" There was a moment and one of the guards came on, explaining that as soon as they reported the message was delivered, harle returned her headset and a holster containing some strange weapon (which ice would recognize from the description as the prototype 'aura manipulator' that harle and singlestone had been testing previously when this mission had begun) and then walked off, telling them not to follow her. Looking like she'd just had a foal die in her arms. "Before you claim she just went to a bar, let me remind you she turned in her headset and weapon - she had no plans of coming back. If we dont find her fast whatever we do find will be dead." his eyes were so fierce it was almost terrifying, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that singlestone was 100% sure that harle was about to and her pain in the worst way possible.
  12. ((sorry it took me so insanely long to respond, a lot of... stuff... happened IRL... trying to get back into RPing now though)) "The princess shows up regularly?!" asked Iggy, her eyes widening and an almost painful grin crawling across her face Jasper chuckled, knowing that would cinch the deal, given iggy's obsession and the choice between just living near an empty former-residence and living where she would possibly see the princess herself. Cloudy glanced at jasper and frowned, knowing this had been the dragon's plan to convince iggy to move out of the little podunk and back to a major city... he wasn't so convinced this was the best thing for them, but he also wasn't going to start an argument here. Meanwhile Ice would get a report that singlestone had just visited the two prisoners and was delivered the message from harle... and now he was acting... erratic... and demanding to see Ice immediately... clearly that message had been something very, very, important...
  13. Its night. the CMC are playing hide-and-seek at the fairgrounds. One makes the "brilliant" decision to hide int he basket of a hot air balloon, the others pile in and dont hear the rope holding it down snap. They start screaming and panicking, but since it late at night nopony hears them... Then after they calm down (and probably fall asleep till morning) they finally figure out, atleast partially, how to control the balloon we get a rousing version of In the meantime, the adults of ponyville are engaged in a bad game of telephone where everypony thinks the CMCs are staying at somepony else's house and it takes them way too long to realize the trio are missing. Fortunately for the fillies, they have a guardian angel, or rather guardian alicorn, and being the wise-and-slightly-tough-love mentor, Twilight decides instead of teleporting the trio home, to just keep an eye on them with a scrying spell and helpfully nudge things as needed, letting it be a learning experience for the girls. While at the same time not bothering to tell ponyville unless they directly ask her to teach them a lesson as well. Since they cant really control the balloon's direction, the CMC are going to have adventures all over the globe, everything from accidentally stopping a robbery by landing their balloon on the robber's heads, to helping a foal find their lost puppy. (honestly ponyville may only realize the fillies are missing after they gain international attention and are featured in the newspaper! XD) So far, we have a Scoots (me) and an Abby (Steel), still need a 'Belle (or if we cant get her, we'll take some random filly or colt that the 2 CMC met earlier the day on the adventure) Also looking for ideas on places the CMC should land and what adventures they should have there. (obviously they're going to visit all the different race's homes and some major cities/historic sites but what happens there is still up in the air, and any other places. Looking at a minimum of 10 locations, possibly 20 or even more depending on how the thread goes!)
  14. ((um, no, she put the "frame" inside the amulet, long story but its basically a high-tech bag of holding)) "Hate to tell you this, but your not Dorothy and this isn't Kansas" commented the mare, though probably completely aware that the stallion had no clue what she was referencing "Picture?" she asked, then she realized his mistake "you mean this?" she placed her hoof on the medallion and after a split-second it passed inside it and pulled out the 'frame' which she tapped and it sprang to life with a dozen smaller images "its not a picture, it's a device..." she sighed, thinking a moment "think of it like a window, it shows something elsewhere instead of what it is. They're a lot more versatile than that though" she explained "you must be another victim of Storm's L.E.A.P. program... my mother was too, and my... aunt" the pause mad it clear that the term wasn't exactly literal but it was the best, or most likely simplest, term the mare could think of. She sighed "I'm not sure how to tell you this... but this isn't the world you knew, and I don't know of any way to send you back. There might be somepony in this world who does, but its not me and I'm..." she cut off suddenly, realizing she was about to either say something that she shouldn't have, or say something that would only confuse Patch more. "Since it looks like I'm going to be keeping an eye on you for a while. Are you hungry? I can fix something for you. I'm not a great cook but I'm better than my mom was" offered Scratch ((and and if it wasn't clear before, yes, this *IS* an adult scootaloo (and if you ask her, she'll openly tell you that's her real name), though granted very different to the one patch might have met))
  15. ((Its fine, it happens, if you want to say he's always been a unicorn in this plot, you can, if you want to say he used to be a pegasus but is now a unicorn, I can work with that too))
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