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  1. Dunes nodded, returning his id to his bags "I dont understand why it seems unusual for me to be researching artifacts, I am an archaeologist, and any expedition will need funding well beyond what I can provide on my own even with help from the college, I assumed with the good reputation this establishment has that I would be able to find backers and perhaps assistants for the expedition" he explained "I dont mind helping in whatever capacity I can, though I do have obligations to my university, so I hope this can be resolved quickly" Dash looked a bit nervous "Ok, sure, but I gotta let my commander know about this, just a sec" without even waiting for permission, which was really just par for the course with dash, she sped out and down the hall to where spitfire was, keeping in line-of sight, she explained the situation... though if anyone was paying attention and could hear the conversation well enough, they would notice something vaguely suspicious, instead of a salute or even a 'talk to you later', Dash ended by saying "Magenta Bravo" to spitfire. Though it was possibly just some bizarre wonderbolt sign-off, it did seem a bit out of place. Spitfire didn't seem to react unusually to any of this simply repeating the phrase as they split up again. Dash returned quickly "Sorry, I'm sure you know how important protocol is to the wonderbolts" she explained, not going any further in depth about it. Though it was quite clear she was nervous, and rightly so given Ice's comments and the fact that the pony dash had left in charge of her 'little sister' had just been carried off unconscious, though she was trying to remain as calm and processional as possible...
  2. Dunes looked shocked "How can you say such things? There must be some mistake, I am a humble college professor - I spend my time teaching my students, improving the lives of young mares and stallions, I assure you, I would never do such an underhoofed thing!" clearly playing up his reputation for the guards present. when the owner came in, Dunes turned his attention to her, as he pulled out his college ID badge, he politely took of his hat "I am professor dunes, resident archaeology professor at phoenix university" he explained "and I myself am unsure what happened, I invited one of the wonderbolts and his young friend to my room to show them some pictures of recent artifacts that I had been investigating" he motioned to an open photo album showing many old (non magical) artifacts, the pictures all take in an obvious laboratory, presumably at his college (with none of the images in the album being from the temples themselves) "When all of a sudden the door is kicked in by that brute pirate, she caught my guest off-guard and knocked him out quickly. I fought her as best I could, but being a simple archaeologist, I was greatly outmatched, she then took the filly hostage and escaped as soon as the guards arrived" by now the smoke had almost completely dissipated and faded away, clearly meant only for a quick getaway and not long-term incapacitation. It took a few minutes for the other two wonderbolts to be located. As they arrived, Dash sent a split-second glare at dunes but said nothing Spitfire took responsibility for Streak, carrying him off to receive medical attention, as she left she left Dash to deal with the situation, telling her "Handle this like I would" "oh so I'm supposed to yell at them at the top of my voice? I can do that" she smirked Spitfire gave dash a faint smile but also a glare. No doubt rainbow would hear about this later, but the wolderbotls commander had more important things to deal with than a little snark. She politely, if a little harshly, excused herself and took Streak to get medical attention. "So let me guess..." she said with a sigh "Scootaloo blindsided you and she escaped through the window?" she asked, her hoof on her face, clearly embarrassed about what happened "just send me the bill for whatever she breaks... I'll deal with her as soon as I catch her..." By the time the other airships had taken to the skies, harle's ship was nowhere to be found. Clearly she had some tricks up her sleeve and had already somehow stashed her ship somewhere it wouldn't be found......
  3. ((woah woah woah.... "Alarm system"? I think in equestria that's a security guard. Remember this world doesn't even have radios, much less TVs...)) By the time they got there, this had already gotten quite physical... the door had been kicked in, lightning streak was on the floor out cold. Scootaloo was bound and gaged... But the apparent situation was not what anyone expected to see... Dunes was backed against the wall, looking like he had been burned several times, not to mention looked a little bloody and beat up... the window had been kicked out and the griffon was holding scootaloo under one arm. Dunes turned to the guards "thank celestia your here! Harle Blackclaw, the dreaded sky pirate, assaulted a wonderbolt, kidnapped a filly, and attempted to mug me!" The griffon seeing how the deck was stacked against her, drew out a flare gun, and shot a flare into the sky, then leapt out the window, muttering something to scootaloo as she took the filly with her. It was only a minute or so more and the whole town was being hit with Harle's massive signature blue smoke bombs from the airship's cannons, completely covering her and her crew's escape to... wherever she was taking scootaloo... Back in the hotel, Dunes was being the perfect gentleman and hero, pulling streak from the room as the smoke from harle's escape began to fill the room thanks to the broken window despite hit own wounds, though there was a good chance they were more superficial than dangerous. "We need to find them! That was Harle Blackclaw, there's no telling what horrible plan she has for that filly, She might be going to ransom her, Sell her as a slave down south, or even..." he shuddered "Eat her!" he looked at Nina "While this changes nothing between us, I suggest we put aside our petty differences and work together to try and save this innocent filly before she meets a dreadful fate!"
  4. The griffon rolled her eyes, clearly insulted that this mare wanted to hire her for roughing up a pony. Dunes meanwhile, approached streak and Scootaloo, but he did not make any effort to grab her, instead he was speaking, quietly this time, to ensure nopony was eves dropping, even leaning in close to whisper something to the pair. Scootaloo started getting excited, shifting back and forth on her legs, looking up at streak with a grin and a silent "pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase?" Streak laughed and rubbed the fillie's head "I suppose a quick look wouldn't hurt" he said Dunes then began leading the pair towards the stairs... Now the griffon set down her mug, tossing a few coins on the bar and began following them... suspicious herself of what was going to happen, and having standards that Dunes had just dropped below...
  5. Dunes smiled a sarcastic smile "Of it wont be any trouble at all" he said "I'm leaving int he morning, and I'm sure I can find somepony else to accompany me that doesn't need a two-week lead-time" he explained "There are plenty of thrill-seakers and daredevils in los pegasus, that's one of the reasons I'm here. Some of them are even competent" as his eyes landed on Streak and Scootaloo "...and I think I know exactly how to acquire the services of one of them...." he paused only a moment as he spoke again "If we have nothing else to discuss, it was a pleasure making your acquaintance, miss Niradanna longma, and I bid you good night" he took off his hat again politely, then replaced it and started to follow after streak and scootaloo....
  6. Dunes raised a brow "perhaps something was lost in translation. I was saying that if I were indeed planning to horde it for myself and not tell anyone, then I might as well not seek it out." he explained "of course I have use for it, otherwise I would be researching some other relic" he explained, a little bit of the tone he had used with Dash coming through now. He was not a very amicable pony under the facade it seemed, though he kept it up well enough to make others think he was. "If you are interested in accompanying me, then I will make arrangements, I wish to keep this group as small as possible to prevent any... accidents... befalling larger parties" he explained ((yanno... i thought dunes was more of a hero, but the more I play him, the more I realize he's at *best* an antihero and probably closer to an antivillian....))
  7. Dunes raised a brow as she started speaking then smirked "It seems I underestimated you, I promise not to do that again" he said "I was not lieing though, I am upset at the portrayal int he books, from an academic standpoint... but fine, lets be frank, there are plenty of old dig sites to examine that dont have ancient relics of great power inside them" he admitted "and if it makes you sleep better, no, i do not intend to auction it off to the highest bidder, nor do I plan to keep it hidden away in secret - I'd just leave it int he temple where it is" clearly he had some plan for this artifact, and hopefully not just petty revenge "You see, the Talisman of Tonatiuh compels any touch it to speak only the truth, it is invaluable in the right hooves!" Now the griffon's head turned slightly towards them... this had piqued her interest, though she was trying to be very subtle about it... which also gave away the fact that she was FAR from drunk, despite how she was acting not so long ago....
  8. Dunes sighed "I hate to bore you with my past, but if you would like to know... That mare, Rainbow Dash, is a very... vocal... fan of a series of adventure books which portray archaeology in a very poor light. They also display archaeologists themselves as conniving, thieving, reckless adventurers, who more often than not care only about finding and stealing some ancient relic than about preserving the temples they are housed in for study... she has harassed me for years about whether my work was anything like what she read about and how many artifacts I had in my private collection. Fortunately now that she has grown up and has a real job she doesn't bother me as much" he explained, though he smiled again "It is a pleasure to make your aquintence, Miss Niradanna" he said properly, only now returning his hat to his head, having completed introductions. He seemed to be very aware of social expectations, which was quite a change from most ponies.
  9. Dash laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck nervously "wh-why would you ever think that would happen?" thinking that the other mare had heard streak calling her 'Crash' and that the longma might have assumed she was accident-prone... which wasn't 100% wrong, though she wasn't nearly as bad as she used to be... If was at this point that the stallion made his way over "well, well, well, if it isn't the president of the daring do press club" Dash's eyes narrowed "Dunes...." "I suppose I should congratulate you on maturing enough to get a real job instead of spending so much time fantasizing" he said "Dont start with that, you know-" "I know what?" asked dunes, his eyes glancing over at the longma and back at dash Dash gritted her teeth, knowing she couldn't say anything about Daring Do being real in public like this "Cat got your tongue? a pity, cats deserve better" snarked Dunes Dash looked ready to blow her top, and this time there wouldn't be another wonderbolt to stop her... of course considering their fierce rivalry, this may have been dune's plan all alone - to get Dash to make a scene that this time wouldn't be cooled down Once again though, word quickly spread and the familiar uniformed pegasus rose intot he air directly in Dash's line of sight... Dash snorted "This isn't over, dunes..." she said as she stormed out of the room. Dunes smirked "Dont let the door slam on your tail on the way out" he commended. He then turned to the Longma "My apologies, I dont believe we've been properly introduced, My name is Dunes, Professor of Archaeology at Phoenix University, a local college" he removed his hat and bowed his head politely "May I inquire your name, esteemed visitor from afar?" the change in his attitude and manner was almost jarring, having been so harsh to Rainbow, but now behaving as a perfect gentlepony
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Starry Void Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Purple Coat: Light Brown Mane/Tail: black with purple streak Physique: Average, a little on the small side for an earth pony Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Thaumaturge Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: Aura manipulation using Magitech, Random hallucinations from studying forbidden magic... questionable grasp on sanity... Personal Quotes: "There is something out there... in the darkest space between the stars where even the Gods dare not look. Its out there, and I found it... and it found me" "There is such a thing as Forbidden Knowledge. Things that ponies were not meant to know. To know them comes at a high cost" "Spiders! Spiders! They're Everywhere! Run!!!" History: Ever since he was a young colt, Starry Void was obsessed with grand magic. Even when his parents, teachers, and anyone else tried to explain to him that his magic was tied to the earth and nothing else, he refused to listen and kept searching, knowing deep in his soul that there had to be something else out there - when anypony could use special artifacts or devices to manipulate magic without a horn, he was sure that there was more to the world than what they perceived. Once night, while looking through his telescope at the sky at night, specifically the darkest parts where no stars could be seen, he saw... something... he couldn't explain what exactly it was, and first thought maybe he imagined it or that there must have been a smudge on his telescope's lens. He cleaned the telescope intently and looked again at the same spot. He saw it again, clearer this time, but still so fleeting that he could not clearly explain what he saw... or what he felt upon seeing it... it was almost like something in that darkness looked back at him, looked deep inside of him... it was a strange almost icky feeling, like a taint on his very soul... but it intrigued him, he had to know more! The next day, he went to the Canterlot library and researched everything he could, but something deep inside him... that same place eh felt the presence before and its... residue? it told he he wouldn't find anything relevant here... he wished he could look in the forbidden archives, feeling like the answer would surely be there, but he didn't have anywhere near the rank (or bits...) to get into there, so he left. But on the way home, he was inexplicably drawn to a curio shop - someplace he had never seen before, in a back alley not far from the library. It was here that he made his way to an old book that seemed to call to him... strangely it seemed mostly blank except for some strange writing in the beginning, but he knew if he studied it, he would find his answer. Thus, his fate was sealed. Character Personality: Energetic, Quirky, Paranoid, Excitable, these are all words that describe Void well. His heart is often in the right place, but his unstable and corrupted mind doesn't always clearly see what he needs to do in a given situation, sometimes with disastrous (or even hilarious) results... Character Summary: Void is a rare find, an earth pony who, through the use of Thaumaturgy, has learned to manipulate the magic aura itself using specialized tools and extract magical essence from the world around him which he can then infuse into special objects using his ritual altar to give them great power. However, going against the natural order like this has taken a tole on his sanity. Often he starts screaming about "The mists! They're after me again!" or "Spiders! Everywhere" occasionally even complaining that "Its too bright! I'm going to burn up!" though these usually pass quick enough. He has also been known to mutter strange things in an unknown language that just seems... wrong... on a deep, primal, level. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you" Image: (Sorry for the poor quality image/edit... very much not a graphics artist)
  11. Trixie wasn't much for tea, honestly she'd much rather have a nice smoothie right now, but she didn't want to be rude given that Sunburst was talking time to look over her collection of Artifacts "Thank you, I appreciate the offer" she said, doing the same as Sunset and taking a cup and filling it with tea... resisting the urge to transfigure it into a smoothie... at least not while either of them were looking, maybe if they got distracted enough she'd give in to her desire, after all she was still more than a little excited about having learned an advanced spell like that and deep down it thrilled her just a tiny bit every time she used it! "Yeah, like sunset said, they kinda work, the less powerful ones seem to work great, but the stronger ones fizzle out quickly" after a moment of hesitation she set her tea down and pulled out the deck of cards "these are another supposed artifact, though they're probably a fake, but they have one thing in common with the rest" she opened the box (Which bore Starswirl's cutiemark on its top; though to an expert like Sunburst it was clearly a fake --- a well-forged fake, but a fake none the less) and drew out a card at random, the Ace of Hearts, which made an audible lub-dub sound like a real heart. Trixie threw it at the edge of the box gently, making sure it wouldn't damage the contents deeper in the box, and it flew perfectly --- too perfectly even for a trained stage magician like Trixie. She then carefully used her magic to light it on fire, making sure not to damage the box or its contents. Just like before when she demonstrated them to Sunset, the card burned up and the smoke floated back into the card's Box, reforming into the ace of hearts, lieing neatly on top of the others. "The artifacts cant be destroyed, more than once I accidentally damaged one and it just reformed" she explained "As for the broken ones..." she reached in with her magic and once again grabbed with 'wing earrings' and slid them into her ears. Lifting her cape so sunburst could see the pegasus wings she had acquired from the jewelry, with great effort, she made them extend and flap around a little, which intermittently caused small gusts of wind from them "But if I try to fly with them, after a few seconds they just... well... stop working... and I fall" Trixie clearly had not noticed that even just moving them around, the wind they generated wasn't consistent, she then removed the earrings, making the wings vanish, and returned the jewelry to its proper case. As with many of the supposed Starswirl artifacts, their case bore what appeared to be the ancient mage's cutiemark on top.
  12. Dash nodded and opened her mouth to respond when the longma whispered in her ear. Dash's expression quickly turned hard as she turned her head "Scootalo! Are you trying to pick that lock again!" Scootaloo indeed had a lockpick in her muzzle, which was cntorted at a strange angle, manipulating the pick with her hooves. she had a guilty look on her face, caught int he act and said "...No..." Dash's hoof went to her face "If I'd known I couldn't trust you I wouldn't have brought you!" her eyes filled with a silent rage Scootaloo spat the lockpick back into her bag "Well if I'd known you were going to keep me on a LEASH like a DOG I wouldn't have asked to come!" "Well if You'd just....!" At this point most of the casino was looking at the pair as their argument got louder and louder... this drew the attention of two other ponies, the wonderbolt who had been doing card tricks, and a yellow pegasus mare in a military uniform. The male wonderbolt waved down the mare in the uniform, no doubt their commanding officer, clearly saying he'd handle this. "Rainbow Dash!" he exclaimed, cutting her off from her rant "Calm down, your making a scene" Dash and scootaloo both suddenly went silent and looked around, realizing they had been almost shouting at this point. The male wonderbolt sighed "I tell ya what, Dash, I'm kinda tired of all the attention, I was thinking of checking out the magic show, maybe your sis would like to see that?" Scootaloo grinned, nodded "I'd love to!" The male 'bolt nodded to dash "why dont I look after the kid for a while, let you two have some space, after the show maybe you can do something together you'd both enjoy..." Dash sighed, realizing she'd let things get out of control, pulling out the other end of the magic leash "no need for that" said the male as with one tap on the collar in the right place and it fell right of scootaloo's neck, he turned to dash and smirked, picking up the collar and handing it to the mare "I trust her enough not to use that" Dash put the collar into her bags but frowned "your gonna regret that, Streak" the male, Streak smiled "Hey, they dont call me 'Trick Lightning' for nothin' you should have expected it" "what? No, not that, I mean trusting her to run around loose" said Dash "you dont know the trouble she and her friends used to get into" Lightning Streak smiled "oh I bet I can imagine, and maybe she and I can get into some fun trouble ourselves" he winked at scootaloo Dash's hoof went to her face "Catch ya later, Crash" said Streak as he motioned for scootaloo to follow him Scoots playfully stuck her tongue out at dash as she passed, the pair heading off down one of the hallways, presumably to the aforementioned magic show Dash finally turned back to the longma "Sorry you had to see that, Scootaloo and I've had some... disagreements... ever since we got here this morning, thanks for the heads up" she explained "Name's Rainbow Dash, but you probably already know that" she smiled, showing that even with the mild bruising, her Ego was still going strong. "And yeah, we're going to be doing a show tomorrow, the casino owner made some deal with Spitfire - our lead - and we're going to be spending the weekend here. Come by the stage entrance to the arena tomorrow and I'll see about getting you a free seat for the show" she smiled, clearly grateful for the intervention before scootaloo had escaped on her own. Indeed, the mare's plan had worked, the archaeologist had indeed noticed her now, though he had an almost vindictive smirk on his face. No doubt he was glad to see that somepony had gotten Dash into trouble. He was now watching for an opening to speak with one of them... though it wasn't clear whether he was planning on talking to the longma or planning to chastise Rainbow for her actions... The griffon at the bar had also taken notice of the scene, though she seemed far less interested in getting involved, eventually just turning back to the bar and taking a pull on her drink. ((and again... running out of color options so... meh...))
  13. The alicon looked excited when Rex offered a demonstration, then when he did, her wing went to her face out of exasperation... and embarrassment... oh she was glad a certain one of her friends wasn't there... in her mind she could clearly hear Dash's voice laughing at her saying 'Oh he got you good!' She sighed, lowering her wing and taking a deep breath "I deserved that..." she said "always getting too wrapped up in research and possible new discoveries that I often completely miss the little things in life" she admitted, returning the parchment, quill and ink to her saddlebags "Sorry I got carried away and harassed you so much" It was at this time that there was a green flash above the cloaked pony and a dozen sheets of neatly-bound parchment fell on her head... followed by two bottles of ink (which she thankfully caught in her horn's glow before they hit the floor and broke) as well as several extra quills. She let out an awkward laugh "I guess I wont be needing these after all... I better just send them back with a note" she explained as she scribbled something on the top of the parchment, and in a similar green flash all the instruments of research documentation vanished "I'd like to make it up to you, how about since we're already here how about we get some icecream, my treat" she offered
  14. She would quickly realize that the earth pony indeed seemed to be the real deal, the words he used and the things he talked about made it clear he was well educated in archaeology, and no doubt in adventuring too. Right now he seemed to be looking for clues on an ancient relic that was rumored to have the power to force others to tell only the truth... though he dismissed the claims of it being guarded by a supernatural entity that watched over a large number of relics. Meanwhile the pair of pegasai seemed to be in a small argument. After most of the first crowd of fans had dispersed, the small one approached the rainbow maned one "Ok, you've done your fan service now, can we please check out some of the games?" The wonderbolt sighed, pulling back her hood and sliding her goggles up atop her head "What did I tell you about that? your dad would sick a cragodile on me if I let you gamble... at least if you lost... if you won he might only sick a landray on me" the filly rolled her eyes "you know landrays aren't real, right?" The other pony sighed "you know what I mean, scootaloo, your too young to gamble, even if the casino would let you" The filly, Scootaloo, frowned "Well can we at least check out the other games? I saw skeeball and a claw machine through one of the doors, they probably have other cool stuff too!" the mare sighed "let me get a few more autographs done, then we'll see. I have to be sure to keep the owner happy or he might kick us out" Scootaloo rolled her eyes "really? if he did you know spitfire would make him curl into a ball and cry" she smirked The wonderbolt laughed "She'd do that just for fun!" The filly smiled "Thanks for Bringing me along, Dash, its fun, but the collar is kinda itchy..." The mare, Dash, sighed "its either that or a literal leash, and hey I got you one that looks cool and tough!" Scootaloo sighed, realizing her attempts to get dash to take the collar off weren't going to work, and she couldn't see it to try and fiddle with the combination lock to get it off herself... And at the bar there were some cheers, then the group started wandering off, apparently the griffon had finished her story, and she watched each of them as they left, her gaze following each one, but once they all left the vicinity she sighed and turned back to the barkeep "Another round" she said, putting her glass down with a loud thud. ((and yes, I usually use blue for Harle since that's her feather color, but I wanted to make sure she and Dash's speech weren't confused, so I went with red since her captains coat is red...))
  15. ((Well, I had too many ideas, so you get a 'choose your own adventure!' style post! )) (Rainbow Dash) The casino-hotel was quite the spectacle indeed, and as one might expect it was absolutely bustling with activity. Though what might first catch the eyes of any entering was a rainbow-mane'd pony in a wonderbolt's flight-suit leaping into the air, doing a few small tricks and landing, a small crowd gathered around her. Around her neck was a lanyard that said "WonderBolt - VIP" though the lack of a name meant this was probably a promotion for all the wonderbolts --- no doubt to draw in business. (Scootaloo) Nearby the rainbow pony was a small orange filly with magenta mane and tail, who was looking around with a combination of intrigue and annoyance. She was wearing a small set of saddlebags and... was that a spiked collar? it certainly looked like one. It was a little strange, but its purpose became obvious when something caught her eye and she hurried off, though at about 30 feet from the rainbow mare, the filly seemed to have been clothesline'd, flipping into her back like a dog who had run out to the end of its leash... yes, the collar apparently had a magical tie to something the other pony was holding... it really was a dog collar... (Lightning Streak) Not too far away was another pony in a wonderbolts flightsuit, also wearing the VIP lanyard, but this one was showing off with what appeared to be small magic tricks or minor feats of skill using cards, coins, rings, and other small items. Whether he was trying to entertain the foals specifically or not wasn't clear since he did keep glancing at the mares and smiling playfully. (Dunes) One figure was out of place among all this though, ht was an earth pony with a battered fedora who was moving about the room, talking to any guest who looked wealthy or well-educated. As he passed by words like 'temple' and 'treasure' and 'traps' could be heard in his speech... he was probably some real-life version of the famed Daring Do, and he was looking for leads on some archaeological place of significance nearby... (Sky Pirate Harle Blackclaw) And finally, sitting at the bar was a Griffon with blue tinged feathers, while this wasn't too surprising, the large rod coat with the gold trim made her stand out among the patrons, her exaggerated motions and her occasional loud tone and laughter made it clear she had been there a while and probably had her fair share of booze, though whatever she was talking about seemed exciting enough to be drawing several others to listen in.
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