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  1. Ashton

    (Open) After The Show

    Dash blinked "Thaumaturgy? With the purple robes and the crystals and the machine that turns objects into jars of magic liquid?" Scootaloo looked at her idol and cocked her head "what...??" Dash shook her head "kid, when you're waiting for twi and you decide to just read random books out of boredom, you find some *really* weird stuff sometimes" scootaloo just looked at dash oddly another moment then slowly nodded "aaaaanyway" began rainbow "Normally I'd have said 'yeah! immediately, but I got a starving filly here to feed. Hey, you clearly know your way around, whats a good restaurant 'round here worthy of a Wonderbolt and her #1 filly" Yep, there went that ego swelling again, though Dash did put her wing lovingly around scootaloo as she spoke, so clearly there was more there than her usual bravado. ((Bonus points and huge props if anyone knows what Dash is talking about up there )) ----- ((sorry, steel, but I told you I'd have to do this XD)) An attendant turned at hearing the commotion, about to wave over a security guard when she saw Jack, but as twilight showed up, she relaxed a little, though then her eyes snapped open wide as she quickly made her way over to twilight "Miss! Miss! I'm sorry but There's no pets allowed inside, I'm going to have to ask you to leave your iguana at home, nothing personal, but the management is concerned about them spreading salmonella and also their unfortunate habit of leaving tiny pellets all over the place" (( XD XD XD Yes! She did just call spike an iguana and accuse him of being dirty and not-housebroken! XD))
  2. Ashton

    (Open) After The Show

    ((@Alivda you skipped Steel and Aizen... I just posted, please wait your turn so you don't confuse everyone. Its @SteelEagle next, then @SirAizen and then your turn, then I start the posting order over again.))
  3. Ashton

    (Open) After The Show

    Scootaloo stood there and quietly stared for a moment, completely taken back since the only mare she had ever met with this amount of energy was Pinkie, but despite the fact some ponies might have felt upset meeting a fan of their hero, scootaloo just smiled, happy for Dash. Dash herself for a split second had no idea how to react to the rapid-fire verbal assault, also feeling the similarity, though it only lasted less than a second before her eyes started sparkling and just from the slight shift in her posture, Dash's ego was inflating fast and hard, though surely to the shock of anyone that knew her, the inflation seemed to stop, or at least pause when Ruby asked Dash about the after-party The rainbow mare smiled a little "why am I not at the party? Well there is one very important reason" she said, reaching out with her wing and pulling scootaloo over "This one's a little too young for a party like that and I couldn't just abandon her here" Scootaloo though had gotten more distracted by the Table and was looking at it "woah, that's so cool, its like a small size of the one Vinyl uses!" ((I'm rusty and out of practice, I feel like I gave dash WAY too much humility there, but in my mind having scootaloo present kinda makes dash think twice about things and think about scoots first like a mother-instinct... even if that is probably the opposite of cannon >.<))
  4. I've been wondering why nobody was posting to the actual thread, then I realized that, being the idiot I am, I forgot to post the URL for the thread.... >_< URL isvin original post now sorry!
  5. I actually have no problem with you joining, but I purposefully know nothing about your character. I make it a point NOT to read profiles so I go into the story with just as much info as my characters do so I don't sway an RP a certain direction out of convenience or to force a reveal that changes the plot. Though I will warn you, there is an underlying plot to this (at least at points, at the moment it's kinda flopping around pathetically and sadly like a wounded puppy in a kiddy pool....) I get the feeling you weren't going into this expecting a simple slice-of-life anyway though O_o to keep what? That wasn't a sentence...
  6. Well that might be a good intro... seeing dash walking out, maybe she'd recognize the wonderbolt and try to get dash to help her at least get an audience with some of the higher-up bolts so she might get to DJ one of their shows...? I never said they were going to meet at a casino (and keep in mind Dash probably would be staying at a casino anyway if she has Scootaloo with her AND the wonderbotls are likely footing the bill... (of course then again, this IS dash who, if nothing else, is very short-sighted and ADD and likely just picked the first listing under "Hotels" in the proverbial phone book....
  7. Well, I have no problem with another player... (and quite honestly there needs to be a way to connect Dash + Scoots being at the stadium and going to get some dinner with Twilight who's hanging out at a casino for... reasons... I guess... (yeah, the whole reason I've not posted to the thread since steel is because I have no real clue how to connect those two points without a time-lapse or some contrived coincidence....) though I have never been to a casino with a DJ or anything even vaguely like that.... (maybe that's because all the casinos I've been to were here in the east, specifically Cherokee, NC, but.....) Though as a suggestion, perhaps if she's a DJ she is somehow part of the Wonderbolts After-show...? just a thought there.
  8. Who doesn't love a good show? Especially a wonderbolts show. In Las Pegasus. With a special somepony.... wait, no, not THAT kind of special somepony So The wonderbolts are putting on a show, and after having neglected her #1 fan so much lately, Dash decides to bring Scootaloo with her to the show (no doubt using her connections to get scoots the best seat in the house while she's at it) But, After the show that's when the action happens, its only after moonrise that Las Pegasus REALLY comes to life! The question is what the light of the moon will reveal... So, Everyone's favorite pegasus team are in LP, and knowing Dash and Scoots, SOMEPONY is going to get into trouble... let's hope there's also somepony there to help them out of it! Looking for a couple more, Cast, OC, firebreathing "pet" dragons, whatever Current Lineup: Dash - Ashton Scootaloo - Ashton lotsofNPCswhodontdesrveaname - Ashton Feel free to bring along 2 characters (possibly 3 if the player list is tiny) http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24114-open-after-the-show/
  9. Ashton

    (Open) After The Show

    Overhead the fireworks were lighting up the Las Pegasus sky as Celestia's sun started vanishing past the horizon, The crowds were still cheering and no doubt enjoying the post-show festivities --- and so were the wonderbolts. ...well... all except one... a cerulean pegasus was leaning against the gate, her uniform already put away in her saddlebags, standing outside of the stadium already, but also transfixed by the pyrotechnics. Why was she out there when all the action was still going on inside? Why wasn't she showing off for the crowd or with her fellow bolts, celebrating the show with adult refreshments? The former perhaps was part of the bolts curtailing rash from doing any more stupid unplanned stunts, as for the latter... Dash watched the fireworks a moment more, then turned her head as another pony made her way out of the stadium "Ready Squirt?" The little orange pegasus hurried after he idol "Yeah, but why can't we stay? I can tell them I'm an adult!" she said, hopefully joking Dash laughed "I think even with having your cutiemark now, they would question a full mare of your size, kid" Scootaloo sighed, but managed to smile, at least she was spending time with Dash, so even if she did miss out on the 'adult fun' going on in the stadium and the 'backstage' area, this was still a very happy time for her. "Alright, can we go get something to eat though? I'm hungry!" she whined almost teasingly, knowing that Rainbow was even more hungry Dash laughed "Sure, why not, let's see what we can find, maybe this little town has at least a two-star dinner in it" she joked
  10. So, you just woke up... what is this weird steel building you're in? Why are you wearing uniforms labeled "ESP Program" and most importantly... why is everything so badly damaged and how did you even get here??? So, in a nutshell, the M6 and Spike wake up from Chryogenic Storage with no memory how they got on this massive "Structure" (spaceship) and have to piece together what happened, while dealing with damaged corridors, constant risk of power-outage, foot/water shortages, and... other... even worse... things... One to three players! Pick two ponies (minus AJ, I have plans for her) and let's start exploring and see if you can even survive to unravel the mystery! M6/Spike only, please. It will make a lot more sense as the plot progresses. Twilight - ??? Spike - ??? Pinkey - ??? Dash - ??? Rarity - ??? Fluttershy - ?
  11. Hey there! Long time no see. How've you been?

  12. yeah, I kinda got confused with the new layout, I've not been on here in a while >.<
  13. Did she wet the bed again? The last thing that she would remember was going to bed, but as her mind slowly transitioned back to wakefulness, the first thing she would notice is she was lying in muddy, shallow, water. Overhead were dark grey clouds, if she looked quick enough she might see a flash of blue lightning, but it was only one time and the storm began to fade, leaving behind a gentle drizzle in its wake. The area nearby was a swamp, though thankfully there didn't seem to be any wildlife nearby... she would look east and see the ocean... but that ocean... it felt... wrong... something about the black water made her fur crawl and every alarm in her head ring... but in that sea, some ways off from the land, she would see a castle, it stood tall and proud reaching into the stormy clouds above, casting a shadow all its own, despite where the waning sun cast its light. The other direction she would see trees, a forest, this didn't give her as dark a vibe as the ocean did, but even from here she could hear and almost see wild animals... and they didn't seem too welcoming... While she was taking in the scenery she would hear a distant sound, that of a motor, something Twilight had demonstrated countless times... and from that island with the castle, a speck was speeding towards her... the black waves parting on either side from the speed... So the questions were, where she was, and more importantly, would she stand her ground against the unknown from the island or run into the forest and face the wildlife?
  14. Actually its a LOT more complicated the way she does it (and amazingly, the science behind it is completely sound! (pun intended) it doesn't break ANY laws of physics!) Oh I like the way you think Well then *blows dust off D20* Lets goooooooooooo! (...I'll make a new thread seperate from this OOC discussion)