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  1. I am disapointed that they more or less but the equestrian games on the back burner. BUT I was very happy that they made a GOOD spile episode. The lession is spot on and it isent covered in much meida much less childrens media. And this issue of loving yourself its becoming more and more of a challenge for kids and adults alike. I am happy with this episode.
  2. I acctully REALLY liked this ep. I loved the envioment and the story. It was interesting seeing what was considered valuble in equestria. My favrite storyline was dash and flutters. I could really feel what was on the line and how importent it was to dash. Oh and the creature tent was so awsome
  3. All my ponies weather drawn by me or others (I will indicate what is drawn by who.)
  4. [colour=#ff0099]Opps! Forgot art for refrence [/colour]
  5. [colour=#ff00cc]I have tryied many different times copy the shows style and well...it simply dosen't work. I can draw ponies just fine (Well I think so..) So I have a suggestion. [/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]I would like to do an art trade. I would like to do many so the more the maryer! Remeber I only want show accurate stuff for now. And I also have the right to rafuse stuff. [/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]Anyway thanks[/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]Slots for trades:[/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]1. EMPTY[/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]2.EMPTY[/colour] [colour=#ff00cc]3.EMPTY[/colour]
  6. I dont want to change the rp type but if she is really not aloud to stay the way she is in the mane its what I haft to do.
  7. Im not changing my character for this rp. I feel her desighn is perfect the way it is. Forget this application then. Im ok with changing the back story to improve it or to make it more detailed but this character is importent to me and I am not changing her desighn for anyone.
  8. I am having trouble understanding why. Would you mind explaining a bit more? Also what would I haft to do to make her ok to rp with in the mane rp?
  9. I was hopeing to get it to mane...but I like the cutie mark the way it is.
  10. This application is now finished. But I am having trouble changeing the (WIP) in the title.
  11. Update: I have added to character summery. If you guys want I can write at least a sentence a day to make sure you guys know its not dead. Again Im so sorry this is taking so long `
  12. [colour=#800080]I finished watching a few moments ago (Watched it again just now). After that I checked my DA and already one person claimed that they do not like ponies anymore.[/colour] [colour=#800080]Ohhh boy[/colour] [colour=#800080]The first time watching it I felt it was too short. I forgot it was only a one parter. It was rushed. It was all really fast. But all in all I prefer her as a unicorn. The reason why is beacuse as a unicorn she had flaws. I feel now as a princess they may make her perfect and I HATE the "I do everything right" character. Thats why I did not like her in season 1. I liked her alot better after lesson zero beacuse she had more character in it. But hey she hasen't done anything as an alicorn. So mabey that will change. [/colour] [colour=#800080]The secound time watching I fet a bit better. My GOD the first part of the episode was epic. Pinkie pie with apples was sooooo CUTE! Poor grumpy pie haha. [/colour] [colour=#800080]I just hope the show core wont change too much. Mabey with twiacorn's new status they may be able to explore equestria more. Mabey they can do more serious subjects. Or mabey shes a princess in training. My BIGGEST hope is that twilight gets to teach a pony just like her. That would be awsome.[/colour] [colour=#800080]Over all this ep was good. Not my favrite finale. But it did not ruien the show. Im still not sold on twicorn. I hope she does something that will make me love her.[/colour]
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