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  1. The only person who I have told was... shocked. But we went camping last weekend, and watched... about 11 episodes, with him begging me to stay up later at night and watch them with him! He is also a brony now. I have told nopony else though, so small sample size...
  2. Here we go! Finally got around to watching the episode (about 24hrs ago, actually) Now for part 2! Not bad... I did not think they were amazing, but they were quite good.
  3. 2 somethings which sound nasty but are nice: Juice of lemon + copious amounts of sugar + hot water. Drink up! Coffee shots + small amount of ice cream. Yum. Also, Lemon frosting is really, really nice.
  4. Eh, okay Rice cream Smoked cod pies (orange fish!) Chicken, chorizo and veg soup. I don't really do deserts much... just MOAR rice cream.
  5. Ditzy Doo sounds better, Methinks. And more like an actual name. Ditzy Doo or Derpy, though I think Derpy is more of a nickname.
  6. I don't really like many ships at all... but, the ones (off the top of my head) which I really dislike include: Twixie- Not to say interaction between them is bad, but to me shipping makes no sense. PinkieJack- they are completely different ponies! what would they even talk about? Gilda with anypony. Anypony.
  7. I see the usual crowd have greeted you, but anyhow... Hello! Hope you have fun here.
  8. BestiaAuris

    oh hi

    We have all been there mate, trust me... Anywho, Hello. Hope you have fun around here.
  9. This is... This is... I have no idea! I see pinkie on a cake. All is good. But seriously... what is it?
  10. So, I introduced a friend to MLP. Funny story actually, I spend about three days stressing over how to introduce it to him, then when we were writing lists for 40k, he was taking an age so I started watching pony (muted). Anyway, we watched Lesson Zero and he made some intresting... observations. I told him it was awesome, the names of the mane 6 and one or two sentences about them all. When I was explaining that it was MLP, he did not seem to understand that it was My Little Pony. Made by hasbro. He thought that it was made by fans. when he saw AJ, the very first thing he said was: "so she's a hick...". He really, Really liked Dashie. According to hm, she is best pony. His mouth droped open when he saw Fluttershy "killing" the bear. He liked spike's toungy removal of icing. and the whole scene with Mrs cake and the cupcakes. he diddnt really like pinkie much (kinda unfair, she said about... four things) The only thing he really liked about Rarity was the couch. So, anyway. What have been people's inital reactions to pony?
  11. Discord vs Equestria. Awesome. What you could do (in theory at least) would be to get thick dowl (depending upon the size of the squares) and cut it so the hight showed what the peices were. Thin, checker like discs for pawns, thicker ones for knights, ect. Then you could put a small magnet (to stop the picture from sliding off) and use another section of dowl with a pic of the pony on top. So you have the actual playing piece, as well as a disc with the pony on top. If you do make this, Pictures?
  12. Cute, but quite sad... For some reason, I think that the ! should be a ?.
  13. I remember playing this... Here actually. It was quite good, yet it didn't quite feel finished. It seemed to be an intro to a larger game, almost as if apple bloom would go back into ponyville, hang around there for a bit before something darker. It really surprised me when it ended.
  14. hmmmm... 1pm est, America... 4:30, AM Australia... Even worse! Oh well...
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