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  1. lol thanks i'll keep that one in mind
  2. i think there is a little section where you can select a custom image when you're customizing your t-shirt, so i dunno, maybe you could make your own or something and then try and see if it works with the shirt
  3. Yeah it seems as though when we bend the man's rules a little, it gets into a horrible fit, and yet when women do it, its no big deal. but i guess everyone's opinion to their own. to reply to both of you i live in ottawa, i mean most of the time im driving and i dont go out much because im either at work trying to rack the number of hours and experience i need in my automotive service technician program, at home relaxing or trying to search for different career paths in my life. but yeah thank you very much for your replies i needed this, i think i will keep the shirt and wear it, i mean its not like it screams out pink, i mean sometimes i see guys wearing pink shirts, i don't judge them because i don't care. TBH if i saw someone wearing the same shirt as i bought i think i'd give them a high five or props to them.
  4. well i did get it because she is my fav. character and if you must know i am 21 yrs old so i dunno whats wrong with it, other than the fact its got a pink mane and tail which bothers me a little
  5. Hello every one, i would like to take a moment of your time and try to explain to you that i had bought a shirt from we love fine.com and its a fluttershy shirt heres the link http://www.welovefin...id_product=1401 and i would like the guys who are straight to give me a response to this If you're a straight guy and you got this shirt, would you wear it out in public ??? if you guys could give me a quick yes or no I would love that.
  6. thanks i'll add you as soon as possible
  7. thanks guys it means a lot, having some ponies coming by to greet me
  8. About myself.: About myself.:Hello I'm Matthew, 21 years old, and i work as an Automotive service tech apprentice,in Ottawa Ontario, but I plan to go in another direction after that I'm done with it How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: google How did you became a fan of FiM?: death battle: rainbow dash vs star scream My one favourite main cast pony?: Fluttershy About myself.: Hello I'm Matthew, 21 years old, and i work as an Automotive service tech apprentice,in Ottawa Ontario, but I plan to go in another direction after that I'm done with it i discovered this site, by searching for a forum about the show because I felt the need to talk to someone about the fact that i liked it and wanted to be part of the community. I love to play Team Fortress 2 (username: Rifleman005) The first time i got interested was not from the show itself, when I was on YouTube, they had a death battle between rainbow dash and star scream, but then I gave my heart away to Fluttershy on the first episode Fluttershy is best pony ^_^(she is so cute :3) So now that's out of the way I'd like to say it is an honour and privilege to be part of this brony community since the month of November, because it has helped me to smile more every day even though I never really talked to anyone or any pony, its really the kind of content and stuff people come up with. I still still love the show to this very day. by the way if anypony wants to add me on steam its rifleman005, i play tf2 mostly. Thanks
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