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  1. "Yes, we need to..." Luna began but soon realized that something was amiss of the night guard: he didn't know why she was there. It was true that the Princess was more often delving into the dreams of ponies at this time, so for a guard anything that deviated from the norm was see as questioning or worse, disturbing. Maybe he didn't have a part in the scandalous report. She needed to casual about this, especially given the fact of what she surmised about his feelings during night court. "This...might be a strange question, but trust me this does have some importance. Have you read the latest issue of Popular Ponies?"
  2. Sweet smiled, feeling glad that Timid had a comfortable trip to Canterlot. But what's this? It seemed that the colt was mentioning a lot about his companion, Silverbolt. Was the pony trying to play matchmaker? "Well, I'm glad that both of you made it here without any problems," Sweet said to both. "I am well. Timid has told me a lot about your fudge, Sweet. I am Silverbolt, I am a mailpony from Cloudsdale. My mother and I had been keeping an eye on him while he stayed in Ponyville.", he replied as he stepped forward with the cart. "I can help unpack if you'd like, Timid." "Well, I'm glad that you helped Timid by giving him a place to stay and helping him move. So you're a mailpony huh? I bet you have fun flying around delivering mail to everypony. I'd love to see Cloudsdale one day, once I figure out how to walk on clouds. Oh, let me help you get some suitcases in first, then I'll give you a little tour!"
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  4. I just responded with my post a few threads ago, so I'm waiting for a few more before I reply.
  5. *Squee* The foals are so cute!
  6. Like a blue tornado, Luna flew down the halls of the castle, checking every room for one pony. She never realized how big the castle was, having been accustomed to it over the years, until she had to actually look for somepony! It was like finding a needle in a haystack, something she remembered Applejack saying although finding it somehow funny. The princess even almost bowled a few guards over in the process trying to find Darkness. She was about to give up hope then the Princess of Night saw a pony clad in armor staring out a window at the night sky. Not wanting to disturb the guard if he was somepony else, Luna approached to make sure if it was indeed Darkness. With her suspicions confirmed, the Princess decided to make her introduction. "Darkness Night," she said sort of out of breath, "We need to talk."
  7. Princess Luna wasn't one to read the tabloids. To her it was some nosy ponies barging into the lives of celebrity ponies while trying to dig up any fascinating tidbits of these ponies. Most of them were articles about who a pony was seen going out on a date with or wedding details. True there were some cases that the paper wanted to did up some scandal on the royalty, but these were largely relegated to her sister, Princess Celestia. These were silly theories like Celestia gaining weight from eating cake or was with foal. These were usually for a good laugh and a barb from Luna. One evening, however, this changed. Luna's night shift was already underway but largely uneventful. She was about to attend to the dream realm when she saw the latest tabloid sitting on the table. There on the front cover was the title, "Princess Luna and Darkness: Secret Special Someponies? Is the Lunar Guard doing more than protecting the Princess?" "What is this?" the Princess said noting the two photos of her and Darkness with a heart behind it. She then remembered the time when the recruit confessed his love for her. While there were other ponies who have had a fleeting attraction towards her, Darkness's feelings seemed to be genuine. Time and royal duties, however, prevented her from getting to know the guard. but now somehow this fact was out there. "I must find this Darkness and see where this tabloid got this news from," she said and set forth to find the Lunar Guard.
  8. No sooner had she reached the door of the store, Sweet heard a soft knock at the door. Normally anypony wanting to come in and buy some candy would simply walk in, but this was different. It was as if somepony was wanting to visit her personally. Before she could open the door, she heard a familiar bark. "Timid!" Sweet Surprise said throwing open the door and giving the colt a big hug, "Great to see you again! How have you been? Was your trip fine? Oh, hi there Boney! Ready to have fun with Auntie Sweet?" In her joy, she almost forgot about the friend that Timid brought along, until she saw the pony with a cart full of luggage. "Oh, hi there! You must be Timid's friend. I'm Sweet Surprise, Canterlot's Candy Creator! How are you?"
  9. As my Sombra is approved, mind if we have him meet your Twilight? 

  10. "Something revive?" the large talking dog was the first to reply to Silverglade. The Peryton was still surprised to see that this creature was able to speak or even be allowed in a store. Maybe ponies in Ponyville were used to accepting more creatures in the world. The winged deer wondered if the dog was asking what he had to revive the sleeping pony or if he was asking what revive meant. "Yes, Revive, as in to return to a waking state?" Silverglade said in a low stoic tone, "And I do believe I can revive her." A newcomer joined the shop guests, this time a Qilin. She seemed to be a combination of pony and dragon, something the Peryton had yet to see from his homeland. "Also is she alright?" "That is what we are trying to ascertain. Also, I must say I haven't seen one in appearance as you where I am from. May I ask your name and if I be bold to ask what species you are? Also, you do not seem to be in the best of health either if I may say." Suddenly the sleeping pony in question woke up! And she wanted to draw the ponies, Peryton, griffon, Qilin, etc? "I never had somepony draw me before, but I suppose you can. Before that, are you alright? You were fast asleep in this shop." Well, hi there! Must be new here, I'd have certainly remembered someone good-looking as you." She said with a wink. "Don't you worry about Bunny Moon here, she's just pulled an all-nighter, is all." Before she could continue, yet another customer came in, equally exotic looking! And... in not so good a shape, either, hm. "Listen, Ah, didn't catch your name." Silverglade smiled a little. Ah flattery! It was hard to resist from a pretty store owner and for a Peryton who was skilled in attracting and convincing others. "I can say the same thing for you. I am glad to hear that Miss Moon is just suffering from lack of sleep. Ah yes, my name is Silverglade from the Velvet Strand. I myself am also an owner of a wine and juice shop as well as a winery. May I ask your name?" "Looks like she needs some food. Anyone got any to spare? And I've got nothing against you drawing me, go right ahead." "I brought some grapes from my winery for my travel here," the Peryton said looking at the starved Qilin and then back at the griffon, "Although I am not sure if that is of her diet." "Howdy there! Ain't seen you 'round these parts. Ah'm Applejack- pull up a seat an' have a drink, fella," "Greetings to you as well, Applejack. Yes, this is my first time in Ponyville. I'd be happy to join you for a drink once I attend to this emaciated... pony."
  11. Nah, it would ruin the magic too much if you see the ponies go to Burger King. Besides that, most human products like cars, food, and technology won't fit into the MLP world.
  12. ["Well, since you are making your way through the area,"] Jijing said as his emotions were calmed a little bit, ["maybe there is something we can do together. I have recently visited Ponyville after arriving here. It is a nice town. Reminds me of some of the villages back home. The ponies there are very nice, even though dark forces seem to be drawn to the town. Would you like to visit it?"]
  13. Sweet Surprise took a final look at the bedroom, making sure she had everything ready for the new roommate. It was strange for her to convert her former mentor, Mr. Cocoa's, bedroom into a guest room. Before that the earth pony rarely stepped into the room, keeping it like a shrine after the owner of the candy shop passed on. But now it was time for her to move on a little more. She accepted that Mr. Cocoa was gone and adapted to going from being an apprentice to an owner. Now she needed to let go of that room in favor of helping out a certain colt named Timid Star. Recently she heard that Timid was interested in studying magic in Canterlot after seeking advice from Princess Twilight. There was one problem: finding a place to stay. At first she was unsure that Sweet could have a roommate, especially one she knew only a little about, but she realized that this was a chance to make a friend and help a colt out. "I hope I'm doing the right thing, Mr. Cocoa," she said to the empty room, "but I think you'll be proud of me." She then made her way down the stairs and into the shop, waiting for her new roommate to arrive.
  14. The growing buzzing sound signaled the arrival of Scootaloo as she fast approached the train station. The filly loved going on field trips, anything to break up the monotony of the daily school life. Sure school was fun, but she wanted to see what was out there beyond Ponyville! And what better way to have fun than with her friends? After she got her cutie marks, life had been fairly routine with the exception of helping a few ponies discover more about their talents. Although she had been to Canterlot before, whether it was a field trip or tagging along with Rainbow Dash, she looked fowrard to a tour of the castle as there always seemed to be more to see. "Hi Apple Bloom, hi Sweetie Belle, hello Miss Cheerilee," she said getting off her scooter, "I can't wait to get this field trip started." The pegasus then spotted some other ponies arriving at the station. One was a colt named Timid Star, and the other was... Discord? He certainly didn't look like the draconesque that she encountered before but now as an odd looking colt. She wondered if she should alert the teacher that the Lord of Chaos was coming along for the trip.
  15. Ship it like an Amazon box!