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  1. Well, I would be interested in having Smoky deliver the Saddle Blasters to Luna ICly. Of course we've also got Rune Writer, and Shadow Scribe whom it could be interesting threading with your version of Twilight, or Luna. Furthermore, Nova Burst's friendship with Twilight, we could always use more RPs geared around that. Having Rune meet Ember seems like an interesting idea. 

  2. I unfollowed some threads that have been inactive for a while. If there are any I'm in that have restarted, please let me know! In addition, I'll be responding to the few that it's my turn soon. 

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      Probably this one...


  3. What type of RP would you like to do? 

    1. Novaburst


      Was thinking an RP on a Google Doc or Skype of some sort, or on Discord if that would be your personal preference. Either way, I'll leave it up to you. 

    2. Lux


      Actually, I prefer RPing here as it helps me keep track when things are on one site. 

  4. I loved it! It'd definitely one of my favorites of the season if not the series. I always wanted to see more of how the Princesses interact with each other when not attending to their royal duties in the public. Seeing them behave like... well... sisters and seeing their flaws really added some extra to their personalities. Twilight panicking about Starlight's quest was also funny.
  5. Can we please RP? 

  6. Hello all! Yes, I'm still here. The past few months have been hectic with my current job, and now I'm about to transition towards a new job of working in a library. Yay! This also means a (hopefully) less erratic schedule. 

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      Yay~!  Hope you enjoy your new job :) Libraries are as cool as they are full of knowledge.   

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      Yep, I'll be a regular Twilight Sparkle now that I'll be working in a library! I just have to figure out the whole telekinesis and teleportation part...

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      Can't wait for you to get the new job. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. 

  7. It didn't take a genius to see that Darkness had feelings for Princess Luna. The Princess during her lifetime did have many a pony who doted on her, some of which who were enthralled with her beauty, some who desired power by being with her, and a few ponies who were truly in love with her. Looking at the Lunar Guard and listening to what he had to say, she could tell that he truly cared for her enough to become a guard. "A-and as far as I remember, the only ones that know my feelings towards you are both of us... I never talked to another guard about this..." She paused for a moment after taking all in that she said. Finally she breathed in and said, "I see. You must understand that I have had many who have claimed to love me in my lifetime. Some were genuine, others were not. I do thank you for your honesty, and I must say I am flattered by your admission. It has been a while since I had somepony express their feelings towards me. I also do believe that you said nothing to your fellow guards, which leads me to believe that somepony was snooping and saw you speaking with me and surmised that we were together. Before you truly say that you love me, you must understand that love requires time for us to get to know each other more as friends before I can commit in my heart. Is this something that you could accept?"
  8. And now the truth had been revealed to Darkness as his eyes went wide with horror as he saw the cover. Then his face turned from grey to red. Interestingly, though, it was his eyes that seemed somehow accepting of this truth, like he wanted what was on the front cover of the tabloid to happen. "How... how did this happened?" "That is why I came to meet you, yet you seem to be just as in the dark as I am. What matters is that somepony either concocted this allegation from their mind or you made an off hoof comment that somepony took and ran with it all the way to the paper. So tell me first, how long have you had these feelings towards me, and was you goal to becoming a Lunar Guard to bring yourself closer to me?"
  9. "You are both too kind, that you are." Hoof met hoof and was followed by a shake, "It is nice to meet you, Applejack. You as well, winged cervine. My name is Hanari Rua... and I am not emaciated. Just... tired is all. That I am." "Ah, I see. I can tell that you must have traveled far to be tired, that or lack of sleep. And yes, I am a winger cervine, or more specifically what is called a Peryton. I assume you haven't seen any of my kind just as I haven't seen your kind. We as Peryton do tend to remain near the Velvet Strand although some do travel." Silverglade noticed that Rua was not keen on having the drawing taken of her., opting to position herself behind thee large dog. "Do not be ashamed of how you look. After all, this is not meant to be some formal portrait, just for leisure." Silver was interested in seeing how this portrait would turn out, but just as soon as she got started, Bunny once again fell asleep, this time into the picture itself! The Peryton looked in horror at the sleeping Pegasus, wondering how embarrassed she will feel ruining her picture. He wondered how she could accomplish anything if she fell asleep after just a few minutes. His thoughts, however, turned to the owner of the shop. "So, Silverglade, was it? Can't say I've sampled your wares yet; were ya thinking of branching out in distribution?" "Ah, well that is understandable. My wines and juices typically remain within the Velvet Strand and into the... resort spas." He paused as if choking on the words of the phrase "resort spas." While without them the Peryton wouldn't make ends meet, he didn't like the fact that these spas were infringing upon the natural beauty of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes. To him those that frequented the spas were known to be from the city and knew nothing about wild untamed beauty besides it being "pretty." Still there was hope that the visitors could learn about nature beyond the hot springs, massage parlors, and beauty salons. "As to your question Berry Punch, yes, I believe that I can now expand my business beyond the borders of the lakes. Perhaps not larger places such as Canterlot or Manehattan, but maybe someplace smaller like here. I have brought with me a sample of my "Wares" as you say in my bag, namely one of my white wines, if you're interested in trying it. I also brought a sample of the water from the Velvet Strand which I must say is the secret to all drinks." "Ah haven't seen somedeer from tha Velvet Strand in a long while. How's it going up thar?" "Yes, well, many keep to the area around the lakes. As to how things are, thing are as they should be: quiet, peaceful, and serene."
  10. Mostly I collect custom made figures. These include: Scootaloo, Zecora, and Luna (3 of them, a normal size, a smaller one, and a tiny Luna resting on blue cupcake!) Beyond that, I do have a large custom Luna plush (about two feet tall from hooves to horn), some art prints, and MLP books.
  11. Darkness Knight clearly seemed baffled at Luna's strange question. For a moment though he seemed to be lost looking at her before finally snapping out of it. "Um, alright Princess... I had never read that magazine before, and neither the lates issue. I am not interested in thay kind of things, honestly. Why do you ask?" Does it has something to do with what you wanted to ask me?" Luna was partly happy that the guard didn't see the newspaper, but now came the hard part. There was no use waving off the issue or making light of it as he was bound to know soon after. With a sigh and a flicker of her horn, the Alicorn produced the newspaper from thin air and levitated it in front off the guard. "I thought you should see this first before you see it tomorrors or worse your fellow guards let you know. Read if you wish, but I think the cover says it all."
  12. The coach ride to the party was without incident if not memorable by the lights and music. Twilight couldn't help but giggle as Pinkie critiqued the party coach, perhaps even adding more ideas to her repertoire. Finally they went inside the manor and saw some very interesting events. There were foals chasing balloon animals, earth ponies floating into the air, and the voice of guests from the inside. "Hmm... very interesting magic going on here. It seems that the host in really into playing pranks on ponies." She made her way into the actual manor house, only to find another surprise. Or, in this case a new person. "Discord? You were invited to this party, too? Why am I not surprised seeing what the host likes to do?"
  13. Scootaloo was about to board with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle when she spotted two of her classmates, Snips and Snails. The two colt certainly weren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and today was no different as the two commented on their latest blunder. Did they really try experimenting with fireworks? "Were you two seriously playing with fireworks? I know us Crusaders did some daring things like rock climbing or zip lining, but nothing dangerous like that!" Thought she wouldn't admit it, the filly did find the idea awesome! She could picture her riding her scooter over a jump with rockets going off behind her. That would a neat show! Her thoughts were instantly shifted to the colt Discord who was playing the role of the annoying colt. “Who’s that?” He would ask of Timid. “Are we going?” He added. “When’s lunch.” Ah the spirit of chaos. “I’m bored.” "Uh... that's Timid Star, we're going to Canterlot, lunch is...sometime. As for being bored...can't help you with that. You could try to...count the number of ponies you see out the window while we're heading to Canterlot?" She knew the Spirit of Chaos wouldn't buy it, but what could she do? Besides she knew his form of "entertainment" was turning trees into cotton candy and causing houses to fly! No matter, now there were more ponies to greet. "Hi Wind Walker, Hi Bebop," she said before pausing with the colt that accompanied Bebop, "Err... hi Bebop's friend?" "Hey there Scootaloo! I'm super excited for today!" She glanced at her flank. "Aw, if we didn't have these marks we could spend the whole field trip trying to discover if we were supposed to be historians, or archaeologists, or something." "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing today," she said looking at her own newly-minted mark, "So much time spent trying out new things. Well, now we earned time to just have fun! Who knows, maybe we'll find a pony in the castle that needs our help finding their meaning behind their mark."
  14. "Yes, we need to..." Luna began but soon realized that something was amiss of the night guard: he didn't know why she was there. It was true that the Princess was more often delving into the dreams of ponies at this time, so for a guard anything that deviated from the norm was see as questioning or worse, disturbing. Maybe he didn't have a part in the scandalous report. She needed to casual about this, especially given the fact of what she surmised about his feelings during night court. "This...might be a strange question, but trust me this does have some importance. Have you read the latest issue of Popular Ponies?"
  15. Sweet smiled, feeling glad that Timid had a comfortable trip to Canterlot. But what's this? It seemed that the colt was mentioning a lot about his companion, Silverbolt. Was the pony trying to play matchmaker? "Well, I'm glad that both of you made it here without any problems," Sweet said to both. "I am well. Timid has told me a lot about your fudge, Sweet. I am Silverbolt, I am a mailpony from Cloudsdale. My mother and I had been keeping an eye on him while he stayed in Ponyville.", he replied as he stepped forward with the cart. "I can help unpack if you'd like, Timid." "Well, I'm glad that you helped Timid by giving him a place to stay and helping him move. So you're a mailpony huh? I bet you have fun flying around delivering mail to everypony. I'd love to see Cloudsdale one day, once I figure out how to walk on clouds. Oh, let me help you get some suitcases in first, then I'll give you a little tour!"