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  1. Wracking my brain for what to draw for Halloween...I mean Nightmare Nights. Maybe Luna dressing up as Celestia and vice versa? Or maybe Lore Weaver and Twilight? Too many choices! 

  2. As a Lunar Guard, Night Watcher would be very excited to have a much needed R&R, but also to be on her guard in case there is any Changeling funny business!
  3. Just Watched episodes 24, 25, and 26. Uncommon Bonds was an amazing one about friends' differing interests. As for the Season finale, I'm not going to spoil it, but it really tied up lots of the lore we saw in the season. Great ending to the season! 

  4. (Sigh) So, I heard two MLP conventions are celebrating their final cons: EQLA and Nightmare Night: Dallas. Shame when the conventions start to go away. Hopefully this isn't a continuing trend. 

    1. tacobob


      Hopefully new cons will arise from the ashes of the old ones.

  5. Thanks for following me! 

  6. [Open] A real headcase.

    "Actually I was about to head to the library to browse citizen archived letters. It is a situation of utmost importance, and I'm sure even if they are restricted, I can persuade the appropriate authority of the need." It was funny how coincidences happened. Lore Weaver knew it all too well. It wasn't long ago that upon meeting a future Princess of Friendship and after a tragedy that rocked his life and others in Ponyville that led to him being a librarian in the first place. Maybe certain coincidences were more like fate. Maybe talking to this pony would be another one of these cases. "Utmost importance, huh? Well, I'm not sure how many letters are archived. Usually those are just from ponies who wish them to be stored for a later date when they complete some autobiography or memoir, or they want to pass along their knowledge or way of life in the past. May I ask what this utmost importance is?" While this pony's quest intrigued him, Lore certainly didn't want to ignore the dragon. He was surprised how Kobo was not seen by the unicorn since then. Ponyville after all wasn't as big as say Canterlot and most ponies knew each other's names. That and the fact that seeing a dragon in a sea of ponies would be a red flag. "Ah've lived here for a fair bit mahself, Lore. Ah'm more lost on what ta do at the moment, Ah got no work ta do right now." The little dragon shrugged. "Nice ta meet ya'll though." "Wait, if you're lost on what to do, would you like to help me help Lensblot with his request? Two heads are better than one."
  7. Lux's Gallery

    Welcome to my gallery! This will include both mane cast and OOC art.
  8. Capper

    From the album Lux's Gallery

    Finally got to draw the lovable yet sly cat from beyond Equestria. I only wish we got to spend a little more time with him. Capper belongs to Hasbro.
  9. Working on my Capper art. Will post soon! 

  10. [Open] A real headcase.

    I was another great in Ponyville as Lore Weaver, the Royal Ponyville Library's resident librarian, was on his way to lunch. Thing had been fairly routine for the unicorn now that he got his new job, well... other than that little confession he said to Princess Twilight. But no harm no foul. As he made his way to the market, the stallion saw something unique: a dragon. Ok, so maybe not that unique as Lore was accustomed to seeing Spike around the castle and library. And there was also that Princess dragon who came to Ponyville a short time ago. This one looked like he was unsure of himself wandering aimlessly around the street. The dragon was soon accompanied by a pony, one Lore wasn't quite sure was a mare or a stallion at first glance. As the unicorn moved in closer, his ears perked up hearing that the dragon was lost. "Hello there," Lore said approaching the two, "Kojo, was it? I'm Lore Weaver, Ponyville's librarian. You look a little lost. I've been living for for a couple years now in this town. Need help finding somewhere or someone?" Not wanting to snub the pony wearing the sunglasses, Lore took a chance on this one's gender and said, "Hello...sir. Are you lost, too?"
  11. The My Little Pony Movie (Spoilers)

    Yeah, those two are good ones. I typically recommend Winter Wrap Up as that was the first episode I watched of MLP and one that gives the viewer a good idea of all the characters' personalities even if they never saw another episode.
  12. The My Little Pony Movie (Spoilers)

    Well, I heard that the staff will be exploring the characters and places from the Movie in Season 8. I think I heard that this movie takes place between Seasons Seven and Eight. Funny you should mention bringing newbies to the movie, I went to see the movie with a few of my best friends who are also bronies. My one friend's boyfriend isn't a Brony.... yet (*maniacal laughter*), but he knows a little about the show. He was actually impressed by the movie and is excited to learn more about the ponies.
  13. One more thing! I drew Tempest Shadow! Next will probably be Capper. 

  14. Tempest Shadow

    From the album Lux's Gallery

    Here she is, the stoic unicorn with the broken horn herself, Tempest Shadow, from the MLP Movie!
  15. If anypony is planning to apply for Tempest Shadow from the Movie, I'd be more than willing to RP with Tempest as Twilight!

    1. Dubstep


      @Dusty actually has an accepted Tempest! =3

    2. Lux


      Yay! *starts dusting off my Twi App*