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  1. More Sake, More Happy?
  2. (Sigh) Looks like Duo Cartoonist (one of my favorite video creators of the fandom) has decided not to continue with making pony videos, even going as far as to stop production of their current pony video. The reason for this is that fanart is stiffing their need to grow. Sad time, but I understand. 

  3. I'm game to add Scootaloo into the mix!
  4. Thanks! I studied a screenshot of the game to try and get the feel of the old animation studio.
  5. Twilight Sparkle stepped onto the train platform, studying the party invitation one last time as she waited for her friend Pinkie Pie to make her exit. Before this she didn't know much about this Firestorm, only that he was a retired soldier with some considerable renown and also wealthy. Delving further into her research (because how was one to converse with somepony that she knew little about?), she found that he had an interest in magical artifacts. This peaked her attention, wondering what they were, how he found them, and if the old unicorn used them or simply collected them. No doubt that was why he invited her to this party as the Princess had quite a few magical artifacts from harmless to very dangerous in her collection. The idea of meeting a new pony and taking time out of her schedule to attend a party also interested her. "Pinkie, are you almost ready?" she said calling back to the inside of the train car as the last few ponies began to empty out of it.
  6. Waring: staring at my latest art for extended periods of time may cause nightmares and fear of cartoon characters coming to life with evil intentions! 

  7. From the album Lux's Gallery

    The creator had one Goal: to bring one of their pony creations to life and make their dreams come true. But something went wrong in the old animation studio, and now the creation is a twisted mockery of its former self! Can you build the ink Machine and survive? Bendy and the ink Machine belongs to The Meatly Games. First time creating a horror based pony. I have to say even this one kind of creeps me out!
  8. Interesting revelation I found. It seems that when I draw a character from MLP in an Anthro form it might be too niche. Some MLP fans don't like Anthro art and some Anthro fans don't like MLP. I think that art style is trying to do too much. Perhaps I'll just keep Anthro and MLP separate.

  9. From the moment he set his hooves in Ponyville, Silverglade felt that this was a bad idea. He missed the peace and quiet of his home in the Velvet Strand. Back home he felt a sense of purpose, even power. Here in Ponyville he was simply a visitor, a word that made him cringe as he knew that while visitors to the Great Nimbusgait Lakes were needed to sustain his way of life many had little regard for keeping the natural settings pristine. But even the bountiful island he lived on didn't provide everything he needed, so her had to seek out places like Ponyville to gather the necessary supplies. There was another reason for his trip today, not for things but whispers of a wine shop in Ponyville. Was the shop merely a place where it was sold, or did the owner actually make wine? This could mean the difference between partner or competitor. For that reason, Silverglade decided to make his presence and profession known by adorning himself with long coils of grape vines wrapping around his body and legs and a crown made of smaller more bendable grape vines. "Let's see what you offer," Silver said in his stoic tone as he entered the shop. Already there was a motley assortment of patrons there and... why was there a mare asleep on a cloud? Was that a very large dog that could talk asking for juice? "Is the pony who is asleep ok?" he said to the nearest guest by the door, "I might have something to revive her."
  10. Hmm... looks like this is still in mod review...
  11. From the album Lux's Gallery

    This pretty pony just popped into my mind, and I knew I had to draw her! It was largely a way to test drawing anatomy, pose, and expression as well as keeping my drawing of ponies fresh. I also wanted to make her colors like candy floss or cotton candy, as well as her flowing mane and tail. As for her backstory, I can see this friendly, energetic, and sometimes flirty pony owning a store like Sugar Cube Corner with the twist of hosting date nights to bring ponies together. Maybe one day she will find her special somepony...Sweet Heart is my original character.
  12. “Either way, it would be worth investigating. We can start our search down this gallery and work our way down the other tunnels if necessary.” "Agreed. We have to start our search somewhere." "They have a mole." Squall growled. "WRAITH has a mole in Neighpon government." "All the more reason why WRAITH was able to find the location of the Door so easily. It's too late to deal with the mole right now. What matters is the Door and pathfinder." With the exit marked thanks to ice Storm and the path chosen, Rubble led the team down the path. Night took to the air, navigating the tunnel so as not to add the sound of her hooves against the stone. Now she and Dunder would take the air, and the others would have the ground. “Shh,” he whispered. “I think I hear someone talking in the next chamber.” "I can't make out what they're saying, but we're not alone. It sounds like there is some kind of conversation. Everypony stay close and move as silent forward as possible. Rubble, since you're in the lead, the moment you see anypony in the distance, raise your hoof and that will be a signal for us to halt. We need to find out who these ponies are and their plans before we decide what to do."
  13. From the album Lux's Gallery

    I decided to give my Aerion (Bat Pony) character a little makeover.
  14. Thinking about giving my Metal singer Aerion, Nocturnal Melody, a little upgrade in design, including a new mane, tail and eye color. Expect an updated picture soon! 

  15. Fire Heart opened the door leading to the main room and peered in briefly to see all who would attend. There certainly was a large group of ponies there from Ice Storm's mom to Princess Twilight Sparkle to even Discord? Well, as long as he didn't cause any chaos he was more than welcome to stay. But the red unicorn's eyes were fixed upon Ice Storm who was in the midst of talking to a few guests. She looked so beautiful standing there in her gown, but she also looked just as nervous as Fire was. This was a big step for both of them, one filled with joy and being anxious in the unknown. But she had friends, just like Fire did, and of course they had each other. "I'm ready for this."