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  1. In Silva, Venandi [PM for Invite]

    "A Clockmaker, a Botanist, a former Marine now a fashion disaster, a forest ranger," the black mare said as if taking a mental note, "You're right, the ponies all are different save for that they are unicorns. It seems as this Beast bounces around from area to area. Hmm... My only question is: was there anything left of the ponies that disappeared, like a book, camera, etc." "You know Night, when I was given this assignment I wondered. 'Why EPIC?'. There is apparently some agency - just as secret as ours - that deal exclusively with monsters and that kind of the beasts, so what was the point? But now it's makes. There is a pattern here. That all the devoured animal were pets. That missing ponies are unicorns. We just can't see 'Why's' of the logic behind this yet. The higher ups apparently came to the same conclusion. I have suspicions that the orders came from the very top." orange stallion mused to Night. In this case 'very top' could only mean one of the four Princesses (The fifth one being too young to write, much less getting involved in conspiracies.). "Which is why I requested a backup. A non-unicorn one at that seeing what already has happened. I believe nothing further could be gained by investigating from here. Which is why our destination is Everfree." "Well, I would agree that since there are so many ponies disappearing this goes beyond simply a creature who is unknown. I wonder if this is maybe two things happening at once. What if there is indeed a creature eating wayward pets, but then you have something or somepony that is capturing unicorns? I agree that nothing else can be discovered here, so the Everfree it is. We should go to the freshest area of a pony captured. Maybe there won't be this Beast but we can at least see the area. What do you think?"
  2. As Fire welcomed the barrage of hugs and kisses, she saw the surprised look on her wife's face when Fire asked about the orbs. It was if the red unicorn was supposed to know. Then Ice explained how they were from Swift and that Fire helped gather the aura. "Right, I remember now! I knew that Swift wanted your aura for some present, but I didn't know what it was." It was then that Ice prsented her gift, a necklace fit for a Princess that looked liked Fire's cutie Mark. "Oh Ice! It's beautiful! You know, great minds do think alike when you see my gift for you." The gift for Ice Storm was similar necklace, one of her cutie Mark in a perfectly cut sapphire surrounded by red gems. The chain of white gold was accented by rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.
  3. Fire's ears perked up as she heard a familiar voice at the entrance to her home. She turned to see her wife standing there after her party with some very strange items around her. Those definitely weren't with her when she left for her party. "Ice!" she said wrapping her wife in an embrace, "Glad to see you're back! How was the party...err...and what are those orbs?"
  4. Hearth's Warming Eve was in full swing, and Fire Heart couldn't wait! Despite her fire magic making extreme cold feel uncomfortable, she always loved the way Canterlot looked with the boughs of pine trees, the decorated trees and all the holiday cheer. She mused how just a short time ago around Hearth's Warming Eve she almost lost her life but instead found her future love of her life. Now she was ready to spend the holiday with Ice Storm. She rushed to their home above the shaved ice shop, one that during the holiday sold hot chocolate provided by the red unicorn. Tonight the shop was closed for the holidays. "I hope that Ice gets here soon."
  5. Wishing all a happy holiday season and a happy New year!

  6. “Hello there, is something wrong?” He asked as he approached the filly. “If you are looking for something to do, you could go talk with my sister, she’s right over there. Her name is Kaze.” He added, pointing out Kaze for her. "Huh," Snow Dancer said as the unfamiliar voice shook her from her watching the ponies dance, "Oh, your sister? Sure, I'll go talk to her. didn't get your name." She was about to wander over to said filly when she saw Princess Celestia appear and offer her a kirin statue. Snow was about to go back to looking around when she heard another voice. "A snowdrop is a very interesting gift !" she stated to the mare, "A rare plant that blooms even in snow ? That could be the coolest thing ever to a foal that loves plants ! You might hear the 'squeee !!' for miles around !" "Thank you. Yes, Snowdrops are very special. I think this is only the fifth one I've seen. I do hope that somepony will like it."
  7. "Ah, yes, happy Hearthswarming! Welcome, do partake of a few refreshments, and don't forget your donations!" "Oh, sorry about the snow sir. I hope you're not allergic to it, otherwise this winter might be a problem for you. Oh, right, the donation!" It was then that he mentioned a donation. Although she wasn't prepared for it, there was something that the filly had for the donation. It was a rather interesting white flower in a pot that was painted blue with snowflakes. It was a snowdrop, a flower that bloomed even in the winter. She flew over and placed her present on the table. At last the music was warming up as ponies began to take their place and partnering up. While she did like dancing, Snow Dancer usually did so by herself. The trouble was that there weren't any colts or fillies for that matter. "Hmm...who do I dance with?"
  8. Going to be delayed posting until Monday due to a busy weekend. Sorry about the delay.

  9. Lux's Gallery

    Welcome to my gallery! This will include both mane cast and OOC art.
  10. So my scanner broke. I don't know if it is the AC plug or the scanner itself, but for now I can't scan any art I drew. I'm going to try if I can to draw directly on the art program. 

  11. Hearth'e Warming was here! Glorious Hearth's Warming! This was by far the favorite holiday of Snow Dancer, a perfect start to the winter season. While years before she could only go to events at her home in Cloudsdale the older filly now was able to travel to other cities. This year she was able to fly to Canterlot for something truly special, a party in the castle! She flew among the clouds gathering droplets of water on her body that froze on contact, before diving down to the castle. As she made her landing, she circled the area in the front of the castle creating a little snowy contrail behind her. Soon the doors were open as she flew low inside bringing in the snowy trail behind her. "Hi everypony!" she said as the icy drops slowly melted from her body, "and happy Hearth's Warming Eve!"
  12. “No one ordered it. I made a terrible mistake! Uggh. Such a simple one, too. I think it is just visual. I think,” Lore Weaver had known Twilight enough over the years when she was about to reach her breaking point. True the stallion did work for her, but over time their relationship blossomed into a friendship. So when he saw her nervously downing egg nog, it was time to say something. Lore, of course, had to choose his words wisely. "Twilight, relax. Nopony was harmed, and nothing was damaged. Maybe some were surprised, but that's not a bad thing, right? Magic can go haywire, we both know this. I think every unicorn has this happen to them. I once pushed a cart full of books too hard it almost took out a bookshelf had I not quickly stopped it. You may be the most magical pony I met, but you're still a pony, and we're not flawless. I'm going to go put my ornament on the tree and say hello to some of the guests. If you need anything, just let me know." Lore Weaver trotted over to the massive tree and got his ornament out. Like his profession and part of his cutie mark, this ornament was an open book about the size of a paperback one. But the ornament was special as it was enchanted. Anypony who walked by it would see a different inspiring quote appear on it's "pages" so that each pony could get a different quote. As he chose a branch to hang it so it was eye level with most ponies, he happened to see a stallion nearby place a tomato shaped ornament on the tree. Although he couldn't hear what was said the stallion was crying. "That ornament must remind you of somepony special, huh? I'm sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but see you were crying. I'm Lore Weaver, what's your name?"
  13. Dear Princess Celestia... I learned reading the prompt for a thread is very important. Also, posting on a smart phone isn't very smart. 

  14. Hey Luxy, just an FYI: The Princesses are in the town square/town hall area, not the castle.:)

    1. Lux


      Ah, oops! 


      Mmkay, I'll alter it.

  15. Hearth's Warming preparations were in full swing as Lore Weaver exited the castle to take in the festivities. Hearth's Warming was always a wonderful time for the unicorn. He remembered his foalhood in Canterlot and the magic of the season there. Even though he is a stallion and moved to Ponyville that magic still remained strong! "Everything is looking so great!" Lore said as his eyes panned across the area near the castle entrance, "I can't wait to check out the square! Maybe the ponies there can use my help." He was about to reach the square when suddenly a magic blast struck him! "Huh...wha? What was that?" Lore said looking around. Being a unicorn, he was used to sensing magic, and this was something big! "I feel fine...I think," Lore said moving around a little, "but where did that magic come from?" Entering the square she saw Princess Luna and Twilight among many other ponies helping to decorate. "Hello Princess Luna, Hello Twilight ," Lore said giving a slight bow before noticing that something was different, "You two look...sparkly. Did this have to do with that magical blast I felt a short time ago?"