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  1. From the album Lux's Gallery

    Special eclipse edition for the recent Solar Eclipse.
  2. Warning: The Eclipse is a lie. Nightmare Moon is coming! 

    1. tacobob
    2. Corsair


      Nightmare Moon sucks!  We were supposed to have like a 90% eclipse here...  and the sky didn't even get dark.

  3. So, I've been trying to upload a new art piece, but I keep getting this message: 




    The Request could not be satisfied.

    CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection. 

    1. Bellosh


      Try renaming your image file? Maybe that will help.

    2. Lux
  4. From the album Lux's Gallery

    Just a cute picture of Princess Luna walking in the moonlight.What is she looking back at? Perhaps another pony that came to accompany her.
  5. Watermelon Gush checked to make sure everything was ready. Recently the young mare, with the help of her parents, built an extension on their fruit stand by their farm with the purpose of selling something that Watermelon thought would really put the farm on the map: making fruit smoothies. Sure places like Canerlot and Ponyville had these stands, but not in Solstice Heights, and not made by her. It was a simple plan: ponies would choose which smoothie type they wanted. It was a good idea, but she hoped this would go beyond merely an idea and into something that could work for the farm. With everything ready it was time to test her strategy. "The Bountiful Farm Fruit Juice and Smoothie Stand is now open!" she said to the guests arriving at the farm.
  6. From the album Lux's Gallery

    Yep, she's back! The spunky watermelon hued filly has grown into a young mare over the years and now is active in running her family's fruit farm (say that three times fast!) Yet the mare still keeps her youthful energy and love of adventure as well as the desire to try new things.
  7. This was one of the best episodes this season created. While it was heavily influenced by Romeo and Juliet (which being a Shakespeare fan I don't mind), it had an interesting twist of the Apple siblings traveling to different ponies to learn the origins of their parents meeting and falling in love. The song that Bright Mac sang to Pear Butter. Very cute. The way the ending was wrapped up between the Apples and Pears was very touching as well. While we didn't get to answer what happened to AJ and Co's parents after Big Mac, AJ, and Apple Bloom were born, we at least get to see them and how they became a family.
  8. Hello all! So, I finally got to seeing an MLP episode, and this one was fun! It was neat seeing several of the Brony fandom's questions being represented by the readers of the journals. This was also a great example of "the road to hell paved with good intentions." It was also interesting how each pony had their own special type of criticism from being followed like a celebrity, to being criticized, to being given harsh comments. In the end though I liked ho despite the criticism floating around, it took some positive examples to set the Mane Six's mind at ease. I also liked that ultimately the episode had no resolution with the hordes of ponies outside the castle. This was important because just like this episode there will always be those that look at something from a skewed angle or try to criticize it, and there's no quick fix to turn their perception towards yours. Two little witty things I learned that relate to this episode: Trying to understand people (or ponies) and their intentions is like trying to smell the number yellow. I also watched a psychologist who offered the 18, 40, 60 rule. It states that at 18 you are worried what people think of you. At 40, you don't care what people think of you. And at 60, you realize that people haven't been caring about all along and are concerned with their own lives. ~Lux
  9. Hello all! I felt it was time to dust off this blog, because just like the Friendship Journal in "Fame and Misfortune" this one is probably falling apart! So this blog is going to hopefully answer the burning question: "Lux, where are you?" To answer this I'm going to have to do some time magic here... Flash back to 2012. This was the time that I fully considered myself as a Brony and joined this site. If you were to put me on a scale of 1 through 10 with 1 being not interested at all in MLP and 10 being that my life was devoted to MLP and nothing much else, in 2012 I would put myself at an 8. True, i had other interests, but at the time I was really devoted to the fandom. I was writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, role playing, creating my own pony OCs, and even attending a few pony conventions. Now let's move forward to 2015. If I were to put myself on the scale again, I'd be a 4. Why the drop? Well, it was a couple of things: A waning interest in MLP. It wasn't that I gave up on it, but there were other interests in my life that appeared, which meant my interest dropped a little. Lack of time due to my former job. I worked retail up until a few months ago, so my schedule was very unpredictable. This meant that I couldn't devote as much time as I wanted to on things like art, role playing, writing fan fiction, etc. This wasn't just MLP but all aspects of my creative life. I look back at how much non-MLP art I drew in 2014 and then at 2015 and 2016 and saw how little I did. Lack of role playing. Now, I'm not putting the blame on anypony here, but the truth was that many of the threads I was in suddenly died out. This, combined with not coming up with threads on my own, led to me dropping much of my presence here. So, now we go back to the present, and after a little hiatus, I'm happy to say that I'm getting back into MLP. I'm now back at a 6 or so on the scale. Will I ever get back to the level I was when I started? Probably not. Things change and so do interests. But what I'm planning on doing is the following: Restarting drawing MLP canon and OC characters. Getting back into Role Playing. Ok, so I'll still keep many of my characters under the Hiatus status, but there will be some of the more popular characters like Lore Weaver, Fire Heart, Watermelon Gush, and others who are going to host their own threads. As for fan fiction, I'm in the process of finishing my recent story. What's going to happen in the future? Well, I don't have any ideas yet, but who knows? So there you go. I'm back in some fashion, and look forward to more fun.
  10. Love the design!
  11. Well, I would be interested in having Smoky deliver the Saddle Blasters to Luna ICly. Of course we've also got Rune Writer, and Shadow Scribe whom it could be interesting threading with your version of Twilight, or Luna. Furthermore, Nova Burst's friendship with Twilight, we could always use more RPs geared around that. Having Rune meet Ember seems like an interesting idea. 

  12. I unfollowed some threads that have been inactive for a while. If there are any I'm in that have restarted, please let me know! In addition, I'll be responding to the few that it's my turn soon. 

    1. tacobob


      Probably this one...


  13. What type of RP would you like to do? 

    1. Novaburst


      Was thinking an RP on a Google Doc or Skype of some sort, or on Discord if that would be your personal preference. Either way, I'll leave it up to you. 

    2. Lux


      Actually, I prefer RPing here as it helps me keep track when things are on one site. 

  14. I loved it! It'd definitely one of my favorites of the season if not the series. I always wanted to see more of how the Princesses interact with each other when not attending to their royal duties in the public. Seeing them behave like... well... sisters and seeing their flaws really added some extra to their personalities. Twilight panicking about Starlight's quest was also funny.
  15. Can we please RP?