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  1. Would the word Lux be considered a proper pony name? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ciraxis


      I don't know about the pony, but it sure is appropriate for a Cannon!

    3. Lux


      Nice MtG reference, Ciraxis! 


      So, my idea (tentatively) is to introduce my new ponysona as an OC. I see Lux as a Dr. Strange kind of character, studying magic while protecting the world from dangerous magical artifacts and creatures. 

    4. Ciraxis


      Than he should have Age of Heroes counterpart as well. It seems appropriate.

  2. So, with making podcasts/ videos, is a gaming headphone like say one by Turtle Beach a good option?

    1. starswirlthebearded


      Turtle beach is never a good option. Honestly I'd just get a Blue Snowball, and use your speakers or the headphones you already have. 

    2. Dio


      Please for the love of Celestia do not use Turtle Beach. They are awful all around in both build and sound quality. Blue microphones are excellent mics for their price point if you are planning on getting more serious, but in a pinch just using your webcam microphone and cheap headphones are sufficient.

    3. Lux


      Wow... never thought Turtle Beach was a bad brand. I'll have to look into Blue Snowball. 


  3. Mind Iming me on Skype? I've got a few chars we could discuss meeting yours. 

  4. Ok. So I did try accessing the Display Settings first before researching the graphics card. There isn't a Duplicate Displays option in the Display area (Advanced or Basic Settings), Only Extend Displays, Show on 1, and Show on 2. The reason why I mentioned the graphics card was because after doing a little research I noticed some responses were mentioning a graphics card. As for the monitor, it's a Samsung SyncMaster SA200 that uses a VGA cable that is connected to a docking station (which is what I've had configured before the update.) I was able to duplicate the displays before this recent update, but not that option is not being given.
  5. Intel HD Graphics Processor 3000. I tried updating it with the newest version of an Intel graphics processor, but it gave me a message saying that it didn't meet the minimum requirements. This is odd considering my computer is from 2011 and has over 600GB of internal memory left. The processor is also still fine. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong update? This is the first time I needed to update a graphics processor.
  6. MMkay. I have an Intel graphics driver. After trying the recent version, it said that it did not have the minimum requirements. So, I'm trying the next recent one.
  7. Hello all! I need help from those technologically inclined that have and are familiar with Windows 10. I have a laptop which is connected to a larger monitor because I need a larger screen for drawing, watching videos, etc. Recently, I had a Windows 10 update which removed the option to duplicate the displays. Recently I reinstalled a software called Display Link Core which was lost during the update, thinking this was the issue, but so far the duplicate option hasn't been presented. I might try to restart my computer in case that is needed. Is there some way I can get the Duplicate Display option in my settings again that does not involve reverting my updates or going too in depth into the system (a.k.a. I'm not very tech inclined beyond setting up devices and updating basic settings? Thanks! Lux
  8. Beautiful art! Love the expressions and emotion with it! And I get to see how Swift looks!
  9. Just started a new fanfiction, "The Thirty-Moon Roommate." It's a Second Person Romance Human story involving Twilight and some others. Warning: it is PG-13. Read it here:


    1. tacobob


      Wooh! Saucy Horse!


      Will check it out. <3

    2. Lux


      Saucy yes, but not NSFW (not safe for work). 

  10. Fire Heart was nervous...no...more than nervous. In fact she had never been more nervous in her life, definitely more than when she completed her final exams at Celestia's School or meeting Twilight Sparkle for a special private lesson. She didn't know why she was so anxious, shuffling her hooves in the preparation room. After all, this is what she always dreamed of and what she waited for these past few months. Ice Storm was the love of her life, the one who was there through the good times and the bad. She thought back to the first time when the two met under the most unlikely of circumstances and maybe not under the best one. From there the beautiful blue unicorn cooled her worried mind that felt that she couldn't be friends with anypony much less have a romantic relationship. But despite her magic and despite her worries, Ice was there even when she almost lost control of her magic! Now here she was dressed in a white wedding gown with some red trim, making her look as regal as a Princess. In fact, she was a Princess today, even if she wasn't an Alicorn. "Ok, Fire, this is it. This is the start of your new life. This is what you wanted, what you always wanted. Soon the wedding will start and so will your life with Ice." After her own pep talk, the red unicorn waited for the ceremony to start. She had time and no doubt there would be more to arrive before the event really began.
  11. Or Godzilla/ Pacific Rim.
  12. From the album Lux's Gallery

    Wouldn't it be funny if ponies aren't so little compared to humans?
  13. So I watch many videos from brony analysts in a group from the Rift Cafe. But lately I've seen a rift in the Rift Cafe and another group called The Secret Rift? So, anyone know what's up? (Is confused)