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  1. [System online...


    Status: casually observing! ]

  2. It's hiiiiiiiigh.....noot!~

  3. So hey, how are YOOOU doing today? ;3

  4. Election woes? We'll always have Equestria...and there ain't no walls around that!

  5. Hail Sombra! ;3

    { And I don't mean the king~ }

    1. starswirlthebearded


      Silly booping hacker is silly

  6. " Sometimes you have to let it go...and move on! "  #Aceattorney6 

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    2. SunsetSombra


      Oh god I love her. xD

    3. Davroth


      She's cool and all but she can't hold a candle to my bunny magician waifu.


    4. SunsetSombra


      I dunno, Betty came close! xD

  7. Ace Attorney 6 demo on the 25th of August....awwwww yus!

  8. One month until Ace Attorney 6 - it's been so long since I looked forward to an AA game, the wait is absolutely awful! ;.;

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    2. Ciraxis


      You know it's nice and all, but I am still peeved that Investigations 2 didn't got western release. Fan patches don't count.

    3. SunsetSombra


      It'll have to count, Ciraxis - Capcom don't seem likely to overtun that decision, ever. :P

    4. Ciraxis


      Well at least it HAS a complete patch. For a game that contains so many walls of text that's really something. Many other titles can't say the same (Super Robot Wars for example. We FINALLY getting a full english release in V. Still had to import it but it's really something after $%^&@#* 25 YEARS!).


      If there are games that I am surprised that were released in english in first place, I would had to point at recent JoJo Bizarre Adventure games.

  9. Got a character on the burner and one in the oven...but only ONE of them belongs in the kitchen! ;3


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    2. Dubstep


      It's a shame that Robi can only cook using the microwave *tsktsk*

    3. SunsetSombra


      Thank Luna I can google for things at least. xD

    4. Davroth


      I sure wont explain the joke. XD

  10.  - So close, yet so far away! #OBJECTION!

    1. SymphonicFire


      Objection sustained!

  11. Okay, time to work on getting some posts done....I SWEAR, it's really going to happen this time.

    Maybe! xD;

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    2. Dubstep


      And it was on this day...that nothing happened.

    3. SunsetSombra



    4. PrinceoftheNight


      Everyone was eager for your posts!

  12. I'll get to everything I'm s'posed to in tiiiiime....like, this week - With a little luck and motivation, lol.

    I'm awful and I know it!

  13. I stand with #TeamIronMan! ;3

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    2. PrinceoftheNight
    3. starswirlthebearded


      Who is Edward? You mean Eddard Stark?

    4. PrinceoftheNight


      I really loved the books, but when I heard they would give more for the people watching the series, Igabe up reading them.

      That is not how thinks are supposed to be...

  14. Sometimes, the world is not enough!~


  15. Watching both Ghostbuster films today since it's been years away from the last time of seeing them...if anyone hasn't seen them before, I definitely would say it's worth the time to enjoy them. 

    { Ghostbusters 2 isn't really that 'bad' - just don't compare it to the first and let it tell its own story! :P }

    1. Parker_Izing


      oh my, on 2, there was a scene on "Pneumatic transit" witch actually  depicted the Pneumatic transit by Beach (name, not the beach)  an early proposal of underground using air pressure to push cars along the tracks. this was from mid 19th century, really this system was found on 1912, but sadly demolished to make a bank safe. (really on the net are pictures of the complex when found in 1912)

  16. RT @RobertDowneyJr: Join #TeamIronMan! We have snacks!

  17. Back to the drawing board with you, Sunset! xD

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    2. SunsetSombra


      Needs SLIGHTLY more pony....and 100% less human. x3

    3. DreamySunday
    4. Dubstep


      I should have got into the betting pool when I had the chance. Dang.

  18. Yeeeesh, can we have some legit sun Please, not this 'Well, here's some light...but with NONE of the heat to go with it!' charade!

    1. TheFinestSorcerer


      It's starting to become snowpocalypse outside where I'm at

    2. Rosewind
  19. Our business is life itself! <3

    1. QuickLime


      Psh sounds like something an umbrella corporation would say

    2. SunsetSombra
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