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  1. SunsetSombra
    Oh man, sorry if it's been a while...I'll have a new entry up for my ponyfans soon, I PROMISE!
    Still, here's a quick fishing for questions to answer and ideas to ponder - if you guys have anything you want me, The one an' only Vinyl Scratch, to answer, then please jus' leave it in the comments section below and I'll try and feature it in the next mindblowing blog, whenever I can write' it down!
    'til then, Love you all...see ya later!



  2. SunsetSombra
    Well, here we are again...it's always such a pleasure - Wait, wow, feels like I've heard that before someplace...!

    Anyhow, Vinyl Scratch here with another l'il taste of all that's goin' on in Equestria...or at least, everything I can actually claim to know is goin' on anyway and be right about. I'm a proverbial fountain of speculative information! {an' maybe a l'il gossip too!}

    What can I say, the last blog went down well enough for me to actually make a second one...so let's see what this l'il DJ can mash into the mix, so to speak. I had a couple of questions last time...so that's pretty cool - I love t'answer the calls of the fans out there, they're always a great bunch an' I love each end every one of them equally. { except you - yeah, you know who you are...get lost! :3 }

    Seems like lately I've picked myself up a stalker by the name of Estrella - she's a pretty determined l'il pony...shame her camera an' her overzealousness are dead giveaways at times. Have to admit though, she's a very tenacious one though, and would no doubt make a good papparazzi pony someday - keep it up, kid, you'll be the pain in the flanks of celebreponies everywhere before ya know it.
    Now for all you sportin' type ponies out there, there's an open basketball game between the Hoofington Colts and the Canterlot Stallions takin' place in a couple of weeks. Go cheer on a Friend of mine known as Jace Champ as he and his team mates step into the stadium with the likes of Brash Blazer and Crashbang in what promises to be the most explosive sporting event of the summer!
    May the best team win...although I'm pretty sure that'll be the Stallions - they're on a hot streak lately!
    Okay, gonna keep it brief this time around - hot bunch of questions t'answer right now...but I'll be sure to bring the gossip next time!

    Sherlock Hooves:
    "Have you ever done or been asked to do a radio show?"
    Ha, I do love a l'il radio - sure, I've done a little radio gig here and there...all DJ's love to secretly get a shot at subjectin' the poor listeners with their sounds in any way possible, and if local or international radio is but one way to do that...well, shoot, we'll take it!
    I'll also add that it's probably never a good idea to share a show with an orchestral pony...those guys {an' gals!} are pretty obnoxious an' full of themselves. Believe me when I say that...I've had a personal run in with one that didn't end well - Blech!
    "Okay, here's one; Does Vinyl Scratch have any Significant Others in her life?"
    Oh wow, now you guys don't waste any time, do ya? Well, I'mma say that I'm working on it...there's certainly a little something in the works there, but no definites. Rest assured though, if anything changes, I'll let y'all know, my little ponies!
    "You seem like an electronic-savvy pony, so tell me true: VNV Nation or Apoptygma Berzerk?"
    Holy Shnapples, I really haven't listened to enough of 'em to really be able to answer...tell ya what, I'll take it on board as a mission to look into these guys a little more an' give you an answer. Right now, I like both equally - let's see if I can give a better answer soon!
    " Vinyl, you're obviously one of the most popular DJs in Equestria. Tell me, do you enjoy mixing together other ponies' music to create something new and unique or do you prefer inventing completely original creations of your own? "
    Hun, let me say that there's nothing quite like either option - being able to play a fantastic tune from other artists but adding your own unique twists, turns and thrills is an experience not many ponies get the chance t'do. Same thing with jus' taking some sounds of your own and mashing them into something pretty flankin' awesome - I love to do both on an equal basis since they each make crowds react in amazing ways...I just can't choose one or the other, literally!

    Alright, Colts an' Fillies , it looks like time t'wrap up this party until next time - as usual, jus' get back to me with topics, questions an' comments in the section below, an' I PROMISE to address as many of 'em as I can...you ponies are the real stars, I'll say that right now!
    'til next time, Scratchers, I'mma bid you g[colour=#800080]oo[/colour]dnight an' g[colour=#800080]oo[/colour]d beats!


  3. SunsetSombra
    So hey, some ponies have been askin' for a l'il ol' filly like myelf to make a small blog dedicated to all of my l'il rambling thoughts, all the juicy gossip of the rich an' fabulous as well as all the interestin' facts of Equestrian life as known by me, Vinyl 'DJ Pon-3' Scratch.
    {Well, a couple of dozen ponies can't be wrong, So I'll bite - I'mma gonna call this 'Vinyl thoughts!'...snazzy, eh?}

    http://thaddeusc.deviantart.com/ }
    So to illustrate that point, here's a temporary banner from by ~ThaddeusC { Nice l'il pieces of work, check the page at

    {'course, if anypony wants t'donate me a proper banner, I'd totally appreciate it!}

    Right now I don't gotta lot of topical stuff, so here's how this is gonna work out for everypony...you guys are gonna ask your fave Pony Maestro Music Manipulatin' unicorn a few things, suggest topics an' maybe even a few other ideas - I'll do whatever I can t'answer stuff, but don't be surprised if I fall a l'il behind. { Busy pony, you know that right? }

    Hopefully all you fillies an' gentlecolts out there have an INSATIABLE appetite for fun, zany antics an' weird answers... 'cause o long as this DJ is writin' this l'il slice of Equestrian life, that's pretty much all you're gonna get - and I'll try to answer as much as I can preeeetty regularly too...so long as I don't fall TOO behind on everything else behind the scenes - No 100% guarantees for everything, y'know, that's just how life goes sometimes for all of us!

    Alriiiiiiight, so this time is obviously a l'il shorter than I plan on makin' this thing...but it's only the first edition an' I wanna offer you guys the opening shots.
    Here's what I wantya all to do: PM or comment about things ya wanna see me yak about endlessly, attempt to answer or jus' plain ol' bamboozle the audience with...give me all ya got, an' lets see if the ol' brain can present with something delicious for you Ponies t'indulge in like so many apple tarts in Soarin's cupboard. { Kiddin'! Love ya work, Soarin, so just keep flyin' the best flight out there! }
    Okay, this is where I'mma sign off an' leave the dancefloor open to the audience - the best entries for topics an' questions will be posted.
    Naturally, the rest'll be sent off to Princess Celestia for her own personal amusement...I hear she likes that!
    { Only jokin', readers, I love our Dear princess of the sun! }

    Keep the Sweet beats, ponies, I'll catch you next time!

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