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  1. If nothing happened, that would still be something.
  2. They can at least talk, right?!
  3. What the hell. It was a lie?!
  4. Mordecai was pretty smart! Except when it came to dating and girls, lol
  5. My Mum ran into one of those last year. Little sucker divebombed into her bumper.
  6. Get that shit cleaned! Mold is no joke. I'ma making stirfry. Hellfire stirfry.
  7. Good stuff, I'm a big fan of Mad Hatter. Listen to it every night!
  8. So I was talking with my little sister, and we both thought the same thing at once. Of course we did. Marvel at my autocorrected "shut" to "shit."
  9. I think the only "horror" film that really got to me was I Am Legend. I watched it while I was really sick and alone in the dark, so it did some weird stuff to me. I just watched Life a few weeks ago. Even though it's a formula that's been done before, I think they did a good job. I even had to pause it to take a breath once. Maybe I'm just getting old...
  10. That's really cool that a film like that can be broken down into different genres. I think Zootopia is a fantastic film because it has all of these genres as a sum of its parts.
  11. They got the instinct to go extinct, too! Just sayin'. Yeh that movie was good. I think the only ones I'm looking forward to this year are Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Star Wars, of course. Valerian is being made by the same guy who did Fifth Element, so sign me up! Multipass! I'm a sucker for sci fi (and prickly pear).
  12. We can share my identity, gawd. Are dinosaurs usually this selfish?!
  13. Nice to meet you, Anglicized Welsh! My middle name is Rose, actually! The more you know. My bank account, routing, and SSNs to follow!
  14. That's meeeeee! Fun fact: Manestream and I share the same name!
  15. I'm really hype for Sonic Mania, Silver. Can't wait! So I had this here prickly pear drink today. One perk of working there is I get to try all the new drinks...there's like a new one every week or something stupid. Most are losers but this one...this one was good. I'm a sucker for prickly pear.