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  1. I would say just biting someone in general is a good way to greet someone.
  2. SCOTCHIEEEEEE. I totally agree with you. FiM gave us so much. I have some catching up to do too. I'm slowly slogging through it. I made a lot of friends through this, discovered stuff about myself in watching it, and it gave us not only Lyraplush, but DashJar as well. It's okay for stuff to end and let new stuff come.
  3. Dead inside. Actually dead outside too.
  4. Korea is fire. Do enjoy it; it's a really neat country! Rocky's Pizza sounds pretty cliche. So is the old job done? I'm still working a bazillion hours a week. I'm going to get looots of time off in less than two weeks for some medical stuff.
  5. I started watching ponies again. Saw Viva las Pegasus last night.
  6. I've been soooo busy. (What else is new, right?) I think I overdid it and I'm fighting against the karoshi.
  7. I feel like the universe keeps saying "Rose, you need to watch Jojo." Literally everywhere and everyone is talking about it.
  8. I always go for the throat, Rocky. That's what wolves do. ALSO I LOVE IT PEMBY OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Colored I'm sure it'll be amazing
  9. Hogwarts. Pffft. Join the Death Eaters!
  10. Pemby is definitely not a 2D virgin.
  11. Some things can't be fixed, Rocky. Look at your virginity, for example.
  12. No judgment Pemby, only love. Unless you're Rocky, then it's just judgment.
  13. AWESOME! Show me your purse, Rocky! Pemby, come now. I showed you mine, now show me yours.
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