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  1. Rosewind

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    Will you be the one...to show me the dawn?
  2. Rosewind

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    I support you no matter what, Pemby.
  3. Rosewind

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    AHHH YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE! AAAAHHHHHH Rocky: Heels and platforms are quite different. Heels it's like walking down a hill, only forever.
  4. Rosewind

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    That's amazing. I have no idea what it is, but it's amazing. We had like 4 trick or treaters. It's hard to say how many we'll get. Some years we're slammed and others, nada. But, I'm usually working Halloween soooo...
  5. Rosewind

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    Sounds like my failed marriage.
  6. Rosewind

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    I started watching Hilda and Radiant. The former is incredibly cute and fun to watch; it has a Star vs./Gravity Falls vibe going. Radiant seems to be typical shounen faire so far, but it's inoffensive and watchable. Legend has it, if you whisper "yaoi" five times in a row, it will literally summon Symph to your side.
  7. Rosewind

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    I think the days were longer before the meteor hit.
  8. Rosewind

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    I just worked 19 hours and have work in an hour. Goals!
  9. Rosewind

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    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that! It's built on the Skullgirls engine too!
  10. Rosewind

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    What is sleip?
  11. Rosewind

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    Sounds like you need to feel some sunshine!
  12. Rosewind

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    I was too young to realize what poutine was, or that I needed it in my life.
  13. Rosewind

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    I went to Canada when I was a little girl. I remember the Crystal Gardens, the neat money, and the ferry. I think that's about it.
  14. Rosewind

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    It's your own harem of bug waifus, Pemby!
  15. Rosewind

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    That sounds like a very Canadian way to do business.