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  1. Last post wins

    Sorry about that, we were having a little late night howl last night.

    Say what now? Please recruit for your personal projects somewhere else. This is quite off-topic for our site.
  3. Last post wins

    It takes a few days. Hopefully this is a one-off thing and the powder clean up solves your issue. I totally know the feels with perfumes; I only wear perfume oils made from all natural sauces and avoid using chemicals/sprays that reek everything up. Especially atrocious are folks that go heavy on the perfume and don't even realize it. Watched the Pony Movie! It wasn't bad. It covered enough bases to keep from getting boring. I imagine the RP crew here had a big freak out about it, maybe.
  4. Last post wins

    I just figured out my TV has SteamLink on it, and it plays everything perfectly. My PC controller even plugs in and works without a hitch. Awww yiss!
  5. Last post wins

    Yeeeeah I love Cartoon Hangover. It's like Cartoon Network had a rebel indie baby. That bunny girl knows how to do some proper eye liner wingtips. That's the first thing I noticed when I saw her, lol. There's a squirrel living in my garbage. It's huge. I'm trying to figure out a good way to get rid of it that doesn't end with the squirrel kicking up daisies.
  6. Last post wins

    Speaking of cartoons...
  7. Last post wins

    It's a pretty easy process -- take this from someone who takes shots in her stomach. I've taken those steroids before, they're awesome. Your skin should clear up pretty quick. Feels good to sit here, do nothing. Watch anime, cook dinner. This free time feels so precious!
  8. Last post wins

    Oh gawd, I know right? I watched the live action Death Note and I feel it was a mediocre slap to the face in regard to the source material.
  9. Last post wins

    I need to introduce you to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Good luck with the skin thing Rocky! As for me.. I almost passed out at the day job. I decided to quit it next month, before I'm out for several months. I won't be able to push two jobs while I'm recovering. Time to focus on other stuff! ....and I have to go to work again tonight. Third night is usually when I start to hallucinate really bad.
  10. Last post wins

    When I was in the Bad Place, I remember they had a Lego space shuttle that one kid spent like, 2 months building. Then another kid tried to make it "fly" and it blew up into a zillion pieces all over the classroom.
  11. Last post wins

    I know how ya feel -- I'm hyper allergic to the powder found in disposable gloves. They order powderless ones special at work for me so I won't die. I made a mistake and wore powdered ones once -- my hands turned into bleeding ground meat, and I had to go on steroid treatment to abate the rash. I don't get the whole thing with Legos and the movies and stuff behind the toy franchise, but I never really played with them either. I use the dyeless/fragrance-less laundry detergent, by the by. It's really helped solve a myriad of health issues I use'ta have.
  12. Last post wins

    That powder stuff likely got all over your bed sheets, anywhere you've hung out or sat while wearing contaminated clothing, or in places others have been wearing said clothing.
  13. Last post wins

    I don't think I've had a fried rice I've seriously enjoyed, especially a fukin one. It's one of those things that's just always been a side dish kind of deal, never in a spotlight of its own. It's either too salty, too gummy, not enough of an ingredient, or too much of an ingredient. I'm sure one day I will create fried rice nirvana. I'm on a childhood quest to recreate this recipe I used to eat all the time when I was a little girl. It was called house special chicken, a nebulous name for a menu item found in a mall food court Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles -- notably from the Fallbrook Mall, which may or may not still exist. The best way I could describe it was orange chicken and kung pao had a baby. It was breaded chicken, with white onions and dried red peppers, in a delicious brown sauce of some kind. This recipe delirium has created a kitchen pantry capable of creating any Asian dish possible. I can make any stir fry dish you can think of -- usually better than any Chinese restaurant you'll find. But, this one...this one eludes me.
  14. Last post wins

    I was thinking of this fried rice I saw today:
  15. Hahahaha...forgot about the banner. If anyone has a more wintery one in mind, lemme know!