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  1. Yes. I have a splitting migraine from lack of coffee and probably pain killers from yesterday. I saw a sign that said "Raising the Bar" and I thought it said "Raisin G the Bar."
  2. I think so? I'm not sure what got me started on Gumball.
  3. I guess I win! Where the hell is everyone?!?!
  4. That Gumball avatar...Awesommmmme!
  5. This music is inspiring: It makes a catchy ringtone, too!
  6. I don't know
  7. This looks kinda interesting:
  8. Last night was awful. Almost everything I made didn't come out right or I burned. Bottom tier baking. Nights like this are soul-crushing. To top it off I dropped my speaker and put a nasty crack in the corner to remind me of this awful night forevermore.
  9. He was quite a character. Once someone slapped his girlfriend and he beat the assailant with a bookcase, Flintstones style. That was a fun job. Glad I'm baking now, where I'm taking people down a path of debauchery rather than the hospital.
  10. I used to work with a student that would ask any new staff if they liked any specific basketball team. If they replied with anything but Chicago Bulls, he'd punch them in the face. Normally we were pretty good about warning new staff about this, but we forgot to tell a new hire (that was an Ex US Marine). So this interaction happened, he took a swing on the Marine, and he dropped him like a hot sack of potatoes. From that point on, he'd ask if you're a Marine, then what's your favorite basketball team.
  11. Every night is like Five Nights at Freddy's for me. I get a call from my boss at the beginning of the night. I'm alone in the dark all night. Shift ends at 6 am.
  12. NieR: Automata, Sonic Mania, and FFXIV Stormblood are my only planned purchases this year, and NieR probably not for a while because gotta wait for PC release.
  13. That's super interesting the Epic Mickey and Evil Twin art share a very, very similar aesthetic. I understand Mickey kinda hit the wall too and didn't sell well after lots of hype.
  14. I remember being so hype for this, then it got cancelled and got sorta-released half-finished:
  15. Too bad they didn't have the inspiration to finish the damn game. I still played through it and beat it like 7 times because I'm a sucker for Fox McCloud; he's hot.