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  1. It's been a crazy week. Now I have the next two days off for the first time since like, early December. Meeting up with a galpal I haven't seen for almost 2 years so that should be something!
  2. I don't sleep in a bed, silly.
  3. I have no idea why I just quoted myself and replied to it. TIME FOR WORK
  4. I will scrape your demons out of hell. And make cupcakes.
  5. So my assistant the other night said. "You did the tulip cookies. I would scrape the demons out of hell for you."
  6. I asked my friend when the meeting is tonight. The meeting is on Saturday. It's Friday.
  7. Last night of overnight work for a few days. I have an assistant tonight, too! Party time! (Still working daytime tho...)
  8. Me, first thing when I wake up:
  9. Cheese and crackers! I need to catch up on the last half of last season.
  10. I got on the scale this morning after my weekend of debauchery. My reaction, pretty much:
  11. Easter! WOO. Time to dye eggs and stuff my face with candy. Except I haven't dyed eggs or stuffed my face with candy.
  12. Hoppy Easturr!

  13. I made cupcakes.