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  1. Last post wins

    Nope, never heard of Astroneer. I played Starbound a bit when it was still in early beta or whatever. So many games to play, but most nights I end up just doing some things on FFXIV.
  2. Last post wins

    I could never get into Minecraft. Now Terraria, now we're talkin'!
  3. Last post wins

    That's too many tabs. I feel stress if I have more than 5 open at a time!
  4. Last post wins

    They don't work, but I think it's kind of charming to leave them as empty boxes, just to make you wonder if it's a problem on your end. (Maybe it really is?)
  5. Last post wins

    Oh yeah huh? Didn't see that one either!
  6. Last post wins

    Sorry, been busy. I have today off and I was clearing out my closet. I found...Treasure Planet standee stuff? I never even saw it. I have no idea...
  7. Last post wins

    I don't think WD1 fully understands this thread. The "game" ended a long time ago; this is now a locus of...something else. No coffee? I think trying to explain coffee to someone who was never raised in its wiles won't truly understand how amazing it is. I think it's like...something you're introduced to at a young age, and it grows on you before you discover what it's truly about -- I fostered my love for it early with a mug of coffee presented to me, with lots of milk, as a little girl. Whenever someone at my second job orders a cup of coffee with half the rest of the cup cream and around two cups of sugar, it's clear to me they missed the point a long time ago and their tastes mutated into a lust for this diabeetus-inducing sludge of debauchery and lost hope. All that said, I forgive you, Patch. Keep going without; you don't need know what you're missing, if you never actually missed it.
  8. Last post wins

    Oh yeah, I've seen that banana ice cream before. It's pretty neat. Work in 20 mins, and NOW my energy goes away. Coffee, save me!
  9. Last post wins

    I should probably make a cooking blog. Probably. But then I remember I have like, no time.
  10. Last post wins

    I made Rose's special "Suffering Soup" today. It had... Fire roasted habaneros, poblanos, jalapenos, cayenne, ghost peppers, shishito peppers, reaper peppers, arbol chilies, black, pink, green, and white peppercorns...a little onion and celery, garlic, a few choice seasonings, and a little smoked sausage. I put hot sauce on top, too, before eating it. It was good! It's arguable I'm still enjoying it.
  11. Last post wins

    I'm glad you like my Undertale dog.
  12. Last post wins

    I just polished my toes. Now my feet are cold and I want to wear socks. I clearly didn't think this through.
  13. Last post wins

    Outdoor wedding in the rain I had my wedding in a court room. The Judge was really cool -- he kicked everyone out and was like "We're having a wedding!" You could tell he found way more enjoyment with this than the usual grind of negative-spun justice.
  14. Last post wins

    It's thunderstorming like mad and I'm off to work a pretty long shift at my second job. We can commiserate.
  15. Last post wins

    Coffee! Mmmmm.