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  1. Last post wins

    Speaking of love, Rosie's song 'o the day:
  2. Last post wins

    Let's be honest, space isn't very nice to dinos...especially when it comes to you! I finished Ancient Magus Bride. My gawd so good. I feel like anime is in another golden renaissance. LOOK AT THESE TWO. SO CUTE
  3. Last post wins

    @SymphonicFire Do you need your Wolf Mother to go with you? I will. @PatchworkPsycho Let me down slowly? No way, we do take downs around here: Oh yeah, I'm totally current on MHA! That last episode with Frog Princess crying was heartbreaking! Pemby, Anime is a basic law of the Universe. It's the Milky Way version of the Force. It flows through us, is part of us; it binds us and guides us. I added Cells at Work to my list 'o stuff to watch.
  4. Last post wins

    Please tell me it was these: I would definitely recommend. If you decide you don't like the piercing, you can just let it heal. I don't recommend getting it done at the mall -- go to a legit, clean tattoo studio. It will run you more, but they also know what they're doing and have good standards of cleanliness, follow-up and aftercare. I got a second one on my ears a few months ago and it healed stupid fast. Piercings are like giving yourself shots (which I do!), the idea is more cringe than actually doing it.
  5. Last post wins

    Yeee my ears have two piecings each right now. I've got little stars and purple opals set in pink titanium. I bit Fawkes once. He looked a bit like this after:
  6. Last post wins

    Canterlot has a substantial Wolf Pack. One little nibble and you can join it too, Patch.
  7. Last post wins

    I discovered this anime about a pillow boy that talks to you in bed from your PoV. I picked a random one and he told me he was proud of me for working so hard and I deserve all the love and cuddles. I wanted to cry.
  8. Last post wins

    I'm on fire with my song discovery today. This one is pure gold.
  9. Last post wins

    I use imgur; it's easy to use for hosting images. I wanna rescue a husky when my life is in a place where I can take care of a dog like that properly. Otherwise my only pet is my exhusband. Careful killing wasps -- they release a chemical that attracts/pisses off other wasps when they die. Otherwise they're in my KWR (kill without reservation) list which includes large black biting ants and mosquitoes -- NOT spiders. Spiders are friends, not food. So I found out today whenever I walk into a room, this song plays in the background.
  10. Last post wins

    So last night my pyro neighborhood was blowing stuff up, and a full-blown thunderstorm started. Think that'd stop the fireworks? NOPE. I feel bad for the neighborhood doggos.
  11. Last post wins

    You Monobears should meet the Dollys, and be friends. Because...
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  13. Last post wins

    I'm almost at the end of MHA season 2. It's pretty good if you can get past that first season of exposition.
  14. Last post wins

    I like to experiment with new ingredients and recently bought some of this stuff: It's like, fermented rice malt (same stuff used to make sake, miso, soy sauce etc.) called shio koji. You can use it to make pickles, marinate meats, add extra umami oomph to sauces and stuff. I'm excited. Bonus - you can make it yourself if you can find koji rice. I'm going to do that next.