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  1. You'd be amazed what you can do with your feet. Just ask my hubby.
  2. It must be hard to record-scratch with those stubby arms, just sayin'.
  3. So I had a little wedding reception/open house yesterday for my eastern friends and family. Here's my wedding cake! Woof!
  4. You know Ducky's voice actress was murdered by her Father. This is her legit gravestone:
  5. "Honey, I love you, but that doesn't mean you can bite my face." Quote of the evening. I did some research and apparently women biting our SOs is a Thing.
  6. For some perspective, she's half the size of the wolfies that roam around here. Both are a little bit smaller than this star:
  7. Would it be redundant to say "About the size of a walnut"...?
  8. Oh yeah, I didn't show you guys my new pet. She's right outside my window at the bakery and has a Thing for moths. I named her Walnut because, you know, she looks like a little walnut.
  9. I guess that makes them ... nullplays.
  10. Hi there Mojo, pleasure to see you!
  11. I was hallucinating again from lack of sleep/severe fatigue and saw most of that stuff last night. Off to work again! This time it's only 17 hours.
  12. The ground will break open as a festering boil; shadow bile will spill from the hearts and mouths of a people blinded by dark light. A large pulsing sphere of red will hover ever-present upon the wasted, salted lands of smoking venom and ice. Their fly-blown corpses shall dance like dead leaves in the wind, before Patch ever becomes Admin. So basically, no.
  13. This is a thread with a lot of history. It'd be more awesome if the original crew posted here more...
  14. That was a fun 18 hours. The extra fun part? I work again tonight lol