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  1. Doesn't beat a horse eating a chicken. Apparently it's pretty common! And a live action version (no gore but still...yeah):
  2. Oooo I like, Angie! I used to have a cat bring me dead birds. They tasted terrible.
  3. Oh...must be a regional thing! So, Autumn shared this with me last night (since I'm an ardent Iceland enthusiast). That hashtag:
  4. I like to see reboots done right. Lookit FiM! I think the new Ducktales coming up will be awesome. I also like how some reboots are keeping checks on social relevance, such as giving more primary roles and attention to female characters. I hope this paves the way for older franchises a lot of people never got to experience.
  5. No, we're not on the level You're just off your face It's not a state a mind though Your head's just in a state
  6. How the bloody heck is this free? Fowl necklace!
  7. Your fly-blown corpses shall dance like dead leaves in the wind. ... I mean, Happy St. Patty's! Looks like we have a new emoticon! Thankee Micro
  8. That's quite a switch. Get it? Yeah, whatever.
  9. Yes!
  10. I would never hurt you. Or anyone here.
  11. I'm totes a rabid furry, so you are not incorrect.
  12. You know what does have a place here? Snails.
  13. Screw practical, they're cool dammit!
  14. Nope! I just liked her. Here's the whole thing: For reference, this is my fursona: Bonus which inspired the above art by my little sister: Bottom line: I have no idea where my pants are.
  15. OOOOH I AM EXCITE. WILL TAKE PICS Dinosaur: Start with the third leg.