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  1. Walmart is awesome for impulse purchases. Their baking aisle is pretty legit.
  2. Try shaving your legs, boys. Miss a day and it's like...
  3. Pemby you are either an otter, fox or wolf. Probably foxwolf. Also lol Rocky is talking about women hitting on him. That's cute.
  4. You're already past the furry event horizon, you just don't know it yet.
  5. What you should be watching is The Promised Neverland. Better yet, read it. It's fantastic. My new waifu is right here:
  6. Wow, I like Patch's updated avi. It looks so happy!
  7. Cute doodles, Rocky! I remember we once chatted about how your coworkers hated you. Now, I can see why! I've been super busy. Yup! I'm sure one day, I'll find the Promised Neverland. (Which all of you should watch, btw.)
  8. Forget the Rockymobile, I'll take you in my Jeep.
  9. Oh yeah, I gotta check out the MiA dub. There's are movies coming out, too -- the third one is supposed to follow the Idofront Arc. If you've been reading the manga, it's having an incredible flash back bit right now.
  10. Nice, congrats on that engagement! I still talk to Autumn and Mane, actually! They're both gorgeous, amazing friends and I love them both deeply.
  11. This end of the year thing has been pretty savage. A coworker died at my day job. Another one was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is going on leave to deal with that. Happier news tho: 7th anniversary here, and I'm taking my little sis out for her birthday tomorrow. I finally got a day off so we're gonna have a happy fun sister day.
  12. It's okee, I think of Fawkes like a mist that permeates all of reality, and it eventually emerges into our consciousness to communicate now and then.
  13. I think it's a fun little thing not to be overthought (or spent).
  14. Angie is amazing; she sent me a Nick Wilde keychain she made. He's still hustling on my keys! I do enjoy doing the pen pal thing. I have a friend in Washington that I do little gift package swap with periodically. I just sent her some coffee, Scooby snacks, a candy bar, fridge magnets and some other random stuff I've picked up at cons. She fed the treats to her husky (might've already posted this but here it is again): AHHH HE'S SUCH A GOOD BOY! LOOK AT THAT FACEEEEE If any of you wanna do something like this with me, it's a fun little surprise-type thing to do throughout the year, not just the holidays!
  15. I guess the best gift shopping is for yourself, eh? I got a little of mine done. It's hard to find time. I genuinely don't care to get gifts this year, I just want people I care about to be happy.
  16. Oh yeah the macaroni Daft Punk guy? Pemby: I did not, but there were lots of paramedics and police throughout the weekend...
  17. Oh WOW. This is something else. It almost feels like old LPW again. I missed thee, oh halcyon days! This sums up my weekend. I'm the Mae. Little sister on the left, and the goatboi on the right is our friendo roomie for this here record-breaking convention of 10.7K furries.
  18. Pemby: that's been my PC wallpaper for the last several years. I never want to change it.
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