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  1. PulseWave

    Rebooting old shows.

    Not only do reboots of old shows tend to be crappy, at least seen from the point of view of older fans who see their favourite show defaced by modernisation. But they also pose the threat of launching an entirely new fandom although there is already one. Be it because the existing one is too obscure so that those who love the reboot don't even know it exists. Be it because the audience of the reboot is too young to care for what had been on the Web five or ten years ago (or what has been around for 10, 15 or more years and therefore isn't the newest, hottest **** around). Be it because the existing fandom hasn't seen any upgrades or modernisation itself and has been populated by the same few fans for years – and instead of breathing new life into the existing fandom, new fans start anew and ignore the "old farts". Be it because the new fans' attitude is radically different from the old fans'. To be fair, there has been a My Little Pony fandom before the bronies appeared. These old fans are the MLP collectors. And they were not amused to say the least when the bronydom appeared because the bronies started over, ignored the collector scene just like they ignored (or downright loathed) the older generations and took only some two or three months to outshine everything the collectors had achieved within more than a decade. Part of the problem was that the collectors didn't and partly still don't understand the bronies. Some do watch closely what happens in the bronydom, but others barely know that we exist, and they think we're collectors specialising in G4 because – as strange as this may sound – they aren't even aware of the existence of a TV show (justified in places like Germany where MLP:FiM got next to no promotion at all). So they think we're just a younger, wilder, mostly male crowd competing for the same collector's items. And if you as a brony try to demonstrate to them what bronies really are and do (especially our fan creativity that goes way beyond the imagination of fans who haven't seen much beyond custom ponies so far), it'll be hard for them to comprehend what they've just seen. One reboot that's still uncertain to happen but that I'm quite sceptical about is the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers half-live-action, half-CGI movie that had been announced a couple of years ago, much to my old buddy ACRacebest's excitement. Hardly anyone knows that the Rangers already have a fandom which may be small but dedicated and with a rich tradition of creativity, and those are mostly thirty-somethings and older. Add to that that the main fan forum is hard to find because it hides from search engines, and that most of the other important fan sites were launched in the 2000s or earlier with hardly to no maintenance in this decade, let alone upgrades. As much as I'd see new fans breathe new life into this fandom that does need some fresh blood, I fear that if this film happens to hit home with a crowd similar to the bronies (I'm afraid the film won't target the old fans like the Boom! comics did), they'd just start over, neither knowing nor caring for the already existing fandom. (I mean, how many of you would be interested in fanfics released in 1996 or 2002 or a fan-made graphic novel released in late 2003?) Also, if the film's "origin story" should contradict the TV show's pilot, the new fans would declare that the film is canon and the old show is not (also because they don't want to deal with something produced a quarter-century ago for a late Generation X/early Generation Y audience and for comparably tiny 1980s or older CRT TVs that looks horrible on a full-HD flat screen).
  2. The whole generation wouldn't exist without the show, for the first thing that Hasbro wanted in the new MLP generation was an animated series that the new generation would be based on. They wanted to outsource the whole development of the new generation to some poor sap animation producer whose soul they'd just have acquired. Then they wanted to sell the pony toys based on that show as merch. They did the same with Transformers, remember? First they had Michael Bay make a Hollywood blockbuster movie, and then they sold the matching Transformers toys as movie merch. Now, a more interesting question would be what if Lauren Faust hadn't tried to plug her Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls to Hasbro at the right time. There would have been a new generation, and there would have been a new TV show. But I don't think that whoever they would have hired as the show head would have had their own agenda with MLP and stood up against what Hasbro wanted to have. Hasbro wanted G3.6. And I guess that pretty much everybody else they could have asked would have made just that. (Or do you really think they would've hired someone like John Kricfalusi, Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane or Matt Stone & Trey Parker?)
  3. PulseWave

    How long have YOU been a brony?

    Since early June 2011. That was months before MLP:FiM came to Germany. I did notice the ponies a few months earlier, but it was then that I decided to actually watch the show. A chronological seven-day pony binge later, I was a brony.
  4. PulseWave

    Trade one mane pony for one BG pony

    Why only one? Let's replace Applejack with Lemon Hearts as the Element of Honesty. Lemon Hearts says what she thinks. Now we're one earth pony short. So let's take a secondary character for a change and replace Twilight Sparkle with Photo Finish as de Element of MAGIKS. They even share the same cutie mark. Since Rainbow Dash needs competition, I'd like to replace Rarity with Sparkler who'd give her a hard time at the Iron Pony. Next, swap Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie for Rose and Cloud Kicker. This leaves us with Rainbow Dash. Suggestions? Other than Fleetfoot and Thunderlane?
  5. PulseWave

    Dashie's Computer Thread!

    Mint comes without the hassles associated with Canonical trying to be Apple of Linux and wanting Ubuntu to always be the first distro to roll out new stuff, and be it against the will of the users. Also, it pre-installs some quite useful codecs since it has Medibuntu added to the sources out of the box. Its downside, however, is that you can't upgrade from one version of Mint to the next. So while you can update from Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" to 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" quite smoothly with the built-in update manager, you cannot update from Mint 12 to 13 the same way, and you're actually recommended to re-install the whole system. You may of course back up your home drive, but when you're the kind who tinkers with configs and other things outside /home, you've got a problem, for you have to do everything all over whenever you update, that is, reinstall Mint. Fedora, well, I guess it's a question of personal preferences, but I've never kept any rpm-based distro on any of my computers for long. Not Mandriva, not Fedora which I tested twice, and I swore to keep SuSE off my machines altogether.
  6. PulseWave

    Favorite Background Ponies

    She is way more often called Mjölna (after Thor's hammer Mjölnir). Also, she's often seen with her friend to the right, the one with the wrench cutie mark, who is called either Quick Fix or Epona (because she looks like Link's horses).
  7. PulseWave

    The Disney Afternoon

    To get back to topic, I remember the Disney Afternoon shows pretty well, and I'm still particularly fond of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin. That is, I don't actually have to remember them as I've recorded them both from TV.
  8. PulseWave

    Dashie's Computer Thread!

    Sounds like you're lucky enough to have a 15" FlexView model. I have two of them, but they're both flexed currently. I bought the second one after the first one went b0rk for the second time, and then I put the superiour parts from the first one into the second. Might have it fixed one day, maybe even both, but the first one requires too many replacement and upgrade parts. My current laptop is a T60, a rare 15" SXGA FlexView model with the T60p's ATI FireGL graphics adapter. It's also the first laptop in my possession on which I allow Windows to run.
  9. PulseWave

    Best Pony Ships? <3

    Canon favourite: Daisy & Sir Colton Vines III. Also, Wind Whistler & Caramel. Headcanon favourite: Carrot Top & Written Script. Long story. Started out shortly after the events of Hearts & Hooves Day. Just for the laughs: The Great and Powerful Trixie & Prince Blueblood. The two largest egos ever meet clash. Best sitcom material imaginable.
  10. PulseWave

    Favorite Background Ponies

    Best pony of all: Seafoam all the way (see also my sig). Other unicorns: Sparkler, Lyra (the fun factor), Vinyl Scratch (doesn't actually compete), Maxie (because Madmax; doesn't compete either), Written Script (to have a stallion on the list) Earth ponies: Cherry, Rose, Blues, Apple Cobbler (already before Smile Smile Smile), the spa ponies. Honourable mention outside the competition for living a normal life as a blank flank: Candy Mane. Pegasi: Cloud Kicker (the winged jester mare), Wind Whistler (Seafoam's BFF), Rainbow Day. Bonus category – Best couple: Daisy & Sir Colton Vines III.
  11. PulseWave

    FiM items (which stores to get them in)

    Those living in Germany, Switzerland or Austria can find stores with pony stuff on our Merchfinder map. Not everything is always up-to-date because the map heavily relies on user input, but it can still be quite useful. In general, Toys “Я” Us has lots of pony, and chances are increasingly good to find blind bags, now that Wave 3 has arrived. Also, Müller sells blind bags and other pony merch. With a bit of luck, one can find the Crystal Pony keychains at BR-Spielwaren (which in turn can be found in ECE malls). Kloppenburg and certain Rossmann stores (those that used to be Kloppenburg) usually have blind bags, but we've yet to see one offer Wave 3, and instead, they seem to stop offering them altogether since Wave 3 has a different order code. Last but not least, Real is known for selling pony.
  12. PulseWave

    Ponified Gadgets

    Nokia N900. Not a smartphone but a tablet computer with a sliding keyboard that runs a Debian-based GNU/Linux distro and has a telephone app on board. Wait, Maemo is based on Debian? Well...
  13. PulseWave

    Derpy Hooves now canon.

    Well, we already witnessed the very same attitude after Luna Eclipsed when Luna hath returned. The reason for outcry: Many bronies expected to see her beloved Woona, a taller, blue, royal, horned version of cute little Fluttershy. Preferably in socks. What they got was the exact opposite. Not yay, but TRADITIONAL ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE.
  14. PulseWave

    Derpy Hooves now canon.

    You might or might not know that I stuck to the name Ditzy Doo as long as possible. For me, her name was to remain Ditzy Doo unless she would actually be called by another name on screen in the show itself. That note in the original post didn't change my mind because canon is what happens in the show only. Now, however, that she has been called "Derpy" by Rainbow Dash in an actual episode, even I shall accept this name as canon. Here's hoping that some more background ponies will be called by their fan names. At least not by their blind bag toy names given by Hasbro. As for who is behind the name Ditzy Doo then, I say it's her purple-maned colour swap who flies with the many birds in Winter Wrap Up.
  15. PulseWave

    You know you're a MLP fan when...

    ...you find yourself at the main station's bookstore looking at the centerfold of—the German MLP magazine. (Hey, the current issue has the SDCC poster in the middle!)