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  1. Chaos is a ladder.

    1. Bellosh


      I tried to climb it once. I failed and never got to try again because the fall broke my spinal cord. :green:

  2. Ready Player One

    Reading the book now. Fun story, fun references, sometimes painful prose. I'm not sure how the movie will handle everything, like with most things I'm excited but will wait for reviews.
  3. Silver "Trekker" Spark [Ready]

    Hilariously I finished the minor edits I wanted to and forgot to update it. So... Ready???
  4. Is Celestia's Sun raising all that special honestly?

    Well, the stars don't move, so... this doesn't exactly make sense. Neither does the sun mind you (this is TECHNICALLY not correct, but for the purposes of this it is correct enough). Though I always assumed that they were working of the logic of ancient peoples that believed deities moved them across the skies. Thus Celestia and Luna became those deities, being in control of the sun and moon.
  5. Silver "Trekker" Spark [Ready]

    No worries, even still I wouldn't mind, especially for this character, because she abandoned her given name anyway. So in an RP setting no one would ever call her that.
  6. Hail to the Queen!

    *Dagger glares at Limi*
  7. MLP:FiM on Netflix

    Last time they put up half the season during the midseason break. And then put the rest up. Otherwise, historically, they have waited for the entire season to finish then put it up.
  8. Silver "Trekker" Spark [Ready]

    Yeah, I do. If I'm not done in a month and a half I might just request to have it refiled though. It's more about energy and time at this point.
  9. Ooookaaaamiii! (Resolve)

    I still use your Okami Tia, because awesome art is awesome. Also I love Okami. Fantastic work (also I still consider Okami Tia rather apropos since Amaterasu is a sun goddess.)
  10. Season 8

    Well the next season is confirmed as happening, which is Season 7. I THINK they paid for S8 to be produced as well, but I'm not sure.
  11. Silver "Trekker" Spark [Ready]

    I've been rather busy. I'll get to it though!
  12. Silver "Trekker" Spark [Ready]

    so this is what you do at 0200... Either way, I've already resumed work on it. I've made a few more small edits. I'm going to do the major one soon as I have a free moment. I've been busy having a real life, which is why I still haven't resumed activity on here...
  13. "Not-so-innocent-whistling"

    Celestia could totally play the mother better though, Ragyou Kurin. Her hair just works.
  14. Erm.... Sup?

    Master UFC fighter... eh? I invite you to fight me <3. (Though my ground game has gotten rather weak lately, but I can still do stand up remarkably well). Welcome to Canterlot. (Also I have issues with UFC despite watching it regularly because of what Dana White did to Pride and Dream)
  15. Anime

    Currently watching March Comes like a Lion, Izetta, Occultic;nine and if it ever continues...The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star. I'm mildly following Magical Girl Raising Project, but only because it has Madoka vibes, but it hasn't captured me like Madoka. I'm also still catching up on JoJo I tried to watch Keijo and... I just couldn't...