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  1. Alright. For the adventure one, any particular preference between Greater Equestria or The Outlying Lands?

     Scheming has been fruitful. It is the beginning of adventure. 

  3. I'm looking to get the adventurer ball rolling for Silverbolt so I'll push him towards Pocket Change. He still remembers that whole insect weirdness. For general Ponyville fun Sunrise or Timid Star could be on tap to play around with or mentor Smolder.
  4. I'm interested. I have a few characters that would have probable cause to visit the castle.
  5. I've returned and I have a few ideas as well. Looking to dust off Silverbolt. I'd say #1 or #3 would be a lot of fun.
  6. Off work. The time for scheming an RP has come.



  7. I rise once more. Shoutouts to Rose and the LPW crew!

  8. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25800740/ Here's a link to the post on FA.
  9. I live again. I'm currently going through a move. Things happened and I can't stay at my current address. Have a place to stay lined up.
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