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  1. Fixed it, sorry it took me so long, got distracted by life stuff.
  2. Hello, I was wondering of the people here thought of "Us in Equestria" Rp's Where should they start, what scale should the ponies be compared to us, What should our condition for being brought there be (Anomaly, intent of Celestia, Summoned by a lesser group) As well as why we were summoned if it was on purpose. Just wanted to ask around a little and get a few ideas.
  3. Welcome to canterlot, hope you have fun
  4. Welcome to canterlot, hope yea like it
  5. Welcome to canterlot, hope you have a wonderful time
  6. Welcome to Canterlot, i hope you have a wonderful time
  7. Welcome to Canterlot, i hope you have fun
  8. Ah, well there is a brony server that is fairly up to date, would any of you want to play on that one?
  9. I know i disappeared, but would any one be willing to play. Sad to see the server died while i was gone.
  10. Welcome to Canterlot, always nice to see another fan of fallout.
  11. Warthunder any one?

    1. Killjoy
    2. Wurmpleguy


      WOT ftw!

      (but WT is cool)

  12. Bronies do seem to be a little more tight knit than furries in a general sense. Most likely do to the common and all most universal interest in Mlp among bronies. Well said my friend.
  13. My theory is that they are deployed members of the royal guard.
  14. I was just wondering what others thought of the similarities between the two fandom. I find both to be vary similar in that they tend towards tolerance, and are in general kind people and was wondering what all of you thought about this. Are furries and bronies the same similar or completely different?
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