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  1. TTX


    HELLO THERE NEW PEGASISTER. OBLIGATORY CAPITALS INTRO IS CURRENTLY BEING HANDED TO YOU. On a serious note, avoid breaking the rules. You will be banned. Then die.
  2. I feel the urge to start being active.

  3. But..that breaks into the multiverse idea..which..oh god. Ghosts > not all that possible > no way to prove it
  4. I generally try to follow the whole ghosts and aliens mo'shizzile. Mainly to try and screw around with myself. Which makes me seem as less of an intellectual from some views I suppose. Although if what I suspect is slowly entering truth (This winding up a creepypasta thread basically.) then I can contribute more then I previously thought so. Woo.
  5. TTX


    Looks a little square. Like..a bit too much square. Making some areas there slightly rounder could improve the end result. The wings have some lines in them that go like -- from what I saw. Also some of the muffins are flying.
  6. Hello once again Canterlot.

  7. The old stuff was real weird stuff. To be honest I liked care bears more. And woah boy look at me now. Being all inception but ponies and shizzile. Welcome to the castle of dreams, don't let this turn into a nightmare.
  8. 'Twell a shocking condience then it is. He's used the same avatar for quite a while in another pony forum I follow, and you talk right like him. IM. POSSI. BRU.
  9. Ohai probably vason silversword. Read the rules and stuffs, bellev?
  10. I like this thread and it was necessary to say that. From what I've heard here today, having a house is hard and you should just hire slaves to do it. Also cats.
  11. Seems a bit like a starter creepypasta/game for me. Natural evolution in the series of the dark corner for MLP. I would make a list of that but..eh. Time for an avatar change about this game me thinks.
  12. Tryin' to be creative and stuff they is. Personally I just started using the pony names in real life.
  13. I don't have a girl/boyfriend. Salute for you though. /salute
  14. I like Valentine's day. Being single made it better actually. Don't hafta worry about buying people garbage and such. Just internets.
  15. TTX


    I found da anime Luna. Friends yet not friends us. Also avoid being banned 'n stuff.
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