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  1. Mystery leaned against the corner she was peering around, watching intently as the little pegasus backs up away from the gate. ... ...Bump. Mystery facehoofs at Sleuth's 'attempt'. She looks over again as the armored pony joins. Well, judging by the fanfilly antics, those two probably aren't together, considers the grey earth pony. ...and then a griffon swooped down to alight near them. She didn't hear any shouts or screams or anything, so she supposed there wasn't anything going down. Yet. Adjusting her hat, she casually strolled toward the little group. Might as well satisfy her own curiosity and make sure nothing bad was brewing. Her hoofsteps clip and clop slowly as she starts moving closer, trying to put on her best 'detective face'. First impressions are everything, after all!
  2. Good ol' Baltimare. Mystery Chaser thought on how it felt good to get away from Hoofington for a while as she cheerfully wandered along the streets. A little vacation would probably be good for her. So, she figured that she would visit a city a few of her Falcon Noir books had mentioned! She had her hat, and her coat, and her saddlebags full of awesome detective gear! One never knows when a case will drop outta nowhere, after all! A detective has to be ready! Grinning widely, she practically prances down the street before pausing. She looks around to make sure nopony had seen her, then puts on such a severe frown, continuing her walk as she tries to look as hardboiled as possible. She pauses as she turns a corner, tilting her head curiously as she peers down the road. Some pegasus was looking at a gate to a mansion down there. With a quiet gasp, she slips back behind the corner to peer around at the scene. She looks around to take in a bit more of the area. The rustle of wings drew her attention upward. Something flying. Then, she turned her head toward the telltale clink clank of armor getting closer. The earth pony rubs her chin thoughtfully. What had she stumbled upon? A bunch of thugs meeting up for some sort of illicit act? Some helpless filly trying to get away from assailants? A crook trying to find a place to hide? She turned back to watch the young mare at the gate curiously, waiting to get a clearer idea of what's going on just yet.
  3. Nodding, Swift smiled at the two. "It's good to have something to do with oneself. Though, rest is important too. I wish you both luck in your endeavors." Another nod. He scuffs at the ground with a hoof, then looks around, mind somewhat blank. Just what was it that he was supposed to do? Should he just go back to the temple? His talk so far had helped him to identify his troubles, at least. Perhaps that was enough for one day.
  4. That stupid, smug unicorn was taunting her, she knew it. Dangling in the air, Thistle kept trying to fly toward him and getting nowhere. Pinned against the ceiling, the griffon chick frowned. How could she get at that pony and bite 'em in the flank or something? She pondered, pressing off of the ceiling, only to be pushed back against it. Suddenly, an idea hit her. She might not be able to fly right at the pony, but she had something to push against. ...or, in her case, pull. Wrangling and rolling about, she eventually manages to flip herself around enough to dig in her hindclaws and talons into the roof of the car. It wasn't the most elegant way to get around, but hopefully it would have better luck than dangling in the air like a putz. Plus, maybe the grip would make it harder to just pull her off or something. She started trying to pull herself along toward a wall of the cabin. Oh, how much more she wanted to punch that unicorn right in his stupid looking face. She had gotten so close, too!
  5. I'm a bit hesitant to just jump in open threads at times, but feel free to invite via pm or something. I know open means it's not a big deal to just hop in, but sometimes it still seems like it is, y'know? -- Character Quick Reference Mystery Chaser (earth pony) hardboiled detective, female, adult Quick Temper (Unicorn) Candy maker, male, adult Scale Model (Unicorn) student, male, young adult Swift Breeze (Pegasus) kung-fu monk, male, adult Thistle (Griffon) itty bitty poofy woofy widdle griffon chick, female, child -- Mystery Chaser threads Hoofington Plaza (dead by first post) Down by the Docks (dead) A Night of Mystery and Wonder (GGG2011) (ended) A Very Impromptu Race (GGG2011) (ended) Mystery Meets at the Buffet (GGG2011) (ended) Status: Idle Quick Temper threads None! Status: Waiting for Deployment Scale Model Threads The Sidelines (RotL2011) (ended) A Cause for Celebration (ended) A Break Between Classes (ended) Pony Joe's (dead) One is the Loneliest Number (exited) Public Access (dead) Nightlife in the Capitol (dead) The Very Merry Juice and Drinks Bar (exited) Status: Idle Swift Breeze threads Running of the Leaves 2011 Participant (4th place tie) (ended) Shining Berry Fields (dead) Bistro's Grand Opening (exited) Early Morning in the Appleloosan Streets (Active, Open) Status: 1 thread, waiting Thistle threads Wings of their Own (dead) [FREE-FOR-ALL] Down the Line (Alternate canon, active, closed) Status: 1 thread, waiting
  6. Parodius


    There is a change value. Cents. As evidenced in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. "I wouldn't even pay one cent for this drek!" And they went 2 cups for one cent, then two bits a barrel.
  7. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP (AKA Main RP) Name: Quick Temper Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Pony Eye Color: #52ACE0, RGB 82, 172, 224 ###### Coat Color: #BD59FF, RGB 189, 89, 255 ###### Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: blonde and wavy Mainly #ECED8D, RGB 236, 237, 141 ###### Darker streaks of #CECF6F, RGB 206, 207, 111 ###### Physique: Somewhat slender, dapper appearance. Same blue-color collar and cuffs. Cutie Mark: A piece of wrapped taffy and a chocolate bar. Origin/Residence: Located in Manehattan, but makes deliveries to other towns. Occupation: Candy maker Motivation: To bring smiles to his fellow pony with his delicious treats. Likes: (optional) songs, making candy, making CHOCOLATE, seeing others enjoying his candy. Dislikes: (optional) the repeated accusation of candy being bad, a gloomy face Character Summary: Quick Temper was born in bea-UTIFUL Manehattan to a pair of ponies with their own pasta restaurant, noted for their excellent fresh-made noodles. As a foal, he helped out when he could, though often he wound up under-hoof, more often than not. Foals will be foals, after all, and doubly so when they're eager to find their special talent in life. He often watched with fascination as desserts were made, and was often chased out of the kitchen by amused, yet exasperated parents. In school, he was always glad to help his friends, and often snuck some dessert from the restaurant to share with the teacher and the class when holidays came around, delighting in the happy faces it brought. Once he had managed to pick up a few cooking tips from his parents, sometimes the treats were made by him even. They were... okay, but not great. They still brought appreciation from his classmates. One day... disaster struck. One of his friends wound up falling out of a tree and getting laid up in bed with a broken leg. He would visit them often, but they would only stare out the window with such a terrible expression. He tried anything he could to cheer them up. He tried singing. He tried balloons. He tried sneaking them some cake from his restaurant. Nothing worked. Then, to his luck, his friend mentioned, just as a passing comment, really, that the thing he missed the most from out of the hospital was the the chocolate and the candy from a store down the street from where he lived. Assuring his friend he would be right back, he ran as quick as he could to that store. Anything to cheer up his friend. As he ran up to it, a gaggle of laughing foals enjoying their candy came out of the store. To him, it was only further proof that it should cheer his friend up! Into the store he went, only to find, much to his disappointment, that what candy the store usually had was already gone. They didn't carry a large supply, and their order hadn't arrived yet. He pleaded, begged, and beseeched the store owner for just a piece, yet how could one sell something that just wasn't there to be sold? Dejected, he left the store. Looking down, he wondered. How could he cheer his friend up now? With a frown and a determined stomp of his hoof, he made a decision. If he couldn't buy some candy to give his friend, gosh darn it, he would MAKE some candy to bring a smile to them! He was off! Off to the library, the bookshelf at home, then into his room. He gathered every cookbook he could find, he furiously turned through page after page. Each book he finished, at first, he set aside, eventually getting more frustrated. Pile of books narrowed down, he shoved the ones that weren't at all useful outside his door. Concerned parents, after a cursory attempt to calm him, or at least get him to stop long enough for dinner, left him to his furious reading. That night, their peaceful slumber was disturbed by a terrible racket in the kitchen. Pots and pans, the colt had commandeered, along with chairs and step stools to reach everything as he rushed to check one book, to add an ingredient, to check a different book, to stir something, to taste. He poured his creation onto the counter. From what he read in the books, it didn't seem too different than what he saw his dad doing every day with the noodles. Floating the cooling mass of melted sugar with his magic, he began pulling and folding, pulling and folding... working more air into the candy. In the morning, Quick Temper's parents found a pile of pots and pans in the sink, and a sticky, young colt, fast asleep, and surrounded by brightly colored pieces of taffy, all individually wrapped in wax paper. Later, after a bath and a good amount of sleep, he loaded up a basket with the taffy and brought it to his friend. As his friend unwrapped a piece of the taffy, Quick Temper hopefully looked on. One piece... then another... a wide smile slowly spread on his friend's face. The best he'd ever had, proclaimed his friend, giving a great big hug. A twinkle of light drew Quick Temper's attention back to his flank, and he was soon smiling just as widely as his friend. Personality-wise, he's easy to get along with. Pleasant, friendly, and jovial, unlike what one might think with a name like his. In fact, his name has little to do with anger at all, and more to do with chocolate. To melt chocolate is to temper it. If he does anger, it is slow to come, yet quick to go, if a bit intense if he ever does briefly lose his calm. He is all too glad to share his treats, though he does need to charge a little while working at his modest little candy store or using his cart to visit other towns. It's a small shop, yet loaded from wall to wall with so many types of sweets. At times, he might be a tad too forgiving, from having ponies assume he'd be quick to anger all the time, due to his name. ((Props to Ghostie for helping designhis appearance. I hope it was lots of fun!)) ((Pic by GhostGirl))
  8. Parodius

    Skewed Opinions

    I'm glad it's enjoyed! Come to think of it, Mystery probably does have a lot in common with those LucasArts adventure games. Heh. Too bad I don't have the skills to put her in one. X)
  9. Parodius

    Skewed Opinions

    Poor Mystery Chaser. She can't be properly miserable like a hardboiled detective should be with all this sunshine and clear weather!

    © me

  10. Mystery Chaser still looks awesome. :3
  11. Dream episodes: An Applejack-centered episode. (We know about her, sorta, but she hasn't had much spotlight time.) Scootaloo ep. (Same here) Background pony ep. Perhaps as short snippits of life as they go about their day, with the six in the background, trying to take care of something. Or just being talked about through gossip. ... Though, I'd imagine Pinkie Pie wouldn't change very much, considering she's friends with EVERYPONY. Princess ep. Life in the castle. More heavy world building eps where it can't be pushed aside with 'oh, that's just a joke. Pay it no mind.' Something seems off about doing that, in my opinion. ...but I can understand if it's something that's pretty incongruous with the world shown before. (*CoughmaredowellCoughcough*) LONGER eps. Sometimes, it's painfully obvious that things get a little rushed to make the episode length requirements.
  12. At first, I didn't like the CMC. Then, they started growing on me as we learned more about them, their relationship with the 6, and their relationship with each other. The performance in Show Stoppers was horrible, even though the song wasn't too bad in itself. Like a guy on the street absolutely mangling your favorite song. It's somewhat obvious where their talents lie, true, but some of them have a few talents. They're young, uneducated, and lacking in wisdom. As long as the writers don't flanderize them too much, eventually they should keep developing as characters and gain their marks. While it would obviously change the dynamics of the three if any of them gained their cutie mark, I think it would be a good thing. They could change their focus to helping others instead of themselves. Still crusading, just for somepony else's cutie mark. Unfortunately, plot all too often forces them to be a trio of idiots in regards to themselves. ...and we still don't know much about Scootaloo, other than her rampant RD fangirlism and tomboyish nature. She's the Applejack of their group, in that regard.
  13. Nodding, Scale smiled. "I'll keep it in mind." He nods. "Good that you're feeling better. As for what to do next..." He pauses, thinking for a good while. "I've got no idea. Not that familiar with goin' out on the town. Or out of the town. I'd probably just wind up wandering around aimlessly." He looks over to Dazzle with a slightly expectant look. "I'm afraid it falls in your hooves. Sorry."
  14. While I WANT to say unicorns, I'm afraid I just gotta go with earth ponies. Dependable, durable, and the lack of wings or horn puts a spotlight on their personality. Many many people have said how much AJ needs an actual ep, but we've got a decent idea about what she's like. Then there's Pinkie. Even if she HADN'T had a couple of eps, she makes herself known whether one wants her to or not. Of course, it's a bit odd, choosing earth ponies as best when my favorite character of the 6 is a unicorn... and when I'd probably want to be a unicorn if suddenly stuffed in a pony body. I guess that means they're all pretty good.
  15. Hatchling -> Chick -> Adult is how I've been thinking about it, too, with chick being for both genders. As for how they're raised, I've been having fun with that. None of that 'roaming around on the ground until they learn to fly on their own' stuff. How do some actual birds teach their young to fly? Grab 'em, then toss 'em out of a high place! With as gruff as griffons seem to be, I figure that'd suit their philosophy. ...of course, there might be some debate on that method of training, I'd imagine. Maybe bring home live prey for dinner to teach hunting skills if they're old fashioned like that. Though, probably better to leave the end details of such things 'off screen' to keep from pushing the board rating.
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