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  1. Professional hoofball player? Now that was the ticket. She had her fair share of loves in her life and while sports certainly didn't rank alongside her work or motherhood she sure did love her fair share of teams. She was trying her darnedest to get a good stadium in Ponyville built that could host any number of sporting events but it had been a real toothpuller getting it done. Hopefully the new Mayor'd make it happen! "Well, that's as good a reason as any ta be rolling in tha bits as a youngin'. Funny how it works in some places though, what with you bein' tha academic type with such a sportin' father. Probably worked out for tha best though. Look at you, living yer right life and gettin' what yer due," she smiled, patting her apples, "and what yer payin' for ta boot." He said he needed some help and she knew just how to hook him up. By now Big Mac had fully finished helping the other feller out and she wasn't above forcing him to be the silent object of somepony else's quaking heart while he did his work. "Hey Big Mac! When yer done bein' lazy, could you help this feller out with his bushels?" She teased her older brother, who rolled his eyes as he trotted on up. "This here is Big Mac, in case you didn't know. He'll be helping you with yer bushels. And Big Mac, this is Stellar Drift. Get him what he needs!" She said as she waved her brother off, who took the bushels and would follow Stellar until he wasn't needed any longer. "Y'all have a good'n, ya hear!" She waved at Stellar as he left, ready and excited for the next customer. *Tiger* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  2. Gallus wasn't about to look a giftfoal in the mouth. Zap Apple still didn't look very happy about the state of his world but Gallus was going to have to be okay with that certain amount of sorrow until his mind flittered away in time to other subjects. Foals were little else if absent-minded and Gallus had to rely on that to get him through. At least he had the good manners to follow along with the Griffon as they headed on down to the kitchen. Shockingly enough for a mare who didn't look or act like one too concerned with tidiness her kitchen was near immaculate. And then he spotted a little dust and it all made sense: She was an order out kind of gal. Luckily he didn't need that much to make the plan work. He just needed a few ingredients and a colt who he could get to smile at least once. If he could get through the day with that feather in his cap, he'd be content. "All right," Gallus said as he looked around the kitchen, gathering the pots and pans and beating sticks and everything else they'd need. "Ponies are so weird. Where I come from we eat worms instead of cupcakes. And bugs instead of cake. Gross, right?" He said as he looked back, sticking his tongue out in a joking manner. He then started separating things out, taking a deep breath. He put a small amount of flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl as he started to preheat the oven, the little geode in the back turning on. "Alright. First up, you start mixing those together and tell me when you think it looks good. Show me that pegasus speed and control I'm always hearing about," he said as he gave a wink. The amount was small enough that even with some tremendous speed and force it shouldn't get too messy, and he could have some fun mixing. "I'll mix this," he said as he started slowly mixing the eggs, butter, and sugar, saving the extract for the end. "Then we'll combine them and mix together. Alright, lets get mixing!"
  3. It was hard to say no to Applejack when she had the right idea and Rara knew that she did here. She might not singing in public but she knew she had a good voice. Heck, look at her cutie mark! She knew it was true! And if it meant they got to go up together and be recognized, well, doing it with a friend would certainly make the pill go down smoother. "You're awfully good at convincing ponies...alright, we'll do it. You and I, stage singing superstars!" She said as she tried to summon at least a front of courage, despite feeling worried about it inside. She'd have to get over that. Maybe imagine the ponies there with more clothes on, like her mama used to say. She giggled and sat down on the floor next to Applejack, her head laned back onto the bed as she heard the other filly strum her revealed guitar. She was awfully good with it considering how rarely she spoke about her own talents, which as far as Rara was concerned were at least as good as hers. Applejack started up her playing and soon enough threw some lyrics out there. She didn't pay much mind to the lyrics because she knew they could do better, together. But she sure was good at strumming those strings and she produced a musically pleasing melody with her guitar. Rara's head bopped gently to it as the neurons started to fire off. "That sure did rhyme. But if we're gonna do this, we should do it big and bold, right? Like when we tried to build the biggest treehouse outta all the treehouses. Except words. We're gonna build the biggest treehouse of my words and your guitar they ever did see! Or, uhh, hear!" She said excitedly, only now starting to get into the idea fully. And anything to make that fat colt who pushed her into the mud yesterday drop his potato chips for a second and be nice. It was called Camp Friendship for pony's sake, not camp spud. Her mind raced to think of something. "Hmm...oh, maybe we'll do somethin' that'd make our family proud if they heard it. Like...how about Equestria?" She pondered as she allowed Applejack's strings to play in her mind. "Duh duh duh...hmm..." she cleared her throat and started softly singing along the strings, "Equestria, the land I love...a land of harmony..."
  4. Applejack's heart raced and her pulse quickened as Rainbow spoke. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was going to ask Applejack which was good 'cause Applejack was no genius. She wouldn't call herself a dummy by any stretch of the imagination but a life on the farm hadn't made her think very highly of her intellectual capabilities. Nor had it given her any real idea that she had a chance at anything more than what her heart would have been wanted anyway- a good partner to live her life alongside, grow the family, and enjoy the simple things in life. She liked the simple things. She was a simple pony. Didn't expect anything more. Didn't want anything more. But life was anything but simple. She didn't just find herself with a nice farmer stallion who shared all her values and who slipped into her life like good work gloves. She didn't find somepony who looked at the world the same as she did. She had tried, mind you, but she never could see it through and neither could they. She had her fair share of coltfriends and, eventually, fillyfriends by the time Rainbow had moved on into Ponyville and it had been like fire and water for the longest time. They were both headstrong athletes, but that was about it. Applejack was about substance and consistency, trying to build a future. Rainbow Dash was razzle dazzle and aggressive improvement, fighting tooth and hoof to earn her future. They hadn't gotten along for a long while. That had changed and the details of how they had become friends and then more was something better left to others with a penchant for the dramatic. But Rainbow was anything other than simple. She dreamed big. She swung and missed and then immediately went back up. She was volatile and uneven and everything that had been bad to Applejack when she was younger. But she was strong, driven, secretly rather intimate and vulnerable, loyal like little else, and challenging. Anything other than simple. Anything other than easy. But Applejack learned that she liked it a little rough and she liked it a little on the wild side, at least from time to time, and nopony could pierce her quite like that flighty mare from Cloudsdale. Wasn't to say it was always easy. Part of having that difference in how they viewed certain subjects meant that sometimes important life decisions were looked at from entirely alien viewpoints. Family, values, when and how to take risks, how to respond to pressures that came with their lives- they had clashed again and again. On some things Applejack had just begun to accept that they would never truly agree. She was even open to the idea, as unlikely as it was, that she may not always have been the easiest mare to deal with on certain issues. She had once or twice questioned whether this was right for her. She had almost instantly found her answer though and as her mama used to say, 'mud can't stop the shine' and nopony had ever shined in Applejack's eyes quite like Rainbow Dash, mud and all. Her tail bobbed up and down of its own accord gently as Rainbow spoke and she bit her lower lip, as if holding back something awful to say. Finally the question came and Rainbow, without hesitation but likely with butterflies circling her insides like beautiful vultures before a feast. Applejack waited for a second before responding, her eyes only slowly glistening with her lip still bit, trying to stop herself from yelling out. But after a moment of trying to compose herself she went ahh tartarus with it and pulled Rainbow Dash in for a misguided, messy kiss as she half-cried and half-said, "Yes!"
  5. Moonlight smiled weakly at the gentle affirmations of her -former?- cousin and coworker for infinity. She wished it was just that easy! For all of the former colt's life there had been conflict of some sort but never did she feel like she was an intrusive element. But days down in a castle, everypony alternating between support and walking on eggshells around her, it made her almost question what she felt was right. Almost. It was hard to argue that even as the breath felt foreign with every heave of her chest at first that it wasn't quickly gaining its appeal. She knew she was beautiful and she knew that in time she would feel right, physically at least. It was only natural, after all. But she couldn't claim the same regarding how she interacted with everypony else, especially these two. Hidden in their honest desire to help her, she understood, were the seeds of her new life. Even if it was a life she was sure she would enjoy, that didn't change how it came about. Applejack had very strong opinions about Valen's former lifestyle and what it meant. The genesis of some of Valen's most humiliating experiences involving the CMC and Silver Spoon came at the hooves of Applejack believing earnestly that the baseline of those incidents was founded in truth, that he was really a filly in a colt's body. And as true as that clearly was, that didn't change the fact that she forced this interpretation down Valen's throat to his more than occasional chagrin. Honest, truthful- yes, as she always was. But hurtful? She had been, even if it was all in the name of a good cause. Rarity was different in some ways, but perhaps had a larger impact. She had been kind and made Valen a dress all those years ago and fed into his lifestyle. She then used it to help generate excellent profits from several fantastic fashion tours nationwide with Gilded Lilly, Prench fashion superstar. While she had never really been as frank and honestly brutal as Applejack had been in her opinions, Rarity had instead worked in a more friendly, consistent, and perhaps more convincing manner. Valen had effectively become a filly long before any magic was used because of her, to the extent that when they did those tours it was with absurd ease. And always to Rarity's great joy. While Applejack saw a finished work that just needed to accept itself, Rarity saw clay to be molded. In a way, Moonlight should be angry at them. Not at the result since it was clearly what was for the best. But because for years this dance between them had ended only with suffering, humiliation, and heartache for the former colt. The pratfalls and pitfalls of the past and the dangerous lines nearly crossed should have been cause enough, supplemented by the shock nature of what they had planned, to make her angry. But she wasn't. She loved them both. Even with their flaws and quirks, just as they had loved her back when she was Valen, the worst flaw and quirk of them all. "I think, like, I will totally be needing both of you to be all, like, helpful and stuff. Not more than the other though, that wouldn't be totally righteous, right? You both, like, have your strengths and stuff. I'm not sure you could teach me to, like, totally rock the baking stuff like Applejack could," Moonlight teased Rarity with a broader, bigger smile as she gave in to her own rising and bubbling positivity.
  6. Rarity was highly frustrated by the inability of the spa ponies to be of any help. She quickly ascertained after her outburst that they were not responsible for any sort of high-class thievery ring, but that didn't mean she let them off the hook entirely. They staffed this location and were expected to the best in their field and with that came expectations of them keeping tabs on who was here, what they were doing, and how they would best be served. And in doing so, stop such awful tomfoolery such as theft from taking place! While they may not be thieves themselves the fact they were so ignorant as to this event left a sour taste in her mouth. She would have to knock a star off of their rating- her back did feel rather wonderful and her haunches were well prepped for the day, so no reason to forget their good work either! Rarity did not tarry long with the miscreant missing workers of the spar, holding her mare's hoof in ours as she consoled her. "No Applejack, you did nothing wrong. You were relying on a level of base competence from workers who had relatively good, secure locations for the property of their customers. It is a travesty they can't help us- I'm stunned that they ddn't see anything," she gave a side-eye look at the ground and nearly growled, "or claim they didn't. I'm not sure I totally believe them," she said as she rubbed Applejack's mane in a comforting manner. Of all the things to steal, a broach? It was such a personal item of negligible worth to anypony who did not know the personal details of those involved. It would seem to be a rather poor target for theft- at least compared to the absolute windfall of similar items found on such a luxury vessel. Rarity maintained her composure. She needed to. Applejack was a mess but she too needed to pull herself together. They had personas to maintain as Equestrian heroines and blubbering like foals would do neither of them any good, especially if they needed to solve a mystery like the one that had been hooved over to them. "Dear, regain yourself. If we're to see that detective and get your broach back, you will need to have a certain air of confidence about you. Straighten your tail and dry your tears," she said confidently, wiping away what she could see as shw stood up. "we have a broach to find!"
  7. Rainbow wished more than anything that she shared Twilight's confidence. That she could say out loud that they'd figure it out. That she could tell herself that they could conquer any issue that came up. That these confusing feelings she had that she were banking on being romantic were something to ride to total and future success. That there was certainty? That there was a path forward that she saw without turbulence? But she couldn't say any of it because she didn't think any of it. She didn't know. She was unsure. She was worried, and truth was, she was a blustering coward when it came to matters within her own heart. Her cockiness that was on full display whenever she was performing or training or even going about hr day to day life was something she took hold of. It gave her the courage she needed to fail in anything she tried. But the secret was, she knew deep inside that she was capable of doing it all. Flight formation, tricks, athletic stunts, getting it right in her day to day life. She knew she could do it all. The courage that came from her cockiness? It was an extra barrier, an extra layer, of protection. Without it she knew she could still do it all. More nervously, less assured, but definitely something she could handle. She knew it. But this was totally beyond her. Getting down with a Princess? That was something entirely foreign to her. Letting her guard down around Twilight Sparkle, of all ponies? Not something she could be cocky about. Rainbow Dash had these emotions she never really thought about, emotions she could not tame, emotions she did not understand. No knowledge about what to expect. No real ability to put up that cocky barrier so she could fail without embarrassment. And a total inability to understand what was going on in her own, hammering heart. She was unsure. And when Rainbow was unsure and unable to put up a front, she knew who she would become. A coward. And because of her cowardly nature, she didn't say what she needed to say. That she needed time to figure out what she was feeling on her own and that she wasn't entirely sure of what it was she was feeling. She wasn't honest because honesty would hurt her friend, her friend who could be something more, and being a lying coward was a whole lot easier and felt better. So she smiled weakly as Twilight came in close and felt her warmth and leaned on her and replied: "Yeah. Yeah we will."
  8. Now that there was an interesting job. Applejack certainly didn't have the knowledge or love for the subject like Twilight did but she remembered more than a few summer nights with cool breezes, laying out there and examining teh stars. For a long while it was with her pa who would tell the growing foal all the stories and tales of the stars. They were all horseradish of course but they were the sort of country myths she was happy to send on down to her youngin' anyway. And then afterwards it became a sort of quiet time for her to just sit there and let her mind wander. The memories she danced through were good and she was happy to have had the chance to relive them and would continue to- few things sweeter than Sweet Apple Acres at night, right? But she didn't have a mind for the science behind it all, just the fantasy of it all. "An Astronomer? That can be a lucrative job, or so Ah hear. Work at tha royal observatory or somethin' more private?" She asked as she leaned over to catch a better angle on her customer's blush. She tittered. "It sure is, Sugarcube. Can't say Ah didn't have some help. Had ta deal with several other customers with their eyes pointed somewhere else than me today, often at him," she said with a sigh. It couldn't be any other stallion in town, just her brother, and having to be all over her own event as well. Oh well. Couldn't be helped! No stallion in town was half as stallionly as Big Mac! Too much even for Stellar Drift, who decided on Applejack doing it. He was gonna have a hard time getting over Big Mac's recent engagement, like a whole slew of other mares and stallions. Big Mac's popularity with the ponyfolk was almost enough to make Applejack jealous. Almost. "Five bits and a kiss it is then," she said with a single guffaw, settling the bits in their home and making sure he was all set with his apples. When all was done she reached over, grabbed him by the head, and pulled him in for a good, strong kiss. After a few moments he was released with a chaste smile and a full heart. Another pony served! *Stellar Drift* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  9. Twilight listened with only a little worry. You could make armor that was aether resistant to a high degree, capable of resisting almost any magic thrown its way. In theory, at least. Even in small practice doses. But time and time again enchanted armor failed in the field. Not in an amount that made it foolhardy mind you, but she hoped they weren't becoming overconfident. Even the finest bit of magical armor ever made- the Agent of the Sun armor crafted, maintained, and powered by Celestia herself- could be defeated. "Don't allow yourself to become overconfident in such protection, Ice. Many are the claims throughout history of such protection, only undone when faced with something they did not expect. I trust you will not do so, but...don't allow it to sneak in. Aetheric resistance is notoriously tricky. Even dedicated war-mages could not make perfection," she replied in a friendly tone. She did not want to appear overbearing. She just wanted to make sure STAR's leader wasn't too enamored by proposed ability, even tested. As for the weapons, Twilight looked at the window and thought it out. "It'll work with that objective, lessening collateral damage. But an Aetheric only-blast, regardless of the power or even modularity of it, can be stopped by anti-magic armor in place on many vessels. Askr Wood, Neighponese Nth Metal, Saddle Arabian protection field- there are many other examples, of course. That doesn't mean it is a bad weapon, however. It just requires new tactics and complimentary arsenals to deal with its shortcoming, especially if the power sources are all so closely tied in together," Twilight said before turning back around. "But all of that is secondary to good leadership, and any problems you encounter I am sure you will be able to overcome, like you've overcome others. Beyond all of this, how have you been? Not Ice Storm. leader of STAR. Ice Storm, my friend."
  10. "Stellar Drift, is it? Good name. Strong name, too. Whatcha do up there in Canterlot?" She asked the nervous stallion, always curious as to what ponies did up there. She had lived part of her early life in Manehattan and knew it as a city of commerce, and she sure as rain knew life in the Heartland like the back of her hoof. But Canterlot seemed like it was a mythical city- and she'd been there dozens of time! Something about it being the seat of Celestial power for generations still gave it a mythica edge to it that made it hard for her to shake. "Yer friend is right. Sweet Apple Acres is the best place in all of Equestria if yer looing for tha tastiest fruit in all'f Equestria!" She said confidently, hoping some of her verve could transfer over to the customer. She didn't think it would work but it was worth the hope anyway. Applejack needed to start counting how many stallions had come up here and started being all sorts of confused and flustered, and then a second list was needed to track down all the reasons that she could think of. It had seemed to come up more and more commonly lately, and she noticed a few similarities. In this case she couldn't help but note that he seemed to throw his gaze over to Big Mac. Yep, another stallion who couldn't resist the firm haunches and strong torso of her older brother. Sad for them that he had his heart set already but she figured that didn't stop ponies from drinking from the cup of fantasy. She looked over at her brother and laughed. "Well, can't blame ya there. Y'all ain't tha first pony today ta toss yer mane that way," she said with a shake of her head, turning back to Stellar Drift. "So, Stellar, that'll be five bits. And a kiss from me, unless you'd rather...?" *Stellar Drift* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  11. It took a little bit but the stallion managed to get himself wrapped up in the current affairs, the best damn sale this side of the Heartland. She wondered why his head was in the clouds as much as it was considering what he was here for but maybe therein lay the answer. Perhaps he had been waiting in line so long that his mind wasn't fully invested in the here and now. A tragedy if that were the case and one of her partial making. No matter though because whether she had a hoof in his head-space issues or whether there were causes of a more ethereal nature she knew for a fact that once she got somepony on the topic of apples she could guarantee their undivided attention, or die trying. Or something slightly less dramatic. She refocused on the nervous stallion- he was the most important pony in the world, at least at the moment! Onto the topic of the day it seemed like the stallion had a good grasp of apple varieties, asking for a bushel of Ambrosia. Good luck was on his side as she still had some left. "Ah figure Ah have at least a bushel left of Ambrosia," she offered off-hoofedly before she went down to check. It wasn't one of Sweet Apple Acre's most popular or well-off varieties but that didn't change the fact she stocked it well enough for days like this. She confirmed there was enough and got to assembling the bushel, appearing back up top with a basket full of the right type of apples for Stellar. "Well, looks like Ah have tha Ambrosia type still in. Looks like ya lucked out Mister...?" She asked, extending her hoof out to him. They hadn't been properly introduced just yet and if she was gonna be smacking lips she'd rather know who it was first! *Stellar Drift* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  12. Watching them watch the tape was revealing in its own way. They seemed to sparkle with a certain chemistry that was unusual even amongst the married ponies of Equestria. She could sense this as they spoke to one another through looks and her son-in-law's words. It took a while for her to figure it out- even more time than she was allotted here. Her mind was too busy noting that for all of the excitement of the wedding this had happened years before Cadance had a child. She had always wondered why it had taken them so long to take that step that for so many ponies was one that was often times taken even before the marriage was official. She knew that they had known each other since they were an older filly and colt and honestly that was often a recipe for a pregnancy to strike. There were many things ponies that age were known for- chastity in the face of deep affection was not one of them! "Were you two already discussing starting a family before you got married? Or did you just..." She leaned in close to Cadance and whispered, "lasciare che la magia accada?" Barbera ended with an impish giggle, hoping to make her daughter blush- an event she was entirely foreign to.
  13. Swift Squall wasn't sure about whether or not they'd have a castle at their disposal but Applejack rejected the possibility of there not being one out of hoof. If somepony as rich as Swift didn't have a castle at his disposal for a wedding, somepony with nobility to boot, then nopony could have a castle. "Hehe. Well no matter where it is just get started on it. If Ah have ta hear Apple Bloom go on 'bout dream wedding scenarios for another week without her havin' somethin' to actually pin it ta, Ah'll marry y'all mahself. And Ah'm not even sure what Ah'd need ta do ta make it all legal like," she said with a laugh, though truth be told she wasn't so certain about why they were holding off. Just do it. Nothing was in their way, right? Eh, no matter. It'd happen when it happened. She wasn't somepony to hold off on the idea of a marriage in any circumstance but she reckoned thoughts on the matter were as extensive as the mares and stallions involved. As Swift Squall vanished out of her sight, she re-centered on Cadance. She had enjoyed all of Applejack's stories and pictures but she did have a pretty valid observation. Rainbow didn't seem to catch it- her mind seemed to be wandering around and not at all focused- but Applejack certainly noticed it. She sighed, though she continued smiling. "Well..." she rubbed the back of her neck, "Rainbow's always real busy, and often times outta town. We make sure ta take pictures together as a family when we can, but fact is Ah'm around Zap Apple every day. Just a different bit of exposure, Ah reckon," she said with a shrug as went to ask a question. "Is Flurry Hear-" she began before the *singing* began. And Cadance's annoyed glare moving past her to the stage, where Swift Squall was doing his best to be...well, honestly, himself. Unlike the others, Applejack liked it when Swift Squall got up on the stage and started singing. At least it was a song she knew, unlike all of the fancy schmancy malt that passed in such events. He wasn't the best and he really shouldn't have upstaged the professional musicians, but she'd be a liar if she said she was upset. She hummed along with the lyrics, leaning into Rainbow Dash and swaying with increasing energy as the chorus kicked in. "Ya got tha touch!" she sang out loud, though it was followed quickly by a heavy, leaned in kiss on her mare's cheek. She whispered huskily, "You got tha power," laughing at the sheer cheesiness of it all. "Yeah, you go an' leave me all by lonesome, gettin' that there alicorn Princess all liquored up," she said with faux concern as she allowed Dash to get along with her business of getting Cadance a bit loosened up, even in the presence of Swift Squall.
  14. Mage Meadowbrook could feel the dimensional mare's thankfulness even before she gave word to it. Mage had thought that Sunset would enjoy the little reminder of home and for it to be done in such a manner so that it wouldn't be too hard for her to resupply in the future. Mage returned the hug gently and with a soft smile. "I'm glad you like it, Sunset Shimmah. Now, you an' Twi just make sure ta enjoy tha rest of yer day. Y'all deserve it!" She said with a smile as she pulled back, allowing Sunset the distance she needed to get away while she went back to work. The two mares may have a fun day ahead of them but Mage Meadowbrook's work was never done, not that she minded. Twilight in time led Sunset through the exhibit. Masks, poultices, half-scribbled ancient poems and tablets thanking her for saving ancient towns full of ancient ponies lined the walls and made for interesting discussion. But Twilight's heart wasn't in it. What Sunset had said was still sticking with her and clouding her mind. She tried but it was clear her mind was clouded. The best exhibit remained however, and she felt herself perk up as they started to make their way to the Starswirl wing. That didn't mean that she could let what they had discussed die entirely. "I'm sorry this hasn't gone perfectly. But this next exhibit is the best. Starswirl is responsible for so-" she began as they entered. Within moments, a familiar elder stallion approached from behind. "Ah, hello Princess-" Starswirl began. Twilight turned around, firm in her devotion to the rest of this trip! "No, no, no! Whatever it is, no Starswirl! I just want to spend time with Sunset today!" She barked quickly at the elderly stallion who, for his part, sat there with only slight amusement showing.
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