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  1. That was..unexpected. Bluebelle's voice had been more than a little...churlish, one might say, but it didn't seem like it warranted Celestia's response. Twilight believed it was stress related and immediately discarded the concern, though her sympathetic body language towards Bluebelle with a lean betrayed a desire to make the newest Princess feel safe. The important thing, however, was to remain on task, and to make sure that all personal issues and concerns were set aside. One, they made her uncomfortable. Two, they all needed to work together. Luna brought up an interesting point: They had failed. It would be easy to say that this was Celestia's fault, but that was untrue. The rise of banditry as any sort of concern for Equestrian began not long after Luna;s banishment as Nightmare Moon. The ensuing chaos and unrest led to the first real societal break that wasn't caused by external factors. It would then be easy to lay the blame on the Two Sisters, but that was false. Other ponies across time could have pushed for solutions to the problem and didn't. Many great REA generals or Equestrian heroes could have taken steps but didn't. Outside forces like the Caribou from Whitescar, organizations like WRAITH, the Storm King, Queen Chrysalis, a dozen others- many were newer, some were old, all created instability. Instability bred chaos, and all were responsible. Twilight had spent so much of her time in books when she could have been trying to solve problems for Equestria. Bluebelle spent many years as an intensely narcissistic and vain Prince. As the wheel turned to this pivotal point in history, it found a group of ponies with the ability but not the attitude to make the changes needed. No one pony was to blame. “We all share some blame for this, you're right Princess Luna. This stretches across time and it stretches across decisions. All we can do now is try to fix what we can fix. On task: A bounty hunter licensing system would be easy enough to implement. Initial entry into the system is based on competence, and then the issuance of a license is based upon the completion of a program designed to ensure those who get the licenses follow a certain sensibility. This will have a three-way effect, I believe. First, we weed out mercenaries and sell-swords who don't share our same values and commitment to the Equestrian cause. Secondly, we ensure that bounty hunters follow a certain set of procedures and codes that will help guarantee safety, security, and morality. Third, when we have effective systems in place to harm banditry without resorting to militant force, we can help transition many of those willing to make changes. Force is still used, but we can show that even when that is in use that there are limits, and as a moral and ethical guiding principle we will not allow anypony to be left behind,” Twilight said at length. As she spoke she started writing some of the framework of the idea down. “Of course, in order to create such a system, we need to build it from scratch. How does one advertise or recruit for it? How is competence judged? What does the program they have to complete entail? What powers come with the issuance of a license? What do we do about those trying to collect bounties without a license? What resources do we provide those with a license? A lot of questions would need to be answered but I think it can work,” she said, hard at work as she wrote down line after line of what she considered important detailing the entire program. But there was much more to do. “Of course, that solves one problem but doesn't solve the other. It is a nice germ of an idea but as Princess Luna has pointed out, we are a little out of touch. I do what I can but the position has a certain...distance from the common pony ingrained into it, and I feel as though outside of what I know in my immediacy I may not be the most experienced pony here in handing out a helping hoof,” she said, turning to Bluebelle with a smile, “but I think your experience running IMAGINE may give you a unique insight into how such programs can operate. I'd be keen on what knowledge you can share in this matter.”
  2. Generous Darkness

    The week passed along with little conflict. Rarity wasn't entirely comfortable with how she had arrived here or the pretences under which she had been brought here. Nor was she entirely giving purchase t the idea of his redemption. While she was willing to believe in it he had to admit that she was having a hard time shaking her suspicions. Still, if she had been taught anything by Discord's redemption it was to at least give it a chance. Thus she had done so for the week and she spent that time working. First she worked on the castle itself. It was easier work, after all. Castle walls didn't change by the seasons, weight was never a concern, style and mane- nothing, it was a constant. Made it easy to consider and then eliminate the possibilities. So that was in the process of being done. It would take time. There was a lot of windows and hallways, throne rooms and bathrooms, bedrooms and studies. During a break a week into her stay, after she had eaten and placed her utensils in the kitchen (it wasn't like she was going to leave it a mess) she decided to check up on her host. She found him mid-sigh as he worked on some manner of crystal growth. “Ahh, there you are. Just taking a break myself. Some excellent progress! How is...uhh, well, what are you doing?”
  3. A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    Sugarcube corner? Valen wasn't going to complain about something sweet and delicious, especially not when it was easily the best bakery in town. Still, if she wanted something he could have picked it up on his way here. He'd arrived what, two minutes ago? Oh well! Valen smiled and was excited for...a doughnut, maybe. That sounded good. “Well, that sounds fun. Can never say no to Sugarcube Corner!” He said, following her out with a nice trot. She was a mare with a good amount of taste but everypony who was anypony loved themselves some Sugarcube Corner treats. They could delay themselves a few moments in time. They went out and time was being made well. Valen always loved a good trot across this beautiful town. He hoped, he wished, that everypony understood how lucky they were to live in a town like this. It had a lot to do and was growing fast but was still holding onto the rural charm. If ponies ever ruined this town it would be through overexposure. Too much too soon would turn an honestly interesting town into a tourist trap kitsch attitude about it. That would be tragic. Couldn't see that happening- this place was just so...honest about itself. He hoped it would never be anything less than the perfect town it was. Just as Starlight was about his duties. Valen was pretty certain that the duties ascribed were more or less what he believed it would be. So far, so good. Nothing too strange! Valen laughed. “Miss Glimmer, that all sounds pretty normal. I wouldn't expect my job as your assistant to be anything else than just that, an assistant. Helping you complete your duties, making your job and life easier until the debt is paid? That seems entirely within reason,” Valen said with a wide smile as they approached Sugarcube Corner. “Anything you need me to prepare for?” He asked as he opened and held open the door.
  4. No Locks Kept (Closed)

    Daedalus looked haggard. He sounded haggard. Magical work could take a lot out of you, even if you were highly talented and capable at it. The topic that floated above them- well, both subjects- were equally terrifying. The recent setbacks the Keepers had suffered was of primary concern. Each relic took a great amount of effort and considering the workload both were under it would be easy to understand a sense of weariness. This was only doubled when many of the efforts failed. Still, she could think of nopony she'd rather have at it than Daedalus, and nopony else better to work alongside him than her. Together she was certain they could solve this problem. “You're doing great work. Setbacks happen. As for me...well, I wish I could say I was entirely successful,” Twilight said, downplaying her success so as to not make Daedalus feel bad, “I have had the easier task, after all. Mostly I've been working on acquiring some of the safer relics. Hopefully we can learn more than I have so far. Most nations don't keep their time-stream data entirely coherent which has made several of them simply out of reach unless I want to bend the space-time continuum. I might, but not right now. We have a lot more testing to understand most of them,” she said, disappearing into a side room. She was gone for a few minutes, cataloguing and placing them in their holding places She came out soon with all smiles. It was a good day, a bounce in her step evident as she came up to Daedalus. “Take a seat. Manechurian will be here soon. Tell me everything you've been up to!” she said, her excitement more than palpable. It was good to be able to spend time with one of her Keepers, and Daedalus was the best they had.
  5. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    Well, nostallion was perfect. She knew that better than most. It didn't unnerve her or put her off that he misspoke so commonly. After all, she had followed his career, knew who he was, and made sure to read up on everything she could when the marriage was announced. He was a fine stallion, captain if the guard from a family who seemed to have something special about them. But nopony was perfect, and she would forgive the silliness of his overtalkativeness. For all of the possible faults a pony might have, a slight nervousness was acceptable. Didn't mean she wouldn't poke him a little bit about it. “Somepony sounds like a nervous drinker...” she whispered conspiratorially, her voice sounding more like it did years ago as she did, the timber of it all not harming her more fragile vocal cords. “Don't worry, I know what you're trying to say. It is true that a lot of places use Prench grapes, and I'm sure soon we'll be discussing Crystal Empire grapes. For now, a toast- to the roads taken and the experiences shared,” she said, taking a sip. It was well-flavoured and crafted with excellent, even if it lacked a certain grace. “This is from the Itailian Highland Winery. Well-made, well-thought of, a favorite amongst the people. Of all the wines we test today, this is the most affordable.”
  6. “Excellent. I can get started on my end of the project, including census in the Heartland area and the development of the new governmental offices,” she said excitedly before tabling it for more important matters. Well, importance was hard to judge, but it was a new topic. Brought up by Celestia, so she perked up even more for it. While she understood that everypony had valuable experiences to share and ideas to explore she had a noted preference for the matters that concerned the Princess who had ruled the nation alone for so long. And the topic was indeed very interesting and quite important, a subject that Twilight was more than willing to sink herself into. Well, that was until the sounds of hoofsteps rapidly approaching the room changed to the proclamations of a very vexed Bluebelle. Twilight smiled happily at the newest Princess. It was funny how it all worked out, this crazy thing called life. Blueblood had been sick and called Twilight to help. Twilight herself was coming down with an illness and the spell she cast to help him had unintended consequences. Blue's gender and sex changed due to an unforeseen factor. This could have had a terrible impact on Blue but it had the opposite. Now Blue had a significant other, a better outlook on life, and donated much of his/her's time to charity functions and plans to make the world a better place. It had worked out for the best, and Twilight was excited to see her join. “Princess Bluebelle! I didn't think you'd make it. Here, take a seat next to me,” Twilight said, excitedly levitating a chair next to her and laying it down. She then went into her folders and started pulling out copies. “Here, I made extra copies just in case I lost something. How fortunate!” Twilight said giddily, happy to have another set of eyes on the subject at hoof. Speaking of: “The current topic is bandits. They operate on the fringes and current methods being employed are equal pats unsavory and less than satisfactory. I have a few thoughts on the matter. There are generally two large categorization of bandits, pirates, and likewise. The first are those who do it out of necessity, and the second are those that do it out of choice. Those who do it out of necessity can be brought back into civilized society and lawfulness with opportunities and help, but they likely need to be broken of their lawbreaking habit first. The second group will likely not be dissuaded through opportunity Both I think require some force. Instead of a broad use of force through military means I would instead institute a better bounty hunting system. If we only accept bounties from people that pass certain standards we can ensure such operations are conducted more to our liking, and we can give them better access to law enforcement tools to bring brigands to justice. This can break the brigand chain of command and make operations less lucrative as infighting takes its place. The first group can hopefully then be shown opportunity and they take it. This sort of program can be two-fold. Those with certain skillsets can start programs to integrate them into the work-force. Those without such skillsets can be brought into government work for a while. Earn a good living, do right by Equestria, and when they're finished they have a nice little future set up. The second group will be...more difficult to ever fully remove. Probably impossible. But I think we can make a big dent in the problem at the very least.”
  7. Character job question

    That is fine. A DJ is fine. There are multiple DJ characters in the RP!
  8. Another letter arrived, this one with the typeface of a scholastic institution. It had been hoof-written with impeccable quillship, with prodigious and scholastically perfect lettering everywhere. "Dear Princess Cadance, I hate to bother you with such matters as I assume you have so much more pressing things to attend to, but I have nopony else to turn to that I would trust with this sensitive a subject. I have a good friend, let us call her Mare A, who is normally very open, honest, and easy to work with on difficult subjects. She has been a scion of this town since we were fillies. But lately, I have noticed a rather large change in her personality. It started during another one of my friend's birthday party. Mare R was gravely concerned about the quality of Mare A's gift, which Mare A was reticent to recant or explain. Mare R didn't press the issue, but confided in me that it seemed strange for somepony who did so well to do so 'little', especially for somepony she was so close to. Mare P couldn't find it in her notes that the birthday mare would like it, but believed Mare A knew best. Still, the idea that she didn't know the birthday mare better than some sort of birthday-note-system didn't sit well with Mare A. Mare F didn't know any better and commented that the gift was 'nice', but I think Mare A was so nervous she took it as being less than truthful. Mare T tried to snap Mare A out of it, but I think both were too out of their element, while Mare D seemed nonplussed about the whole ordeal. I have been a little standoffish with details because I don't want to tear the focus away from what I consider important, which is Mare A. She is confident and strong and I have never seen her so equally sensitive and concerned about what she is doing. In the end I think she will be fine but I am worried. How do you help a mare who never wants help, and what do you think might be going on with her? I can understand that perhaps there is some sort of romantic entanglement in play, but I've seen her head over fetlocks over other ponies before. Nothing like this, though. With Respect, A Friend in Education"
  9. There was a broad agreement on what needed to be done. Twilight had compiled what information there was, but much of it was very general and brush-stroked. Census was difficult with so much of the nation decentralized and a segment of the population, not a small one either, constantly on the move. They did have a once a decade census but it was doubtful how much of it was entirely accurate, which resulted in percentage points here and there being off, and in some places rather larger mounts could be missed. And that didn't take into account poor tracking of incoming immigration. “Visiting places will certainly help, I think, and a proper, deep census will give us more accurate information, I concur. Doing so by night as well could be a great boon, if Luna thinks it can be done. Once we do that and have the information, I think we can take a deep look into the classification system. I have already made a model of the new system, which can be seen on pages sixty-seven through eighty-two,” she said, motioning towards the pages in question. Each page had a population breakdown, and the sort of challenges such towns might face that were new, different, or growing, and was categorized along with a generalized budget. It started at a small settlement of a few dozen ponies and went all the way to Manehattan, currently Equestria's largest city. “But until we have more information, the system proposed there uses too many generalities. It might give us a good jumping off point, but only that. I would also propose a new department be created. Right now the Royal Office of Internal Affairs is burdened with many tasks and under-employed. The Office of State Budgets and the Office of Census and Tracking can both provide great services on their own, and together, can help us get a jump on this problem before it becomes serious,” she said, clearing her throat. She had taken her time. She had more topics to discuss, but this wasn't the Twilight Lecture Circuit. “So, that is the first thing I have to bring to the table, but I think I've had my time so far. Who wants to go next?”
  10. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    She couldn't help but smile as she looked at them. Her daughter. Her son-in-law. Their easy attitudes and playfulness belied their royal bearings. How lucky was she to have confirmation that her daughter was not only all right, that she was safe and sound and beloved truly and deeply both nationally and personally, but was thriving? The stallion, the Prince, seemed a fine and good sort who already knew the, “yes, dears” of a proper marriage. It was good to know she had been right to do what she did, because she doubted she could have done anywhere near Cadance the justice she deserved. Her gaze lingered a moment longer than intended, but then she snapped out of it. Questions to answer! “Now that is truly heretical talk,” she said with a laugh to cover up her pride being wounded by the mere mention of Prench grapes in local wine, “that would get you tossed out of many wineries in the area. Everything we use is of native Itailian growth. Prench grapes have their uses, but bolder tastes demand bolder flavours from grapes. I won't make light of the Prench wine industry's elegance, but we make a stand that says that you should expect to enjoy your glass of wine as a beverage as well as a relaxant, not just enjoy the symbolism of it,” As to the wine being tested, it was a good question. “Eight varieties from other Wineries, four from our own. Holding it here had to have some advantage, no?” She trotted excitedly up ahead, her cutie mark half-covered by her straightened wings, “I believe you'll enjoy it. For all the fierce competition we have in this business, I'd say that we produce the best and finest wine in the nation, and that the competition is why,” she said, her voice getting somewhat lower as she finished. Her mind ran back to her own failed winery, everything she had poured into it...and everything she had lost as a consequence of her monumental failure. She needn't remind herself of it; the evidence was walking alongside her today. They arrived, and she opened the door to the winery itself. More importantly, the tasting room. The wines were laid out and cooled, or warmed, depending on the winery's preference. She trotted over and got three glasses out, pristine examples of Itailian nobility's favoured glassware. She started pouring wine. “So, both of you drink wine on a regular basis, or only for a special occasion?” She asked, pouring out a wine she was a fan of but knew was the lesser of the collected varieties. It had a lot of nice flavours but lacked any honest grace. Not a perfect wine but it was all relative; it was still a superb example of the style.
  11. Twilight loved economic discussions. There were simply so many facets to it, a self-perpetuating loop that was equal parts self-sufficient and entirely reliant on a multitude of other factors. She hoped others thought the same. That way ponies could really sink their teeth into it and get to helpful solutions into the field. But maybe she was just a nerd who liked numbers and problems and how they worked a beautiful ballet together. In fact, when she was stopped, she was in the middle of linking Saddle Arabian trade disputes deep into their interior with the falling values of some fibres in Manehattan, and the ensuing disruption in the clothing industry. A fascinating subject that even Rarity could enjoy, no doubt, but probably wise to stop the train there. She was getting into tangent territory. She turned back to the fellow Princesses, shaking her head sheepishly but with a wide smile. “Sorry, sorry. I might have gotten carried away there. Yes, some trade imbalances and budgetary concerns in the interior, major concerns. I think there are multiple solutions, and indeed it requires several, with the easiest starting point being a complete overhaul of the settlement classification system,” Twilight said as she sat down, allowing Luna to invest herself in a good answer while bringing up the classification system. Invented several hundred years prior, the system made some sense. The size of a settlement would dictate what degree of funding the state would assign it. In a nation like Equestria where communication could be slow- not everypony had a dragon assistant or was a Wonderbolt, after all- it made sense. The issue was that as Equestria had grown, the system had not. Settlements, villages, towns, and cities alike all experienced a wider variance of population than ever before. Population centers on the verge of being classified above what they were before found themselves struggling while the opposite presented itself. Now, Equestrian cities and such tended to support one another, and it was never hard to find stories of a budget shortfall in one city being corrected by the help of another, while local budget measures were often successful enough to ensure that most places didn't have a critical issue. The true negative was how trade came about. Much less capital could be spent on trade, while towns that relied on trade were at the mercy of poor trade deals. This allowed events and movements outside of Equestria to have great influence on many Equestrian cities. This then had a trickle-down effect. The result was that most of Equestria's cities and towns were operating just fine, but very few were ever thriving. And all it would take for it to become a significant problem would be for a major disaster or event to happen to a major trading partner of a city that was supporting others. By coming up with a better classification system, one that was more exact and had more layers, budgets could be adjusted and extra capital available in most places. Without the need to keep some on hoof to help others, cities and the ponies who lived in them would be free to pursue healthier trade. This would then allow Equestria to be less vulnerable to events outside of her borders economically and cause less consternation. “So, yes. That is the basics of it. I can't wait to hear what you've got to say, Princess Luna!”
  12. Twilight didn't know if Luna understood how inspirational a pony she was, if not traditionally, then at least with great power. It wasn't easy to have dealt with your own demons in such a stark and literal fashion as she did, doubly so when it was not just public but part of the fluttering fabric of Equestrian history. She could easily have allowed herself to sink back into the background noise of her sister's radiance and love, but she didn't give herself the excuses so readily applied by others. She worked hard. She worked very hard for the ponies of Equestria. She worked very hard for the ponies of Equestria in ways they didn't know, and didn't begrudge herself for the lack of intense glory that came with it. Regal, hard-working, coming back from a place of darkness? Very inspirational. “Good evening to you as well, Luna. Haven't seen you for a while! How have you been?” “Oh, I'm not worried about the work this involves. I actually relish it. One giant puzzle with an infinite number of pieces that are constantly moving. The ultimate problem without a permanent solution, but along the way we make the lives of millions better,” she gushed, blushing afterwards. She was just too excited to really contain herself, but she had to remind herself that while enthusiasm could be a tool well used to solve problems it had to be applied, oddly enough, conservatively for it to be effective. Speaking of, it appeared that they would have her open the meeting's working portion. What an honour! She had believed Cadance would show up, but she was likely busy. Being a mother could do wonders for your timetable. Twilight got up, her horn lighting up. Her saddlebag opened and documents started shuffling their way to the other two Princesses, whose experiences would be most useful in discussing the very important matters. A chalkboard zapped into being and Twilight approached it, a piece of chalk levitating nearby. She cleared her throat. “To start off, I have taken note of seven cities, twenty-four towns, sixty-two villages, and more than two-hundred and nine settlements that are running some sort of budget deficit, as reflected in several tables in your position. More run a net budget surplus; cities supporting one another and likewise down the line is common. By the nation's classification and mutual support system, this is how things work. However, there are multiple problems with it, which I have laid out in pages sixteen through forty-three. To summarize, the bit exchange rate with the Yakyakistan Rug-Penny means that Stalliongrad trading houses take in lower than reported income...” Twilight began, and soon was off to the races as she described the vast and deep web of Equestrian economics. It was really interesting, completely and totally and not at all boring. Not. At. All.
  13. Twilight was always excited when she got to meet with one of her fellow Princesses to discuss matters of state. There was something invigorating about the process of problem-solving on the macro-scale, especially when the preponderance of solutions stemmed from microscopic ideas, Of course, this was not always the case and sometimes big action, broad action, the type anypony and everypony could see, was called for. Even more invigorating than solving the initial problem was solving the problems that would crop up from the initial broad solution. For every action there was an equal and opposite reaction, or so the saying goes, but in matters of state, the reaction was often times tremendously unequal in the pressure it created. It was a never-ending, unstoppable puzzle whose only reward was the continuation of the puzzle. It was perfect! So she was very excited to receive news that Celestia had called for a meeting of the Princesses. No doubt there was some good cause behind it, but Twilight could only guess. The lack of any serious urgency told her that many of the problems were going to be gnawing pains rather than severe punctures but that didn't make them any less significant. She cleared her schedule...well, that was incorrect. She instead packed everything she had planned for the time of the meeting and the travel to and from in the few days before it all took place. A few parties, meetings to finish the creation of the Twilight Guard, a quick sojourn with Daedalus into the Aetherial Plane to retrieve the Lockets of Al'tuban Raa, all to name a few. Not to mention attending Zap Apple's second birthday celebration and the resulting mass outbreak of drunk mares that an Apple-thrown party could turn into should somepony bring out a particular vintage of cider. She arrived in Canterlot and made her way to the Castle with good pace. She had studied Canterlot's pedestrian traffic over the years while taking a bath and had decided to avoid as much as possible. She landed and moved quickly, with only a single Twilight Guard with her. She arrived to the palace almost entirely without being spotted, dismissed her guard, and entered. On her she carried two large saddlebags overladen with papers and documents with another set of basic care requirements in case the meeting went long. She wasn't planning on spending the night but she was prepared to, and besides, if they all had plenty of subjects to bring up and problems to solve she didn't know if she could even get sleep in she'd be so excited that sleep would be...unlikely. Twilight entered the study not long after Celestia had sat down. Twilight had to resist the native urge to bow to Celestia, and instead decided to settle for a decidedly unroyal “Hello! It's been so long, Princess Celestia. You look great as usual!” She said, walking over to her Ruler-turned-Mentor-turned-Colleague-turned-Friend and giving her a hug, before hovering away nd taking a seat. “I brought some very exciting stuff to talk about. Very exciting!”
  14. A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    She finally signed. Excellent! Always good to have the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible The worst thing one could do in such situations was to delay it. Delay invited procrastination, it bred laziness, and Valen could be claimed to be many things but lazy was never one of them. As Starlight signed Valen got out his special quill, dipping both it and the family seal in the special ink. He then took the contract and signed it with a flourish, taking the seal and pressing it when he was done. Just as quickly as it began it ended, with Valen putting the quill, the ink, and the seal away and tucked back into their secure places. Just like that the contract was signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered. If he was lucky they could get to work as quickly as possible. But before that could be happen, options existed. Hmm, was he hungry? Not necessarily. And how interested was he in the premises? A little. Truth be told he was fine just getting down to work, but she had a certain tone that told him there would be a lot of work done at night. He wondered why. Surely work done during the day would be easier? More help that way...but more distractions, and potentially issues. Ahh, that was it. Maybe if he was here more as an organizational aide then all the distractions and chaos surrounding the day to day life of a guidance counselor would prove difficult for Starlight to manage alongside ensuring he was doing his part to remove his obligations. Made sense. Work later, it seemed to be. Fine by him! “Well, let me see...maybe a bit to eat, that could be nice. Giving me the details on what you need from me, perhaps? In all honesty I am rather content. Just excited to get working!”
  15. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    Diamond was suitably left out of the loop, questioning what was happening. Valen didn't understand the confusion. It had been explained to her! Obviously Silver Spoon was not just the most beautiful filly ever but also the smartest. She didn't have bad taste in friends so it couldn't be because Diamond was of lesser intelligence. More importantly, Silver directed attention once more to him. She did it by lifting his head and winking at him, which would have been enough to send into a pile of mush normally...but she wanted something, so she would get it. Okay, she wanted him to be less formal in regards to her. It was difficult but with her command, it would be done. “Oh! Okay, sorry about that. It's just so hard to not be awed by you, Silver. I'll try harder,” he said earnestly, wanting her approval over all things as he blushed madly when she tipped his head up and winked. His heart went aflutter, but she hadn't asked for him to be a slobbering mess. Instead, she asked for him to be good and help her with a new outfit. The outfit wasn't something he would normally wear but Silver knew what was best. Sure he may be a professional model and worked with one of the best designers in Equestria but Silver Spoon had never ever been wrong before and never ever would. Valen nodded and then happily helped ut the harness on, using the delicately placed buckles and latches to help secure it. He had to take in some breath and hold tight as the harness was smaller than was really appropriate, but maybe it was a weight-loss idea? He didn't need to lose weight now but the future was wide and green. She was obviously concerned about the future! After a minute he had helped make sure the harness was fully on, still smiling and waving his tail. “That should do it, Silver!”