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  1. SteelEagle

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    She watched Zap Apple zoom around her, describing in what ways he could what Dash had bothered to teach her. It was hard to tell if Rainbow had gone ahead and taught Zap Apple anything to help the little fella fly or if she had just been showing off and trying to impress him. Knowing Dash it could and would start one way and end the other. Always a bit worrisome was that trait of Rainbow's. Applejack may be accused of trying to teach too much too quickly sometimes with Zap Apple but...okay, it was true sometimes. Sometimes even more than sometimes. Maybe it was the fact she had lost her parents at a young age or maybe she had a secret passion for education, but she sure did love seeing Zap learning. She'd have to watch them next time Rainbow took Zap out for lessons to make sure that the only thing Zap Apple wasn't just how cool her mother was. Applejack agreed on that count but, well, she couldn't teach him how to fly! “Momma Dashie sure does like goin' real fast, right? Almost makes mah head spin!” She said, intentionally rolling her eyes and swooning her head. Applejack was being very open and very loose with Zap Apple. She could hear his little voice give in a little as the anxiety of the Everfree got to him. That wasn't a bad thing. Fear was an important thing to learn about, have, grapple with, and understand. Just like pain. You needed to feel those things because they told you important stuff about your environment. You didn't allow it to rule you. You used it to rule yourself. When the owl made himself known and Zap Apple hurried himself back up on her, she made sure he was comfortable before she started talking again. She approached the owl gently. “That there is an owl. It's a big ol' bird, eats mice an' such. They're also pretty dang smart...well, for a bird, hehehe. Why, Princess Twi has an owl. Remember Owilicious?” Applejack asked as she sat down and pointed at the owl. “Ah'm no expert like Flutters is, but Ah reckon that there is a...tawny owl, Ah think. Or a Southern Everfree Spotted Owl, one or tha other. See how his head moves? Ain't it cool?” She said, pointing at the owl as it moved its head on a swivel. It then started to bob it up and down. “Hehehe, Ah always found 'em kinda funny. Maybe one day we can get one for tha farm. Twi says they can make good pets. Anyway...” she said as she got up and went back to the path. “Ah want you ta hold on real tight now, on account of momma not havin' eyes in tha back or sides of her. If you could tell me anything you see, on account of you not bein' scared an' all, that'd help out momma a lot. We're almost halfway there,” she said as she continued to trot. She wasn't gonna force Zap to say he was afraid if he didn't want to say it.
  2. “Well, thats good to hear. I couldn't imagine a worse place for a hungry griffon to get lost than on an island surrounded by fish, and fishponies. Or is it ponyfishes?” Gallus asked rhetorically, claw to head as he tried to put on a more jocular attitude. He was very appreciative of the flight aspects of the holiday, the stuff that involved staying dry. It wasn't that Gallus was afraid of the water, at least as much as he was afraid of tight spaces. That was an honest and pure fear. He just didn't like the water. Most griffons didn't. Sure maybe there was some sort of weird ancestral cat thing going on there but as far as he could tell it was more just that a griffon in water was generally a poor sign, meaning something had gone very wrong with that griffon's day. They were meant to be mighty hunters of the sky. The closest they got to the water naturally was swooping down to catch some fish. Flopping around, getting their big patches tufts of fur and feathers soggy. Made them feel heavy and slow, not to mention very cold. Gallus very much wanted to tell Silverstream all that and much more when she asked if he was afraid of the water. But how excited she was about everything made him feel like all he would do was put a damper on her festivities, and he didn't want to be the cause of that. Not one bit. “Its...” he sighed, claw to face and then smiled, “fine, I guess. I'm not afraid of it. Just...” He mentally imagined approaching the water's edge and dipping a claw in, turning into some weird four-finned creature, before looking at her. “You have that pearl that changes you into a seapony, right? And the professors, even before they were turned into seaponies, had a spell that kept them safe underwater. What do I get?” Gallus asked, wondering if he would turn into a griffonhippogriff. That didn't sound right. “No one wants to see me flap-paddle near the bottom of the ocean. Most of all me,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “Whatever happens, I just hope I don't look as goofy as that picture Yona drew of her as a seayak. That was...well, very Yona.” While waiting for the answer on what to do about the water, he focused on some of the cool things that she had mentioned. Whales? Whales performing? He didn't know that they were all that sentient. He thought they were just big, dumb, floppy pieces of blubber that were too big to eat. Then again, he didn't know cows could talk, or that chickens had personalities. Kind of made him feel bad about his diet but...well, he didn't eat whales, so that wouldn't be too awkward. ”Whales sing to you? Huh. Wouldn't imagine I'd be seeing that...well, hearing it for that matter. Should I have packed earplugs? Can't imagine it is anything but loud...” he trailed off as the train came to a stop. “Final stop, Mount Aris!”
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  3. Gallus sighed. He hated being on trains. He didn't understand why they had to use trains when airships were a thing and they were faster. Flying was always faster than walking, always faster than swimming, and whatever it is you were traveling to see it was almost always worth it to hammer your way there and get to it. Gallus hated trains. But he didn't hate this train or those on it, not today. In fact, the train was a blessing. He had been invited to the Three Days of Freedom holiday that the Hippogriffs of Mount Aris were celebrating thanks to Silverstream, who had been very direct and forceful about him coming. If he remembered it correctly she had continued to ask him if he was coming even after he said yes. She seemed more than a little...excited, but he figure it was their most important holiday. Creatures loved their holidays. Gallus wanted to. There wasn't anything for him to really love about Griffonstone or its holidays even though he desperately wanted to attach himself to something of his home. But seeing how ponies loved Hearthswarming and hearing of all those other traditions that his friends treasured from their own lands? It made him want to share it too. Silverstream was the first and loudest when it came to forcing him to come to one of their homes to experience their traditions. Very much the first, very much the loudest, very much the best sounding of the bunch. He had said yes on only the second or third inquisitive push from Silverstream, though he came to regret saying so...kinda...around the fiftieth time she had asked. Silverstream was very...energetic. “Thanks for the recap, Silver,” he said sardonically after Silverstream did just that. He wasn't sure why she felt the need to speak as if there was an unseen party who needed all of this information, but it was just one of her many quirks. “Thanks for inviting me. It was either this or watch Yona break a bunch of stuff, so yours seemed like the better option,” Gallus replied with a laugh as Silverstream thanked him for coming. It wasn't a hard choice because...her option had the opportunity for flying and the others, sans Smolder, did not. And Gallus wasn't sure that he wanted to be a fried griffon. As for being thankful for him taking the train? “I think you have enough energy for the both of us, train or not. I'm more worried about you at this point,” he teased, fully aware that she would never run out of energy. She helped balance out Gallus who was more subdued than most of the other students. He was...observant. And he was happy to curl up on his seat and observe Silverstream create enough energy to supply three-quarters of the known world at any given time as they approached Mt. Aris. She mentioned something about kelp and it was here that his first alarm bell rang. Did he have that book? Uhh...”Uhh....” uhhh? “...Oooh, I don't think so. I think I left it on my bed while I was packing...” he rubbed the back of his neck and then brightened up. “But that's okay, right? I mean, I have the best possible guide to see all the wonders of the Three Days of Freedom right here, and her name is Silverstream!” He said as he got up off of the seat and waved towards Silverstream like she was one of those chicks on a game show revealing a prize. “So, the water, why go there first? I mean I wanna experience all of it, but it sounds awfully...wet.”
  4. SteelEagle

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    Applejack looked around, wondering how dark it really was. She reckoned it was darker than she would have liked perhaps when it comes to bringing her little big stallion into the Everfree but...nah, that was just her mind playing tricks on her. For all of her improvements when it came to being rational where her family was involved it was a part of her that she wanted to keep her little colt as safe as possible for all time. Shadows in the day? Sure it could be a sign of danger. But it likely wasn't. It was a sunny day but there was some shade to be had. The trees were large and they provided plenty of coverage. “Well, its kinda like back home. The trees get in the way of the sun, an' there sure is a lot of trees all close-like, so they're mighty shady,” she said, hoping he would get it. He might not right now but he was very smart and would understand given time. He held her neck tightly- something that made her heart leap every time-and was prepared for the jumping. “Here we go!” She said, jumping across the stream one stone at a time. As she did she made sure he had fun! “Thar we go! Think Ah'm gonna make it? Yee-haw!” She said as she jumped over, reaching the end in good time. She had jumped quickly but securely, her focus more on making sure Zap was safe until she reached the other end. She continued walking through. He was welcome to get off but she wouldn't tell him that. “So, did mama Dashie give you some nice flyin' lessons?” She asked, her eyes scanning the Everfree for any danger. She was interested in how the flying lessons were going on account of her not...really knowing much about it, to be honest. A pegasus flapped them wings and flew about and that was all there was to Applejack. Zap wasn't going to flight camp or anything like that for a few more years but it was never too early to start up on learning flying skills, according to Twi. Same with Unicorns and their magic, or proper bucking techniques- well, that was just from Applejack. She remembered trying to buck a tree for the first time when she was just the littlest of little fillies, barely out of diapers. She had learned little from her parents directly and everything from them emotionally. She'd be more than proud to pass on the emotional depth that was at the Apple's core as well as give Zap all the help and education he needed to become the greatest stallion the world had ever seen. “Are ya hungry up there? How're you doin'? Havin' fun?”
  5. SteelEagle

    A Sticky Situation Steel Eagle/Closed

    Rarity nodded and started leading the seven-legged creature out of the shop and into the town. The hustle and bustle of the small town was nothing compared to the intensity of the cities she had spent so much time in but today it felt different. She could almost feel anonymous and safe in the big city, one amongst the many when she wanted to be but capable of being the brightest star on every sidewalk she walked down. In a small town, she was always a mare of distinction or wished she was. Except for now. Now she wanted to be anonymous, but it was an impossibility with her in a dragon costume. Anypony could see it. Everypony would see it. They were seeing it. She kept a smile p[plastered on her face as she walked forward, desperately wanting nothing traumatic to happen. Well, nothing additionally traumatic. Ponies looked at her with confusion, some gentle laughter, but mostly confusion. After a time though she dared to believe all would be well. Having such hope was her first fatal error. As they were making their way down the street a powerful sneeze erupted from her erstwhile companion, shattering the illusion of serenity she labored under. More heads turned, including a pink one from inside Sugarcube Corner. “Rarity, was that you?” Pinkie Pie asked in a tone that told Rarity that she wasn't believing that just yet. “And why are you in that old costume? Oooh, are we sneaking into the dragon lands? Who do you have coming with you? Can I come? I wanna come!” She asked as she pronked over. Rarity's mind shut down momentarily but then she shook it in a panic. “No! No. I mean, no, I'm fine. Uhh, fine. Mister Boulder Dash was helping me move this costume to Twilight's...storage...in the castle. Yes, the storage in the castle! And he has been such a wonderful help! Mister Boulder Dash, please make sure the very fragile costume doesn't move any more. We wouldn't want anything to damage it!”
  6. SteelEagle

    Candy Cain [Ready]

  7. SteelEagle

    An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Applejack was happy to hear that Tempest was liking all the good, hard work they were having. A lot of ponies seemed to think that their time was better served sitting on their rears and reading books, and there was certainly a time and place for that. But she sure as shine couldn't live without the sweat of a day's honest day labor to accompany her when it was time to lay down for the night. “Happy to hear it, Tempest. A good day is a day spent workin' hard as far as Ah'm concerned, bein' able ta rest easy knowin' ya actually did something. Best therapy bits could buy,” she winked, “except by the end, we get paid for it,” she finished as she looked at the pigs. Yep, all accounted for. “Well, there we go. Now tha cleaning should be easy from here on out,” she said as the gears in her head turned, “but Ah think Ah can handle this on my lonesome. Kinda boring work ta boot. If y'all wanna head on out and start tha sorting Ah'll be there soon. Big Mac, teach her all she needs to know about sortin' apples. Tempest, we here at Sweet Apple Acres make all sorts of apple varieties on this here farm, and we gotta make sure we sort 'em proper-like. After all, some are better eaten than cooked, others are better cooked than eaten, and a lot of ponies have certain preferences for tha type of apple they want to eat! Personally Ah ain't ever run into an apple Ah didn't love, but that's me. Ah just might be a bit biased in that regard, hehehehe,” Applejack said as she started getting to work cleaning the pen. It sure wasn't glamorous work but it was very obvious work, and Tempest needed to learn about the more subjective elements of farm labor. While Tempest was an active mare by choice and trade it was important she get an education on the many tasks there were to do, and better she do them before she got tired or started to get antsy. Besides, Applejack had confidence in Big Mac telling her the important details, and Applejack would be able to join later. The extra hooves would certainly help this whole division of labor thing!
  8. SteelEagle

    A Sticky Situation Steel Eagle/Closed

    Rarity nodded, though it was more of an affirmation than anything visually perceptible. After all, it was hard to do much of anything in the costume and she wasn't about to strain herself in such a situation. He was right that she would need to be a navigator of some great skill to ensure they didn't have an accident. A mare of her caliber would not only be humiliated internationally but the gossip- oh Celestia, the gossip! It would dominate her social life for an unearthly amount of time. The damage to her reputation would be catastrophic. As she slotted herself into the costume and ensured that he was comfortable where he was- after all, she wanted her rear to look good whether it was technically hers or not- she took a deep breath. “Okay, Boulder. Everything else being equal we should be capable of getting to the castle in good time. We'll take it...slow, I suppose, so navigating shouldn't be too hard,” she said with more hope than confidence. She lacked both right now. After a few more moments she started to gingerly lead the dragon-pair downstairs. She would announce each step in time for Boulder to make the proper move. It was hard making speed judgments with seven legs instead of four or eight but she was being conservative and cautious. In good time they made their way to the main floor of the boutique, Rarity trying to ensure that no matter what they weren't going to fall down. The bottom was at best rudimentary and while some light might not cast too much of a pall upon them should they remain upright, to fall would mean instant failure for the both of them. “How are you holding up, Boulder?” She asked as she reached the door. “We're about to head outside. Do you really believe you're capable of this?”
  9. SteelEagle

    A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    Valen made his way back to the school in tow with Glimmer, happy to have some treats to pass the time. What Pinkie Pie had said was weird but she was a...wonderfully silly mare, somepony who was never willing to let something go unsaid if it flashed across her mind. It was a strange thing to say but Valen didn't give any thought to it. He sure did spend a lot of time with Miss Rarity but business was business. With Sugarcube Corner in tow Valern was excited to get on the day's important tasks going on. He carried their food as they approached the school. “Oh, I know not to put too much stock into what she says. Very kind mare, a bit loco. Anyway, time to get to work, right?” He said as he looked around. It was the middle of the day and so students were in class. He wondered if they had missed anypony who needed her. And if they had, was he to blame? Part of the debt? Likely not, he hoped. The debt would be paid eventually but he didn't want additional counseling sessions added to that debt. “That and working on these treats. Sounds like we have a good day ahead of us, right?” Valen asked with good humor. He was also interested in seeing what his quarters looked like and some of the less work-related aspects that involved his new role as her assistant. Better to know what his life was going to be like under her employ sooner rather than later!
  10. Applejack was a farmer by trade and choice. She loved working the fields and watching the success of the orchard grow and grow by the labor of her own hooves, that and those of her family. No greater joy in all the world, far as she could tell. But there was more to her than that. Ponies could know that easily by remembering she was the Element of Honesty, but even more by knowing she had joined the Twilight Guard. She had the heart of an adventurer, a traveler, a pony who loved home and kin but wanted to experience what there was out there. Just samples. Just tastes. A country mare at heart and would never be anything but. However, the offer to go somewhere on some somewhat secret mission to help a city that she had never been to? Well, it scratched a few itches. But first, the kiss. She pulled him fast and hard and wasn't very gentle. Either he walked the walked what with his sword and board lifestyle and he'd like it or he would be put off by the aggressiveness. She didn't spare him but one inch and when she was done she wiped her mouth, put the money away, and made sure the bushel was all proper like. “Alright, Ah'll admit Ah'm intrigued. If yer willin' ta tell me more later tonight. Ah suppose it can't hurt none ta take you up on at least hearin' yer full proposal. How about indoors, after Ah make some dinner? Yer even getting' a nice country meal out of it. Heck of a deal!” Applejack laughed, more than willing to hear him out but still a little guarded. She had a lot work she was doing already that wasn't entirely in the public eye, and it was rarely as philanthropic as he was saying this was! *Swift Squall* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  11. SteelEagle

    Shipwrecked in the Everfree (Open to all)

    The Everfree was forever...free! That was how Pathfinder looked at it, anyway. She wondered if that was why it was named the Everfree? Was it ever not so free, or partially controlled? What would it be called then? The Partialfree Forest? Of course that was assuming her hunch was right and it was totally related to the lack of pony control over the region and not something else. She couldn't help but feel that she had once known the answer but that, like so many other tidbits and facts that weren't immediately useful to her lifestyle, she had at some point replaced it with more useful knowledge. Like how to tie a rope around a Tatzulwurm's lashing tongues while sick with the Tatzul-flu. Or how to make pea soup without a water source! Really, she figured naming conventions that weren't about the names of artifacts or adventure locations weren't very important names to remember. In fact the more she thought about it, the Everfree Forest may as well just be called Cool Forest. Because it was cool and fun and full of danger! She needed a cool boost of fun and adventure. Ever since her marriage to Snowfall she had an adventure shortage, a danger drought! The worst type of drought a pony could ever possibly go through. That wasn't to say that there weren't some awesome stuff she got to experience in her married life. She was the best CEO mare of all the CEO mares and even beyond Snowfall was probably the best mare ever even outside of that. Biased? Yes. Very biased. But that didn't stop it from being very true. They had a long and extended honeymoon and then Snowfall kinda-sorta trapped her in a hospital for many long-needed surgeries and healing. She supposed that made sense and all and she was appreciative of Snowfall's idea of 'recovery' but that didn't mean she liked being cooped up in the city of Stalliongrad. When she felt good enough to adventure again- and Snowfall was at work- Pathfinder made some dinner, packed her things, and went on an adventure! Yay adventure! Snowfall probably understood and when Pathfinder came back with some cool stuff and/or fun stories she'd be super happy. That was why they got along so well! So Pathfinder was just zipping along the Everfree and enjoying the sights and sounds. She had a list of places she wanted to hit back up as well! Some of them were old haunts that she hoped had their traps re-armed. Others were simply places she wanted to check out. Maybe she'd find something cool! Always unlikely but the hope was enough to sustain her eternally. And today was one of those days when hope could be substituted for cold, awesome fact....because little did she know she w2as gonna run into a pirate! Yarrr! They weren't as cool as adventurers but they were still pretty sweet nonetheless. Pathfinder was flying above the treeline and making swoosh swoosh noises to pass the time when she caught a glimpse. A glimpse of something that seemed out of place and caused her to stop in mid-air and land on a tree. A few snake-like slithers later and she was on a branch, looking at a figure that was making her/his/whatever's way away from Pathfinder and deeper into the forest. She gave the...Griffon...a quick once over. The coloration was unique and the gear looked...ramshackle. Was that a- Oh, she knew who this was! “Hey there, Harle! I thought today was your big execution! Decided to give them a slip, eh? That's cool. Speaking from a pony who has evaded executions to a Griffon who probably just did, the evasion can be super thrilling!” She said as she clapped her hooves together and started flying gently over to the pirate. Pathfinder was always happy to meet somegriff who was cool, at least half as cool as that, as Gilda, the Gilly Griffon she had adventured hard with in Talinopolis. After all, all the cool characters had to know one another, right?
  12. SteelEagle

    The End: Final Standings and Aftermath!

    The Mayor watched the transformation- felt it more like- at first with a hint of fear. When it was over, however, calm returned. She had worked in many departments in the government, and that included a trip to Neighpon. Her memory was still sharp; she knew what an Okami was. She adjusted her glasses. “Oh, well then, excuse me. Thank you to our Okami visitor,” she said with a smile and matter of factly as if it were no big deal. After all, if she were calm, perhaps others would be. Apple Bloom had spent much of the race having her view obscured, either by the active members of the Apple family or the crowd which included a very loud Yona, somepony cheerleading for Discord of all critters, and the various odds and ends that called the stands home. But when it came to the final stretch she got to see everything. The determination and the drive, the strain and the pressure, the leaves and hooves that brought them down. Most importantly she saw her sister and saw that she was once again in the thick of it. Once again liable to win or to suffer through another noble second-place finish. Nobility and effort, it seemed, could only get you so far. But something strange happened on the way another consolation prize. As the final few meters became visible to Apple Bloom she saw both Applejack and the strange looking Kirin charging like they were possessed. She could feel the focused energy radiating off of both of them. But she could see Applejack clear as day. She could see that the world had faded around her. Apple Bloom cheered but she doubted Applejack could hear her. Applejack had entered the zone, the world was right, and the finish line was close. Taira was impressive all on his own but it was clear to Apple Bloom before it would be to anypony else. Applejack was the winner even before she crossed. Apple Bloom was already off the stands and running to the end of the line before she had crossed. Moments after Applejack crossed the line and before anypony else could congratulate her Apple Bloom was there, jumping into a hug around Applejack's neck. “Ya won! Applejack, ya won tha race!” As for Coloratura, she finished the race though she didn't finish it with a strong gallop. A nice firm trot, enough to make it appear like all of her muscles weren't failing across the whole body. Any moment she might have to recover was stolen even as she tried to take deep breaths. Stolen immediately, in fact. A gaggle of fans ran up to her started demanding autographs. She wanted desperately to say no but the first fan she failed to make an effort for would be the first. She switched between Ra-Ra and the Countess, doing her best to please them all as she tried to make short work of the process. She had to find a place to rest her screaming legs. Before that though, she had ponies and otherwise to congratulate, and one mare in particular who had been promised dinner. She had to make sure that one came to pass.
  13. SteelEagle

    Gallus (Ready)

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Gallus Sex: Male Age: Older Kitten Species: Griffon Eye colour: Blue Coat: Cerulean with a tuxedo of light amber from the beak to the underside. Moderate cerulean wings with a yellow-amber beak and talons. Mane/Tail : Head feathers are cerulean tipped with amber, tail is moderate cerulean. Physique: Physically fit and active Griffon, if not exceptional by the standards of his species. Residence: Griffonstone, the School of Friendship. Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Nothing exceptional just yet. History: Gallus was born as many other kittens are born in Griffonstone: Unwanted, abandoned, and left to grow up in any number of generated by necessity ad-hoc families. Gallus grew up without a single parental figure to really look up to or a family to really fall back on. He was no different from any number of other kittens and indeed many others in the city who had no one but themselves or a small network of slightly antagonistic but slightly less cruel than others so-called 'friends'. He grew up aggressive and with a belief that might makes right, which was a problem since he was not the strongest griffon around, nor was he the most inclined to a good scrap. This led to him being constantly belittled by others as he grew up. Forced to rely on his own wits and skills, he managed to eek out a mediocre life amongst the other kittens of the city of Griffonstone. Being one of a few griffons who weren't liable to out and out steal from you or fight you over the most minor of things, he started to work as a courier from one end of the city to the other. In this manner was he allowed to start schooling- not a given right in Griffonstone, mind you- and earn enough to get by. While he was not always honest and can't claim to have never skimmed a few extra bits, he was still clearly one of the kinder griffons one could run into. That doesn't say much, not really, but it said enough at the right place and time when he ran a job for Grampa Gruff. Impressed that Gallus didn't just outright steal a stash of coins Gruff had laid out intentionally to entrap the young kitten (in this way did Gruff threaten couriers and get their services for free), he offered the little kitten a place to stay as long as he worked for Gruff. Gallus took him up on the offer. Gallus was then able to lead a semi-normal life. Gruff dealt with other lost souls and they came together to form a family that did little more than make life harder for one another, but at least it was something and he could almost always (with some exceptions) guarantee himself a place to rest. He never really felt the sort of familial connection with them that other species speak of with their families, but the whole concept seemed either foreign or overblown anyway. Over the years he developed into one of the friendlier Griffons (though a very prickly customer by pony standards) which earned him a reputation as a pretty easy Griffon to push around...again, by Griffon standards. When news spread of the Friendship School, Grampa Gruff immediately pushed Gallus forward. Gallus didn't want to go but Gruff knew it was for the best. He was old and Gallus was young, he couldn't protect the increasingly prickly kitten anymore. Besides, Gallus was bound to get his tail kicked in one day real good and better for it to happen away from Gruff's watch. Gallus joined the School of Friendship. The rest, they say, is history. Character Personality: Gallus is sarcastic and at times seeks faults in others to play his strengths off. This is a natural reaction from his time in Griffonstone and not one he is necessarily proud of, but one that has its uses. He can be blunt and aggressive in the face of authority if he thinks they're in the wrong. He has a strong sense of self and is not always easily dissuaded from his viewpoints. He is not, however, prone to great acts of stubbornness and is more than willing to change his stance if he is shown to be wrong. Despite his questioning, sarcastic demeanor he is not prone to bullying or wanting to make others feel bad. If he gets the sense he is doing so he will quickly back off and try7 to make amends, even if is hard for him. He feigns nonchalance in many things but has keen perception, able to pick up on small cues and details others may miss and is more cunning than he lets on. His detached demeanor is as much an active charade as it is a defense mechanism. He prefers to be thought of as dull or otherwise disinterested so he doesn't have to be showcased and possibly fail among friends and in front of crowds. When the chips are down however he has an incredible ability to spot patterns and discern the truth. His innate perception and ability to remain calm in the midst of danger makes him an unlikely, yet natural, leader. Once his barrier is breached Gallus can become a fast and easy friend, willing to go to great lengths to help his friends. He wears his honesty, which is sometimes brutal regardless of friendship, on his sleeve but has a kitten-like curiosity about those he cares about. He is willing to partake in just about anything as long as you can sustain his attempts at downplaying his interest in it. When Gallus does truly like something he isn't afraid to admit it, though he wouldn't be caught dead flapping his wings about it. He is too cool for that. Gallus is equal parts ashamed and proud of his ancestry. Growing up in Griffonstone, surrounded by the petty, rude, inconsiderate, and at times villainous nature of the city's inhabitants, he has few fond memories and very little he wants to share from his past or culture. Indeed, he will sometimes go to great lengths to share in the traditions of others where holes exist for him. On the other wing, Gallus is proud to be a Griffon and will happily show off his great wings and talons to anypony who wants to see them. He has a deep fear of tight spaces from his time as a young kitten and will suffer from a panic attack if kept there too long. It speaks to his great focus that he can pull himself out of such situations and conquer it should he be forced to, and not given in to the fear and the panic.
  14. Final standings. Thanks for running so hard, everycreature!