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  1. Applejack was being overwhelmed by the sheer heart-rending cuteness of these chupacabras as they came out of the dark and made the two ponies their targets of affection. If the two mares hadn't been caught in such a fashion they likely could have made a better guess as to what was really happening, but it was too late. They were fooled. The spell played over them was adorable and insidious. But for now, harmless. Applejack was more wary than Fire but her mind was aflutter with soft thoughts devoted to motherly affection currently for all things small and bright. These critters were absolutely, heartbreakingly precious and Applejack just wanted to feed them. "Well..chupacabras, but...hehe, Ah always called 'em chupathigies as a foal. Had trouble saying it right. Guess it just stuck," she said, giving one of them a nice pet. Fire had a decent enough idea. In fact it was definitely the right one. Giving these cute little balls of love their food and then leaving was definitely right. This was obviously the home of a family of these things. She wasn't sure if they had disturbed the family or if explorers had just made their peace with the little chupas. But Applejack didn't want to get i the way of the little chupacabra family and how absurdly adorable they all were. She didn't just not want to, she simply couldn't, like something was gonna force her to leave one way or another. "Yeah, that sounds about right like tha right idea, Sugarcube. Don't wanna leave'm with nothin'. Here little fellas, take ahn apple of mine," she said, fishing for an apple and placing it next where the crackers were supposed to be. Applejack quickly gathered her stuff. There was no respite to be had here; back into the growing rain. They had to go. They couldn't share. They shouldn't have entered. It was very rude of them, wasn't it? In fact, it was so rude that Applejack felt compelled to bring a few more apples down to their level. When she did that she felt a lot better and had less compulsion to feed them. She packed her stuff and nodded to Fire. "Let's go, find someplace else for the day," she said, trotting out in somewhat of a hurry despite the weather. It didn't take long for Applejack to make good time out of there and soon they were out in the elements. She felt considerably better once they had done so, like something had been lifted from her mind. Back in the shelter, if the ponies were there and not under the spell, they'd see the truth. A ratty, ruined structure devoid of warmth with a small gaggle of terrifying baby chupacabras. They hissed and crackled, taking the treats offered by the ponies into the basement- where they were met by a pair of dark yellow eyes, their momma oh so very proud of her little babies. "So, uhh...where do we go now?" Applejack asked, her voice low.
  2. I am so happy to see the RariDash.<3

  3. Name: Princess Celestia Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Light magneta Coat: Light grey Mane/Tail: Cerulean, Turquoise, cobalt blue, heliotope stripes on her long and flowing mand and tail, which is partially aethereal and flows naturally and at all times. Physique: Taller and generally bigger than most ponies, though she lacks a great deal of muscle definition. Is actually quite strong, able to hoof wrestle Big Mac and show little strain in doing so. Residence: Canterlot Castle Occupation: Ruler of Equestria. Cutie Mark: A sun with eight rays, indicating the seven tutors she had who helped her learn how. Unique Traits: She and she alone has the power to move the sun. A supremely gifted alicorn of immense power over a wide breadth of magical arts as well as a deft politician and diplomat. History: Celestia's history stretches into pre-history, in the time before Equestria or even organized pony tribes. She lived in the ancient and eternal city of Canterlot with her family and the small population of sentient creatures that lived with them. Her early days were spent living in harmony with nature and usingg her magic to have an affect on the natural order. It would be decades before, as a small filly still, tutors from abroad were brought to her by her parents who would use the vast crystal mines underneath their castle to purchase the time of the world's best and brightest. These tutors and trainers would become the foundation of the earliest families in Canterlot and were also the only earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns Celestia would see for many, many years. When the sun and moon stopped their normal movement (due to the conflicts in Maretonia), Celestia and Luna took to their roles with enough aplomb to earn their Cutie Marks. Soon afterward her parents would vanish. Mourning had to be cut short. The pony tribes made their way over and founded Equestria. After an initial period of peace, old tribal conflicts threatened to ruin the peace. A powerful unicorn by the name of Starswirl the Bearded approached the sisters of Canterlot- who were still in mourning and had not yet made true contact with Equestria- and pleaded with them to unite the ponies of Equestria. They were absurdly powerful and, more importantly, were alicorns, unique specimens that had all the traits of the three pony species. After several attempts the sisters finally relented. With a display of their power over the sun and moon, the two sisters took their place at the front of the united pony populace of Equestria. In exchange, Starswirl started to teach the already powerful sisters even more about magic. Celestia took to this advanced unicorn's magical teachings quickly. Luna, less so. Celestia was short with her sister on any number of occasions as she felt her own progress being stifled by her sister's failings. She was short and rude and focused far too much on herself, with the belief that she and she alone could do the job. It took a disaster with a portal to show herself the error of this train of thought. She and her sister would live on better terms (for a while, at least) and with them working together, they would soon surpass even Starswirl's wildest dreams. To mark this occasion, the sisters had a new castle built and ruled from there for generations of peace. It would not last forever. Discord would arrive and throw the land into chaos. The sisters tried multiple times to organize mass resistance to his chaotic rule, but he simply played with them for his amusement as if he were an overgrown toddler. The sisters traveled the world seeking out relics that could help them before learning of something far closer to home that could aid them. It was then and there that the Elements of Harmony were first discovered and used to defeat him. However, he was simply the first. His arrival brought chaos and disorder to all of the lands of the world both directly and indirectly. Once previously almost entirely peaceful, wars broke out across the entire contintent. It was decided that unless the Elements were needed (which they were somewhat useless while in a war, since they function off of Harmony and war is disharmony incarnate) that both sisters would be unwise to be in the field. Celestia decided to accompany the army in the field and over the next few years, despite some setbacks, she managed to lead the army in a very public manner to victory. Luna took care of a lot of vital tasks and kept the nation running, but Celestia got the credit. Near the end, army exhausted, Luna and Celestia used the Elements of Harmony on a rogue unicorn king to the north, King Sombra, and returned war-weary and ready for peace. It wasn't long after when Luna gave in and became Nightmare Moon. Celestia was heartbroken, but banished her to the moon regardless. She moved back to Canterlot and would rule from there for the next thousand years. There were troubled times, but Celestia navigated them deftly and became a model ruler for all the world. She spent much of that time secretly planning for the day her sister would return, trying to find those who could most accurately replicate the elements. She would intervene in slight ways, such as giving the Apples the exact plot of land needed to form a town that would eventually for the timing requirements just right. Beyond that and ruling- day and night for over a thousand years- she spent much of her time on a secret project known only to herself. She would eventually succeed in finding the right fillies for the job- her sister would be freed, and the rest is current history. Character Summary: As a younger filly and mare, Celestia was such an accomplished and pwoerful user of the magical arts that she had little patience for the ineffectiveness of others. She had a very meriotocratic view on life, and had a great deal of respect for the strong, and a slight hint of disdain for the weaker ones. She wised up under the tutelage of Starswirl the Bearded as well through the experience of dealing with her less capable younger sister. She has grown into the very paragon of patience over the ages. This doesn't mean she and her sister always get along. Celestia takes a personal hoof in most of Equestria's diplomatic efforts. As such, Equestrian foreign policy can mirror her own personality more acutely than most other nations. She is still a sweet mare to be around, but will hold true to Equestria's best interests. She is viewed as an able and just leader by the nations of the world and serves as a mediator of disputes across the globe. Celestia goes to great lengths to promote a sense of ease among her subjects with her presence. Kind comments, quick jokes, and inoffensive pranks are used to put her subjects at ease with her. She is graceful and beyond forgiving with those around her- she'd have to be, with how many glasses shatter due to shaking hooves around her. Even those who have committed crimes are generally given opportunities to better themselves rather than facing devastating punishments. Her mercy is kegendary across the world. While some believe she must be tougher, her long life has given her perspective on how ponies can change that has born fruit countless times. She thinks of things long term, and has many plans which bear fruit only after centuries of cultivation. She is very powerful across a great many magical arts, though she can be outdone by more specialized and also highly powerful individuals. She has spent much of the past six hundred years researching, creating, and perfecting a new magical art, called Cosmokinesis. This form of magical art involves the manipulation of space and protection against it, all in an effort to help further a long term goal of hers. Having raised the sun and studied the stars for eons, she is well aware of the existence of other stars, other planets, great celestial bodies, and is almost sure that there is other life out there. With dimensional travel being fraught with issue, she wants to establish an Equestrian space program using her magic and materials she has been working on for centuries. She is prepared to unveil it for for the first time soon.
  4. Welcome to Canterlot! Feel free to have a look around and get involved.:)
  5. Both Scootaloo and Babs Seed were righteous in their indignation as he revealed the cause of today's sublime awkwardness, which fit him just fine. It was good to know he had allies on the opposite side of the self-respect spectrum. Babs in particular was angry- and loud. Valen was about to wave frantically for her to keep her voice down, but Scootaloo's hoof shot quickly into place. Good, they needed to be silent. And smart. Especially silent. The fact was that even with them around he felt like he was stuck in place. Not just physically stuck, which he was, but stuck in terms of situation. But he wouldn't scoff at the plan and his help. Well, it would depend on the plan...either way, he was just pleased to have somepony on his side. Babs and Scoots had been so thoroughly unimpressed by what was happening that he had feared he was on the path to losing their friendships, and that would have been the worst punishment of all. With their help they managed to get him out of the bassinet and get him walking around, which was good. His back two legs were wobbly, like he was taking his first few furtive steps. It was good to be able to walk without the confines of an especially small diaper on him, even if the replacement wasn't at all that glamorous and still highly embarrassing to him. Especially when he realized he was wet and being changed again- what was in that food, he wondered- and while the new diapers were bigger, it didn't reduce the feeling of reduction in pride he once had. Situations arise ad he responded to them with all the optimism he could muster, but it was hard. "Thanks for the help. I am sure with three heads we can think our way out of this," he said, nodding to Scootaloo. "I have great confidence in you!" Which he didn't really have after hearing the plan. Going the school like this, getting embarrassed by a great many? That would be a blow...well, unless he could find a way to not be recognized. "...I don't want anypony knowing its me, then, if it's possible. If that's possible. Is it possible?" He asked. Not because he couldn't do it, he knew he could. Instead, his worry was that the others had already told, or would, the assembled masses who he was. If that had already prepped, then trying to look different may not help. "I just don't know...what's the plan, Scootaloo?"
  6. The elevator went down with increasing speed, the descent being aided by the sheer impetus of adventure. Both of them got out of their somewhat awkward interactions to only become even more awkward once inside the silence of the elevator. That was fine. Little fellas like Mac there always seemed so twittered and twattered around pretty mares like Bevel. It was a defect in their kind, she thought jokingly. Besides, she suffered from the same when she was young! Miss Praire Tree had received more than one Hearts and Hooves Day card from her developing student. She took it with great aplomb, that aging bombshell probably having half a dozen students crushing on her at any one time. Probably why her class was so well behaved, come to think of it...anyway. The elevator continued to descend and she noted that both were fine. "Good, 'cause Ah'm sure whatever is comin' next won't be so pleasant. They always seem to go this way- some silly little events, some awful ones. Maybe something mind altering, you never know," she said, though the pep in her voice betrayed how excited she was. After what seemed like three moments past too long, the elevator came to a sudden stop, causing Applejack to stumble. The door flew open into a dark room shrouded in mist, a cold chill flowing through the room and into the elevator. The room was lined with old marble and stone, with the only point in view being a small pedestal. From that pedestal shot out the only source of light in the room, a blue-white straight line that shot off into three different directions. The first line went into the darkness to the east side, up and above what appeared to be a landing heading to a second floor. The second line terminated in a wall to the west, also sending itself into the darkness. The third landed maybe ten feet above the elevator directly above. In each case, the line gave off no light once it left the first pedestal. At the end of the room, directly across from the elevator entrance, was a door that was heavy in dust. "Well, this looks excitin'," Applejack said as she trotted into the room, excited to investigate the pedestal. It looked like all the lines coming from the pedestal started off in one light blue ball which glowed excitingly. Across the pedastal, words: "Hmm...'when tha three make one, no foe may stand in their way'? Well, seems simple enough ta me! Well, assumin' we can get ta where tha lines end, of course."
  7. Twilight nodded. It would be good to have everypony together for something like this again. And Celestia was always so much more open and up front about her plans, so the fact she had some sort of big plan in play was very exciting stuff. Bluebelle/Blood wasn't the only pony to receive a personalized invitation, of course. Luna and Twilight received one each and there were selected others who had received them. "It should be a lot of great fun, no matter what it is. The thought of Celestia having planned something for so long is...enthralling, enticing, and a thousand times more," Twilight said, her absolute excitement not being hidden at all. She was sure that this was going to be big news. She levitated her own invitation out of her saddlebag and read it out loud. "Dear Twilight, I know your schedule is busy as always, but it would be my pelasure to show you a project that I have been working on for a great deal of time. I believe you will find it a most illuminating subject. I hope you will choose to take part once it has all been revealed. Magic knows no boundaries, my faithful student. Celestia." Twilight zapped it back into her saddlebag. "So we'll see, I guess. So many interesting things happening at once!" she said, sighing heavily. "And never enough time to devote to all of them...anyhoof!" she said, refocusing on her fellow royal. "I guess at this point I don't think there is anything more for me to do, or that I could do. You have a firm handle on who you are- everything else is truly secondary to that. Is there anythng else on your mind, Blue?" She asked, her mind trying to think if she had missed anything of import.
  8. She was led to the dining room by her wealthy host, not giving any real thought as to any of the secrets he might be holding close to his gilded chest. Oh, she was curious to an extent, so much mystery surrounded every little step and behind every nook and cranny so far. And he, so willing to hoof over an amazing amount of gems, was less willing to discuss himself. Considering the sort of clientielle she dealt with it was more than a little unusual and very exciting. But she had a job to do and she was laser focused on making something worthy of all the gems he had thrown at her. She never had a client, even the richest and most famous of them all, offer so much so quickly and with nothing up front to show for it. It was thoughts of work and design, of pattern and prime, that dominated her thoughts as she was led to the dining room. She took her seat and started to eat her food, taking slow, but swift, bites as she did so. The fare was mostly familiar from her time in the Crystal Empire, the scenes and dancing of the flavors being decidedly more soupy than other nation's primary foodstuffs. The Hernekeitto was especially flavorful! But there was a host of other tastes she couldn't quite pinpoint. No doubt an experienced taste tester or experiencer of the culinary arts could adequately place the region of some of these more unusual flavors that peeked out from around the corner of more familial dishes. "Some of this is ...unfamiliar, but in a good way. I can taste the influences of the Crystal Empire, but what else is there?" She asked, her question having a double meaning. This was the sort of work one may expect from a native of another region, or somepony with a great deal of experience at the very least living somewhere less well known to Equestrian tastes. Wherever this food was from, it would give her some idea of whom she was dealing with. As she spoke she sized him up, calculations running in her head constantly- her mind was a flurry of activity, such an exciting time it was!
  9. Valen had nightmares he wouldn't attribute to anything other than the worst luck a pony could have, the kast few hours feeling like it stretched for days. And it was a shock that in the little amount of time since he was more or less forced asleep that he was able to conjure up so many awful nightmares and terrible visions. Of course, the waking world had been a nightmare so there was no real difference. In fact, the real world was getting better by leaps and bounds. This became more than apparent when Valen was shaken awake slowly but surely by Scootaloo, with the equally confused and concerned face of cousin Babs Seed next to her. Good, good. Scootaloo had most definitely heard the whispering. It wasn't just the vain hope of a trapped colt! Of course it wouldn't be easy to get out of this without alerting the others, His legs had been stuck inside of the bassinet and then they had forced their way out, making it hard to move his lower half. His upper legs were fine, but that didn't help matters entirely. "Oh, thank Celestia..." he murmured to them both. "We gotta be quiet This day has been awful enough without getting discovered. I gotta get out of this bassinet without being discovered,: he said, moving his legs slightly. Or trying to. They were jammed in. "So, you have questions, I'm sure. So I'll be quick. Sometimes I wear diapers to bed because I, on occasion, wet the bed. Apparently word got out and- well, Scootaloo, you saw the 'presents' my cousin, Sweetie, and yourself had prepared. I wasn't a fan of it- I told Apple Bloom, but she didn't believe me. One thing led to another and Silver Spoon is blackmailing me. I don't like or want any of this, and its getting worse! Worst part is, she says if I don't, then..." he motioned for them to lean in. Once they did so, he told them what Silver had told him, the threat that had brought compliance no matter how begrudgingly. He let it sink in. "So...yeah, this has been a bad day. Any ideas?"
  10. The pain had taken a new, duller form. She was able to channel some of her magical prowess into dulling her pain receptors in the aetheral projection one by one- more accurately, slimming the connection between one thing and another. Of course for every single thing taken she had to give, in this case, her sense of personal balance. She could feel herself starting to wobble, but kept her focus on her job. She could see, or feel, or some variation of, the crew and Daedalus as they started to find the missing crew. She focused on that search, focused on their success, focused on her work. Focus was what drove her and defined her and as she became accustomed to that unearthly pain, and allowed her to cope. The job was nearly done. She could feel it in the shifting of the ley lines, the movement of the world around her. And just when she was about to get frustrated with how long this was taking, she found that it could easier tremendously. The ley lines were starting to move down of their own accord now. Their natural patterns were being reasserted over the artificial pulling and tugging that had defined their recent history. She as able to pull back and watch as the raw ley lines fell further and further down. She still did a few more passes, but it was shortly apparent she no longer needed to be involved. Her projection started to hover away from the ground and then above it, looking down with white, glowing eyes at what lay below. Soon even that would vanish, as she pulled all of her energy back into herself. It hit her like a crashing wave of violent water, but she was used to this. She was a rock, and they crashed against her. After a few moments she took a few deep breaths. She was more aware of everything for a little while, with the overwhelming magical aura that she had making everything a little more alive when it was pulled back in. The pain was there, but luckily she needed to feel a little of that just to know that everything was okay. She had worried that she would feel disconnected. She worried that every single time this happened that it would be this unlucky marriage of physical ane metaphysical, but she was fine. She threw up once and then haphazardly took flight towards the makeshift base, her loss of balance still apparent as she needed to use magic to help keep afloat at times. She arrived a minute later, wobbling ever so slightly. Luckily, she could speak just fine. "Did we recover all the missing crew, Daedalus? Sergeant, how are their injuries?" She asked, trying to keep her head from washing about as she spoke. She succeeded, to a small extent.
  11. The train started to fill up mighty fast as two by two, three by three, and all by their lonesome, students started to pile in. Cheerilee may have been the only adult but the train conductor and several others were on standby, and there was always the other passengers as the train filled up. Apple Bloom wasn't picky about her seating arrangements as long as she had seats for her friends next to her. Snips and Snails entered soon enough, with or without the chaos that normally accompanies them. Speaking of- that little Dinkycord sure did squeak and honk a lot when he was trying to be cute. Which he was trying to, and was succeeding at. She kinda wished he would remain this size forever ebcause he sure did seem a lot happier as a little fella. Wind Walker, Sassy, Bepop and Timid rounded up, with a question dying on Wind's lips and something else seeming to be eating away at Timid. Bepop looked quizzival and Sassy smelled...like soda? "Boarding finished- on to Canterlot!" The conductor said as he trotted by. A few moments later the train started up, much to the excitement of all. Apple Bloom turned to her friends, excitement flush on her face. "Sure smells like it, Sweetie Belle. Y'all need ta get tha name for it. Smells, err what's tha word- divine?" She asked, unsure of how to phrase it. All she knew was that her friend smelled amazing. And Scootaloo was making a load of sense. "Yeah! Who knows. Maybe a guard really wants ta be a painter or somesuch," she said confidently, hoping against hope that the day would prove fruitful for all of them. But for all of that hope she had some worry, but it wasn't about her. What was up with Timid? He seemed all down about something. Was it about the letter? Hmm. Looked like Bepop, the new colt, Windy and Timid were across the way. In between, Discord- who seemed fluffier and smaller than ever before. Also his first time on a train? Huh. She had sorta though he invented them. Scratch that rumor! It was a good little assortment of troublemakers and do-gooders, all kept in line by Miss Cheerilee. She liked to imagine she bridged the gap a bit, especially lately. She raised her hoof. "Hey Miss Cheerile, what do we plan on doin'?"
  12. Applejack knew possums. She knew them well. She had a pet possum when she was a little filly (to be fair the list of animals she didn't have as pets was likely shorter than the opposite list). When Luna needed advice for a pet Applejack had listed off a pet possum due to their good nature and responsiveness as one of a few good options. She had helped bring back several breeds in the area. They were nuisances if not socialized well with ponies but if done well they were a superior deterrent to a lot of nasty critters that harmed farming concerns. This was all a fairly long way of saying that she knew possums well. And she knew how rare it was to find them in the Everfree as they lacked all the traits needed to survive out there while holding several notable disadvantages. This wasn't a possum. It was in no way a possum. It had several possum like features, but she knew a possum when she one. And she knew a chupathingy when she saw one, and this was a chupathingy, even if she had never really seen a real live chupathingy with her own two eyes before. Sure it was absolutely adorable and probably not at all a vicious little critter like she expected, but she knew better than to get too close to Everfree wildlife. They put the wild in life, that was for certain. Fire presumed to get friendly with the chupathingy even though she didn't even know what it was. Didn't she know better than to run about with strange animals? "Honey, I know possums, ad that ain't a possum," Applejack replied with a whisper. It was a real cutie though. She was expecting a more terrifying introduction to a chupathingy, but still, she was a bit wary. "Ah wouldn't get too close, even if she is a little cutie pie. Them chupathingies are mysterious and such. Some subsets of'm are supposed ta have some powers," she said in a hushed tone. She wasn't one to give in to wild claims but in the Everfree wild claims could become truth at any moment. The little critter looked at the two ponies with a happy, dopey expression on its fuzzy and warm features. It made a chirping, trilling sound as it approached the outstretched crackers. It looked at them for a moment and then dove in, its warm, suckling mouth wet against the fire red mare who was offering it. It turned up to look at her and chirped pleasantly a few more times, smiling widely as it started to climb on her. "Well...it is mighty cute..." Applejack said, admiring the nature of the little one as it made Fire Walker's leg her personal toy. A few seconds later she turned her head back towards the basement and chirped a few more times. Soon, a half dozen pair of green, yellow, and teal eyes opened up in the darkness and a small group of six more chupathingies came bounding out, chirping just as happily as the first.
  13. He was such a courteous host! Truth be told she would have preferred dining alone. That would allow her to recharge her creative juices after some harsh traveling conditions, not to mention gave her the opportunity to quickly clean up before the odor of foodstufss melted into her groomed pelt. Better to smell neutral than like even the most delicious groomed spinach with greens soup. Which, by the by, sounded tasty. But for today she would decide to dine with her host. Anypony that had this many gems had to be somepony of good grooming and import after all. More vitally, she required his measurements and an idea as to where his tastes lay. After all, she was going to give him the sort of style and dress worthy of all this payment- royal, for all that! She was led in due time to her place of residence The castle had a certain draft to it. She had to fix that, too. "Eating together would be delightful. I am famished, and it would be a good time to discuss what it is you are wanting exactly. There are simply so many styles to choose from, faces to wear, personalities to shine!" She said excitedly, looking around as she did so. Her brain was a constant swirl of planning for this place. For all the gems she was being offered, it better be. Not to mention another gem offer. This gentlecolt really knew the way to a businessmare's heart! A creative mare's heart too, for that matter. The next offer was getting a bit much, however. She already had two major projects lined up! "Well, let's leave future business discussions until after we are done working here for now. Don't want to be thinking too hard about the future and not enough about the present."
  14. Twilight made mental notes of the fabrics. To be far she made notes just about anything because she enjoyed the activity. Not many ponies could handle the amount of note taking she did. It was at times an excessive amount and she had certainly taken a lot today, even though parts of it were muddled by panic. Most of them were on point about her charge for the day and while it had taken some time. they had reached the conclusion that seemed most appropriate. It would be recorded and used for future studies on gender and Equestrian society! She would likely need Blue to write a forward for the book. Would Blue want to? Maybe two forwards! Or maybe a forward and an epilogue? It would be a seminal work on the subject, no doubt. "I'm sure she'll create several designs that will fit you in both style and substance, Blue," Twilight said with a chuckle, "Celestia knows that Rarity has been purpose bred to do that. She could make a manticore a dress to shine. A pony with your body? Well, you know she does well," Twilight said, happy to see that they had entered into a very positive conversation. It brought something to mind, something that she was sure to mention before she left but had evaded her mind up until now, probably because of far more drastic exchanges taking precedent. Twilight dug into her saddlebag. "Oh! This might be of interest as well. It is an invitation to all royalty from Celestia for a private meeting and tour of something top secret in the Gallopocus Islands a few weeks from now. She won't even tell me what it is! Exciting, huh?" She tossed over the invitation, personalized for Blue.
  15. Scootaloo seemed to understand. He'd have to be okay with that. He wasn't sure how it would benefit him, but the way he viewed it, Diamond and Silver were going to have to leave at some point, and then more could be told. Having somepony who knows what is up was a huge weight off of his shoulders. Babs still gave him a very concerned, dissapointed look, Apple Bloom was lost in the weeds of trying to be a good family member, and Sweetie was still too much to handle, but at least somepony could be counted on as an ally. Even if it wasn't gonna help now. In fact the indignities were continuing to be piled up without his consent or resistance, for he had learned that neither was helpful. Soon he was in a bassinet, being rocked back and forth by the fillies. It was one of a thousand terrible things that had happened to him that day. The list would only expand with time for sure. The bassinet was too small for him- he could feel it cutting on the sides of his legs. No matter. He would be able to get out of it...soon. When he was able to make sure that the terrible two were...away...the swaying. Was there something in the food? Maybe the...he yawned...combination of whatever was in that pacifier and...he yawned again, eyes closing. Okay, he was going. Crud. Well, he could only hope Scootaloo...did a thing...and the terrible twos weren't alerted before he made his way back awake... Aaaaaaaaaand he was out.