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  1. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    The first stage had been a success. As Discord had predicted, there were multiple lines connecting her to each orb; four links to each. That was somewhat unusual. Well, not somewhat. Very. Each and every time she had studied similar artifacts there was generally just a single tether point. They would pull from all emotion. It allowed for more efficient means of control. The fact there were more lines meant it would be harder for her to control since it could mean that they attached to specific emotions or swings in them. That was an issue. Twilight was a far-away passenger to Ice Storm's passage of time and memory, and felt the emotions only at a distance. She was the back-seat passenger in the carriage of Ice's emotional creation not the driver. Her words carried intense weight and her suggestions and commands could lead Ice about, but the work had to be done by Ice Storm. And that meant she would have to overcome these obstacles through her own efforts. Since the multiple tether points created such issues however, they'd have to go deeper. “...Isolate one tether, the connectivity between you and the orb. You are the master and commander of your emotions. Find one tether. Follow that tether into your soul. You are master and commander of your soul. Follow that tether, and see what it connects to. What emotion it pulls from, what memory makes it ignite. You are the master and commander of your destiny. Isolate it. This memory and this emotion, indulge in it for a brief moment. You are in command. You are the master of yourself. You are you. Now, stop indulging in it. It is expended for now. See the tethered line of aether, how it vibrates with your emotional power. Hold it in your mind and repeat after me: सार्धम् एताः गिर्इच्छामि निषेध,” Twilight said, her voice and horn growing darker as she spoke. Ancient words of power and magic only briefly considered functional, such a spell if done correctly allowed very minor alterations in the aetheric makeup of a certain area. It worked in a metaphysical sense rather than in the material world, and would allow Ice Storm to have success shaping her control. The downside was hurt Twilight to cast. She wouldn't allow the nosebleeds in real life to distract her from her work, however. Besides, she had Discord to keep watch in case anything went entirely wrong. He was always good to have around.
  2. The First Lesson (Open- TG for entry)

    Hazel Blossom checked and rechecked her saddlebag. The materials contained therein were likely of a somewhat more advanced nature than the stock at the school itself; Manehattan Academies had a habit of instilling in a student all the virtues of over-preparedness. She didn't think that the education in this town would match up but she had learned that Equestria's educational system cared little for books and much more for personal experience. That was something one could never be fully, properly prepared for. Few times did the need to know the answer to some astrological trivia come to the forefront, often did it seem that everything else that one could learn outside of academic concern from a school came up. Social graces! She could only hope that she would prove to this school everything that she had showed Cherry Jubilee in her time here, and that the way forward for the filly would be made clear. Failing that, it would be a good distraction from work! Not that she was bad at it, mind you. Having come here recently as a favor to a friend to work on their behalf for Cherry Jubilee, she had found herself being quite the little barfilly. Of course in a town like Dodge Junction the local Saloon, which was owned by Cherry Jubilee, was more of a general eatery than anything else/ Still, the work demanded a certain degree of personality and service that she strived to achieve. If anything she was perhaps too good at it and was finding herself becoming a more favored member of staff. So much so that she had found her stay...prolonged, to put it mildly. And while certain arrangements were being hammered out by ponies of more advanced age and distinction, the school year approached. While she was no great lover of the academic arts by themselves she did enjoy the process of learning and the stability that came with school appealed to her in these...turbulent times. So Cherry had signed her up for the school year and here Hazel was, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Good habits born of Manehattan high society and the demands of her various responsibilities ensured that she had gotten the right amount of sleep and had woken up early enough to take care of business. Like every morning she had taken great care to ensure that her mane and tail were just so. She was a filly who loved fashion and looking her best and the time she had been working as a barfilly allowed her to adapt such desires to the demands of a physical job. She wasn't looking out of place in the town as she trotted to school. She looked like a filly who had herself together, was prepared for anything. She looked like she belonged. And that was always what she had been looking for, after all. She even told herself that it was all true. Sometimes a lie was worth the trust you place in it. She approached the school, spotting first an older adult pony. There was some brief connection of memory to some time spent in Ponyville. She examined the cutie mark as she approached from behind. Was this- well, yes. It was...Miss Cheerilee? The name seemed vaguely correct. Hazel had spent some time with extended family in that town but hadn't spent long enough to attend school there. Funny how events conspire in such a manner. Nonetheless, the knowledge made her happy. She wasn't the only one who was looking for a change of pace, though Hazel liked to believe she had transitioned past the straw hat stage a little quicker. Of course as she came upon the likely teacher for the semester her eyes drifted towards the 'school' in front of her. It looked...well, functional, at least. She had known plenty of ponies even back in Manehattan who would be concerned about the stability and safety and then nothing more, but she was firmly in the camp that appearances mattered a great deal. And this place appeared like a dump. A great big dump. “Well, I guess I know why they discussed holding literary discussions at the saloon,” she said with a grin, pointing towards a hole placed randomly in the wall, “I think that is over the library. Not the best way to get acquainted with the classics!” She said, facing her teacher and giving a polite cursty. “The name is Hazel Blossom. What a pleasure to meet you! Might I hazard that you'll be our teacher for this splendid semester?” She laughed, “Well, I think it will certainly be a very interesting experience! Looks like it has seen better days, however...” she trailed off then shook her head as she trotted inside. “no matter! Time is precious and all that. Let me find my seat,” she looked around upon entering. Just as...well, nasty was wrong. But decidedly more dirty than she would have hoped for. Nonetheless she shrugged and found an open seat, using her tail to dust it up and settle herself. Other students were bound to arrive and then the day's schedule would be set. She didn't know what exactly they would be focusing on but she was excited to have this sense of normalcy. Speaking of schedule- a colt was sleeping in class. How long? He had some sort of map laying about. Intriguing. Interesting. Exciting? Well, that was a bit too much. She'd stick with interesting for now. She'd also stick with not waking him up. She wasn't sure how he'd respond. More importantly, he still had a precious few moments to squeeze before his school year started. Who was she to rob him of that peace? And so she settled in and started to clean off her desk, trying to make sure that her dress- which was more or less her work outfit without a few of the unnecessary details- wasn't going to be the subject of undue damage right off the bat. She knew it would be later of course. Fillies and colts were a tough business.
  3. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    Applejack looked up at the Princess, her eyes wavering between indignation and shame. She had failed her Princess this day and even with Celestia's reassurances Applejack couldn't shake the feeling that she had missed the first for the trees. It didn't make much sense to steal a book about weeds. Made less sense to steal it out of the big collection of books the Princess had. Made the least sense that it as random. Made more sense that they both missed something. Something big and important, and that Applejack had allowed him to get out and away without capturing him stuck in her craw fiercely. It was a splinter you couldn't remove and she didn't know what to do. The only real satisfaction she got was that Celestia was safe. At least she could chalk that up as a success. She knew she'd be okay. She was an Earth Pony. It took a lot of punishment to really make her worried. Even under bad circumstances she could probably be up and working the farm within a week. Aches and pains and stings would perists a little longer, but Earth pony physiology was intensely robust. She looked down, not hiding it anymore, at her pregnancy- the foal was fine. No attacks had really gone in that direction and it took more than a few nasty falls to truly threaten an earth pony's pregnancy. Still. The adrenaline no longer flowed. Her pain was coming back in waves. The threat she had dealt with was vast and she had made only a few mistakes, but those mistakes- they anchored her understanding of the situation. In the end, she had every color but blue. “...Ah suppose yer right,” she said barely above a whisper, pulling herself up gingerly. The Princess wasn't much commanding her but that didn't stop the authority of her voice from being clear. Still, she wasn't going to allow the mission to change. "The mission is still gettin' yer flank out an' back all safe an' cozy-like," she said, mustering a smile as she started walking side by side with her Princess. There was a noticeable limp and a grimace, but she wasn't going to comment n it. "Though Ah can't say Ah believe that'll be tha last we see of that no-good scoundrel. Ain't like'm ta take...euuuhh...something all random like," she said, moving some rubble with her good legs. "After you, Yer-Yer Majesty."
  4. To say that Dodge Junction Elementary was...a rather elementary facility would be an understatement. It had opened when the settlement was small and new and not at all up to the standards of other cities. A single building with a single classroom only a few subsidiary rooms to make up its bulk, it had never been much of a priority. As Dodge Junction became a major transport hub and its residents had easy access to academies and schools of high learning it fell even more by the wayside. It was used of course but only generally until ponies got their cutie mark or found employment in local business. Those who sought something more could simply take the unending trains to those places of education that suited them. But the school still existed and students still learned there. It had fallen into a state of relative disrepair. It wasn't in danger of falling over but the floorboards were broken in places, the bookcases were more hope than reality. Many of the books were out of date and supplies were critically low. Indeed, the last class of students had done well considering how poor the situation was. But it was clear to all involved that the city needed something more and that had to start with leadership and superior quality of teaching. Even the single teacher who called this place work knew he was no longer up to the task- being an ancient stallion certainly didn't help him keep up to the whippersnappers. And so they searched for a teacher who could come in and help teach the young ones of Dodge Junction effectively and maybe do something for the building itself. Sadly, not many teachers looked at a small western town known for farming and transportation and thought it was something they wanted to be involved in. But after a nice, long search they found a teacher from Ponyville looking for a change of pace not too long before the school year was set to start. It was part of an exchange program- though he was too old to really travel and it was more of a loan, with Baltimare providing an extra teacher heading to Ponyville. Princess Twilight was pushing this national exchange program; hopefully it worked for the former frontier town. While he set about dusting and doing some basic cleaning the day before she was set to arrive, the teacher was given free travel and a nice budget with which to start the year off with. And with a nice little class coming in this year she would need it. The stallion took one last look at the building and took a deep breath, walking away with a small suitcase of old materials away. And with that the building was silent...until the teacher and her pupils showed up, anyway!
  5. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Twilight ate her food in a chipper mood. Something about being back at her home base sent the mare about her activities large and small in a good mood. Being surrounded by such a vast reservoir of knowledge and capability always did wonders for her attitude. Knowing that around them swirled the answers to thousands of important questions and a thousand more questions they didn't even know needed to be asked, this was her idea of a spa resort. She had the capability to get up and work on any one of a thousand artifacts, each one unique and strange in its own way. The world was her oyster and the oyster was a reality-warping space-fold. She was just happy to be here, safe and sound, in the safest place she could imagine surrounded by the most dangerous items in Equestria. All hers to study, understand, and make safe for Equestria. It was a fascinating place. Yet it seemed to matter very little to her in this moment. Her mind wandered to other subjects, more immediate and physical, the demands of the moment's socialization overriding her basic sense of adventure and scientific curiosity that lay at the very core of her being. Instead it seemed to venture over to the other side of the table. Deadalus, and indeed the little magical artifact he had, were so unique in their own way that she couldn't help but feel more than a small twinge of curiosity that was somewhat more silly, slightly more deliciously malicious than she would normally have prescribed herself. What made then tick? A playful series of queries danced in her head for a few moments. She felt herself blush and then shake her head free out of her revue, her guest, friend, and Keeper seemingly more on task than her. Had to focus. “Yes. We must understand this artifact. Truly it is...unique, and powerful, though I'm not sure if it is dangerous. It seemed oddly...protective. Of itself mostly, but not in a harmful way. A sentience was there. Thought. Where you have thought you have planning and consideration. While it would be a stretch to call it living, I don't think it would be wrong to assign some manner of intelligence to it,” she began, continuing to eat. “But whatever the case may be, the artifact is now in our possession and it can be studied at any time. We have been working on it and the after effects of it for a while now. Perhaps we should take a break, return to this when our minds have been cleared of the fog of direct action and impact?”
  6. Applejack felt like she and Fire Walker had miscommunicated but that was just as well. She was always happy to learn a little about a friend- and after all they'd been through, she felt just fine calling Fire Walker a friend. She would imagine that being such a fine mare, Fire would have to deal with a few of her charges taking it upon themselves to flirt. That must've been uncomfortable even before her relationship with Squall took off in the way it did. She didn't think she could deal with having to be polite in such a situation but that just spoke to Fire's professionalism, she supposed. If you had her on your flank for a day you could rest easy knowing that no matter what tomfoolery you had decided to take part in you would be secure and safe under her care. She wondered if she had been a hassle. Maybe that was why Fire had decided to tell Applejack almost anything other than attempt to answer her question about what she got out of this mission other than a job well done. Maybe that was enough for her, but Applejack couldn't help but feel- and maybe this was just the emotion leeches playing tricks on her, had to be- that the truth was a bit grimmer. She didn't answer because the answer was poor. She didn't get anything out of this experience. It was a waste of time and effort. Protecting Applejack had been a job, almost like having to protect some 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'. She had done it because she was a weather-worn professional of the highest degree and out of her immense respect for 'Lady' Applejack and what she had done. Or maybe simply because she had been ordered to by a Princess. She shook her head free of such thoughts as she looked up at the clear sky overhead. It was all the emotion leeches preying u[on a mare who was already in an inner tumult between joy and sorrow in an attempt to feed off of the more negative of the duo. She would have to allow the words and emotions of earlier to sustain her as she kept up a brave enough face for her friend. “Well, Ah suppose bein' out here is a bit more excitin' than bein' in Canterlot. When Ah was in Task Force Suntrot and Ah was stationed briefly in Canterlot Ah was plum bored. Ain't much ta do thar unless you like payin' way too much for way too little,” she chortled, getting back up and rowing heavily when she felt the craft slow against the current ever so slightly.
  7. Applejack had to blush at the compliment. It was all true though! She wasn't the one for a nice brag but she sure as shine took of herself. And there wasn't such a thing as an ugly Apple so when you looked at it that way, well, he was just being truthful. She wasn't quite sure that he could get the year down just pat but that mattered little in the grand scheme of things. “Hmm- if Ah recall Ah had a few years on Apple Bloom. Not too many- she's sproutin' up real fast now. Even has herself one of them fancy debutante balls planned up for her coming up real soon,” Applejack said as she looked at her young sister talking to an unusual colt in line. The crows seemed centered on him- she'd have to keep an eye on him! Back to Boulder. He wanted some Honeycrisps? She had some left. Not much though. If he was wanting, say, two or more bushels then it may be an issue. But she could supply a bushel, you bet she could. “Well, Ah wouldn't wanna miss out on making yer mom feel like a thousand bits. Good choice, these Honeycrisps are deeee-lish!” She said with a chortle, getting the bushel together pretty dang quickly. In short time she was finished and presented it to Boulder. “Five bits gets ya this here bushel and a fine kiss ta boot.” He sure was a...loud fella. Nothing wrong with that! He also looked and smelled like he spent plenty of time outdoors. That was fun! She wanted to spend even more time in the mid-day sun but dang school always got in the way of proper outdoorsin'. That didn't seem to get in the way of anything this Chipper Demise fella had going on. He seemed like a pretty interesting little guy. “Hey there Chipper, Ah'm Apple Bloom! That there is mah big sister, Applejack, mah big brother Big Mac, mah Granny, mah nephew is sleepin' away ahn' mah dog is somewhere...” she looked around and whistled. “Winona'll be here in a minute, hehe. So, Ah ain't never seen y'all here before. New in town?” She asked. A moment later his own question sunk in...maybe. “You never had an apple before?!!” *Boulder Dash is up* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  8. The Family Feud SteelEagle/PM to join

    She was escorted in due time to the barn where Rocky was working. Twilight allowed her mind to wander while she was being led there. She was lucky enough to still have both her parents, loving and upper-middle class ones at that. Her foalhood was worry free and nothing but full of support and love. She never had to deal with the pain of losing even one of them. She couldn't imagine the pain and sorrow with losing her father. And she certainly couldn't imagine losing both of them when she was a filly like Applejack had. It took a certain amount of strength to just continue on after such a trauma as a little one. She didn't know how or why so much of their life was the way it was or how they thought they were coping, but she did know what needed to be done. She had seen it before, heard about it before. And yes, she had read about it before. She entered the barn, her hoofsteps soft but still more than noticeable. It wasn't as if she was trying to sneak up on him, after all. When he turned around he would catch the Princess of Friendship standing not too far away, looking at the scene with a smile. “Oh, Bessie? I suppose that is a nice name for a cow. Seems to fit her- oh, my apologies. I didn't mean to interrupt,” she said sheepishly, though she was still warm and friendly. “I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle. I've never been here before- this is a nice place, from what I've seen at least. I haven't had the chance to make your acquaintance. Rocky, if I have my names correct?” She said, offering her hoof for a shake. She wasn't being completely honest with him but the greater good had many qualifications and she wasn't expected to be the element of Honesty, after all.
  9. Applejack thought she had a pretty good grasp on all the farmer types that ran around Ponyville these days. It used to be there were just two families who ran the whole shebang. The Apples owned half the land, the Pears owned the other half. When the Pears left it opened up large tracts of land for many others to come on in. In those heady days the Apples elected to develop their farming interests in other directions. Nowadays there were a plum what, dozen other farm families in the area? Seemed like they popped up all the time. She was happy to see it. She wasn't territorial or felt threatened by them. Besides, everypony knew who the best farmers in Ponyville were. Still, the way he spoke meant he was familiar with her and she couldn't quite peg who he was. Not at first, anyway. It took a few seconds for it to start popping in her head. He gave her all she needed to know quick enough, anyway. He was from Boulder Tomato Ranch not far from Sweet Apple Acres. That wasn't one of Ponyville's biggest farms but it did pretty well locally selling their nice and juicy tomatoes and somesuch. Had a good deal with Filthy Rich from what she heard. At least he seemed to like it, anyway. He said his name- some old memories came back. Older than her, helping out on the farm- after the Pears left such cooperation was common amongst Ponyville farmers. Then he left. Hadn't come up much- returned recently, she thought. Twilight had said something regarding him. Left to join the...merchant marines, was it? Seemed an odd choice to leave one's family behind, but who was she to judge? She ran off to the city once. And as memories and names started connecting she realized the causes of their retreat from country life were very similar. “Boulder Dash- well, Ah'll be an Appleloosan snake herder! Ah ain't heard from you in an age and a half!” Applejack beamed, reaching over and puling him in for a hug. After holding him tight for a second she released him, still beaming. “Yep, same ol' Applejack. Bit bigger though. Ah was how old when you last saw me?" ***** Apple Bloom returned in good time, trudging along with a third chest for the day's totals to spill into. Land's sake the day had been a bit more successful than intended! Not that it was a bad thing, far from it. It just proved to Apple Bloom that she was a big filly with big filly ideas and that maybe Applejack would give her a bit more consideration the next time an important family discussion was in store. Her sister was a bit busy and such with the line which only made sense- apparently she knew this fella, even if the name didn't mean much to Apple Bloom at all. Not yet, anywho. It was then that the flock of crows came upon the scene. Applejack was a bit too involved to do anything but acknowledge them with a quizzical look. Apple Bloom, however, was unfettered by the social demands of the moment and allowed her eyes to settle on the colt-stallion who seemed to be the geographical center of the murder's roosting. He was an upbeat looking unicorn with all sorts of strange symbols on his clothes and a fossil cutie mark. Cool! He must be an archaeologist. She bet he must have some cool stories about finding old fossils and whatnot. She started trotting over to him, over, through, and around the crows with a happy smile and trot. "Howdy there!" *Boulder Dash is up* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  10. Happy Birthday Brianblackberry! Always happy to see you. Brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to know you!

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  11. The Family Feud SteelEagle/PM to join

    "Running from your problems is easier than confronting them, but they never go away until you do. Now you are older, stronger, wiser. Allow yourself to grieve and move forward. They need you," she said, allowing him his time to come to grips with it all. Luckily he seemed to do well with such news. He likely thought it himself, somewhere deep down where the mind rarely wanders and yet is often influenced by. This was good. He was not going to be the source of consternation and issue it appeared. Indeed, he could likely lead his mother back into the light. But she knew for a fact that youth brings fire and the youngest member of the family would be a hard nut to crack. It wouldn't be pretty. If they wanted it to work, to stick, it couldn't be pretty. "I doubt your brother will take this as well. I will need your help with him. He has a lot of deep emotion built up and with nothing to spend it on he has kept it in. It is hurting him from within and until he lets it out, he is stuck as an eternally boiling pot of water on a relentless stove," she said, hovering off of the ground. "Do you know where he is right now?" She said, formulating a plan. She would come in first. Talk to him. Learn. When the time was right, Boulder Dash would come in. He'd probably be yelled at. Truth be told they would probably be on the receiving end of an angry torrent of emotion, and rightly so. But it had to be done as painful as it was and Twilight knew that sometimes the best way to do something was also the hardest. "I think we are as close to ready as we can least for the next part."
  12. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    AJ cursed herself. She cursed her body. The pegasus was able to get out of the lasso, jerking it out of her mouth in his swift movement. It was as if most strength had left her in that moment. He dashed by Celestia under her legs, provoking a moment of panic from Applejack. If he had wanted to try and hurt Celestia he could have. She had failed her liege completely in that regard. Luckily it seemed he wanted to do something else instead and moved past her, grabbing a book and moving on his way. Celestia attempted to cast a spell but wasn't quick enough. Regardless of what or why he did what he did, Applejack's mind reeled. He was fast, fast as lightning. Celestia was...slower than she'd like her to be. But he hadn't gone to attack her- why? What was that book? Why was that, amongst all others, such a target? Applejack didn't know nor did she spend any time to try and know. She leaped into action, charging towards the fellow as he made his escape. She went to jump after him when her back left leg gave away completely- unknowingly having suffered a hairline fracture which had now progressed towards a full break, she crumbled at high speed into a wall, collapsing part of it on her body. She tried to get up, failing once before finally getting free of the rubble. She let out a small yelp through gritted teeth before quickly pulling at a side bag hidden under her back armor, pulling out something to try and set the bone. “Ah-Ah'll be fine- can't let'm get away- Ah- Ah can get him, Princess!” She said through gritted teeth as she set the bone, spitting out a small bit of blood as she looked up at his escaping form.
  13. This was his very first kiss? Well, that went a great length towards explaining why he was as nervous as a cow in Griffonstone. Applejack hadn't even considered that. After all, plenty of stallions broke down like wagon wheels when in the presence of a mare they considered attractive and she had simply assumed the same. Instead she had been his very first kiss. You always remembered your first! Well, far be it from her to sound arrogant but she felt like she qualified as a pretty dang good first kiss. Heroine, athletic farm mare, darn nice to boot. He was all twitter pattered by the events, which was half the point even if she hadn't known just how new this whole thing was to him. When he was done speaking she smiled and responded. “You were just fine, sugarcube. Especially for your first time!” She laughed, “find that hard ta believe. Them Hoofington mares ain't got much taste if its taken this long for ya ta get a kiss,” she offered in a friendly manner. In a little bit he was all finished up and started moving away. “Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your apples, Ejaz!” She shouted, happy to have made somepony's day. She rechecked her stock. She had plenty of apples left but her fruitier varieties were starting to run dry. Plenty of tart left. Good eating regardless but she knew some ponies weren't big fans of the tarter kinds. So many wanted the sweet but if you stood by the tart you'd find yourself with a big whole mouth of tasty treats. In fact, some tart varieties were probably the very best types of apples in the whole wide world of taste. And that was a great world to be in! She checked her bits. Two big huge chests of bits, all but full. “Apple Bloom, get a third,” she said, her little sister charging off to accomplish that task. With that issue taken care of she looked out over the...well, bare line. Would she reach the day's goal? She would sweat it but she had faith it'd turn out all right. “Next pony, step on up!” *Boulder Dash is up* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  14. Ahhh, so he wanted Honeycrisps. She nodded and went back down, putting the Honeygolds away and getting not one, but two bushels of the Honeycrisps. She was almost plum out of them but she reckoned she had enough varieties remaining to satisfy all but the most demanding of customers. Unless they asked for Honeycombs. She was completely out of them and any other fictitious variety of apple! "Two bushels of Honeycrisps it'll be then," she said when she was down there. She gently put the Honeygolds back, got another bushel, and started working on the Honeycrisps. She returned in due time, two big bushels of Honeycrisps ready for Ejaz. "Take it easy, sugarcube. Ain't no reason ta be nervous," she said gently, sort of kicking herself for playing games with him. She had thought it'd be a little funny but the fact he was still so tongue tied told her she had maybe done a tad too much. "Hoofington, eh? Ain't been there before. Heard its nice," she said gamely, trying to ease him into it. Poor fella. Must've been a hit with the mares. Maybe the stallions too, she didn't much judge a pony's natural romantic inclination. Some ponies liked the whole shy type. Never much struck her fancy. She liked 'em confident, athletic, and capable of making her want to tear her mane out. 'No passion was like that which teetered half between love and fury,' was something Rarity once said and Applejack had scoffed at her. Shouldn't have. She was absolutely right in all regards romantic, it seemed. She took the ten bits and tossed them into her collection, the clink clink of coin. That sound wasn't the sweetest but it sure was nice to have some nice evidence as to the success of this whole venture. She stayed looking down for a second, but that was simply to put the nervous fella at ease. She then quickly snapped him up and pulled him in for a kiss- hey, she had to break off the monotony every once in a while. She held it for a second longer than normal before letting him off easy. “Hopefully that lived up ta expectations, Ejaz,” she said playfully. Hopefully hed survive. She was worried he may not so much. *Ejaz is up* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  15. Fire had a point. She wasn't sure how many ponies even went inside the Everfree anymore, let alone this deep. Enough to sustain a small little bit or survivalist do-gooding perhaps but not much more than that. And who could blame anypony? This forest didn't want them. It wanted to be left alone, to its own devices. It lived and died beneath the same sun but in a world entirely separate from the ones ponies called home. It took the brave and the foolish to make this land a place that ponies dared to tread. Applejack wasn't sure which category she fell into. But she was sure that whatever cause it was that drove her was worthwhile, and Ma Seed didn't make her regret coming here even one bit. Even if there was still gonna be a bit of trouble getting back if only because it was the Everfree and such beliefs were warranted regardless of the current circumstance. Applejack laughed. "Well, Ah guess that's right. Ain't m-many ponies comin' on out here today. Most days, for that record," she said, sucking down a sniffle as she wiped her eyes once more. The water underneath was a shade of deep blue, light blue, it was simply blue- it changed and didn't change. She didn't much mind or care. She took care of the motor and took her rowing job alongside Fire, the two mares powering the vessel alongside the motor. They went along this way for a while, the leeches getting what they wanted from the pair. Applejack was as silent as she could be, but eventually the silence was too much for her. She wasn't a chatterbox but she knew Fire could hear and see her coming apart at the seams, ever so gently, and wanted to change the perception. The topic. The anything. "So...whatcha get out of this, Fire? Ah mean save for a job well done."