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  1. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Twilight allowed Kyanaster to go ahead and do the hard work today. She felt righteously lazy at this very moment if only because she had spent considerable time and effort on everypony other than herself recently, and watching a relic do relic like activities was always delightful. That was the half the reason she first became aware of Daedalus in the first place, the rumors of Kyanaster's continued existence and ownership. Everything else came afterwards showed the pony who had Kyanaster was far more interesting of course, but that didn't mean Kyanaster wasn't intriguing. She watched Kyanaster do its thing, taking in even teh most minute movement as she learned everything she could through observation. Not a thing she could honestly say regarding Luna. She knew the basics of it firsthoof and had a theory beyond it. Whether that was accurate or not was a matter entirely separate and she wasn't sure whether or not it was even proper to share. The things the Princesses knew about one another was not as interesting as she imagined most ponies believed, but still there was enough there to form theories. She had started formulating hers only after a few night time visits had allowed her greater insights as to the nature of Luna's dreamwalking. Even that was mostly fleeting. Perhaps in time she would have a greater understanding of the power involved but just as Celestia's magic was beyond true magical science knowledge currently, so was Luna's dreamwalking. "Hmm..." Twilight replied simply at first, her hoof to her chin in thought. "I can't say I fully understand it either. The important thing to understand is that she fully materializes in some sort of dimensional aether space that allows her to transit from dream to dream. She is capable of altering her own aura enough to allow passage into your mind during a dream while still maintaining control of herself. In effect she does become part of your dream. She is very literally in your head! The why of this and even the how elude me. I do know that things can be masked or obscured from her. Powerful wards can refuse entry. Being aware that it is a dream before she makes her entrance can also weaken her ability to enter. Extra dimensional entities who operate on the same plane are theoretically possible and could interfere." Her brows furrowed. "Strange that you didn't appear and mine was in some way scrambled. It is possible that Luna's worry made the proper aetheric adjustments to perceive and enter my dream more difficult. Could also have focused so hard on finding me that other dreams faded from her aetheric view. Perhaps distance plays a part as well. I know she can't, or at least has great difficulty, trying to reach the dreams of Maretonian and Neighponese ponies even though they share the same aetheric anchor as Equestrians," she postulated, then shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sure Luna could provide more insight but I doubt much more could be confirmed. There are no other test cases to compare with and their magic works on a somewhat different fundamental basis anyway,” she sighed. Truth was that there was still much about magic she didn't know and was starting to think she would ever know. That was okay, she had come to accept. Some questions had more value in the asking rather than the answering.
  2. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Friendly faces were a dime a dozen in Equestria and that was all well and good, but out here in the world they seemed a mite more rare than Rainbow would like to admit. Not that she would imply Equestrians were better or that the Neighponese weren't friendly, but they were friendly in ways that didn't always seem to make sense or touch Rainbow in the ways they were meant to. Maybe with more time some of their more obscure customs would make sense but she doubted it would matter this trip. Maybe next trip? Speaking of trips, Ice offered er a closer seat and Rainbow took it, revealing kinda quickly that she had been here before on less legal visits. What did that even mean? She didn't think of Ice Storm really being the sort of mare who'd run around doing all sorts of illegal things. She seemed nice enough but maybe that was why she made a good criminal? Maybe she wasn't a criminal. Secret adventure pony? Possibly. That would be cool. Rainbow's curiosity was piqued a great deal however. She didn't know about EPIC. Outside of those authorized to know, nopony knew about EPIC. Rainbow Dash was a bit too talkative to be one of those who knew. "What happened? Did you forget your passport or something?" Rainbow asked quizzically, lost as to what she could mean. Rainbow likewise wasn't paying much attention outside from Ice Storm. Not that she focused on more than what was in front of her consciously. The fact was that she learned around the focus and it was one of the reasons why she was such a great flier. It was kind of true o the ground as well, though not to the same levels. She could learn just about anything there was to know while she was flying around, but on the ground she could still pick up a few things. Especially if she felt like she was being watched, which was the sensation she was having as the moments went by. Rainbow started looking around, her eyes not narrowing but more scanning in general. She wasn't concerned or anything- just a bit of something was tickling her feathers a bit. "Yeah this place is pretty...pretty, I guess. A bit too weird for my tastes but I'm sure that'll change. It certainly has charm enough. Hey, Ice," she leaned in, "do you get the feeling we're being watched?" Rainbow asked her fellow Equestrian in private. It wasn't long until the food was set to arrive and she was hungry, but she didn't think it was her slightly audible stomach growl that was setting her very partially on edge.
  3. Tempest's Shadow (Closed)

    The Jacuzzi was her fist concern? Unexpected but ponies often had unexpected desires. Indeed, much of what them fascinating meals were the myriad mental oddities found amongst them. Truth be told Sachadara hadn't known how Jacuzzis had worked until less than twenty four hours ago. It had never been an important part of her life and she looked a such luxuries as weakness. The world had many more bountiful and powerful ways of playing that wallowing in some hot water. There was a general belief that it must have felt amazing on a real pelt and not the near-run thing that Changelings approximated. But either way she cared so very little. Nonetheless, she would answer. “Ah, yes. I thought you might like that, you look like a mare in need of some good and honest relaxation! There are two ways to operate it. The first is with a simple magical tuner device. You simple use this magical knob-” she indicated it, a red knob next to the Jacuzzi, “and turn it. Activates magical currents below. There are several settings next to it. The other way requires manual manipulation of the currents, which is used in case of a mechanical failing. Interesting factor, that- oh, deary me I need to stop talking so much! Haha, I get so caught up in mechanics that I lose track of myself. My apologies!' She trailed off, looking rather sheepish. She enjoyed this persona. Over-talkative geeks were a delightfully non-threatening guise. “Room service wise, let me show you,” she said, trotting over to the desk next to the bed. On top of it were order forms. “Fill them out, leave them on the doorknob leading to the room. We have multiple attendants on each floor. At most a few minutes after you have placed the order it will be received,” she answered quickly. The mare wanted to relax before she went ou and mingled. That was good. She was carrying a lot of tension. If she would allow Sachadara in, then the deformed changeling could relieve her of all of it- along with her Ego and Id, but who was counting? “Feel free to take the time you need, Miss Shadow. If there is anything I can do to help, please tell me. Your travel has been long and hard. Here, you will find peace and comfort.”
  4. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Applejack knew this mare needed activity more than most. Heck, her every physical action was dominated by a crackling energy that she was sure could be channeled into work. Heck, that was why starting with something that required finesse to start with was so important. Tiring ponies out seemed all nice and good until you ran into ponies like Rainbow and Tempest who were made to move and be little more than sparking bits of energy in the dark. What you needed to do was find ways for them to learn how to restrain themselves not when there was nothing really to restrain, but when it mattered. And with two Apples there to help her out, Tempest would learn how to do it real quick. She was a quick learner. Applejack was banking on it. “Ah think tha pigs are a fine way ta start,” she said nodding, which was the international Apple sign of a stubborn mare stuck in place. Then Tempest said how she thought applesauce was made. Applejack was courteous enough not to laugh even if she had every reason to. “There's a bit more to it than that, Tempest. Don't worry- bah the end of tha day yer gonna know more about applesauce than most unicorns will learn in their whole lifetimes!” Applejack said with a wide smile. Educating ponies was always a great goal after all and she wasn't gonna say no to helping spread good Apple lore. “Same with Jams and proper sorting techniques. Why, yer gonna have a blast, Ah guarantee it,” she finished, full of gusto and belief in her mission. Especially since it would take most of the day and hopefully get whatever energy she needed out of herself finished before she went to bed. Didn't want a nightmare to throw her for a loop and the barn for a spin. Meanwhile, Zap had climbed on top of Big Mac's head and was looking around, occasionally gnawing on the yoke. “Everypony ready?”
  5. Awww, look at her little old Rainbow Dash being all bashful like. Ponies wouldn't know it unless they looked but she was actually a shy pony in her heart. A bit of stage fright overcome by sheer bravado in the face of danger. A good night of love to be shared by the two, but before that and now, some stammering words bore the truth. She was tough as nails and could take any crash, but reach deep inside and you'd find the gooey center of a mare who liked to be loved, pampered, and treated like a Princess- no matter how much she protested against it! Nonetheless, today wasn't about them and them alone. It was a day dedicated to that time honored tradition of family business, that steamroller of a concern that devoured her time and attention. The was no stops on it except for the end and everypony would have to be along for the ride, Rainbow included. Applejack pushed the bits where they belonged and then went down to get Rainbow her bushel of apples. She gave her a nice mix of the tart stuff, the kind of apples she knew Rainbow'd like. She was out of the Fijis now and had maybe half a bushel left of two other varieties, but hey, that was bound to happen. And Rainbow'd understand. She'd have to be okay with having only one Apple set specifically aside for her. Rainbow leaned in, and Applejack obliged- by taking her head, hoof on the back of it, and pulling Rainbow over the counter halfway for an aggressive bit of kissing. She let it linger for a few seconds, her tail happily trailing behind her before she let Rainbow go. “Hopefully that'll satisfy you for now, Sugarcube. Your turn ta pick date night,” she said with an almost cavalier smile, daring her to pick something more exciting than last time. Either way the transaction was done- Rainbow had to go soon, but that didn't mean a bit of lovin' wasn't out of the question for a few moments longer. *Rainbow Dash is up next* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  6. A Little Me Time [Open]

    He was a talker. Maybe talking worked well for him? She was an investigator of the old school. You spoke at length when you had something important to say. He seemed to speak whenever a thought appeared in there. Still he was fast and that was always beneficial. If he kept at it and didn't allow his mind to be wasted on simple tasks like this one, he could make a fine detective. He made several decent points but they were all predicated on the mystery of the suitcase remaining just that. She assumed that with all of his theatrics getting out of the suitcase that he would have something approaching respect for another professional's skills, but she supposed he was so busy focusing on the small things that he failed to grasp the bigger ones. A few seconds passed after he finished speaking, Glass finishing her drink with a mighty gulp at the end. She'd have to lay her hand down now as well. Glasses down for Glass. “I've already ruled out an inside job vis a vi the Society. The reason is simple,” she flipped the suitcase on the desk around and opened it, revealing the contents, “because somepony trying to frame Rarity would have given me something more to work with. I have studied the contents. The results are decidedly inconclusive. I have been given reams of data regarding the cuts and fabrics and trademarks involved, as well as acknowledged contacts between members and whathaveyous. If somepony was trying to frame her, then I'd have a smoking gun. I'd have a smoking gun and you wouldn't be here because she would have been informed of the results of this investigation an hour or so ago,” she levitated the design up, keeping it straight and gentle. “If she was innocent however, then I wouldn't have evidence of fabrics trademarked by a new member of the Alliance. A murky middleground. One could believe that she had contacted this fellow before he joined the Alliance and that it is a perfectly pleasant arrangement. If that is the case, seeing a design of hers from the same collection, for the same show, to be premiered at the same time, but drawn up at a slightly later date, would help clear her entirely. She has already said she designed the main piece before the rest- could be a cover of course, but if that is true, the fabric will show. These fabrics in question by the way aren't things you can purchase at a store, nor something you can legally create for public display yourself. These are patented and trademarked magical creations at play. Thousands of bits in fines for use alone. I am under very strict orders. If I find evidence to exonerate her, then Rarity's suitcase will be returned with a story regarding mishandled baggage. All will be well for her and she won't have any of the stress. If I have misgivings, another story will be provided to buy more time until the last possible moment before the show. As for having something against her, quite the opposite. I have respect for her and her friends. But as a rule I don't like anypony, and I especially don't like ponies with a sense of overdramatic intent.” Her horn lit up. The design went back in the suitcase and it slammed shut. Then her horn lit a different color and the number dials went crazy for a second. “Also, tell her that numerical locks are very easy to break for ponies with certain magical skillsets. She is lucky I've simply changed the code and not broken it for good. Now, seeing as you're quick of hoof, I'd be willing to accept your help in this matter. She'll get her suitcase back by the end no matter what. And if she is innocent you can tell her a brave tale of intrigue and...whatever it is you like to say. But if you prevent me from doing my job to its completion, then Rarity will lose far more than a design and a suitcase and you'll be known as the detective who got his client humiliated in a very public manner.”
  7. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    The Equestrian gave the...golem creature a queer look. It had some sort of biometric scanner, it seemed like. It gave her less than a five percent chance of heart failure which it qualified as good news but came across rather terrifying. Considering a non-superhero athlete didn't ever breach such numbers unless something was wrong, it pointed to something she needed to check up. “...Well Props, Ah'm Tha Equestrian. Who told you ta head ta Ponyville?” She asked the creature. By no means was she going to assume that he was a threat now but that didn't mean she was comfortable it. She could tell it was trying awfully hard to be all friendlylike, what with sounded like a recorded howdy from her. That didn't mean thay whoever told it to come this way or was in control or whatever couldn't have been trying to get it in close and sharp to the town. Not too long after the golem noted the presence of another, the other made itself known. This was another golem. Both of them shared the trademarks of modern technology more than the ways and means of past golem production. While the first fella was a bit of a mystery to her, BROODMARE was not. The Equestrian had many allies in the high ranks of the REA and the nature of her creation was an issue. She had been designed as a war golem but was given sentience. Whether they should have done that or not was a matter better left on the sidelines because it had happened. The fight to terminate her had resulted in the destruction of the facility, but what living creature wouldn't want to live? Who she was and what she wanted to be were matters left for others. The Equestrian knew where she stood on the issue. Feeling at least momentarily safe, she placed her lasso on her hip and relaxed. “BROODMARE, is it? Ah'm Tha Equestrian. Nice ta finally meet ya,” she said, her voice calm and soothing, warm and friendly all at once. No doubt she felt like the least powerful of the trio but then again she always felt that way. Hadn't stopped her before and if one or both of them went rogue wouldn't stop her now.
  8. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    Applejack had desperately wanted Celestia to confirm that two groups was no big surprise, but she seemed a little caught off guard herself. No real surprise she figured. Single operatives were always a bit tougher to catch in any sort of dragnet. Still, she had a job to do. Celestia was confident in her ability to snag the fellow who had evaded her if they met again. She appreciated the confidence even if Applejack was still a bit worried. “Don't worry, Princess. That fella ain't gonna harm a hair on yer mane or take anythin' from here as long as Ah have anythin' ta say about it. And them mercenaries out there? Well, it don't quite matter how professional they are or if their bosses are mighty threatening. Everypony's only got so much fight in 'em and if they don't wanna listen ta reason, Ah'll take tha fight out 'em one bah one,” she nodded confidently. She would have preferred if they listened to peace but she was sure that eventually they'd all be fleeing with their tails tucked between their legs. The Princess asked how she was. Applejack wanted to quickly respond that she was fine, but she had to make sure. She made a show of touching potentially troublesome spots. There were some bruises and some very shallow injuries. Nothing an athlete wouldn't get playing hoofball really. The one spot she was concerned about- her pregnancy hidden by the armor though under close observation there was some signs of additional bulk there- was perfectly fine. When she had checked everywhere with a smile she winked at her Princess. “Jus' fine, Yer Majesty. Some bruisin' and such but nothing that should make a lick of difference in tha end,” she replied confidently once more. Honestly, just getting this short breather was enough for her. It didn't matter how fit you were and how enchanted you were, non-stop sprinting and fighting could take a lot out of you. Luckily it was still more than enough to do the job. Speaking of jobs, Applejack was curious. She decided to sate her curiosity as she put her helmet back on. “So, how's yer work comin' along in here? Gotta reckon you're makin' some decent progress,” she stated and half-asked, her voice full of hope. That would be a great bit of information to take with her as she headed out to do battle once more.
  9. Twilight was always hoof deep in some experiment or project. Celestia may have had the greatest library on tap in the world but Twilight was more selective and scientific in her approach. As far as she was aware, there was nothing beyond the reach of a skilled pony when magic and science were combined. Recent events had caused her to see the limitations of magic alone. The fact one could traverse time but not fix a mane seemed patently silly and something that should not stand in the modern era. She didn't want to be caught flat-hoofed next time a friend called on her to help for such a simple matter. And so she did what she did best: She used science. The goal was a wide-spectrum formula infused with magic and the right chemical mix. Adaptable and modifiable, the basic concept was to change a pony's aura in such a way as to allow physical changes. It involved four spells. One to change the aura, one to rewrite aetheric perception of oneself, and another dependent on the change. Chemicals were used that varied on the goal inherent in the design. The last spell was used to enhance the chemical formula, supercharging the biological changes needed to accomplish the task in such a short time. She had gone through a vast number of calculations and had finally settled on a small selection of spells and chemical compounds that could work together. She had committed herself to some good testing in theory space, but that could only take her so far. Her successes were less inspiring than her failures. In the end she could only do so much. The implications of her research were far ranging. If her theories held up, then her combination of spells and chemicals (potions) could do almost anything mentally or physically, given time or volume. But these were theories and the implications very, very big. She needed to test it out in real life at some point in small, safe ways. A knock on her lab door interrupted her. Twilight, her face covered in gear and with lab glasses on, glanced up. Spike looked in and waved. “You have a visitor- uhhm, everything all right?” he asked. Twilight teleported to him, wide smile beaming from edge to edge. “Everything is great! I've been making such excellent progress. Soon I'll be able to test it on ponies! Not the dangerous stuff- where'd you go?” Twilight asked the ghost of Spike's exit, the small dragon knowing the tone of her voice and making a quick exit. Twilight shook her head. Her horn lit up and her scientific outfit went away, replaced by the regalia of royalty. A few quick trots later and she was in the throne room of her castle. “How can I help?”
  10. Zap nearly flew out of his spot with Dash when Mama went ahead and came in that way. Applejack didn't want to think it but the way Zap acted made her feel like she had a favorite Mama and that one was full of rainbow colors and flew faster than lightning. Son and Mama shared that though, a big love for the rainbow pegasus. When dash came over to greet her mare, Applejack made sure to take the little fella and put him square on the tabletop once again for safety and stability. “Howdy Mama Dash,” she replied simply with a smile as Rainbow Dash looked around and asked if she had kissed all of the ponies. She shook her head. “Naw, naw, not all of 'em,” she waved it off with her hoof before laughing. “Only 'bout seventy-three of 'em! Woah nelly, you'd have no idea how much mah kissers have been worked out. Don't worry though, none of 'em have been all that good. Ah save that fer you, at night,” she winked. Then she sighed and looked around. “Line's a bit small now though. Can't say who else is even left!” She shook her head. “Alright, so here's tha deal. Five bits, a bushel of apples, and a kiss. You gotta pay up- no sweetheart deals, even if they're for sweethearts.” Meanwhile, Apple Bloom was still around. The line was shot and her voice was raspy because she had been working the blowhorn something fierce all day. Still, when the newest member of the line showed up she was still yelling into it, “BUY SOME APPLES! FIRST ANNUAL APPLE KISS- PAY SOME BITS, GET THA BEST APPLES EVER, KISS THA BEST MARE IN AL OF EQUESTRIA! BUY-” she continued on until she saw the fella. He looked awfully familiar. “Hey, haven't Ah seen you before?” *Rainbow Dash is up next* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
  11. “Well, yer probably right an' all, but Ah don't feel that way. Never was one for fancy education and such but Ah always thought Ah was soil-smart. But Ah've been makin' so many dang mistakes- Ahn always so boisterous and such out here, should be all cautious like,” she sighed, her head over the raft and dipping ever so lightly above the water. “Ain't easy, thinkin' its all yer fault,” she whispered next to nopony in particular. “Trip ain't too long. We can just relax. And don't say nothin' you'd regret about them critters. They're just playing around now, feedin' all gentle like. Don't want them to get all mean,” she replied, reaching her hoof down to gently pat the water. It was gonna be relaxing. In a way it felt good to have no control right now. It allowed her to wallow and while that was generally Rarity's shtick she had to imagine it felt good in a certain way. The only problem with this was that her hoof didn't reach the water. The water was further away than she had thought. It was as if the boat was being raised...which it was. First it was gentle and then it was rough. She saw a pair of bog eyes and then ducked back into the boar, her back flat to the bottom. All of the strangeness was tossed outside. Her mind was gripped by current events and partially dispensed with the misery of earlier events. “Remain still an' stay away from tha side, Sugarcube. Snuggle up close,” she patted the spot next to her. “Its one of 'em sea serpents. Some of 'em are awfully nice but no sense takin' a risk...since another set of 'em are nasty. Guess that's what snapped tha paddles all fierce like,” she said, trying to keep calm and focus on the moment to moment. The boat roiled forward on the sea serpent's back. It slowed down and seemed to snake along the river, not noticing the boat on its back. Applejack took a few deep, panicked breaths as she tried to calm herself down. The water changed to a dark red, almost black, and she closed her eyes. Her nose still worked when Fire got closer. “You smell awful nice, sugarcube. Where'd ya get that perfume?” she asked, her mind wandering around the park of random thoughts.
  12. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    The sky was overcast and the weather wasn't exactly dedicated to those who wanted to fly, but that was fine. Rainbow Dash was used to flying inclement weather, helped build wing strength. A nice clear day full of great sight-lines was far more preferable but as she cut through the Neighponese sky she was just happy to get her wings in use for reasons other than flying for the Wonderbolts. She missed the lazy flight routes and easygoing nature of the Equestrian sky. Neighponese sky was a little less forgiving and more wild, but it was still fun to fly in. That little extra resistance and challenge was more fun for her than anything else. She was lucky enough to even be here, and though it wasn't for long Rainbow Dash planned on making the most of it. The Wonderbolts were in the middle of an International Tour, one of the few they had ever done. Just last night they had played to one of the largest crowds in the history of the organization, a few nights after playing to another top five crowd. She had tried to read up on the language and customs but had given up, They provided translators and while she was going around she had picked enough stuff up to feel comfortable being by herself. Could she live in Neighpon and not make a foal of herself? Not at all, but it got her through the workday. Besides some amazing airshows she spent a great deal of time with fans. She didn't understand much but she understood the language of fandom and she hoped she had made a lot of her Neighponese fans very happy. She earned this day off. She thought about spending it in the big city but aftershow parties and travel took her through them anyway. Plus while she had no special distaste for the big city she was a small-town filly at heart. She had made her home in Ponyville for a reason. She wanted to see the small towns of this land as well and decided to have a nice stop at a small town not far from the last show, flying through the overcast sky with all the ease that was her birthright. She wasn't in her Wonderbolts outfit but still cut an impressive image in the sky, a rainbow trail behind her. Luckily she wasn't up there for too much longer, and she came down to earth in a swift but gentle slope. She had caught her target in her sights from above and wasn't wasting any time. It was a noodle shop. She liked noodles. They could be quick eats and enough broth to make for a nice slurp which- well, she liked that too. The shop didn't have doors and was open, and she landed not far from it. She trotted over and was seated, during which saw another Equestrian- was that...Ice Storm, if she remembered correctly? A menu card was offered. She ticked most boxes. She was hungry. The waitress kindly left, and Rainbow stretched out and waved to Ice Storm. “Hey, didn't think I'd see you here!” she said excitedly. Mostly excited because it was so nice to have a day off to just spend, and luckily enough, she didn't have to embarrass herself with bad Neighponese like she did last night at what turned out to be a sumo show. And not, as she had wanted to see, an authentic hot springs sauna.
  13. The Princess of Friendship (Open)

    Squall's reasoning for being so unusual in his defense of the realm was understandable and definitely admirable. He was a noblepony born of privilege and into a life of ease should he have willed it, but his inner desire to do good scoffed at such easy notions. So he worked tirelessly to help only to fall prey to the hero's curse: the belief that nothing he did mattered. In the great equilibrium of safety and security there was a truism to the belief that strength invited challenge, and as such, heroes would always have villains. It was a harsh reality that anypony who was trying to do good by others would have to grow accustomed to. Still, the effort and desire was there, even if he sometimes seemed to focus too much on the worst possible outcome of his actions. "You are a hero, Squall. That's why you are a member of EPIC after all. Keep well- contact me later about what day you want to start this expedition," she said, waving at him as he made his dramatic exit. Not that he was capable of anything less than that. It was an inborn trait of his, not one she or anypony else could shake easily from him. She gandered at the journal, telekintecally lifting it up and inspecting it. After a second her horn lit up brighter and her copy vanished, placed in safe keeping for now. There would be a time for study but that was not today. Today was a day devoted to the ponies of Equestria and her promise to help them solve various friendship problems. She didn't know what the day held in store for her but she knew it had be worth the time. She straightened herself out and took a deep breath. "Send in the next pony, please."
  14. Everything is Fine (Closed)

    Valen nodded along to the information passed along. That was good to know that nothing he was working with was expected to be hazardous. By all rights he should have expected that answer but it was a well known fact that magic obsessed unicorns often had poor reasoning vis a vi the danger of their tasks and desires. Instead it looked like his work was more of a general organization nature and not a demanding one either, Glimmer appearing to have a reduced need for the perfection of systems that Twilight was well known for. He could get behind that easier philosophy with ease! He liked his life nice and orderly as well but balked at the thought of obsessiveness in the pursuit of it. With his marching orders simple and without great complication the young colt snapped off an exaggerated salute and went to work. "Understood, Miss Glimmer," he said confidently as he started to organize as noted. It didn't strike him as odd that half of her collection was for magic and works related to it. Not as odd as it might be for any mare who wasn't living with the Princess. Fiction and non-fiction did encompass the vast majority of works created over time, but somepony devoted to certain subjects would of course be surrounded by it. But there were more vital discussion to be had than her reading list. "Name? Hmm...'Glimmer's Glamorous Magical Aid Station'? Mixes excitement and professionalism well in my opinion. And a contract? Wouldn't be the first I've signed. Make sure that it doesn't conflict with other obligations. Should I have my other work send over detailed itineraries so you aren't caught off guard by my schedule?" He asked in a tone that wavered between officious and excited. After all his life was full of great works and the obligations inherent in them, and he would not shy away from others.
  15. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Twilight let out a sigh of relief. She still felt wildly discombobulated and hadn't been given but a spare moment to consider the oddness of the night. It was a state of being more than an accusation but she would have greatly enjoyed Celestia whisking her away. It would have made her return home easier on all involved. As it stood she allowed herself some solitude but only briefly. She would have time to reconsider the events as they had transpired once she was home. For now she was a Princess and a friend, and they were still on an island and in need of a way home. Ways both of them could now easily push forward and do it were plentiful. And with the knowledge that the danger was well and truly passed for both of them, she was willing to bet that home was first and foremost on both of their minds. He asked her if she had been feeling well last night. She thought about her answer briefly. "Fine enough. I think the aether played havoc on my mind, had some unusually vivid dreams. Nothing that dramatic however. A ritual site, you say? Well, I suppose we could try that style of portal generation. I was thinking of a simple multi-phase teleportation, but Kyanaster deserves to get into the fun a bit more," she said playfully, masking her earlier worry. She didn't want to dive into the events of last night's dream with the pony whom the dream had concerned. Just seemed like a rather poor idea. Speaking of a poor idea, she went about creating the ritual site. She first cast a shield over the area to stop wind from ruining the runes and lines she ten proceeded to work into the sand. After a minute she did all she could. "Seems like a nice enough site for Kyanaster's taste?"