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  1. Yeah, Terramar seemed like he was hopped up on something. Unless he was indicative of what most seaponies were like. Silverstream was an excitable chick herself all the time as well. Was that standard seapony level of happiness or something? He was seeing a pattern and he wasn't sure whether to be excited by that or worried. He wasn't sure he had the energy to keep up with an entire species of energetic go-getters and do-gooders. It'd do his heart well if he found a single bad seed among them. Heck, even ponies had Cozy Glow! So far the shadiest Seapony he had met turned out to be a pretty perfect example of Seapony altruism. They all seemed to have pretty singing voices too. Not that any could really compete with the majesty of a whale on their own but once again they showed off their peculiar relationship with the whales of the sea. It was beautiful the first time ad it a beautiful the second time but Gallus didn't know exactly why it still scared him. The size of that whale was...awe-inspiring. There was nothing in the sky that lived that was anywhere near that big. A Roc wasn't even close and yet that was all he could fathom approaching its size. It, along with the seapony response to it, was something he was still processing when it came time to go with the flow. The super fast, super quick, flow. It snatched Silverstream and sent her giggling away in a moment. He gulped and tossed himself into it as well. The vertigo he got from the speed increase as quick as it was sent his head spinning. He bit his tongue to stop himself from making an embarrassing "whoooooaaaahhhh" like sound as he sped through the water. After a few moments though he settled. Swimming wasn't like flying but this? This felt a lot more like flying. He spread his fins out and while he didn't flap, he felt like it made him more stable as he moved his way next to Silverstream. "This...isn't half bad!"
  2. Apple Bloom gave Reckless a bit of a wink as she went ahead and gave the aerion another mug, for the bat behind her. She would always make room for a guard pony! "Thank y'all for servin'! Can't help but be jealous of you lot. Maybe someday Ah'll be big an' strong enough for it, right? You just be enjoying that cider now, okay? It's tha best cider in all'f Equestria!" She said as she pumped the last few mugs. Finally with a loud *nothing* the barrels were empty. She gulped mightily. Okay, if she didn't turn around then she didn't have to tell anypony about what was happening and that would mean nopony could get angry at her, right? After all, running from your problems always helped!...Right? She sighed and turned around. "Sorry folks, Ah'm plum out today!" She said, faking a smile as much as she could. It just sucked. They served so many fewer customers today! She had half a mind to buck the treadmill that was broken into tiny bits but she reckoned that wouldn't help matters much. She opened her mouth to try and quell the angry- well, more like visibly disappointed and chagrined- crowd when Applejack shoved some pies and apples at her. She breathed a sgh of relief. They weren't going to turn ponies away empty handed today! "If you didn't get a mug-" she began, but the crowd was loud. She tried once more to no avail. Finally she reached down behind the counter and pulled out a bullhorn. "IF YOU DIDN'T GET YERSELF CIDER, YER ENTITLED TA A FREE PIE! OR FIVE APPLES, WHICHEVER YOU WANT MORE!" She bellowed excitedly as she began hoofing them out. Within moments another new fella- wait, not new, scratch that. She'd seen the fella just the other day! Skycoaster, was it? Well here he was again. Sadly she didn't have any cider left but he sure as shine helped himself to an apple...and sucked it dry. Her color left her face for a moment as she had dangerously awful flashbacks to vampire bats running rampant 'cross the orchard. She composed herself quick enough though, giving a nervous chuckle. "Hehehe...yep! Free. Five apple! Well, err, four now. Heh." Gallus didn't even know about the apples once again failing to produce enough cider for their customers for a few minutes as Silverstream ran off towards Luna. He was going to stubbornly refuse to move, however. Silverstream may have been fine getting denied cider but Gallus hadn't spent two days on this to not even get a sip of this beverage. He did notice the mare who looked vaguely like the Chancellor- Gallus' awareness told him it was probably the Chancellor's annoyingly attractive feminine half- move forward and...that was when he spotted the commotion. Oh no. Not again. How was this place still in business!? They had all year to prepare for the event and they could barely keep open! He launched up above the crowd so he could see, seeing Apple Bloom handing out pies and apples. WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST TURN THE APPLES AND THE APPLES THAT MADE THE PIE INTO CIDER BEFORE ALL THIS STARTED?! This didn't seem complicated to him. Then again, at that moment he was just hungry and angry. Hangry, as Silverstream might say. Speaking of he better get something for her. With a charge he moved over the counter and hovered next to Apple Bloom. He pawed one for himself and another for Silverstream. "Sorry Apples, gotta run. Smells real good though," he said ruefully, faking sweetness as much as he could. He flew back at top speed, finding Silverstream and the Princess. He should have grabbed a pie for Luna! Uggh. He had to dodge a rather healthy looking pop star- the same one from yesterda it seemed- and lost track of where he was as he drew closer to the earth. In between the sea of ponies he dodged and dipped until he was pulling out- when somepony stepped on his tail as he flew just out of the pack towards Silverstream and Luna. They went flying as he crashed to the ground tumbling, the apple pies flying all the way to Luna and Silverstream...
  3. Applejack may huff and puff every once in a while about Rarity's grooming but as far as the fashionista was concerned she was being more than reasonable. Indeed, she wasn't asking for Applejack to bathe with the finest shampoos, use the best conditioners, dress in beautiful haute couture dresses day and night and keep her pelt soft and supple to the touch. She was willing to settle on a day to day of simple beauty and cleanliness, both of which were easily within Applejack's wheelhouse. What was acceptable after a rough day in the fields or selling at the market was not nearly as acceptable out on vacation or on a planned date. Applejack would grow into that realization just as Rarity would grow into her gradual acceptance of a basic desire of cleanliness being enough. It seemed a fair trade, no? "Oh, nothing much. I have already cleaned up well enough and this room is a little small to fully stretch out the wardrobe! I will have a nice hat. They tell me a sunhat is too gouache for an airship so I say, 'Rarity, design a hat that is gouache enough for an airship!' and so I did," she said as she levitated the 'less gouache' hat onto her frame. It was a nice maroon and red number, tilted just so to allow small strands of light to filter through and giving her purple mane a darker, more dangerously seductive complexion. She couldn't claim to have done so on purpose but she would happily take the benefit. In a few moments Applejack exited with a beautiful little scarf and a fetching broach- one she knew very well. "I'm so glad you like it, darling," she said as she laid a paw on her mare's chest and gave her a kiss. "Now come. Let us get something to eat before you get too ravenous," she said with a large smile as she led them out of their room and into a narrow hallway. Too narrow for them to walk side by side and allow for anypony else to use it. She locked their door behind them with an enchanted wooden card and trotted forward. After a few moments there was an opening to her left and she took it, which led to the main lobby of this floor of the airship, the upper passenger floor. Several large rooms were in this one lobby- a dining room, stage show with seating, and rimmed with pools and massage chairs. Quite elegant, and there was so much more to the vessel! For now Rarity made their way to the dining room and picked a nice table for the two of them, using her magic to push out Applejack's chair as she took hers. "Have a seat, dear."
  4. It was an awkward dinner. Not a bad one, not nearly as bad as she wanted it to feel, but awkward nonetheless. Rainbow knew what Twilight was feeling and wondered if she did as well. It couldn't be. But it could. Except no. Unless yes? Uggh, so confusing. She didn't like confusing. She liked straight to the point. Unless it was this. For some reason, she didn't want Twilight to be to the point with what was being unsaid but she also wanted this awkwardness to end. Twilight seemed to loosen up as the meal went on and she felt better about the situation. Rainbow didn't feel worse. The dinner was good, after all. Food was excellent as was the company. And imagining Crescent Sparkle trying to get his daughter to stargaze with him was more than a little adorable. Twilight started coughing which caused Rainbow's wings to open up in alarm. She was halfway to her before she realized what was happening, and realized that Twilight had simply had food travel on down the wrong pipe. She settled down and allowed her heart to follow suit, breathing a sigh of relief. "Come one little miss future ruler of all Equestria. I can understand your legs and wings being tired and not working so well but this-" she playfully knocked on Twilight's head, "-doesn't have an excuse. But maybe it needs a little time to exercise itself the way your body has, heh. So, what about this stained glass window? Am I on it? And who even makes these stained glass windows? It would seem to be a pretty exclusive market," Rainbow said as she hovered away.
  5. "I'm on the third floor. It's the only bedroom up there. If you want to be close, there is a bedroom right next to the staircase on the second floor," she winked, though hidden behind it was a bit of a hope that Applejack would randomly go, 'no I want to sleep in your bedroom. Actually, make that with you in your bed!'. It was a silly thought and one she chastised herself for. Desperate much, filly? While a romance was blossoming in her heart it had only taken root there and it was too new to get too adventurous with. Besides, it was a minor element at play. Applejack had to be made comfortable so the music they made together didn't feel stressed when it came out. Desperate emotion could sometimes be major kindling to a great song, but a distressed artist who wasn't a professional like Applejack couldn't be relied on to keep it out of her work. Plus it'd just plain feel bad. "We do have a little cargo elevator out back to help bring equipment in. I normally just use the staircase but if you're feeling tired, you can use the elevator if you want," Rara said as she trotted to the back. It took a little bit and they passed through a kitchen and a dining room along the way. She opened up a back glass door and turned to the right, taking a few more steps until they were at a small hand-operated elevator. She placed the bag down and turned it- one small turn and the mechanism took over. It came to life with a small clashing of gears and then rose into the sky, bringing them to the second floor in style. The cargo door was opened quickly afterwards and they were in the residential side of the second floor. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small study. She took the suitcase and trotted down the hallway, taking a left at the hallway's intersection and going straight until they hit the staircase that led up and down. To the left was the second floor landing and the staircase heading to the third floor. To the right was a hallway that took a left turn and ended into a door that led to the larger business half of the second floor. It had good space and a window that overlooked the ranch's rear. It had an attached fully featured bathroom to boot! "And here we are! Well, it is much quicker to just use the staircase, but now you know how our elevator works, ha!" She said as went to a corner and carefully dropped the suitcase. "The recording studio is on this floor too, same with a few small instrumentation rooms. The top floor has my room and office. You're always welcome up there. The first floor has the dance studio which doubles as our main living room. We have an eighty-inch projector and live radio! Kitchen and Dining room, you saw that. Azure can cook pretty well but...well, you know. You have free reign. I'll let you get settled in now. I'll be downstairs for a spell if you have any questions. We won't be doing any work today since everything is still getting set up, so take this time to explore if you want," she said as she gave Applejack a big hug. "Thank you for doing this, Jackie. This means a lot to me," Rara said before releasing her friend and giving her the time and space she needed to get settled.
  6. The beautiful crystal pony didn't have the time to really respond as the entire line surged around her. Drats! That was a nice looking pony right there! Apple Bloom moved on though. She didn't have as much cider to give out this year and she didn't really think about it more than that. She had to make sure she did right by as many ponies as possible as quickly as possible. And with that on her mind she went right back into the raging maelstrom of her work. Apple Bloom moved like a mare on fire, taking bits and pumping cider as fast as she could. Two bits, mug. Two bits mug. Two bits mug. “Y'all have a nice one!” Two bits, mug. “Hehe, only mah sister knows that secret!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Oh, we'll have more days after this for sure” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. There was a certain anxiety as barrels vanished but she didn't let it show. “Ah reckon yer gonna remember this mug for a long time!” “Say hi ta 'er for me. Return mah letters, dangit!” “What a charm-” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Eventually her eyes settled on...was there a bat pony, one of those aerions or what have you? This one had pink mane and pink wings and as just adorable! There weren't many bat ponies around and for the life of her Apple Bloom never understood why. as there too much light? Did bat ponies care about light? Did they just like cities because of the hustle and bustle? There were a thousand things Apple Bloom didn't know about the how or why of Equestria and she was interested in the answers to all of them. She didn't think she'd be getting the answers today though. The only thing anycreature was getting was a much of cider from Apple Bloom in exchange for two bits, which Apple Bloom collected from Reckless as she poured a cup and sent it over. "Ah ain't seen you 'round here before. Where'd you come from, if you don't me askin'?" He inquired, her mind unable to filter the question out. Gallus poked his head out quickly, allowing Silverstream to get decent for everycreature else. Not that she needed to on his account, what he saw had been decent enough for him. Though if he were honest? He did like her hippogriff form better. Swimming was not like flying and flying was best. In due time she was out, though they were stuck far back. "Yeah, I guess we were just too tuckered out. My bad, I should have set a better alarm," he said as he looked around. "Wait. Why are two Princesses here?"
  7. Applejack hung on Smolder's words as she detailed just what it was that brought here after Silverstream and the dragon didn't fail, not at all. "In-Cider information?" Applejack replied with a smile, growing quickly on the edges as as she started to laugh heartily, shutting her eyes and looking down. "Hehehehehehe, that- that there is a real hoot. In-Cider!" She guffawed louder than before, taping her hooves harshly on the top of the stand before looking back up, eyes open with some tears forming, snickering and laughing. "Now, Ah-ah didn't know yer...yer so funny! In-Cider, tehehehehehee," Applejack continued to titter for a while. Smolder would do well at one of those comedy clubs Maude went to. She could at least make a joke that Applejack'd understand! As the mare reformed her facade and allowed the pun to settle deeply inside her- In-Cide her, more like!- she listened to the full request. She had homework and she needed to just wander around the Orchards and observe it. She would be lying if she didn't say she was apprehensive a little bit. Smolder was very emotional at times and she breathed fire, and trees were awfully flammable. But whatever small apprehension she had was assuaged not only by Smolder's assurances but also a firm belief that even if she did get angry or upset for some strange cause she would be mature enough to direct her anger outside of the Orchard. "Of course you can take a look 'round tha Orchard, sugarpill. If y'all need a guide Ah can make Apple Bloom do it," she said leaning in, "she looks a mite laxy over there, don'tcha think?" she winked. And then, when she had discreetly collected the bits and was still leaning in, she reached out ad grabbed Smolder and pulled her close. She planted a big, wet kiss right on the forehead! And talk about warm. Were all dragons this warm? Her forehead reminded Applejack of a very sickly pony with the heat except hotter. Talk about hot stuff! *Smolder* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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  9. The shower was needed. For everything else that had happened one certainty was that the days of sweat and being bedridden had made her smell something far less than she looked. The royal bathrooms were suitable for their title and the water became hot almost immediately. She allowed the water to run over her fo a little bit, waves of rivulet streams of piercing jets reddening her peach skin before she went to work. Lotions, washes, shampoos and conditioners. She scrubbed herself thoroughly. First to help ensure she was clean, and second because it was the first thing she could do without somecreature observing her. She was numb for at least part of it, her mind reeling with ceaseless inputs of new information and new realizations. It took what felt like a full hour for her to exit the shower, towels covering her mane and her barrel as she left the shower. She walked over to the laundry basket in the room, which was overfilled with sheets and blankets. Her nose wrinkled- now that smell was grody- as she touched the towels to toss it. But then she stopped, feeling the horn. She licked her lips. "Hmmmm..." she wondered if...her horn lit up. The towels lifted off, went a few feet, then dropped. She picked it up again and the towels went flying into the ceiling. Then it rolled against the ceiling next to a wall., and they dropped down towards the basket and hit a dresser, knocking over some knicks and knacks on it. The towels then swept along the top and she tried to drop it into the basket. Instead the towels went skidding on the ground. She let out a frustrated sigh. "Now come on! Stop being so totally unfair!" She said to her horn, wishing there was an easy button to the damn thing. After some time she trotted out of the room with haste, the towels located somewhere halfway under the bed. If Twilight was going to give Moonlight a horn ad not educate her with proper levitation techniques then she could deal with the effect of a ten minute fight with capability involving one frustrated filly and a pair of wet towels. The victim? An entire room in the castle. She made her way quickly out of the castle- avoiding Spike and the Princess in the process, desperate as she was to not have a wonderful doom hanging over her head- and soon she was into Ponyville. The sunlight attacked her darkness-adapted eyes as she processed where the boutique was from her. Aside from Sweet Apple Acres it was the place she was most familiar with and the route came through quickly even in her addled mind. Most importantly, she knew what routes to avoid on this sunny day. She didn't want to attract too much attention though considering her tremendous beauty how could she not? Truthfully, she just didn't want ponies to ask who the new filly was. She knew the answer and didn't mind saying it, which scared an ever shrinking part of herself. Mind resolved, she double-timed it to the Boutique. ---- Carousel Boutique Ten Minutes Later KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK
  10. For all the bells and whistles that creatures attached to parenthood, Gallus believed it came down to making sure the kid was healthy, safe, and engaged. He knew he could keep the foal safe. He was faster and smarter and had good reaction skills, and he had a grasp on what was good to put in your mouth and what was not. he also was pretty good at being engaging most of the time, though he also wasn't sure if the same stuff that engaged him would engage Zap Fapple. Knowing was half the battle- or maybe just assuming, maybe it was just assuming that was half the battle. The other half was doing. He wasn't so sure about the doing. He was a little tired and worried and he didn't know whether or not this good was well-behaved or a troublemaker. Both had some cool benefits. He could get more work done if he was well-behaved but troublemakers could be kind of fun on their own. They also liked more gnarly stories so he had more options. Either way it was a moot point. He could do it. He would do it. Ponies would walk around from this moment on and say that he was pretty rocking when it came to looking after their foals. The best. The best at everything, remember it! "Hey there, teach," Gallus said a he shook Rainbow Dash's hoof before stepping inside. "Wow, you have one amazing house. Did you make this yourself with cloud manipulation or did you just buy it?" Gallus asked, the question burning through any defense he may have had. He then stopped and bent down to inspect the little Zap foal. He was pretty cute in all honesty though he'd never admit it in front of Silverstream. Not as colorful as he imagined. Applejack was a fairly popping orange and Rainbow was...well, the name said it all. Whatever. What was in a color, or a name for that matter? "Hey there little guy. I'm Gallus. Nice to meet you!" He said, offering a talon for a shake.
  11. Rara smiled. Yeah, her place was nice. She owned seven different properties. No, scratch that. She had owned seven properties. When she split with Svengallop she let four of them go under the advice of her new business manager. The leases for those locations were half-owned by Svengallop and she didn't want a nasty fight in the tabloids as she was revamping her on-stage persona. Now she owned the suite in Manehattan, this ranch house and a small vacation home near Vanhoover. "Oh, quite big. We'll have plenty of space to work and roam. I even have a garden that I am simply no good at maintaining," she said with a chuckle. "I think I overwatered them for the first few months. I'm getting better though. Can't say I know how to satisfy a dragon without cracking a few gems!" She said with a shake of her head, though the smile never dimmed. It remained even as she contemplated the answer to Applejack's question. It boiled down to Rara detailing just why she had dragged Applejack away from her home. It was positioned with as much reasoned evenness as Applejack could muster, but it was tied to an earlier comment nonetheless. She didn't want to leave home and sh wanted to know why, again, she was asked to do so and was compelled. "Well...fact is, ever since you saved me from the path Svengallop had lain for me and I dutifully followed, I've wanted to expand my musical tastes and what I can do. I love trying new things and just as much as trying them, I like to excel at them. For an upcoming tour I wanted to try to add a new genre to my shows and see just what I can do," Coloratura responded honestly as they approached the ranch house. It was peaceful and serene and it filled her with a particular need that she knew was unfulfilled. "I've always found there to be a certain...honesty in country music. A mare and her guitar telling tales from the heart, spinning parables from experience, speaking from the land itself and the ponies who call it home. I can recognize all this but I've never played a guitar, I've never written from that mindset before. SO I was hoping with your help I can learn new instrumentation- guitar, fiddle, however and whatever- and dig deep into the lyrical structure and meaning of the genre." "I could have done that with others, but I know somepony who is highly talented and who deserves to have that talent recognized and rewarded by the masses. And so I figured that Apple Chord may not only teach me the arts of country music, but help me make a new album and join me on a small tour," she ended as they trotted up the stairs of her ranch house, the musical mare throwing open the doors and tossing a look back to her friend, keeping one door open all the while. "It'll be emotionally rewarding, not to mention financially exciting. At least that is the plan," she winked, "now come inside. Let's get you settled.
  12. Rarity tittered a bit when Applejack gave her a kiss. It was hard not to! It was also hard not to notice the dreary nature of her mare this morning. Unwashed and unkempt may suit Applejack back when she was at Sweet Apple Acres but it would certainly not behoove her to attempt to normalize such barbarism in the company of so many well-to do ponies. Especially the well-to-do pony she was kissing! As Applejack kissed her Rarity levitated a brush and started to brush Applejack's tail. "A breath with you is one never wasted, dear," she replied jovially as she turned to head back out with Applejack. The wind would soon play havoc with any desire of hers to corral Applejack's messy mane situation but she didn't stop trying absentmindedly, brushing the tail over and over again as they enjoyed the deck again. "Take it from a mare who once flew with the pegasi...it definitely has its advantages," she laughed lightly, "but also many disadvantages. Could you even imagine having to wash wings? They get dirty so easily and you have to be so delicate. Remember the first few weeks after Twilight got her wings? Poor mare had a certain...err, aroma about her wings. Rainbow called it...oh I don't remember. It was rather vulgar and descriptive," she laid her head on Applejack's strong, broad shoulders. "I'm content with my hooves on the ground, an adventure waiting for me right here." She could hear Applejack's stomach rumble a moment later and pulled back. Less because it was uncouth though it was and more because she knew that she needed to feed this mare sooner rather than later. "It certainly is time for lunch, but do something abut your mane and tail. You must look presentable if you're going to be seen in this splendid airship outside of our tiny little suite," she replied with a knowing tap of the brush on the base of Applejack's tail before she trotted back inside. She may be dating a farm mare but she was going to ensure that the other passengers saw Applejack the way Rarity did: Radiant.
  13. Posts tonight before bed. Today has been rough!

  14. Twilight frowned. Sunset was always a little reticent to discuss her hometown and didn't have good memories of it, but this reaction was a little less than she had hoped. Was the memory of Hope Hollow so awful for Sunset? It didn't sit right with Twilight. It didn't hit her heart well. Such gaps and such damage needed to be filled somehow, some way. You couldn't be whole if you didn't make peace with your past, the demons that scarred you, because a piece of you sat in the prison of angels of a lesser grandeur. She opened her mouth to speak when Sunset made her move, giving Twilight a chaste kiss on her forehead, adjacent to a horn which felt itself burn up in a manner of excitement. Multiple manners of excitement for the mare, but she wouldn't let it show too much aside from the faintest glimmer of a blush flashing on her features briefly, leaving little but the aftermarks of a shimmer on Sparkle's face. It was enough to give he pause, but Sunset's attitude still needed to be bolstered. She was not deserving of being in this pit she dug for herself. Twilight trotted next to Sunset after a few moments, missing her depressed sigh. "Hey. Hey!" She pulled Sunset gently up by her chin until they were looking eye to eye. "Don't ever say that about yourself, Sunset. I know one thing: Nocreature that has met you for a moment will ever forget you. How could they? You're a very special mare, even when you're woman," Twilight said before she gave her friend a deep and powerful hug, pulling her up off the ground with its intensity after a few moments. She would not allow Sunset to fictionalize her own self-worth and respectability so she could get away with giving in to her self-doubt. She was worthy of so much more than she gave her credit for. "Hopefully I'm not interruptin' anything?" Came a drawling voice, that of Mage Meadowbrook as she approached. "Princess Twi-light Sparkle, so good ta see you! And who is this friend of yours?"
  15. I was waiting to see your cutie mark section get filled out, since the picture doesn't show up. Also, "With it she could 'shapeshift' like a Changeling could". This would be better if it were removed, since she isn't a changeling and it doesn't seem to add much to the character. I'd also go more into what is and is not allowable under psycho, since the RP is PG/PG-13. Are we talking more nuisance/petty responses or something more? Once we can see the Cutie Mark or get a description and the above is changed or adapted better we can stamp this.
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