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  1. “Ooh, what did she make?” Apple Bloom asked, her mind constantly on the lookout for any sort of gift. She knew he probably couldn't say until it was ready and opened. But maybe he'd let something out, she'd be okay with that. “Can't wait fer it. Ah heard she's real good with her hooves!” She still saw Rocky being all shy and such with her. She knew what was up. Apple Bloom didn't mind having admirers! Besides, she was a nice enough pony to not make Rocky feel too awkward, even after he called her pretty. Which was all fine and good, but that didn't mean she couldn't blush herself at the compliment, which she did. “Well, uhh, thanks fer that, Rocky. Hehehe,” she said, rubbing the back of her neck nervously. She may want to let him off the hook but that didn't mean she couldn't feel award to about it. She didn't like him that way- heck, she just met him- but it was nice to know that he had good taste. Apple Bloom wasn't sure if she bought the entire excuse of the Princess needing something to drink. It seemed more sudden than that. But she wasn't a pony given to making others uncomfortable unless she found it funny and she didn't find it all that funny right about now, so she was off the hook. Mostly. “Well...uhh, sure. You need something ta...drink, sure,” she said, looking at everypony and anything other than Blueblood. Bluebelle. Blue. Rarity had a better understanding of what was happening but wasn't going to mention Applejack's culinary cultivation. If only they had done the dance instead! “Oh Spike, could you be a dear and get the Princess a nice cup of cider?” Rarity asked. Spike nodded and ran off. They had a few seconds. “Just a few seconds, Bluebelle. You'll be fine. In any case, I am pleased to introduce to you Miss Apple Bloom,” Rarity said, remaining on task while Apple Bloom gave another polite curtsy because she had practiced it and by Celestia she was gonna put it to good use.
  2. A Little Me Time [Open]

    Jackpot shrugged. His good friend Lens had won and was getting his prize but he wasn't going to pitch a fit about the condition. He might lose the suit and that was beyond tragic but he could always just get another. As much as his momentary panic played quickly across his face he knew deep down he could go ahead and solve it with bits. Many bits all the time forever. But that didn't mean he wouldn't despair momentarily at the thought of Lens destroying it in the path of his work. Such a beautiful piece! A tragedy of taste when it got damaged. "Okay, well, your work, your methods, yay Lens! If there is anything left of it pretty pretty pretty please don't deliver it up front. I think the receptionist was jealous of it which is strange because I bought her a dress that was nice but she didn't respond the way I wanted to that for reasons I don't know," he said, then took a breath, "so maybe she'll take it to get back at me which I probably deserve but oh well. Go detective work!" Jackpot said, then reared up and gave an excited clap with his eyes closed. It was going to great because Lens was great! "Well, I gotta go. I was actually supposed to meet the Mayor in the business center for a meeting. Boy, will she be upset that I'm late! It was worth it though. Thanks for playing with me! Wanna have dinner nex- aww, who am I kidding. You're busy! Have a good'n, Lensy Wensy!" He finished, waving his hoof and shutting his door gently. They would meet again, but not, now today, and not about this. When Lens got to the elevator the attendant nodded and got to work. Soon the elevator was on its way. Silence. More silence. The attendant looked over plainly. "Nice suit."
  3. Generous Darkness

    The tour went well, as well as it could be expected. The concerns were there, but she was going to make sure that they did this right. “Your bedroom is dreadful. Honestly, how you carry yourself in your most private of moments reflects on your character and how you are likely perceived outside of it. I trust you don't consider yourself an uncouth barbarian, do you?” She asked with a bit of bite to her words. Really, he spoke of the Elements of Harmony and protection against attacks of the highest magnitude but he couldn't comport himself in a manner becoming of somepony of such supposed station. “The fabrics will do, for now. I can work with it at least,” Rarity said with some confidence. It wasn't going to be easy to work with such limited material on such a project but she had come prepared for the labor of fashion anyway. A challenge only made her success all the sweeter. “I see. Well, we'll need to do something about the weather. This place drips with a lot of magic but did you know that it means very little the further away you get from Equestria? Not in terms of what you're capable of personally, but the...afterglow, to phrase it improperly. That means that any spell or magic you use to keep this place together will fade once you leave, at least enough to force some damage. These storms of yours will do such terrible damage to the interior over time. Nothing that should ruin the function, of course. But then again we aren't here to discuss function, are we?” Rarity spoke at length somewhat languidly. Indeed, she had listened to length to some of Twilight's lectures on the subject and was happy that she was getting some use out of it. “I'm not worried about food. I'm not a waif, nor am I somepony you need concern yourself with too much on getting by. I am sure whatever it is you had in mind for sustenance during my stay here will be enough.”
  4. I am fine with anything that gets everypony playing!
  5. Applejack double-checked her list for the third time, her mind racing with all the mundane tasks that came together to create something unique. If Twilight could perch herself in the rafters of her farmer friend's mind she would be impressed. Applejack had a long list of what needed to be done ahead of her and some of it was even itemized, as crazy as the farmer would have thought of that just a few short years ago. It was enough to give Applejack the chuckles. “Hehe, maybe soon Ah'll become a librarian. Now wouldn't that be somethin'?” she chuckled, looking over to the left before turning back to the list. A lot of it truly was mundane. Food, though not much of it and in a few small varieties. Some basic adventuring gear. All of it was tried and true, tested and in perfect working order. She would have liked to take some of the other gear she had just got but she needed stuff she knew she could rely on because safety, while always of great importance, was doubly vital today. “Soon enough, sugarcube. Soon enough,” she said to what seemed like the open air. She had the route planned out and knew how long it took to go to and from the location she was heading to in good condition, in poor condition, and if she was hampered. She knew she would be hampered. The Everfree Forest wasn't as terrifying as it used to be. It had been tamed by whip and population over the years. Didn't mean it was always safe mind you but as long as you weren't going deep into the dark, you could count on the danger being lessened. She doubted that she'd run into a cockatrice an hour out of town. But maybe she would. “An' thats why we're gonna be prepared for yer first trip out thar, ain't we?” she said, looking over to the left once more- and then picking up the pony to her left, Zap Apple. She hoisted him on her back and laughed, giving him a small bronco buck because that was just a fun thing she liked to do for him. He was still so tiny! Momma's big boy, of course, but still so tiny. And he was going to the Everfree today. She didn't really want to do it. Indeed, if the Farm's vampire fruit repellent hadn't run out she wouldn't need to do this. They had given a small part of the Orchard over to the critters to satiate them and save the rest of the Orchard, but part of that was a unique repellent that Fluttershy had helped her create. It needed a special fungus that grew in a specific cave not too far into the Everfree, maybe an hour. Without it, the fruit bats might overextend themselves and cause lots of trouble. They had a nice stockpile of it- or so she had thought. An incident involving Big Mac, Sugar Belle, and a silo they thought was empty and dark but very much wasn't had ended up with much of it ruined, and right before a change-over! By all rights it should have been Big Mac doing this, but he was allergic to the damn stuff. That meant Applejack had to do it. But why was Zap Apple coming along for the ride? Couldn't get anypony on such short notice to watch him. Why, you'd think with a bunch of friends and a whole network of reliable and friendly folks she'd get somepony. But no. Everypony was busy, the job needed to be done, Big Mac was out of town with Sugar Belle, Apple Bloom was a little sick, and Granny Smith was- well, she didn't need that much stress. He was an active fella! So here she was taking her one and only out into dangerous Everfree. She wasn't much older that Zap when she first went in with her ma and pa. Then again, that was two parents. And they were all earth ponies. Zap was a pegasus. Hopefully he'd not fly on off. “You're gonna go on an adventure, ain't that excitin'?” She said, giving her little colt a nuzzle. She checked their bags again. Well, one bag. She was wearing what she needed to wear and most of the luggage was various foal-related stuff. She was prepared to mother this little pegasus very well regardless of where they were. But where they were about to be was someplace more dangerous than normal. “So, you're gonna have to list ta everything Ah say, okay sugarcube? Tha Everfree can be a mighty dangerous place, ahn' momma loves ya too much ta see anythin; bad happen, okay? So you're gonna be a good boy for momma?” She asked as she trotted out of the front door, bounding slowly but surely for the Everfree.
  6. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Superhero Name: The Battlemage Powers: The Battlemage has a stunning array of powerful magical spells at her disposal. Much of it is based on her vast magical studies, meaning she casts spells from across the world and from a dozen or more different disciplines. She can cast devastating magical beams and can even alter the arcane makeup of these beams to attempt a bypass of magical defenses. She can teleport instantly and rapidly across wide distances and has powers of transmutation. She can alter the fabric of reality around her and cross dimensions easily. She knows a great many spells from Abjuration, Transmutation, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Umbrum Magic, and magic from Unyasi, Saddle Arabia, Neighpon, Long Guo, and even other dimensions. She uses this magic to dizzying effect in battle, dumbfounding her opponents and rending them apart or otherwise incapacitating them with supreme safety for herself. When the time comes for battle, she summons an arcane suit of power complete with cape, which helps soak up damage. Once a threshold has been passed, it vanishes, leaving a veneer of smoke to mask her. She can conjure up magical weapons and armor for her and her allies. She can drastically increase her power by making pacts with the Personification of Aether itself. She studies her opponents and even her friends obsessively, always on the lookout for exploitable weaknesses Weaknesses: The Battlemage has immense pride in her vast capabilities and her top graduation from the Academy. She has absolute faith in her abilities and while she is smart enough to seek help, she will only do so when she is clearly overmatched. This is somewhat counter to her tremendous neurosis. She is a nervous mare given to worry over even the smallest details. She has complex plans and when they start failing she can get caught up swiftly in what should have happened, and this can put her behind the curve in battle. As a member of a team these issues can be partially resolved quickly, but the her biggest weakness is not as easily solved. When the Battlemage accesses her most powerful magic, she does so at the cost of pacts with the Personification of Aether. The costs of this range, but she must always pay, and it is rarely pleasant. Physical pain and illness, mental breakdowns and illnesses, misfortune and bad luck, these are just a few of the things the Battlemage sacrifices to call upon her most powerful magic. And at the end of the day she is still a flesh and blood mortal mare. Alias: Twilight Sparkle, librarian and magical aide in Ponyville. Backstory: Twilight Sparkle was born to high-ranking unicorns who managed the Office of Celestial Movement. Gifted from birth with well-above-average powers, Twilight's life was turned upside down when she visited her father's lab in the Celestial Object Observation Department. She tried levitating one of the objects with her horn when a bright and blinding flash erupted from the object and brought the light and heat of the sun into Equestria. For what felt like eons, Twilight found herself trapped, being spoken to by some being from beyond the stars who spoke of dark gods and tragedy, and of great enemies new and old seeking to destroy the good and righteous. It had been seeking a creature of quality and of power who could help save the multiverse, and offered her a chance to be that heroine. Twilight, a terrified little filly, accepted only to be allowed out of the terrifying light. Just as quickly as it had come, it went, leaving Twilight to flop on the ground. The adults in the room were knocked out as creatures of pure energy appeared from slips in reality. Appearing to ready themselves to attack her father and his colleagues, the filly fought back with far more power than she had ever believed was possible. The enemies were uncoordinated which was good as she was completely inexperienced. She defeated multiple waves of the beings before the voice chimed in with a positive review, the enemies vanished, and the Sunlight Sentinel appeared. Princess Celestia had come when she saw the explosion of light and was shocked to find a small filly with nearly uncontrollable power, terrified and alone amongst defeated enemies and hurt ponies. They spoke and Celestia offered her a place at the Academy in order to learn and harness her powers. Twilight agreed and, with the help of the voice (which called itself the Personification of Aether), used a spell to restore consciousness and erase memories of the event from those who had witnessed the event take place. She threw up immediately afterwards as he father politely asked her to not touch the strange object, the first sign that the Personification did little for free. Twilight maintained a double life, her home life unchanged yet with an added set of tension as she learned to harness her powers and hide them, and her superheroine life at the Academy. Wanting to understand everything that she could about who and what she now was, Twilight read literally every book the Academy library had to offer. A hard feat, considering parts of it were omni-dimensional for security. She excelled in her magical studies and in combat lessons and earnestly applied herself in every ethical and moral discussion. When the Academy was attacked by a rogue military AI project, she played a pivotal role in shutting down. She offered The Equestrian the chance to reverse the fates of her parents, which prompted a quick cut across the jaw and some hospital time (they would eventually make up years later). For years, The Battlemage had a unique reputation. Alpha-class badflank superheroine with tremendous power and capability who was intensely confident, but also a 'dark' wish-granter and reality warper. She saw this as using her power for good, but others saw the truth before she did: Something for nothing was never the exchange. The fact that she paid the cost personally didn't matter to the gathering of heroes and heroines, it still seemed dark. Thus even when she graduated from the top of her class at the Academy she wasn't offered a position as a specific city's protector or as a member of a team. Having watched her development closely and knowing that the studious yet emotionally fragile mare needed to find her hooving amongst others or else she could backslide into something worse, the Sunlight Sentinel suggested that Twilight move to Ponyville where a collection of new, young superheroines were starting up. While they weren't yet friends, the Sentinel was sure they could come together and help not Ponyville, but themselves. This was wise counsel so Twilight took it and was soon in Ponyville. Not long afterwards the Incident with Nightmare Moon took place and she teamed up with other heroines, namely Flash Mob, the Equestrian, and the Rainboom Centurian, to defeat her. While The Battlemage engages in titanic engagements inside this dimension and reality and outside of it to protect Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is the town's new librarian and general magical aide. Notable Allies: Flash Mob, the Equestrian, Rainboom Centurian, Sunlight Sentinel, others. Notable Enemies: The Whisperer in the Darkness- An omni-dimensional force of evil that seeks to dominate or destroy all reality, and commit every thought and deed to its worship. The very knowledge of it can instantly corrupt you. Aether-Eater- A mindless monster that devours magic and souls. The Imperial- A trans-universal empire that detests magic and seeks to extinguish it. Red Jarl- Immortal and invincible God-Killer. WRAITH- Secret, evil organization seeking to overthrow the Equestrian government....and more. Notability: She is known as widely as her allies are, and even more so thanks to her Academy upbringing. She has successfully maintained her alias thus far.
  7. Generous Darkness

    Rarity tried to set her mind to the task at hoof. For all of the unnecessary drama and inherent danger due to what he represents, Rarity was here for a job. Sombra wasn't a threat. Maybe he was a wanted criminal, she didn't really know whether he could be held accountable for ghost crime, but what she did know was that this whole place was a crummy disaster. Her eyes ran over the cracks in the walls, the ugly filler that seemed to permeate every dank hole and creaky piece of wood. His clothes were of poor make and of ancient styling, a disaster in form and function. She didn't know how long she would be comfortable working for him. She just knew that she would at least make him presentable in the time she had. If she could power through and allow the creativity to carry her through this most unusual time and client, she may even look back at this with pride and excitement. Of course, part of that was on him. He needed to stop asking about the Elements. "Sombra, no. I don't need to hear about your plans and protections. If you don't threaten Equestria I see no reason you must be afraid. Just focus on bettering yourself and no need to worry," she said, her voice clearly exasperated. Why was he obsessed with telling her what he was planning to do, or wanting to do? It seemed more than a little silly. If she betrayed him, she could tell them everything that he was planning. Of course that itself may have been part of a plan. She didn't care. She just wanted to make fine clothes. "Anyway- I need you to give me a short tour of this island. And I need to know the weather, as well as what fabrics and fibers are available to me here."
  8. [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    Shifter wandered over to where Shifter had been told to go, the young hero always willing to follow the orders and directions of those who seemed to have a firm and unyielding grasp of their powers and life. Shifter knew that this was not the case always. Shifter was an example. The depth and width of the powers involved were unknown even to Shifter, and that was just the stuff that Shifter felt comfortable talking about. Unknown to most, not all, was that Shifter's personal identity crisis was deep and foreboding. Indeed, it was true. Valen Orange had been molecularly torn apart; Shifter, despite having all of the upbringing and life of that colt, couldn't even become Valen. Ad Gilded Lilly, the form Shifter took? A filly who had died helping Valen make his final escape. Shifter was everypony, everycreature, everything. Shifter felt like nopony, nocreature, nothing. Shifter shook Shifter's head, almost letting the ticket drop out of Shifter's mouth. Had to focus! Shifter wasn't sure that any equipment was really needed for the type of power Shifter used, but wasn't going to say no to anything those in the know chose to give Shifter. It was guaranteed to be of some help and any young hero was taught at the academy to rely on their intelligence as much as their powers, to defer when they didn't know and others might, and to question when there was a mystery. All of these were probably good lessons. Shifter had certainly taken them all to heart in lieu of true answers to many deep questions. Could Shifter have known what was going to be given to the young hero that day? Perhaps if more thought had been given to it, yes. But Shifter's mind was rarely brought to the material around Shifter unless there was a pony in need of saving. Shifter handed over the ticket and took Shifter's seat, whistling gently. It wasn't long before something unusual happened. Loud sounds, explosions, the sounds of chaos, and finally a small earthquake. This last one caused Shifter to jump up and transform into one of the kindly janitor ponies, a pegasus. Shifter didn't like this and considered running to get help, but the general ease of the ponies around Shifter allowed some calm to settle in. After a few more seconds, it said...well, ready to serve. Shifter wasn't going to question it. Heroes could be strange. Shifter hovered over to the door and knocked, changing back to Gilded Lilly- the Janitor's thoughts of feeling powerless amongst all the Empowered were a bit too sad for the moment. “Hello? Hello?” Shifted asked, poking Shifter's head in. “ everything okay, Mister Machina?”
  9. OOC- Was waiting since Granny was put up front. Apple Bloom was escorted along by Spike as gracefully as the little dragon could. The first they met was the Rock family. Apple Bloom didn't know them too well but it was always a delight to get to know others just like her. It was great to meet ponies that weren't like her, either. She liked meeting new ponies, as brief as this was gonna be. Led by Spike and Rarity, she met the other local farmer family. “Hello there, Boulder family. I am pleased to introduce to you Miss Apple Bloom,” Rarity said, noticing only then that Rocky's blushing, sensory overload and general contentedness with events meant his collar was out of sync and messy. She fixed that with her magic, all the while stepping ut of the way Apple Bloom did a polite curtsy-it had taken her a while to learn them all well like so she was proud she didn't fall flat on her face this time- as she took notice of them. “Howdy there- uhh, Boulder Dash Ah think it is? Big sis talks 'bout you sometimes,” Apple Bloom asked in her country drawl. Rarity sighed. You could put the farmer in the dress but you can never, ever take the farmer out of the fields. “An' ah take it yer Rocky, right?” Apple Bloom asked, turning her attention to the blushing colt. Applejack was always talking about how the Boulder family ranch was a well-oiled machine and would continue to be in the future, and she guessed he was why. Sure they had their problems, everypony did, and nopony worked perfectly. Oh, and no doubt she knew why he was blushing. It was awkward but this was a fancy formal affair and she wasn't gonna make him feel worse for the wear. Rarity watched the festivities with excitement. Part of the point of this party was to set up the young mare with career and business opportunities. The Boulder family didn't offer much that the Apples didn't, but expanding horizons was important no matter what. She allowed Apple Bloom to continue talking for a little bit. When she was finished with the Boulders, Rarity politely led her o the next pony in line. (OOC- Dashman, feel free to continue the Apple Bloom/Boulder conversation, I will definitely respond) Bluebelle certainly looked a little uncomfortable. Rarity wasn't going to be untoward and ask if anything was wrong during the most formal part of the entire event, but she saw it all the same. “Hello, Princess Bluebelle. I am pleased to introduce to you Miss Apple Bloom,” Rarity said, stepping aside to let the filly speak. Apple Bloom approached and bowed respectfully. Then took a second and curtsied. It was awkward but there was an attempt being made. Unlike Rarity, Apple Bloom didn't know better than to mention why the Princess looked uncomfortable. “Happy ta see ya, Yer Highness, but...uhh, whats wrong?”
  10. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Oooh, yay. The Shifter will be there soon.
  11. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    Valen didn't see what Silver Spoon was doing. Indeed, the realization came late. Much too late. By the time the powder was being used he was too busy thinking about the why and when of the ascot instead of paying attention to his surroundings. Indeed, he was about to give Silver a compliment regarding her excellent taste! But that was not to be. “What hack hack the-! Silver...!” Valen choked out as the powder got everywhere. In his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. With every breath he took, particles moved en masse into him, coated his tongue, made home in his snout. With every blink they would soak into the soft tissues of his eyelids, get into his bloodstream over time. They would dance in his ears and get collected as foreign substance, the majority getting ejected. No matter how one looked at it however, the powder had thoroughly and absolutely found every passage into Valen that the head offered and he was helpless before it. He breathed it in. He blinked it in. Sniffs, sniffles, breath. It all was going on. Something started to wash over him, drowning at least momentarily the outrageous level of annoyance and anger with the most calming and soothing of waters. These dulled his emotional edges and even his awareness. He stumbled a bit, half because of the act and half because of the swirling mental effects of the powder. He blinked, trying to get his eyes clear, a half-dozen times in quick succession. He would have continued- the powder made it feel ever so slightly like he was choking, even though he wasn't- but then Silver Spoon spoke. Those words seemed to trigger something within him and he looked at her silently, focused intently, confused, worried, betrayed, and angered, yet unable to give voice or take action on any of it.
  12. Always willing, sugarcube
  13. Generous Darkness

    “To borrow a phrase, what a load of cow manure,”Rarity began, till clearly angry at the deception. “Equestria doesn't go out and attack creatures or seek out fights, and you well know that. The only reason you'd ever need to worry about power is if you were in the middle of an ungentlestallion sort of activity that would draw attention. You're perfectly safe where you are and the idea that you think anypony would willingly give you powerful artifacts is...frankly mind boggling,” Rarity said with equal parts disdain and disbelief. Did he honestly expect ponies to hand over artifacts of great power to a stallion with a long history of dark magic and slavery? Nonsensical balderdash. That doesn't mean the place wasn't still a wreck. “Nonetheless,” she said with a toss of her mane, taking a deep breath as she tried to be...nice. They had given Discord a chance to redeem himself and he did far more to Equestria directly than Sombra was doing out in the middle of nowhere, “this place is still a mess and both you and it need a proper aesthetic remodel. So I' the job as it were. But let me make this one point very clear with you, Sombra. You will not lie to me anymore and you will not think me so struck by offers of wealth as to forego by friends and my love for Equestria. Is that understood?”
  14. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    It wasn't the mention of Rarity and Fluttershy that made Valen fall back from his defenses a little bit. Indeed, he had questions about that. He had a very close relationship with Rarity and she hadn't brought any of this up with him and considering how close some of this skewed towards their working relationship he was sure she would bring it up. The fact she hadn't done so made him question just what these conversations she had with these ponies consisted of, how truthful she had been. No, indeed, it wasn't at all those names being brought up that made his defenses fall just a little bit. Instead, it was the faintest rumor of tears welling in her eyes. That was hard to pull off and he was far from heartless enough to disbelieve in the tears of another. It didn't hurt that a few moments later she offered him a gift. These combinations of factors worked. Perhaps not to the extent that his defenses were entirely down, but he was willing to buy more of what she was selling. Willing to accede more territory in his heart to the prospect of forgiveness for Silver Spoon, willing to hear her out with more out and out belief in the emotion behind the words. He had a soft spot for those who were so willing to share their emotions, and he wasn't heartless enough to forego forgiveness for angst and mistrust entirely. “You don’t need to cry, Silver Spoon,” Valen said slowly, his voice edging towards compassionate as she offered him a gift. “You made a mistake. We all do. The mark of how mature you are and what kind of pony you are is how you respond and grow from these mistakes. I can’t wait to see what you got me,” Valen said encouragingly, taking the present box and pulling it in close. He shook it very briefly and heard the rustling of what sounded like cloth. He then opened it up and revealed a beautiful ascot! With all the practice of a model he quickly put it on and struck a pose absentmindedly. “This is beautiful!” He said, not looking at Silver. “Rarity, I presume?”