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  1. This giant pink talon-bird who looked a lot like Gallus but smelled a lot better (he knew that for a fact) seemed awfully elusive, as if it was intentionally avoiding them. Well, that just wouldn't do. Not for Gallus' safety, he was a big strong griffon who could handle any task whatsoever, just ask him. He could provide you with the four one one on all of his great skills and talents. No, it was for Zap Apple's safety. Who knew how hard this pink monster would hug the little guy or ruin his mind with stair conversations and plumbing information. It was up to Gallus to protect Zap Frapple from the terrifying monster. The terrifying, super friendly monster. Too friendly. "Oooh, it must be pretty fast and sneaky. Good eyes there, little bird. Let's head back inside," Gallus offered pleasantly as he led the slow-moving charge back in through the window in the catch, landing not far from the oven. His eyes briefly glanced at the time- a little while longer before the cupcakes had to come out. What sort of frosting? He knew there was vanilla and chocolate. Sprinkles? He licked his lip without moisture, happy to ponder the cupcake future they had created. But for that future to happen they had to subdue the pink monster-bird that had flown into their lives. He turned to Zap. "Okay. We gotta go find this stinky pink bird. You know this place better, so lead the way! Oh, before you do," he said as he grabbed one of the already cleaned off bowls, tossing it on Zap's head and adjusting it so he can see. "A helmet, for the brave knight."
  2. The duo ran up on the stage, Rara's little heart hammering as they arrived. The walls could close in even when they didn't exist, crushing her chest in waves. All these ponies even though there weren't that many ponies. What if they hated the song? Hated her? She never dealt with rejection very well. Her mama said that she had a sensitive soul but Rara always thought it was more like she just wasn't good enough. But she wasn't alone. Applejack was here. She was a calming influence and she helped bolster Rara. Even if this turned out to be a disaster it would be a disaster together, and that alone would make it okay. "Alright. We can...we will do this," she said with as much confidence as she could muster. She took the lead at the front of the stage. Rubbing her front foreleg she looked once more back- Applejack was ready. Okay. It was time. She didn't remember what happened next, not fully. The puzzle she had completed earlier revealed itself in full as she sang, the lyrics coming out almost as she thought of them. The way she sang, the way she moved with it, it all came to her naturally. Not a thought given, not a thought taken, and nary a moment given to worry or to be wary or weary. She walked back, facing the joyous crowd as she did so. They loved it. This had gone a lot better than she could have ever dreamed and she sometimes dared to have big dreams. "Haha, well- they, uhh, they certainly seemed to like it! Jackie, was it really that good? What'd I even say out there?!"
  3. Remington really had no idea how to react to this much concentrated flirting, which made Moonlight giggle to herself. Okay, she didn't know why she was so flirty with him. Was it that former friendship and this odd sort of link back to the past? Was it the freedom of having a secret? Something else she didn't really understand? All of the above? Whatever it was, she knew it wouldn't last. He'd find out somehow and this would just be weird, so might as well have fun with this while it lasts. Or at least that is what she told herself as he tried to flex about being to all these cool places. A part of her wanted to ask if he had ever been to Neighpon on a modelling contract, but she reckoned that would be a total bitch move. And she liked his flex. She almost felt the need to finish what his father's occupation was, but was saved from an impossible to conceal revelation by the arrival of her Professor. Rainbow Dash was a good enough friend and a decent enough Professor who didn't fit this occupation all that well. She had all this energy and jazzy excitement that felt good but it took a while to get to the good stuff. She was much like an apple: A lot of sugar and some nutrients if you stuck around often enough. Still, she liked Rainbow. Other ponies would try to change who they were when they entered such an environment but not her. She would try and be awesome no matter where she was, even when the idea was a little silly. Not that Moonlight would ever complain about fun things. "Ooh, I totally like fun things!"
  4. The Iron Langma got his apples, or Yanhuas or somesuch, and started to make his way out. Heh, he was a good one to have along for the day. It was always good to see ponies big and tall and foreign folk with all their good quality and nature crowding her stand. "Y'all have a good'n, Feng. Don't be a stranger! Well, as much as you can't be, considerin'," she snorted with a deep laugh, waving him goodbye. "Don't cause too many hearts ta melt, sugar!" She said as he left, happy and content to have gotten him exactly what he wanted as best as she could. And with that, the Iron Longma was gone and Applejack's line was both shorter and considerably less athletic than before. This was it. This was the final stretch. Only five ponies were left in line. So much had happened today, but in the end it had been a blur. And every quad of hooves that came waltzing up here had been special in its own way, from the heartwarming to the silly to the nervous to the confident. And she was sure they would end it on a good note. She went about cleaning off the stand once more, ensuring that the final stretch wouldn't come away with anything but the best experience. She checked her stock of apples by habit at this point. She still had a healthy supply, one that would take her over the finish line. All that was left was the kissing, or so the saying went. "Next on up!" *Sunset Shimmer* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  5. Rainbow was calming down a little. Maybe it was the realization that in the long run everything would be okay. Maybe it was in the realization that the short term future was still unchanged and would remain so until it became the long term, though Moon doubted it. In all likelihood, she was still trying to deflect. Why bring her out and about if she didn't want to talk about her own issues? Rainbow was nice and all but she had only really taken an interest in who Moony used to be when there was that aroma of the unusual. She'd dig it out of the pegasus eventually. She didn't have anything to lose and everything to gain. "Yeah. Like, nopony ever told me but I guess it isn't, like, all that common but I totally lost my Earth pony senses and magic. Whatever, right? I'll get used to this," she said as she started to walk, again. She wouldn't say so publicly but she was getting sick and tired of all this walking around today. She was just out of several days of writhing and changing and now her muscles were burning. Maybe it would give her killer curves? She could only hope, because the adult ponies in this town really loved to walk and talk every ten seconds. Speaking of adult ponies, Rainbow brought up Rarity. How did she know about that? Gosh, was Rarity just talking up her plans for the filly when she was magically knocked out for a few days. Yeah, that seemed about right. "Rarity showed me some totally bangin' outfits. The school is going to be so much more presentable, like oh my Celestia I'm going to walk down the hall and everypony will be all like, 'woah, that hottie is so woke right now', and then I'll be all like, 'Tcha, like, follow my lead and we'll make you all, like, presentable for once'," she ended with a giggle. She was gonna look like a bowl of ice cream at the end of a hot day and she knew she would like that. But back to Rainbow. "Oh sweetie, I wasn't talking about, like, being a unicorn," she started gently as they walked in town, blissfully alone for a few moments with nopony in sight. "I was talking about, ya know, like, your...identity issues, yeah?"
  6. The Iron Longma did express some trepidation about his ability to keep his covert activities covert. Well, he was a Longma and he would always stick out in Equestria. Beyond that- well, Applejack loved her fellow Equestrians something fierce but that didn't mean she was blind to their very large blind spots. "Feng, let me tell you something. Y'all know mah friends an' Ah have saved Equestria so many times that Ah've lost count. But y'all'n know how many times Ah've been so much as recognized bah ponies who ain't kin or from this town?" She said expectantly, before nodding her head and smiling. "So don't worry about it. If'n it ain't a marriage, nopony'll know," she said with a wink. And it was true, she got recognized more since her engagement to Rainbow was announced than any time previous, so it wasn't like she was pumping him full of gas. Feng himself wasn't full of gas either, and gave Applejack a Long Guo coin, bronze with a square hole. At first he was gonna ask why he was giving her currency she couldn't really spend but then it became clear that this was a memento for her cousin. Huh? Well, she wasn't here to get in the middle of any transnational flirting, though she was a bit worried about whether ot not it was appropriate for an Imperial Guard to be flirting with Moonlight. "Ahh shucks, Ah reckon she'll like that plenty. Thank ya kindly!" She said as she filed it away in her saddlebag, making a mental note to flip it on over to Moonlight later. And with that, the kiss. It was good and strong but also respectful without being distant or rude. It was practiced and charming but not really the mark of a passion play. That suited Applejack just fine. She might not have liked those that seemed hesitant but one too many highly aggressive kisses could come across as being rude. Not a problem with Feng. "Not bad yerself, sugarcube," she said as she pulled back and laughed, wiping her mouth clean. His snout had also been a bit ticklish but not in the bad way. He asked her what variety her lips tastes like, and she gave it deep thought. Perhaps too deep. "Hmm...hmmm...well, Ah reckon Ah'm pretty sweet, like an Empire. 'Course you gotta make sure ta not let it go to waste. It don't keep well so maybe that don't fit it just right. Ah'd like ta think mah kisses hold just right. I tend to go quick and sharp for a kiss and Ah've been told that Ah don't give much ground, very firm. That sounds like a Granny Smith ta me. But I am pretty open with mah kisses too, so it ain't like its hard ta get. Kinda like a Gala apple. Boy, them Gala apples sell so well year 'round! Ah ain't perfect though. Cortlands taste mighty fine, like me Ah suppose, but it tends ta die off quicker. Ah've kissed so many today that it could be true of mah kisses, too." Her eyes furrowed as she looked up, going over the facts and figures again. "...But then you gotta store Granny Smith's..." She started up again before shaking her head, resetting her stetson, and smiling. "Who am I kiddin'? Out of these here, its gotta be the Galas. That's what Ah use ta make mah applejack, and Ah'm Applejack! Well, that and Pink Ladies but Ah'm plum outta them." *Feng Yinhaitao* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  7. The noblepony brought his own views into the situation with the weather teams. She didn't know much about how the weather team in his city was viewed or even in Fillydelphia, let alone the other big cities. But she did know how she viewed them, how Dodge City viewed them, how Apploosa viewed, how just about every place she had ever traveled viewed them. "Maybe its considered such in them hoity toity big cities, but not here. Not 'cross most of Equestria, Ah'd reckon. Tha Weather Team is one of the highest paid jobs you can get and it is considered one of the most important ta boot. We farmers know that more than most. We get together and host an annual thank you party and make sure ta tip 'em somethin' fierce when they're on a roll. And in Cloudsdale, the weather factory is the most important building they have and their weather management team are tha most important, respected ponies in ton! Well, 'sides tha mayor, 'course," she offered as she looked outside. Yeah the current team wasn't all that good and it frustrated her but she knew to give them time. A farmer didn't produce record yields their first few years either, after all. "Rainbow was too dang talented ta stay Weather Team for lil' old Ponyville, but that's rare. It's usually hard as nails gettin' pegasi to leave them jobs. Absolute job security, often times one of the most important jobs in a town, sometimes one of tha best paying? Heh, maybe in the big cities there are enough easier jobs ta distract from it. But go 'round Equestria, ask us Heartland ponies or those of us who aren't in the big cities and need the Weather Team? Sugarcube, out here they're more respected than police or firefighters," she said bluntly but accurately. The majority of small towns didn't even have active police forces and the weather team acted like a volunteer firefighter department in many areas. Simply put, the weather team was the most important group in many towns. Beloved, respected. No matter. She wasn't a weather team member and wasn't much concerned about it, at east in terms of what had rought him to her. She turned around quickly, perching herself against the wall. "Airship, landship, buggy or cart- Ah'm right excited ta see where this leads us, pardner," she said with an out-stretched hoof, ready ad willing to see this through. OOC- Feel free to end the scene.
  8. Finally a battle. Not that he hadn't expected it, though. Much of the Whitescar mainland was held in the weak hooves of the so-called loyalist scum who infested this noble land with their weak ways. And if you went northwest from the city of arenas you started to cut right into loyalist territory, heading towards their capital. Plus he had made sure to get the word out that the Red Jarl was in the area. Hopefully this would mean that the loyalists would try something bold. They did finally, and launched a beautiful ambush. "Finally some courage!" The hardest blow came at the head of the column, towards the Jarl himself. That was as desired. Caribou doctrine, even loyalist-infested, called for trying to engage the enemy leader and fell him in combat as quickly as possible. Their best and strongest charged towards the Red Jarl and his honor guard with predictable results. He moved with the practiced elegance of a sophisticated artist but he struck with the force of a mountain-cracking earthquake. None could find purchase upon him yet in increasing mounds did the loyalist dead pile around him and his honor guard. "Hahaha, see how they break upon us brothers!" They were joined by one cow or bull at a time, then a few more. The column was being hit hard. Good. This was a test. Most of the column was made up of the young and those who wished to join the ranks. This trial by combat would omit the weak and recommend the truly strong. Among those who were making their way to him was a particular cow. The cow who stunk of magic found her way to him, as he had foreseen. He had yet to fully trust her because she had yet to reveal the nature of her magic. "You! I see my eyes did not let me down in the arena," he said as he looked at her, parrying a blow with his sword and leaving his axe in his assailant without looking. "Sound the real ambush!" He barked to one of his honor guard. He lifted a horn to his mouth and took a mighty breath before belting out. The horn made a deep rumbling sound that echoed without reply for a few seconds. Then, from the sky, two distant brass responses. Everybou who didn't know what was about to happen looked up, while those who did continued the killing. Two large longships came hurtling towards the ground, breaking the cloud barrier even as they gave off increasingly aggressive responses. One came abreast of the battle on either side and slammed into the ground, their bows armed and armored and slicing through the forests with speed and aggression. Dozens of loyalists were crushed, and the loyalist lines were thrown into confusion. The longships continued to scar the earth until finally they stopped. Ladders were dropped and ramps lowered. The veterans of the Red Jarl's campaigns arrived and charged into the rear of the loyalist ambush. Now the real slaughter began. "Leave none standing! For the Old Gods! For Whitescar!" He yelled out. All around and across the battered column came a furious response as honor guard and newblood alike charged the shocked loyalists, catching them in a berserker piercing strike. He grabbed the magical cow and pulled her in close, pointing out a strong-looking loyalist warrior who cleft two newblood in twain as they charged him with a might battleaxe. "I can smell your need to prove yourself, cow. Kill him and bring me his helm!" He roared as he violently pushed her towards him, leading his honor guard in a charge nearby.
  9. Fire Walker was thinking the same way Applejack was. The XO nodded and snapped off a quick salute. "Aye aye, Cap'n," She said as she turned and trotted towards the airship. Several guards were getting gear out and she did her part while she spoke. "Get your tents set up, two ta a tent," she said as she started to help with one of them. They were simple designs with two entrances, but had a few cool features. Shadows and figures could be seen if they were close on the outside but you could have a small fire on the inside yet it would remain completely concealed. Plus it had a decent manner of anti-flame protection. "Swift Star-" Applejack pointed to the pilot, who jumped off the top and glided next to the Ponyville native. "Yer tha first watch with tha Captain," She said. Star saluted and started setting up her tent. "Second watch, Brickhouse and Lighthouse. Third watch, Gleaming Shield and Brightblade. Fourth watch, Crescent and Ah. Lighthouse and Brightblade, do a perimeter sweep ta place tha early detection alarms. Ah'll handle yer tent," Applejack ordered as the pairs went to setting up their tents, sans Lighthouse and Brightblade. It took only a few moments for the experienced camper to set them up as the two dropped off near invisible magical alarms. If triggered by a creature with an aetheric link- so not a random animal- it would alert all of the Guards. Just one of may tools Applejack was glad to have as they tried to keep everypony safe out here. It wasn't long before it was done. Each Guard had their own supply kit and they only needed four tents after all! Applejack trotted back up to Fire Walker. They were going to be sharing a tent, so might as well see to being a good tent-partner! "Tents up an' perimeter secure. Need anythin' for tha watch starts, Cap'n?"
  10. She had never deeply inquired as to the makeup of the Imperial Guard. She wasn't up for any cross-training or foreign deployments so it wasn't information she was yet in full knowledge of. She just figured since she saw them together so often that it must be true. Then again, there were other reasons to gravely doubt her own memory. "Huh. Ah reckon that makes sense, though for tha life of me Ah think Ah'm always seein' you an' Lee-Ann right close ta one another. Could be me just gettin' mixed up on account of all tha magazine articles she has of him," Applejack started off sheepishly, though by the end she raised her voice loud enough for Apple Bloom and the Prince to hear. Apple Bloom dived behind a bush in embarrassment, so that was a success. Moonlight snickered and poked her head in to play with her cousin's emotions a little more. Speaking of, the Iron Longma brought her up. "That there is Moonlight Glitter, a cousin of mine. Well...technically a cousin Ah guess, heh," Applejack said as she rubbed the back of her neck. It was a mite complicated discussing the former Valen Orange. Not bad in any way mind you, but she didn't know whether Feng would be full on board with the concept or not. And she'd rather sell some apples and deliver some kisses than get into a debate about identity and all that jazz. At least until she was out of Jazz apples. "So, that'll be five bits, then y'all are gettin' a kiss from me, Mr. Iron Longma." *Feng Yinhaitao* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  11. Starswirl took the device into his own hooves and pressed his hoof against a small sigil in the front. "Press down on this sigil," he said for mental safekeeping. As he did so, the device came to life with a dull glow, as did the device Twilight held in her own hooves. The Princess brought it up to eye level to inspect it, which allowed an uncharacteristically mischievous smirk to appear on Starswirl's face. "The device it is synced to will glow. If the one who holds the other device presses down on their own sigil-" he said, using his magic to send Twilight's device into her snout firmly enough for it to be pressed, much to his own amusement, "-you should be able to hear each other's voice and even see one another's face across the dimensional barrier," he said with growing excitement. Both devices were now active. On Sunset's device, Twilight's chagrined expression quickly vanished as she smiled and waved through her device to greet her friend who was mere hooves away. At least it proved it worked! "It does have some drawbacks. Namely, it pulls upon the dimensional energies that exist between one world and the next to power the audio and video, meaning that it will work for only moments when the two of you are in the same dimension. Interference may cause the signal to dim and further fixes will be needed down the line, but it should suit both of you well."
  12. Moonlight Glitter jogged happily down Ponyville streets late at night in her rather form fitting jogging attire, complete with just the right amount of bagginess around the fetlocks to ensure the eyes didn't stray from what she wanted to show. Who said jogging pants and a nice hoodie couldn't be fashion-forward? It always felt good to get one last good sweat in before bed. She exercised right when she woke up, in the mid-day, and before bed. It was hard to maintain her cheerleader figure with all the food they fed them at the school so she had to ensure she kept in tip top shape. Besides, Miss Rarity wouldn't want a model that didn't look perfect! And Miss Rarity deserved the best. And so she had maintained her workout schedule all the way through the winter. She didn't much care for the season. Scratch that, this filly hated it. Give her the sandy shoals of a beach or the warmth of a spring breeze as it danced around an orchard any day. Winter had a few days that fit well into her fashion schedule but once you ran out of good style choices- and there weren't that many in the winter- you just ran into the awful cold and dreariness that permeated it. This season had been different though. No great snowfall, no great temperature drop. Sure it was cold but it wasn't deathly cold and there had been far more sunny days than normal. It felt weird but it seemed like the entire winter had been played like the last few days normally would be. Cousin Applejack was livid and nopony seemed to be able to get answers from the Weather Control Bureau in Cloudsdale, but Moonlight wasn't going to complain about such a strong of beautiful nights to close out the worst season of them all. In time she finished her jogging and returned to the School of Friendship, where quickly took a steam shower, dried off, and threw herself into bed- exhausted yes, but so totally excited to get to spring, the best season of them all!
  13. Shining Armor seemed rather excited by the prospect of trying to discover the identity of Cadance's father while Cadance herself seethed under the burning lights of the ignoble nature of her conception and relationship. This has been the reason why Barbera had gone so long without revealing. She had been young, dumb, and attractive. She had made decisions she was not proud of. And now her daughter was judging her and her son-in-law's noble streak demanded he try and solve this mystery. She wouldn't stop him. Maybe it would allow him to help calm down her very angry songbird. "He was a broad-shouldered with legs the size of tree-trunks. Honestly if it weren't for his wings I'd have confused him for an Earth pony! Blue coat, had orange streaks in his blonde mane- done up in that military style. It was strange in Roam at that time for stallions to so openly flaunt their military bearing. It was right after the so-called Wine Riot and Guardsponies had a habit of staying very much on the silent side while in town, but not him. He spoke with...if I'm not mistaken a Germaneic accent? Very light, mind you. If I am remembering correctly he was on his way north to Seaddle for a posting with the REN," she closed her eyes trying to remember the facts. Then she opened them and smiled as her eyes beheld the end of the song that had been playing. "That was so very nice. And look, that Princess Twilight even had a decent singing voice. Are you planning on Flurry Heart having any vocal training?" She asked as she bent down to give Flurry Heart a kiss on her cheek, "anche la figlia dell'uccello canoro deve avere una bella voce che canta!"
  14. If it wasn't the Iron Longma himself, Feng! Why, he had done quite a number during the event, effectively becoming the star of the whole show. It was nice to see new creatures participating in the events but it was even better to have somecreature new win it. The Iron Pony may have started off as informal competition between a select group of athletes but it was never intended to be gated off for only the best of all Equestrians. Anypony could join, no matter ability, species, or nationality. And nocreature was better proof of the success of that thinking than Feng. "Feng Yin-hay-to, fancy seein' you here!" She said happily as he made his way up. Always good to have creatures who knew how to handle themselves around. He asked for something a little unusual, but not something she couldn't provide. Truth be told she wished he had come sooner because she could have filled his request in a more fulfilling fashion but...well, sometimes you just plum had a run of bad luck. No matter though, she'd do her darnedest. "A bushel of many types? Heh, if tha Iron Longma asks for it, tha Iron Longma'll get what Ah got ta offer," she said as she got a bushel and looked down below, carefully picking up several different varieties. "Hmm, lets see. Ah got...seven varieties left. Ah reckon Ah could give you a samplin' of tha ones that are better suited for eatin'," she said, though it was halfway just to herself. Eventually though she settled on four- Empire, Cortland, Gala, and some Granny Smiths! She filled the bushel up and then laid it down in front of the Iron Longma. "Sorry Ah don't have more. Been a busy day! Hehe," she offered with a pensive smile. Truth be told she wished she had more to offer but she was running low on so much by this point that she didn't think he'd mind it much. Besides, all four varieties were darn good for eating anyway! "So, how's bein' tha guard for Prince Lee-An? Sorry 'bout any trouble mah sister's caused," she said as she trotted back over to her side of the counter, chuckling gainfully as she did so. "She...uhh, she certainly seems ta like him." *Feng Yinhaitao* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  15. The warm breeze, dulled only lighty by the cooling night, came in heavily flavored with the taste of salt heavy in the air, a fact which disquieted Applejack. She wasn't much for the beach. Sand had nothing on good, solid ground. The ocean was a pile of salty nothing that had a bunch of mystery critters she wasn't much fond of. She'd take a deep fresh lake any old day. And the salt? It just carried with it memories of one too many salt cubes as a younger mare and a few too any raging headaches as a result. Not that she'd openly complain about any of this, anyhow. It'd be a right stupid thing to do about an all-expenses-paid-trip to the Gallopocus Islands at the best of times, least of all when it was her job as a member of the Twilight Guard to investigate reports of mysterious critters down south. She wasn't alone. Seven other members of the Twilight Guard joined her, the most important being the Captain of the Guard herself, Fire Walker. Equestria must've been real quiet to send the Captain on what was gonna amount to a wild goose chase! Not that Applejack didn't appreciate her company. The other members of the Guard were all right no doubt but four of them were former Royal or Night Guards who were folded into the Twilight Guard and the other two were fresh into the ranks. Twilight above, it was good to have somepony she knew on this trip. They were also taking a new-fangled airship, and the only pony who could fly it was one of the Night Guard. It was built for speed and was supposed to allow a small group of Guard to respond to calls very, very quickly. It was a very small airship. Very, very small. Two ponies could be on the 'deck' at most, climbing up and down a small ladder through a hatch. A single large magi-tech crossbow with ten bolts was hitched to a rail but that was it for defense. Then Underneath that was the crew cabin with four small bunk beds with small personal chests and a table and chairs that were bolted into position. The door in and out of the airship was located here and it was a simple unhitch and drop. and one room to either side. One was for storage of supplies and gear and was hardly large enough for that and the other contained waste disposal and a small emergency supply of magic charges to power the auxiliary magic engine should the sail-powered craft need it. She was sure they would need to. They had gotten a late start and the airship had proven to be slower than they had thought- though still really fast, all things considered. What should have been a six-hour trip to the island had instead taken almost ten hours. Applejack busied herself as best she could as she went over the supplies. They didn't know how long the investigation would take so they had been told to pack for a week. Each pony had their own bag with essentials and they brought in a bunch of mission critical gear and additional food supplies. She spent some socializing with the new crew and even some time top-side, though the air rushing past her face almost made her lose her stetson- thank Twilight for that conveniently placed crossbow! By the time they arrived at Fire Stone Island, a smaller but densely forested island with a dormant volcano, it was ten at night. The airship came in with a swoop astride the island. To its credit the airship was silent as all get out and moved like a dream, almost like a bird. It slowed and came to a stop gently. Applejack could tell that much. Even though she was now stuffed inside with five other guardponies near the exit door in full armor and by all rights she would have been fine even if they had crashed against rocks. Instead it smoothly slide into the sand and settled in. That warm breeze, the salty smell, it soon overtook the cabin as the door was unhitched and landed softly in the sand. One by one they exited. The first Guard out, a Royal Guardspony unicorn, cast a spell. A small, dull green wave that was nearly invisible radiated from his position and into the treeline. Creatures larger than a newborn foal became outlined in a pulsing red briefly as the guards scanned them. Some small island predators, a large bird or two, even a shark or two in the water a bit. Nothing to be too concerned about just then. The others fanned out. "Woo-eee, happy to move mah legs! Alright, secure tha perimeter and we can set up camp. Reckon it's a bit too late ta start investigatin'. Right, captain?" She asked Fire Walker as she trotted out. She was the XO to Fire's CO out here, after all. Whatever Fire said was law!
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