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  1. Applejack didn't bother responding. She was done playing games with this stupid puzzle. It was an affront and a dangerous path to trod since she was pregnant. The possible outcomes for continued failure for her were darker and less fun by the moment and she wasn't going to regret helping a friend today. It was a bit powerful, wasn't it? Ancient ruins might have had secrets worth keeping but this sort of magic was powerful and extreme considering the target of today's expedition. Applejack didn't waste another second as she started looking at every little detail. She went to work quickly on the puzzle. She wanted to be out of here fast and she wanted to be out of here safely, and neither thing could be accomplished while she fooled around. The only real advantage was that the puzzle, while shifted around, was the same one. It was easy to see that the pieces wanted to be in the same places and the number of moves she had to finish it had updated to an appropriate amount, so it was more about just making the moves all smart like. And she was making quick work of the puzzle too. Moving with all of the speed a concerned friend and angered mother could muster she sped through the puzzle in what felt like record time, aided by a memory so richly embossed with the vigor of danger. The puzzles weren't all that complicated once you got the hang of it. The imposed limits on time and moves were enhanced by the danger of failure of course, but if you paid attention the prospect of failure diminished swiftly. Not that it mattered as she went to make the final move. Somepony else had done something- that awful buzzing followed by a magical flash. Applejack went to give out a frustrated scream- instead, what came was a piercing screech from the beak of a griffon. She could feel it, but more importantly she felt her now lion-like tail as her hat slid off of her face and onto the floor. She didn't know who had messed up but she was frustrated even more- but she still was silent as she watched the puzzle reset, and she immediately went back to work. Not again- the third time was the charm for a lot of things, and she didn't want to know what happened when this trap hit thrice.
  2. Funny episode, though the fact they couldn't tell it was her even though she was speaking to them is a little absurd.
  3. It was a decent episode/ Had some highs, but there was so much head-scratching on my end due to some really odd pacing issues. Still, fun.
  4. Ibara Kazan (Ready)

    Name: Ibara/Hana Kazan Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Ryuma Eye colour: Magneta Coat: Soft and well taken care of off-white. Mane/Tail: Ibara has a two tone mane in a minty blue shade in a bob cut. Usually wears a tri-shade hairclip based on local designs. Tail is short and clipped. Physique: Lithe Residence: Small town not far from the cave lair of the bandit queen- close enough to be on call! Occupation: Actor, Criminal. Cutie Mark: A playbill, though it is often covered up with other ones for the sake of performance. Unique Traits: Actor without compare. History: Ibara was the middle child of the famous Bandit Queen and, as such, never really got the attention that the attention-seeking colt really wanted. Not because he was a dramatic fellow without compare (which he was), but because he loved his mom and wanted her to reciprocate this. While she no doubt loved him, the middle child of a criminal is likely not going to receive what he wants in this regard. Thus, from an early age he tried many things to try and earn her favor. Sadly, he wasn't very good at many of the activities he thought would impress. He wasn't a great fighter, not a good shot with the bow and arrow, and lacked many other skills of the criminally inclined. He was simply an average colt with an unusual parentage, something that drove him bonkers as he tried to get his mother's approval. The energetic and excitable young colt was a hoof-full for many, but his incessant desire to get the recognition he sought so desperately. He decided to try a new tact, running a small street scheme in a small city to see if he could get some success going that way. It worked well enough, but he angered a local criminal organization who kidnapped him for ransom. The Bandit Queen was hot on their heels and constantly moved him around, finally even dressing him up as the young daughter of one of the chiefs of the gang due to his easy on the eyes appearance. All along he worked on his captors and played along, finally earning the trust of a lower ranked member of the gang (who said batting some eyelashes and flirting never solved a problem?). Using this leverage, he was able to get his location out to his mother who launched a brutal rescue operation. She was proud of his wit and even complimented how easy it was for him to do it. Finally having the acknowledgment he craved, Ibara(now going mostly by Hana) decided to use his unique talents to gather information for his momma and help her expand her criminal empire as best he could! Character Personality: He worships his mother tremendously so: She can do no wrong and he will follow her orders to the letter, regardless of how intelligent they are. He wants little else than for her to be proud of him and as such he will go to great lengths to get it. Months of hard work and heartache are satisfied with a dismissive hug and minor adulation. Any honest to goodness positive feedback is enough for him to course correct, and it is why he is currently living the way he is. Outside of his mother, he is given to giving great credence to the opinions of others. He isn't liable to full stop course correct based on them, but he cares deeply about what others think if he believes they are on equal footing. However, he pays little heed to the words of those whom he has no respect for nor does he give credence to those who disagree with his mom. He is an agreeable and optimistic sort most of the time which allows for him to get to know the vulnerabilities of others. He can and will exploit them for criminal means. A lifetime of experience has made him capable in many fields if not exceptional, with the single shining star being his unrivaled ability to play a part that suits the aims of the operation. He spends the majority of time in female roles due to the minor adulation of his mother, but he can do wonders given enough time. He uses this to spy but can just as easily utilize his talents in other ways. He is stubbornly devoted to doing well and despite his lack of talent in most arenas his incessant need to succeed means he has had enough experience and training to do many things passably. Outside of his criminal efforts, he moonlights as a stage actor in local theaters. Doesn't pay him anything, he doesn't want to make it any bigger than it is, but he does work often. Sometimes he directs, often times he acts, but he is almost always involved. He is also a fan of projector shows and other forms of entertainment, and is rumored to spend a considerable amount in an attempt to create one of the most thorough
  5. Applejack never had doubt that the party was going to be fantastic. Hard not to be optimistic about the prospects of a birthday party for an Apple when he had all the access to a loving family one could hope for. But that didn't make Granny's work any less delicious smelling. "Granny, looks like yer hittin' another one outta tha park," she said, looking for the icing. She found it. "Here ya go, Granny. Nice ta hear 'bout Uncle Strudel, he's always a hoot an' a holler. Just don't holler too much on account of-" she looked quickly back into the room, watching her little stallion as he started his final ascent, then back to her Granny, "-umm, whatever Ah was saying. Look at how big he's gettin', Granny! Ain't he so dang perfect? Grand Peare is gonna love meetin' his first great-grandfoal, Ah bet," she said confidently. Everypony would want to see him because he was so perfect. Big Ma seemed to be having some issues with how hot these fritters were, the big, lovable oaf he was. Of course they'd be steaming hot, Granny didn't half-make a dang thing. She giggled as she watched her older brother eat the fritter as stealthily as he could. He had been in charge of decorations and he did a great job. He did a great job most of the time because he was such a focused and reliable friend and brother. You got him on a task, you could expect it being done well, being done fast, being done right, and him working up an appetite along the way! "Ah bet Big Mac's pretty hungry, ain't he? Need ta get himself somethin'?" She asked in a motherly voice, her tone almost impossible to change at this point in time. Maybe in a few years it would be different. Apple Bloom laughed. "Yeah, well, make that two! Big Mac, wanna help Granny ice tha cake?" She offered, not really aware whether or not Granny wanted or needed help. Then there was a thud and a crash and Applejack was already looking in by the time Zap cried. She had listened top him cry lots. She knew the difference between a real cry of pain and one of attention and this was one of attention, a cry she had come to know well. And she should learn to ignore it, according to the education she had been given, at least sometimes. Didn't want the little fella to become a spoiled, attention seeking troublemaker! But she was never a mare given in to ignoring her instincts, and so she came trotting into the room. "Aww, did my little stallion fall down? You got up so high!" She said proudly, picking him up and bopping him on the nose. "Everythin' will be just fine, you adorable little marekiller you," she sat down on the ground and placed him opposite her, adjusting her hat above her bagged eyes. "Can you say, 'momma'? 'uncle'? 'aunt'? 'granny'? 'great-grandpa'?" She asked, expecting too much but with patience between words enough to give him time. And when he tried, she encouraged him- "good job!"- and when he was done, she held him tight. "Today's your first birthday! Such an exciting first year for ya!"
  6. Quality Debt (Closed: BlindJester, Pressy)

    They both gave good advice but it wasn't like this was her first rodeo of the brain freeze kind! He took the beverage offered by the kind Sass and drank it, feeling the warmth surge through her. That was helpful to an extent. As was holding his tongue to the roof of her mouth. Both combined to defeat the brain freeze, as did the passage of a few moments. It was a pretty good compliment when your tasty soda drink was good enough to make a somewhat cautious pony like Hazel lose her sense of...well, caution! Valen normally didn't like to lose himself to the rampaging senses, as that made it difficult for her to really force a better solution. And when so much of what you were doing was considered abnormal, you needed to force that solution. Still, all of this was a little too philsophical for a brain freeze! “Well, my brain will need time to recover. Compliments to the chef with a side of headache,” she winked pleasantly, Valen making sure that he rubbed his head a little. In a few more moments it passed completely, and she caught up quickly enough. Sass didn't want to waste time at school and instead wanted to focus more on the business ahead of him, which excited him greatly. Hazel understood this better than most! She always had his mind set on her modeling career and would rather spend the many hours of the day dedicated to work than school. Even now, when he was a barmaid, she was focused on work to a greater extent emotionally. Of course this wasn't to denigrate the value of a proper education. He enjoyed his academy and she was aware that even the most base public school provided a wealth of tools that students were lucky to have access too. The ability to improve oneself through education was one of the great things about the modern world. But he also felt confident in his ability to continue educating herself at a pace more agreeable with his work schedule. Something that didn't follow in line with that didn't seem to be in her best interests. “Well, there are many ways to work around...well, work!” He began cheerily. “I'm sure there is an educational program you can hook yourself up to. They have so many awesome different education thingies out there, I'm sure you could sign up for one that'd allow you to forage and work,” She ended excitedly. It was true, and it was something that he was going to have to look into soon whether she knew it or not. “It is so good to meet you, Sass. So nice to be able to get caught up with Cherry's awesome family! But I have anxious hooves. Does anypony want something to eat? I could hop, skip, and jump over to the bar really quick to get us a bite to eat, snake my way on back here all lickity split-like if that seems fine to you all?”
  7. Starshot (Closed)

    "An interesting question, Moondancer! As a standard rule, it would be unwise to share technology with species that have not advanced far enough to do it themselves. We should not interfere in how other societies and species develop in the grand scheme of things. In general, contact should only ever be established after rigorous study has allowed us to rule out any hostile intent on their part as well as making it clear that the establishment of contact is in their best interest as a species. Better for us to know as much as possible if we are to establish contact and to ensure that our involvement would not hurt them. It is even preferable for us to not make contact if we do not think they are yet ready, or that they would seek to harm us. We can always inspect them at another time, but a bad first impression or a faux pas that sends shockwaves across their society. Should first contact be more accidental, you are to attempt to terminate it on as friendly a position as possible without divulging too much beyond basics. If further contact is warranted, you are free to show them the ship, but only if there is unanimous agreement amongst the crew. Frankly there are too few of you to be an ambassadorial vessel of significance currently, and I would rather see such events be given their proper weight. Of course this is all a general guideline. Delays in communication will necessitate that you make hard decisions. I may not approve and you will take responsibility for all of the consequences should something go wrong. I trust your judgment in this matter.”
  8. Cold Comfort [Closed: Steel]

    Twilight allowed herself to get comfortable inside of the tent, the warmth provided enough for the night but likely to diminish. Pony pelts were excellent at retaining heat though so she was sure they'd be fine. She was also a pony who was quite adept at falling asleep fast, and by the time she was joined by Daedalus, she was already well on her way out. She noted his entrance but found herself too tired to really acknowledge any of it. The day to follow was going to have a host of problems for her to confront, but the night could pass by easily enough if she simply allowed it. A good night's rest was one of the greatest guaranteers of a perfect following day, at least for her, and while some may have scoffed at her sharing her tent with Daedalus she was more than confident that anypony who mattered wouldn't bat an eye. It was simply the most efficient method and she knew that efficiency- - the hum of activity that dominated the entrance to her castle would have been overwhelming, but Twilight found herself at peace. Her castle was busy. Streamers of great and elegant design fluttered about from their holdings while her guards, dressed in the purple and white that was her standard, did their best to not get distracted by the throngs of excited attendees. Fine drink and food lined the walls, while the echoes of laughter and excited jabbering drowned out whatever dignitaries were deeper into the main hall of her expanded castle. Twilight could faintly hear several musical acts ranging from classical to pop playing in the various rooms. It was a pleasant party, a large gathering, a chaotic shuffle of people, all rolled into one. Twilight felt immediately as if she had succeeded even before she could try and take stock of what was happening. When she did have that moment to reflect, she understood wy there was a sense of pride tickling its way up her spine. She was vaguely aware that this was a dream, though only in the far off sense that you were always aware of a dream. She looked at the decorations and knew this was part of her idea for a more general public acceptable Grand Galloping Gala. Not one to replace in its entirety the one held at the caste in Canterlot, but one that more ponies could attend. It didn't lose its glamour in its entirety and there was still the matter of needing invitations. The invitations were more broadly given out but it was still supposed to be an amazing experience. Twilight had already done all the greeting (wouldn't be a dream if she had to do that part of it) and was now free to experience the party. Her friends were all there and she made a beeline for them, but along the way something happened. Or, as it could be more accurate to say, somepony happened...
  9. Apple Bloom is very, very, very there.
  10. "Tha flyin' kind, sadly. Thar ain't too many of 'em but just enough ta make flyin' a risk in this part of tha Everfree. Haven't a clue as to how they got up here. Maybe strong winds blew a weaker Roc all tha way- wouldn't be tha first time somethin' like that happened, though not ta somethin' that heavy," she responded to that question, wondering what that poor Roc must've been thinking. Well, she thought about that for a second before remembering that poor or not it could crush her. "Of course, thar's some Rocs in tha Badlands and in Painted Pinto, so maybe it ain't anything as dramatic as that," she added, though absed on what ponies had said they were very much Saddle Arabian types. Better to see one of them than a pack of Timberwolves though. Rocs weren't likely to attack those on the ground in the Everfree, too much work for not a lot of reward. Timberwolves didn't care- they hunted you in packs. A lot of trouble. Onto the mists, Applejack had to laugh. "Hehe, Ah guess so. Ah tend ta make this trip alone so Ah dunno what Ah look like ta others. Heard tales that y'all may start acting different but you are completely aware of it, too. Like it forces you ta act a way, even if you don't wanna. So yeah, just like drinking," she smiled, "and them emotion leaches or whatever they are, nopony's ever seen'm. Could just be an sub-species, but thar elusive lil' buggers. Not that anypony really wants ta go huntin' for 'em. Anythin' that can twist yer emotions around ain't somethin' ta mess with, no matter what reward is offered for 'em," she said confidently, aware that the rewards that had been offered were never followed upon for a plethora of good reasons. And time to talk Ma Seed. "Well, some ponies don't think she exists so Ah understand tha confusion. She's not a pony, not a plant either, don't think she's anything Ah can understand. Maybe a ghost? Forest spirit? AH dunno. Anyway, tha patch of seeds we go to its watched over by her. She's a silent type, but won't allow anypony ta leave if they do somethin' ta offend her. So we take enough seeds but not too much and be real careful about her garden and be all friendly like, and all will be well. Go in there with an attitude, end up a flower- well, according to legends. Not sure Ah buy that one, but there sure are a lot of pretty pastel flowers in her garden," she ended with a laugh, marveling at the creativity of myth. "No big deal, really." In due time they were both done eating. She relaxed for maybe a minute more before it was time to hit the road. "Alright, let's get going," She said quickly, hopping to it with great swiftness. Applejack gathered her camping materials pretty quickly. They had to make good time. She hammered her pots and pans back into their carry conditions, undid her tent and bedroll, and packed up in pretty good order. After a few minutes she was done. She stretched out a bit more and yawned. She was awake and energetic sure, but that didn't mean that an infectious yawn couldn't escape. She then started a healthy trot out into the woods, the smell of the previous night's storm fresh in her nostrils and keeping her spirits up. The rain was refreshing and nice even here in the dangerous Everfree. Nothing of any real import was happening, at least for a while. It allowed her to think of other things. "So, his wing was damaged- probably by a tree? Huh. Most bats don't tend ta get themselves in such trouble. Little rascal, ain't he?" She said with a trailing laugh. "Shoulda brought Winona. She'd be havin' a hoot with all this wild stuff."
  11. How are you? Long time no see.

  12. Applejack's mane existed in a constant state of frizz. Strings of it flopped out and extended out of its normal ponytail formation and some of its luster was now more myth than reality due to the unusual shagginess. Well, not unusual anymore. It was almost always this way now. Slightly disheveled. Askew . It was motherhood mane and she had it fierce, the product of a combination of looking after a newborn foal and working the fields and running a business- so little time for her own manecare or sometimes even basic maintenance. Her eyes were also baggier than normal. Not anything extravagant or dangerous looking, but small bags that seemed to live there now. Sleep was a luxury, not a requirement. Even for an Apple she didn't get much sleep nowadays. That was fine though because she had picked up so many skills that you could only learn when you were a constant motor of activity, willing or not, like how to power nap when your foal was finished feeding and was taking a nap alongside you. She also was sure there were few things as rewarding as that. Zap's first year had been tough but fun, trying but rewarding in the most splendid ways possible. As a pegasus he could get into trouble that she couldn't do much to stop but for the mpst part he was a remarkably well-behaved little guy. A heartbreaker, a perfect little colt, mama was so proud of him. It was easy to set-up a good first birthday for him. She had invited her friends over but didn't really expect them to come, nor would she be offended if they didn't. Everypony was busy these days and it was hard to take time out for a one-year old's birthday of all things. But heck, even if it was just the Apples they were going to make sure he would have fun. They had cake and ice cream, gifts both material and familial, and love to stretch across the world all for the little guy. He was easy to buy gifts for. She had gotten him some really nice stuff but was pretty convinced he'd be more interested in the wrapping and the boxes than the gifts. That'd be fine to. He was fine. Everything was fine. Always. In fact she didn't even yawn as she looked bleary eyed out of the kitchen to her perfect little guy, spying on his newest activity. “Aww, he's stackin' his blocks again. Ain't he a perfect little block stacker?” Applejack said, ear twitching because everything was always great. She looked over at Granny Smith and smiled. “Ah can't wait ta see what y'all baked this year. Been smellin'-” she quickly looked back at Zap. He was safe and everything was fine. “-Smellin' mighty good. Hungry as a...hungry as a hippo, Ah guess. Apple Bloom, did you get Rarity's gift from Sweetie Belle?” She asked her younger sister who was tending to the needs of her perfectly fine older sister. She gave her sister a weird look, which wasn't needed because everything was fine. “Uhhh...yeah, got it. You've asked like four-” “Great!” Applejack responded, looking at nopony in particular. She looked back into the living room. Zap was still around. Great! Everything was great and she didn't need any sleep and hadn't slept last night because everything was great. “All comin' together somethin' fierce, Ah reckon. Big Mac's gonna be in soon, all our gifts are comin' in dandy. This is great,” she said in a joyful voice because she was so happy. “Where's Dash?” She asked sweetly as she stared off into the distance, one ear and eye twitching because everything was fine.
  13. Pressysauce With a Side of Haybacon didn't seem to be all that into it, really. She looked at whatever scroll she had with the confused, then horrified, expression of a layer who realized that his restraining orders were being used as toilet paper. She seemed excited enough with Pathfinder but wasn't all geared up the way she'd want. A little geared up, not a lot geared up. Pathfidner was still super excited to see her though, waving excitedly t her painter friend ally partner in adventure. "Hey hey hey there Pressysauce! How've you been? Snowfall's doing pretty awesome, as always. She's too awesome to not be awesome!" Pathfinder chortled with delight. Then she leaped directly into her friend's face, eye to eye. "So, tell me where this adventure is? Is it up there?" She pointed up and towards the mountain without looking away where, yes, the adventure was. "I'm really excited to be here today because I was just lounging around the house and it was really boring Snowfall taught me cribbage and that was fun but not in the fun FUN way just in the fun fun way and that was okay because every moment spent with her is a moment in bliss but not always as blissful as an adventure so when I got your mail which was on a Wednesday by the way because the mail was slow I was like-" She took a really deep breath and then continued, "because I was so bored ad so I got all my stuff and I came lickity ickity splitey because I said to myself, I said, 'Pathfinder? Pathfinder, you deserve this filly, you go out there and have an adventure' and then I came so where's the scroll?" She asked, smile wide and wide. A pregnant pause. As Pressy tried to answer, Pathfinder interrupted. "Oh! By the way, got some new tricksies of the tradies. Here, throw this on," She said as she fastball'd a robe at Pressy. "I was running into a lot of advanced detection which is fun and all when I know its coming but less fun when I don't, so Snowfall helped make me magic dampening cloaks. And by dampening I mean cloaking- helps keep us all sorts of hidden from prying magical eyes. Scryers, third eye sight, all sorts of things- it doesn't work when we move really fast, but it keeps us all sorts of hidden in every movement outside of blazing fast. Also, its fashionable!" she said, donning her own robe which had the cover of the first Daring Do novel woven into it on one side, and Snowfall laying out on a silk bed with a dangerously sensual look on her face. "See? High fashion! I brought lots of goodies," she clapped her hooves. Then a few seconds passed. "So, that scroll?"
  14. Starshot (Closed)

    "Good question, Captain," she began with a smile. She brought up a small scroll which listed what was stored in the vessel. "Between the engine storage and power centers located in every powered compartment, there is almost always going to be three times as many cylinders as the mission calls for. Of course these are estimates, and estimates may be wrong. It will be up to the crew to allocate resources as well as they can. In the case of a major shortage or malfunction, there is an emergency protocol. As you have been told, the vessel courses with my own magic. You may drain portions of the ship of this magic and funnel it to the engines for a single mass teleport, hopefully back here, However, doing so will render much of the ship unpowered, unable to sustain itself or any living creature within. So you can transfer magic from every part of the ship save for, say, the bridge. The bridge will be unharmed but after the teleport, the rest of the ship will be no different from a magitek space," she ended with no less than a note of danger. "So err on the side of caution, because rebuilding this ship would take centuries and that would be...less than ideal."