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  1. An involuntary blush made its home on Hazel's face. It may as well have been voluntary as she had done a great job in learning the proper fillyhood mannerisms as barmaid. A decent amount of flirting was almost required to do well after all, but it was rare to find any honesty in them. Customers flirted to pass the time with pretty fillies and barmaids flirted to get extra tips. But Sassy was struck honestly and Hazel didn't know how to take it. A part of it made him a little uncomfortable, as she didn't want Sassy to get the wrong idea. He wasn't really wanting a colt. But the blush came all the same. She didn't know why. Questions later though, as it was most unkind to leave him just standing out there with an awkward silence making the pace. “Well, you sure as sun did say that out loud, you little charmer you! I'm Hazel Blossom, a pleasure to meet you Sarsaparilla Swirl,” he said, giving a small curtsy as trained. At that moment Cherry came back into frame. She seemed more than a little excited and that made perfect sense; if she was anything like the Apple family, meeting extended family and having them over was as perfect a day as a pony could have. She seemingly eyed both of them up ever briefly, and Hazel wondered how she was stacking up in Cherry's eyes. Hopefully as a success story, but you never knew until the terminus of things if something was wrong. Sassy seemed still a little caught up in Hazel, remarking that she seemed a nice enough sort. Hazel was a nice enough sort, but that didn't stop the blush from remaining on the cheek despite his relative desire for it to not happen. “Well, aren't you just a bundle of energy! I swear we could power all of Baltimare with it,” she said bubbly, following Cherry some more until they arrived in the kitchen. He was hungry, but she didn't know what he wanted. She had felt like a lot of his appetite had left her rather abruptly recently. Perhaps he was sick; maybe she was just fixated on other things. Even when he had been touring the nation as part of Rarity's fashion tour her hunger had never really left. He just had enough discipline to not let it effect her work. At least now he was hungry, though it looked like food would wait a bit. Sassy had brought some drinks over. Drinks of his own making, it appeared. It would explain what had been dragged in of course. How creative! Hazel had rarely considered how and when drinks were created before she had begun work as a barmaid. Now he knew what a creatively taxing and richly rewarding task it was. Good on Sarsaparilla Swirl for the ability to do this. It was already great to meet such talented ponies! Ice cream float, it sounded like. How delightful! “I think this sounds delicious, Sassy. I think I'll make mine float- nothing better than ice cream on a hot day!” She said, doing as required to make it work. He took a nice drink and partial bite, leaving her upper lip fizzy and mixed with ice cream. He licked it all up. “This is superb, Sassy!” She said, which was mostly true. It wasn't perhaps ready for sale at a bar or shop, but considering a colt made it out of a cart, it was an amazing feat regardless. “It must take a lot of work to make something this divine. How long does it take, all things considered-" he began before the brain freeze hit, leaving her face frozen and eye twitching for a few seconds.
  2. Posted for you when you're on. 

  3. Mycus Thrice-Blessed? Well, she couldn't say she expected that character from half-history and myth to come u today, though she wasn't unhappy about it. She had a fascination with all great figures, even those being weighed down by myths. Mycus may as well have been the spokespony for all figures whose real accomplishments had been shrouded in secrecy purely because of the myths associated with him. The worst part of it was because there was some honestly amazing things he did. If some of those accursed myths were only ever dispelled, it would go far in helping bring one of the great figures back to the public consciousness. The time in which he operated was obscured by poor record keeping, which was part of it. It was very doubtful that he operated before the three tribes united to start with. Based on where he lived- far east of modern Equestria in the Itaily region- and known migratory patterns of ponies, it would have to be after by several generations. Of course the difference between several generations here and there due to the nature of ancient records and with so many being lost was minimal. He was likely still one of the earliest well known curators of the magical arts and a pony who loomed large to any real scholar. How large? That was the real question. Claims loomed large. She dismissed claims that he helped form the base of alchemy. Modern scholarship pointed very firmly to the zebras of Unyasi, and with the introduction of the art into Equestria in the modern sense by the great zebra explorer and prince, Hodari the Gentle-Soul. The evidence was dramatically in favor, and pre-exchange Equestrian alchemy was scattershot and weak in its nature. Still, those who cared to look knew that Mycus had a hoof in the creation of one of the old, dead schools of Alchemy whose most distant relative was the modern Itailian wine industry, if only really confined to a few vineyards. Astromancy was another. Mycus advanced the art, but that existed in recorded history before the tribes even left Maretonia. Indeed, it was an art practiced for untold generations which fell out of favor and in most ways died after Equestria was founded, with the Royal Sisters providing much of what that magical art did. What Mycus did was refine elements of it not directly involved in such tasks, and remained in Twilight's view the most advanced form of that magic that does not involve the Royal Sisters. The fact this was lost to myth was understandable. The link between Maretonia and Equestria was barely understood until recently, with records destroyed or lost to time, lack of care or communication from the dour nations of Maretonia, and distance conspiring against history. It was thus easy for many to believe that nopony ever practiced Astromancy save for the sisters and that any proposed users of it were mythical figures. Evocation was a more obscure and odd magical art. It had many starts and ends, false finishes and aborted beginnings. Even today more than a dozen different schools of thought and forms of Evocation were practiced. It wouldn't surprised her if Mycus was involved to some extent in it. Indeed, it was exciting to hear about the journal. Twilight would have preferred such a journal have been sent to the Royalty for proper safekeeping and record keeping. She had perfected more than a few spells to repair old materials and even read something without having to open it. Alas, it was not to be, and perhaps would have been rude of her to even ask had that been the case. She was just happy Squall was there to save history once again. Lost history was always sad. And of course it was Squall. He was an oddly competent and effective agents of EPIC, and even in his own time provided her with some interesting discussions, today being no different. “Well, that is certainly very intriguing. Can't say I expected to hear that name again. I'm guessing it has some amazing, one of a kind, history-altering revelations inside?” She asked, trying to keep calm but with more than a little excited hunger in her voice.
  4. Rarity was very uncomfortable with how this was proceeding. She hadn't expected such a mysterious pony to be entirely forthcoming in any case but she had expected a more direct answer to such a direct questioning. Asking her to sign a document to reveal more about his intentions was, at this stage, not at all charming. It was equal measures alarming and rude. She was obviously very uncomfortable with what was happening and if he was ignorant as to her rather blatant need to know more, or if he was hiding it because of danger, then maybe this whole deal needed to be called off. His offer of two thousand more gems was also not helping. The amount of gems being offered for the work requested was obscene and was entering bribery territory rather than payment for services rendered. A reward for signing a contract, one with such...unusual stipulations? She was not compelled to listen to these honeyed words nor these tempting offers a moment more than needed as it was becoming apparent that there was something much greater than a mystery stallion's need for grandeur. And whatever it was that he needed or was planning, she didn't want any part if it if he felt the need to keep it hidden from her behind lock and key- the surest sign of something very untoward and unbecoming of a lady. “I'm quite sorry but I refuse to sign this. I will not take gems and profit simply to learn the truth. If you are this desperate to hide your intentions my good sir, then you clearly have intentions beyond my capability to help you. You must tell me or I must take my leave- you can keep the gems, I am too uncomfortable to accept payment until I know who you are and what you are doing,” she responded firmly, her face stern yet not without acceptance. She wanted to know, not engage in any unladylike behavior.
  5. They would have a lot of activity right about now. Ponyville wasn't a major city but still had a thriving city center. You could live there years and still meet new ponies and there was always something new happening. So many considered her a small, podunk town when she was quickly becoming one of the biggest population centers outside of the Strand and Stalliongrad. It used to be so different, like so many other things in her life, and that was a symptom of something both incredibly promising and somewhat frightening. "It's funny, in a way. I used to prefer solitude and the company of my assistant and no one else. Being out and about and around others when I didn't have a task at hoof was always a little nerve wracking...or a lot nerve wracking, depending on what was going on. I played hooky on so many birthday parties so I could bury my head in ancient texts...have some peace and quiet. I always wanted my serenity," she sighed and smiled, "now I can't imagine such quiet away from others. I have the Keep, I have my castle, but laughter, friendship, the activity of towns and cities and the dealings I have with ponies all day, every day? That is my new serenity. Its funny how ponies can change. Well, all things change- funny how we can pereive it," she qualified, looking over at the food. "When I first became an Alicorn, my appetite was tremendous. I used to eat around eighteen-thousand calories a day. I had to have thrice weekly delivery of apples to my castle just to satisfy my fruit hunger, let alone everything else. I think I spent a thousand bits once on a weekly supply of cake. It was a bit...much," she laughed, blushing as the mac and cheese was nearing finish. "Now I'm down to a more reasonable ten thousand calories on average per day. I had a big breakfast at the start of the day, but I'll admit that I've started to look at most of the vegetation around us with very hungry eyes. Back when I was a unicorn, I'd be considering weight loss if I hit more than twelve-hundred a day. All things change," she smiled and sighed once more, content. "Though that isn't always bad."
  6. Pathfinder was more than happy with how awesome the fan club had gotten recently. She chalked it up to the wide re-re-release of the early books in the Daring Do series. Now ponies were getting all sorts of cool insights into Yearling's book writing process and it was super cool! Or maybe it was the projector pictures. Some theaters ran them on demand still and the rumors of a Countess Coloratura backed production starting up energized all manner of ponies. Whatever the case, she had see a super duper rise in how many ponies had joined the club. Some might argue that since the majority were colts and fillies that she should change what fanfiction she read during meetings, but Pathfinder paid little heed. When it was time to read her slash fanfiction masterpiece, it was time for her to read and the little gals and gents could trot into the next room. Besides, she'd paint their faces later. They all asked! She couldn't blame them. She did look exactly like Daring Do all day, every day. Some of the more impressionable types weren't entirely sure that she wasn't Daring Do, which was super flattering. It was also likely because of Pathfinder's own semi-storied adventure background. Over the years her retrieval of the Helm of Commander Hurricane and her involvement in the Staff of Fate had started to filter out. What hadn't was her involvement with EPIC, but no matter what, she had some honest to Celestia adventuring chops under her belt. She was a popular figure! She didn't mean to brag, but she was pretty amazing. As she told every filly and colt that asked though, all she was in the end was a pale imitation of Daring Do and they needed to consume every little bit of that most wonderful character they could. And then they could go for adventures in any one of the twelve 'starter' adventure dungeons she knew of that were full of only the simplest traps (like poison arrows) and animals like Timberwolves which, really, come on, they were easy pickings. Every time she turned around it felt like that list vanished but she had plenty of copies. She didn't always have time to put them back up though. She was an exceptionally busy mare! She had dozens of adventures lined up, EPIC missions, and a wife back in Stalliongrad who needed excessive snuggling and loving on the weekend. She snuggled and cuddled and loved and tickled ad she was darn good with it, but it was almost as tiring as the adventuring was. Snowfall was a pretty passionate mare about many things- Pathfinder, snow, and her corporation. In that order to. Which was just an explanation as to why Pathfinder was checking the mail outside of the fanclub early Monday after flying there super duper fast Sunday night after Snowy had gone to bed with a bit of soreness all over. She flipped through them- a few cease and desists that she tossed, some newsletter, building condemnations, etc- ahh, this one was cool. A letter! To her! From the basin! About adventure! That was cool. It never took Pathfinder much to want to go someplace, but the promise of adventure always helped. She gathered her Grand Adventure Bag (trademark) and then waited and waited and waited and then waited and waited some more in place until the time was right. Then she hauled flank to the basin, hitting some caves along the way en route to her final destination. When she we arrived it was just a few minutes early, having hidden and skulked her way there. Because discretion was fun and cool and she practiced it where important during adventures. She was there when all of a sudden...
  7. Fluttershy wondered what this PonyTown was like. She had never heard of a village called PonyTown before! She had heard of a Ponyville and Ponycenter, but never a PonyTown. Did he mean any town in Equestria? Well, he certainly had plenty of options there! She loved Ponyville, but it wasn't the only great place. He could try Fillydelphia or Manehattan, Dodge Junction or Apploosa, Stalliongrad and Seaddle! Personally she tended to prefer the more ground-based cities. She didn't have to worry about being challenged to flying competitions every time another pegasus had hit the salt bar a little too hard. Las Pegasus and Cloudsdale were great cities and she loved them too, but it was hard to deny the charms of chipmunks, squirrels, bears, and otters to name just a few. Or he could just mean the town closest, which was Rainbow Falls. A small, sleepy vacation community normally traversed by tourists and campers of all stripes, it seemed an unusual destination but she guessed it was better than sleeping out here in the elements for the majority of ponykind. She already had a place for her stay there, no doubt her friends could join if they couldn't get their own places. Well, Discord would do as Discord does- she couldn't help nor hinder, nor would she want to hinder, whatever he wanted to do. It was always so fun to see other ponies on their own little quests and adventures and judging by the way he looked at Discord, he was still in the middle of learning about it all. That was exciting. "Oh, that would be delightful. If you mean Rainbow Falls I already have a place to stay, if you needed someplace to stay, I mean. Oh, this is so exciting- I was going to just have tea for one tonight, but now, I can have tea for three. Yay!" She said, trotting alongside the both of them.
  8. Well, that was a surprising twist. So much so that Rarity had to stop writing and turn around to face her client, mouth agape. This entire day had taken a turn for the strange, for the scary even. First he was more than a little vague on why he wasn't willing to goto Equestria. Certain ponies worried him. He wasn't really wanted. He was scared. All of that on its own only added to the mystique, like he was an old pirate captain who had found his safe harbor and didn't want to stir up the angry old sea. If his words had died on the vine there and it continued on then she would have tossed it into the floating charm and charisma that mystery so greatly implanted in her subconscious. It would have been better that way, in the final telling of things. But then he asked about the Elements of Harmony. Those were the gems he was after? That pit in her stomach had opened up then. Nopony had ever, even in the high scientific councils of the Princesshood, requested that they be studied. They had either been myths or under the direct ownership of Celestia herself. And now- well, as far as most ponies were concerned, the Elements of Harmony were gone. Very few knew what had happened exactly or where they were. And even if they did know, they wouldn't even ask to see them. And to take them- even for study? None of this felt right. If it were for the betterment of ponykind as he alluded to, why do it in the dark? That wasn't the only thing wrong with all this, but it certainly didn't help matters any. He wanted to know how they beat Tirek when the story was already well known. She could barely explain it. And Twilight's ascension wasn't tied to the Elements, not really- it was tied to the Magic of Friendship which existed in them all, and best exemplified by the Element bearers. At least, that is what both Twilight and Celestia said. After all, Cadance had become an alicorn before the Elements had been Rediscovered. And again, this was all so...weird. And dangerous, and not in an exciting fashion. The mystery was no longer alluring as much as it was concerning. "We defeated Tirek with the power of our Friendship. And...darling, I don't think that is a good idea...and I don't think it could be done, anyway. Even if I wanted to, the Elements are...well, out of reach, really. Besides, the Elements don't work like that- you can't duplicate what they do. The Magic of Friendship exists in all of us, all you need to do is open yourself up to it and what it means," she said sweetly before her brows furrowed. "Now. all of these questions have been very...strange, to say the least. Anypony who has followed any recent events would know most of this. I understand you may be secluded, but...why, and to what end?"
  9. Oh sweet Celestia, this pollen was really doing a number on them both. Applejack wasn't that flustered by her, err, admiration of her big brother. Everypony in Ponyville and many beyond that had a passing interest or more in stallions had fawned over him since they were little. She had gotten over being flustered by other pony's interest in him around the same time she got over cooties and being awkward around colts. But when she had to speak the truth, she had to speak the truth. "What's more shockin' than being into mah big brother is tha fact that you're Squall. Ah dunno 'bout him. every time Ah see him, he seems to be talkin' about 'imself or actin' like he's tha best thing since Celestia. Ah'm not sure how y'all handle it," she said, immediately blushing. She wanted to run away from this topic and run away fast. Fire brought up farm business and how she could deal with it, and Applejack shook her head. She had farm hooves trying it all out before and she had received plenty of help from friends but in the end of the day it went south. "If only it were so simple, Sugarcube. Celestia knows Ah've hired good farm hooves and received help from mah closest a'friends. It starts good, mind you. Why, Twilight could de-apple a tree in just a few seconds. Made me feel obsolete! But tha truth of tha matter is that Earth pony magic is real, and Sweet Apple Acres only ever really works when Apples are workin' her. Most of them apples went bad or spoiled faster, and all them trees came back slow. And when we just hire farm hooves, it just goes so dang slow," she said, jumping over a log as she continued her gallop. They were both keeping pace well enough as the pollen continued to coat them. It didn't stop her from trying her best to get out. "Ah guess Ah just need ta face tha facts of tha matter. Ah love mah home and mah home? She loves me somethin' fierce, an' thar ain't no force in Equestria that can separate. Hopes an' dreams, responsibilities an' obligations, love an' loss, Ah'm thar from swaddle ta coffin," she thought about it all and sighed. There were infinitely worse options available to her. "It sure ain't a bade fate ta have, mind ya, but sweetie, you shoulda seen Gala Justice in the ring. Ah was a dang sight ta behold!" She laughed heartily as she jumped over a log, wondering where her costume was now. She'd probably have to go Manehattan to buy it back, but it'd be a heck of a lot of fun to get back into it. They reached a fork in the road. Fire had done her level best to pick a route out and she had delivered...well, she had delivered options. Right or left. Knowing how this forest worked, one likely led to a jacuzzi and the other into a razor jaw filled swamp. Applejack wasn't tired to the bone just yet but she'd appreciate a fierce round of resting. She also needed to milk soon; she had been so prepared that her body was just going through the motions, sans release. It just wasn't fair, damn chupathingies. "Ummm...left," she offered, switching angle quickly. She tripped somewhat, face into the ground and picking up pollen and dirt, as she continued running and picked herself back up, charging down a path and hopefully out of pollen.
  10. A set of six one of a kind gems? He did have his sights set high! Of course, somepony with his own castle in the far reaches of the world and who was willing to throw outrageous amounts of bits at a dressmaker- no matter how artistic she was- would only want the best. He had picked her, after all! The air of mysteriousness only grew as it was plainly obvious that he had specific gems in mind, and an eye for the extravagant. She was too busy taking his measurements at first to really respond, but her interest was most definitely piqued. She wasn't sure if he understood just how much such gems could cost but judging by his apparent wealth, cost was no real roadblock. After a bit she was done, and started writing it all down in her notebook. Glasses on, she finally responded. "I would be more than pleased to do your Equestrian shopping, though I must admit that this is all a little strange. Why can't you go to Equestria yourself and do your shopping?" She asked, rounding out one element of the design. She held it up to him with her tongue out and gave a considered harrumph. "No, no. That won't do. It needs less of...hmm, maybe not that much less..." she mumbled creatively. Back to him as she worked on the design. "Seems like you have your eyes set on some special gems. What are they, if I may be so bold?"
  11. She rolled her eyes heartily at his response. He was certainly a fan of the whole nurse Twilight thing. Not that it was an impossibility. She had a more than passing interest in medical issues and even imagined herself going into the profession during some of her 'darker' moments under Celestia's tutelage. Even now she sometimes volunteered at Ponyville's hospitals, big and small. She would let his jocular attitude reign unimpeded for now. They had done excellent work today and she wasn't going to come down hard on him for some silly words being spoken. She allowed the words to hang limp in the air without command and the warmth of the fire to bring him back to full coherence. It also allowed her mind to wander over the vast, rolling distance of the ocean. She wondered whether Keeper Kapa would be able to find the lost city of Antiochus soon and whether or not there were still the seven circles of love there. Was it a problem that she could look at the dimming sun casting an orange glow off of the shimmering waves and only consider work? Her mind was a constant engine of activity. Always forward. She didn't afford herself the time to dream when dreams were her reality. So much needed to be done to ensure the well-being of others. So many decisions, so much nopony else could or would ever know. The burdens of leadership and the scars of tough decisions lay within forever. Getting out of her temporary pessimism, Twilight smiled. "That would be great, Daedalus. I'm starving."
  12. Valen Hazel had been told to take a half-day, only working the later part of her shift on this sun-soaked day. That was fine by her. She needed that break. She was doing great as a barmaid but even the best needed a break from their specialty. She was getting drink orders down pat now and was on a first-name basis with a great many customers, not to mention a growing respect from others. She couldn't be held accountable for the letters she was receiving, something Velvet and Summer were more than happy to tease her about as they both had more than a few admirers themselves. Of course if Valen had known who was sending the letters and the real reason behind them, well, things would be less than stellar. Ignorance was a virtue for now. She wondered what to do with her morning and afternoon off. He- the terms were becoming one and the same now, like all other times he spent significant time as Gilded or now Hazel- had considered sleeping in, but found the idea less than appealing. He never was one for sleep. It seemed like wasted time. He only had so much time in the day! Cherry told her to expect company, so Hazel had made sure to shower and really get herself primed. When he was done- took about an hour, because he didn't skimp on making sure he was perfect- he felt a little alarmed. He could't put his hoof on it but he felt askew. He felt more lithe but didn't know if he was or just imagining it. He felt he had curves he didn't have before, and he could swear his mane and tail were unnaturally long. He banished those worries with a wave of his hoof. He was just a worrywart naturally. Of course he would feel absurdly feminine; he had been living as a filly for...he didn't know how long, actually. As a barmaid it felt like he had lost track of time. The mind was a powerful influencer, after all. He decided to wear a modest and simple purple dress with nice fashionable, but sturdy, boots. She felt like she looked grand enough for the day especially since she didn't know who the company was or who she would be seeing or asked to do. Indeed, what she wanted to do was fine Cherry and get more information. She looked around and couldn't find her though. Just as the outermost edges of annoyance started to fray him, there was a reprieve via a knock at the door. Valen bounded up to it and opened the door, being greeted by a curly maned colt with an infectious, popping energy about him. "Well, howdy there! How can I help you this fine afternoon?"