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  1. SteelEagle

    Zappin' Apples! (Closed: River)

    Applejack chuckled. A night light? Well, she reckoned anything could be done with enough effort and ingenuity. She didn't see the glowing element of the stick and chalked it up to her son's endlessly creative mind. But why a night light? Fireflies stayed alight for several days and were pretty cheap. Just get yourself a new jar and let the old ones out into the forest. But then they could carve it into something nice, maybe even with his name, and put some light thingie at the end. Her mind was already running with the idea as arts and crafts were always an excellent way to spend time with those you love. "We can make that an awful pretty night light, Ah reckon. Maybe even carve yer name into it. What sorta light do you want with it?" She asked as she moved quickly and ever closer to her destination. The cave beckoned to her. It was dark and dank but nowhere near as bad as others, with large holes appearing in it. From these halls came a gentle trickle of water, and along the paths that the trickles took came the fungus that she needed. Applejack leafed through her saddlebag and brought out a small cylinder and shook it for a few seconds. She then twisted it a few times and it produced a light, the geode crystals inside reacting to the layered earth pony magic. She found a small hole in the floor and placed the cylinder in it, allowing the light blue light to cascade across the cave. "No sweetie, we're not gonna sleep out here. A bit too dangerous! Momma is gonna get this fungus, maybe take a minute. Then we'll step on back into tha light an' have a bite to eat, then make our way back home. Maybe we'll camp soon though, right?" She asked happily, always grateful for ponies to show excitement about the outside world. She went to work, slowly shaving the fungus off the walls. In the distance, a series of howls echoed across the Everfree as a pack of Timberwolves wondered where one of their branches had wandered off to. Applejack's ears twitched at the sound. "Stay close, Zap. The Timberwolves are out an' about," she said in a whisper, flicking her tail in her direction.
  2. The sensation was intense. First, it felt like the bottom fell out of him, a roller-coaster ride at top speed going down leaving him feeling discombobulated. Then there was...pain? Not pain. Wrong word. But his nerves were alight with information he couldn't really process...alarm was correct. Alarm, concern, but not pain- flooding him as a long tail with large fin came out of his rear, and his feathers were replaced in totality with smooth scales. Except for his wings which remained, complete with feathers, though he could feel it happening. He felt longer. He felt something. He felt everything...and then he passed out. He woke up in a flash a moment or three later, his natural instincts freaking out. He was underwater! No, sinking! Swimming now sinking never! He was gonna...drown? He whipped around, his long tail slicing through the waves and hitting the seabed below, sending sediment flying around as his eyes darted about in a panic. Realizations came in. First, he had gills. Gills. As the water ran over him he found he could breathe and that as his eyes felt fine. He could see clearly. Then there was that tail, the long and powerful one that trailed behind him. His mind ran over on how to use it. Part of the transformation seemed to be that he was given some basic instinctual ability to use it. He swung it back and forth in large, powerful strokes that send sediment flying and sent him cascading about. His wings shot out and helped slow him down. Turning would be a bit much. "Silver-" he began before closing his mouth once more out of instinct. He expected to suck down a bunch of water unpleasantly, but it was fine. He could talk underwater. "Silverstream, what am I?" He asked incredulously. It was fine, whatever it was. Fine for now. But it was still weird. "I feel weird. Should I feel weird?" He asked as if expecting a good deal of reassurance, a bit of vulnerability cracking through. Every part of his instinctual reason was on absolute fire. Griffons were creatures of the sky, far above the waters, safe from their crushing depths and the robbing of their majestic flight. He had his breathing under control for now but it felt like...being trapped in a small, tight space that was on you and around you all the time. he had to remain calm. Luckily, he knew he could rely on Silverstream. Believed he could. Trusted he could. She might have been a bit flighty and bright but she wasn't one to lie, and she was always there to help a griffon out when they seemed down. He trusted her. That was why he was here. And he was looking forward to all those good thoughts to be proven more than feelings given flight in the unsure heart of a kitten.
  3. SteelEagle

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Pinkie Pie snorted joyfully at the suggestion that fireworks were a bit much for a welcome party. Maybe to somepony it was but to Pinkie there was never too much for a party, just whatever felt right was right. Some parties might look understated next to others but she'd bet a brilliant pink bit that each and every pony who was given such a party would look back on it with fond memories. Twilight may not have enjoyed hers at the time but that warmth that she experienced allowed her to open up to all the joys that Ponyville had to offer. And boom, then she became a Princess. Pinkie Pie wasn't guaranteeing that she would make you a Princess by throwing a great party, but it did happen. The odds were better than winning the lottery. The numbers didn't lie! “Oh, you'll see. It'll be great! I have a lot of leftover fireworks and sparkle thingies from the New Moon Festival and I'll tell you that it isn't easy to get rid of! So, vanilla, raspberry icing layer, chocolate icing on the outside. That sounds really, really good. I might have to make a few cakes like that later, I can almost taste it on my tongue!” She said, nomnomnoming the air playfully. What she never ever took playfully however was the suggestion that she wouldn't immediately mix all those drinks. It didn't cross her mind very often but putting a bunch of odd and unusual things in your mouth was a very good way to understand if it could come together to create a cool party snack. She had even very literally tasted the rainbow. She did not recommend tasting the rainbow, if anypony asked. Which nopony did because the thought likely didn't occur to them. All that told Pinkie was that she was a trailblazer in the whole 'adventurous tastes' industry. “Well, of course, mix it all up. You're taking me to Flavortown, or is it Berrytown? Punchville?” She trailed off mentally for a few moments, then shrugged. “I guess it doesn't matter as much...how many bits will it be, oh Punchy one?” She asked while getting out the bits. While getting out the bits she looked at the two who she had not yet met. “I'm sorry about this lackluster greeting. My welcome wagon is in the repair shop. I welcomed a Buffalo who was shocked by it and ran it over. No harm no foul there, but still...who are you two fine folks? I've never seen you before and I see everypony here eventually and that means you're new and that is so exciting!”
  4. SteelEagle

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Pinkie Pie pronked proudly about, passing ponies perkily with permanent pleasure. She was always so happy to meet new ponies from around Equestria and when they were coming to Ponyville to make it their home she was double super excited! Just earlier that day she had run into just that sort of pony. A Crystal pony by the name of Opal Frost, coming here to live amongst the delightful denizens of this small town. Talk about a good decision! She'd recommend Ponyville to anypony who was anypony and you never knew what anypony could be somepony, so she just made sure to make everypony feel like THE pony! It never failed. Well, maybe it did. She didn't know. She didn't feel like it failed and that was enough for a pony who motored about with feelings as the primary driver on just about everything she thought, felt, or mused about! But speaking of Opal Frost, there was something that she was nescient about and it was eating her up inside. She was gonna throw a party for the newest addition to Ponyville but didn't know her likes and dislikes. Pie? Cake? Chocolate? Strawberry? Ice cream? Doughnuts? None of that, maybe some wheatcakes? Who was she to judge- as long as ponies had fun what else mattered? More information was needed, so she pronked her way to the store that the new arrival ran, but plot twist: Not there. Not that far away though, she saw Berry Punch walking and talking with her. Pinkie Pie followed and it was not very long until they came to her juice bar. Oooh, talk about a fun place. She could do with some great juice right about now, and she knew for sure that Berry Punch was the mare to give it. As she drew closer, two new figures entered into the fray. One was a Neighponese pony, she could tell. Something about the way they smiled was just a little more impactful than an Equestrian's smile- not nicer or meaner, just seemed to have a bit more verve to it. The second was a stallion with scars and markings, obviously somepony from a distance away. She could almost taste the dusty roads and hard work on him, reminding her of the rock farm. Beakbreak City, maybe? She could be wrong. Not that it mattered where the stallion or the mare were from. They were visitors or more to this town and were going to be taking up a solid bucket of her interest soon. When Pinkie finally arrived though, she had a more pressing matter to attend. The sight of the stand had made her thirsty! “Hey there, Berry! I need two Orange Juices, two Grape Juices, two Sugarcane Juices, and four Strawberry Juices, pretty please with candy canes on top!” She said as she came in to land next to Opal Frost. “Opal, I'm so glad I caught you. I went to your store but didn't find you there! I had a question for you. Several, come to think of it. Pie or cake? Strawberry or chocolate? Fire works or those little sparkler thingies?”
  5. SteelEagle

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    So the idea is to do a bit of this in a more comic-book esque manner. And by that I mean having post number limits on threads, naming titles and threads a certain way, etc. IE: "Applejack, The Equestrian! Issue #1 (Blindsided Part 1)" would be a thread title, and it would have 22 posts. Then the next thread would be ready and be called, ""Applejack, The Equestrian! Issue #1 (Blindsided Part 2)", have 22 posts, etc. and then you have one-shots, annuals, 'limited series', etc. How would they operate? People can, as always, if it involves just their characters, write alone. In effect getting to 'update/run' their characters and plots without waiting. However, several people can instead work together on any single issue/arc/series. Maybe they think the other character is interesting and want a crack and the two work out a quid pro quo for the other person to come help write the second person's own thread. Could work on joint posts, or post one after the other. Then you have team 'books' which can be a lot of fun, and also easy ways if allowed to make sure characters being played by inactive/infrequent posters remain involved. They also can be larger collab efforts. You also have Style books (IE; "Adventure Comics") that may heavily involve one character, but can also bounce around and be more open to a range of characters than a set team or single character. None of this is intended to replace threads as we have them now, but rather supplement them. Consistent storytelling with our characters outside of the pacing of threads as they are now can be good. And by replicating the pacing of comics themselves, the demands of posts in comic-book emulating threads can be varying. Sometimes you have a splash page with no dialogue, a mood setting panel or six, or a fight. Other times, yes, you have tons of dialogue and back and forth. Point is that while sometimes a post in one of these threads may take a while, other times you may see multiple posts in a single day depending on comic style. Combined, I think this does several things: 1- Allows people to expand stories and canons for their characters faster, whether or alone or through collaboration. 2- Keeps characters not otherwise seen in rotation. 3- Helps flesh out our world through more consistent storytelling. I have three 'comic lines' thought up for The Equestrian, Shifter, and a style comic with Lady Adventure. Beyond that, I also want to do the following: Get a listing of active players and their heroes. Get a listing of less than active players that we can still contact to get permission to use their characters. Formulate teams. Get the villain side of the order organized better using the first two methods. Once we have that done, I think we can start really pumping out some good stuff for a wide variety of characters.
  6. How have you been?

    1. Kirby Krackle

      Kirby Krackle

      Busy, mostly. Aside from adult stuff like a house that's falling apart, I've been working on my art and studying 5e D&D now that Ravnica is out. Gonna host a game for my coworkers once I get the hang of things. You?

    2. SteelEagle


      Oooh, sounds fun. I have some Pathfinder and Tails games going on. How is the art coming along?

    3. Kirby Krackle

      Kirby Krackle



      Here would be the easiest way to check. I'm also saving up for a new tablet.

  7. SteelEagle

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    I love all of you! With that out of the way, I am working on a little project that I personally find interesting. Anyone interested in hearing it out?
  8. SteelEagle

    [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    It may have shocked Hexer but it did not unnerve Shifter much. Shifter wondered why that was. The easy answer was that Shifter had once a similar reaction stretched over what felt like years when the body of Valen Orange was destroyed both physically and metaphysically. Being alive and not alive, existing yet not, was an existential crisis that had done a number on the former colt's mind. Even now Shifter would fail to describe the sensation of what not-being and aware felt like. Words very literally did not exist and once words did exist to describe the despair they were not words Shifter was given to revisiting. Shifter was not shocked at Bravo's reaction, but Shifter was sympathetic. Shifter knew that there was nothing that could be said to assuage such grief. In time, perhaps soon, the mere act of walking about would guarantee a level of safety and familiarity that may breed a better life for Bravo. The idea of a tour was a good one. For now, Shifter gave several gentle pats on Bravo's back and left him to his own world, as distant as it was. He would improve soon. Shifter had a good feeling about it, but knew that outside help could not come until Bravo was ready to receive it. Time would not heal the wound, but it would soon allow others in. That was enough. "When he is ready, Hexxer, I think that idea is just dandy." Which meant, at least briefly, Shifter could focus on why Shifter had been sent here. Gear. The basic idea that Machina had come up with was sound, but it needed modifications. "The idea of some sort of stealth suit is very interesting, yes. Of course, it has to take into account how my powers work. When I transform into another creature, the clothing changes as well to fit who I am turning into. I can also turn into inanimate objects and animals. So whatever I wear has to take that into consideration, too," Shifter said. Giving a small demonstration, Shifter turned into a small falcon that flew around a bit and then landed, before turning back into the maid from earlier, complete with uniform. "The only issue is that my memory recall is perfect. I do copy them in such a way that I do have their memories, but they are at best fragmented, and it takes more exposure or study for me to 'unlock' more of their memory and personality. A suit that can help with that with information gathering and remain useful during transformations would be very helpful."
  9. SteelEagle

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Psssh, staying completely dry? That would require some pretty gnarly physics trickery. She'd have to be moving fast enough to cause a sonic rainboom or close to it to create the sort of force to part the water before contact, and any small mistake or miscalculation could result in a very serious accident. Breaking a wing would be the least of her concerns, assuming they found it. Of course it was par for the course for Twilight. The rest of Rainbow's friends seemed to take the awesome, awe-inspiring, and incredible acts of athletic dazzlement that traded in at face value. She did something otherworldly and was rewarded with the requisite exclamations and gasps. It was a like pony powered power source that powered ponies perpetually practicing precarious patterns. But Twilight? She didn't let on if she was impressed. As if she could do better! Probably knew she couldn't, and she was a supportive sort naturally. So why didn't she go all out? It sometimes drove Rainbow mad and she didn't know why. Not that she let it show, she was too cool to let it show. Ponies said hi to the famous pair as they walked by. Dash enjoyed the attention, fired back a few greetings, gave an autograph even. She never understood why Twilight didn't get more attention, though. Maybe she was so demure and nonchalant that Equestrians forgot she had quite literally saved their lives a dozen times over, not to mention was a Princess. Rainbow Dash was a Wonderbolt. The Wonderbolts were the second most amazing thing that Equestria ever developed. The first? Princesses. And there was a Princess right there, and yet everypony who wanted a little attention seemed to want Rainbow Dash. Twilight didn't seem to mind. Rainbow always chalked it up to what seemed to be an endless well of humbleness that she projected. Ponies just felt bad about approaching her and she was just such a good friend that she only had eyes for her friend. All in all, no serious complaints could be lodged against the irrefutable logic found there! In time they found themselves at the juice bar. While Twilight prepared to make awkward small talk after blowing away the distractions that were nefariously placed bangs, Rainbow got comfortable, laying almost sidewise in the chair with leg and tail propped off of the foreleg rest and sprawled against the rest of it in a casual manner. Twilight for her share of the casual nature of this gathering made an effective effort to be coy as she spoke, asking her athletic friend how her job was going. It was an easy entrance into the world of small talk but not one Rainbow was unprepared to exult in with all the passion that was her birthright. There were few things she loved more than to discuss her successes, after all. "Really good, actually. We're performing at a high level as a team now, our formations are efficient and tight, our moves are crisp and clear. We haven't had a bad accident in some time and even the small ones can be tossed down to pegasus error rather than team flaws," she spoke indulgently of her grandeur, a sense of amoure propre thickly dribbling off of her. "We have a tour in The Strand coming up to commemorate city founding ceremonies across the region. Manehattan, Fillydelpha, Baltimare, and Mustangia in the same week. We've got some really exciting formations and move to show off, super different than the shows we ran there earlier in the year," Rainbow said with unbridled enthusiasm exploding off of her and lighting the air around her on fire with the possibilities inherent when excellence met execution. But this wasn't all about her. It was also about juice. A waiter came by to take their orders. "Orange juice, please. And hold the horn-lasers." Never forget....forgive easily, however! "So, what's been the haps in the wild wild world of nation management and Princess tea parties?"
  10. SteelEagle

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Well, that went in an unexpected direction. Applejack was full of fire and vinegar and expected a blasting retort from Rainbow Dash, a fierce and rotund declaration that would continue to propel them forward in this fight. What happened instead was unexpected, and made Applejack retreat inside of herself in contemplation for a few moments of her precious time. Instead of the fierceness, instead of the expected rebuke, Rainbow Dash brought her wing up to her face. Applejack knew what that meant. Knew that for all of the fire and brimstone energy Rainbow Dash had, there was a soft core inside that was as vulnerable as anypony she had ever met. Then her wing came down, tears welling before she took flight and admitted that she was scared. And as quickly as Applejack was involved in the step by step of the fight, as quickly and easily as she had partaken in the viciousness once the barrier between cordiality and emotion had been broken, the will to engage was reversed within her. Rainbow Dash flew off in the direction of what Applejack knew instinctively to be Sweet Apple Acres. Her body moved in kind, but was blocked. The manager was there and he looked relieved at the sight of Rainbow Dash flying away, but none too pleased about almost being run over. "Ma'am, you-" he began, his voice stern and focused, but not at all as stern or focused as Applejack's determined trot past him. "Sorry, gotta go. Nice place," she said in a hurry, not giving him the satisfaction of laying into her. She trotted past Lyra and Bon Bon and sighed, stopping ever briefly. "Ah gotta go. Rainbow..." she shook her head, "she's somthin', all right. Sorry 'bout ruining yer night out. Maybe we'll...get somethin' sorted an' we can do this again. Well not all tha fightin', but tha goin' out. Maybe," she said with very little confidence before continuing her move out. In no time she was out of the restaurant and once out she began a gallop towards Sweet Apple Acres. She wasn't sure if she was running to fight, running to comfort, or running just to run, but she knew at the very least the manner of her destination and that was enough for now. Bon Bon waited for the engine that kept Sweet Apple Acres operating at peak chaotic production to mosey on out before turning to her mare with a churlish, Cheshire grin tickling her rose-hued features. "Dinner and a show, Lyra. They're always good for dinner and a show."
  11. SteelEagle

    Are there even active roleplayers here?

    Many RPers. Site is slow because of holiday/new years. Can't wait to see how Opal grows and develops!
  12. Everyfilly and everycolt that was worth their weight in sugarcubes and salt (and lied in the Heartland) knew all about Calamity Mane's Summer Camp! The one and only summer camp this side of the world that allowed a little lad or lass to live out the only dream worth dreaming about, and that as being a cowfilly or cowcolt for a whole summer. And what a camp it was! It featured an old-timey main street with wooden buildings on either side, a field, a small lake, and a bunch of little odds and ends. It was fit for up to sixty campers and fifteen supervisors to spend up to eight weeks. It was stocked with everything needed for fun and all manner of activities and wasn't too far away from Dodge Junction. When it started was anypony's guess and whether Calamity Mane was still involved was equally up in the air. What wasn't up for debate was that every summer a new group of fillies and colts came to experience everything that being a western pony had to offer. All sorts of activities and events and, more importantly, the clothes! Well, Hazel cared about the clothes at least. Western fashions were very in and chic at the moment. And as somepony who felt glued into them, she knew for a fact that this summer was going to be great. Never having been to one himself, Hazel could only imagine what was in store for them. Dances? Farming? Outlaw gang robbing them? Unlikely on the last. What she did know was that when they were there they actually had a lot of autonomy. Jobs, fun, fake currency- the whole thing felt like half of a summer camp and half of a roleplay event gone rogue. Hazel would have signed up even if he wasn't more or less forced to attend by Cherry Jubilee. Being a local and due to her many 'roles' a successful actor, she knew that the task ahead no matter how fun and difficult was one that he was uniquely qualified to handle. And so Hazel got off of the carriage that was bringing the campers and camp leaders to the little town with a suitcase- not a large one as she imagined she would acquire more here- with a breath of fresh air and a clear mind. Clear enough for this, anyway. Hazel also wondered just who would be running it this year and just who would show up. No matter what though she was looking forward to whatever may come at the greatest summer camp in the world!
  13. SteelEagle

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Rainbow Dash was being insane. Patently and absurdly off of her loco. Since when did Applejack tell her what to do? Heck, since when did Rainbow Dash even let such an accusation slip on by? Sure as heck wasn't like her to stay put when she felt like she was being told what to do. And, frankly, if being asked to inquire as to her availability was some kinda push too far, then that crazy bird-brained pegasus certainly was certainly living up to the warnings about the sort of damage all those crashes could cause. "Are you out of your featherbrained mind, RD? If Ah was actin' like it was no big deal than Ah wouldn't be askin' for yer help, would Ah? No! Ah'd be just fine all on mah own, but Ah know what Ah can and can't do and there's just some things Ah can't do! Ah asked you for more help 'cause Ah needed it. Ah might love ta work and Ah might love mah family but that don't mean Ah can do it all, ahn' Ah'm sick an' tired of bein' told that askin' for help is some kinda problem when y'all get on me for bein' stubborn! Screwed both ways, that's how Ah feel," She spat back, her voice husky and getting lower as she got angrier. She tried to pull it back, and the emotional whiplash caused her to grunt in frustration as she turned her back to Rainbow and looked down. "Ah love you, Rainbow, Ah do. But it seems ta be that anytime anypony asks you to give a little you get scared, an' when you get scared you get angry. Well, Ah'm scared. Ah'm scared Ah'm not enough for 'im, an' Ah'm sure as sun not a pegasus that can teach him all he needs to do to fly. Ah do a lot an' so do you, but..." she trailed off, a stinkin' line of thought gaining traction as she turned back to Rainbow, fire in her eyes. "And you know what? Ah'll tell you exactly what Ah'm fearin' is really goin' on, Rainbow. Somethin' yer gonna have ta do a bit to pull me away from thinkin'. You didn't even bother askin' not 'cause you think yer doin' enough. Not 'cause you think you shouldn't have ta. You didn't ask, didn't even ask, because you were afraid they'd be willin' ta work with ya, be all reasonable-like. You ain't scared of nothin' but the possibility that yer responsibility ta yer family will get in tha way, however small, of bein' a Wonderbolt . An' yer scared of that because you'd rather be a Wonderbolt than have tha responsibility of lookin' after yer very own flesh an' blood!" Bon Bon was eating quickly and viciously blowing through her food like a windstorm over the plains, listening intently to the argument. It was getting nasty out there! All of this sounded like it was over Zap Apple and Applejack wanting Dash to do more, and Dash not wanting to do more-slash-feeling like she did enough. It was juicy, and her steel trap of a mind was recording all of it. "Well, if I wanted a reason to not have a foal I guess arguing about responsibility would be one of them..." she laughed to herself, drinking wine and tinking it against Lyra's as she watched an older stallion make his way out into the patio...
  14. SteelEagle

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, though she smiled while doing so. Leave it to a bunch of eggheads to not understand cool flight moves, even as they had wings and were trying to become better flyers. "Ha, knew I was right! You know a lot about everything but not enough about flying. That's why I can help you! But first," she said as she flew up, finding a nearby pond. Like she was gonna tell them about a move she was pretty sure they didn't know about and not then show them. Why else would she tell them about it in the first place?! She was soon in prime position for the first part of the move. She dove down quite fast and tipped down, slapping the water with her outstretched wing. The momentum caused a small wave to start heading to the shore, but she was already back up in the air as she flew in a loop. Soon she was making her way back down towards the water while corkscrewing in the air. This movement gained her even more speed. Rainbow then did a ninety-degree turn and flew right above the water on her side, her right wing in the water and slicing through it. Soon she was splitting the wave she had caused even as it raced towards the shore, and came flying out of the wave just as it reached the shore. She was pointing directly at Twilight and only another sharp turn up prevented a crash. The wave had been bisected and as it crashed into the shore the area around Spike and Twilight was kept completely dry, the cut in the wave having been line in line with them. Rainbow flicked her wing, the only part of her that was wet, free and clear of the water as she came down a soft landing next to Twilight and Spike. "And THAT is the half-corkscrew dive slap. Or cut. I think it should be cut, but what do I know? I'm just the best trick flyer in all of Equestria," Rainbow said, her face in no small way full of confidence after the execution of that maneuver. "Later, Spike," she said, waving her wing at him as she took her spot next to Twilight. "Well, really, all I want is some juice to replace the juice you blew up or vaporized or whatever happened, so any place will do. Then, back to flying. Just a warning, I won't go easy on you," she said with a boop to Twilight's nose and a wink.
  15. SteelEagle

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Twilight seemed to be taking this whole failure thing hard. She could respect that. She hated to fail too. Failure meant that you just weren't good enough. Of course within each failure was the germ of future success. Keep on working hard, keep on working better, and you could easily surpass any challenge. It didn't hurt that she was pretty much the greatest flier to ever live. Twilight was a pretty amazing mare herself who was capable of feats that made Rainbow's mind boggle. The fact she had failed this wasn't an indictment or nothing. She didn't have a lifetime of flying experience and wing control to really fall back on when it came to the small things, let alone when it came to combat flying. That was a whole other set of problems for even experienced pegasi. It only ever made sense that you'd fail at first before starting to succeed at something so difficult. It was then that she asked Rainbow to help teach her how to fly. Well duh, of course she'd help! Not that she could really help Twilight with what she likely really needed, which was to calm down and not worry so much. There were other major concerns, of course. Rainbow feigned indifference at first. "Well, I don't know. I was going to relax and nap and have a beautiful drink but somepony destroyed all that. If we can get something to replace that..." she then smiled and winked at Twilight, "then I'd TOTALLY be down with helping you out! The best flight instructor in all of Equestria. Bet you don't even know what a half corkscrew dive slap is, don't you? I'll help you learn it...after a drink," she said as she started to lazily hover away as if she was laying down, laying out horizontally as her wings pushed her away. "Why the sudden urge to fly around and start blasting stuff with your horn? Just get AJ and I some combat training. Boom bow pow, you know I can lay it on petty thick and tough, right?"