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  1. The Mayor nodded as she searched for the next question. "Candidate Rich, If Ponyville is hit with an economic crisis, what is the first program you cut? Or, do you choose to raise revenues, and how?"
  2. Winona seemed satisfied. Good! She didn't want the dog to freak out when and if Applejack saw need to start wrestling Moonlight into tubs of juice or whatever else she had in mind. Speaking of, Applejack did a good job assuaging her of there being any awful concerns or problems, but still. Applejack wasn't one to miss out on a promise, so it had to be something. And seeing her work extra hard? Well, that meant it was something that could be fixed by work. And don't let anypony tell you that Moonlight didn't like having the appearance of a hard worker, even when it was totally fake. "Totally, like, its one thing to lose yourself and panic and, like, lose your cool and I'm righteous enough to not be all like 'blegh panic' about this, but, umm, I still wanna know if, like, there is anythin' that I could do. Like, if I can't that's fine but...ya know, whatever right?" She asked as she moved her hooves against a tree. She was never very good at bucking and was not significantly worse- something about not being an Earth pony anymore. Her horn wasn't good enough either to reliably pull the apples down either. Her magic was hella weak. She just learned that the little ring on her horn that was used to stabilize and focus her magic was really intended for foals. If she had been a public school pony she'd be soooooo made fun of. Luckily she wasn't. She'd be angry, but she knew she needed it. As she thought about the foibles of her magical issues it dawned on her that Applejack was taking a slightly more authoritarian ton wit her. About adjectives? Like what? It took her a few seconds. Was this about bitchin'? That seemed silly. Bitchin' was just the right word to describe how awesome Thrilly's flexibility was. No biggie. If Applejack wanted to complain about her bitchin' use of words, she could do so. "Okkkay, you don't need to, like, gag me with a spoon," she said with a friendly eye roll. She then stood on her hind legs and put her two hooves up in a pleading position, giant puppy dog eyes galore. "I'll put on, like, a whole innocent filly act here, for Granny's benefit," she said as she fell back down to all fours and stuck her tongue put playfully at her older cousin. That same older cousin was more than a little perceptive. Yeah she was here for more personal reasons as well. "Oh, well, not totally. I mean, like, I did come down here 'cause, like, I want to help because somepony as awesome as me could totally help you out, and, like, it's totally grody that anycreature would think you couldn't handle it," she said I order to puff up her cousin. "But, umm, you're totally right about other ponies, like, being on my mind."
  3. This was like talking to Applejack's cousin Moonlight. Valley filly, Applejack thought it was. The speech patterns kind of made her go nuts because the word 'like' appeared about forty times a sentence. It drove Applejack batty, especially since Valen had been such a well-spoken colt before she had become Moonlight. Oh well, not that big of a deal and it certainly made talking with this siren a bit easier. She was hesitant to come down, and it looked like they had interrupted her in the middle of a groove session. The big, big siren seemed caught up between calling them cute and being aghast at their weaponry and armor. Well, an evil, hungry siren wouldn't be conversing like this. Probably. Applejack wasn't an expert on sirens as much as she was other critters. She reckoned nopony really was an expert. "Ah promise we ain't here ta hurt you. 'cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. We don't mean you no harm as long as yer meanin' no harm ta us. Just come on down, sugarcube. We just wanna talk," she said as she sat on her haunches, assuming a non-threatening position. If this was a siren who was just chilling out and having herself a grad old time than the agical barrier wouldn't have any negative impact on her. Heck, she shoudn't even notice it! She wasn't sure she was the best pony to undertake first contact with an odd native creature but, well, it wasn't like she didn't have so much experience with it. On a way, yeah, she was best suited for this type of first contact. "Hehehe, ya know, you sound a lot like mah lil' cousin Moonlight. You spendin' a lotta time in San Flanknado?" She asked with a wink. That whole valley girl shtick was vexing to Applejack's ears but hey, who was she to judge. She was sure her countryisms managed to hit someponies the wrong way too. No foul in being different. Of course, she wasn't sure that answered any of the pertinent questions she had. "Ah'm Corporal Applejack. Nice ta meetcha, Toccata Tre. How long you been here on this lonely old island?"
  4. Applejack smiled broadly as Granola exploded with happiness, It was rare to have two minds working as one sapling, even if it grew in different directions. That was what a marriage was when you thought about it hard enough and long enough. In a way, they were married. She had to market this apple for married couples. The official apple of Equestrian romance sure had a nice ring to it! "Well, uhh. Ah guess it could be. Ah dunno. It is mighty...strange. But in a good way, right?" She said with a whispered laugh and a good pregnant pause full of her gears turning. "Ah wonder if its different for different ponies. Gotta get a samplin' going on. Need a bushel of 'em at least ta get one started. See what exactly it is that this here apple does for others! Well, 'side from speakin' tha language of tha Everfree," she said as she got up and went over to another batch of papers. These were contracts. She sat back down and started writing out the basic agreement between the two. As she did, something tickled the back of her had about these apples. Something off, something weird. As she finished writing the contract out it was like the whole back of her neck was on edge. She leaned back and rubbed it, feeling her muscles tensed up and taut. "Though...Ah don't reckon..." she began before shaking her head clear of the nasty thoughts that were trying to crowd out the wonderful feeling this apple gave her. "Nah, that's just stinkin' thinkin'. Here ya go Granola, these here documents cover what we're gonna do. We're gonna see about using tha southwest orchard's far fields- that there is our experiment field- ta grow a small crop of these her Cosmic Crisps. Gonna hold some taste testing and bake some pies and see how it all works out. If'n that goes well, why, Ah reckon we can dedicate whole fields to this thing!" She said excitedly as she gave the documents over to Granola to be signed. As the mare did so or just looked them over, Applejack poured cups of cider for both of the businessmares. "Granola, here's ta our partnership!" She said as she offered her mug in friendship.
  5. The Mayor turned to Spoiled Rich. "Candidate Rich, your thoughts on the question: Do you think our downtown is healthy and successful? If not, what would you do to change that?" OOC- Since the Mayor has turned the question over to Spoiled Rich, there is now 48 hours total left before the next question.
  6. "Thank you for your responses. I will remind the candidates and the audience that this a debate between the candidates on the stage, not town hall with public commentary and back and forth. I will ask that those assembled here to watch the debate refrain from any more outbursts and that the candidates on stage do not engage with it. Thank you, and we continue," she said with her sweet tone hiding an unmistakable stern edge. "Candidate Copper. Do you think our downtown is healthy and successful? If not, what would you do to change that?"
  7. The colt chewed obnoxiously which was a great sign because anytime he had encountered a kitten, colt, filly or chick who was well-behaved when it came to eating they were probably secretly pretty huge jerks. He wasn't sure if there was really a connection or if his brain just imagined one. He also wasn't sure if the difference even mattered. The important thing was that he had teh right idea for a pegasus. Going fast may have been the most pegasi thing he could have said and he appreciated it but those bird brains. "Faster than anycreature else, eh? Your mom's pretty fast herself. Does she show you the ropes or something?" He asked, vaguely aware that flight camps were a thing that Zap may somehow be less liable to be sent to. His momma would probably want to do it herself. Gallus didn't ignore his rather polite response to his milk question. He guessed that was more on the Applejack side of things. Rainbow Dash didn't seem like a please and thank you mare. Gallus poured the colt some milk in a nice cup and then slide it over the table until it rested near the pegasus. "Here's your milk," Gallus said as he sat back down. So he wanted to just fly around? That was cool and all, but Gallus wasn't a flight instructor. "Do you like to read? Or do any of your moms take you to the projector theater?" He asked, searching for ways and means of keeping the colt's mind occupied for as log as possible and as safely as possible. Applejack's threats still rang through his head like bells rung violently.
  8. "We also do not take kindly to ignoring the rules of the debate. The debate is not open for public commentary at this time. Mr. Rich, please sit down," the Mayor responded quickly before turning to the candidates. "I will ask that both candidates resume their debate. Candidate Rich, I believe it was your response?"
  9. Applejack's ears had been perking up at the sound of music. She couldn't place where it was coming from until they were in the thick of it, at which point the revelation that it had been a siren was almost a blessing. At least that gave Applejack's mind something to chew on instead of wondering who it was that could hum straight into her head. She turned to face the siren and studied it, her mind racing through the vast catalogs of information that they had been force fed during review and training. Sirens only appeared in three scenarios as far as Applejack was aware of. Families of them were almost never encountered but when they happened it was always bad news. Even the well-meaning ones were willing to do whatever was necessary to protect their family units, and as a species they were known to react quickly to potential harm. Still, they tended to move in very dense units when it happened, and she only saw and heard one. So it wasn't a family unit. Most commonly whenever a siren was encountered (though that was still exceptionally rare), it was a positive experience. Their normal nesting and 'hunting' areas were around large lakes and in the frozen north. The festivals of the lake folk were said to be the happiest of all places to be for a siren, who would be willing to provide magical song and joy to the townsfolk. This siren certainly looked the part, but why was it all the way out here, on an island seemingly abandoned? The third scenario was that this was one of the 'classical' siren known to schoolponies for their tangles with the Pillars of Equestria. They fed on anger and disharmony and fueled it in return. They were much rarer than the second grouping but were the most famous of all types of sirens. They sometimes worked on packs when feeding on larger groups but would often work alone. The better with which to eat, right? But if that had been the case, wouldn't their armor have set off some anti-magic protection? Plus, Swift had said it was a Tri-Horn. Now, ponies could make mistakes and such but the difference between a Tri-Horn and a Siren was pretty significant. Either their scout needed to retake whole courses on identification or something was fishy. Applejack didn't know what to think, but she knew something was up. She motioned to the Captain and the rest of the team with a loud tap on her breastplate before making two zipping motions. The others nodded. That was their sign to activate their own anti-magical field. It was limited n duration before it recharged but it weakened magical affects of all kind within their personal bubble. And this close together, both the power and bubble grew. Assured, Applejack began. "We are tha Twilight Guard of Equestria, sent here on order of Her Majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle. If ya could be so kind as ta come on down so we may talk to ya all proper like, we'd be awful thankful," she said sweetly and earnestly, though she did make sure to announce themselves first. It was proper protocol and one they adhered to in any unknown situation, by custom and law alike. She really did hope it was a nice siren. If it was, then the anti-magical field would just prevent any active aid, which they could adjust later. If it was an aggressive siren however, the field would actively counter the magic.
  10. Applejack played it off well, just as Rara knew she would. Of the pair only one of them was a pony who loved the limelight. In a way, one hid behind facades most of her life to perform and the other had nary a dishonest beat of her heart. It was strange to know that in order for the tour at the end of all this to work, the facade user was learning to be a little more honest and the one with an honest heart had to use a mask a long time discarded. "Well, the Countess won't be learning anything, just Rara. The Countess won't be stirred to action again for...ohh, about another eight months or so. This is all Rara season. Unless you ask my publicists, they all want another Countess record," she laughed and then sighed with only the smallest hint of annoyance, "it's been a bit long for some of them." It was true. She still portrayed Countess Coloratura during some tours and had even put out a full album of songs under the name since her revelation with Applejack all those years ago. Still, she had spent a considerable amount of time as Rara with music and styles that were either more authentic to her or were experiments in range. They had been received well but weren't big hits compared to her pop material. She now had to deal with publicists and distributors on her own with Svengallop gone and while they were all supportive of Rara and what she wanted to do, they all had a personal preference. It wasn't a bad thing per se or something she regretted. It was all part of the system and while the system had done her dirty once or twice, she had benefited as much as anypony else from it. No cause for sadness there. Same story with Applejack's desire to get to work musically. It was actually refreshing to have her just get to work. Rara could always run in the afternoon. "That sounds good bto me. I'll stretch these mustang legs later," she said with a smile before she arched herself and let out an aggressive yawn. "To the studio! I might not have the dulcet tones of one Apple Chord today, but I think Apple*jack* will suit me just fine."
  11. Applejack asked a question that made Moonlight light up as she bounded closer towards Applejack and then started going around her in her joviality. "Oh my Celestia, the dorms are so bangin', like, they're sooo cool. I'm rooming with an Abyssanian. You know, Thrilly? That girl's got, like, totally bitchin' flexibility cause she was, like, or is I guess, some sort of circus acrobat. I'm gonna try and get her to join the cheerleading team. I'm totally gonna join it too. How could I not? Like, I'd be a killer. Anyway, like, the point is that I love those dorms. It's like a home away from away from home. For real!" She ended with a breath, leaning against a tree as she gave off a big, fake sigh. "It'd be even better if I could get everyone to wear the clothes I made them, but I suppose the school uniforms will suffice." What a tragedy. Everycreature looked positively rocking thanks to her. However would they recover? Probably when they were fed. Applejack revealed a little about the problem but not enough for Moonlight. She needed to unstack these Applejack mystery packs into smaller, less problems that she could report with full confidence would be totally solved. "Yeah, about the supply shortage. What's the four-one-one, cuz? 'Cause, like, there's all of these totally bogus rumors going around and I don't believe any of them. They are being totaly not cool about it so I was all like, 'ya know what? Just go talk to Applejack. She'll sort this out,' and so bam, I came down here so I can be all eyes wide open and stuff about all this and be, like, woke," she offered positively as she inspected the tree. She'd throw out a fake concern, hoping to get Applejack to open up about real ones. "The trees aren't all, like, gnarly and dying, are they?" As she tried to pick apart the mystery of why the food hadn't arrived on time she was interrupted by a happy bark and then a confused look. It was Winona! That little troublemaker was always in such a good mood and had been one of the many bright spots of the first few days spent at Sweet Apple Acres at the start of that fateful trip. "I haven't seen Winona in a while. Like, she looks so confused!" Moonlight laughed as she turned to face the dog. A smile creeped in as she approached Winona happily. "Hmm, maybe you'll remember...here girl, my name's Moonlight!" she said as she dropped low and offered Winona to come closer. If Winona did, Moony would pet Winona in the way that only Valen had- with swift, gentle strokes on the head that curved around the ears, leaving strands of dog hair on edge around the edges of the ear.
  12. Apple Bloom giggled to herself as the Prince talked, his dreamy accent filling her head full of fluff and goof. His scales, his dressin', the way he moved and looked and talked- her heart would be aflutter if it weren't hammering, her eyes would be glazed back if they weren't fixated like a hawk. But for all of her strength and ability in many ways she wasn't gonna be able to fulfill all of his requests on account of one simple fact: Despite her best efforts, she was losing the fight with Applejack's head. And even if she was winning, she'd certainly lose if she moved her hoof to get the apples. She clearly hadn't thought this through... "Well, uhh, how 'bout some nice-" she began before Applejack changed tactics. She pulled her head back entirely. With nothing bracing against her back legs anymore, Apple Bloom fell behind the podium back legs first with a wild, "Woooo- SPLAT!". Applejack immediately stepped up. "Cool yourself down there a spell, Apple Bloom. Yer goin' off more than a lion in season," she said to the now-muddy smaller apple down below, putting one of her legs on her for emphasis. She then looked up at the Prince. "Mighty sorry about that. She certainly has a bit of an attraction ta ya," Applejack replied with a nervous laugh before she started collecting the last of her Fuji apples. "These might remind you of yer homeland, Prince Lee-Ann. Mighty happy ta see you drop on by!" She said over the sounds of a struggling Apple Bloom, who come Tartarus or high water was going to kiss her Prince. *Prince Lee-Ann* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
  13. Gallus offered a talon to help pull Silverstream up off the ground. She might have been a klutz but she was his friend the klutz before anything else and he wasn't gonna allow her to wallow in self-made death spiral. The smell of the lost cider could still be felt wafting through his decidedly dry nose, which was close to his dry mouth, which was dry because no cider had yet graced his lips. "It isn't your fault. You tripped. It happens," he said with a heavy sigh. "Are you going to be all right?" He asked with some genuine concern. She seemed rather down and he couldn't blame her, because..."I doubt it. Not today at least. There are so many creatures in line and I don't think they're gonna push them away just for us. It isn't fair though. Look at all the other creatures who aren't anywhere near the start of the line!" Gallus said as he gestured to others around, who looked despondent as well. "There's gotta be another way..." he huffed before he smiled. "Well, at least you didn't break your wing or something." Apple Bloom was lost in the reeds with all the ponies she was serving some awesome cider to, bit not so lost that she didn't feel her heart leap in excitement when Princess Luna came by to help her. She really liked Princess Luna! More than most ponies. She was an honorary Apple and Apple Bloom hadn't forgotten all the good she had experienced on account of her. She also saw the look she was given her sisters, though she didn't have time to unpack the who, what, or why. Even as she bent her head to take in her new Princess helper she was still serving mugs- two bits, mug, two bits, mug. "Well, howdy thar Princess! Nice ta see ya back here. Sorry if this ain't so glamorous but hey, its an honest day's work!" She said with a smile as she saw a mighty impressive Taira lean in and get the Princess' attention. "Howdy! Two bits, mug!"
  14. "Security is on the minds of many ponies in these times. Thank you for your responses," The Mayor said with a smile before she turned to Spoiled Rich. "Candidate Rich, would you allow ponies to be free to request and review the finances of Ponyville's Town Hall if elected?"'
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