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  1. Rarity held her tongue for a while, though she was intimately familiar with the sort of shock and awe she could have on certain types of ponies. Indeed, it was hard for her to walk the streets of Manehattan at times when she had made sure to dress her best and attract attention to her shop. She loved it. Fashion was all about making a statement and she always made sure the statements she made were heard loud and clear and with nothing to stop her. How ponies reacted also became statements of their own. Applejack's statement was...a little more than confusing, if she had to be perfectly honest. She'd seen Rarity dress like this before, hadn't she? Had to be a good sign then. She must really have outdone herself on this design! “Why thank you, Apple Bloom. I certainly do feel, how does the phrase go, like a million bits at the saloon,” she said with a laugh, throwing back her mane. “Which is how well I expect Applejack to feel after she wins today's Rodeo. Any other fine competitors today, or are you the belle of this roughhousing brawl?” She said with some satisfaction. Pinkie Pie may have been the pony with the perfect puns but rarity found time in her articulation and sophistication to slip in a few of her own from time to time. The train had by now come to a complete halt, and Applejack had offered to get their bags. How considerate! “Oh, that would be delightful Applejack. Thank you so very much. Don't pull any muscles now, don't want to see you sidelines when this should be your moment of glory!” She intoned as a pair of designer sunglasses found their position on her head, and she trotted out into the Appleloosan countryside. Like many western towns on the old Equestrian frontier, it had a rustic charm about it that was vanishing from the rest of the developing nation. The hard work, dedication, and risk it took to survive and thrive out here were leaps and bounds ahead of anywhere else. While such ponies were not as rare as they used to be, what with Equestria growing larger and her borders expanding by the day, the fact they were so different only made it feel all the more appealing. The dichotomy was as wondrous as the fact that the town mimicked Equestria; every time she visited, she saw new faces, new building, new businesses, and new signs of growth. Had a designer settled here? If not, well, Fashion For You certainly shared the same expansionist ethos... That was later. For now, she had a very enthusiastic stallion to greet. “Braeburn!” she said warmly, giving Applejack's cousin a hug and a friendly kiss on both cheeks in greeting. “How have you been? It certainly looks like Appleloosa is growing quickly. No doubt thanks to your excellent Apple family apple orchards!” she said as she looked around. Of course it was a bit of flattery, some theater, but It was true. Appleloosa wasn't famous for much else aside from its tart apples and being the only town in traditionally Buffalo territory. Only one of them was something the town could honestly benefit from. It wasn't the friendly Buffalo tribes who still had their own land, that was for certain. Hmm, why didn't they have any Buffalo students at the School of Friendship? It would seem only natural, no? She'd have to ask Twilight about that. The topic soon shifted as to what they wanted to do. For Rarity, the answer was rather simple, so thank heavens the burden of decision making had fallen on her supple frame. “Oh, I haven't had a bite to eat in a while, but I do believe we need to get Applejack all squared away as it were. I'd hate for the time to fly and for us to miss some important doo-dad or another on account of our ravenous appetites. Isn't that right, Applejack?” She poked her friend with a smile, both of them fully aware that Applejack's intense eating habits before competition were warranted, indulgent, and time-consuming activities all the same.
  2. Valen could only describe himself as feeling...well, indescribably awful. It felt like speaking with Applejack was having the opposite of the desired effect. She was set in her ways, set in her spirit, and set in her thoughts on the matter. Valen sighed. He had come here seeking aid and found that, while indeed he would get some basic aid against Silver and some help calming the CMCs down, the larger battle being waged was already lost on one front. It was the most important front and one he didn't really want to think about, but if...no, he had to remain on target. “I see...” he started with a resigned sigh, “be that as it may, thank you for your help in dealing with Silver Spoon and the Crusaders. I have other ponies I must speak with. Have a good work morning, cousin,” he said firmly but politely, giving his traditional Manehattan sendoff of a courtesy bow before turning around and trotting quickly away from Sweet Apple Acres. In short time he was out of Sweet Apple Acres and skirting around the town, because he had already decided who he was going to see next. So he had Silver Spoon under control a little, but could always use more help. She was very manipulative. Scootaloo listened to Rainbow Dash and while she was the only one of the three to have reservations about what was happening- as much as the second round had annihilated that- it was good to have an additional backup. Rainbow Dash also had Applejack's ear more than most, perhaps enough to speak to her. Doubtful, sure. But some progress was better than none and right now she was his current best hope. Valen trotted determinedly towards Rainbow's house, located about a mile away from Ponyville. It was about that time when the first raindrops fell from the sky, helping to accentuate his mood. “Great. I can't believe I forgot the weather schedule...” he sighed, picking up the pace. It was a small but violent storm front that was going to give the farmlands some dreadfully needed moisture. One of the many great things about Equestria was that you could look up weather schedules months in advance. He had no excuse except...okay, between the CMC, Silver Spoon, identity questions, and a busy work schedule not to mention school and helping cousin Applejack, he perhaps had good cause. Perhaps. Maybe. By now he was in a full gallop, and the rain was in full force. It didn't take much convincing for his hooves to bring him within eyesight of Rainbow's floating castle, self-made and as cocky as the mare who made it. “Rainbow! Miss Rainbow Dash!” Valen yelled as his hooves started to find solid ground where once mood stood, standing as he was in the protective aegis of Rainbow's structure. He whipped his mane around and blinked the water out of his eyes, looking about for signs of the cyan mare. “I have need to speak with you, please, if you have the time!” He yelled while still keeping that proper tone well-equipped. No reason to start off on a bad hoof, even if Rainbow was unlikely to be deeply chagrined.
  3. It was clear that this place was not used to truly high clientele. Why would they be? The Princess of Friendship had simple tastes as did the rest of the Elements, and the rest of Ponyville was of rural character. Indeed, she was shocked this establishment even existed, let alone was surviving long enough to serve her! The waiter bowed and it made her feel great- unlike the rest of her friends, she certainly enjoyed the respect and awe she was held in by some members of the general public. "Oh, thank you, monsieur. Please though, make sure to extend the same respect to all who enter here- it is the generous thing to do, is it not?" She said with a pleasant smile. Indeed, she found many ponies liked these little drops of wisdom coming from one of the Element Bearers, even if it came second nature to her. In a few moments they were led to their seats, a table with a view- well, as much a view as Ponyville could provide, but it worked all the same. She made herself comfortable and took in a deep breathe. Glasses of water were soon filled for them, and when the waitress arrived Rarity spoke up: "Oh, may we have your wine selection when you give us the menus? Thank you!" she purred. She wasn't a drinker by nature but a nice glass of wine to help fine food digest always made the evening warmer and more acceptably chic. "So tell me Boulder how has business been lately? I can't imagine a repairpony is ever strapped for work in a town like Ponyville!" She asked as she used her magic to take a drink of water, happy to relax in such a luxurious environment. Hopefully Boulder Dash would have a great time himself!
  4. Rarity was an expert by trade and passion in many areas of her life, but one area she had mastered through harsh and embarrassing experience was the art of applying makeup on a train. Being Equestria's primary mode of long-transport, and Rarity being a mare of far-flung business desires and a friend to many important and active ponies across the nation, meant that she had been on a train a great many times. It was considered untoward to arrive to an event without having her necessary duty to prepare herself, yet for years the trials and tribulations of makeup application on trains were stories told breathlessly in the dens and high living rooms of the Equestrian elite, no doubt on her account. Luckily she had grown experienced and had several little strategies to help her in this very important task. She only applied the makeup on the straightaway portions of the ride, which generally meant near the start or end of the ride. She applied the makeup magically so as to reduce the impact of a bump. Finally, Rarity ensured that should would be extra vigilant and take her time to make certain that if she were to hear a bump she would have the time to withdraw before making a mess. She took it seriously, but only because she knew her friend was taking her own work today seriously. Of course she wasn't so certain that a rodeo would classify as work in the traditional sense, even if many of the so-called games were based on skills needed to run their farms. That wasn't entirely important however. Ponies competed in it, it became sport, and some ponies took their sporting rather seriously. Applejack was one of them. She was a well-known rodeo champion of Ponyville, having won nearly every event and contest that was offered locally. Her pace slowed when she failed to bring home the blue from the Equestria Rodeo Competition, so it was good to see her getting back on schedule. Ever since Rarity was a filly she knew she could count on three things in Ponyville life: Her parents traveling, her fashions improving, and Applejack winning the rodeo. While it was not an activity she was herself enamored with she knew full well how much it meant to Applejack, and was pleased to be invited to the Appleloosan Rodeo, part of the Equestrian Grand Classic series. Not that she intended to completely forego good sense and styling. She wasn't a mare who would normally dare to dress too 'western' or 'rural'. She preferred the terms of well-weathered and rustic herself! Be that as it may, she wasn't coming here to look anything but her best for her good friend. She wore a white feather in her mane and a dark red saloon dress with upper chest v-cuts, shoulder fluff, a choker, and a nice set of lacies on her four fetlocks atop silk-laden shoes. Very much western saloon mare, though without all the extra pomp and circumstance that came with the floof skirt. Indeed, as she went to and fro in Equestria's frontier regions, she saw that the saloon mares had the most exciting fashions about them. She finished the nice ensemble with eyeliner, mascara, and dirt-resisting creams. She looked and felt amazing, and she could only hope that Applejack could take the proper encouragement from the effort she was putting into her outfit. Put in that same effort Applejack and you are bound to win! Checking herself in the private mare's room once more, she breathed a contented sigh and put her makeup and accessories away. She did a small twirl and then tittered. "Divine!" She thought to herself before facing the door. She counted to three and then pushed it open, sauntering into their cabin with a pep in her step. "Rarity. Is. Ready!" She said, striking a pose and winking at Applejack, holding it for a second before letting go of the pose and smiling. "I can't wait to see you perform, Applejack. I made sure to put in as much effort in how I appeared as I expect you to put into your performance! Ha ha- quite good, if I say so myself!" She said as she twirled once, the train coming to a slow roll. "Appleloosa Station, all stop at Appleloosa Station!"
  5. Iron Pony 2019 begins in a week!

  6. If he could promote the arts then success! He returned the wink. "Well, I'm very much a troublemaker. One time I didn't make my bed before leaving in the morning. The absolute horror..." he said with mock terror, standing up on his hind legs and throwing a foreleg over his eyes in a dramatic re-enactment of every Rarity freakout ever. "What music does your brother play?" He asked as he got back down and allowed the conversation to proceed with distinct pleasantness. He always enjoyed learning about those with unusual, stereotype-shattering personalities. Smolder and her brother certainly fit that bill! He didn't get to hear it or see what her brother was like, but artistry was wonderful wherever it is and whatever form. She spoke at length about the wonder of the Treehouse. Well, less about the wonder and more about what it had. Pretty nice all things considered, though he still had some questions. "I've been to the Crystal Empire twice, both times for work. When I'm out and about for my work, I don't tend to venture very far," he said, allowing the pregnant pause to go unheeded as he slid into the tree again. "It sounds delightful. I wonder how it has running water...is it magical or does it have natural...plumbing, I suppose? It would be more elegantly designed if it were natural, though far more charming if it were magical. Does it have bedrooms?" He asked, wondering if this was a full-service treehouse or an afternoon hangout sort of location. The idea of living in a magical crystal treehouse certainly had its appeal. Smolder caught the last turn of his sentence, and he chided himself briefly for mentioning. Then again, it wasn't like this day hadn't been unusual anyway, so why not? Only a few ponies knew who Gilded Lilly was but Smolder seemed a good sort. No doubt he could rely on her discretion in this matter. He blushed but remained even on his face. "Oh, yes. That. Well, I'm already in a ballerina outfit and had an unusual magical experience with you, so no need to have such barriers. I work with Miss Rarity during her fashion tours as filly fashion supermodel Gilded Lilly. I put on a Prench accent and everything, a real life espion averti de la mode, oui?" He tittered with the accent leaving him. "It has been good work and nopony knows. Well, excepting Miss Rarity, cousin Applejack, Twilight, and now you. Entreprise exclusive!"
  7. “Indeed. Of course I suspect that they're doing it with more generosity of spirit towards one another than before, thanks to Starlight. Even the best of us are prone to make mistakes,” she said with a titter. It was rather common for the girls to share the details on their exploits and adventures with one another and she'd admit to being a little less than overjoyed at hearing how the Princesses conducted themselves. She might not have ever been as reverent as Applejack was regarding the monarchs of Equestria but she shared the majority of her country's view of them as idealistic leaders and virtuous to a fault. This view was proven consistently to be somewhat naive as they had their own foibles that undermined their grandeur. Starlight's brief tale of their sisterly struggle was only slightly less disappointing as the resolution was fantastic. She enjoyed the sweet breeze in the evening air as they sauntered down the middle of Ponyville. She knew that some would speak about this night with gossip[ firmly entrenched on their tongues and she had little desire to prevent it. After all, she did enjoy the attention! It was also a better avenue for Boulder Dash and her to be spoken about than before. They had no idea this was an apology dinner for a much more embarrassing incident! Strike her down if that ever became common knowledge. No, this was better. At the very least this rumor mill involved her having a wonderful night out rather than having a hoof inelegantly glued to her...anyway. The night was lovely so far and she had no intention of ruining it with ill-fated memories. The red Sky was not very far away when she allowed herself to ignore the possibilities inherent tonight and enjoy her polite company. Of course, this was a rather pale imitation of the Canterlot restaurant. Not that it was bad- indeed, ponies who didn't frequent high dining in Canterlot as often as religiously as Rarity would be fooled. The atmosphere and experience were all the same but the Canterlot location had several of the city's best chefs and the highest quality ingredients. The Ponyville location most certainly had talented chefs and excellent ingredients, but the difference could be tasted to a trained tongue and her tongue was certainly well trained. Still, that didn't change the meaning of coming here or how grateful she was. "Oh, an excellent choice. This will be a meal to remember!"
  8. I'll quote what I said earlier: "Ask yourself some questions and allow them to inform your writing! How was her rule? How did she come into the position? How did she lead?How did she meet the stallion who helped her start a family? What were her parents like, her subjects like? What was the relationship between her and her citizens?What crisis situations, what disasters, what events transpired under her watch and how did she react? What was she like beyond direct canon sourced information?What hopes did she harbor, hobbies did she have, flaws, strengths, and fears?"
  9. She shook her head and smiled. “It ain't a big deal. She's busy sure but she ain't too busy ta help a pony put, Ah reckon. No promises, but Ah'll try,” Applejack said confidently. Indeed, she didn't know what Twi would say in regards to its feasibility or what else may get in the way bit she knew from honest experience that Twilight wasn't a mare who'd let you down. She may have other jobs to do and hats to wear for the sake of Equestria but she always did right by the good ponies of this land. Forged would be no different- Applejack was sure of that, at least. Of course, it may very well be for nought. There was every possibility that his father was not going to be found, that he would remain missing, even with the help of a Princess. Applejack didn't wallow in that negative thought as Forged gave her the scoop on when to expect the work to be done. She'd much rather have had it done sooner rather than later but saw no pressing need for him to amend his hours on her account. “Hmm, Ah think tomorrow'll be fine. Ah got something Ah can wear tonight an Ah can come in early in tha morning after dawn work is done!” She closed her eyes, smiled, and nodded. “Yep, thats the right idea. And sure, Ah want the repaired shoes ta be tha very same size they are now, no size changes. Good ol' heat treatment, some superficial hardenin', an' a paint job? Ah think that all sounds right nice,” she said as she pulled out her bit bag. “So, all in all, how much'll this be?” She said without a trace of worry. Good work was worth good bits as far as she was concerned. She wasn't skimping on it, either.
  10. She has very little canon on her so that gives you a lot of room to work with. Be as canon as possible is meant to inform the applicant that they should be careful to not add elements that would oppose what we know of her. Everything else is open to her- as long as the canon is kept respected, you have a lot of room to move.
  11. Of course, I we're thinking about this too hard, methinks. Last season, wanted to tackle the subject of Scootaloo's parents, wanted to detail why we don't see them, wanted to make them Aussie Pones, and went from there. There are multiple potential lessons or morals left untaught that I think would have been interesting to pursue that they did not.
  12. It started off very well for the little colt. Applejack was many things to many ponies but the one thing she was to everypony was the most reliable and trustworthy friend you could ask for, and doubly so for family. Valen could feel that love from her, the earnestness and honesty as she allowed for the recent events to be taken as they were: quite awful. She didn't excuse Silver or buy into the lie she had spread, even it was partially from his lips. This was going great, he was actually going to get through this rather awful time. After what seemed like a hundred little strikes against his sense of peace and a Ponyville experience tinged with disastrous misconceptions and foibles, somepony was finally listening to him! And then it turned. It turned in the way only Applejack could make it turn, full of honesty and sweetness and kinship, but to Valen, it was awful. Valen had known for some time how Applejack viewed him and what he was meant to be and do. They had multiple conversations in the past about this and it seemed like it was a settled manner, even if they disagreed. She had voiced her opinion stronger in the past, but she had never refused to call him anything but Lilly. She was supportive, she was wonderful, she was the best cousin in the world, and she was wrong to the degree that it almost physically hurt him. False hope dashed, he sighed and looked down at the ground. He wasn't going to get the help he wanted, but he still had to talk it out, at least for a little bit. “My name is not Lilly or Gilded Lilly, Applejack. I am Valen. Cousin, we've talked about this before. I'm comfortable as I am! I don't want to be anyone other than Valen. But we've talked about that before, so I'm guessing your mind is settled on the matter?” He asked, half-knowing the response even as he asked it. His mind was already running ways to cope with it. He didn't have to acknowledge being called Lilly outside the farm, right? Back home in Manehattan, around town, he was certain to have some peace. As long as he could get help from the other leading citizens of town to ensure that Silver's other routes were blocked, it would be okay. His cousin was worth dealing with the fact that she was delightful, sweet, stubborn, and wrong Maybe this would be isolated. Maybe. Hopefully.
  13. The idea of a food bomb made Rainbow's stomach growl something vicious because she didn't even think about how hungry she was until she saw the mess that had been made all around the kitchen. She didn't know what type of dinner had been prepped because it had become a slurry and paint across the ceiling and walls. She couldn't say too much- she'd been on the active end of a terribly concocted and executed dinner plan or two in her life. Usually trying to celebrate her parent's anniversary as a kid or when it was her time in rotation to cook for the Wonderbolts. Far be it from her to make Twilight feel too bad about this! Besides, it was charming how awfully the Princess was handling this. You'd think Twilight, deserving enough to have the honor of being the sister-in-law to the Princess of Love and the title of the Princess of Friendship, would have a handle on this, but nope. No, she did not. Maybe it fell into a grey area. Rainbow nodded and hovered to the ceiling, going about cleaning as the awkwardness started to fall away in the normalcy of their operations. She didn't have to think too hard about it but it seemed like any other time she may have been called in to help clean up another one of Equestria's messes, Twilight specifically much of the time. She didn't mind. You always helped your friends and it just so happened her friend was a Princess and what they were doing was more important than whatever else she'd be doing. Rainbow cleaned and smiled as well as she could considering she had been highly nervous not that long ago. It was all clearing up now- clear skies ahead, clean ceiling above, and two mares unwilling to discuss anything. Then Spike spoke and ruined that brief peace. Rainbow bobbled the bottle and dropped the cloth onto Twilight's back, tapping the bottle up in the air once or twice more before managing to grab it before it got out of her grasp. She gulped and have an awkward laugh as she hovered down, putting it down. She gave a look up- it was mostly cleaned. It would have to do. Spike was sent off to go find something to do, hopefully away from them, while both mares attempted to dance around the subject. Twilight led and Rainbow was happy to follow. “Oh, yeah. Yeah, it'll get worse, too. You might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. The soreness will be really bad and your muscles will feel like they're locked up. They aren't so you need to just work through it, but it'll be real bad. The prices we pay to keep Equestria safe, right?” She laughed, looking around at the mess, or what was left of it. Talking about real subjects took her mind off of matters, at least for a little bit. “So, what was this food supposed to be, other than paint and spackle?”
  14. I loved this episode loads and loads. The parents were fun, the aunts were sweet, the conflict felt very real. I do dislike that we missed a chance at having an important lesson about growing up and what that sometimes entails being learned, but it was a super sweet episode regardless.
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