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  1. He sure did know his horseshoes. Applejack knew a bit about them herself and did some basic maintenance on the ones she owned and used currently. Indeed, it was only when she outgrew them or they suffered terrible damage that she felt the need to get new ones. The ones she laid down she didn't want for nostalgia or immediate use, however. Apple Bloom, Valen Orange, Zap Apple- they were all growing and she was going to make sure their first quad of real, working horseshoes had been part of the family for a while. Her first quad had been a hoof-me-down, after all. A tradition was hard to stop especially when it would lead to some playful family ribbing. The more important discussion, however, demanded a more immediate response. "Water resistance is important. A lot of farmin' is about trying ta make sure yer crops are properly watered, after all. Alpha Tahtanium could be what Ah'm lookin' for. Can't say Ah've spent quite that much on a quad of horseshoes before. Hehe, Ah remember when that much would net me three ta four workquads! Still, got tha bits and these ones'll need to put to it. Alpha Tahtanium it is, Forged. As for tha others, they ain't fer me. Ah got some family that are gettin' right ta workin' age, an a little fella who ain't gonna be little forever. Repair 'em, maybe they'll fit or not- and if not, they can remain safe for somepony who they will fit," Applejack said as she trotted about. "So, where do you have yer sizin' stirrups?" She asked. Normally in order to get the proper horseshoe made you needed your hoof, and hoof wall, sized up. An important part of not getting hurt! As she looked, her head snapped back to meet Forged as she heard the deadly serious curiosity in his voice as they spoke about his pa. Her ears lowered. "Can't say Ah have, Forged. Ah just remember him from when Ah was a youngin' an' got mah first few quads. He was- is- a right good fella," she replied softly and warmly as the forge called Forged away. She sighed. It seemed like everypony she met nowadays had some manner of familial issue but it didn't ever make her feel better about. Losing her parents at such a young age hurt her bad, but that meant she had to grow and mature on her own. By the time she was out of her formative years the hard work was done. Losing somepony, either in the literal or darker metaphorical sense, when you were older? Heck, you could argue it was. Poor stallion. Applejack shook her head. Maybe it would turn out? Missing wasn't...gone, after all.
  2. Valen allowed his nervousness, present even in the company of such a quality guide, to settle deep below content and competent surface as he took in the beautiful environment around him. The waterfalls and manufactured pool at the front were pleasing and added serenity to the location that may have otherwise been lost to the hustle and bustle of the village not far away. The structure itself was classically beautiful but shone with all the warmth radiating off of it that was found very rarely in buildings- a testament to the wondrous, inspiring nature of those who taught and studied here. Valen looked at it but was more focused on the cause for it- his guide, and those like her. He was here to learn from them as much as his professors. "My academic education has come along quite well, but there comes a time where everycreature searches for something more. You can learn a lot from books on general subjects and the Academy's academic qualities are without question. But...well, we all miss something of ourselves if we spend our time snout in books and eyes down, do we not?" Valen said before laughing. "Besides, I am located here in Ponyville. The school here is fine, don't get me wrong- but I wasn't learning much there anyway that the Academy hadn't already taught me," he said while giving her a sheepish smile. He wasn't a genius or even that talented a student. He just had a dogged work ethic. That was often times of most use. "This is a beautiful school, Miss Smolder. To be here for recent events and to experience it all firstclaw, must have been in some way exhilarating. I've been the center of attention before but never the center of an event, that much is certain...but you are likely bored of such probes at this point, so onto other subjects. What are the courses like? Does the School offer any after-school activities or programs? What's the food like?" He asked, pulling a small notebook out of his saddlebag and a pencil in his mouth. He wasn't exceptionally studious but he did like to have the preparation for the future, and who better to help?
  3. "Ah'm in need a new quad of horseshoes. Ah run Sweet Apple Acres and that is a lot of hard work. Ah farm, buck trees, run errands, build barns, control tha Everfree, and work mah flank off from dawn ta dusk. Ah need a horseshoe that can hold up ta all that stress and a lot of impacts. Can't have a fella that breaks down quickly, either. Don't need fancy lettering or colors or anything that sparkles or shines in moonlight or something fancy like that, just need tha best worskshoe you have," she said as she looked around. She then took out her saddlebag and started displaying some of her older horseshoes. "Ah'd also like ta get these repaired, if y'all could do that. Some of them might need ta be reworked on account of mah hooves being a mite bigger than they used ta be, but it'd be appreciated no matter what," she said, looking over them all. She ran through about a quad every year or two it felt like and only about five really looked like they could do her any good. She tried to remember if she saw him around. Sure he might have been a bit of a shut-in but even shut-ins needed to go to the market and get some work materials. Of course it made sense if he wanted to live on the outskirts, what with his work and all, but still- everypony needed to be seen at some point. No doubt this wasn't a lick different. Where did that name ring a bell? It did. Ponyville wasn't a big place. Most ponies knew most ponies and some ponies knew everypony and while she wasn't going to be arrogant enough to claim to have all the names on automatic recall like Pinkie Pie. Wasn't much of a stretch to say that she probably knew everypony in Equestria at this stage. But that name...then it dawned on her! "Wait a second, is your pa named Cast Horseshoes?"
  4. Valen had been very excited to see who would the one to give him the tour. He had enough relation with important members of the faculty to have some inside information not on the courses, but on the students. Made sense since it was a friendship school that your primary concerns were that of your fellow students, since the real education lay with the bonds you made with them. Sandbar sounded like a very relaxed colt, a local one that Valen had seen once or twice around town. Silverstream was a hippogriff who had a bubbly and excitable sensibility about her that was infectious and brought a great amount of joy to those around her. Gallus, the griffon, seemed to pack a prickly personality that simply hid the softness and care inside. Ocellus was a changeling who was changeling perceptions- see, Valen had an amazing sense of humor- one creature at a time. Yona the Yak was a bright spot in everycreature's day who might smash a lot but helped build something great. And that left just one creature and as luck would have it, that was the creature that opened the door and invited him in. Smolder the dragon. Just a few years ago this would have been a terrifying sight. Dragons had a long and storied history of terrifying ponies. Luckily, recent events had helped shift the perception a little bit and Valen had been lucky enough to deal with Spike more than a few times. There was little a dragon could do, as long as it was being sociable and talking. And Smolder was a sociable dragon, known for being a bit coarse and direct but tere was a reason she had a great group of friends. "Hello Smolder, I'm Valen Orange. A pleasure to meet you," he said with a bow that naturally became a curtsy, his experience showing. "Cousin Applejack spoke very highly of you when I decided to apply for this school. I have never spent long along dragons, and I look forward to learning more about you and your kind," he said pleasantly, not having to lie even as he spoke in a practiced manner. It never hurt to be kind and polite, especially to those you did not yet know. The frivolity of personal relationships were always built upon a solid foundation, and he looked forward to building one with her. He trotted deeper into the school, his eyes soaking in the sights and sounds.
  5. Applejack looked at what was being offered, leafing through a catalogue and checking out examples. He sure did have a grasp on how to make some mighty fine horseshoes. She hadn't seen quality like those up close in a shop since her trip to Manehattan a while ago, so she was definitely heartened that the quality seemed on point for what she was requesting. Cost? Woah nelly. He was charging a pretty bit for his work. Quick math told her that it wasn't that much more than what she would normally pay for having to special order the horseshoes from Mustangia, but that didn't much soothe her. Was it worth the price? She'd have to find out. Her mind wandered over the various options. Her three main concerns were impact resistance, ride resistance, and wear resistance. Handing of wet environments, cold, environments, and warm environments were a little less vital in a weather controlled area but were all factors to consider. Impact and wear were honestly the most important but she found herself galloping about in the Everfree often enough that to skimp out on wear resistance seemed like a bad idea, regardless of the cause. Applejack ruminated on the choices as she sat down on the sofa, all four legs up and under as she lazily looked over the catalogue. Her mind was coming to some conclusions as the store owner made his appearance, the heat of the shop being the clearest indicator of the work going on. He was a bit young it seemed to be running a shop like this but that made it all the better. It was always good to see youngins taking charge and making something of themselves. Reminded her of just a few years with Rares, RD, and even herself- heck, not to mention Twilight least of all. Ponyville had a bright future as long as new blood made such great contributions. "Howdy there, Ah'm Applejack," she said as she trotted over to the store owner. She grabbed one of his hooves and shook it vigorously with two of hers. "So, what's yer name? Can't say Ah've seen you 'round here, at least for a spell. 'Course this town is growing faster than a foal in summer," she ended with a laugh as she tried to get to know this new fella.
  6. Applejack liked herself a nice quad of horseshoes. When you did a lot of farm work, a lot of running around in the Everfree, and a relentless barrage of Applebucking defined your day to day, a sturdy horseshoe or four could make a world of difference. She wasn't like Rarity who loved horseshoes, fashion shoes, and all manner of shoes. Just good workshoes, that's all she needed. And by good she meant great. The Apple family had always been the sort to spend a healthy sum on good equipment and as horseshoes got better and better over time, so did the taste for them by the Apple family. Sturdy, impact resistant, long-lasting horseshoes were as important as a strong barn. She often had to order away for the right quad, however. Not that Ponyville shoesmiths in the past weren't good, but she needed something better than the same ol' that satisfied common use. Canterlot and Manehattan had some good high-quality workwear in that department, but she found the most luck from some of those Mustangia speciality shops. Cost a pretty penny though. Not only did she have to spend the bits for the item, but the tools needed to properly scale it to one's hoof weren't cheap or easy to use, and there was always shipping. She had always been looking for somepony to open up a new shop in town that could satisfy her very specific requirements. Somepony heard those mumblings because lo and behold, a new shop in town. It didn't have the most imaginative name ever- Horseshoes Store and Smithing- but it didn't need to have fancy PR, just good product. So early one morning after some relatively light work, Applejack packed up some old examples of her other horseshoes and trotted on downtown to see what the store was all about. Heck, couldn't be a bad time waster in the worst of cases. And if the shop proved to be exactly what she was looking for then hot diggity, what a treat! Full of excitement and possibility was the operator of Sweet Apple Acres as she opened the door and trotted on in. She took a quick look around, but really only that. She wanted to know who the heck ran this place before she did much else. "Well, why don't you look at this. A mighty fine shop you got here!" She said as she looked around, hoping to catch the attention of the shop owner.
  7. The School of Friendship towered over education in Ponyville, so far above that it seemed like half the students in the local school had applied to enter it. It wasn't hard to imagine that Cheerilee was a little perturbed by that, but who could blame the students? A large, castle-like school taught by the Elements of Harmony and with all manner of exotic creatures as fellow students. But it wasn't likely for anypony to get into. It was a Friendship School of course, not simply another school. You had to be able to learn something friendship based...and not have a backlog of educational requirements. Ponies had to learn their ABCs and their 1-2-3's after all. The School of Friendship didn't teach that. It taught harmony, it taught friendship, it taught the important elements of Equestrian society that couldn't be covered in a normal classroom. So, of course, Valen applied because it sounded fun. He hadn't expected to be accepted by the School of Friendship. He could only guess that his Academy education in Manehattan had made the education available in Ponyville otherwise redundant. He could only really hope that his acceptance didn't signal something awkward about him, but who was he to say otherwise? The School of Friendship was run by the best of the best. He was excited to join it! He tried to get Applejack to loosen her lips and give him the inside scoop on the lesson plan, but she was tight-lipped. It wouldn't be fair to give him an advantage, now would it? Swatted away from that angle, he resigned himself to excited preparation for the new school. As the days counted down and the summer came to an end Valen found his anticipation rising, especially when Miss Rarity's tour wrapped up a week prior to the start of the school year. Schedule free, he packed and readied himself. The day before the school officially opened he, along with other new entrants, was to arrive at the school and get a guided tour and to get their lodgings squared away. Valen could have stayed at Sweet Apple Acres but found the concept of such a boarding school to be rather exciting- spending time among peers and away from your direct guardians was in a small way a preparation for adult life. He arrived at the school with a large saddlebag and a suitcase in front of the school, watching the path to the school as the water danced and rippled around the stones leading to the door. An excellent source of feng shui, no? With a big breath and nervous excitement, Valen approached the door and went to knock on the giant double doors...
  8. Either one works. As for magic and electricity, it is a common substitute- magically charged orbs/batteries/other storage that provides power and light.
  9. Howdy there! I like Forged a lot. Only element I'll ask for a change is the references to electricity or such- replace with some manner of magical method, all that I'd see a need to change. The rest is golden!
  10. Twilight saw the slip and momentarily moved to help, but he had it under control. Of course, control was an overestimate of it. He was clearly tired and at the end of his rope. As he spoke, her face showed clear concern. Less for what he was telling her and more for his own well being. She had carefully selected each and every member of EPIC for their skills, abilities, and character. A certain level of grating tenaciousness was present in any of them, Swift Squall included, and she wouldn't disabuse her agents from pushing themselves until they felt they couldn't go any further. Especially one as prideful and forward-facing as the gentlecolt next to her. She would allow his physical issues to take a backseat for now, though she wasn't one to forget such matters. They would need to be addressed later. For now, she simply ran over what he had said. The internal politics of Roam were certainly more intriguing than nations outside of the Provinces of Itaily, since there were actual elections there. She had heard about the mismanagement of the Mayor there, not that it was all that unique. Roam had a long history of incompetence in civil administration that it proudly upheld despite all of its great advantages. Tempest Corporation responding to such a tender was not a surprise, nor did it feel anything other than fated that they had done so. Maybe none of this happens if another company is at the helm of the project. She wouldn't have been called this early, that much was for certain. "If it comes to it leave the Mayor to me. The limits of his administrative power end where the interests of Equestria as a whole begin, and this is certainly within the interests of Equestria. Most importantly, he wouldn't be able to get through the barrier, even weakened. At least not for a while. Mundane efforts won't drain the barrier not breach it, and even more advanced magical unsealing techniques won't do much. It requires an excessively inane knowledge of such matters," she said with a bit of a laugh at her own experience, "and somepony with the time to devote to very specific disciplines. Or somepony with even more time to devote to studying every discipline. Few ponies exist with those qualifications, and I know where they all are right now," she said as they breached the castle doors and waited outside. She picked it up early, her Alicorn hearing being a few shades superior. It also kept the sound below a harmful level, but she knew better than most that it was likely to be an issue for others. Her horn lit up and a small beam fired off towards the source of the noise, enveloping it and dampening the sound many octaves. You could still hear it, but only faintly unless it was right on top of you. "I'm always excited by what Bevel has made. Such engineering creativity!"
  11. Hi Mr. SteelEagle! Can you tell me how to do OCs and MLP aplications?

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  12. That Kirin was too damn happy. It was freaky. It was like Professor Pinkie Pie in kirin form. It just seemed strange. Gallus had a pretty good radar for this kind of stuff to. They all did, it was why Cozy Glow had no chance, but his had been honed in Griffonstone where you had to be on your talons at all times. He sincerely doubted that an adult Kirin was just wandering around Ponyville and heard about an O&O game being played by students and was just waltzing in. Something was...off. He didn't know what it was, though. Maybe he was just paranoid. Equestria was a weird place and maybe this was normal and he was the strange one. "Welcome to the game, Yama. I'm Gallus," the griffon replied, more guarded in spirit than word. He'd give this strange Kirin a chance. But he was still strange and he didn't know why everypony was so into him. Especially Silverstream, but then again she just liked new things and experiences. He didn't He liked the same perch and the same comforts. Or at least he pretended to. That was perhaps one reason why he didn't understand why she would want to play a strange species when she could play a normal one...but she would probably be creative enough to pull it off. Kirins weren't in the book! Like, what, they could just start making stuff up now? He had read the player races and there wasn't a thing about Kirins in there. What, were they going to take dragons and unicorns and smash them together? Ugghhhh. Fiiiiiinneeee. How would they even go about it? Gallus flipped through the race selections and started talking under his breath. Finally he spoke. "Okay, well, if we're going to just start making up races to play that aren't in the book, then look at unicorns, look at dragons, and then we can make a level adjustment. Take some traits and come up with something. Kirins have a draconic breath attack that follow a half-level progression and can cast spells at a half-level progression? I don't know. Maybe a ranged character of some kind? Todd the Kirin Ranger has a..theme, I guess" he said, leaning on his right talon arm and looking away from it and instead focusing on something slightly less awful. Only slightly less. Smolder returned his jabs with a character and everything. Lucy the kitten, the smelly kitten familiar. Gallus cocked a grin. "Not a bad picture, for a dragon at least. Needs more stink lines. Also, a longer tail. You know, to trip your enemies whe you throw it," he shifted in his chair, looking over his character. "I didn't want to use a double bladed weapon. That could hurt friends in close quarters, and as a Berserker, Smasher already has trouble when he is raging trying to not hurt friends. Don't want to double that up, right? Otherwise it would easy for Smasher to put just about anyone down by accident. Don't want that do happen now, do we?" He looked around, "not that I've thought about it or anything. Just looked at the book for a moment," speaking of looking at things, he took another look at his invite. The back of it, namely. Not a drawing there for him. He showed it to Smolder. "Looks like Yona knows who has the better sweet tooth between us. Guess she didn't want a repeat of the fish incident," he said with a nervous chuckle. He was an omnivore shaded carnivore. He knew ponies didn't eat meat, how was he supposed to know who else didn't? Speaking of not eating meat, Sandbar had a good diea on what he wanted to do. A Paladin certainly seemed cool. Frontline fighter with healing was always good and it seemed like he wouldn't be alone up there. Not that Smasher would mind, Smasher loved action. Sandbar also came up with a story. Sounded pretty cool. Did Minotaurs have tribes? Were there more than, like, three or four minotaurs? Oh well. Fantasy game and all that. "Marcol sounds like he has a lot going on, Sandbar. What tribe was he? Good character," Gallus said as if he knew half of what Sandbar was saying. Only half- he couldn't let on that he knew every word that came out of Sandbar's mouth. Bad for business. *The game will start whenever we are ready. We will be vague on what is happening until Yona returns, and just focus on our interactions in the gaming circle. :)*
  13. Finally, able to post tonight. Emergency work for most of monday drowned me. Any more ideas?

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