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  1. I'm thinking..Since there is only four...player characters...Can we just assume there's a bunch of random NPC kids as well? Would give the illusion that the camp is busy and maybe enough players for two teams?
  2. The little blue Pegasus pony gasped. Her soccer teacher both didn't and wanted to fly! Since that cancled each other out, it meant she didn't want to fly! Why would anypony not want to fly? It would be a terrible nightmare if the filly were to be grounded and never to experience a good part of the world. There were cities one could only get to by flight. She would never be able to experience the delicious ice cream at the 'Cloud Nine' Ice Cream Shoppe in Cloudsdale if she didn't have wings. She would have to endure her entire life being forced to settle with only -good- ice cream. Like the 'Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor' in Canterlot or the 'Scoop-er Stars' in Fillydelphia. The horror! Echo was a very wise filly as she picked clearly the best athlete in the entire park. "Good choice!", she made sure the pony saw her mouth. "I'm thinking...If we're running with the ball and I'm in your blind-spot, I could lightly flex a wing, so you'll feel a little breeze coming your way. That means I'm kicking the ball to you, so you'll be ready.." While she would not be able to hear her calls, she could feel the stomping of her hooves on the ground and the wind would help get them properly coordinated. While her partner was hearing impaired, Echo was a pretty tough little filly. "Hey Mr Gumby!", she called out to her faithful dog. "You bring back any balls that leave the field...Okay?" The dog responded back with an "RAPH!" Once everything was settled, Wind Walker glanced over at their teacher, "I've got my partner, Miss Long Shot!"
  3. Name: Fire Walker Role: Guard Branch and Rank: Twilight Guard. Captain Plus One: Swift Squall
  4. “Wow.”, That was kind of dark. Accidentally cooking a pony due to their name. That was a story only her brother or his goofy friends would tell. Almost sounded like the old ‘pony parents can’t get ahold of their usual foal-sitter so they pick a random one who looks a bit odd, but uses her anyway only for the brain-boggled sitter to end up cooking their kid and not the cabbage she was supposed to prepare’. Dark. “Please don’t tell that story to Ocellus...." The poor Changeling was not the biggest fan of spooky stories and was easily creeped and or freaked out by the simplest of horror stories. And considering the sensitive changeling was her bunkmate, the young dragon really did not want to hear the poor creature mutter in her sleep as she had to endure another nightmare. "I seriously doubt any of us could lift or even pull Big Mac.", he was the only large red stallion she knew was nearby. She really really wanted to make a joke about the big guy being a 'snack', but bit her tongue instead. There were waaaaay too many teachers lingering about. and she had just finished a week's worth attention after she got caught telling a rather wicked joke about an donkey. Thankfully the sometimes sea-pony had moved on to other topics. Former invaders of Equestria. The odd mare with the broken horn and whatever a "Grubber' was. They were part of an unsuccessful team of invaders. Their leader lost not only the battle, but also his head. These two jokers were the only ones left, although Smolder pondered whatever happened to the Stormking's minions? Those big, dumb monsters that he had? Were they just sent back home, or did Princess Celestia take them all behind her she-shed and zap 'em with her magic? Ponies were far too forgiving. IF this happened in the Dragonlands, they would have all been kicked into the nearest lava pool. Or Torch would have just stepped on them all.
  5. Fire Walker who is currently part of the Twilight Guard would have to come She would go with Swift Squall...But if for some reason he's not able to attend, I could see her attending the event just to hang around and see friends. The idea of her best buddy Pressy going on a date makes her very very happy. I'll need to hear back from Swift's player before I fill out that form...
  6. "Yes....And I'm just as bad...", the mare whinnied, "I'm either in my dress uniform, my dress-dress, or my dress armor. All very well and proper...But sometimes you want to be a little risky...", next time she gets her beloved green stallion over to Ponyville, she would need to take him to see Velvet and her little store. If anyone could get an conservative stallion to dress all crazy like, it would be her. She chuckled, "It's not so much the materiel....I believe it was fine Corinthian tissue paper....And it's tor coverage either, it was all about who made it....And as most fashion designers, this one was a bit of a looney....This Whackett Buzzard Stubble had never been seen outside of a small box she lives in...She has ponies who push her box on a wagon about...And she comminutes through birdcalls and box shakings. All very odd. I just hope they had cut holes In her box." Oh bugger. She really needed to not talk politics. Ever. She had heard this all before. "Equestria Nobility?", she sighed, "Not sure there's much left of our old royal family.....I believe Blueblood..Or Bluebelle...is what's left. The others, I'm sure are just sell made millionaires and their hangers on...As for us...Ponies....We've been protected for so long...By heroes...Alicorns....We'll all need to leap into reality one day...Might skin our knees in the process, but we'll have to learn to stand on our own four hooves..", she took a sip from her glass. "I just feel bad for Princess Twilight and her friends....But especially Twilight..Poor girl works so hard....And we're about the same age, and she's never had a date that I know of..Or probably even a day for herself....She was thrust into the toughest school at such an early age and was even given a dragon baby to look after, when she was practically a baby..." She nodded her head as the unicorn spoke of her 'Sombra'. What a weird, weird day that was. "He seemed to be a bit more solid...And I had planned to see if he had a navel...But never could find the time with all the running about. Maybe the 'Blue Fairy' turned him into a real boy?" As she pondered this all, the intercom sparked back to life with an even worse message. That couldn't be the captain. He was a tad bit silly. Maybe they had been hijacked? This thought quickly ended as the ship decided it had enough and parted. The first thing on the mare's mind was her stallion who already felt the lack of breathable oxygen and quickly went under. Pegasus ponies could handle this sort of thing better, but not for long. This was much higher than they tended to fly. But she needed to save him. At any cost. Fire Walker quickly wrapped her legs around the unconscious pony and spread out her wings. She might not be able to hold him for long....Oh dear...She was already out like a light. The Pegasus mare woke up. She did not care that she could not see. Nor did she care that her wings were screaming in agony or she felt warm blood on her body. Not a pleasant feeling...What she did care was...."Swift!", she called out. And good gravy, it was cold outside!
  7. “Was it?”, she blinked at the silly stallion. “I just had assumed you said that as not to hurt my feelings.”, she fluttered her eyelashes at her special pony before snatching up a bit more cheese. “Thought you were trying out a bit of ‘modern dress’. Never could understand it...”, she chuckled, “A few weeks ago Docket and I attended one of those runway model events in Manehattan....Not sure who the fashion designer was. But it was crazy..Just such odd dresses....One even wore what I was pretty sure was just a long bit of tooth floss..And when she turned , it just went into her...Like 'swoop'", she made the sound affect. "We later found out the 'dress' was going for over ten thousand bits and the entire line had sold out by then....Just hope they didn't sell the one the model had on...Yeck.." She took a sip from her glass, which oddly enough contained only apple juice crossed with cherry juice. During her time in Ponyville, it had became an popular little drink she enjoyed while on the 'clock'. "There's only a few ponies in the 'Twilight Guard' and most had already been in the R.E.A. So it would be a smooth transition back into the fold....But for now, things have been so crazy, I haven't asked Princess Twilight.....As for the Princesses...I have no idea what they're up too...Had hoped if they retired, the whole kingdom would be returned to we mortals, like it used to be, but Twilight? She's a smart girl, but hardly a politician." More talk of Sombra sparked a bit of fire in her eyes.."It's just so bizarre...He did return and from what I've heard, he was outright blown to pieces by our favorite purple princess....Apparently he tried to use her niece as a shield and she did not take too kindly to it...", she shook her head, "We are ponies...Adorable and friendly, but you mess with our family and that's the end of yah.." Oh wait, there was a bit of bourbon in this. No matter she was feeling a bit odd. "I helped find some lost critters with Lady Fluttershy and some farmers...For some reason, a creature who called himself Sombra was there..But he wasn't evil. Just...Erm..", she paused to think of the right word, "More like a gloomy dark teenaged pony who all the sweet and innocent young mares would fall in love with...In young adult novels. That I have never read..Nope.", she added a chuckle. "If he was evil, Wind Walker's dog, Mr Gumby, who was with me, would have jumped on him....So still trying to figure out what had happened.", she leaned into the cuddle. She smiled before she took another sip....And something he said struck her as odd.. "Sig?", Did he mean Chieftain Sigrun? She had not seen the impressive Caribou in ages. How was she doing? Was it the wedding she last ran into the Chieftain? Before her question could be answered, a rather annoying voice came in on the intercom. "Oh, fuzzy under cranky keisters....", she had been working on her swearing lately. "I hope they didn't break the Crystal Heart again....I heard the weather went from horrid to abhorrent the last time it happened." ,At leas they had each other...As she pondered life, she spotted some Kirin...What gorgeous creatures...She smiled at the stallion as he did one thing he really should not have done. He cursed the vacation. They were doomed.
  8. "Yeah. Relaxing....", the mare sighed. Thankfully this was less of an sigh of woe, but one from a pony that really needed to relax. She paused to sample few bits of Gorau Glas from her cheese plate. This all felt very good. "And again....I'm sorry for being such a cranky-puss to you Swifty dear.." It had been so long since they had been together.."And for your suit....I know it was very exquisite and all, and while rather durable, but it was no match for my teeth....", after being grouchy, she managed to rip his clothing off. Rather quickly. With her choppers. Maybe it was true about the rumors of her great great grandmother being part-piranha fish. Again, it had been a very long time since she spent time with her stallion. "And the couch. I had Mister Oak Branch ship it over to a friend in Ponyville. Davenport is an absolute artist when it comes to restoring antique sofas. I'm sure he'll even find the right springs to replace all the busted ones." IT WAS THREE MONTHS! "And this....With all the things going on with the Twilight Guard and then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna retiring and hoofing their power to my boss...I might end up moving to Canterlot if Twilight needs me to....." Canterlot was the capitol of Equestria and to rule, one would need to live in the city. She really need to push all this worry out of her head during the vacation. Take it all out. Put it in a box. Lock that box and put that box in a safe. There we go. She pressed her head against the very glorious and not broken couch.."Is good....I won't speak of work...Or drama...Or theatrics....Or even that weird little mission I went with Lady Fluttershy and this.....shadow thing....Looked like Sombra, but was not....Really. The more that I think of it...And Apple Bloom...I swear...When we have a kid, I hope he or she is like that little Apple kid...She's clever and brave and she has a cute little accent. And the Crystal Empire....Yeah, I doubt think I've been there just to bramble about and look at stuff. Usually some craziness going on..." She was very comfortable at the moment. There was light music in the background and it was just the right temperature. And unlike a train, there was no movement below. No shaking or bouncing. Something her old friend Zelda was probably experiencing at the moment. The black griffon had also made plans to visit the restored empire months before Swift Squall came up with the idea. They had plans to meet up during the last day of their stay. "I can just rest here forever..Knowing you're at my side..", the mare whispered.
  9. Pocket Change could not help but sigh after hearing all the 'Ugg-a-Wug’s. These were not proper natives, but as their new friend had elegantly remarked, but a bunch of 'dumb old jerks'. What was next? Bongo Bongo Bongo? Or maybe even Bingo, bangle, bungle? He doubted any of these scavengers had attended one archeology class. Instead they probably read a few 'Punch Punchly: The Explorer Who Punches!' novels. Those made 'Daring Do' books look like the 'Old Stallion And The Sea'. "Good idea. Let's get into these bushes.." Both Pocket and Wind Whistler quickly made their way into their proper hiding spot. "And no stabbing anypony..", he whispered to the mare. "Your dog buddy gets a freaking sword. What do you think he's going to do with that?" "He's not going to slice any....oh.." Further shots could be heard. "Bongo Bongo Bongo!" and "Bingo, bangle, bungle!", could be heard. "Oh, for fraks sake.", the stallion groaned. The sword was too good for them!
  10. "School project.", the dragon replied in a 'just the facts' tone, "Needed to check out the place and write a little paper about it." She was really doomed at the moment. Smolder could not even come up with a decent title for this paper. Maybe there is a pun she could use. Ponies like puns, right? How about 'Sweet Apple Acres: The In-Cider Information' or 'A-Peel-Ing Facts About Sweet Apple Acres'. Ho Ho. As her mind raced about the right title, the young student's eye fell upon Applejack and the pleasant looking mare she was with. Were they hooking up? She was being rather familiar with the farmer. Joking about needing to buy her dinner first. Heh. Smolder had heard talk about that before even back in the Dragon Lands. Months later, there were a few more eggs to be added to the hatching grounds. She shook her head quickly to remove further thoughts on that particular 'road'. "Guess I should get some apples. Learn about the whole picking process and maybe see about getting an a tour.....Maybe they could get Big Mac or Apple Bloom to show me around....Oh wait..", she pictured a guided tour with a stallion that was known for saying very little. "Maybe just Apple Bloom...", she probably wouldn't learn much just wandering around the farm by herself.
  11. “Says here Canterlot is one of the oldest cities in the world and is the sixth greatest producer of shower curtain hooks in all of Equestria!", the cat read from her pamphlet before sliding it into her pocket. Like a pro, she stepped near the road and waited.....And waited. In a few moments, or two Knife yawns, a cab, pulled by an uniformed mare, Thrilly stood closer to the curb and waved her hand at the taxi, who stopped. “'House of Enchanted Comics, please.", the flying acrobat asked the cabby who started off right away. "So....",she turned her attention back to the pair. 'We're doing horror? Guess we can start off with something spooky. Then maybe a super-hero comics? Maybe a romantic comic?", she could not help but be surprised when the little dragon nodded her head at the thought. "Really? I was kind of joking..You want to be in a romance comic?" The dragon nodded her head once again, "There's nothing wrong with me liking romantic stuff....:People are happy when it's all romantic...", the dragon huffed. It took awhile, but the cab was soon at THE HOUSE OF THE ENCHANTED COMICS shop. Knife was slightly disappointed. "Looks like a regular comic store to me.", she grumbled, "Even has a fake oversized comic book rack and shelves outside in case you don't catch the sign."
  12. Yeah. Fun little episode. We finally get to 'hear' what Angel has to say. And we get some Zecora love. Reminded me a bit of EP's series where the pets became the ponies...And griffon...
  13. I enjoyed this episode a good deal more than I thought I would. When I saw the episode summary, I assumed we would get this: But, nope she was cool. And I liked the supporting characters that popped up...Although, the unicorns were a little too easily convinced to quit their fireworks job.
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