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  2. Apple Adonis (Invite)

    The griffon gave off her usual beaky grin as the large earth pony pondered her suggestions. From what she had heard about the Apple family, she could not help but realize how similar her own family was. They both lived in the same town for generations, and worked with family. Zelda had her smithy in Rockwington that was run by her parents and siblings. She later learned how it felt to lose an parent at a early age. And they created what was needed by pretty much everyone. Except this foolish bird flew the coop and wanted to do something more. Which included being a bit of an the artsy fartsy and even dating ponies! Oddly enough, this had not bothered her parents one bit. They wanted her follow her dreams. "Oh, I know traditions alright as I'm from Rockwington and there isn't a single thing they do out there that's not bound by some ancient code..From how you greet a neighbor to wiping your behind....We tried our best not to end up like the poor souls in Griffonstone and while it's no Canterlot, we do alright over there.", she added. After getting his approval, the handy-griffon grabbed her tools and followed the hunky-horse into the barn. There were a few things that bothered her. There were nasty little trails of shmutz on the lower portions of the wooden walls. From what she remembered from her father, these were tunnels termites created to move food back to their colony! Near this were wood with empty openings in the side. Even worse were droppings! Nasty nasty droppings! Zelda knocked on the wood, and she could hear it...Hollow.. She turned to Big Mac, "This is not good...", she shook her head, "I wouldn't be much help here....When the old tool storage shed was infested, we just tore the sucker down and cleaned the area with Nematodes...Do you know anyone who can fix this?", as she spoke, the bird stepped on an old wooden vent, which was also infested...This quickly started to crack...
  3. That One Question (Private)

    “I put the blame on Zelda and Dunder.", the red Pegasus pony said with a smirk, "The black bird got me hooked on her beloved 'Rockwington Madness Sauce' and Dunder used all kinds of hot spices in his meals.", her old friend was skilled in Mexicolt cooking. "I usually would take along a small bottle of hot stuff with me if I had to eat at one of the fancier Canterlot restaurants as well." Cuisine in the Canterlot capital tended to look very pretty but taste like paper. Thank Princess Celestia's perfect flank that they usually had an assortment of food wagons near the base during lunchtime. The mess hall had never been the same after Sergeant Greasy Spoon retired to make 'Haute Cuisine' on a luxury airship. "And I still can't figure out how those girls find the time." Fire Walker was confounded as she could barely do one job at times. "Applejack has a farm...She minds a younger sister, an elderly grandmother, a new baby and teaches at that new school of theirs and also travels the world. Lady Rarity runs an successful high end chain of clothing stores...She also personally creates most of the dresses she sells...She also works at the school. Attends trade shows. And the others are just the same...Whew.", she huffed, "I'm happy with one job. I get time to sleep, to spend time with friends and family, and also to tend to the needs of my stallion....Whatever those might be.", she added with a smile that would make Inkbrand blush. The new Captain let out a chuckle, "You got me....Punk got me one of those 'word a day' calendars for last Hearth's Warming Eve. I believe today's word was 'Analogous'." That meant similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy. And names. Those always intrigued her. Fluttershy's name always bothered her. The flutter part made sense, but the shy? How did they know that? Thankfully. she later learned that the beautiful Pegasus pony's parents were very sweet, very sweet and incredibly shy ponies. As usual, she did have a brother that was completely different. He reminded her of Punk Walker. She was surprised they never met. Yet. "Oh right." There was that wedding! She had the invitation somewhere. It was going to be nice to see the impressive Caribou and her gorgeous hubby to be..Not to mention her adorable son. Guy will grow up to be quite the heart-breaker. "As for our wedding's size...We will just have to see what the parents think....And I still need to meet yours...Considering the marriage...And the fact that you've met pretty much everypony in my family...From my crazy parents....My siblings...Cousins...I think....Thankfully not Dog Walker as he's a bit of a weirdo...And Rocky-Gee...Who has probably gone full wererabbit by now....Gods my family is weird." "And nope.", she added, "It's going to be huge.."
  4. Gah! These cookies an't got no taste!





  5. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    Fire Walker quickly slipped into her military mindset as she listened to what Twilight was looking for in an good solider for the Twilight Guard. Those were always good examples for all to follow, but what about the elements of harmony? She would need officers who were honest and not afraid to speak their mind. One also must be kind and know that violence was always the worst and final solution for any problem. And a friendly face and gentle word or two could turn even the coldest of hearts to one’s side. A officer with a sense of humor also would not hurt. Sometimes you can’t take everything so dang seriously all the time. And she had been in more than a few tense encounters where a joke lightened the mood and kept things for escalating. And a loyal officer was an solid officer. A loyal officer is a officer who would never back down from any challenge. When your home and family’s lives are at stake, you will do whatever it takes. Magic, which was the taming of chaos was also a handy tool. Any unicorn knows that even the simplest of spells can turn the tide of battle. And finally an officer who is generous with their time and spirit can easy win over almost any foe or friend. Oh goodness, she was starting to overthink this. “Thank you Twilight.”, the mare scooped up the list. “I promise that I will give you all the reasons to believe in me as you have done.”, she gave the purple princess of kindness a proper salute and marched on. She knew she needed to build the ultimate team of like-minded Ponyville residents who would do whatever it took to protect their beloved village, while still keeping the original charm that it was know for. And she had her particular set of skills. Skills she had acquired over a very long career. Skills that made her an beloved teacher and friend to many a new recruit. Now she needed to find the right ones to join her. She would look for them, she would find them, and she will train them!
  6. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Fire Walker could not help but smile as a rather tardy and very adorable Lími as he scooted on by. She had encountered the young caribou before and while he had a rather hard life, he seemed not to let it get him down. Even if he interrupted her conversation with the Jarl of Askr, she could never be upset with him. Swift Squall could probably notice the dreaded look in her eyes..The 'desire to have a kid of her own' look usually popped up when she was near pleasant foals and kids. Thankfully this usually went away when the mare realizes that kids are better in small doses and when they're not your actual responsibility. This interruption gave the Pegasus pony a moment to snatch up two drinks from the Whitescar bartender. While she would probably enjoy an mead, she had other plans. "Here Swifty, try this.", she made her way over to the stallion with two glasses clutched in her wing tips. "I actually had one of these during an conference in Whinniepeg. Amazing stuff, and how could I turn down the chance to have an actual Caribou make me an Caribou drink. This is basically red wine, whiskey and I'm tasting..", she took a sip from her glass, "Cinnamon..", those who knew the pony would know that she absolutely loved the spice. "And for the record, there is a good deal of things we are doing to set everything up, and you and I still get time together...Like this wedding!" Oh gods. She would have thought Docket's annoying brother was here. But nope. This was a different goofy unicorn. And was he hitting on her? Right next to her fiancé? Considering how sword-happy her hubby to be was, he was on a one way trip to HoofInSnout Central! But he was kind of young and maybe he visited the burly barkeep before she did. Not having any witty comeback to toss back at the pony, she simply nodded her head and smiled. She was very hot after all.
  7. So great. So powerful.

    If you ever want your pic to get on EQ Daily. Just draw a cute pic of Trixie!
  8. That One Question (Private)

    “Food in Canterlot always tended to be a bit...”, she paused for a moment, “Safe. So I usually kept a small bottle of hot stuff in my saddlebag to chase away the blandies.”, Fire Walker added with a smirk, “There was never any good curry shops near the base and I doubt any Ponyville citizens even know what that is.” And it was a shame that the ‘The Tasty Treat’ never did deliveries. Hopefully as the village got bigger, the selection of restaurants grew. So far, they had a café, a ‘Hay Burgers’ and a couple other smaller places like Ice Storm’s ice-cream parlor....Or was that place even still open? As she pondered this, her feisty stallion planted a surprise kiss on her. The mare simply shrugged her shoulders, “I’m not defending her, but the Apples are slaves to their traditions and Lady Applejack is rather well known for her stubbornness.” IT was a rather exciting little adventure they went on, but she was a little worried about the Roc they encountered. Hopefully it would stay in the Everfree and not dare to try its luck and venture into the village. It would be foolish to do so.* “I would like to believe I was protecting the creatures of the Everfree from Applejack, as there are very few people as tough as a pregnant earth pony. And with Canterlot’s finest at her side, she was never in any real danger.” Although she hoped the foal did not receive any negative side effects from the assorted magic traps they wandered into. She eventually did end up seeing little Zap Apple, and so far he looked like any other baby. “Ha!”, the mare let out a roar, “Nothing wrong with our names...We could have ended up with worse.” She still could not get over that there was some poor kid in Ponyville named ‘Pipsqueak. That should be considered child abuse! "I heard a guy had a name that sounded like the cry of a foal...What was it?", she waggled her eyebrows at the stallion, "Oh, was it an Squall?" While it normally meant a storm, it was also the word used to describe a fussy foal's cry for attention. She had a feeling he was a demanding baby! "And besides, names are not something you simply think of, but they usually come to you, normally as the baby is born." Pony names were very odd. While not always the case, names had a strange habit of reflecting an pony's later personality and even a cutie mark. Although sometimes it was obvious. A pony who was born to a pair of farmers was probably going to grow up into the family business. Fire was curious what sort of child they would have. Two very solid lines of heroic ponies did not always equal an heroic kid. For every Cordy Walker or Swift Squall, there was always a Punk Walker. And come on, that's bloody clever! It reflected him being a bit of a punk, a a fan of the pumpkin, which was also another term for a fibber. A pumpkin eater! "As for quick transpiration, I guess we could set up some sort of teleportation pad..", those were a thing, right? "I'm sure we'll find a way....and the wedding...We could simply have a private ceremony somewhere quiet, and then a bit ol' party for the families in the castle. Why not make everpony happy?" She had a feeling both Swift and her own family would want to be a part of this. He was their only kid, and she was the first daughter to marry. And seriously.....Sugar Cube Corner made the best wedding cakes. Few mortals could ever dare to compete with the Cakes...It was their freaking name after all! OOC: Whoops! It did!
  9. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Fire Walker had been going through a rather tiring process that came with the rather epic transition of a major career upgrade. She would leave her job in the Royal Equestrian Army and join up with Princess Twilight and other brave ponies to be part of the Twilight Guard. Among her many responsibilities, she would help guard the rapidly growing village of Ponyville. It was no longer a sleepy little cow town, it was now exciting and alive! As she ran a hoof through her mail, which would be the last she would pick up from her office in Canterlot, an rather fancy envelope fell to the floor. “A wedding invitation?”, she muttered to herself after she tore open the envelope, “Chieftain Sigrun of Clan Askr and Vakstyra Halvard of Clan Breen...That’s still a thing.”, she had remembered hearing about this during the last time she spoke with the always impressive Sirgun. She had her people had gone through hell and back during the last few years and a royal wedding would help lift the spirits of her Caribou. She also recalled that Sigrun’s hubby to be was rather yummy. The invitation was for her and an ‘one’, but she had a feeling her own husband to be, Swift Squall probably already had his invitation. Now this trip to Whitescar they would have to plan...As long as her schedule permitted her to do so... ***an assortment of days later.*** Whatever she had for breakfast sure did not agree with her tender, pony tummy! After giving herself a good lookover and after she made sure her hooves were clean, the red Pegasus pony left the public bathroom to find her beloved, standing right by her future boss. Ho-Boy. Fire silently prayed that the often boisterous stallion kept his cool. No snarky comments. No words he thought would be harmless, but instead started an hundred year war with the Equestria and the Caribou lands. And there he was, with Twilight. Oh dear. "Actually, he did.", the familiar mare said with a polite bow, "Your highness." Apparently the new Captain had taken Twilight's advice and visited Rarity's shop for a proper dress. She wore an white ensemble that kept her warm, while still looking just right for such a wedding. If only she had been able to make it to the bachelorette party. Or would they have such a thing? Probably not. At least for the royals. She originally was not sure if she would be able to attend the wedding with the good deal of thing she had to do...Before officially joining Twilight's guard she had things that needed to be done back in Canterlot. Boring, but important things..But she decided she needed to attend the wedding no matter what! "Thank you for the invitation.", she gave the Caribou couple an suitable bow. Canterlot ponies could curtsy, dip and genuflect like no-pony other! Swift was also not bound in chains, so that was a plus! And they were being lead to their table, which one would assume they would all get seated at the same place, which would be the 'pony' table. And please, oh please...Let this wedding have an open bar...
  10. Jeconiah Sprinklestar

    You forgot to paste a big DONUT STEAL!!!11 on it!
  11. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    Wind Walker watched as Apple Bloom received her gift. It looked like an ‘Magic 8 Ball', but instead it was an apple variation of it! "Sweet Hearth's Warnin' Eve, does everythin' 'ave ta be an apple with that fuh-amily?", she asked her trusty steed who only shook his head, "Punk Walker 'as one ah'those theyer an it dudn really work well." At first it couldn't be any lamer of a gift, but this one was special! "Oh great.", the stallion groaned, "You got a dumb rope and I basically just skipped puberty....The others got powers beyond the realms of mortal ponies.!" it also dawned on him that he could be using his gift for not good, or evil, but for awesome! He could be slapping his bullies around! He could see an R-Rated movie! He could try a beer!" after depositing his friend on the nearest patch of grass, the temporary adult cantered off into the sunset. With Cow-Pony Wind Walker alone, the small bumpkin slowly moseyed off while she sang an jaunty country song, "Love is a burnin' thang.... An it makes a fiery rin'. Bringin' me thuh wild hankering.... Ah done fell into a rin' awf fuhre... Ah done fell into into thuh burnin' rin'...." (Exit Fast Track and Wind Walker)
  12. Where will Rainbow hide?





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  13. Do you want a separate topic for recruitment into the Twilight Guard or do you want to open the thread up soon?

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  14. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    Fire Walker glanced at the map of Ponyville as Twilight highlighted some of the areas of note. The mare could not help but agree. Ponyville had gotten much bigger over the last few years. It used to be such a sleepy little village with very little to see and less so to do. There must have been a bit of a baby boom not that long ago that continued even to this day as there were a good number of kids and foals cantering about the village. Even the couple that ran the candy store had a pair of very young foals at their side. Should she or should she not keep her uniform on? That was the question of the day! "That is fine with me." The Pegasus pony was the odd type of pony who could never feel truly comfortable walking about in public in the buff. "Was not sure if the creation of the new guard was something you would have preferred to announce before I would be seen walking the streets." She really needed to get used to this new suit and a good walk would only help. "I'm sure there will be questions, so would you prefer I be right up front about this, or would you like me to be a little vague? As in 'this is something that is coming soon', like an movie trailer." A nice walk through the village would hit the spot. "Right. I need to see Ponyville not as a visitor, but as a protector.", she could make a few stops. They always had really tasty muffins at Sugarcube Corner. And a visit to town-hall would be necessary and she might as well get it done and over with right away. Maybe a coffee and a muffin would hit the spot before dealing with lines and paperwork. She did not need any apples, but maybe just an quick stop at the Carousel Boutique...Maybe get something to wear when she announces her new job to Swift Squall. Maybe something slinky and form fitting. "One more question before I go.", Fire Walker was a -little- bummed the good Princess did not offer to take her on a tour of her beloved village, but she obviously had a good deal of things to do today. So no need to ask. "For this hiring process...Any suggestions? Hints? Bits of advice?", she gave the purple mare a smile. "I never picked the ponies I had to train back in the R.E.A as that was usually allocated by the brass. Generally they knew the type I trained and would send a squad my way once the previous class had moved on....I usually was given strong Pegasi...But this guard of yours is going to need diversity.....So any suggestions would be appreciated.."
  15. Yeah, it's basically an 'idiot plot'...Where the characters have to be idiots for the plot to work, but it was still a fun episode.