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  1. RL continues to be a bother, so my posts are coming...But SLOWLY. :(

    1. SteelEagle


      I will always enjoy my Taco!

    2. tacobob


      Ah shucks, thanks Steel!


      Next one I shall be posting is...tomorrow...I needs sleep.. :wail:



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      Oh taco you don't need to be fats. Who needs speed when they have quality?


  2. Pocket Change’s ears perked up. Somepony was cackling! Didn’t the guild have a strict code against cackling? Especially as hags and hedge-mages enjoyed a good cackle or two, and nopony wants any of those miscreants gamboling about a good, stately guild-house! He would need to look into this! The unicorn caught sight of a pony that was the exact opposite of hedge-mage, the dignified and astute Silver Belle. She probably would have made an idea leader for the guild. He could see her dressed in a proper wizard's robe and hat adorned with all matter of great magic. Few would dare stare into her icy blue eyes and give her any trouble. But like the majority of the guild, its members were usually very busy and had real jobs to attend to. Being all together was just so rare nowadays. Now if Starswirl would only respond to his letters! Heart Island? The unicorn now wished he had taken a good look at the place when he was on the air-ship. Wouldn't it be cool if the who place was shaped like a big heart? Not an actual heart, cause those were gross, but the usual Hearts and Hooves ideograph heart. He would have to check when they leave. But for now, there was their host, and she was quite the looker. But even she was no match for his beloved Moony. Only the Princesses could compare, and they were still a distant second and third. These sometimes would switch places, depending on his mood. Princess Luna's adorable, kid-sister charm never grew old, and black always looks good. Wonder if she kept her Nightmare Moon costume? Being the far superior speaker, Moony would speak for the guild. She had the gift of the gab. She could talk, not squawk. She had technique to speak sleek that nopony could critique! Compared to her, the stallion was absotively blunderous with his words. And she was whispering. Oh-Oh! Was she drinking those tiny little bottles of rum they had been hoofing out on the air-ship? How many of those would you need to drink to become drunk? And Sweet Celestia! She was drunk! And this was Heart Stopper. Yep. There was one of those wacky set-ups! He knew it! Moony was sure she was an 'evil, ugly ole’ assassin'. Which would have not been a good type of pony to meet as most generally don't enjoy being stabbed. Not fun. But here she was, possibly drunk. But even a tipsy pony could maintain her dignity, so Pocket moved close to her, so she wouldn't stumble. There was a detoxify cantrip he knew of, but never learned. With luck, maybe some of the more experienced members would know it. He would speak, but it looks like their new recruit was already talking. Kind of rude. But she might prefer somepony who was straight to the point. "It is a great pleasure to meet you, Lady Heart-Stopper." the unicorn could manage a proper, Canterlot greeting. "And I look forward to seeing more of your Heart Island." Wait. Wasn't this a movie? Ponies arrive on an island. Meet a dignified stallion all in white. Live out their fantasies or die trying. If so, where was her Prench mini-pony?
  3. "Well....She was..", the dragon huffed, "But when she said the word 'apple'. I sort of freaked out when I remembered that I needed to finish a report, and it involved me being here..Checking things out..", feeling like an down-on-her-luck detective with a hunch, Smolder whispered to the farmer. "Thinking about calling it 'Sweet Apple Acres: The In-Cider Information'", she really thought this was clever as she waggled her eyebrows up and down as she said the name of her report. She turned to Silverstream who handed over her voucher. She didn't think it would have worked, but it was worth the try. "I'll catch up and drop these off on your wagon once I'm done....I need....Oh.", she turned to the pony with many a job. "I need to wander around your farm and take some observation type notes...As long as you don't mind...I won't touch anything...Promise...", she winked at the mare. "I also have answers to these questions I need to fill out on my form here....They're not the kind of answers you can find in any book....Need to be at an actual farm...." The young dragon REALLY needed to pace herself a little better. Enough with the procrastination! Thankfully one thing she wasn't going to delay was payment. "Here you go.", she pulled out the needed bits. Now it was time for der-smooching! Or at least a smooch. From her teacher. Hopefully no creature had a camera with them. She waited patiently and wondered what it was going to feel like.
  4. Both the cat and dragon gasped at the same time. “Really? You missed the best ride in the whole park. Even better than ‘Nightmare Moon Mountain.”, Knife added. “And this nerd-talk, I’m gonna be the best at this as I have my parents as role-models. While you two probably have cool parents.”, she nodded at the cat, “Your folks are high flying trapeze artists, and your parents.”, she turned to the Pegasus pony, “Not sure what your parents are, but they have to be cool to have had you.” While the comic gave one group point total, there were side scores for each players. If the group won with a high score, they would get a prize, and the player with the most points would get a BONUS prize. Once the threesome were ready, they slowly made their way into the fist page of the comic. Would they survive? The group were standing near a large mansion. It was rather late in the evening and the wind started to pick up and within moments, a rather nasty storm started. “Ah cra....I mean, Oh no!”. it took the cat a moment to get into character. “That storm is going to ruin my pretty dress! We better see if someone’s home and maybe they’ll let us stay until it all blows over.” it was very hard to talk the way she did, but she managed without breaking into giggles. ‘Bratty’ was having none of that. “Ah shucks!”, she growled, “I an’t afraid of no storm! Lemme at ‘em!”, she started to swing her fists around, hoping to punch the rain. “Take that! And that!”. While Bratty was brave, for every rain drop she punched away, five more would take its place! “Golly!”, the cat whined, “What are we going to d-d-do?” Both were already doing a fine job and points were probably already coming their way. Bratty was ‘fighting’ the rain, and Boopsy was looking up at the rain, with her mouth open in shock. Even with the house being just a few feet away. They could just walk, but the pair needed to be useless. And unless Golly did something, the pair probably were going to either drown, get hit by lightening, or both!
  5. We're getting MLP: Go?



    1. SteelEagle


      It'll be fine in the end. For all the sadness that TTG isn't TT, it is a good enough kids show. Approach Pony Time as an irreverent diversion on the path to G5 and it ain't no biggie.

    2. Ciraxis


      Half a loaf is better then no bread I guess?:unsure:

      Between this and IDW comics it's almost a full season experience!

      And let's be honest, at least we will hear Mrs. Strong, Libman, Ball and St Germain again!

  6. What a cutie. Love the colors. :3
  7. If you could reach into your monitor and hug a pony, I'd hug this cute lil' pone.
  8. Smolder could not help but chuckle to herself as the Hippogriff mentioned all those who she either kissed or were kissed by. And while she would never admit it to any creature, that Terramar wasn't such a bad looking fella. One worthy of a few scrorchy dragon-kisses from a certain dragon. Then it dawned on her. She was WAAAY behind her class-mate in the smooch-department. She wasn't even near the Smooch-Super-Market. Even her brother got to kiss his pillow. Which was kind of sad. She had also considered checking out Seaquestria as Spike had mentioned how awesome of a place it was. However, he also mentioned that they used some sort of magic pearl thing so they could breath under water. He said that he was turned into a freaking blow-fish! No! She would be something cool. Like a shark. Or an break-dancing, sun-glasses wearing Dolphin. NOT A BLOWFISH. She needed to get that out of her head. That vision. Wormy, squirmy, bottom of the food-chain blow-Smolder. Till then, other thoughts found their way into her scale-covered head. She could file 'Terramar' for 'later'. And she bits in her coin-pouch. Where did she get her bits? As much as she enjoyed her schoolyard pranks and shanaggings, sometimes those came with a price. And after the library fiery fiasco, she had to replace things...And things cost bits. And her beloved Dragon Lord wasn't gonna pay. She had to learn her lesson, and this lesson involved a job. And what sort of company would hire a young dragon with no prior experience? Why, the local Hay Burger, that's who! She got a terrible uniform, the need to wear a hair-net when cooking the burgers and she had no hair! But it paid. Poorly. And after paying for new book for the griffon and few other things that turned into dust, she had a few coins left over. Still, it could be worse. She could be picking apples for her teacher! And speaking of apples. It was her turn. She needed to pick the right apples. And there were several variations. No Zap Apples. "Erm.", she thought, "Got any Honeycrisp?" Ha! Take that Professor Applejack! She was only sleeping in her class.....Most of the time....But not all of the time.
  9. Once the comic was in it’s place, an assortment of magical lights appeared and disappeared. In moments, the three were no longer in the room, but they were staring at the first page of the comic with the “Blood Death Manor 2” logo and the image of a creepy old house. Both the dragon and cat’s eyes light up as they saw the home. “Oooh!”, Knife was the first to react. “I know this place! Oooh!”, the dragon bounced up and down. “This is the creepy Haunted Stables ride at Whinny World!”, this caused the cat to react in surprise. “My big brother Dagon and I rode it a bunch of times.....”, she was very happy to see the old house, “Mom and Dad took us to Coltifornia for one of their conventions, and let us go to the nearby theme park...And while they had Sploosh Mountain which was fun, we kept coming back to the creepy old house.", There was a small set of instructions by the flat image of the house. "This is really cool. This couple move into this big mansion and one finds out.....", she was quickly cut off by the cat. "Hey!", she growled. "Don't ruin it..", she pointed at the rules. "Not sure if Daze has been on the ride yet....So don't spoil it.", she pointed to the board. "This is one of the comics that gives us extra points for playing our parts as this isn't just us going to a haunted house, we are playing characters from the original, family-un-friendly version of the ride that Claude Goats wanted...Spooky, but they watered it down a bit to make it suitable for every creature", she sighed. "Claude later published his original story in both book and comic book form." The three were now wearing different clothing than before. Daze was now wearing an horizontally striped yellow and blue t-shirt and blue short-pants, with white socks and red horse-shoes along with an red cap with a blue bill. "You're now Golly Hooves. An happy-go-lucky teen with a dream of playing it big at Hoof-Ball. You're super brave and more than ready to take on a bully and give him 'what-for'." The dragon started to chuckle. "Heh. Golly Hooves." The cat continued, "Knife, you're his little brother, Bratty Hooves.", this caused the dragon to let out a groan. She was wearing similar clothes to her 'big brother', except her shirt was white and red. She also wore her cap backwards! "You're an rambunctious kid who is kind of er....", she was trying to find the right word. "Er. Dumb. You're more than happy to blunder into trouble, which only your big brother can pull you out of." "I am.", she glanced down at her clothing. She wore an plaid pleated skirt, with a pair of white bobby socks, a pair of Penny Loafers and an nice dress shirt. "Just says I'm the girl...Ugh. Golly Hooves' number one girl.", she cringed as the name was read. "Boopsy Belle. Oh sweet mercy.", after giving the dragon a horrible glare, DARING her to laugh, the cat continued to read the instructions. "We get more points if we act like this characters. And this story was written years ago..Back then when ponies would attend sock-hops and said "Gee-Whiz" a lot. So Golly. You're a hero.", she turned to the Pegasus pony. "You're always saving our useless behinds from all kinds of danger and you're full of Pep and Vinegar. Whatever that means. While, I'm the 'Girl'. I'm actually a good deal more useless than Bratty...Everything scares me, and I have to whine constantly....Bratty.", she looked over at Knife. "You're not afraid of anything and will constantly go running towards spooky sounds, creaky doors and squeaky floors. If you see a ghost or other monster, you have to charge towards it while shouting, "Let me at 'em" "To win this comic, we have to survive the house till sunrise. We loose a ton of points if Bratty or Boopsy dies...But if all three of us die, we lose. Got it?" Once Daze was ready, they entered through the first page and into the comic.....
  10. “I’m pretty sure that ‘Gunter Glieben’ bit was from that one Abyssinia rock band.", the mare tried to move her wing, but only received an rather nasty bolt of pain..."Deaf Leopard...Ow..... gonna start a fire...come on...rise up gather round...rock this place to the ground.", she sang-groaned. Seeing that the pain wasn't going to go away anytime soon, Pocket Change broke out his first aid kit and grabbed a few bandages along with a small red bottle with Princess Celestia's sun on it. "I'm an student over at the University Of Fillydelphia..", she started to point to her sweater, but it was in such bad shape, she realized the logo was now unreadable. "I'm a business major...All on a TEMPEST scholarship. As long as I keep my.....", she paused as the helpful unicorn went about patching up her wing..."Chee....Grades up...I'll end up with a job at one of Fillydelphia's largest companies...", she squirmed, "My dumb ex was just a dumb jock who also attended the same school.....He's a good drinking buddy and Culbatizing pro...heh.....ouch!", she turned and glared at the unicorn before turning her attention back to the big dog. "I don't have any issue with that...", Pocket Change finished up bandaging the Pegasus pony's wing. "Also, don't use this...Like for at least a day...And Mister Hogo-sha....Please tell her what we're looking for."
  11. Next year’s trip to Whinny World will probably involve her happy little group being chased by the weird animated statues they have there, but for some reason, have become evil! Or maybe the costumed characters that would normally be anticking about the many themed lands were replaced by evil pirates? Instead, her next vacation would have her hiding under her bed for the entire week with a bottle of Coltswords Whiskey? Nah, there was probably an gateway to another world under her bed that she would fall into and have to escape. This would all be very amusing to the mare if she wasn't in so much pain and there was also the chance she would just freeze to death. There was also now a very big wolf creature nearby. This removed the chance of her ending up as an ponicicle, but instead becoming a snack to the beautiful creature. Thankfully it spoke, and it called her 'Moto'. And only Swift calls her that. For reasons. This was far better than a 'roar' and then a few moments of 'Nom-Nom-Nom'. "It's actually Fire Walker.", the red mare REALLY did not need to correct the wolf. But she really was not in the mood to be called 'Moto' even more. "And thank you..I'll just wobble over to meet him...Ouch...", the Pegasus pony appeared to have injured both er right wing and leg and had an awful limp. With each step, the pony let out an curse word. Each word getting worse, the longer she walked. "I really hope you're real and not something I'm just imagining.....Cause I lost too much blood..." Well, she at least could imagine something very pretty. That was a good sign.
  12. Egad! The movie 'Blade Runner' is no longer set in the future. The future is now!

    1. Ciraxis


      Yup. And I yet to see one jetpack. One!

    2. Bellosh


      It's already November 2019? :-o


      ...This is heavy.....

    3. PyroBlaze


      The future is now, old man!

  13. Seaquestria? Seriously? That sounded so made up. And she mentioned -dry- ground? Did her kind escape that bloated snow-baboon by hiding in the clouds? Or did she mean she lived under the sea? Like a sea-pony? But she was an.... Ugh, it was far too early to be thinking so much. She just needed to be patient and wait in line like a good little birdie and soon she would have her fancy pony apple juice and then her friends would shud-up about it already! It was like this every year! Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No. I had to work. Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No, I want to sleep in that morning! This was supposed to be the best of the best! Something to make your feathers stick up! The black griffon did roll her eyes up a little when the pink gal mentioned something about vampires. Oye. A somewhat familiar voice called out to her. She turned. "Oh.". Yep. Fire Walker wasn't messing with her. What was his...her name now? Donnie? Dander? Danny? Dunnie? Drander? Flanders? Oh crap. The big griffon gave her old friend a hug. "Hey...Haven't seen you in ages....", she purred. It took her a moment to figure out what she was doing with Blueblood, when she remembered the little job he..she...Fire and Muggo went with him all those years ago. She wanted to say a few more things, but someone, or somepony was trying to get her attention. "Oh. Last mug?", were the others going to have to wait until the next day to have their cider? Holy Moley! "Thanks kid.", she handed over the bits and took the glass. "Hey Brownie...If you want half my glass, just ask...Feel odd drinking this right in front of you.." She took her sip. "Mazel tov!"
  14. Oh. dear. Fire did not even have to look directly at the beloved Princess of Love to know her perfect ears had drooped down in slight shame. “But...”, The Pegasus pony could not bare the thought of Princess Cadence's day being ruined. "Things were rather exciting with the caribou and no creature actually...technically was hurt.." She smiled back at the Alicorn. There had been slight bruises. The officer usually fought using the dull side of her blade, and the weapon was meant to disarm, not harm. And once a foe was disarmed, it was generally an unwritten rule that an enemy is a friend you haven't made yet. Although the mighty creatures were still very deadly even without their weapons. Thankfully Swift tried his best as well. But as much as she liked the Crystal Empire, it was not her idea of the perfect honeymoon destination. Hers involved an nice, sandy beach. A rum drink housed in a pineapple and nothing to do, but just to soak in Princess's Celestia's sun while slowly running her hooves in the sand. Maybe wear that one piece she had purchased last month. No adventures. No plans and no worries. Fire Walker could not help but frown a little as Swift mentioned the single track that lead to the Empire. This was actually rather new. A sad, single little way to get to what had been the Crystal Empire. It was built in hopes that one day, the ancient empire would return after vanishing into thin, cold air. And it did, after a full thousand years. When she was younger, she would sometimes join a surveying crew that would slowly make its way up the tracks, making sure everything was still in place, and she would make sure no wild beasts would be able to harass the train workers. She later learned that an tribe of white coated griffons also watched for the 'return' from an ancient tower they all lived in. And her beloved's heart was in the right place, but the outside was not the type one would go out and enjoy festive, winter activities, but was the type of weather you need to get out of now. Not later, but as soon as you stepped hoof into it as the weather, you were going to die if you lingered. Shining Armor was also very correct that they did not have an full weather team that could handle such a storm. Could any team contain such an beast? "Good evening Lady Applejack....Rainbow Dash.", Princess Celestia really needed to knight Twilight's companions. They were honest to goodness heroes, and a title always looked good on one's mailbox. The mare thought it rather funny that her work-friends all seemed to be having kids by the bushel. Foalshel? While her friend-friends were avoiding kids altogether. She could only imagine how adorable Pressy's kid would be. Her entire family were a bunch of lookers, from her stately mother, to her rather pretty brother. Considering her friend Zelda the Griffon...She usually partnered up with ponies. Would she have an hippogriff? The officer had only seen a few of those before. There was an pretty pinkish one in Ponyville that attended the nearby school. An stocky brown and white on that she was pretty sure was Discord, and one she met at an woodcraft store not that long ago. "Wedding is up....Still in the planning stages.."
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