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  1. "I doubt it.", Boopsy warned, "I have a feeling each monster has a different way to defeat it.", she glanced around the small, but impressively themed room. "There's so much cool stuff here.", being the curious sort, she tried to take out an book she found interesting. Unfortunately just like the ride itself, the books were just molded into the bookshelf and painted to look like a book. "Ah table-scraps.", she properly cursed. Still, she was bound to find something interesting. So she continued to search the bookcase as Golly went to comport his 'little brother'. "What am I doing?", Bratty was enjoying himself just a little bit. "I'm being a lovable scamp....Whoops!", he said as he 'accidentally' knocked over a small mason jar while placing what would be his front right hoof on his cheek. The jar promptly hit the floor, causing a small green mist to pour out. "Hope that wasn't evil!" As he reached into the very interesting display, he was stopped by his 'brother'. The little pony not too keen to be blocked from the incredible 'Cabinet of Dr. Ponigari' as it was marked on the side. "Yeah, come on! I wanna play with the monkey paw!", he shouted. As he did, another scream could be heard. "Oh-Oh, looks like your girl-friend got into some trouble!", he shrugged his shoulders and quickly scooted underneath the colt. The last time Golly saw his 'gal-pal', she was standing near the book-shelf. Now she was gone! What would he do?
  2. The truth!



    1. tacobob


      Also, check this page out, it's amazing...It's one of those text to voice pages that let you hear your text via characters from tv shows and video games and such..They have a MLP section with all the mane 6. And wow, it's like having a voice actor sitting next to you as the output sounds just like real thing. It's a bit buggy and can only read one line, but wow..I've been feeding it some of the text here and wow.



    2. Ciraxis


      Finally, Celestia can quote anime at my bidding now!

    3. tacobob


      The Twilight one is really good as well.

  3. The month had been interesting so far. The red coated officer was able to spend some quality time with her mother during the early week. She had never been the same when a old friend of hers said she 'looked good for her age'. This did not sit well for the middle-aged mare who proceeded to try her very best to push back the march of time. From hiring a personal trainer to get back into shape, to dying her hair back to its original color, she didn't want to look 'good' for her age, she wanted to look incredible. And normally she would have enjoyed a nice cup of tea with her mother on Monday, but not anymore. They spent the day at the 'Obstakillers Cirque Du Sore Legs' Obstacle Course' in Canterlot. Fire Walker's poor performance highlighted the need for her to go on a mission. Any mission to get any from her mother. Thankfully Applejack had one lined up for her. One that did not seem very serious, but somepony knew something she didn't know, as they gathered a rather skilled group of guard to figure out who was causing some ruckus on the islands. Or was that rackus? Hokey smokes, Applejack was really getting into this. You would have been lead to believe they had snuck into enemy territory and were about to sneak into the head's base. Still, the farmer took this very seriously, which was good. It had been a rather long time since the Pegasus pony had joined a group such as this. With a grin, the officer joined in and helped set up everything. In The R.E.A, nopony just sits and 'supervises'. Once things were settled, she did go over and make sure everything was set up correctly. And that it was. "Everything looks good.", she responded, "Get some rest and we'll alert the siblings (Brickhouse and Lighthouse) once it's their turn. Till then, get some rest..", she saluted the good Captain* Now it was Fire Walker's least favorite thing to do. Watch. One obviously does not want anything to happen, but it gets so boring, you almost want something. But nope. She made sure the mare was on opposite ends of her so they had an optimal view of the surrounding areas... And so they waited...And watched... * Or whatever Applejack is. I forgot
  4. That is so freaking adorable! Thanks! No changes needed!
  5. If you wish, you can do something with Fast Track He's the colt who lead our guys into the dreaded horror comic in that one RP.
  6. Poor Bratty and Boopsy, were confined to their rolls as the comedy relief and the 'girl'. While neither rolls were prone to having smarts or talent, there was one these sorts of characters usually had, and that was dumb luck. Normally this would be useful, but for the most part these little events were ill timed and did more harm than good. Thankfully this was not always the case. "Oh no.", Boopsy let out an yelp as she saw the monster-Luna come closer. So scared she was, the poor little kitty bonked her head on a panel and tumbled over. Her forehead managed to find just the right button to touch as something was starting to happen! With a rumbling noise, the large, wooden doors quickly opened up, knocking both of them aside. The blinded and now very clumsy monster-Luna who had been rushing towards all the noise the three made, quickly made its way into the room, but instead of any sort of loud crashing noise, something interesting happened. "Hokey smokes!", Bratty was pretty sure he said his catch-phrase. Or was it Dy-No-Mite!? Shazbot? Whatever it was, the dragon turned pony poked his head into the room. He was followed by Boopsy, who slowly rubbed her head. "Ouch. Did someone get the number of that...oh.", she gasped. They were now staring at some sort of private study. Large bookshelves filled the room, along with a long wooden dusk. There was even a large mounted and preserved dragon head that hung over a old brick fireplace. This caused Bratty to grumble something in an language the others probably did not know (It was dragon.) Even the mounted dragon was not as impressive as what laid on the center of the farthest wall. It was the 'Luna' but now she was all stain glass. "Shaz-Bot..", the little pony muttered to himself as he quickly scrambled into the room. With the danger out of the way, it was his turn to do some things that he shouldn't. Such as pressing buttons, reading foreign, spooky languages out-loud from ancient tomes, 'accidentally' knocking over sacred caribou relics and behaving like an general nuisance. "Ooooh!",he uttered as he scrambled towards an cabinet that held more than a few interesting items. Interesting items such as: A ancient golden cup. A preserved money's paw. A small, golden ring with writing on the inside. An old, bloody red stone. And finally a collection of large, crystalline spheres marked with a five-pointed stars, each one had a different number, from one to seven. "Woob, woob, woob!", the tiny pain in the flank shouted as he got closer to the very dangerous looking cabinet. Would he get his dirty little hooves on something EVIL? Would he unleash ancient and forbidden magics?
  7. Fire Walker's eyes curled up in a true happiness as her snout sniffed the wonderful salty air. She almost wanted to break out into song. 'Somewhere beyond the sea..Somewhere waiting for me..My lover stands on golden sands..And watches the air-ships that go fly'n.' Thankfully she did not. She had what she considered a -decent- voice, but this was a SERIOUS mission. No singing. No prancing or frolicking about on the wonderful, magical sand. No stylish bathing suits. And definitely no Martinis with salt on the rim! This was business. She had other days she could return to these wonderful, wonderful islands. And then she would have her sweet Swifty at her side. She wondered if Martini Paradise returned to her homeland. She hoped to see the magical masterful mare of mixed Mojitos and Manehattans! And it was another 'critter' mission as her partner would say. What's with all the critter missions? Fire Walker would also say. Whatever it was, it had to be very important, having all these Twilight Guards...Especially a Captain and an actual hero along with the ride. And they also got to test out a mini air-ship. She knew her husband to be would want one of these. He already had a big and fancy one, but a small and sleek one? She could picture him zooming around in one of these. She never heard of 'Fire Stone' until they took off for the mission. It almost sounded like an romantic getaway. Secluded forests. Probably have a lovely cabin or two there for couples. But then there was the volcano. Something she did not lava. at all. After a quick and safe landing, the red Pegasus pony followed the others out of the air-ship. "It's a bit too late to be wandering out into the darkness.", the mare kept her voice down low as not to disturb the creatures that choose to sleep at this time. "We should all get some proper sleep so we'll be well rested before we need to find the lay of the land." with a nod, she asked the others to help set up their temporary camp and set up two look-outs who could switch after four hours. She volunteered to go first.
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    2. tacobob


      Ugh. If this popped up anytime, I would get it, but I won't be working for weeks. Ugh.


      And I have read it...It's kind of neat how more than a few MLP things seem to work well with the Fallout Universe.

    3. Ciraxis


      You all rise valid points. I dunno, maybe it's just me? Probably because I am not 'fond' of post-Apo settings in general. The only ones I enjoyed was After War Gundam X and Fist of the North Star.


      Honestly, to this day F: Equestrian remains the biggest, with the exception of Pony POV I believe

    4. tacobob


      I've been playing the Fallout games since they came out. I remember they were supposed to be doing an TV/Movie years ago, but that never happened.


      Still surprised they never made a proper FIM video game. Even some of the previous gens got  Game Boy games. But not FIM.

  8. Thankfully the monster was nowhere near as clever the good Princess. While she had the ability to speak, she was more beast than pony. Her mane did not flow, but instead her head was topped with a bushy nest of blue hair. Her wings also did not appear to work very well. One would assume her abilities were toned down for lesser skilled players. The monster just about threw herself into the curtains as the clever and swift 'Golly' set up his trap. Once stuck in her trap, the fake Luna gave an rather un-royal roar. This gave the heroic Pegasus time to catch up with his slower companions. "Golly, that sure was some fast thinking!", his 'brother' responded as they arrived at the foyer. Two sets of double-doors and one single door. These were probably the elevator doors the others had spoken about. Why an ancient old mansion would have such a thing probably was best left unconsidered. They had walked by these doors before when they had first entered the building. "We better get a moving! That s-s-s-scary monster has us on her dinner menu!", Boopsy Belle quickly made her way towards one of the doors. "Oh No!", she gasped, "There's no buttons to push! How do we get inside?" Bratty tried his best to find something to push on the other door. No luck. The single door just didn't work. It was just an fake door over a wall. The other noted the torches actually had real fire in then, not like the real ride did. A second roar could be heard. She was getting closer. What would they do? 'Golly' could see via the corner of his eye. Down the hallway, this 'Luna' was still stuck in her curtain prison but was getting closer.. What would they do?
  9. Weird. I received two e-mails from Amazon saying my copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons would be delayed to next week, but I have it right now. Just came in. Hmm.


    My code is SW-3566-1280-5135


    feel free to add me and I will add you.



  10. "The Great and Litigious Trixie will see you in court!"
  11. Cool doodle of Fire Walker by 'Probably Fake Blonde'.





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    3. GoldenDaze


      That is adorable!

    4. Ciraxis


      Such shapely pl.....plumage!


      Are anyone surprised Squall is love struck for this wonderful specimen?



  12. Hmmm. Maybe Smolder can go along as 'help'. She did something she shouldn't have and as a 'reward' she is stuck foal-sitting the younger students to help the professors. Ugh.
  13. “Hey!”, Bratty yelped, “Put me down! Put me down! There’s something out there that needs a whooping....And”, The little dragon got a good look at what was coming after them. Since she was a dragon, she did not know who ‘Nightmare Moon’ was and that crazy looking mare looked more like Princess Luna. She would probably realize that this was probably an more recent addition to the ‘book’ by somepony who did not appreciate the youngest of the Alicorn sisters. "Maybe I''ll stay put for a moment." This Alicorn sister was now standing over Golly. She appeared to be twice as large as the real Luna and far scarier. She hissed as drool fell from her fangs. Just as the large creature was about to chow down on some fresh and tasty ‘Golly’, two sets of hands reached over and pulled the Pegasus pony away just in the nick of time! “Come on Golly!”, for the first time, the feline was actually really scared and not pretending. “We need to find some space between us and that monster...Could have sworn I saw a pair of strong double doors nearby. Those could be the elevator.” The cat might have lost a few points, but she wasn't going to see her pal get munched on by some maniac mare! WHAT WOULD GOLLY DO? Would He run with his friends or confront the evil Luna?
  14. Yay! :3 And you're free to draw her more like the canon cats. (Ala the movie) if you wish. :3
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