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  1. "I never met her, but I've seen her more than a few times. Impressive flyer. Not a fan of the hair...Eh, it's too much.", she added as she scanned the area for somewhere to stop at, "I have hung around with some of her companions, mostly with the earth pony, an rather impressive gal named Applejack, along with her rather yummy big brother. My heart was broken when he got ma...oh..", she stopped her beaky yammering when she was interrupted. Oh. This was not good. Zelda really did not like to be interrupted when she had food on the brain. But what sort of restaurants did they have here? Did they have any health codes to follow? Would one need to wash the rubble before and after cooking each meal? She had a feeling she would see an old 'friend'. Back in her poor college years, she got stuck with her usual meal of Ramen and a VERY off brand canned Gefilte fish, called 'Paskudnik's Fish In A Can', which was a poached mixture of pickled herring, boiled carp and the rest was a mystery. It tasted horrible, but it was really cheap and filling. She recalled one of her school friends when she took a bite out of her meal. Poor Docket went from white to green in seconds. The be-mustachioed griffon was the emperor? Griffonstone still had one of those? Seriously? Zelda glanced over at her cousin to catch her reaction. Was he the real deal, or was this bird trying to rip her off? He was going to stick out his claw for coins. That was the running joke here. "Yep, I'm her cousin.", the black bird replied. While she might live to regret it later, the feisty female gave the maybe royal griffon a proper bow. "I am Griselda or just 'Zelda', formally of Rockwington, now of Canterlot, where I am a Royal Blacksmith. And also a sculptor. I hoped to view and create full sized versions of the statues here in hopes to make proper copies before the originals crumble into dust and.", she made sure to add, "To see my super-fast cousin." He obviously wanted something. She was guessing, it was small, round and made up (mostly) of gold. "And how could I be of aid to you, good Emperor?", she gave another bow. She was a very proper sort.
  2. The black bird grimaced. They had just left the train, but it already felt like a whole year had gone by! "Oh yeah, whatever we do, we need to stay near the tracks. Not only would we be able to not to get lost, if the railroad sends a cart for us, they'll find us a lot quicker than if we wander away. Which would be bad", she groaned. She was not ready to do all this talking! She had a nap that had been coming up, but now she was out and about and it was obvious she was now a full time shlimazel, a gal with no luck. No luck in love and no luck in life. "Thanks, but I'll be fine for the moment.", Zelda responded to the green maned mare, "I have a pretty thick coat of fur and feathers, and this actual coat. But if it keeps getting colder, I might need something later on.", she started to push herself as the track started to move upwards. Thick coat. Thick feathers, and she had gained a few pounds during her exile. If worse comes to worse, the two ponies could always eat her. She kept an eye on the track and another for any sort of area they could rest in. A cave. Maybe even an abandoned house. She had heard there was an old village not that far from here that had long been deserted. Most say it was that once the railroad had been finished, the opportunities had dried up and everypony moved on. But there was also another story. One of curses and horror!
  3. Fire Walker nodded towards the kitchen and in moments, the butler, Oak Branch came out with an cart with cups of very strong coffee and a plate of buttercream cookies. These cookies had a rather adorable 'Discord' theme, with the cookies having a grey coloring with yellow and red colored cream. The draconequus' coffee had a special blend of honey butter. The butler would never create something that would give somepony a belly ache! That's rule #45 of the Butler Code! The coffee was very strong, but Oak Branch thought it was too harsh to the tongue, so he made sure to give it a proper blend of honey and cream that made it far more flavorsome. If Fire wanted it black, she needed to get it herself! He also hoped the good mare would 'mature' into drinking tea more and coffee less! The officer could not help but chuckle at the ancient, magical creature's bragging that he was tops in a school that mostly catered mostly to teenagers. Still, this was a VERY big step away from the horrible King Discord who enjoyed torturing ponies and made their loved ones watch. Swift would be VERY wise not to wake this beast up. "I heard you're also Miss Fluttershy's special friend." Good gracious, the yellow coated mare was probably the prettiest creature to walk on Equestria. She wondered if the whole 'shy' thin was a act to make her more enduring. And Tirek. She had poured through the papers the REA had on him. As terrifying as he was, his past was rather sad. His mother, the Queen had passed and his father remarried. He did not marry another centaur, but a gargoyle! This united two falling kingdoms into one mighty one! Still, young Tirek wanted more than even a kingdom could give him. "Oh yes. Yesterday...Got home, bathed and got some sleep.", she whispered. Discord's magic was on, even when he was not using it. She glanced back at Discord, "What sort of help do you offer?", she asked.
  4. Goldendaze's little images on her posts never fail to give me the diabetes.
  5. Fire Walker looked utterly shocked. Was that Siren speaking the truth? Was the mare’s sudden desire for ‘Picklechimichangas’ and Pear and Blue Cheese Ice Cream a sign? Or was the dangerous aquatic girl messing with her? She also felt rather sore after putting on her armor, not to mention the nausea. She was also starting to feel a little...What was that word? Forgetful! Oh sweet Celestia! "Um.", the mare started to sweat just a little, "Sorry Corporal and er, thank you.", she cleared her throat. She wondered what Swift would say. What her parents would say? Thankfully this wasn't high school. She had a proper job with proper insurance that took care of their soldiers. And she was not the first of her siblings to inform her mother that she would soon be a grandmother. When the eldest told his parents that they would become grandparents, his father was rather proud. His own father did not live long enough to see his first grandson. However, the Walker's mother was horrified! She had become officially old! Finding an card for the 'Canterlot Royal Association of Pensioned Ponies' was just the first part! Then came the grand kids. Then her bones would ache. This caused the poor mare to rush off and have everything dyed and her mane to be removed from that bun! She also took refresher classes in combat and survival. She was rather surprised to run into the Princess' mother in more than a few of those classes. The Red Pegasus shook her head. "I have a feeling the good Siren probably scared away anything that would have tried to menace us, but we should still move with caution...Swift Star.", she called out to the young Pegasus pony, "Please return to the sky and keep an eye out for the stork, ah.. I mean, danger." The mare saluted with her wing and leaped into the air to continue her air reconnaissance. "Corporal Applejack, Protect the rear.". The farmer was by far the strongest in the team, so she was best to serve there as very few would be strong enough to push by her. Once everypony was ready, Fire Walker called the squad to 'proceed with caution' and off they moved. "Forward march." Swift would hopefully be able to spot the temple or its occupants from where she flew. The officer just needed to keep her eyes on the path and not think of what will be happening to her body over the next few months. AJ looked incredible well into her pregnancy, but she has really good genes. As they marched on things were rather nice. No hoof prints. No calls of distress or danger. Just a rather familiar background soundtrack one would hear in a jungle or beach movie. She could even hear a Mourning Warbler! They always inserted those birds in the wrong scenery. Oh wait! That was her stomach!
  6. The young dragon looked up from a school book she had been reading, "Oh hey Silver.", she placed what appeared to be a long, red scale between the pages of her book, closed it, and placed it into her bag. "I had to sit through Mr. Quills And Sofas' lecture earlier today. Didn't get very far.", she slowly got onto her feet as she spoke, "I got as far as step ten, 'Look For Ways To Say Yes' before I was out like a light. I had a dream where I was working at my own store selling something called a 'humdinger'. I have no idea what those are.", she said with a huff. "Professor Rarity thought it would be a good idea to invite that Rockhoof guy to talk about 'Fashion In His Time Period' and he kept changing subject and Rarity kept making obvious fake coughing sounds. They got rather loud when he mentioned.", she paused to clear her throat before she broke out into a rather impressive 'Rockhoof' impersonation, "''n thar I was back in me village t' see me fav'rit wenches'. He then got into a rather detailed story about how he had to rescue a baby Maulwurf from an Ophiotaurus...Or was it the other way around?", she pondered this for a moment, "And like always, he got into his story just a tad bit and now Rarity's class will be held in the library until they can rebuild her classroom. There's also this test I have to study for which involves qualities of leadership from the founders of the Wonderbolts, so I'm sure you know who assigned that." After she pulled her backpack on, the dragon felt her stomach rumble, "Ooh. I woke up too late for breakfast today, so I'm starving. You wanna get something to eat?"
  7. “You’re not in my way...”, There was a faint tone of sadness in her voice. “But I understand, you have a mission! Take this...”, what appeared to be a whistle made of a tulip shell floated over to the farmer. “If you little ponies get into trouble, just give it a blow and I’ll show up, to like help and junk.”, she winked at the earth pony, “For now, I’ll be chilling over at this little sweet spot down the path.”, she pointed towards the direction their ship was near. “I have a little super secret place set up by this incredible waterfall. I’ll stay overnight, so if you don’t don’t end up needing me, and you finish your mission, just stop over there before you like, leave and tell me what happened? Good Luck!”, she started to move on. “See yah, Mama..”, she smiled at the red mare as she shuffled on down the path. The others waited until the odd creature vanished into the distance before they spoke up. “Wow.”, Fire Walker was utterly confused, “I thought Sirens liked to eat ponies...”, she was quickly cut off by a voice that could still be heard. “I’m a vegetarian, Mama...” The officer could not help but chuckle, “Right. But that thing she said about a extra heartbeat, she probably meant Swift Star. Congratulations on the upcoming foal!", she turned to the Pegasus who turned a deeper red than Fire's coat. "No...That's not possible.", her voice broke into a squeak, "I've never....erm. You know..Never had....", the poor mare was very close to passing out.... Fire Walker wasn't sure if she should break out out her first aid kit. "Star?", she glanced at the blushing pony. "Are you okay? Do you need some water?" The younger pony clearly was not okay. "I've never been with a stallion. She meant you...She even called you Mama' Like a bunch of times. She meant you. You're the Mama." "Oh, my...", the red mare gasped.
  8. With a shake of her left claw, she was finally free of her pillow. She would have to fix the little holes later on. This, along with her rather school-inappropriate shirt were tossed into the room. The dragon did a quick little shake, which allowed her scales and quills and whatnots fall back into place. She was still a little sleepy, but she could manage. Hopefully they would soon find their runaway roommate and she could get back to sleep! She soon focused on Gallus and that weird thing he was doing with his beak. Opening and closing it, which she believed was called 'talking'. She gave him a dirty look. Dragons were never rabble, nor did they rouse any rabble. And any trouble they created was well deserved. He was right, there was an odd chill to the area. Maybe she should bring a jacket? Considering she was probably not going to leave the school, it probably would be for the best that she just handle the cold for now. Smolder grimaced as her friend turned into a tiny little firefly. It never failed to make her a little nervous when the Changeling turned into something so small. She worried that there would be a time where some annoying little fly or gnat would annoy the dragon, and instantly she would swat it with a newspaper or magazine, only to find out she just smooshed her friend! Thankfully this only lasted a moment, and she soon was back in her proper form. "So, what did you find out?", the dragon asked with a yawn.
  9. After the series of very big bird hugs, Zelda cringed as something very large had fallen. Oy Vey Ist Mir! Was Griffonstone somehow managing to fall even more apart? Was the large rubble collapsing into smaller rubble? While there were some birds who insisted on trying to save the place, was it really worth it? it was all turning to plotz! Even the noble little ponies gave up on their original castle when the Everfree became too unmanageable. "Yeah.", she glanced at her own heavy pack, "We better stop at your place first, if you don't mind and I can drop off my pack.", she held a large backpack that probably contained more stuff than anyone needed. As she followed her cousin, Zelda studied the area. The more she saw, the more hope she had for the village, but it was still probably not enough, "So, how are you doing? I heard you wanted to be a Wonderbolt. And I could see you doing that..You're more than fit. You could probably fly circles around most of the last class I saw in Canterlot. Everypony was eh.", she shrugged her shoulders, "Except for the Rainbow haired mare. She could probably out-fly death itself, but the others..I think they're running out of athletes. Maybe next team will have a griffon, dragon and even a gargoyle...I would also recommend you join the R.E.A as only the best Bolts come from the military..." The pair stopped. Was this Gillian's house?
  10. nice open griffon rp looking for griffons and other friendly folk. If anyone has Gabby, please use her here!



  11. Can you do a Siren? I need a Siren Valley Girl. She just needs to not look like the ones on EQ Girls. And be a Valley Girl, like you know? And here's the temp image I've been using
  12. Fire Walker frowned. A male siren? Was that a thing? Didn’t Sirens require males of other species to reproduce? In ye olden days, the Sirens would swim onto a rock, sing their songs, which attract a ship of stallions that had not been near mares in months. They would see the pretty creatures, smash their ship into the rocks. The sirens would then mate, and then eat the stallions once they were finished. The red mare glanced over at Swift Star, who shrugged her armored shoulders, "I believe male Sirens were called 'Tritons'.", she whispered back as he noticed her superior's confusion. What came first, the Sea-Pony or the Siren? Were Mermares a real thing? Was it really better under the sea? The Siren glanced over at the pair with a frown, before turning her attention back to the wise farmer. "Nah, he's like only been here once. Thought we could spend time together. Alone time. Smooch time", she sighed, "He's like so busy with his band. He like plays guitar and is the lead vocalist. They call themselves 'Reel Big Splash'. They're ska...punk...Probably tour Seaquestria during SeaquestriaFest! Probably like have lots of time for his bogus groupies.", she looked a little extra blue as she spoke. She did smile as Applejack spoke of her family. "You have a kid? Totally...And another on the way?", she paused, "We Sirens have really good hearing...I can hear two heartbeats. Very strong...And...", she glanced over at the officers. "I can hear another set. A little weaker..But.", she studied Fire Walker who let out a gasp. "That mare looks just like my mom. Red coat. Red mane. Wonder what she'll name her kid?", It took a little longer as she wondered why Equestria would send pregnant horses to do all the work. Was almost cruel. "Zap is a really cool name.", Toccata Tre was back on topic. "I could see him growing up and becoming a famous actor. And Ambrosia Apple....", she was lost once more into though. "I haven't been here in a bit, but the those little piggies are new. I think they're from another island. Sometimes they would hide on a ship and jump off when they would see another island.....But nope....No such thing as monsters or pirates..", she chuckled, "I could see somepony lurking around the old temple up the road....There were stories about it having treasure. Nothing of interest to me.", she whispered, "Temple has traps...Guards...Look like ponies but they walk kind of funny. My magic doesn't work on them, so I usually avoid the temple.. Not sure if they're alive. Wear cloaks that cover their bodies. Have red eyes. Tried to sing them away, but they just stood there..Looking at me with those red eyes...Like they were saying 'as if."
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