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  1. Huzzah. I am almost back. I've just been very busy..very very. Hope everyone had a wonderful assortment of holidays during the last few months. :3

    1. Ciraxis


      Well mate when you fully get back, those two have to get married. It's WAY overdue.;-)

    2. Hippo


      I too was caught by the post-holiday time management bug.

  2. “Oh heya Spike.”, the dragon cracked an eye open to see her favorite lil’ dragon buddy standing nearby. For some reason, he looked really nervous. Like Yona right before a major test nervous. With the exception of the ground not shaking. And Spike was not shouting ‘Spike is the best at being nervous!’ She slowly got up from her spot. It was a good thing it was Spike that woke her up, as like ‘spitting in the wind’ and ‘Smacking Princess Celestia’s cutie mark’, ‘waking up a dragon’ was one of the more foolish things a mortal could do. One of the many things she had learned while in school was not to be afraid to show affection, especially to special little guys like the purple dragon. “Eh, I gave them to Silver. I think she’s gonna do something with them.” The Hippogriff also had borrowed a wagon, and the dragon had no desire to drag a bag around town. She had stuff to do! Research on the farm! And later on, she needed to study for the big test on procrastination. She would get to it. Eventually. She gave the adorable little blushing dragon a hug. "What's making you so....oh.." "Well, how do ya do there, Spike? Come on up, it's yer turn!" "Looks like it's your turn.", before letting him go, Smolder made sure the small dragon's head fins were straight.
  3. Fire Walker could not help but stare at the rather yummy looking pastries. There was a very good chance they had mangos in them, and she was deathly allergic to the tropical fruit. Still, she could briefly admire them from where she stood. It was her curse. She really loved the tropics. There were the Gallopocus Islands and Suntrot Bay. Her favorite places to go, but everything had mango in it! From the drinks to the pastries all the way to the muffins! The horror! Just one tiny taste of that dreaded fruit would make her swell up like one of Pinkie's red party balloons. She could not but smile as Flux spoke. The officer would have to see if she had any plans for the night. She could tag along with her and swift to Fillydelphia and spend the perfect Hearth's Warming at Muggo's. She knew the holiday was still very new to her kind and who knew a better way to spend the day than with friends and family at Equestria's best family run tavern? The guard also always wanted to see a drunk Changeling. She would also need to ask her favorite drama-king....? Who that blue mare was. Old marefriend? Fellow magic student? Fire could not help but snort at his 'something that I've meant to give you for a long time now' comment, but the actual gift box caused her nearly to choke on her drink. He better not have gone through her secret shelf! Bad pony! /====================\ | Iggy/Firewalker | \====================/ With her mind fully in the gutter, the officer found her 'Iggy' and hoofed over her gift. Her gift was nice and heavy and a book. 'Necromancy' was an school of magic that usually got a bad rap. It wasn't all raising undead ponies that were made to shout 'boogedy-boogedy' at unsuspecting fillies, it was also healing magic. "Thank you Miss Ignine.". She had this book, but it was a much older edition. Princess Luna was oddly only mentioned briefly. And it was only 500 facts in that book! This was perfect timing as she was just about finished with her current book. Spending time in Swift's impressive library had turned her into a bit of an history nerd over the last few years. "Now for your gift..", Under the cheerful wrapping paper was an package of incredible blackness. Blacker than black. Darker than Vantablack, it was the very black package of coffee, made by the friendly folk at the Grindecologist Coffee company. It was the 'Dreaded Motaba Blend'. The strongest coffee in all of Equestria. "I really hope you like coffee.", the mare added with a grin. "This stuff will wake the dead!"
  4. Wind Walker patiently listened to the older mare as she spoke of the sport she was soon to be part of. No wings. No magic. And no picking up the ball. This was something hooves were not really good at doing. Lifting. A unicorn used magic. A Pegasus used their wings. And an Earth Pony had to be creative. As they started, her friend was already kicking the ball. "Good kick!", the filly made sure to mouth those words so she could 'hear' her words. Echo was able to give the ball a good, strong kicking that surprised the Pegasus filly. The ball went right to her front right leg. She would need to relax and let the ball come to her. She could not kick it back too hard as the strength of Echo's kick, combined with her own would probably send it into some bramble bushes. Or something that would get all sticky on her and the ball. Let's see. She was relaxed, she had her eyes on the ball. Her left, front hoof moved besides the ball, and with a quick, but not too powerful kick with her right, front hoof, which found a spot in the middle of her kicking hoof. This sent the ball back at her partner. And while it did find a little bit of air, it did land just in time for it to arrive near the filly. Would she be able to get the ball? Probably.
  5. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!



  6. “Oh yes.”, the red mare smiled back. “I’ve already done a few of these gift exchange parties during the last few days...Always a hoot.”, she quickly made her way over to the drink ‘bar’. “Is there anything you would like?”, she briefly considered the first thing on the ‘bar’. Good ol’ fashioned eggnog. The rather colorful and very dashing griffon was already enjoying a cup of the milky stuff. The ‘Crimson Hearths Warming Eve’ punch looked pretty tasty. Per the recipe card, it had raspberry sherbet, ginger ale, and apple, cranberry and cherry juice. Hmm. And there was also a large bottle of ‘Surley Trample’. Usually available at all family parties. Once she secured the drinks, only the way a pony could, she returned to the bat-pony's side and hoofed over her drink. "Yep. The Twilight Guard, which might not exist anymore...Considering all the crazy stuff that has happened over the last few weeks." Maybe she would get lucky and a new princess were to be found in the south. Then the guard would have to move to some awesome island and stand guard while wearing a royal bikini. Dreams could come true. "Even without the guard, I'm still part of the R.E.A. Just like my family." She nodded her head as the mare spoke of her job. "Maps are always important and always need to be updated...Just like training manuals.", she took a sip from her glass. "My mother Write Stuff writes and updates some of the R.E.A training manuals. We're all R.E.A, but we do more than just march around the street and say...Oh..." Her beloved was here. Did she mention she would be attending this little event? She could only assume her Swift stopped at the house, only to be told that she would be here. Hmm. He seemed to be slightly miffed at the blue mare. Wow. She almost forgot about the set of lungs he had. Guy sure could yell in 'fancy'. There was a good deal of drama she must have missed while she did her rounds. She had attended at least three different 'Hearth's Warming Eve Pageants'. Thankfully she saved the best, in Canterlot, for last. There was a few different family parties. Work parties, and soon the on at Muggo's. She also spent a good deal of time buying gifts for everyone. She could only wonder what had gone on with her hubby-to-be, 'Blue' and Blueblood'. Thankfully she avoided only the tail-end. "Nah, that's not till later.....You want anything to drink.", she pointed to the 'bar'. "Oh, this sweet young lady is Miss Rose. she makes the maps." The good Princess managed not to get involved in the drama. Good. And it was gift time! Ho-Boy! Once her glass was empty, the mare returned her glass and quickly scooped up her gift and went to find an 'Iggy'. Hmmm. Not familiar with that name. /====================\ | Iggy/Firewalker | \====================/ With her trusty gift back on her back, the officer scampered over to the gift-giving area, which was marked with an sign. "Looking for an Iggy". Her gift was probably not an previous year's 'White Elephant'. Which was an 'Yodeling Pickle' Swift ended up with that one. Or did Dunder get that? Since he was a chef, that would actually make sense for him. Once she found her Iggy, she plopped the festive looking gift box onto his table. "Behold, my gift. I am Captain Fire Walker". She really had no idea what this gift was. Her mother purchased it during her last shopping trip to Canterlot. Hopefully it wasn't underwear.
  7. “Erm.”, Fire Walker nearly lost control of her own wings after the rather loud sneeze came out of nowhere. Well, it wasn’t nowhere, but the blue mare. Pixie? Mixie? She also had wings? Were these just being hoofed out nowadays? Equestria went a few thousand years without having a new Alicorn, at least one known to the general public, but now they were practically falling out of the sky. First it was Princess Cadance who beat up a witch to earn her wings. Then it was Princess Twilight who mastered a rather ancient spell that was never finished till then. At least that was what she had heard. Second-Hoof. Princess Cadance later had a foal, who was born an Alicorn. And now there was another new Alicorn? What in the world did she do to gain her wings? And why was she hiding them? This was all none of her business. She just hoped the sassy mare kept on the pathway of goodness and did not try taking over any more villages. As she had entered the school, the officer had heard a familiar name called. Martini? Was Martini Paradise here? She was one heck of an gifted bartender, although she wouldn't get to make her signature drinks here. Could the islander even stand the cold weather? After glancing around the room, she did not see the skilled mare. Maybe she had just misheard someone. Seeing that she had caught the changeling's attention, Fire waved back at Flux. She was the first Changeling she had met where it wasn't necessary to try to subdue the shape-shifter with her disarming blades. Fire would have to catch up with her and see how she was doing. Before this could happen, a...oh dear.....Her husband to be would be most disappointed with her. She wanted to say 'Bat-Pony'. It was more fun to say than...er.....Aerion..That was it. One of her trainers was an Aerion and she didn't seem to mind being called a Bat. Captain Ember Skies retired far too young and ended up with an rather large family. None were in the R.E.A so far. She was rather cheerful for an bat. This was good. "Hello and Happy Hearth's Warning Eve'", the red mare gave the cute mare an friendly smile. "I'm Captain Fire Walker....R.E.A...And Twilight Guard." Was that even a thing? Within a few years her boss went from student to librarian to village princess to ruler of all of Equestria. She'll probably be ruling the whole world soon. Planet Sparkle! There was something slightly familiar about the mare. Was she one of Ember Skies' kids? Would this be the second mystery of the evening? "Happy to meet you Miss Rose." She really wanted to ask who her mother was, but there would be a time and place for that. "Interesting sort of party we have here..." A party in Ponyville without the Pink one? Was this possible?
  8. It was time for another Hearth’s Warming Eve, and as the years before, the Pegasus pony known as Fire Walker had a ton to do! Most involved getting gifts! Getting gifts for her family. Gifts for her hubby-to-be and his family. Gifts for her friends. Gifts for her co-workers. Gifts for her neighbors. A few gift donations to the local ‘Favors For Foals’ charity. She also had to purchase an gift for Princess Twilight’s Festive Hootenanny! And since this was in an actual school, this was going to be one of those rare dry parities for her. The eggnog would be milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, egg yolks, and nutmeg. No rum. No bourbon. And no Cognac. This was a safe party. Thankfully she had a trip to Fillydelphia for a holiday visit to her old friend Muggo' at his family tavern coming up later this week. So she would have to trudge through this little party for the time being. "Hmm.", she muttered to herself as she entered the rather impressive school. She really didn't know any of these creatures. Many of different species. There was a small dragon, that might be a little friend of Spike's. An Kirin, Changeling, a rather skinny Hippogryph...And that blue mare that took over Ponyville not that long ago. What was her name? Tipsy? There was sweet little Flux. The first changeling the royal guard wasn't sent to beat over the head with something unpleasant. Prince Blueblood was in his female form. This was still something she had yet to get used to. The Pegasus pony kept an rather generic looking gift wrapped with a big red bow. What was it? Who was it for? Soon all would be revealed. And there was Princess Twilight, a mare that was always in the center of attention. Wow. Things had sure changed over the last few years. Seeing that she had her hooves full, the mare nodded politely at her occasional boss and found a spot to put her gift. As she did so, Fire admired the well decorated hall. Now who was she going to talk to?
  9. The feline cracked open her right eye to see what this ‘gargoyle’ was before she quickly switched back into character. Weird. That didn’t look like the gargoyle she saw at her circus. That statue was a creep, squat little goblin like creature with wings. The one she saw was a slender, shapely beauty that performed an rather impressive routine known simply as ‘sky ballet.’ As she stayed in ‘faint’ mode, she pondered why it was so rare to see them in Equestria. Maybe the squat gargoyle carvers scared them away? The dragon shrugged her shoulders. Didn’t they just have a big meal? And would the pretend food from this pretend world actually fill them up? Magic was weird. She wasn’t really a pro when it came to magic. She could barely understand it. She was not really in a old mansion. She wasn’t even wearing these clothes. But she could feel the floor through her shoes and felt the clothing on her scales. If they decided to search through the fridge of this house that probably hadn’t had any living residents in decades and found food, would it be good? Probably not? Unlike jewels which could last forever, pony food had a rather short shelf-life. Still, she would have to avoid gobbling any imaginary gems as that was something her pony character would not do. And if you go against character, you loose points. What sounded like a stone being kicked awoke the little dragon from her daze. “Ah sure big brudda.” A rather devious idea popped up in the little creature’s little brain. “I’m sure your yecky girl-friend” She was playing a young colt. Young colts usually hate girls. Especially those who wasted time with their dumb hippy pony nonsense and could probably spend more time with their loving daughter who is getting a little tired of being left to fend for herself. Whoops. “Should be awake to see this....And since you’re always calling her yer princess, why doncha wake her up like one?” There was something behind the dragon that could be considered funky. Was it an phantom? A funky phantom? Would she see it in time? Who could it be? In moments it got closer to the three......The creature appeared closer with every flash of lightening and sound of thunder until it appeared right behind Bratty.
  10. Drat! RL has been keeping my posting down. Zelda was not ignoring anyone there...She just didn't stick around for Day #2.

  11. “That mansion?”, Still hurting from her name and the rather small, tight shoes she was forced with, the cat managed a perfect whine, “That sure looks spooky and it’s probably filled with g-g-ghosts!”, she shivered. “I think we should head back home before the spooky spirits get their mitts on us!” Unfortunately for ‘Boopsy’, the world of the comic book only went as far as the haunted house and the surrounding trees around it. Go to far, and one would hit an 'invisible wall'. "Ah shucks! No ghost is a match for my 'Big Brudder'.", Knife continued to be surprisingly good at this. "If they try picking a fight with Golly, he'll give 'em such a whooping!", just as she started another round of shadow-boxing, lightening seemed to come very close to striking the little dragon. This was the comic's 'friendly' way of telling the group to move on. There were others waiting in line. "Lets move on...shall we...", the dragon squeaked out losing her bravado and a few points, for just a moment. The two quickly caught up with their brave 'leader' at the door. Before the fearful feline could utter another word, the doors opened by themselves! "Jinkies!", Boopsy uttered. This would probably be a good time to enter the house. Like now. Golly made sure they quickly entered the place without any further delay. Once the three had entered, the doors quickly slammed back into place, causing the cat to promptly faint. With the next strike of lightening, candles on an overheard chandelier, along with an few sconces, all light up at once. Now they all could get a good look at the 'creature'. "Dwaah.", the little dragon groaned, "It's just an old broken gargoyle.", she paused to wake the downed cat who fainted upon seeing the creepy stone statue. It appeared to have been broken off. Small stones could be seen leading into one of the larger, wooden doors. Would they DARE follow them?
  12. Wow. Smolder never realized she was funny either. Was her teacher just being polite? “Ah shucks Miss Applejack, I didn’t come here for the apple-ause!", she gave a little bow, "But if you're offering it, I'll be more than happy to take it." It was nice to be appreciated, even if she only had a few corny jokes or puns to say. And she at least had an teacher approved title for her paper. Always a good start. There was just those three thousand words she needed to come up with between the title and the conclusion. Easy peasy! Once the bits were handed over, she waited for the pony to make her move. The dragon had half-watched the previous kisses and the farmer seemed to always pull....yikes....Smolder knew she was turning a little red in the cheek area. There was not fighting it! That pony was fast! Once she received her kiss on the forehead, right below the fin, she managed to return to her feet. There was also her apples. Which would soon find their way onto Silverstream's wagon. "Thanks Miss Applejack.." There was the need to start on her paper...But there was an awfully shady tree not that far from where they stood. And she really wanted to see how her 'little brother' would handle a smooch for the Earth Pony.
  13. And danger that filly wandered into. Fire Walker didn't know it, but this probably wasn't the first, second or even twentieth time Apple Bloom had wandered off alone and into danger. And while It was rather rare to see a child die in a horror movie, those who rushed off to save an filly or colt were usually the first ones to snuff it. Once the deer was back on his hooves, the officer turned to Fluttershy....The others mentioned an Basilisk? Seriously? She only knew the most basics about the creatures. They can poison you and they could also turn you into living stone. Neither things one would consider fun. Since it was living stone, there was a chance one could be converted back to flesh. One also needed to be an unicorn and could use magic. And there was only one pony here that could do that. "I hope you know some restoration spells.", she turned to the shadowy pony, "Does anyone have a mirror or something that reflects?", as she asked the others, the mare looked for hoof-prints to lead her to the little farmer. Hopefully the little pony managed to avoid such a dangerous creature. Hopefully. Once she found the prints, she followed the others....Right to the sick kid. "Oh dear.". She had a small first aid kit with anti-venom lotion, but it was made for snake bites. Would it work against Basilisk bites? Would this 'Sombra' save the day? With a worried look on her face, she pulled out her kit...
  14. RL continues to be a bother, so my posts are coming...But SLOWLY. :(

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  15. Pocket Change’s ears perked up. Somepony was cackling! Didn’t the guild have a strict code against cackling? Especially as hags and hedge-mages enjoyed a good cackle or two, and nopony wants any of those miscreants gamboling about a good, stately guild-house! He would need to look into this! The unicorn caught sight of a pony that was the exact opposite of hedge-mage, the dignified and astute Silver Belle. She probably would have made an idea leader for the guild. He could see her dressed in a proper wizard's robe and hat adorned with all matter of great magic. Few would dare stare into her icy blue eyes and give her any trouble. But like the majority of the guild, its members were usually very busy and had real jobs to attend to. Being all together was just so rare nowadays. Now if Starswirl would only respond to his letters! Heart Island? The unicorn now wished he had taken a good look at the place when he was on the air-ship. Wouldn't it be cool if the who place was shaped like a big heart? Not an actual heart, cause those were gross, but the usual Hearts and Hooves ideograph heart. He would have to check when they leave. But for now, there was their host, and she was quite the looker. But even she was no match for his beloved Moony. Only the Princesses could compare, and they were still a distant second and third. These sometimes would switch places, depending on his mood. Princess Luna's adorable, kid-sister charm never grew old, and black always looks good. Wonder if she kept her Nightmare Moon costume? Being the far superior speaker, Moony would speak for the guild. She had the gift of the gab. She could talk, not squawk. She had technique to speak sleek that nopony could critique! Compared to her, the stallion was absotively blunderous with his words. And she was whispering. Oh-Oh! Had she been drinking those tiny little bottles of rum they had been hoofing out on the air-ship? How many of those would you need to drink to become drunk? And Sweet Celestia! She was drunk! And this was Heart Stopper. Yep. There was one of those wacky set-ups! He knew it! Moony was sure she was an 'evil, ugly ole’ assassin'. Which would have not been a good type of pony to meet as most generally don't enjoy being stabbed. Not fun. But here she was, possibly drunk. But even a tipsy pony could maintain her dignity, so Pocket moved close to her, so she wouldn't stumble. There was a detoxify cantrip he knew of, but never learned. With luck, maybe some of the more experienced members would know it. He would speak, but it looks like their new recruit was already talking. Kind of rude. But she might prefer somepony who was straight to the point. "It is a great pleasure to meet you, Lady Heart-Stopper." the unicorn could manage a proper, Canterlot greeting. "And I look forward to seeing more of your Heart Island." Wait. Wasn't this a movie? Ponies arrive on an island. Meet a dignified stallion all in white. Live out their fantasies or die trying. If so, where was her Prench mini-pony?
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