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  1. The My Little Pony Movie (Spoilers)

    I saw it...The animation was nice..But cripes...There were just so many characters they did not need. They could have cut both the Storm Lord and Grubber and focused on Tempest, who I really liked. And ugh. Must all animated movies end with the characters getting together and clapping along (and or singing along) to some song? This bit even managed to ruin the one GOOD thing they did to the Storm Lord during the ending.
  2. Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    Trailer for new episodes.
  3. New Trailer For Season 8




  4. Symphy is taking requests! (Limited space)

    How about one ' Normal MLP-like' pic of my colt, Fast Track? Poor guy doesn't get enough love. Here are some references: Thanks. I'll let you have fun with pose and such.
  5. Happy H&H Day! Who do I choose?



  6. “Maybe that’s for the best.”, the officer continued to keep her eyes on the water as they slowly motored along. “I keep picturing scenarios where more people come to visit your little secret garden and they all pay off rather poorly at the end.” The water was not changing colors. This was good. “With a guided tour, you would get litter and loss of life due to the unique creatures out here. And I was also picturing a group of trained botanists using the garden to replace certain plants that went extinct in their regions, but sometimes even flora goes away for natural reasons and bring back certain things can do more harm than good.” Oh-Oh. Fire Walker could almost see a little shoulder devil version of herself sitting on the edge of their little boat. A little dragon-winged mini-Fire with fangs and pointy ears. Come on! Ask her! It beckoned. Ask her what the spirit told her! You wanna know! II will drive you CRAZY if you don't know! She had to have said something really interesting to make the hardy farmer tear up like that! As much as she tried to lie to herself, the officer really was curious. But she had rules to follow and she had to allow her V.I.P as much privacy as she needed. So after waving off the little devil, who in turn gave her a dirty look before 'poofing away', Fire glanced over at the farmer. "Considering my life for the most part is rather average. I train young recruits. It's an fulfilling job, but sometimes it can be rather repetitive, so I'm always happy to toss my hat into the 'odd jobs' box over at the base. Sometimes I end up helping Prince Blueblood or Princess Twilight on an worthwhile mission, but then there's always the 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' type jobs where I'm asked to foal-sit an brat who keeps insisting that he refer to me as 'babe' and there's always the 'sting' missions where I get to sit around all day on a cloud or tree. Waiting. Just waiting." Oh how she hated those missions. Thankfully some clever pony invented her beloved super-caffeinated, coffee blend, the Dreaded Motaba! "But you know the saying, you have to sometimes have to do the 'meh' just to get a little good. And I do feel a little sense of pride when I watch my former trainee as he or she finishes officer school and earns their silver bit. And it's always interesting to see what sort of grab-bag of a mission I will end up with when I'm not in Canterlot training that is."
  7. Ah Nuts! I missed my Cantiversary!


    I've been on the site for six years! Wow!


    Will I dare to read my first post?



    1. SteelEagle


      You should!

      Happy Canterversary, sugarcube!

    2. Rosewind


      Congrats; really glad to have you here!

    3. Ciraxis


      Congrats Taco! Time sure flies isn't it? Guess that makes us the forum dinosaurs.


      I myself wouldn't read my first post. I buried it. Buried it deep....


  8. That One Question (Private)

    Fire Walker could not help but chuckle at her beloved’s ‘handle. “It sounds silly because it is silly.”, she added with a grin, “Generally if I were to receive an assignment that would require me to go incognito, I would generally use whatever fake name they gave me, and would be simply referred to as the ‘operative’ by those in the know.” she added. “I’ve only actually been on two of these missions. One had me as an very bouncy yellow gall named ‘Sunny Skies’. Thanks to my brother Moon Walker and Miss Pie, I was able to get into that roll. There was also my little Goth get-up where I was ‘Moonlight Raven’. Weird thing was that I just needed to look like I worked at a club. Nothing special.”, a smile creeped upon the mare’s face. “But my mother and Moon already had this whole character for me. Lots of black and lots of metallic and shiny things I had to wear and it took almost an hour to put it all on along with the dye and goth-ish makeup.” She could only ponder what sort of silliness the pair could do with Swift. “Considering nearly everypony I’ve dated had tried that, except for one.” Which was Dunder. Guy was actually smart enough to do as asked. “I would not suggest you do that. It would be funny, but it would also be painful.”, the mare smirked, “And Dad and Uncle Cloud Crusher continue to train with each other, and it’s always a surprise and almost always very silly. We’re talking costumes and sometimes even hiding in a giant birthday cake. When Cloud went to blow out the candles, dad jumped out and it was duel time. Even said he ‘lost’ the fight as a birthday gift to his brother. Which is nonsense. Dad kept slipping and sliding because he had cake on his boots.” While the mare had disappeared into the shower, she kept the door cracked open so the pair could continue to speak. "I train with some of best in Equestria at the base. Minotaurs, ponies of all kinds, Caribou, even a freaking fellow blacksmith friend of Zelda. Guy was an Yak in full plate and I was not permitted to fly. That's when I learned you're not going to win every challenge, but you will always learn from defeat." There was silence for a moment before Swift could hear, "Ah sweetheart.", she gushed, "You got my shampoo! Cinnamon..You're the best.", there was an slight pause a bit of shower singing from the shower. "One of these days we'll have to visit Saddle Arabia. While there sand everywhere, I heard there's nothing but beauty to find there. Although the pon-horses make me feel so sort and squatty." Fire emerged from the bathroom clad in puffiest of towels. One around her body and one on her head. She quickly found her cup and took a sip, "Oh thank you.", she purred as the steam found its way into her snout, "Best stuff ever. Got me through officer school."
  9. Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    Curious what they're going to do with Eclipsa and Meteora...and what was the deal with Toffee? He seemed to go out of his way not to hurt in the good guys in his last episode, but they still outright wasted him.
  10. As they walked on, Fire Walker could not shake the image of the ghostly figure from her head. Who was she really? And what did she say to the farmer that made her tear up so? This might have been an familiar place and face for the earth pony, but it was all new to her, so she naturally would have a zillion questions. Oh, how she wanted to ask, but for the most part, this was really none of her business. If Applejack wanted her to know, she would have told her by now. All she knew that this spirit was 'Ma Seed' and she took care of an whole lotta plants. Guess her garden would be extremely useful if one species of flora were to be wiped out in its native region. She silently wondered if there was a crazy pumpkin with a face that could control vines like the one her sister Wind Walker had claimed to have encountered awhile back, lingering around in that garden of hers. Or had that been another prank by Discord? Oh, how that guy drove her crazy! She caught sight of an impressive Roc as it did battle against a pack of timberwolves. Was the big bird looking to make a tooth-pick? Thankfully all of that mess was a good distance from where they cantered. The officer glanced over at the farmer who continued to be silent. That was no issue as she probably had a good deal on her mind. Was she still thinking about what the ghostly pony said to her? Along with the ability to maintain the perfect garden, what else could she do? Tell somepony their future? Maybe whisper a few words of encouragement about the upcoming foal? "Well, we haven't been gone that long, and how many ponies do you think cross the same path?", The Pegasus pony snatched up a pair of new paddles as Applejack worked on the little crank motor. Once they were ready, she boarded the vessel. Once they were ready, it was paddles to the water once more. Hopefully the added speed would permit them to avoid the assorted Everfree weirdness along the way. She did not want to say or even think about this trip. She did not want to curse it. Just keep sailing....just keep sailing...
  11. Ha! Hasbro C&D'ed themselves!

    1. SteelEagle


      tell me mooooooore

    2. tacobob


      A few days ago I posted a video from Hasbro showing a cute little video/trailer for the new season...This was taken down shortly..Which confused me. It was from Hasbro..Apparently they released it too soon...

  12. The Visits (Open)

    Ho-Boy. Fire Walker did not need this. Not right now. Not right ever. She wanted to spend some quality time with her very special stallion. Time that involves smooching. Time that involved him giving her a good ol massage. Her muscles ached after all the crawling about she had been involved in. And those two brothers! Gah! They didn’t know when to shut up! Always yammering about their adventures! If she mentioned something she faced in the past, they always had to one-up her! And she was a big fan of stories! She grew up listening to her father’s friends. Colonel Critchlow and Neptune Rex always had a story or two to tell. But now she was an adult and the best stories were told at the pub with friends and a pitcher of Köstliche Pferd. Those Germanes knew their beer! But here she was, in what she had been sure was her Swift Squall’s stately manor, but instead it was a nuthouse! So much crazy chaos! And what was going on with the older pony? She had been curious about the fella. As a pony who was trained against the dark arts, she knew he was powerful. Old unicorns usually were. And there was something about this guy. Had she seen him before? Those crimson eyes....the grey coat. Almost reminded her of old General Pummel, but he was a Pegasus, just like her! And there was also that mane...And his snaggletooth. It was less pronounced. She could see him flying over her. The clouds turning pink and the chocolate milk. So much chocolate rain! But it had gone bad and was now all over her body. Getting into her armor. She could hear the next of kin to chaos as he cackled away. Next of kin? He was chaos..He was... "Discord." She was very annoyed with the devious draconequus, but she was not stupid. She knew how powerful he was and dared not to annoy him. Even if he was considered 'reformed', he was still very dangerous. "So.", she sighed, "When did you start making house-calls?"
  13. This is real and it's official....And also coming soon...They're doing figures of scenes from the show..





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    2. GigiThePug


      Oh I wish it was a crossover. I just hope this is another Trixie and starlight episode. I always love those

    3. tacobob


      I just love the expression on Trixie's face. She's fearless! And Starlight is adorable.

    4. GigiThePug


      Haha same here

  14. "Can't believe you're actually going to attend an Debutante Ball Auntie."a young filly groaned as she ran a hoof through a small collection of 'Hoof Beat' magazines. After spotting the right one, her horn lit up and the periodical took to the sky like an advertisement stuffed balloon. "It just seems so 'old timey'.", she muttered as she read her floating magazine while she rested ever so comfortably on a red sofa. "I'm pretty sure these things were made so fathers could announce to all of Equestria that their daughters were perfectly legal to marry now. Are you already looking to settle down?" An older pony, while not a filly, was not yet a mare shook her head. "Pretty sure I've been over this before Ticker Tape.", the Pegasus pony know as Wind Walker turned away from a mirror she had been staring into so fiercely that she was rather surprised it not had cracked open. "This is just a fun little event Ponyville likes to have every year. I get to put on an big poofy dress and get to act all girly for a bit." she returned her attention back to her mirror as she tried her best to get her mane to look just 'right'. "Oddly enough, Miss Pinkie Pie is not running this event, but Lady Rarity. Guess that makes sense.", she grunted as ran her brush through her mane. She spent months growing it out, now it wanted to be curly, not straight! Bad! The pair could hear as the door slowly squeaked open. The head of an rather large Pegasus stallion poked out from the small opening. "Sweetie.", it was Wind Walker's father. "You ready yet, it's almost time." The large stallion, while retired from the military, dressed in proper regalia. His eyes teared up as he caught sight of his daughter. Look at her! She was almost an adult. Soon she would be heading off to officer school like her elder siblings before her. And as long as she kept with her training and classes, she would later be allowed to join the tryouts for the Wonderbolts. "Almost dad..". Great now she was being pestered in stereo! ***** Moments later, father and daughter slowly made their way towards town hall. They had been offered an quick taxi ride, but Wind's father quickly turned it down. This gave them time to talk as they walked, and that they did. They spoke of the past, they spoke about family and they also spoke about the future. Some of Wind's siblings and her mother would eventually find their way to the event. And in what seemed like seconds, the pair were soon standing right at the entrance of the hall. "Looks like things are starting up.", the stallion tried his best to contain his tears. His little foal was nearly all grown up!