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  1. Will be posting very soon! (Friday!) on our one RP...Overestimated my free-time and stamina. need sleep. uymTi4S.jpg

  2. Zelda watched as a few more ponies made their way towards her and Prince Blueblood. One she was sure that she had not met before, but somehow she knew her. One of her friends had described an fellow adventurer of hers that was also a very clever inventor. Along with being rather brilliant, she was also rather adorkable. Every detail was correct from her coat that reminded her of the color of an 'Uncle Beakly' chocolate bar to her pale yellow eyes, and when she spoke her name, 'Bevel Gear' it was now very obvious that this was the same pony she was thinking of. "I know of you.", she quickly took the pony's hoof. "We share a common friend. One that has spoken very well of you." Then the mare had a slight meltdown after bumping into Celestia. She was afraid the Princess would send her to the sun? "I don't believe she intends to do such a thing.", the blacksmith whispered, "And my name is Zelda, of the Birzoth Clan." Oh dear, that accident was one she wish she had been involved in. While Bevel was 'acting like the mishegas' as the griffon's grandmother would say, another pony came into view. Another chocolatey one, this time a stallion and just like the others, was a unicorn. It looked like she was not going to be the brightest one in this bunch, but every job needed its 'muscle'. The handsome Prince was in pretty good shape, so it wouldn't just be her that needed to watch over the eggheads. So what would this mission be? Thankfully Princess Celestia's full attention was now on her group. Bevel had to be 'crazy in the coconuts' to even think that Equestria's co-ruler would want to harm her little group. Princess Celesta was a being of awesome power, but she did not use this power to force her will onto her people, but instead, she used it to build up her royal citizens, to make them better in every way. And her incredible beauty! The black griffon would give her feathers to sculpt such an impressive figure! And now she was being addressed directly by her! Stay calm Zelda! Don't freak out! "Thank you for the offer, your majesty.", Zelda gave the princess a proper bow, "I would have not missed it for the world." Along with being able to raise the sun, the princess also had very impressive bench-summoning skills. And they were to 'stoke the imagination for ten thousand generations and more'? What in the world was she going to have them build? Being the patient sort, she quickly found a seat on the new bench and waited...
  3. And speaking of reboots. This looks to be fun...And the guy behind it (Rob Renzetti) has been involved in a ton of toons, from FIM to Gravity Falls....And from what I've seen, it reminds me a lot of Gravity Falls..Which is a good thing..
  4. Cute episode. Not one I'd re-watch. And probably not one I'd end the half-season with!
  5. Holy Smokes this place sure was fancy! Was the first thing that popped into Fire Walker’s head as she made her way into the ‘Lifetime Daycare Center’. While the name was a bit of a mess, the actual daycare center was not. Was this the first of many changes the cute little farming community would go through as more ponies from the more metropolitan cities moved in? She could almost picture an older resident as they saw the center for the first time. They'd probably think it was 'as high-falutin' as Princess Celestia's fuh-anciest bedroom!'. There was bound to be a culture clash sooner or later as the more upscale ponies would prefer their beloved franchises over the local businesses. Still, somepony expected a large population boom and thus the center was created. While the red coated officer knew that one of these days she would eventually have a foal with her beloved husband to be, Swift Squall, she was not visiting for her own future kid, this was for her brother Cordy Walker! After much discussion, he and Jammy (his wife) decided that they would move to Ponyville from Trottingham. Cordy and Fire's mother had been in a rather poor spirits as of lately and it was decided that one of the siblings would move next door to the Walker home. Spending time with the grandfoals was what the doctor recommended to chase away her blues! Fire had been tasked to check out the new place and write back to her brother. He was curious what sort of place this was. Would it be suitable for their little 'Ticker Tape'? He only expected the best for his kid. When they were younger, the siblings remembered seeing an extremely sketchy daycare center in Baltimare. Rumors were that it was actually an illegal sweatshop! This was never confirmed and was probably just gossip. Cordy did recall it having a barbed wire fence and the building was covered with crudely drawn knock-offs of popular children's characters. Thankfully, this was no 'Puddin' Patch' and instead would not look out of place in the better parts of Canterlot. The officer would spend a few more moments checking the rest of the place out and then hopefully get to meet some of the staff. The officer also had plans to meet up with her fiancé when her visit was finished. "Hmmmm." She noticed that Prince Blueblood was here. He was probably going to make some sort of grand speech at the opening and maybe even cut a large ribbon to 'open' the center. And then there Inkbrand! What the heck was he doing here? Did he have any kids? Knowing him, he was probably dating one of the staff. Nearby was also a very familiar be-freckled unicorn. One of her bestest little pony pals.. "Hey Presteza!". She had not seen her old friend since her little 'girl's night' with Zelda. Her foalhood colleague was an incredibly gifted artist. Surely this whole center was designed by the very talented mare.
  6. Add Fire Walker to the adults. This could be a sequel to the last RP. Shame we never found out who turned them into kids in the previous one.
  7. Wait a second...Didn't we just do this one? o_O
  8. Zelda ran her claws through a small pile of mail as she slowly sipped her mug of tea. Bills. Bills. Coupons for an specialty wine store in Ponyville. Bills. And a rather fancy looking envelope from the castle. This was hardly new to the griffon as she normally received orders from the royal home of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. It was never directly from the Alicorn sisters. Maybe an young officer needs her armor fixed, or an older one needs his extended. Oh no. This was different. The paper was nicer. It was almost like vellum, not the real stuff, but very close. Curious, she quickly slashed open the envelope with her pinky claw and pulled out the letter. There was a rather simple message. It simply listed a date, time and location. Was this the final ‘chapter’ of her month of challenges? During the last few weeks, she had been given a series of tests. Each letter or box arrived in her mailbox with a request. This ranged from building an velocipede with the supplied parts , having to find her way out of magically enchanted maze, to one that had her fix a magical 'furnace' before time ran out and it exploded. It had been noted that it would not actually really blow up, but if the timer went off, she would fail. Thankfully she did not. And at first, she assumed this was something her friends had set up for her for fun. It was no secret that she had been going through a rather dark part of her life, and her old comrades were trying their best to snap her out of it. Even Princess Luna and Discord tried their hooves at helping the black bird. But this letter, this royal letter confirmed it was probably not Fire Walker or Presteza this time. And she was not dreaming. The following day, the black griffon dressed as if was heading off to work. She wore a thick jumpsuit, along with her heavy boots and protective gloves, all khaki colored. She brought along a small bag loaded with tools. She was never an Gryphlet Scout, but she always preferred to be prepared. The directions led her to an waiting chariot. The young officers did not speak throughout the entire voyage. If only the letter had mentioned that she should have brought a magazine or book with her to read. Thankfully, the time flew on by. And before she knew it, she was slowly making her way through a rather strange and misty field. And more importantly, there were a few royal ponies nearby. While she obviously not a pony, she considered herself an citizen of Equestria and respected its nobility. First there was Prince Blueblood. "Your Grace.", she gave a proper royal curtsy, which had to look downright bizarre in her work clothes. And there was also Princess Celestia, who was standing with her royal guard. What the heck was going on? She turned to the Prince, but said nothing.
  9. Gah! Double post. I have a question. At the start of the RP.....The others (Prince Blueblood, Zelda, etc)....Can they see Celesta's ship? By your post Steel, Celestia and her guard are standing in front of nothing. She is going to wait until everypony (and griffon) arrive before revealing the ship? Or is it already there? I'm a little confused. Thanks!
  10. As long as we got the fishbowls to put on their heads, they should be safe.
  11. The ship is going to need an non-unicorn! Maybe Zelda? 1. She is a known blacksmith and builder for the R.E.A. Has worked with metal all of her life. 2. Maybe she could have helped with the original building of the ship? So this would be very personal to her. 3. Perfect for ship repairs! She's the type who doesn't mind getting her claws dirty. Also hands can be very useful when magic fails. 4. So far we have lots of Mister Fantastics on board. We could use at least one Ben Grimm as there's always bound to be something or someone out there that might pose a problem that a good clobbering would fix.
  12. Expect a postie from me tonight- or tomorrow.

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  13. “Yeah.”, the mare sighed, “You just happened to witness the tail end of an very old tradition. One that ponies in general have given up over the years, especially now that the world is a much safer place to be in, even with the occasion monster attack or evil god-thing attack.”, she added as she watched Luna’s moon, “Right after the Canterlot Castle was built, workers returned to their simple huts and started converting them into miniature fortresses of their own and they had to. Who knew if a horde of dragons or monsters were going to invade and no silly thatched roof cottage would be up to that challenge, and as families got bigger, so did their homes. Now things are different and ponies are free to live wherever they choose. No need to live, huddled behind stone walls anymore.” Ho-Boy. She was getting sleepy and when she got tired, she tended to ramble, “That’s something you saw with my family. We left Canterlot and now we’re all over the place.” She was slightly upset that her plans were smooshed. Not angry upset, but slightly disappointed. “Oh.”, she gave him her best ‘frumpy’ face. “We will then just have to share schedules. I know father has something to do with this new ‘Dragon Lord’ business and mom will be out at a convention early next month...I do have a few things in the works beyond Lady Applejack and my usual training classes. I also managed to get talked into taking little Wind and her friends to Cloudsale to hit all the tourist-ie spots for some sort of field-trip. Still, we will find the right time and place.” “I believe the worst we have to contend with will be hydras, stone-skinned alligators, timberwolves, cockatrices, all varations of the parasprites crazy magic and possibly zomponies. And maybe a flying bear of some kind, but it should all be a walk in the park for us.", she gave the stallion a smile, "And speaking of that, maybe we should get moving..I need a hot bath, and that tub was made for two!"
  14. SIGH. Miss yah. :wail: