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  1. “Chupathingies?", the red mare responded back with a grin, "Do you mean a Chupacabra? I heard stories about those beasties when I was a filly. Said they were nasty looking reptilian dog like creatures that suck the blood out of livestock." She resisted the urge to wave her front hooves at the farmer like a spooky specter while going 'Oo-oo!' as that would be very unprofessional. "And since neither of us are cows, goats or sheep, I believe such a creature would leave us alone if it know what was good for it." Not only did the officer have a few weapons at her side, it would be downright suicide for any creature to even try to threaten a pregnant mare. While the old house was a mess and there was probably a few nasty creatures either lurking about inside or outside their temporary dwelling, Fire Walker was comfortable. She also felt a little better knowing that Applejack was getting an needed break and the officer did not have to nag at her. But how ready was she? Was there a chance she could give birth during their little journey? The Pegasus pony herself was born a few months before her scheduled birth and had a very miserable childhood. When she was old enough to learn, the filly had an incredibly difficult time learning how to walk. She looked like she was walking on fire. And would the officer be up to the challenge? Could she help the farmer with the deliverer? She had witnessed a proper hospital birth, so she knew it was far more than just yelling 'push' like they do in movies. Of course she was going to push! Would she ever think to pull? "My second colt-friend, a guy named Storm Catcher considered himself a country boy, but he was the true definition of 'all hat and no cattle'.", the mare shook her head as she spoke, "He was kind of an rump-head, but he had some skills. He could do wonders with rope. Guy could lasso a cloud and send it packing.Even had a cool trick where he would snatch a grey cloud and slam it into its brothers, causing all kinds of thunder." she stared at the fire as she spoke, "He tried the whole lassoing me up, but that did not work out like he wanted." **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** With the loud noise upon them, Fire Walker managed to ignore instinct, and instead of jumping off the couch and popping out her little hoof-blades, she slowly made her way up from the couch. If needed, it only took a moment for her to draw a weapon. She managed to land on her hooves just in time to face the.. "Possum?", Fire Walker was not sure if she should laugh or not. "Looks like an extremely fuzzy little possum by the look of her tail. Although I'm not sure about the feet." There was also the matter of her buck teeth and do possums sport green fur? "Hello little gal.", she cooed in a very friendly tone, "I hope we did not wake you up." The officer reached into her bag and pulled out a small stack of crackers from her meal kit and hoofed them over, "Here you go." While the strange little creature was adorable, the pony knew she could not let her guard down. Some of the nastier creatures out there could act all innocent until...CRUNCH! Off goes your head!
  2. “Erm.”, the red mare slowly rubbed her eyes as she awoke from her little catnap. She could not help it. She was just so dang cozy, the red Pegasus pony just had to shuffle off to Princess Luna’s secret kingdom. “I gotta say something Swifty, this is one comfy couch. I wish I had something like...oh.” It took her a moment to realize that she was talking to herself, or at least the butler. “Thank you Mister Oak Branch. I must have dozed off.....”, she quickly shifted into a more ladylike position on the couch as the tea was prepared. After thanking the butler once more, she started to reach for the sugar, but Swift Squall’s stallion-servant already knew exactly how she liked. it. Fire Walker smiled as the butler left the room to allow her to enjoy the tea and read the letter in peace. “Good gravy.”, he had wonderful penponship! This was practically art you could hang up on the wall. Maybe the next time she meets either Princess Cadance or Princess Twilight, she could see how they managed to ascend into Alicorn-ship. Being able to use magic to write would be far easier and a good deal better looking than using one’s teeth! After a few sips from her cup, she started to read. “Ho-Boy.”, she gasped as the first few bits of the letter were read. This was the kind of stuff, her theater enthusiast of a brother, Moon Walker would have acted out in some old play. Very dramatic, but he was pouring his heart out here. The mare let out a sigh as she finished the letter. “I hope you know what you’re doing Swifty.”, she whispered to herself. She pondered her beloved’s quest as she finished off her tea. The brave unicorn was not the only one that had a job to do. She also had work to do and she needed to be brave. The young officer would take a hot bath, get back into her uniform and then it would be her time to shine! But first.....there was still enough hot water for a second cup of tea. Would not want to let the leaves to go to waste....
  3. She is adorable...Just wish they did not give her such HUGE wings.
  4. “Well.”, the mare paused, ‘Wind Walker is going to be there, so it’s going to be hard to drop the announcement without her hearing it..Unless we wait till she needs to use the restroom. Also.”, she stopped once more as she tried to figure out the right way to say something. “I’m the first mare in the family to be married with Cordy and Speed being stallions...”, she stammered, “Father is going to ask if you can schedule a duel with him. He’ll probably use ‘whiffle-swords’ or something silly like that.”, she added, “Dad liked to tell us that he could learn more about a pony from a short bout than he could if he spent the whole day chatting with one. And while you’ll be slapping each other with fake swords, please take this seriously. He also might ask you a few questions, depending on how you block a strike or how you return a blow.”, a smile returned to her face, “It’s something apparently fathers like to do...Not all requests are the same..Thankfully the old Major has toned down his need to be overprotective when it comes to his daughters.” Her first colt-friend, Player One received a major whooping when he tried a few sneaky moves on the old stallion and that was for a simple ‘first meeting’. As for the double-date, Fire Walker took a moment to get his meaning, “Oh, I don’t mean tomorrow, but sometime before the wedding. I’m sure we can figure out a date that we’ll all be available for. “ a few things bounced around in her mind for a few seconds, “I have a few weekends off..And there are a few days of training I need to do, and there’s the little job I have with Lady Applejack. Apparently Princess Twilight had a few good things to say about me after I aided her last month. As for your parents...I know my parents are already rather weary when it comes to huge weddings...But would folks care if we have a simple ceremony?”
  5. That's the first thing I thought of when they stopped over at the hospital....Still, I have a feeling Flurry probably does not have to worry about diseases...Teething yes....Diseases that plaque mortals..not so much..the gal is a freaking demi-goddess already...She's probably not even one years old yet, but she can already freaking teleport like a boss. Also, I want this...for reasons...
  6. I enjoyed the episode. It wasn't the greatest, but I was amused for the majority of it.
  7. The episode where the FIM staff try to cram as much adorableness in one episode as possible! The third episode of the season is here! In this episode, Twilight Sparkle agrees to babysit her niece Flurry Heart despite already having a very busy schedule. Our usual pony shenanigans commence. This episode already aired on Saturday 11:30 AM EST on April 22nd!! Hope you had your DVR set! And hopefully Brian gets better soon! All this copy and pasting is too much work for a lazy, lazy person such as I! This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk.
  8. Hey! There is no 'Official Discussion Thread' for the new episode. Since Brian is off somewhere, may I post one?

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      Brian's sick, so go ahead!

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  9. What is the brown circle thing over the eye?
  10. The red mare nodded her head as Swift Squall confirmed their upcoming marriage. Even now, it was so strange to even imagine she would be tying the knot soon. "One of the residents was having a birthday, so Pinkie Pie made it an event for the entire town. Little Wind and I went", she could not help but smile as she remembered the party. "There was carnival rides, an oversized bounce-castle and lots of food. The usuals were there and it all made for a rather pleasant, day-time party." Fire Walker could not help but chuckle as the inventor mentioned Swift's eccentricities. "Only makes me love him even more.", she managed to give him a quick peck on his cheek, "My Swifty is never boring. And while every little girl dreams about marrying a prince, I always wanted somepony who keeps things fresh and exciting, so I guess I got both wishes." The officer nodded her head as Bevel spoke, "I was so distracted with Lady Applejack and Fluttershy, I actually ended up eating very little.", the mare hated to have missed a chance for free food!, "I did take a few pieces of cake home with me and Wind Walker ended up getting rather sick after stuffing herself with sweats and riding the 'spinner'. Still, you do remind me of an old friend of mine.", her tone shifted rather drastically, "She went through a bit of unpleasantness and broke up with her boyfriend. Ended up burying herself in her work. Which was not healthy.", she sighed, "I've heard about all the brilliant work you've done, from that crazy flying machine you had down to an underwater submerging ship. All beyond incredible, but you should still take a little time from your busy schedule to relax and maybe spoil yourself a little. You deserve it." Fire took the whistle. Oh right. Looks like they were going to help the inventor get back into shape before she ends up with diabetes. "So, what's the plan? I really hate lecturing another adult. It's not me." After it found its away around her neck, the mare tested her whistle out. "We should make it fun. You have your magic.", she gave the unicorn stallion a slight 'boop' on his horn. "During the week of Nightmare Night, Miss Ilinalta and I did a fun little 'zombie run' for the recruits. Not only did we have the illusionary 'zombies' chase the newbies for a 'fun run', we also had a team-building exercise where the blue-heads had to build an proper and secure 'base' that could withstand an 'zombie' assault. This ended with a surprise assault by 'Nightmare Moon'.",
  11. This continues to be the cutest fan-strip for FIM:


    Comic - Twilight's First Day #26


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      That is cute! Thanks for sharing it with us Bob! <3 

  12. After waving a final ‘good-bye’ to her mother, Wind Walker’s turned to see what was probably the cutest little thing she had seen so far for the day. She returned a friendly wave, before it suddenly dawned on her. This wasn’t a kid, it was freaking Discord! The silly spirit had 'trans-magic-a-fied' himself into an adorable little ‘Dinky-Cord’. The filly still wanted to give the little guy a big hug, even with the knowledge that the cute little ball of fluff was an very very very very very old whatever he was weird guy in disguise. Geez. Discord was so old, that when he went to an antique auction, three people bid on him! Discord was so old, when he left a museum one day, the alarm went off! She wanted to say something. Ask him what he was up to, but she instead decided to let him have his fun. There was a very good chance he would get either bored or distracted and wander away away. "Hey Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle!" the blue Pegasus pony yelped out the moment she got closer to the threesome. Wind Walker had managed to run into the first two fillies before, but had only heard about the third member of the 'Cutie Mark Crusaders'. There was a strong resemblance between the little unicorn and her famous sister, Rarity. And sure enough, the fillies all had very similar cutie marks. All badges. Had this happened before? There were plenty of families that shared similar markings, but non-related ponies? They must have a very strong bond between each other for such a thing to happen. "No. She's my mother." The apple filly thought her mom was her grandmother? This was not the first time this had happened, and probably would not be the last. Write Stuff had her final child rather late in life, so ponies tended to be rather surprised when they found out that the middle-aged mare was her mom. Nearly all of her siblings were now adults, and even two of them had kids of their own. "Mom has been rather clingy since we moved to Ponyville. Once I'm old enough to go to officer school, she'll be living in an empty nest. As they say." Hopefully by then, her parents will be properly retired by then. They can move to Las Pegasus and live a life of leisure. A few colts made their way towards the group. Two seemed to be slightly singed. They might be the cause of the earlier KABOOM. And one was named Timid? Oh geez. What's with some of these names parents are giving their kids? She had seen a younger guy named Pip Squeak not that long ago. Not to mention an adult mare named Derpy. And now Timid? Some of these names ventured pretty close to child abuse! As she considered this, the diminutive-Draconequus scampered their way. Holy crap! He managed to look even cuter when he ran! "Yeah, Dinky-cord is a cutie." Her little blue ears perked up as the train conductor spoke up. "Guess we better get on board!"
  13. Erm. I hope this isn't what it will look like.... http://www.polygon.com/tv/2017/3/29/15105720/reboot-live-action-reboot Looks like a PS2 game.
  14. Are the creator(s) of the original working on the new show? Also, along with reboots...We're seeing more continuations of old shows thanks to Netflix....They've brought back MST3K....Also also for CN..Samurai Jack. And both are really good.
  15. " Hostile Hostel Homilies?", the red mare could not help but smirk, "That's more than a mouthful." And that could happen. Some devious fellow could mark an hydra's lair with an great big SAFE marking. Fire Walker would prefer to believe that most people in the world were good. Still, there were always going to be one 'son of a bucket' that ruins it for the rest of us. With the fireplace properly set up, the officer removed a small bag from her pack. "I had to help investigate an summer home that had been abandoned for years. And while there was some rather strange things going on, the most dangerous was the nasty stuff that was allowed to grow over the years such as black mold. I really need to start wearing some sort of breathing filter when I go into these old places." In her bag was an magnesium stick along with a few other tools for starting a fire. These would become very useful. A moment later, the officer with the most suitable of names had managed to start a small, but hot fire. This would eventually make the old house a tad more comfortable. She would hardly call the place 'cozy', but it would make their short stop far more pleasant, and possibly keep away most of the nastier creatures that lingered in her mind, as most of them tended to fear fire. There were walking mummified mares, your garden variety Frankentags and even Zombie ponies kept away from that stuff. Fire Bad! It would also at least keep away some of the nastier molds for growing, at least for the moment. After making sure the smoke was going in the right direction, Fire Walker found a seat next to the farmer. "Rainbow Dash?" She dared not to even ask how this could happen. There was bound to be something, probably magic that allowed two mares to have a foal together. The Pegasus pony tried her best not to think of it, but her devious mind offered a few ideas. Maybe Rainbow managed to get blasted with the same magic ol' Prince Blueblood was hit with before the last Grand Galloping Gala. Fire was still trying to figure that one out. "I've met Miss Dash more than a few times and I always found her to be unique company. Thankfully, in a good way.", she added. "I could see your kid ending up like members of my family. We're basically winged Earth Ponies who can't farm or cook. Family curse. But we're plenty tough and the wings are useful." She waved her back legs towards the direction of the fire. Sitting on one's backside was extremely awkward for a pony, but she could make it work. "And yeah. We like big beds, mostly so when can spread our wings when we settle down." There was also the problem of occasional wing release during certain dreams. Thankfully a genius pony invented Pegasus pajamas that secured the wings during sleep. No need to knock a loved one from his or hers bed. "As for wandering here alone? Can't say I have.", Fire Walker shrugged her armored shoulders, "Always prefer to have someone at my side when I travel. Not only do you have somepony to watch your back, you also get someone to talk as well. Once you wander alone for hours, your mind sometimes wants to create its own voices for you to hear. Had an rather satisfying little trip with an ex-colt-friend of mine. Ended up staying in some old caves.", she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed ever so blissfully. Good memories. Shame they had to end. This memory had to end as well, as a rather loud caused the mare to leap off the couch. "What do you supposed that was?", she asked while her eyes crept towards the basement door.