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  1. tacobob

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    The young officer’s ears drooped down as she slowly started to understand where the writer was coming from. He wasn’t someone who had big dreams and an eye for his future. This was somepony who was utterly defeated. He wanted to sell his pen. This was the same as an captain giving up his boat and settling for dry land. Or a farmer selling her land. Something really bad had happened to this stallion and he already had his white flag out. “I’m sure Princess Twilight would say not to give up your dreams..And if you’ve hit a brick wall, to simply evolve with your skills.”, it had to be late as Fire Walker was very sure she had heard a familiar voice....But it came from the direction of the dog. Weird. She needed to get her flank in bed soon... “Like I said, my mother writes military journals....And thing is, once you’re done with one of those, with the exception of an yearly update, there’s nopony begging for an ‘Royal Equestrian Counterinsurgency Field Manual 2: Revenge Of The Undeveloped Doctrine', so she had spent the last few decades just updating old books...A few new rules here and maybe an slight reworded set of standards there. Nothing big. Gal was bored, so she was encouraged to use her skills for other things. Fun things. She kept up with her journals, but at least had something else to look forward to doing." More pup-talk. Did he belong to Twilight, "Not that I'm aware of....Could belong to Miss Glimmer....Or even Miss Lulamoon....Not sure if she's in town..." The dog was not that pest Discord in disguise became even a powerful creature as himself, he was TERRIBLE at being in disguise. There was always a tell-tale sign. Those goofy eyes. His nasty snaggletooth. Or kickable backside. Speaking of that...She glanced back at Silver Blade. She did not know him,nor trust him, but it was too late and she was too tired to push him further. If he was up to no good, the castle would know. And there were ears everywhere. At least via spell. The amount of magic that flowed through the building would give your typical Thaumivore heartburn! As her younger sister's little colt-friend would say, 'Holy Socks'. There was another visitor to the castle's library. She tried her best to get Opal Frost's attention without making too much of a noise, "If you'd like an hot cocoa just ask...", she added with a smile. She decided to make Hot Choc-Coladas tomorrow. At least for the adults
  2. tacobob

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    "I do believe we have run into each other during little events.", the mare responded softly while she kept her eye on Silver, "And I am sorry to hear things have not gone well for you as of recently, but I can say you're in the friendliest little town in all of Equestria.", a smile slowly made its way back onto the fuzzy red face of the mare, "If you need help, there's always some-pony around with a helping hoof." While it was no hoof, the mare pulled out a small card-holder from a hidden pocket with the help of her wing, "My mother, Write Stuff has been putting out these funny little paperbacks...Mostly romance adventure...Beach reads...But it was a break from her usual Military training guides...Did her good to move out of her comport zone.", she let out a chuckle, "The publishing company that prints her books." Which was printed on the card, "Also publishes the Burnferno and Gusty the Great series along with putting out newspapers in key cities, along with some rather popular magazines. Might be a good idea to look into them if you have not yet.." The red mare was caught off guard as her previously unknown member of the 'Guard' picked up the rather large dog. She would never feel comfortable doing such a thing to an adult dog without his consent. Maybe a puppy. But a full sized wolf-dog? Thankfully the handsome creature was of good spirit and did not make a fuss. And it was extra adorable when he made his way to the books! He thinks he's people! Two things were still bugging her. How the pup got in, and why they did not alert her of a new recruit. Also, she did not know who this guy was. All of the recruits were ponies she had known. Trusted. Trained with. This all was as fishy as an sardine's boxer shorts. But she would play along. See what he was up to. If he needed help, she would aid him...If he was up to no good..."Head of the Night Watch? Uh-hu." That was a little too much, "So, who assigned you with this task?" There was yet another visitor..An Kirin....Wow. The library was one happening place during this late night.



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  4. tacobob

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    “Good evening...erm.”, What was his name? This handsome fellow was assigned to the Guard..She had heard that somewhere, but where? Being the captain, she should have been contacted as soon as they had even suggested the stallion as a recruit. Full papers that showed that he was fully vetted for the position should have been on her desk before he was even considered for the part. “Silver.” Was that it? He had a helmet, and uniform, but that could mean anything. Was something odd going on? A simple command word could be said and the pony would be introduced to the many security features the castle now had. But she was not in the mood. She had a very busy day and she could hear her very comfortable bed call out to her. He also saluted her and she was not in uniform. Since her mission was dealing privately with mostly the public, she had worn an slightly enchanted winter coat. She looked good and felt nice and warm. You normally do not salute officers out of uniform. The friendly mare placed a mug near the stallion. “No worries.” Parade uniform? She doubted the guard had nearly enough ponies to watch a parade, let alone start one. As she decided on her actions, something else caught her eye. It was a pup! Oh how Fire Walker was easily distracted by such wonderful creatures. And this one had a good bark! Probably not so wise....Waking up the castle residents was not a good idea. But he was a very handsome dog. He almost resembled an Shiba Inu but the tail was all wrong. And how did he manage to get inside the castle? They never installed a doggy door! Maybe Miss Fluttershy was staying over? Or did Starlight Glimmer finally get a pet? "Hey Pup.", she tried to gain the attention of the adorable critter. She actually had a few cookies on her tray. Let's see. No nutmeg. No chocolate. No raisins or even macadamia nuts. These were dog-safe. "Have a cookie." Oh how she wouldn't mind having such an sweet dog at her side. She always wanted a pupper, but somehow ended up with a cute little Squeak Bat named Dander. "So..", she turned back to the stallion, "What is your current assignment?", she could at least have a little fun with him before finding out the truth. If he needed help, she would try her best to aid him....Unless it was illegal. Then she would have to whoop him.
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  6. tacobob

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    Oh what a day it had been! Fire Walker welcomed the start of the morning with an steaming cup of coffee and an ‘Official Twilight Guard Scroll ‘O’ Things' scroll That Needed To Be Done’. Normally this would involve her usual morning of training ‘n’ education for the citizens of Ponyville! There were still plenty of ponies and other creatures who wanted to make sure there was no repeat of the many invasions the formally sleepy little village had been enduring over the last few years. And it seemed that rapstallions and mischief making-mares always had a new scheme. The latest crime had been done through the mail! Pen pals had become Pen Mal..s....factor...This was fixed when it was suggested that all outgoing and ingoing mail would be checked at Tartarus. Both the content of the letter and actual magical detection would also be applied. Hopefully they would also start checking incoming cakes or pies for files or chivs. There were quick visits to Appleloosa and Manehattan. Items to retrieve and ponies to talk to. There was also her final stop at Las Pegasus! However, it was not for sightseeing and fun, instead she needed to have a chat with a security head at the resort town's largest hotel and casino! There she picked up tips on how to handle security during big events without the public even knowing they were being looked after. She still managed to snag a very tacky shirt souvenir for her fiancé, Swift Squall. And now she was back home...Or at least one of her homes. She officially had a place in Fillydelphia and an small home she used mostly for storage in Ponyville. There was also her small little office/apartment in the castle itself. She found it to be rather cozy. After the packages were deposited in Twilight's slot, and the officer's own mail was checked. Fire Walker started to make the trek to her room for some shut-eye. However, her trip was cut short when she heard somepony shout...yell? Or was it just an HEY! The mare let out a sigh. It was not unusual for ponies to hang out at the library long into the night. Normally older students would hang out, hoping to take care of a paper they should had finished ages ago. This was rare as they now had their own special library located right in their school. Pajamas and bunny slippers were not frowned upon there. Shouting was usually very frowned upon in an library. Especially if it could be heard into the rooms...Nopony wants a cranky Spike! And the urge to throw whoever was making the noise out of the castle did pop up in the mind of the mare..That would be rude...She would do something else. "Good Evening fellows.", the mare pushed over a small rolling tray table topped with three cups of hot cocoa adorned with 'Fluffy Puff' marshmallows. A perfect beverage for a chilly night!
  7. tacobob

    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    The red mare let out a sigh, “I have my doubts as there are more misers out there that continue to stay rich mostly by sitting on their bits, but I’m not here to argue with you...” She was here to get her flank down the hall and into his chamber’s private bath. But that could wait. “You want to fix a few things and help a few friends...We’ll just need to talk about it....See the problem....Find the solution...And then apply the solution.” She wished Miss Starlight Glimmer was about. She was the nearby school's guidance counselor and a real smart cookie. She was a good deal more kind and understanding than the Captain could ever be. It wasn't that long ago with a rather pesky, heavyweight dragon barged into the castle and started getting his dirty claws on EVERYTHING. Even interrupted the pink unicorn during her bath and TOSSED the mare out of the castle, still in the tub! Yikes! Thankfully Glimmer was able to use her magic to keep both the tub and herself from being smashed into pieces. And she still kept her cool. Fire Walker would have taken her glaive to the scaly pest. Guest or not. He was not going anywhere near her stuff! "You're probably a little too old for the school." It was basically a high school with the added bonus of FRIENDSHIP. And it had probably the most diverse student body anywhere. Dragons. Griffons. Ponies. Changelings. And even a Yak.. All in one school. "Not sure if they gave a night-school for adults. Would make sense. But I'm sure you already got what you needed.", she pointed at his fuzzy ol' head. What they needed was a hot tub! Nothing like sitting in a vat of steamy bubbles while enjoying an adult beverage or two. Well, Swift would probably get a soda. Or juice. What would Pathfinder drink? How about the drink only adventurers drink! The Kungaloosh! Just need vodka, rum, melon liqueur, pineapple and cranberry juice and wala! You're ready for adventure! "Well, he was using the kid...I think....", she had heard BITS of the story. "And somehow he used her to stop magic.....For short moment, but I was getting a few things done early in the morning and boom!", she waved her front hooves about, "Magic was gone and I was falling....I bounced off a few branches, hit a bush and landed rather awkwardly in somepony's backyard. Thankfully nothing was broken...And once the magic restore and I was checked out by the local doctor..I spent the rest of the day at La-Ti-Da...Just soaking....And letting the pain float away." "Ha!", the Pegasus snorted, "I see maybe one....two kids tops...", since girls were perfect, she would want two of them, but EVERY dad wanted a colt to chase around and do 'dad stuff'.....So it would be one of each. Maybe twins. "I have nine siblings, so there's no way I'm going through that again...Or put my poor kids through that as well." She glanced at the mare. Was her coat light cold like Daring Do? Or was it dyed? Would it be odd to simply be born to look just like your eventual fictional role-model? Maybe Pathfinder's true talents were like her name. She would find the path and solution for any problem? Fire listened patiently to the adventure's story. Sounded like a Daring Doo adventure. Even with the need to keep her heroin from being able to fly. Why didn't A.K simply make her character into an earth pony? Would solve the need to keep the brave pony from simply flying over a death-trap or foe. "Those snappy turtles can be mean....My father got snapped on the flank many years ago during our little canoe trip at Flabanabba Park....Was just a filly and I learned all kinds of new words that day.", the mare added with a smirk. "If we're going to be fixing problems, I'm going to need a drink...Something strong....Anything you two want? Along with the usual, we do have sodas and tea....", she glanced at the Doo-Clone. "If you want something crazy, just ask..." Fire Walker also needed to get out of her armor!
  8. tacobob

    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    “Swifty.”, the red Pegasus pony scooted up next to the stallion and leaned into him...just slightly. “You’ve done plenty of things that have left an impact.”, she assured the noble-pony. “There’s your businesses' that effect creatures from all over, along with your charities that continue to do good...That’s more than most can say they’ve done.”, she paused to listen to what Swift had to say. “I wonder if this ‘Wraith’ simply just broke up...Those involved probably realized there was nothing to gain in hurting others..Or causing disturbances....And they all did some growing up....Either that.”, The officer smirked, “After causing their last round of mischief, maybe someone decided to take them out one by one....When they were at their weakest point...Maybe a few bounties were put up...And even their former teammates took the bait, only to be in turn betrayed by another.” Fire Walker nodded her head as Swift spoke of the others in his group. Pathfinder! That was a name she had not heard from in ages. The mare was more than capable...Brave...Tough...Clever...But there was this whole ‘Daring Do’ disguise. Maybe she was incapable of such feats as her real self....Whoever that was...Her favorite stallion did the same...Only in very small doses. He would throw on a costume that concealed his identity along with a silly name to give himself. There was also her Dunders...What was going on with him? He was another pony capable of greatness....Nearly everything he could do was better than most, but the fuzzy brown stallion seemed to have rather poor self-esteem....Along with this ‘Dunnie’ thing. Fire had hoped they could continue with their yearly tradition....Gather up the gang and hit Muggo’s for a night...His family always decorated the pub for Hearth’s Warning Eve...And they had the best ‘nog. “Well, it’s an odd time to set up a meeting....I was about to crawl out of this uniform and into an tub....”, before she could continue, entered.. And this time through a window. Thankfully it was an open one. The mare turned a slightly darker shade of red after the mention of children. “Kids are a future plan....”, she added, “We still have a few things before that...Marriage....Getting the whole ‘Twilight’' Guard’ thing situated...And Swift and I still have not found the right dog. And then maybe which one of the chairs we really like in the living room.” She smiled at the well dressed mare, “No assassins that I can think of....”, she pondered the latest bits of Ponyville excitement...”We did have a child that nearly destroyed all magic....Which I’m still trying to figure out...” that was probably not their finest moment. “We need to invent an device that warns ponies that magic is about to poof away, so those who are flying can find a safe spot to land....Thankfully the magic in my armor lasted a little longer and protected me from needing to wear a full flank-cast after I fell....The previous time this happened, I had a nice Wonderbolt to land on. Poor guy.”
  9. They're slowly putting out new Christmas MLP shorts out BTW



    1. Ciraxis


      It seems that for Applejack, her hat is what Oreo's are for Martian Manhunter. This mare seems more willing to part with her kidneys then with her headwear!



      .....I kinda now want to see an RP where she embarks on the rampage in search for her missing stetson.

    2. tacobob


      Considering she has like two hundred of those hats, I''m guessing ' Tallulah' is the hat her father gave her.  Her 'stunt' hats are used when she has to go on ADVENTURE. :roll:

  10. I'm hoping it was a 'scared straight' type thing they did with her. Then again, they threw freaking animals in that prison...Which is a bit odd.
  11. tacobob

    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    It had been a rather long day for Captain Fire Walker of the Twilight Guard. The red Pegasus pony started off the day by hosting an ‘W.O.F.T’ meeting with concerned citizens of Ponyville. This stood for ‘Watching Out For Trouble’. It was not an official name yet as she was still trying to think up something cute and clever. The good officer taught the small group on how to look out for signs of danger and what to do when one encounters something suspicious. This –did- not involve, screaming, panicking and then fainting. After that, she spent a good hour training and sparring with some of her fellow ‘Guard’. After a quick shower and lunch, she lead two separate school tours through the public sections of the castle. This was fun, but she still needed something to ‘spice’ up the tour as it could be somewhat dry. Maybe she could seek help from one of Twilight’s friends. Pinkie would probably make it crazy. Maybe Miss Dash. She knew how to put on a good show. Once the tour was over, the young officer spent the rest of her duty walking the castle, and making sure things were in their place. Princess Twilight always knew when something was not right. Be it a candelabra that was not perfectly centered, or a magazine in the public bathroom that was out of date. The purple gal would simply enter the castle and know something was ‘off.’. Once this was taken care of and the public entrance was locked, it was now all ‘Fire Walker’ time. She had an oversized tub that was calling for her. There, she would sit in the hot, bubbly water and enjoy a glass or two of her favorite red wine, Bon Marché! After that, she would curl up in her bedroom and hopefully finish off the novel she had been working on for the last few months. This was the life! The surprise visit from her fiancé only made things better for the mare. "Swifty.", she cooed, "I'm never sorry to see you coming...I'm only sad when you're leaving." The tub was big enough for two! Unfortunately, the noble-pony was not there for a social visit. He apparently was having a meeting. This must have been a last minute thing, as Swift knew he needed to contact the castle at least one week ahead of time if he needed to use the meeting room. And it needed to be when the castle was open to the public. "Not getting your meaning...Could you please tell me what 'course' you are talking about.", she glanced over at a regal looking bench as she needed to get off her hooves. "Let's sit and talk. And you can fill me in."
  12. “Yep. Princess of dreams. Princess of the night.”, the little filly decided against speaking in the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE as it had been wearing out her vocal cords and some may find it rude to be yelled at...Unless it was the proper ‘trick or treat’ chant. That was important. If she lost her voice, how would candy givers know that they must smell her hooves? Actually, why would anypony need to smell her hooves? What a weird thing to ask somepony. Did her costumed horse-shoes even have a smell? Maybe next time she should go with the usual, 'Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!'. She smiled as the mare, hopefully was about to pull out her very large sack of candy! Princess Luna had the right to send anypony to the moon if they DARED give her bad candy! No horrid black licorice! Or wax cola bottles! And circus peanuts! Why do they taste like banana? They should taste like peanut! What insane pony decided on this? That would be like selling candies that looked like apples, and they tasted like prunes! Wrong! And her silly bigger sister liked those terrible candy corns! Also did not taste like corn! They tasted like broken dreams and nightmares! What was this? Was Miss Punch hoofing out drink boxes? Really? Guess that made sense. Berry Punch. Wind Walker had been banned from drinking such things in her house, after she accidentally dumped the entire content of her beloved ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster' on her family's new couch. Grape flavored corn syrup mixed with Polydimethylsiloxane, Castoreum, and Brominated Vegetable Oil, do not work well with the Canterlot Linen and Silk couch. Thankfully there were no overpriced couches in sight. And while this was not candy, she still had to be very grateful. Still. JuicyJam. Her little speech sounded like something she should have said while doing tricks on a skateboard while wearing dark sunglasses while an very old authority figure looked on with disapproval. "Thanks Miss Punch!" After she received her treat, the filly made room for another. She would try this new drink out and hopefully earn a glare from a nearby vice principal, jail warden or other be-crew-cutted stallion of authority! Take that! I am enjoying....", after a few failed attempts with Berry Punch's straw 'o' death, Wind managed to get a few tastes of her drink. Or was it candy? How odd? It was more of a candy filling of sorts. It was good....But....oh no..THIS WAS HEALTHY!! As she pondered how many eggs this mare's house would soon be covered with, the filly spied a few more newcomers. Applebloom's big brother cantered by in a rather exquisite costume. An Alicorn princess? It was well made and the wings were pretty real looking. He probably should enter Swift Squall's contest in that get-up. Probably would win! The filly took a moment to smile at White Rose when something caught her attention. The kiren WANTED Discord to zap a costume on her. That might not end well for her! "Thanks Mister Cain!", the filly glanced into her bag as the stallion tossed a few goodies her way. "I'm Wind Walker.", she added. It would be nice to give the candy-givers a little treat as well, but considering the look the mare had given him, Berry Punch was looking for something sweet and it was not candy! Hopefully they would soon find their way to the next house. How far was Mister Rich's house from here? He usually had really good candy and sometimes even rather scary decorations!
  13. 'Princess Luna' waved at the well dressed 'Spider-White-Rose' or White Spider Rose? Rose White Spider? "Of course!", she replied. There was always room! Thankfully her friend Fast Track did not see this gal in her suit as he was mortified of spiders. Wait a second? Spike was CURSED? He was stuck with the costume? He could not take it off? That was a curse worse than a song verse sung by a nurse pulling a hearse! How could he use the little dragon's room? And deal with that smell? She had a few suggestions, but knew the clever dragon probably had tried them all, and more. Even with one of the greatest living spell-casters as his 'mom' and the very skilled curse-breaker Zecora not that far from where they stood...Had they all tried and failed? The filly knew she would not be as calm as Spike was if she faced such a terrible fate. She would also make an mental note to visit the zebra as she always had a few really cool SPOOOOOOKY stories to tell for Nightmare Night. "Thanks Mister Spike!", she managed her best smile, but it was very obvious that she was a tad bit worried about the little purple dragon. Bound for life to dress as a sassy maid. Would the clothes grow up with him? From what she had read about, curses usually could not be zapped away, but there was usually a special trick to defeat such a magical misfortune. One that would mirror how he managed to get cursed in the first place! Usually there was a lesson involved as well. Poor Spike. One of Spike's friends tried his best to assure the dragon that his cursed costume was not that all embarrassing. And she agreed. It was nowhere near as awful as the sheep costume she was made to wear a few years ago. It might as well have been a curse. Thankfully an invasion of Changelings gave her a good excuse to ditch the wooly nightmare. Still, he was cursed. Maybe he could say he was Colonel Ponyncheon's maid who suffered an curse alongside the doomed family in the beloved book, 'The House Of Seven Stables'. The filly smiled back at the Orange. Hopefully feeling positive would defeat the curse. And there was also this Kiren gal... "We should get you some sort of costume. Don't want Nightmare Moon to see that you're a pon...er..Kiren and then gobble you up! You need to be in disguise.." The original idea was that ponies would dress up to 'fool' the 'Dark Queen Of The Night' into not eating them. But would a pony who dressed up as a doctor fool Nightmare Moon? Probably not, but it was fun to dress up for one night! There was also a Nightmare Moon statue ponies would offer candy so she would eat that instead of them. "Well, we could always stop over at Mister Masquerade's booth if you want...I'd let you borrow my hat, but it probably would be too small for yah." And there was the candy-stallion. For such a small village, Ponyville had a rather large collection of those who made and sold candy. This, Wind Walker had no problem with. Not at all. "Hey Mister Cain.", the filly spoke up. "Maybe instead of making candy for us...Maybe you should make something fun for each pony that gives us candy? So when we knock at the door, when whoever gives us candy...You can in turn give them something special? Eh?", she held up her front legs, "What do you say?" They were at the first door. "Trick or Treat, smell our hooves, give us something we all approves!", the filly shouted, thankfully in her normal voice. It was Piña Colada's big sister behind this door, Berry Punch! The filly held out her bag in anticipation!