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  1. Ho-Boy, what an Hearth's Warming Eve it had been so far! Somehow they managed to gather up the entire Walker clan and cram them all into their parents tiny little cottage. And while those with common sense would have bothered to book a few rooms at the nearby hotel many months ahead of time, this all was a last minute decision. Hey all, let's spend the night at mom and dad's place! It would be just like old times! Along with the red coated mare, there were the parents and nine siblings and two of those had foals of their own to bring. They at least managed to have their Hearth's Warming Eve dinner catered as not a single member of the large family had any cooking ability. This was their curse! Thankfully the night had gone off without any real issues. The meal was beyond fantastic, and there had been no shortage of things to talk about and more than a few photos were shot. As the others gathered around the fireplace for a quick nap, Fire Walker decided to take a leisurely stroll. She could walk off all the Eggplant Shakshuka and get to admire the outside decorations. She had heard there was going to be a festive party by the large building they had in the center of town. Hopefully they would be serving holiday themed drinks. She could go for a glass of hot buttered rum. Mmmm. And while things were relativity chilly, her special winter dress kept her nice and cozy. Her fiancé, Swift Squall seemed to know all the best designers in Fillydelphia. The mare paused to admire the pavilion which had been festooned from top to bottom. She would have assumed it had been worked on during the last few days, but knowing how things worked here, it was probably all done up in a few seconds by Pinkie Pie and her party cannon! Ponyville was a very silly place at times. There was town square, where the party was going on. As she turned to canter over to the growing mass of ponies, the Pegasus was smacked upside the head with magic! She had tried to close her eyes, but she was blinded by the light! Thankfully this did not last very long. And in any other town, this could have been a camera's flash going off, or even festive fireworks, but this was not any town, it was Ponyville! "Ugh.", the mare groaned as the spots quickly vanished from her eyes. It had to be magic. It had to be freaking Princess fraking Twilight. The mare wanted to close her eyes and not even see what had happened to her. Last time she spent the better part of the day as a filly. What would it be this time? The mare held up her front right leg, which was now shiny and transparent, just like a Crystal Pony. That's not -too- bad. It could have been worse. She could have been turned into an old lady, or even an stallion. As she neared the party, she caught sight of the purple mare and her adorable little dragon sidekick. The look on her face confirmed it. Sparkle was the clumsy caster of the spell! Typical. And while the officer still wanted to give her a piece of her mind from the previous spell-goof, she could not. It was Hearth's Warming Eve, and she could never be rude to royalty. With luck, this would at least earn the butter-hoofed unicorn a visit from the nasty ol' Sass Squash. Good little colts and fillies got Hearth's Warming Day gifts, not so good ones had their presents replaced with squashes by the Sass Squash! Ha! While there were plenty of guests at the event, Fire could only recognize a few. Beyond Spike, Princess Twilight and Luna, there was also Fluttershy and was that Lady Sigrun? She had not seen the majestic caribou in ages. Curious what she was up to, the mare trotted over to see her to say hello. "Princess Twilight, Queen Sigrun.", The office gave a swift, but proper bow as she approached the royal pair. She needed to be careful as the purple princess was looking quite stressed out. Any sudden moves would probably cause her to throw another crazy spell around. "Very interesting theme we have here.", she held up her front right leg. "Very crystally." She silently wondered if the Crystal Ponies celebrated this holiday..
  2. As Wind Walker slowly pondered what was in store for her little group, she could not help but shake the feeling that she was being watched. Considering where she was, this did not surprise her. Even the colorful and inviting Canterlot Castle had its dark and hidden spaces. While no-nonsense uniformed guards marched about the hallways making sure all those who pass know of their presence, there were those who kept an watchful eye over the old palace in secret. Magic, stealth, or even simply wearing the clothes of an gardener or tour-guide was what truly kept the castle and its inhabitants safe. There were bound to be a few hidden watchers making sure the visitors were not going to be involved in any shenanigans. Still, she was curious if it was even possible to catch the sneaky peeper. While there were a few interesting individuals around her, the one who caught her attention was the pink Qillin who had spoken earlier. The one who had listed rules for the little blue filly and the other visitors to follow. Did she simply work for the castle as a guide or was she something else? Thankfully, her questions were all going to be answered by the prince. Her name was Sī Jīn and she was a hoofmaiden, which was an nice term for an attendant. Not as exciting as what her imagination could give her, but not everyone she was going to run into today was going to be an cool ninja or samurai. Another voice snatched up her interest. There was an griffon kid standing near Big Mac. And by gads, he sure was so cute and fluffy! The filly wanted to rush over and give the hoot-owl a big ol' hoot hug, but that would be both rude and not becoming of an officer to be. Still, it would be nice to have someone to talk to during the tour. After she made her way over to the bird's side, she smiled and waved a hoof at the furry guy. And being the polite sort, she also nodded her head at Apple Bloom and Kaze. The mini-farmer asked what her name meant. Kaze! The filly had heard that name before. But it was not an Qillin it had addressed, but the filly herself. She was also Kaze and there was another word she had heard...Hokō-sha? "Kaze means Wind.", the blue Pegasus was keen to meet her possible doppelganger. She had to be fast to earn such a name. Maybe they would find time to race each other? "I'm Kaze too.", she whispered, "Well, sort of. I'm Wind Walker.", she smiled back at the little gal. It still pained her to the very day that her namesake was a no-good and dirty cheat. But it was her name and not his, so she needed to live as heroic of a life to restore honor to all Winds and Kazes from all over the world!
  3. Oh goodie, I was a little worried we weren't going to do anything this year.
  4. So I was creepin' on your profile and saw the 'Climb every mountain' lyrics and now I can't get the song out of my head and I hate you.


    But I don't really.

    But I kind of do.




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      Ha! You have fallen in my dastardly trap!



  5. They make Applejack Cereal?


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      This is Walmart's brand. Gee. I wonder why they don't put her name right on the box with big letters? :kissy:

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      But... But applejacks are ALREADY a cereal!  Why is apple blasts featuring apple jack and not apple jacks!?

      It's like they're trying to confuse everyone on purpose!

    4. tacobob


      Thankfully AJ has more endorsement deals...




      Also, Apple Jacks cereal does not taste like apples. What's with that? As an concerned authority figure, I need to know!

  6. Even with her armor on, Fire Walker still managed to feel a bump as their little boat went over something. What was it? Did they hit one of those leaches? Or was there more unique river creatures below? Could there be scaly river pony monsters that seek out fillies and cucumbers to eat? Thankfully, the officer was none of those two things. There were also Kelpie, but she had heard they were considered friendly creatures and only used their powers when it was the only option left. They were basically like river sirens but without the forced mating and murder. Just knowing that the only thing keeping a horde of blood thirsty river creatures from tasting their sweet, sweet flesh was a flimsy piece of boat wood under their hooves, made her skin creep. “Well thanks.”, the mare felt the unpleasant tingle of fear as it finally floated away into the either. “Always liked cinnamon and the higher ups don’t want their officers cantering about smelling like an Prench outhouse. And I like the smell. Cinnamon goes good with everything. Toast. Ice Cream. Oats. Whiskey.” With the leaches latest ‘magic’ free from her mind, the Pegasus pony was able to think clearly for a moment. The farmer –was- not hitting on her by choice. It was all that silly magic. “Thanks once again, Applejack. I’m learning a good deal from you on this little trip.” She had served at the side of the princess, prince and even a few civilians, and each time she did one of these escorts, she always managed to pick up more than a few pointers. As a smile formed on her face she heard a mighty sound, “Oh look, it’s a river serpent.” Before she could get a good look at the majestic beast, their strange, slow ride turned into white water rafting! Just without the white water or raft. Maybe bumper boats? The mare let out an not-so-brave As the boat fell, she properly braced herself and made sure the farmer was not about to either break her neck or fall out of the boat. Thankfully it appeared that this was not the earth pony’s first rodeo. And it was all over as quickly as it had begun. “Ho-boy.”, the mare tried to shake the excess water off. “That was crazier than any ride in Whinny World.” Her eyes quickly fell upon a welcome sight. “Looks like we’re almost back on dry land. Thank Celestia.”, she sighed, “So, what’s next?”
  7. “Well, that’s the thing about mistakes. You learn from them and move on.”, Fire Walker felt the last trance of her anger as it vanished into the murky, but colorful river. Maybe if she kept herself feeling positive, the slippery leaches won’t have any power over her. Actually, make that, the very clever and helpful Hirudinea that were once very important in olden days to help get rid of nasty old humors, would leave them alone. Thankfully modern magical and non magical healing advanced over the years. Worry and fear started to fill her being. She had an check-up coming up. How she hated these. It combined all the things she disliked the most. Waiting in an waiting room and then being picked and prodded at by her doctor. And then there was all the naggings. She was a good pony! She lost weight! Her good cholesterol chased all away the bad. Oh woe. The officer nodded and moved a little closer to the center with the farmer. Cripes! A sea serpent sure sounded scary! With their long and snake like bodies and magnificent mustaches. "Wait a second." something bothered her, "We're not by the sea. Wouldn't that be an river serpent?" Rivers were usually not that big, so a river serpent would be small, but the he might crawl all over her like a little worm. Imagine a bunch of all over her! The fearful mare continued to get closer to her companion. Perfume? Like that 'Parfum De Cheval De Fantaisie' or the kind that Wind Walker giggles at. Eau De Toilette. "Erm. Just my deodorant..Probably where you're getting the scent from. Smells like cinnamon." Wait a second? Was Applejack hitting on her? Was she actually getting the ol' bedroom eyes from a pregnant mare? One that is hitched to Rainbow Dash? That gal is pretty tough! And she would give the red Pegasus pony a good whooping if she found out! Oh the horror! Fire wanted to hide under the boat...Could the waters change colors again? She hated being afraid!
  8. Aspen

    So flu... ah man. I wanted to say that!
  9. Whoops. I kind of forgotten about this. Will respond. Very soon.
  10. Well, someone should post. Hate to see this RP end.
  11. That One Question (Private)

    “Really?”, the mare was surprised to hear what the stallion had to say, “Didn’t even knew we still had Sirens swimming about. I guess if they have managed to defeat their need to eat ponies, I guess they all can’t be so bad.” She shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. What would old Colonel Critchlow think about how the world had changed? Sirens were good guys now? With former city destroyers such as dragons and changelings slowly inching their way towards the light, what monsters were still out there? Would most horror stories deal with ponies forgetting to pay their bills or being stuck in a very long grocery line? “Those are probably modern descendants or just pine.", Fire Walker playfully stuck out her tongue, "They were a bit different way back then. Were used for making magic stuff such as staves and wands. I was told the comb harbors a light enchantment against tangling, which is goof for those of us with long hair.", she glanced back at Swift as he finished making her look extra-pretty. "That's the thing. We had a proper plan of attack. Then we saw a oversized centaur engorged with magic, and I guess there was panic. Guy was pretty terrifying. " The guard had been acting odd lately. She was rather surprised to hear that there would be not a single member of military security during the upcoming Songbird Serenade. This would be an open air concert PACKED with people from allover Equestria, not to mention all of the princesses as well. * "As for hoofcuffs, now that I can sit and think about it, he might have been beyond anti-magic traps...Would probably be like trying to stop a flood with a single piece of paper towel. And Saddle Arabia?", she paused, "Not sure why an culture that exists for beauty and culture would want to attack us, but if they did, they wouldn't have any real defense against magic or flyers." Thankfully their conversation moved into more positive territory, which Fire Walker listened to with a smile on her face. This smile shifted slowly, and when Swift was finished, the officer had drifted away into slumber.
  12. Taira had spoken about Temple paintings, he had seen many frescos, carvings, statues and other forms of artistic creativity in such places. Some liked to brag about their old gods or leaders. Some liked to tell stories through the limited scope of the vase. There was even the very creepy catacombs under Prance. Ossuaries made from pony and griffon bones littered the dark undergrounds. These could give even the hardest of souls the heebie jeebies. Pocket could only imagine what sort of art they would see here. Probably a mix between calm images of the landscapes and epic adventure stories. Heroes versus horrifying monsters. Nensho mentioned something about a wolf general, and the unicorn could not see an adorable little wolf cub dressed up in military gear. How adorable. Poninawa? He could only imagine the bikini clad Yokai as they harrassed travelers. That's probably why most would instead headed to the Gallopocus Islands. The hotel rates were insane, but it was better than being splashed by an thong wearing Kappa. "We could check out the town and I'd be curious to hear how this all happened. This reminds me of Griffonstone. Once it was a beautiful city that rivaled even Canterlot, but fell into ruin over time."
  13. Apparently emotion mucking leaches did not go on holidays. What an surprise. Fire might have been rather angry on the outside, but her thoughts stayed somewhat sarcastic. These were two traits that were generally alien to hers, at least presently. And while she was a nasty teen back in her early years in high school, military life eventually slapped all that sass from her. But here they are, back like some old roommate from college who never bothered to grow up. This was more of that silly magic working its way through her very being. How in the world was Applejack able to do this for so long by herself? This question continued to bounce around in the officer's head. Still, even with this new craziness, they still had their trusty boat and its paddles. Which were now floating in the water. This still was no problem as they could quickly paddle over and pick up.....and they just sunk like a stone. Which was odd. Weren't paddles made to float? "Applejack?" She knew it was clearly the magic that was making the farmer do this. "You're not stupid. It's this blasted magic.", she growled, "If only I had a big bag of salt, I'd dump it into the water and welcome the little buggers to Meltytown, but erm." Fustratiion was starting to mount inside. Could she use this to her advantage? "Guess we should try paddling with our legs. How far is this trip? If it's long, we should try floating over to the edge. I could make new oars. So get up and help....oh dear." Before any of her ideas could come into fruition, their boat started to move on its own. "Eh, Applejack? Is this normal?"