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  1. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    Fire Walker could not help but be a little surprised at the offering. The use of castle for their wedding? That would be incredible and far beyond what they probably might have planned. Which they had not yet. Poor Swift still had to deal with her parents first, and they tended to act a little crazy when it came to colt-friends and even more so with weddings. And she was their first mare for her parents to 'give away'. Still, she could imagine the royal princess attending her bachelorette party! Along with her usual friends, she had been asked by more than a few of her fellow female officers when she was planning on holding it, and where. This should be interesting. "That is fine Princess Twilight. It's still in the planning stages so anything you may be able to offer will be a treasure beyond coin.." One question popped up in the young Pegasus' mind, and it would needed to be answered as not to continue to make things so awkward when they spoke. "One thing I wish to ask of you...How should I address you?" Not only was she the 'Princess Of Friendship', the purple pony was now her boss! She had to pay her the respect needed, without sounding like a groveler. She nodded and proceeded to follow the princess to her royal bedroom. There was a nice blend of the castle's 'crystal' theme along with old timey-homey-ness. There was plenty of purples and blues and the symbol of the castle marked on the bed's hoofboard. There was also an cute little telescope by an window. But this was not their destination! It was the royal bathroom! This included a comfortable tub for two, and a walk in shower with surrounded jets. She remembered her father's scream during their trip to Las Pegasus and they stayed at the 'Maredalay Bay Resort' and her silly dad was unaware of the special multi-jet shower until he turned it on. This also raised a few questions. Did all the rooms come fully stocked after the castle was 'summoned'? "I'm ready!", the mare declared her readiness! Equestria's most important defense against Dark Magic?! Was the officer correct? Was the castle just a big wand? She would soon find out..
  2. Rainbow Powered Scootaloo

    art loved by me.
  3. I am back from the dead! Will be posting very soon..today...hopefully..



  4. Will be out of state till next week for a wedding. Till then. :3

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      have fun!

  5. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    “Ha!”, the officer chuckled, “I don’t think anypony of sane mind would have passed up this opportunity.” While she enjoyed being the scheduled, traveling trainer in the R.E.A, she had been looking to broaden her horizons, but as long as Equestria had yet to declare war on any country, or vice versa, her options were rather limited. She also enjoyed meeting new recruits and there was always the travel. Limited travel, but it was nice. And while she would still be training ponies, there already seemed there was going to be even more things for her to do. Fire Walker stood still as the impressive armor found its way onto her body. She rather liked the color, and something had been placed over the steel to wake it comfortable for her wings to rest against when she was not in flight. Many blacksmiths tended to forget this when making armor for Pegasus ponies. She excused herself, “I am assuming that the anti-magic feature can be turned on and off as your telekinesis magic was able to carry it to me..And sometimes you want to be effected by magic..Be it healing or support magic.” She had heard about certain armor that had features that could be controlled by the mind of its wearer. The mare paused once more to hear more of the features. So far so good. The protective force-field sounded nice, as did the helmet. Real time communication with other members of her squad. How this would have come in handy in the past. And like most protective magic, it had its limits. Pegasus ponies tended to wear lighter armor than ground troops thanks to their impressive speed and agility. This all sounded well and good, but there was even more.....Twilight almost sounded like an announcer in a commercial. But wait...There’s more! And being the proper Canterlot pony, she was born to keep an stiff, upper lip, but her jaw really wanted to hit the ground as this cute purple armor could do so much! Still, many of these abilities had their limits, so it would be very wise for her to use them only when completely necessary It was also probably a good idea that the more impressive abilities of her armor were limited, as she could see a pony getting lazy with such powers. Why keep up your training when your special armor could do it for you? “Yes, it’s rather nice.”, she could picture herself out here during a cool and crisp Ponyville night, maybe reading a book or even watching the stars. “I could use this balcony If I needed to leave or enter the castle quickly.”, she glanced at the small pile of papers once they returned to her office. “I have a feeling I’ll probably know more than a few of these officers. Might have trained them, and if it was not me, I would know the trainer.”, she hoofed through the papers, “Every year we would have a conference in Las Pegasus where we would discuss our techniques and go over updated rules and regulations and the such. And being rather proud sort, most trainers were not above a little boasting and would speak well of some of the better students. This was not simple bragging, but they wanted all to know who was on the top of their class and point out where they would be better suited in Equestria to serve.”, some of the older trainers even acted like their students were part of the family. “I could go through my notes, which we could compare with what we will need for this guard. A mixture of experienced officers...Earth ponies..Pegasus Ponies and earth ponies. Maybe even other creatures?”, the officer pondered. When it came to further questions, Fire Walker did not yet have a question, but asked. “I want you to know this, and while we have not yet set up a date, I will eventually be marrying my fiancé, Sir Swift Squall.”, she added, “I could see him getting a house here...Again, this is something that might not happen for a while..But, this is something you should know.”
  6. The Big Bad Wolf of Polohama

    Dwah. She is such a cute puppy.
  7. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    “Yeah, you might have more responsibilities.”, the stallion was very keen on hearing his voice, “But you also get plenty of freedom! You can go anywhere!”, he trotted around the slide, “No more asking mom if you need to do something!”, he could not help but feel the rush as his stronger, matured legs permitted him to run faster. Thankfully, he made sure the filly could see him speak. He stopped to watch what became of his old friend.. The now cow-filly was pleased by her gift, “Ahm a actual cowpony!”, she let out another loud YEE-HA! as she let loose her golden lasso. Normally since she lacked any sort of rodeo training, the rope would have simply dropped by her hooves, but not this lasso! It was magic! The enchanted rope found its way around the stallion’s midsection. “Hey howdy hey!”, she yelped, “Do ya like maah new look?” The magic of the lasso COMPELLED Fast Track to tell the honest truth. “Seriously?”, The brown Pegasus pony was not impressed, “I get to become an adult, and it looks like..”, he glanced over at the transformed Echo, “Your friend over there is now a...wow.”, he gasped, “An Alicorn! You just ended up with a terrible cowboy accent and a cheap bit-store cow-pony costume. As for the real cow-pony...Who knows what Apple Bloom will turn into?”, an devilish grin that would make ol’ Inkbrand blush creeped onto his face, “I hope she becomes an adult. Wouldn’t mind another kiss from her if she’s my age...Maybe even one with tong....” “AHHH!”, the filly closed her eyes as she shouted over her friend, “Why yah tellin' mah this?” “it’s that rope you have. It compels me to tell the truth.”, the stallion stated without emotion. “So ifin' ah ask ya a question ya 'ave ta tell me thuh honest truth?”, the filly asked back. “Yep.”, Fast Track responded. This caused the cow-filly to grin a most evilest of grins. Oh, what questions she could ask him! What secrets she would learn! But something started to form in her cow-pony-brain. She could not use her gift to be mean. She was going to be an officer of the R.E.A someday! Still, she could use the magic for a bit of fun! Just harmless fun instead of the rude kind. After removing the lasso from her friend, she quickly leapt onto his back. “Yee-Ha!”, she once again yelped, “Giddy up Fast Track!” “No.”, the stallion was not some common steed, “I will most certainly not!”, he growled. “Oh, puh-lease. For mah.”, the cow-filly gave him a serious case of puppy-dog eyes. Fast Track rolled his eyes up, “FINE.”, he growled, “Just hold on!”, after he made sure no-pony or any other creature was near, he got onto his back legs and let out an loud neighing sound and started into a run....Once again, around the slide as he wanted to see what became of Apple Bloom.
  8. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    No, it could not be Flux as she was an very gentle soul and would never be part of anything this cruel! Still, Fire caught something familiar in the mare's eyes and it made her feel like her heart and turned to stone. "Oh, I'm sorry Dunders." Sweet Celestia! You think you knew everything about this guy! Was this a recent thing, or was he always a 'mare trapped in a stallion's body'? Her mother's brother, Red Wood liked to wear his wife's Angora sweater...But had no desire to became a mare. He just liked the way the poofy sweater looked on him, and it smelled like his beloved. Was this an leftover effect from the whole 'Ice Storm' marriage fiasco? "I just planned this whole thing out in detail and your little surprise completely threw me off guard...", with the help of her right wing, the mare crumbled up her bag and tossed it an nearby 'Royal Rubbish Bin'. "After this little tour, we should have a drink together. They opened up this cute little microbrew nearby and it has the best view of the castle. We could talk. Catch up on things if you wish." Fire Walker was back to her usual, calm self. Maybe having Dunder as a gal wasn't such a bad thing. At least 'hanging out with a gal-pal' was less suspicious than spending time with your ex. The officer could not help but smile as her friends enjoyed the little snacks. One particular item caught her eye. It was an festive little red cupcake with an Snickerdoodle sticking out of the frosting! She gobbled it up with one might bite! Oh, how she loved the Cakes! Not only did this wondrous cupcake include her favorite cookie, it was cinnamon flavored! This meal came with a show, as both ponies used their new magic devices to transform into males. "Do these bracelets simply project hard light illusions, or are they true polymorph spells?" The higher illusion spell could not only make it appear that Dunder had been changed, but also would be strong enough that she could touch Dunder and actually feel something and even smell her as well. An Polymorph spell actually transformed its subject into something else. Being an officer, the mare had to take more than a few classes on magic. And while she could not cast spells herself, she would be required to be able to defend herself from magic... Once the treats were enjoyed and magic was explained, Fire Walker was ready to start the tour!
  9. The Twilight Guard's Fire (Closed)

    Fire Walker nodded her head as the Princess spoke. She had heard rumors and mutterings that the guard had been tricked as well, but there was still no reason why the entire legion of guards had to wander off. And if there was knowledge of an attack, they probably should have simply canceled or postponed the 'Friendship Festival'. The young officer had been out of town during the event and had been given the run-around when she asked her superiors about the fiasco that was the 'Invasion of Canterlot'. Still, the red mare was not here to argue military strategy with Twilight. Especially considering that the purple mare was responsible for stopping the self-named 'Storm King' and even gained more than a few allies in the processes. It just bothered the mare on how it had been a rather sad day for Equestria. She was told nearly all of the princesses were taken down with relative ease. There was barely a fight as they all practically stood in line to be turned into stone. Things would have been much bleaker if the 'King' had ordered his mindless minions to smash the stone rulers with their weapons. Oh, poor Applejack! Not only did she have both a child, elderly grandmother, younger sister and farm to take care, there was this school she was also teaching at now. Where did she ever find the time? The Pegasus pony continued to keep quiet to permit the Alicorn to say what was on her mind. She pondered who was the true power in Ponyville? Princess Twilight or Mayor Mare? Or did they simply work alongside each other? That would probably make more sense as many would frown upon having an elected official being deposed by an member of the monarchy. The mare's ears perked up a little as 'Twilight Guard' was mentioned. Both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia had their own special guard, so it would be of no surprise that Twilight would eventually require one as well. And 'Twilight Guard' had a nice ring to it. She could have called her guard the 'Sparkle Solders' or the 'Purple Pony Protectors'. But who would she want in her....oh dear....Fire Walker knew there was going to be an question coming up very soon. And sure enough, she was asked...."I would be most honored to say yes...", the red mare gave another bow. While it was probably a little premature to already agree with the Princess without knowing all the tasks she would need to do under this new position, she could not turn down being an protector of Ponyville. She had both friends and family here! But what would Swift Squall say? She would need to find a place to live here. Or would she live in the castle? This would also give her a really good excuse for spending more time with her little sister Wind Walker. Once she was offered an document to sign, Fire Walker made sure to read every single word on the paper before taking up a quill with her right wind and singing it.. This was EXCITING! Not only would she learn about the odd castle, she would also hear what was in store for her in terms of her duties. She could picture it. She would train a small squad of professional officers, who would in turn train Ponyville locals if this militia deal was accepted. She could not wait to hear what Twilight had to say!
  10. In this episode, Twilight Sparkle casts Princess Celestia in her stage play, only to discover that Celestia's talents lie elsewhere. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
  11. "Why would untested magic fireworks that I bought in a back alley from Trixie at midnight be unsafe?"

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      "They come with a guarantee right?"

  12. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    “Thank goodness!”, the little filly bounced up a little as she shouted. “That sugar-free stuff is nasty. When I used to attend this private school in Canterlot, they would sometimes serve this yucky sugar-free green...Puffy fluff? What was it Fastie?” The colt slowly got onto his hooves, “I believe it was called 'Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance'. I don't think they could legally refer to it was an gelatin.", he quickly shuck off more of the goo as he spoke. "My Gran had a box of the stuff in her pantry. and I remember being rather creeped about by the mascot..He..." The colt was cut off as he was hit by the token. The noise it made sounded eerily similar to a squeaky dog toy. After the quick POOF off smoke, an much older Fast Track emerged. "Holy Socks!", the stallion yelped. The formally little brown colt's squeaky prepubescent voice was now replaced by the tough tone of an stallion. "Wow! I need to find a mirror! And then see what I can do with this!", he glanced down at his rather impressive figure, "I guess the future me must have shoveled a lot of coal cause I'm built like an Novocherkassk 4E5K!" He struck an pose he believed muscle-ponies would strike. It almost appeared that he was in a mid-slip and mid-sneeze. While used to silly Discord magic, the filly was rather startled to see her old friend..Older... she turned to Spike, "This..is temporary, right? Fast Track still needs to finish elementary school and I don't believe that big beefy body of his would fit on his 'Choo-Choo-Charlie Choo-Choo-Train Bed'". This caused the stallion to let out an "Hey!" and his young adult cheeks to turn a slight shade of crimson knowing that two girls and one dragon now knew he slept on a train bed. "I'm going to go out and strut my stuff. Maybe impress some of the cute Ponyville gals like Miss Fluttershy or Lady Rarity...Or maybe both.", he paused to flex, probably impressing nopony. "No..No on all of that..", she waved her front legs as she turned to the others, "Please make him stay here until I'm done with my ride...If he moves, you can breath fire on him.", she smiled at the dragon, "Or you can talk to him. Maybe something farm related or you can ask him who his favorite train-guy is..", she winked at the little farmer, "Cause ahm goin' t' raahd this slaahd now! Yee-Haw!", she raised an imaginary cow-pony hat before she started the long climb up the slide. The ride was rather intense, blowing away anything she experienced even in the big water-parks. There were drops, tunnels, loop-de-loops and even one where she was pretty sure she was under the ocean...Magic special effects? Before she could even figure out what was going on, she landed in the pool with an rather loud "Ok Spike..Hit me with the magic stuff.", she gave a token she had found a quick 'boop'.
  13. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    When the two other young ponies entered the scene, Wind Walker had been in the process of coaching a little brown colt up a rather long flight of stairs. “You can do it Fast Track! Not like we’re Pegasus ponies and have been up much higher before without a ladder. Just get up there before a line starts to form.”, she turned her attention back to Spike and noticed two kids were getting line with her. “Oh hey there Apple Bloom.” And after she made sure the other pony could see her mouth, she added, “And Echo!” “If Mister Spike T. Dragon doesn’t mind, I’ll tell you what this is.”, the gabby little filly waved at the slide. “Big freaking slide.”, and then at a pool the slide deposited its riders into. “Pool filled with gelatin. And inside the goopy mess is some random magical whozits that you can snatch. These do something random. And magic. You can get only one.", she smiled as her friend disappeared into the slide. "Discord made the slide, and Mister dragon here made the gelatin...hope it's not the sugar-free kind, eh?", she grinned at Spike before her attention went to the slide. A loud scream could be heard as the colt traveled rather swiftly down the slide and in a mere moment, the poor kid landed snout-first into the instant desert mix with a loud "Oh dear.", Wind quickly pulled out a long stick and prodded the colt. "Hey Fastie..You still alive?" The colt turned his head and shook off the gooey substance. A small token landed near his hooves. "Guess this is my prize.....So how does it work?", the colt looked to the dragon for advice as his friend took her chances on the ladder.
  14. I really liked this episode.