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  1. Now this was more like it! After spending a few months as captain of the Twilight Guard, Fire Walker had an different assignment for a chance! The young mare decided to wear her old adventuring armor for a change. It was better suited for forest treks than her Royal Armor. She also brought along a saddlebag full of necessary items. She was always happy to fulfill her normal tasks. She was there to make sure Ponyville residents knew what to do in case of emergencies. Usually through the use of training seminars. She also kept an eye on town to make sure nasties didn’t sneak in. There was also the occasional mundane task she would also take care of. But now she was leaving the safety of her sleepy little village to solve a mystery! Animals were vanishing and there was talk about the ‘Pony Of Shadows’. And so far everything lead to the White Tail Woods. A forest that shared the Everfree's beauty, but not the crazy. Noted animal welfare expert Fluttershy was also tasked to join this little critter conundrum. Very few ponies in Equestria were as knowledgeable about creature confronts as the pleasant Pegasus mare. The red Captain also asked if her occasional adventure partner Applejack would be able to join them, but they ended up getting her little sister instead. How odd. Still, if the little Earth Pony was one percent as clever and brave as her big sister, things should go smoothly. Another mare named Alizarin Fruits was also tasked to join them. She assumed the young mare was a friend of Fluttershy's. After much assurance from her little sister, the Pegasus mare also brought along the family dog. Gumby. He could be of some use. Dogs were good at sniffing. Barking. Fire Walker always wanted a dog growing up and never got one. She was still slightly bitter about this. Alizarin was also the first the good Captain could see. Waiting at the entrance. "Miss Fruits.", she called out as she slowly trotted her way. She was followed by a little dog. "Ralph!", the dog barked. The little critter stopped dead in his tracks. A strange scent crossed his nose. What could it be? He glanced in the direction of Sombra, but was instantly distracted when an butterfly landed on his nose. "RALPH!"
  2. So..What characters will be in this? Would be helpful to know so when my post comes along...Mostly on Steel's part as he has either crazy pony, best pony, or lil' pony to bring.
  3. I could see Twilight being curious what was going on...Especially with the rumors of an shadow pony being part of this...But she's a bit too busy, so she would send a member of her Twilight Guard(Tm) Captain Fire Walker!
  4. Submitted for Judging After a rather poor performance gobbling up cupcakes, and an even worse trip around an obstacle course, Smolder had faith. She had done this before, except with a group of her fellow dragons and those who lost, ended up in a big pile of 'Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance'. She teamed up with her brother Garble and his friend Fume. The three battled against an older dragon named Drogon. While the threesome soon found themselves with a faceful of whatever dessert related substance was, it was a true learning experience. She also learned not to stand so close to Fume. Guy has terrible breath! She marched over to her spot and took notice of the three rather tough fellows she would soon be facing up against. Considering she had heard Big Mac once pulled a freaking HOUSE, they really had to be strong. But she was stronger! She was a dragon! Fierce! Brave! She had wrestled and defeated larger dragons than she. She could smash boulders into dust with a slash of her tail or thrust of her fist. She was fierce! She was a dragon! They would soon hear her roar! The orange scaled dragon stood firm as she griped the rope. Lessons she had learned from her defeat, combined with an assortment of suggestions and ideas about how to win floated around in her skull. She could win this! The announcer's voice called out, "3-2-1......BEGIN!" With the rope in her mighty hands, the young dragon dug her feet into the ground and shifted back just a little. She did not weigh nearly as much as the impressive farm pony, but she would make things a little more difficult for the threesome. She let out a growl as held on tight to the rope. With her feet planted into the ground, she slowly backed up. She could tire these guys out! She thought of herself like a solid wall. One that could not be tugged over. One that would not break! But the three she battled knew what they were doing. They were a perfect team and made up the right tug-of-war combination. They had strength, experience and they could 'read the rope' better than any creature. Smolder could struggle and pump as much confident messages into her brain, but it was inevitable. She was going to fall. And that she did. This would be the second time she would get her scales muddy this afternoon, and thus it would be the second time she had to take a quick shower! At least she kept her mouth closed this time.
  5. Dagger’s choices were all very safe as a kid’s menu would be. Before turning her complete attention to the assorted activities presented on her little paper menu, she muttered that she wanted the macaroni and cheese, or as it was called in the menu, Masala's Marvelous Macaroni & Please. She sounded more like 'Rac&Reeez' when the Pegasus pony had asked her what she wanted. These also came with a small bowl of grapes for some reason. The cat and pony had a slightly bigger selection of food to choose from. "Well, there's always Pakora....It's basically little fried nuggets of assorted flavors...spinach...hay....potato...All different and all very yummy.", the cat purred, "You can pick a few dips, which they were nice enough to give cute little names and pictures to tell you how spicy their sauce is....There's Bachche flavor...With a little foal next to it...This is just sauce...And all the way to the end is two faced fiery pony named Agni...That's the really hot stuff....And in the middle is an guy with sun-glasses being all cool...But not too cool....That's madhya sauce...." she sad with a grin. "There's also Hay-Samosa, which kind of sounds like a song....And I'm going with the Baingan....Looks to good to pass...." After a few moments, the older pony returned with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. Once their order was set, the cat got an odd look in her eyes. "I don't want to be rude....I'm just curious....You said you had brittle bones....Wow....And you do what you do...You're far braver than me...How do you do it? All those stunts and impressive flying, knowing that you could hurt yourself even at a simple accident." Thrilly felt rather bad, dragging such a pony through such danger only for her silly little necklace.
  6. Stranger Things spoilers..


    Anyone catch the rather long old school MLP reference?


    Guess we're all nerds.

  7. Smolder could not help but chuckle just a little bit. It was so bizarre the first time her brother had revealed that he enjoyed an actual art. This was something rather rare for a dragon. They enjoyed collecting things. Rocks. Gems. Gold. But to actually produce something on their own? This almost made her wonder if Ember had originally meant to invite Garble to this 'School Of Friendship'. He was not afraid to go against dragon customs, while Smolder never saw herself as anything special. While she originally had not wanted to go to Ponyville, over the last few months, she had quickly changed her mind. She rather liked it here. And now this image of seeing her brother reading a book? "If you are able to get ahold of the book, I would be more than happy to bring it to my brother during the next break." While he was much better than before, how would he treat this sweet, gentle colt? Probably worse than he had originally treated Spike. She paused to listen to Valen's attempt at Beat Poetry, "You did good...It just needs to go along with music...As the poetry keeps up with the beat of the music...Drums..guitars...And maybe even a piano...Erm...For money, I could always give you a few gems." she would feel bad if he had to actually pay for the thing, being a kid and all. Well, a kid younger than she. "And if you're looking for peace and serenity...There's actually a lovely little garden behind the school..", the dragon started to lead the young pony further down the hallway. "Not sure who made it, but I like to go back there when I need to concentrate and relax....It's right by a waterfall and you can just close your eyes and...", for just a moment the dragon was asleep on her feet. "Woah..", she quickly woke. It took her a moment to start moving again......"As for rooms..", She pushed open a door. Inside was a lovely little bedroom with a bunk-bed on one side, and a series of desks and shelves on the other side. It appeared to be vacant.. "As you can see it's rather homey...Lots of room to study...The beds are very comfortable....As are the chairs...Just hope you get a roommate that doesn't snore..." Thankfully Ocellus was a very quiet roomie. The room itself once belonged to that little creep Cozy Glow...A pony Smolder always knew was up to no good... "Have any questions before we go on?"
  8. "Oh." the little dragon could not help but respect the mare. She had weak bones, but she still did crazy Pegasus pony stunts. If 'Dagger' had those issues, she'd probably spend her life rolled up in bubble-wrap and away from danger. Thankfully she was a dragon and there was no creature alive that was tougher, stronger, meaner and....Oooh... As they entered the restaurant, she noticed the menus. This was a fun place! Her parents had taken her to a few snobby-horses type places. With their snooty waiters holding their snouts up. Those places always had menus that were the size of Manehatten phone books. And always in Prench. Or Prench looking words. And they always came with book-marks! No menu needs these! Thankfully this appeared to be a place of quality as there was a stack of paper kids menus nearby. These would come with generic crayons which would be used to defeat a maze and even solve a few word problems! And her menu should only contain three choices. Spaghetti. Mac'N' Cheese. Kid's Hay-Burger. They would know crazy Indian food would be a little too rough on a kid's lil' stomach, so it would always be the safe choices. For once, the mighty 'Dagger' was pleased. The small group sat down...The first thing they saw was the drink menu. "I'll have the ‘Hoot’n’Holler’n Jump'n Joy'Juice’ citrus type soda in the 'fun' cup.", she asked before her attention was turned to the kid's menu that had been hoofed over to her. Oooh! This one had a cool maze! She needed to guide Tiwari the Tiger to his pleasant little forest home. Oh oh! He needed to avoid pesky tiger traps! Angry ponies with pointy sticks and also another tiger who was apparently evil. Oh yeah. That tiger had big eyebrows! Evil! The cat was the last to order..."Guess I'll just have milk....". Once the waiter moved on, she opened up her menu..."Guess mostly ponies go to this place and not cats or griffons....So no fish.....This....Hyder....hyderabadi Baingan looks good...I do like peanut gravy....", she eyeballed the pony. "if you need any help figuring out what to order...Just ask... You might like spicy but sometimes too much spicy is too much..", she grinned back at her new friend.
  9. "I just don't understand what's her deal...If she wanted to be alone and not covered in crazy ponies..." The only one they were missing was Silverstream. Just fill her up with some sugar and she'd probably join the crazy bouncing along with Pinkie and what might be her brother. "This is probably the worst place to be...The rest of Ponyville is probably deserted." The odd pony-dragon person wisely tried to help her find a slightly less crowded area. Ugh. She really needed to look into that. Was it possible that ponies and dragons were compatible? Smolder was slightly confused about her last comment. "Fight bats? You don't fight bats, you just let them flutter away, but if they want to fight us, usually a little 'pwosh' of fire their way would scare just about anyone..", she pretended to shoot fire.."I wouldn't hurt them of course as Miss Fluttershy would freak out if she found out. Probably give me that dirty look of hers...The ol'Flutter-eye.", she paused as the odd pony placed one of those adventurer hats on her. Hopefully this was an actual real pith helmet and not some cruddy Nightmare Night costume hat. "Thanks." She would go on an little adventure with this crazy mare and even use it as a school project. "I currently reside over at the new school near the big castle...It's really hard to miss. Just ask for Smolder.", the dragon added with a wink.
  10. The pair ‘o’ ponies cheered together as the impressive stallion made his throw. For such a big guy, he was still pretty dexterous. “Good job Mister Mac.”, the filly made sure to study his moves. She would copy them. Master his skills. Be like the Mac..”Those apples look just as good as the ones in the stand...Maybe better.”, she gave her colt-friend a wink. Business lessons? Freckles couldn’t be that much older than the blue Pegasus and she needed lessons in business? Wind Walker was still trying to figure out algebra! And they had Zap Apples! Miss Cheerilee did mention something about them. Something about they taste shockingly good. Wind Walker would have named them Zippityzapples, which is fun to say. “Oh yeah, we’ve met before...”A few Ponyville events....A sleepover....The filly was too polite to mention that the Apple cousin was a bit of a tattle-tail. She needed to be positive. “Heya Babs.”, she noticed her cutie mark. “I always wondered why some ponies get direct examples of what jobs they will get....You got a pair of scissors and Fastie over here has his train....While mine is an tornado with wings..It’s a bit more odd symbol that could mean anything..But I was told it meant I was both a strong and fast flyer...” Once it was her turn, Wind Walked scooped up the ring and let it go.......
  11. “Wagh!”, the orange scaled dragon thought she blended so well into the background. But nope! Her blending abilities were no match for this Daring Do enthusiast! She asked if the young dragon had seen a ruin lately...”Well...Sort of..”, she glanced over at the angry armored mare. That was one ruined pony. Broken horn. And probably a broken heart to go with that horn. “Somebody needs to help that gal...Get her out of her armor...Take her out dancing..”, she whispered before clearing her throat and shifting topics, “That Spike....For such a little fella, he’s as brave as a dragon ten times his size.”, she didn’t want to brag, but the Headmare was more than happy to let the dragon borrow both Spike and Miss Fluttershy. “I’m always up for adventure...But erm...”, she glanced at the odd mare, “Who are you, and why are you dressed like Daring Do?" This was something she probably needed to know, " Also, I’m almost done..”, she pulled out a small calendar, “Making up for a week I missed in school...Erm.....Can’t do it then...Group assignment....”, she was assigned with a certain blue griffon on that one. Ho-Boy.....”Having te.....er..meeting with Fluttershy....”, she ran through a few more days....”You’ll just need to find a non-school day you can borrow me..” Oddly enough, one of her assignments was to hang around with an ‘unique’ new friend while doing something new. That surely fit the bill! Smolder smiled and waved at the odd Pinkie/Thorax team-up...."Not so well..", she whispered back to the king's question about her IRON PONY accomplishments, "But the games so far have been entertaining at least....Just need more lava-surfing and arm wrestling.', she added with a grin. "Then I'll be on the top of the board..." "Huh.", she noticed an rather silly stallion stroll into view. "Didn't know Miss Pie had a brother.", she nodded at the poofy mane-wearing stallion....What a weird day this has been so far...
  12. Holy Smoke! Even she knew who Tempest Shadow was. The last major invasion.....Or was it, the second to last invasion of Canterlot...This had all happened before the school.. The dragon had read about it in an stash on old newspapers she found in the school's library. The armored pony, who for some reason was still wearing her armor, had joined forces with some creep named the Storm King.. They invaded Canterlot with a army of monsters....But was defeated and killed....For some reason, his second in command was not only spared, but granted her freedom. What's with that? She should have at least spent a few decades rotting away in jail. Or even sent to Tartarus, like Cozy was. This same Storm King along with his army also chased her friend Silverstream and her people into hiding...Into the sea....Wonder what the Hippogriff would do, knowing an ally of the King was still up and about? For such a cool look pony, this Tempest sure was rather grumpy....And not in a cool, loner sort of way that ends up saving the town and ending up with the girl...Or guy. Just a sad sort. But what was it that the mare in the costume called her? Berrytwist? Was that her real name? Were they going to fight? Thankfully a nearby vendor was selling popcorn, which Smolder quickly scrambled over and purchased. This was going to be good! The young dragon greedily gobbled up the popped corn and watched the strange unicorn from a comfortable distance. Would something cool happen, or would they just sing a happy little pony song and dance around?
  13. tacobob

    The Blueberry Family

    Let's see. Berry Bliss...Blueberry Tart ....Boo' Purée
  14. Pinkie did mention that..." Okay, not technically a road trip, because we're taking that....." (points at balloon) So that means we'll probably never see Applejack's Appletruck and Cardboard Twilight.
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