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  1. Ho-Boy. This was one of Applejack’s cousins. Which considering where she was, the young dragon just needed to be next to say ten random ponies, and there was a really good chance at least two of them would be related to the farmer. She also needed to be careful how she acted and what she said in front of this squirt. If she wasn’t the most gracious of hosts, everything she said and did would go right to the cow-pony and then the rest of the professors. Smolder would need to dial back the sass for this one. He also really wanted to know more about her and her ‘kind’. For some reason, she didn’t like how that sounded. “Well, most ponies haven’t either.”, she gave the pony a wink in response to the colt’s remark on not spending time with dragons before. “Let’s get inside.” There were just too many waterfalls and fountains outside! Ponies loved them! And while she found the sound of falling water to be somewhat relaxing, for the most part, it just made her need to use the little fledgling’s room. Smolder lead the young pony into a long hallway with high ceilings. Whoever built the school spared no expenses as there was beauty everywhere. From the marble floors and pillars, to the impressive busts of famous ponies from Equestrian history. Her eyes quickly fell upon her notebook. She welcomed to the student-to-be into the school. Let him into lobby. Going to skip the welcoming joke. Might offend. Oh. Questions! "One thing I get to ask..", she quickly stashed her notepad back into one of her pockets, "What made you want to attend this school, over say, the private schools you have over in Manehattan?"
  2. Smolder glanced into a nearby mirror for the sixth time. Scales were shiny. Her letter-jacket was crisp and unwrinkled. Horns were nice and pointy. Teeth. Nice and white. Breath? Ugh. Could be better. She pulled out a small packet of mints from her pocket and tossed one in her mouth. Gallus was right. She needed one. Badly. How she HATED when he was right. And he would KNOW she took his advice later on. Maybe if she was lucky, this new kid was actually a dragon eating monster and would quickly gobble her up the second the door was open. Then she would not need to see the 'look' the scruffy griffon would give her when he knew she took his advice. After letting out a sigh, she returned to her mirror. "Welcome to the School Of Friendship!", she spoke into the mirror. This was not her. She sounded stiff and her smile way to fake. Oh, how did she manage to get forced into this? She knew all of the original students had to serve on 'welcoming committee' at least once, and it was now her turn to step up and to welcome a new student into the fold. Normally, there would be a group of students, and a couple of 'greeters', but for some reason, it was just going to be an 'one on one' tour. How odd. "Yo....Welcome to the school...of higher friend-u-cation!" she sneered back. Nope. Not good at all. She knew she was a very cool dragon, but if you try to fake it, you end up being chilly. And chilly is never cool! And now she was getting a little on the worried side. Overthinking things. She would just open the door and welcome the new student.. The dragon pulled out her clipboard. Valen Orange. Was his full name Valencia Orange? Oh, how ponies had such odd names. She remembered this orange from one of Professor Applejack's field-trips. Valencia was an sweet orange that was perfect for juice. Since pony names usually reflected the personality or skills of a pony, this would be a sweet sort of fella. Her eyes fell back onto her notes. He was kind of young. Did not even have one of those butt marks, which mean he had to be really young. The last time they let a lil' kid wander around the school, she nearly got rid of magic throughout Equestria. He was also from the 'Manehattan Academy for Foals, Colts, and Fillies'. This was a well respected private school. One thing bothered her. They sent babies to school? What sort of classes did they take? How to properly say 'Goo-goo'? The art and science of the pacifier? Annoying your big brother. Oh, how Smolder would have aced that class! After a knock could be heard, Smolder quickly scurried over and slowly opened the door. There was a little pony behind the door with an orange, yellowish type coat and an well kept, teal mane. This was the part Smolder needed to be careful. Since dragons were still very new to pony society, they could be seen as rather intimidating to your regular Joe-Pony. She needed to look friendly. Smile, but not show off the fangs. Speak with a direct tone, but try not to sound menacing. And also watch out with the sneezes. One does not want to be welcomed with third-degree burns. "Welcome to the 'School Of Friendship'" That sounded friendly enough. "I'm Smolder. I'll be your guide for this little tour." Yep. Smile. Good. Not too deep. You're welcoming, not eating him! "If you follow me, I'll show you around the place.." She kept the door open to allow the pony to enter.
  3. I always see Griffons being builders...And even dragons...Both have hands..And dragons would be even better as the heat wouldn't bother them that much. Zelda started off with her family...All blacksmiths....They make common, useful things you would need...Silverware...parts for houses...horseshoes.. She now prefers to make fun things...Swords..Armor....For the R.E.A. But she also makes sculptures as well.
  4. "Yeah, I wasn't too keen on the idea of eating old worms and maggots...", she let out a shudder, "Although during my tour at the SBLOUNSKCHED! Candy Factory in Coltafornia, they mentioned that they use a very tiny bug to make red food coloring for certain candies, so there's probably a good chance you might have nibbled on a bug or two and not known it." Thrilly was a silly kitty. They were in probably what was the fanciest hotel in all of Equestria and she was talking about insects! Yeash! And even worse, she now had that dumb song in her head. ' 'I've got nobody to hug,I'm such an ugly bug.' "The Sisters are really sweet and their dancing is really popular...They do two shows...On in the early day and a later one only the older folk are allowed to see..Not sure what's so special about the other one..", the cat smiled as her new friend mentioned a desire to see the dancers, "Our show will be going through Equestria pretty soon...The circus managed to hire the very Ponyacci to get out clowns into shape and work out a few new routines...Our strong-guy managed to convince the higher ups to get his girl-friend to join his show...My brother and I finished working on a few routines of our own...One is really scary, but I think we got it down...Will have to send you and your friends and family tickets when we're near you.." She -liked- the hotel they were in. She just didn't understand the need for it to be so fancy. Most guests didn't hang around the place for too long, and most were happy to sleep, wake up and leave to go to wherever they were supposed to go. "If you wan to save money, you're free to stay at the hotel here..There are two beds in my room and I'm not too keen to sleep by myself..", there was a slight bit of red under her eyes, "My brother was supposed to come with me to Canterlot, but things happened....eh-heh. Hope I don't sound weird." After she pushed open the door and was met with both light and a bit of extra 'oomph' from the air-conditioner, Thrilly started to make her way towards one of the beds, oblivious to whatever might be in the room with them. "I probably should dress a little better for this place..It's not fancy, but I probably should wear something nicer than what I'm wearing now..", she muttered as she quickly removed her simple red wraps and placed them on the bed. "Erm.", she gaped. Something should have been within her claws. "I think my necklace must have fallen...maybe under the bed.", she scooted down and glanced under her bed. Not even a single bit of dust! Did she leave her necklace at the train? That would not be possible! Her grandmother had given her it to her...It was a silver necklace with a cute little bell. The cat could not lose an item as important as it! She had left it in her room before she left for the regional flight meeting. So there was no way she left it at the train. It had to be here! "I'm missing a necklace..If you see something silver-y on the floor with an bell attached...Just say...", There was a light panic in her voice. Would there be even more once the cat spotted whatever was quickly rushing around her room?
  5. Nah. Zelda the griffon. Who is an blacksmith and artist. Mind you, it's her nickname. Griselda is her real name. And also Gilda's original name. And it also fits in the need if griffons all must have names that start with G. Which I don't think is a thing...I think..
  6. Well, if he wanted to join. The train is full of passengers in different cars, so he could always wander in from another cabin. Probably wanted to see what the fuss was..
  7. I enjoyed this episode. It had one of those idiot plots, where if the characters would just stop and talk about things, it would have gone smoother..But considering how high emotions were..The tree being dead..They probably didn't want to even consider pausing and talking it out. Things had to be done now! I had a really really long day at work today, so an episode as horribly cute as this one fit the spot for me. Especially when they show the Young Six with family. Especially with Yona and her mother. Which shows Yaks can be very gentle. Or Gallus who looked like he was about to make a very long speech to Gruff on why he should go..Only for Gruff to sign the permission slip and stuff it on his beak. Ha. Siverstream is also now best artist. and also Changeling babies are cute..But weird..Still cute.
  8. In this episode, the Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed, and it is up to them to figure out the best way to memorialize it. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
  9. Oh, don't worry, I'm sure they got the right clothes for the part! And the RP is still early enough that a new player can join, eh?
  10. Zelda would probably be the best for your guy. We'll just need a proper RP for them then. Hmmmm.
  11. A weapon? The unicorn sighed. Nobody ever wants to look for art, or lost literature, or even one of a kind magical gems? It’s always axes or swords. Items that were better left in the past. As a society, they should have all moved past the need to hurt their neighbors. But this one at least had a non-lethal use. Generally when found, these weapons tended to be simply hung on the wall or deposited at a local history museum. They would gladly take the donation, but for the most part the ‘gift’ would be left in a crate in the museum’s basement. “Reminds me of the Staff of Sacanas that idiot 'Storm King' used..", After he was defeated and shattered into a million pieces, the magical artifact disappeared, most likely into Canterlot Castle's vaults, or even returned to is original owner, if one still existed. "Just with less features.." He paused to order an pot of Pur'erh. Just enough for the pony and dog to enjoy two cups a piece. Almost felt like the dog could read his mind. Or the small advert at the end of the table that SCREAMED 'Enjoy New Pur'Erh' Tea with a rather sassy looking cat shaking her tail. "Thank you.." "The problem with Pegasus artifacts that they're generally located in places only Pegasus ponies could get to....Crypts located in the very tops of climbable mountains...Cloud vaults...From what I know of Chaac or Chac Xib Chaac, that he is the spirit of rain. Respected by both Pegasus ponies and earth pony farmers of ancient times...He was usually depicted as a Pegasus pony with scales...Almost like a dragon-pony hybrid...", he tried to dig up whatever information he could think of, but it was not much. "Our first step is to locate the nearest earth pony temple of Chac, which is probably going to be very hard to do.." Pocket Change did like a challenge!
  12. As the others continued to work on their characters, Smolder ran through a list of spells. “Mmmmm.”, she found something that caught her eye, “Sounds nasty, but they have this grease spell. You can use it to make your enemies slip and drop their weapons and even set it on fire to cause even more damage. There’s also enlarge which I would use on Sir...Marcol?”, that was an odd name. “And make him even deadlier. Magic missile and color spray....” Ponies loved their rainbows...Now they could get one up the snout...”Wow....” The spell did all kinds of fun things to their foes. She would just need to make sure to keep away from danger! This was an elf unicorn! A feather could kill her! “The Marvelous Miss Majesty The Magical Mare went to magic school and just graduated, being first level and all..Being so puny, she needed lots of big ol’ meat shields to stand in front of her to take all the damage while she hurled all kinds of spells at her foes...." She glanced up at the odd-pony guy..A kirin....That would be something to play...A barbarian Kirin as their natural ability to rage and get all flamey would probably double the barbarian class rage ability itself. Double power. Flame-Ouches to those who stood near. Which would probably also fall on friends along with foes. Ugh. She better stick with what she had. "Of course she didn't come out as cool as me as there an't nothing as cool as me.", she added with a wink. Smolder really wanted to say something when Silverstream mentioned the name of her character. Todd? Seriously? Not Bornwendir or Tho'uilas? Todd would be a better rogue name considering its foxy origins. "Don't worry kitty....My character is pretty balanced...She has great ranged spells and some support, but if anything pointy gets near my mage, she'll pop like a dirty bubble." This team would need to work together or they won't end up seeing the end of the module. "Bah. Double weapon are awesome...And you wouldn't be hanging around us during the battles, but ahead..Drawing attention from our foes..Taking the hits because you can while the rest of us throw spells and arrows and possibly a cat at said enemies..", she waved her claws about, "Zap...patoo...glam!" But maybe he was right, "Of course we might end up stuck in tight quarters like an dungeon or tight hallway..And a big weapon would be more of an hindrance..." She slowly cracked open a can of her ‘Hoot’n’Holler’n Jump'n Joy'Juice’ Citrus Type Soda(tm)' and took a sip. "Maybe you can have two weapons? Regular weapons for close battle and a bit one for away?" This might be an idea for the 'future' as starting characters got crap for bits. There was equipment she needed....Wizard robe...crappy dagger she'll never use. torch...saddlebags. Kibble for cat. Maybe a steed. Oh wait.
  13. Finally, able to post tonight. Emergency work for most of monday drowned me. Any more ideas?

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  14. The black griffon took a quick gander outside. Let's see. There was snow. Snow. Snow and also snow. Snow on hills. Snow on mountains. Even snow on more snow. This was more than enough snow to see, so she returned to her seat and drawing pad. "Well, I guess we'll find out.", the griffon kept her eyes on her pad as she spoke, "I hope to check out the impressive, ancient griffon statues they have through the 'empire' and then maybe learn why they are there.", she added, "Did the Crystal Empire start out as an griffon territory, or if they were integrated into pony society? Also, if they have anything to do with a small griffon settlement nearby....Heard they all lived in this rather tall watchtower and were tasked to watch for the return of the Crystal Kingdom. So I'm guessing probably, but it will be fun to do a little bit of art appreciation combined with solving a mystery and then later taking a flight of Crystal beverages....Crystal Wine....Crystal Cider...Crystal Brandy....and so forth.." She would still need to make time for the race. Zelda was ready for the cold weather! Not only did she pack for such weather, she wore a heavy jacket with matching pants, boots and gloves. Since it interfered with her sketching, the black bird had taken off the gloves and had put them aside. She also kept an hat and beak-warmer in her carry-on bag. Hopefully it wouldn't get -that- cold, but a gal needed to be prepared. She looked up at Daze, "You just need to think more positive...I see you starting off slow...Like any wise racer....You build up your strength and them woosh!", she raised her hands up, "You zoom past your tired competitors and win the trophy...Or medal....And even end up on Cap’n Sucrose Cereal Boxes. Like my dad said, to be a winner, you gotta think like an....wagh!", she let out a squawk as their cabin started to violently shake. A few items from the overhead compartments started to spill onto the floor.
  15. While Golden Daze worked on signing photos, banners, trading cards, pamphlets and other items, Thrilly tried her very best to pass the time. She enjoyed watching a few flyers who were giving quick ‘mini-shows’ for their special fans. There was also a really cool lady bug who amused the feline as she bounced up and down on an dandelion that had grown through a crack in the sidewalk. She was later slightly surprised when a few ponies who finished up with her now favorite flyer even asked the little cat for her signature as well. Apparently they had recognized the aerial acrobatic from one of her shows. Due to her recent ‘spectator injury’, she was unable to perform a quick trick for a filly, but was happy to pose for a few pictures. After exhausting all of her options, Thrilly decided to curl up into a little ball and take another quick catnap under a nearby tree. This lasted until the Pegasus pony had finished up her last signing. She was already at the mare's side the moment she had put down her quill. "Well, some bigger animals really like fish, but if you're talking about people....Erm.", She pondered this, "There's griffons, hippogriffs...We have an dancer named the 'Sisters Three' who is a Chimera. Miss Medusa, who is the tiger...erm...part...She likes fish...While her sister, Cleo...The goat bit likes pony food, and Snakespeare who is the snake usually just eats eggs or bugs. Yuck." Thrilly had heard the trio all shared the same stomach. While she enjoyed the sister's company, she did not like to watch them eat. Once the pair found themselves at the rather fancy hotel, the cat lead Daze through a hallway that lead them to an elevator. Once inside, she responded to the mare question. "Our traveling circus is owned by Mister Whinny, who owns both the Whinnyland theme park in Coltafornia and a series of hotels all over Equestria, including this one. And since we all work for the same company, my fellow cirkies get into his parks and hotels for free...Just not on black-out days...And they limit your days of stay and at what hotel you can visit.." This was starting to be a rather long ride. "Since I had no plans to hang around my room, I asked for the most basic of rooms, but I ended up with this..." The door opened to reveal another hallway, which was far fancier than the previous. Wondrous paintings hung from the walls and marble statues could be seen, along with a few fountains. A young mare entertained a group of well dressed unicorns with her harp. These were the 'Celestia Suites'. "Yeah, it's a bit much.", the cat grinned as they walked. This went on for a few moments until the cat came to a sudden stop. "Here we are..", she pulled out an solid gold, gem covered key from her sash and started to unlock her door...
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