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  1. Oh boy. Thrilly knew most of those pony onlookers would go home or to work and have an interesting story to tell their friends or family. They just spotted an pony with some sort of mutant sewer kitty! Just like baby alligators, you toss a few unwanted kittens into the pot, eventually you’ll end up with evil-smelling flocks of huge soiled kitties popping out of pony's lavatories, infringing their personal freedom! At least this one came out of an maintenance hole! The small cat glanced down at herself. Ugh! She looked horrible, and probably smelled even worse. In old comic strips, she would probably have little stink lines drawn that would be coming off her. And possibly there would be poor unconscious ponies with little crosses for eyes who were overwhelmed by her smell. Maybe even they were Prench ponies. Ce chat qu’elle pue pue! Pue pue indeed! "Ah thanks.", the foul smelling feline smile back at her new friend. They were still on the thief's track! And the chase was on... Unfortunately, this wasn't very long as one way was blocked. What could they do? "You'll just have to fly us over this ally thing...Maybe we could meet him at the end?", she waited to be scooped up.
  2. “She’s heard all my interesting ones.. Edited for filly consumption of course.”, the mare added with a slightly tired smile. “Probably not a lot of bards singing about the time they had to wait in line at the ‘Sofa & Quill’ store in Ponyville....Although the story about why they have a store in Ponyville that sells only quills and sofas would probably make for a ripping tale.” There were quills needed for her office, and even the Ponesturepedic memory foam mattress that she ended up getting for her little bedroom area at the castle. The store's owner, Davenport was right. She now sleeps like a foal seven nights a week! "Dad is a big and scary guy with a voice that could shake the scales off an great wyrm, so I'm guessing nopony would dare tell him to his face that his stories were full of Wumpus..." She remembered the nights she would listen to his father and his friends try to one-up each other with their own stories...Obviously edited for a filly consumption of course. During this yearly event, it was probably encouraged to fill one's tales with Wumpus or humbuggery. She still never got to hear any of their Celestia stories. One would mention they had an Princess story to tell, and then after realizing a school-filly was within ear-shot, and quickly change topics. She enjoyed her beverage and waited to hear the stallion's story. As she did, even more patrons started to get into line. Some even peered at the story-teller to hear what he had to say. The filly glanced at the stallion's markings for a moment. What a weird race they were. No other species had a 'cutie mark'. If an griffon was really good at something or enjoyed a certain thing, they would probably have to tell someone. But a pony would end up with an graphic of said thing or activity they enjoyed on their flank. Why did this happen? And seriously? Or their backside? Why was this a thing? Grey had a shield marking and a rather old scar. He probably had more than a few interesting stories to tell. Wind Walker smiled as the stallion told his tale. A thief snatched his bits, and the pursuit was a-hoof! And then the nasty pilferer of a Pegasus broke out his knife, "I'm guessing after this encounter, siting was a slight issue for you for a bit." Oh, how she would HATE to be stabbed in the flank! Actually, she would hate to be stabbed at all. And to receive such a stabbing that one would get an permanent scar that could be seen through his hair. Even worse! There better be more to this story. An epic battle between foes. One that ended in victory for Shield, but one with a bit of owies at the end. End of the story. Beginning of pain for the pony. "Go on..", she waggled her eyebrows at the pony. She obviously wanted to hear more.
  3. Have any stories to tell? Tell 'em here at:



  4. "I said...er...", the griffon gasped, "We're all cabin and no engine." They were in the last cabin and apparently the Crystal Empire train did not have a caboose. They were going backwards and soon would hit one of those bad tracks. Without an powerful engine to pull it straight, they would probably tip over. Could they simply fly away? Not likely as the wind was really powerful. It almost reminded her of the cliffs near Griffonstone. "Ah crap.", she had her small travel bag with her art stuff, and an carry-on that contained most of her other stuff. She also had an larger bag that contained a few special outfits for certain occasions, but that bag was with the rest of the train and was still heading off to the Crystal Empire. They were going to need to jump. This she could see herself doing, along with the fit Pegasus mares, but the sight impaired little pony? Loose Cannon! She would require assistance! But the black bird would also need her bags. While her supplies were not intended to help her survive in the middle off the frozen wilderness, it would still be of use. A few bottled waters. Some salmon jerky. Once Golden Daze found her way out of the train, the griffon grabbed her one bag, "Bag overboard!", she called out. Or was it over-train? She wanted to make sure the ejected mare knew what would soon be coming her way. "Er, Miss Cannon? I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I'm going to help you get off this train..", Zelda made her way near the mare, "Get your bag if you have one, and I'll get you out of here nice and safe." After she gave the pony a moment to collect her things, the large bird quickly lifted up the mare and went towards the exit, "Just try to curl into a little ball...These clothes I'm wearing are thick enough to protect us both...." Once she found the right timing, Zelda leaped off of the train with her 'passenger'....Into the cold, white, fluffy stuff....
  5. Thrilly smiled at the idea of a hot bath. Along with the tiny little bottles of shampoo and soap, they also supplied fancy rubber ducks! Ones with top hats and monocles! This was a nice mental diversion for the young feline as she was surrounded by crud vapors and poo-gas! Ugh! The bathroom also had a little device that played soothing music. The wonders of modern magic! "Well, thankfully most of the water came from pony's sinks...And bathtubs....And such..", she muttered. It would then be magically filtered and released back into the wild, where it would make the return trip to pony's homes and places of business. This all still sounded nasty, but water was not in infinite supply. "Oh.", she glanced up at the open maintenance hole. Once back on dry land, the young cat quickly closed the cover so nopony would fall in and quickly shook off the excess water. More than a few ponies stopped to gawk at the odd pair. "Golden Daze...Look!", she pointed to what appeared to be still wet horse-prints on the pavement which lead to another dark alley. Go figure.
  6. “Ah 'ave no idea.”, the cow-mare shrugged her shoulders as the pair watched the unicorn finish off her slight panic attack. “Awf course this is Rarity wer talk’n about.” To say Rarity was over-dramatic would be the understatement of the century! The farmer paused to blow her nose into an apple-adorned handkerchief. Something in her costume was messing with her sinuses! Once the unicorn was ready to communicate beyond gasps, she cleared her throat, “Valen...Your cousin...He is...”Sans vêtement....à poil...”, she wheezed in Prench. This did not impress the red nosed mare, “What now? Rarity, please use words the rest of use can understand.” Applejack could never stand for her old friend when she stated talking ‘fancy’. “Fine.”, the fashion horse sighed, “Valen is not wearing a costume. On a night we all get to wear costumes. This I cannot allow..”, she decreed. The farmer glanced back at her cousin, “Well, now that ya mention it, ah jus' thought Valen was goin' as a nudist.” It was now time for Rarity to roll her eyes up, “Seriously? There is only one thing we must do....And that’s to get to the Boutique before it's too late...Come...Quickly!" Would they make it in time? Would there be a costume there that would be just right for Valen? Or was he doomed to celebrate the beloved holiday, Unshucked?
  7. By far this was one of my favorite episodes of the season so far... Loved the bit with Cozy and the guard..I still think she's not a real kid, but something far worse...The real 'big bad' of the season... Also, it looks like Chrysalis still has these remains of the evil Twilight clone. Wonder if she can restore the clone? Although I hated the bit where the guard pops out and shouts, "I'm okay!" after being knocked away by the snow. It's an old cartoon trope I always hated as a kid. Basically it was needed for the censors to show that character was not killed or injured. A character would fall into a hole or vanish, but shout, "I'm doing okay!" or even worse "IT WAS SENT TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!" when clearly that guy is dead. This old trope would have been more fun if Grogar just blasted him after he unwisely popped out so soon..I probably would have waited until the bad guys were gone..
  8. “Well, hopefully not too dirty.”, the cat groaned, “Thankfully I have one of those Jachoovski™ type tubs in my room.", Hopefully once they snatched their thief, they could go back and soak for a bit in the nice, hot water. This also caused her to wonder about another thing. Once they pounced on their hoot-hooved hooligan, what could they do to him? They were not the police. Maybe this was an international super-crook? Wanted in five countries! They catch this pony perpetrator and end up with not only her necklace back, but an great big reward! Which would be split down the middle. Thrilly let out a chuckle, "If my brother heard that, he'd probably bust a gut laughing....Says I'm a dumb kit.....", she paused as the pony gave her a friendly petting. The flying acrobat turned a dark shade of red, that she hoped the Pegasus would not see with her light. As she was given the quick pet, she let out a purr. Thrilly was a cat after all and she really enjoyed a little affection. Before she could thank her friend, the rushing sound of water caught up with them. Once again, the cat was saved by her hero. "I think...", her red cheeks shifted to green, "Someone might have flushed.." Thankfully, this was an Canterlot sewer, so there was some room to fly, but not all the time. "You can fly, but please be careful and not too quick, as it appears the 'ceiling' drops...Our thief took a bad turn when he first entered the sewer and got caught on a pipe...He probably injured himself in the process." Would they be able to catch up with their crook before it was too late?
  9. Then what one would consider a terrifying growl could be heard. A growl that actually sounded like somepony was clearing out her throat. This was followed by a rather familiar voice. “Ah said peaches ahr here! So ope-yn uhp that bag eend let me put thayse cans in!”, Valen knew that pony! It was Applejack! Although, he couldn’t help but notice her accent was a little on the thick side. She probably had a cold. “Why didn’t you just say you found more of those cans Rainbow Dash dropped....Applejack....I swear...”, the other voice was from another pony the colt knew very well. It was Rarity. “This should be the last of the....Erm...”, there was a slight hint of fear in the mare’s voice, “Did you hear something?" The unicorn poked her head out from the large statue of Nightmare Moon. “I believe that is your cousin Valen...” Sure enough, it was Rarity, who was dressed to impress as an rather simplified, but glorified mer-pony. A rather heavy looking bag floated behind her. It appeared she and Applejack were collecting food for a drive. A Nightmare Night food drive. Applejack followed after the fashion mare. “Poor little fella looks like he bee-yn dragged through a hedge backwards.” The farmer wore an lion costume. “Goodness, Valen..” a rather comfortable looking scarf floated from her bag and wrapped itself around the trembling colt. “My cashmere & silk wrap will warm you up....You look like you've seen a ghost.." Applejack could not help but chuckle at this statement. "Well, it is Nightmare Naahyt. So 'es goin' ta see-yn his share awf ghosts.." The unicorn rolled her eyes up, "You know what I mean....er...", she finally took a good look at the little pony, "Valen....", she let out a loud gasp. ""Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the! Worst! Possible! Thing!"
  10. “Our thief must really think my necklace is something special to go through all this.”, normally, a thief would simply toss away his prize when it wasn’t deemed to be ‘worth it’, if his victims were this persistent. This would allow the horrible ne'er-do-well to get away while the others look for their item. Oh, if he dared to toss her grandmother’s necklace into the sewer. That would be horrible! She decided not to think of such things. The crook had it in his little white bag. Probably marked with an Canterlot Bit symbol. Thrilly smiled back at the adorable pony as she posed with her new helmet. “You look like you’re ready to go crawling through a nasty old sewer like a pro.”, she glanced down at the ground. If she had planned to visiting the famous Canterlot underground, she would have at least brought some boots. Oh, how she hated how her big feline nose could pick up every single scent down here. And from where she was standing, she was pretty sure they were not that far from an Mexicolt restaurant. “If I were you, I’d try my best to not get wet.”, she muttered as she checked for clues. “You sure have a lot of bandages on and if you get any nasty water in there....Oooh...” speaking of nasty, there was a bit of cloth....red cloth...Attached to the side of a rusty pipe...And an dent.. “I think our thief must have slipped into this pipe..Or maybe even clipped it and got snagged on this rusty pipe....nail...hatch thing...” No coin needed! “Let’s go this way!”, she pointed to one direction and quickly made her way down into the darkness.....
  11. "Thank you sir." What was worse then hoofing out free water? A tip from free water! Still, the stallion meant well and her shift would be over in....Oh crap. Four more hours. Still, she her other customers to work with. Fire Walker's was simple. Lime juice. Ginger beer. Vodka and lime...and ice....All served in an copper cup. While the kid just got an assortment of juices all in a plastic sippy-cup that was covered with a picture of 'Mister Balderdash' who was a cartoon alligator who wore an monocle and top hat. He would go on adventures with his friend, Mister Dinsdale who was an angry badger that solved all his problems by biting them. The pair appeared on kid's place-mats either trying to navigate easy mazes or as part of a world jumble. She just thought up of one. 'I thae ym lief'. Kids, could you solve that? The red mare smiled back at Grey Shield. Had he been part of the R.E.A? She wanted to ask, but he turned his attention to the mare's sister. She had brought the filly for this experience. Wind could finally hear some interesting stories for a change. After her own adventures slowed to a crawl, she was a full time employee for Ponyville. Training residents to watch out for danger. Maintaining her station at the castle, and sometimes picking up lunch at the local café. The little filly scooped up her cup and made her way over to the now sitting stallion, "Well, I usually like dad's stories..But mom tends to get a little mad when he goes into his little rants. So far, our swear jar this year has already netted us enough bits for a trip to Whinny World.", she paused for a moment, "Fire use....", that was probably not the best word to use, "Is on a story-hiatus." That sounded better. Sometimes she had a decent story or two to tell. But not recently. "I like true stories...But a little fiction splashed in doesn't hurt.", she added with a wink. She knew 100% true stories could be a bit dry. That's why most movies and books that SCREAMED BASED OFF A TRUE STORY were usually full of bumpus! "How about one you enjoy telling?", usually those were either the more popular stories a storyteller would tell, or a very special one they only told on special occasions.
  12. The stallion let out a chuckle, "If that's what you consider unskilled, I could only imagine what you could do once you've mastered your shape-shifting abilities." All of his forms were utter masterpieces. From the wolf, to the dog, and even his pony form. And while his earth pony form was a bit rough and almost reminded him of an rather nasty fella who prefers to himself as 'king', he probably would not have any problems hitting the old 'Pony' Jazz pub in Canterlot and finding more than a few mares that wouldn't mind following him home. "Please feel free to use whatever form you are most comfortable with...Although, would you be able to shorten your tail a bit when we enter this temple?", Pocket Change could only imagine what sort of nasty traps his fuzzy end would set off. The stallion nodded his head. Cantrips were awesome. Where would he be without his favorite 'phantom stirring' cantrip'? Was it just a very simple Air Manipulation spell, or was there a real spirit stirring his beverage? Might be for the best if he never found out. "Great. We should be able to....er...", the unicorn's ears perked up. "I hear something...." Were they already to face an epic battle for the first time? Would they face ancient undead temple guardians? Deadly Cipactlis? Timbersnakes?
  13. Smolder smiled to herself as she walked along the pony. She was rather surprised how much she liked this Valen. She originally had felt some ‘weird nerd’ vibes coming from him when they first met. And that might be slightly true as he was a bit of a nerd, but weird he was not. Just a talented little earth pony with big dreams. And she would soon have a fellow ‘knit-wit’* at her school. “Yeah. We recently learned our resident Yak really could have done without an low hanging skirt as their kind tend to be a bit...er...” Nice word. Nice word. Think of one. “Ungainly.." 'Word A Day' Calendar for the win! Spike's Hearth Warming gift actually wasn't so horrible after all. Hopefully she'll be able to use today's word, which was tergiversation. "And our school auditorium suffered for it." Silence and darkness. It sure was much colder than it was just a moment ago. The young earth pony was also now outside and very alone. An very old statue of Nightmare Night stood in the background. A word could be heard in the background as if the statue was speaking in a hushed tone. It spoke 'Peaches'. Peaches is here.' With the exception of ponies with an birch-pollen allergy, this word would not be considered very 'scary', well, maybe to a certain orange coated colt, it was absolutely horrifying!
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  15. Anywhere is fine. As Pocket Change goes where ADVENTURE IS FOUND.
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