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    2. tacobob


      Ugh. If this popped up anytime, I would get it, but I won't be working for weeks. Ugh.


      And I have read it...It's kind of neat how more than a few MLP things seem to work well with the Fallout Universe.

    3. Ciraxis


      You all rise valid points. I dunno, maybe it's just me? Probably because I am not 'fond' of post-Apo settings in general. The only ones I enjoyed was After War Gundam X and Fist of the North Star.


      Honestly, to this day F: Equestrian remains the biggest, with the exception of Pony POV I believe

    4. tacobob


      I've been playing the Fallout games since they came out. I remember they were supposed to be doing an TV/Movie years ago, but that never happened.


      Still surprised they never made a proper FIM video game. Even some of the previous gens got  Game Boy games. But not FIM.

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