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  1. They're slowly putting out new Christmas MLP shorts out BTW



    1. Ciraxis


      It seems that for Applejack, her hat is what Oreo's are for Martian Manhunter. This mare seems more willing to part with her kidneys then with her headwear!



      .....I kinda now want to see an RP where she embarks on the rampage in search for her missing stetson.

  2. In the first part, the magic of Equestria mysteriously begins to fail, and Twilight Sparkle leads her friends on a quest for answers, leaving the School of Friendship open to attack from a dangerous mastermind. In the second part, the Mane Six try to This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk!
  3. " Whoa! Looks like when they made this fella, they forgot to put in the quit!"

  4. I'm hoping it was a 'scared straight' type thing they did with her. Then again, they threw freaking animals in that prison...Which is a bit odd.
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    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    It had been a rather long day for Captain Fire Walker of the Twilight Guard. The red Pegasus pony started off the day by hosting an ‘W.O.F.T’ meeting with concerned citizens of Ponyville. This stood for ‘Watching Out For Trouble’. It was not an official name yet as she was still trying to think up something cute and clever. The good officer taught the small group on how to look out for signs of danger and what to do when one encounters something suspicious. This –did- not involve, screaming, panicking and then fainting. After that, she spent a good hour training and sparring with some of her fellow ‘Guard’. After a quick shower and lunch, she lead two separate school tours through the public sections of the castle. This was fun, but she still needed something to ‘spice’ up the tour as it could be somewhat dry. Maybe she could seek help from one of Twilight’s friends. Pinkie would probably make it crazy. Maybe Miss Dash. She knew how to put on a good show. Once the tour was over, the young officer spent the rest of her duty walking the castle, and making sure things were in their place. Princess Twilight always knew when something was not right. Be it a candelabra that was not perfectly centered, or a magazine in the public bathroom that was out of date. The purple gal would simply enter the castle and know something was ‘off.’. Once this was taken care of and the public entrance was locked, it was now all ‘Fire Walker’ time. She had an oversized tub that was calling for her. There, she would sit in the hot, bubbly water and enjoy a glass or two of her favorite red wine, Bon Marché! After that, she would curl up in her bedroom and hopefully finish off the novel she had been working on for the last few months. This was the life! The surprise visit from her fiancé only made things better for the mare. "Swifty.", she cooed, "I'm never sorry to see you coming...I'm only sad when you're leaving." The tub was big enough for two! Unfortunately, the noble-pony was not there for a social visit. He apparently was having a meeting. This must have been a last minute thing, as Swift knew he needed to contact the castle at least one week ahead of time if he needed to use the meeting room. And it needed to be when the castle was open to the public. "Not getting your meaning...Could you please tell me what 'course' you are talking about.", she glanced over at a regal looking bench as she needed to get off her hooves. "Let's sit and talk. And you can fill me in."
  6. tacobob

    Hanabi-no-Mikoto, Queen-Snatcher of the Feng Dynasty

    Very nice. :3
  7. “Yep. Princess of dreams. Princess of the night.”, the little filly decided against speaking in the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE as it had been wearing out her vocal cords and some may find it rude to be yelled at...Unless it was the proper ‘trick or treat’ chant. That was important. If she lost her voice, how would candy givers know that they must smell her hooves? Actually, why would anypony need to smell her hooves? What a weird thing to ask somepony. Did her costumed horse-shoes even have a smell? Maybe next time she should go with the usual, 'Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!'. She smiled as the mare, hopefully was about to pull out her very large sack of candy! Princess Luna had the right to send anypony to the moon if they DARED give her bad candy! No horrid black licorice! Or wax cola bottles! And circus peanuts! Why do they taste like banana? They should taste like peanut! What insane pony decided on this? That would be like selling candies that looked like apples, and they tasted like prunes! Wrong! And her silly bigger sister liked those terrible candy corns! Also did not taste like corn! They tasted like broken dreams and nightmares! What was this? Was Miss Punch hoofing out drink boxes? Really? Guess that made sense. Berry Punch. Wind Walker had been banned from drinking such things in her house, after she accidentally dumped the entire content of her beloved ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster' on her family's new couch. Grape flavored corn syrup mixed with Polydimethylsiloxane, Castoreum, and Brominated Vegetable Oil, do not work well with the Canterlot Linen and Silk couch. Thankfully there were no overpriced couches in sight. And while this was not candy, she still had to be very grateful. Still. JuicyJam. Her little speech sounded like something she should have said while doing tricks on a skateboard while wearing dark sunglasses while an very old authority figure looked on with disapproval. "Thanks Miss Punch!" After she received her treat, the filly made room for another. She would try this new drink out and hopefully earn a glare from a nearby vice principal, jail warden or other be-crew-cutted stallion of authority! Take that! I am enjoying....", after a few failed attempts with Berry Punch's straw 'o' death, Wind managed to get a few tastes of her drink. Or was it candy? How odd? It was more of a candy filling of sorts. It was good....But....oh no..THIS WAS HEALTHY!! As she pondered how many eggs this mare's house would soon be covered with, the filly spied a few more newcomers. Applebloom's big brother cantered by in a rather exquisite costume. An Alicorn princess? It was well made and the wings were pretty real looking. He probably should enter Swift Squall's contest in that get-up. Probably would win! The filly took a moment to smile at White Rose when something caught her attention. The kiren WANTED Discord to zap a costume on her. That might not end well for her! "Thanks Mister Cain!", the filly glanced into her bag as the stallion tossed a few goodies her way. "I'm Wind Walker.", she added. It would be nice to give the candy-givers a little treat as well, but considering the look the mare had given him, Berry Punch was looking for something sweet and it was not candy! Hopefully they would soon find their way to the next house. How far was Mister Rich's house from here? He usually had really good candy and sometimes even rather scary decorations!
  8. 'Princess Luna' waved at the well dressed 'Spider-White-Rose' or White Spider Rose? Rose White Spider? "Of course!", she replied. There was always room! Thankfully her friend Fast Track did not see this gal in her suit as he was mortified of spiders. Wait a second? Spike was CURSED? He was stuck with the costume? He could not take it off? That was a curse worse than a song verse sung by a nurse pulling a hearse! How could he use the little dragon's room? And deal with that smell? She had a few suggestions, but knew the clever dragon probably had tried them all, and more. Even with one of the greatest living spell-casters as his 'mom' and the very skilled curse-breaker Zecora not that far from where they stood...Had they all tried and failed? The filly knew she would not be as calm as Spike was if she faced such a terrible fate. She would also make an mental note to visit the zebra as she always had a few really cool SPOOOOOOKY stories to tell for Nightmare Night. "Thanks Mister Spike!", she managed her best smile, but it was very obvious that she was a tad bit worried about the little purple dragon. Bound for life to dress as a sassy maid. Would the clothes grow up with him? From what she had read about, curses usually could not be zapped away, but there was usually a special trick to defeat such a magical misfortune. One that would mirror how he managed to get cursed in the first place! Usually there was a lesson involved as well. Poor Spike. One of Spike's friends tried his best to assure the dragon that his cursed costume was not that all embarrassing. And she agreed. It was nowhere near as awful as the sheep costume she was made to wear a few years ago. It might as well have been a curse. Thankfully an invasion of Changelings gave her a good excuse to ditch the wooly nightmare. Still, he was cursed. Maybe he could say he was Colonel Ponyncheon's maid who suffered an curse alongside the doomed family in the beloved book, 'The House Of Seven Stables'. The filly smiled back at the Orange. Hopefully feeling positive would defeat the curse. And there was also this Kiren gal... "We should get you some sort of costume. Don't want Nightmare Moon to see that you're a pon...er..Kiren and then gobble you up! You need to be in disguise.." The original idea was that ponies would dress up to 'fool' the 'Dark Queen Of The Night' into not eating them. But would a pony who dressed up as a doctor fool Nightmare Moon? Probably not, but it was fun to dress up for one night! There was also a Nightmare Moon statue ponies would offer candy so she would eat that instead of them. "Well, we could always stop over at Mister Masquerade's booth if you want...I'd let you borrow my hat, but it probably would be too small for yah." And there was the candy-stallion. For such a small village, Ponyville had a rather large collection of those who made and sold candy. This, Wind Walker had no problem with. Not at all. "Hey Mister Cain.", the filly spoke up. "Maybe instead of making candy for us...Maybe you should make something fun for each pony that gives us candy? So when we knock at the door, when whoever gives us candy...You can in turn give them something special? Eh?", she held up her front legs, "What do you say?" They were at the first door. "Trick or Treat, smell our hooves, give us something we all approves!", the filly shouted, thankfully in her normal voice. It was Piña Colada's big sister behind this door, Berry Punch! The filly held out her bag in anticipation!
  9. This is how AJ won this year's 'Running Of The Leaves'



  10. Happy Nightmare Night!

  11. Now that she was closer, that kirin costume was.....Nah, that was a real one. Although was she really a real one, or one that could turn into a dog? Or was the guy who helped Fire find Swift Squall a dog who could turn into a kirin, or do they have that abilities? Wind Walker wouldn't mind such a power. She could be her own best friend if she could turn into a puppy! "Well, one needs to know how to speak in the 'Royal Canterlot Voice' when dressed as Princess Luna." she (thankfully) spoke in her regular tone of voice. "You should consider getting a costume for tonight's holiday. I believe Mister Masquerade has a small booth near the castle...And he's renting costumes." There was also a fun costume and joke store nearby, but they had long closed down for the holiday. She always liked that place.. 'Tricks, jokes, fun..fool your friends.' Not only did they sell the usual pranks and yucks, they also had at least seventy kinds of fake dog gunk. From Chihuahua to Great Dane. However, they were closed, and if you needed to get a costume real quick, you needed to stop at the booth. And it made sense to rent your costume as how many times would you need to wear it after Nightmare Night? The little filly had to correct the pony known as 'Valen Orange', "Discord? I don't see Discord!", she smiled at the spirit of discord. "I see a dashing vampire!" She was pretty sure he was supposed to be an blood-sucker. Or did he normally have fangs? Or just that one, lone snaggle-tooth? She did not care what her sister thought of the guy, she thought he looked pretty good dressed in a suit. Still, the guy was also right. Princess Luna kept the bad things away. Maybe the Pegasus pony should have gone as Nightmare Night instead. She brings the nasties! "No...Not Woona....Loooona.", she corrected. It was obvious Discord knew who Princess Luna was, as she was one part of the Princess team that put him in stone for all those years. "THAT IS RIGHT, ROYAL SUBJECT.", Wind Walker had doubts that she could keep this up. Already her throat was starting to get a little scratchy. "I WILL ZAP AWAY THE EVIL WITH MY MAGIC...Erm." Whoops. No horn. "I WILL HIT THEM WITH MY HAT!" That's better. He was right again..again..It was CANDY TIME. There would be much praise and adoration to those who leave fun sized SBLOUNSKCHED! and CooCoolicious bars in their bags and a house that will be forever egged if they try to give her healthy candies....Or even that one crazy mare that hoofs out tooth brushes...TOOTH BRUSHES!! Discordracula will be of great use as he could probably summon a million chickens to lay a million eggs. That they then could toss at the houses of those who gave out sucky treats! As they moved on, another pony moved into view. A pink haired guy who appeared to be a sales-pony! Ha! Nightmare Night was the night of FREE candy. But she could not be rude and ignore the poor guy as that would not only be a smudge against the Walker name, it would also be a mark against her princess-hood! "HAPPY NIGHTMARE NIGHT!", she bellowed back at the pink haired pony. "So, whatcha selling?", she asked Candy Cain. Did he have a brother named Dinner T-Able?
  12. Another fella I miss...Wonderful RP'er and very cool artist. Hope you're doing well purple guy!

  13. Now this was a clever costume! Since she went as Princess Celestia LAST Nightmare Night, Little Wind Walker decided she would go as the second best Princess, the reason-for the season, Princess Luna! The filly took her costume to the next level, and she had Princess Luna as a filly wearing an costume! That was two costumes in one! However, since the first costume took time to create and apply, she only had a moment for the second. Thankfully her father had a big pile of scrolls on his desk that probably weren’t important. One made an excellent temporary ADVENTURE hat. Still, she looked pretty good! Since the dream princess’s coat and mane was slightly similar to the filly’s, she simply needed to get the right coat darkener. The shoes were easy to find, and while the contacts made her eyes feel funny, she could get used to them. The paper hat also did a good job at covering Luna’s missing horn....The one thing Wind forgot to get. The moon cutie-mark was artfully applied by her brother Moon Walker, and the bib thing was purchased along with the shoes at the nearby costume store. “YOU ARE LOOKING LIKE THE ROYAL PONY!”, Wind bellowed in the traditional, royal Canterlot voice. She would have to find her old friends...Who was in Ponyville this year? She knew her Canterlot friends were staying in the big city, and after overdoing it with the bonbons, her buddy Fast Track was staying home due to a MASSIVE tummy-ache. But what about Scootaloo? Or Bebop? Guess there was only one way to find out! After she grabbed an goodie bag, the filly waved at her parents as she trotted off. Her mother Write Stuff had already started to hoof out candy, while her dad, Brass Hat was watching a movie that had been deemed a little ‘too scary’ for fillies! Bah! She saw it twice already! As the ‘royal princess’ cantered about ‘her’ lands. Something odd popped up. Spike! And hokey-smokes he was an costume disaster! While the colors were nice, the little dragon did not have the thighs to pull off that costume off. Did he lose a bet? Discord probably had something to do with this. “HAPPY NIGHTMARE NIGHT!”, she shouted in the proper tone. Along with Discord and Spike, there was an VERY impressive Kirin costume, along with a guy in an maid costume. Hrm. Maybe he lost a bet as well. Her big sister mentioned that she should go trick or treating with the little dragon if she could not find any of her usual friends. Guess she'll do this. Weird costume or not. "Heya Spike.....I mean." "GREETINGS DRAGON CITIZEN OF PONYVILLE!"
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    Toboe the Bartender... and NOTHING else.

    Love the chest fuzz.
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    Ice Storm

    Very nice. :3
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    Apple Adonis (Invite)

    This was horrible! The blacksmith had been to some nasty places before! She had to use a public restroom in Rockwington during the festival season! She once spent two WHOLE days in a horrible little hotel in Griffonstone. It USED to be call the Hotel Hello, until the 'o' fell off. This name fit the terrible little rat-trap even more so. Everything was so dirty, and the staff spent most of the time holding their claws out for tips than actually doing their job! Here's a tip! Burn the place down! Now she was in an cellar infested with nasty little insects that normally just gobble up wood, but for some reason, they looked like they might believe Big Mac and she were made of tree. How odd. She really wanted to get the heck out of the hole they found themselves in, but the large stallion refused to budge! It was his home and he was not going to let them scare him away! And now he wanted her to dig? She had her gloves on. These had openings at the ends so her claws could stick, but she at least had some covering and protection over the softer parts of her hands. She could dig, even if she did not want to touch all the nasty, soggy dirt and rotted wood! It was just like the hotel in Griffonstone. How in the world do you leave a shower dirtier than when you entered it! It's just madness! "Right.", she growled as she started to dig with her hands. "The queen should be bigger..", she could not help but grin a little as she pictured a large termite wearing a little gold crown. Maybe even holding a little scepter with her nasty, wormy-body. Ugh! Still, these silly thoughts kept her mind from the realization that she was getting her claws dirty with nasty bug dirt! Along with keeping her from staring at the impressive pony as he smashed stuff!
  17. What a total and utter disaster this race was. Fire Walker had done poorly in the 'Running Of The Leaves' before, but never as bad as seventh place! Still, she had no problem with the winner! Applejack was one of the bravest, cleverest and hardiest ponies she had ever known. There was not a single bit of shame to losing to such a mare. And the officer could at least say that she came very close to out-racing an actual cheetah....Although were griffin cheetahs as fast as one without the bird-bits tossed in? Probably not. And should Pinkie have been given a medal? She did use at cannon at one point. But where did she get it from? A wiser pony once told her not to think too hard about the pink pony's abilities. She quickly scanned the crowd to see if she could find her fiancé, and even the odd, armor covered mare who had also seemed to have vanished. Where the heck were they? Were they still trying to catch up? She was distracted by the commotion caused by the Kirin's sudden transformation into a horned wolf of sorts. This probably was not even the third or forth odd thing that happened today. Thankfully, he did not look like he was going to attack....But what sort of creature as he? She knew very little about the Kirin and their abilities. And as long as he did not make any threatening moves against the princesses, she would leave him alone. She would later hear him refer to himself as an 'O-kami.' Guess that sounded O-Kay. With that little bit of drama, a possibly even larger one started to unfold...Her parents and Wind Walker had managed to spot her in the crowd. Ho-Boy, she was going to hear it from her father. Maybe even a little bit from her mother, who after breaking her clavicle, was a little saltier than usual. She was never going to hear the end of it. Thankfully her little sister, Wind Walker was the first to run into her. "Wow, what a race!", the filly bounced about. "You got to race all kinds of creatures! Big ol' horned dog! Cheetah Griffon! Hey...Isn't that Countess Coloratura?", she took a good look at the musician before turning back to her sister, "What do you think you'll be racing next year? Dragons? Centaurs? Dragon centaurs?"
  18. I might be a little late reading it as real life and work and other stupid dumb stuff is keeping me from this site. On another note, if anyone sees the judges, I believe they might have dropped this very large bag of bits. Tell them, Remember FIRE WALKER!
  19. Poor Fire Walker. With the Kirin out of the picture....Did they she even bother to properly introduce herself? She was running alone again, naturally. One other surprise came up. Pinkie Pie did not actually plan the after race party? This might be for the better, as you never want to gorge on sweets after a long run. Hopefully they'll have little sandwiches. Maybe egg salad? Or would the mayonnaise be too much? This will probably end far better than the Las Pegasus 'Run 'N' Wine' Race she and Zelda ran last year. Ponies there did far more wine'ing and less running there. Good times! "You're doing well, Guard Heart Shield!", the mare finally got to throw a few words towards the young stallion. "And yes, that's Discord. It's usually for the best that you don't look him in the eyes." He was like a lost, mangy puppy. Give him attention and he'll just move right into your house. The pesky spirit already spent a day bouncing about her beloved fiancé's house. Oddly enough, the unicorn seemed to enjoy it. "I'm sure just about anything silly that did not involve a certain pink pony was caused by him. Just concentrate on the race and you'll do well...We're almost at the finish line." She could see her family at the finish line, along with almost all of the princesses. Her little sister, Wind Walker stood on her father's back, while shouting out a rather odd cheer. It almost sounded like she was just shouting, 'CHEERING FOR FIRE WALKER!'. A little yak-girl, most likely from Yakyakistan, was doing the same. Fire also spotted an old friend, Bevel Gear standing nearby. She was getting a bit more sociable than the last time they met. For some reason, she did not approve of the music a cute little kirin was playing. Oh-oh, her father had that 'look'. He could see that his daughter was not leading the pack. Not even close. She was going to hear about this for the rest of her stay! It seemed most of the lead pack was already starting to prepare their speeches and figure out where they would hang their medals, and even a few were making last second bets. Maybe with all this distractions, Fire Walker could quickly pull ahead! That's probably not going to happen, but she would at least make the attempt, by giving it all...She could do it!
  20. This was it! The road to victory! Fire Walker tried her very best to keep up with the small pack that had pulled ahead. But felt this might not be her race to win. Still, she could have a little bit of fun and maybe even help the kirin take the gold! “Ah come on there!”, she laughed, “Silver isn’t so bad. Miss Applejack has a whole room full of silver medals from the previous races.” This was probably not true, but she had heard the farmer had an habit in finishing second in these races. There was a good chance she might have melted them all down to make something useful. "You just need to swallow your pride and admit the better pony will win this." The officer tried to push herself a little further but she could feel her body start to strain! How utterly mortifying! Maybe she spent too much time this year at a desk. She had things that needed to be planned! Training schedules! Twilight's Guard! The wedding! She spent less time on adventurers actually training herself...Or at least compared to her usual year. Excuses! Her father would not approve of such nonsense! But it was true! There might be a pony that would beat the stallion, but it sure wasn't going to be her! "But at least you'll look good...er.." What the heck was happening to him? That pesky Discord WAS up to something and using his raccoon to do so! She should have made an hat out of that beastie when he showed up at Swift's home! While she avoided the better part of the spice, a few managed to get into the fur on her face, but the kirin was getting the full bulk of it. And since she did not live in a world where a hard sneeze just ended up with the sneezer getting crap allover their snout, but instead worked just like Cheaty Pie's rocket. Weird. Oh-my, he was now pretty mad and going even faster. She might be snatching up any medals, but the officer would at least get to see how this ends!
  21. “Nah, it’s usually a pretty standard little race...One with history.”, the officer made sure to add as she ran alongside the small pack of ponies and other creatures. “There was that one race where Applejack and Rainbow Dash got into a fight....Well, maybe not a real one, but one of those slappy fights that brings up a giant dust cloud..And then you can’t see the ponies fighting..I’m pretty sure it’s the same physics as those giant snow-balls that always seem to roll down hills and catch ponies in them...And then keep rolling.”, Fire Walker let out a dry chuckle, “I remember that race...Mostly because I lost to Princess Twilight Sparkle...And this was before she ascended and got wings....”, she huffed. “So basically the worst involved dust-clouds and being an life-long military mare who lost a race to an skinny little unicorn.” Thankfully the kirin was able to avoid the sticky patch of sap. It probably would have taken him ages to remove all that gunk from his shaggy fetlocks. "It's like those who were supposed to be minding the weather and the tracks this year did not show up..Hope everything is okay...Maybe they caught the flu? Hoof in mouth? Pony pox?" Maybe that ol' pest Discord had something to do with it! He probably turned off those pony's alarm clocks! Or slipped them something funky in their breakfast! It had to be something! She did not like Discord one bit! Not with a fox, not in a box! Not in a bar or even a railroad car! Not even during the winter or fall! She did not like Discord at all! As for the wedding. "It's still in the planning stages..The very slow planning stages.", she woefully grunted, "I hope to have it at the Castle Of Friendship as Princess Twilight has offered to officiate the whole thing." And she would have to go to the bachelorette party as well! Off to the 'Wild Stallion Saloon' in Las Pegasus! She wouldn't mind seeing what a few drinks would do to her current boss. * One thing confused the mare. "Autograph? Why in the world would you want her signature?" The farmer was already in a rather heated argument with the mare...And Pinkie...Apparently she was a little tired of her shenanigans! Ho-Boy! Applejack was not one happy pony! Would this mark the return of the dust-ball? Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, but that did not change the fact that the pair cheated! As did Discord.....And possibly her fiance...Wherever he was at the moment. Hopefully not head first in an tree stump somewhere. Covered in honey...Being bedeviled by hungry bears! Or he might be dragging Ice Storm and her silly armor back to the starting line. As she pondered what sort of madness she had witnessed, a somewhat familiar sight strolled into view. It was guard Heart Shield! She only hoped they didn't dig out old General Pummel to help train when Fire had been sent away! She had been schedule to help train the hardy young stallion, but the mess in Fillydelphia had to be taken care of. And she ended up smelling like 'poo-gas' for days. And dealing with the brothers and their sass. Oye. She could picture the old gargoyle as he tried to train a bunch of new recruits. Pummel was better suited roaming the dark and spooky halls of the 'Haunted Stables' in Whiny Land! Heart was busy trying his best to avoid the sap-pits. She would have to chat with him after the race. Maybe he could help her find Swift Squall and Ice Storm!
  22. Wow, I always loved this big season enders... A few things. And also
  23. Season 8 might be over, but we're still getting a sort of mini-movie later this month. A holiday special..But oddly enough not an Nightmare Night one. :wail:

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    2. SteelEagle


      I know.

      I am saying I wish EQG wasn't a thing so we would have had more of these types of releases instead of EQG. Ponies > Humans.

      And yes, it will air in October but release in the holiday movie timeframe. I already have three pre-orders for it. :P

    3. tacobob


      Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I don't -hate- the EQG thing, I just don't watch them. Would be REALLY nice to see some DVD specials..Maybe bounce around Equestria's past. Have a fun adventure with Starswirl's group. Or have a Celestia and Luna when they were kids movie. :o

    4. SteelEagle


      So much opportunity cost. 44 minutes is the length of a season finale, so you have all the big plots they could do, but you can also do smaller stuff, more focused stuff. Since you can explore an entire story or concept from start to finish without worrying about connections or placement, you can do so much cool stuff. 

  24. Wind Walker could not help but smile at the young yak. She was a -good- deal more considerate than the other members of her race that the young filly had encountered not that long ago. These adult yaks were not being very good guests as something happened that caused them to go into an rampage of sorts. Walls were smashed. Hay was scattered to the wind. And more than one tea cozy had lost its life during the hullabaloo. Thankfully things were peacefully resolved. Pinkie probably had a yak party and yakked it up with the yaks until they stopped being yak-arses. Hurrah for the pink pony! Hopefully she will finish a distant second to Fire Walker. The filly noticed she could actually see the yak-girl's eyes. How odd, considering all the adult's peepers were covered in yak hair. The filly opened her mouth to reply, but her boss quickly spoke up. Guess she can't be that bad. Crazy magic or not. And speaking of crazy magic, she really needed to keep her eye on that Bevel. She was CHEERING for Discord. She had to be secretly evil like he used to be. Or at least secretly pesky, which the draconequus was currently. But for now, her friend was really overdoing it with the sweets! "Fast Track! Maybe you've had enough bonbons...You might get a tummy ache!" "Not likely!", the candy chomping colt replied back, "My stomach is like the GT1s Magic Turbine-Steam Hybrid! I can eat these things all day and I won't feel a thing." The filly lowered her eyes, "But you'll get chubby and I don't think Inkie Hooves wants to smooch a pony that looked like an ponchky!" This was a cause of concern for the colt. Inkie was a teenaged mare who usually dropped off magazines at his local grocery store. She was the one who brought his beloved 'Canterlot Railroad Enthusiast' magazine. He had an rather oversized crush on the gal. Would she love him if there was more of him to love? Did she actually love him at all, or was just a friendly pony? "Right.", he gasped, "I'll save the rest for your family...I'll get a pumpkin bonbon for your brother Punk....Cinnamon ones for your sister...", he trailed off as Wind Walker returned to her cheering section with Yona . "Cheering for Fire Walker!', Wind Walker cheered on!
  25. It was rather easy to avoid the sap. One would have to be an actual sap to get stuck in it. Just as long as you kept your eyes open and there were no distractions, avoiding the big blobs of tree resin was easy peasy! This was one of the many things one needed to do when running. Avoid stupid traps. As Fire Walker raced along the path, she noticed a slightly familiar sight. It was a stallion named Heart Shield. She came very close to training the young pony, but had been called to Phillydelphia to aid two ‘professional monster hunters’ rid the sewers of a few rather pesky beasts. The officer started to open her mouth to give the guard-stallion a proper greeting, but missed her opportunity when he zoomed right by her. Well, maybe it was proper the best time to start moving a little faster. As she broke into a faster gait, she started to run alongside the kirin who managed to catch up with her. This was not helping her self-esteem. He had a few words with her, and Fire being the ever polite, Canterlot pony had to reply. "It's been interesting.", she managed to leap over an small patch of gooey sap. "I'm a little worried about the poor condition of our track.", she sighed, "Will get with the Mayor and see what happened. Mind your left there.", she pointed to another patch of sap along his path. Hopefully he was more agile than he appeared. The swooning stallion? "That was my fiancé...I believe he fell a little or possibly even a good deal behind...Probably to help Ice Storm..." Would she try to get her hooves on another one of her stallions? She snatched up Dunder, would she attempt to swipe Swift as well? The officer felt a little upset. Maybe she should have stayed at his side? Did the sneaky little competitive bug bite her once again? If he beat her in a race, he would probably never let her forget that!" And he said something that perked her up a little. "Yes..this is the last track before the ol' home stretch..This is when you really started to knock those leaves back!", she added after she broke into a grin. Applejack finally noticed the weird stallion was dumb ol' Discord And speaking of Applejack, where was her companion? The poor mare was stuck! Somepony should probably help her...And Pinkie had a cannon. Where was she keeping that thing? "Come on!", she called out to the stallion, "We can rush ahead....If you can keep up, I'm sure the silver medal will look good on your coat....Even match your cutie mark!"