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  1. The griffoness could not help but grin just a little as she spied the cute blue griffon through the corner of her eye, checking her out. She was that way too when she was his age. Always hanging around with her friends in Canterlot. Fire Walker was the military minded tough-girl. Presteza was the creative and cute planner. Docket was the brains. Together they......Wow....Something else caught her eye. Towards the farm, there was a rather large wolf-dog-thing? Did the Apples trade away their Border Collie for that big fella? Apparently they were ready to make a big batch. Hopefully enough for every creature. From what she had been told, the cider was made on the spot. Fresh with an proper head. Shame it wasn't hard cider. There were a few other interesting folk nearby. From a rather adorable and fuzzy bat-pony in sun-glasses. Wait a second? Were those dragon-wings? He almost looked like Wind Walker's little fuzzy 'Draco The Dragon-Pony' plush doll she used to have on her at all times.Was Draco for real? Further down was an rather attractive mare that seemed to be offended by the very idea that she was standing on an dirty, unpaved path. Still, she was a cutie. Griffons were born with incredible eye-sight, so she could see Prince Blueblood...And she was sure her old friend Fire Walker had been pulling her tail. Said he used magic and turned himself into a mare. Ha. Even said former colt-friend Dunder did the same. Poor gal must have been drinking some of Swift Squall's stronger wines he had in his cellar. Squall Sherry....And speaking of Dunder...That mare did look a little like.....Nah. It was probably a good idea to dissemble her tent and roll it up, which she started to. The griffon did not want to lose her deposit. "Huh....", she caught sight of a creature she had only heard stories about. An Hippogriff, and a rather pretty little on at that. She seemed to know the bluey and even called him out. Gallus. An proper, heroic griffon name. She liked him even more. They were probably school-mates over the nearby school. Being an bit of the beaky side, she decided to listen in to their conversation as she finished putting her tent back into its bag. Was it always this small? Oh feathers.
  2. “Patience...”, the officer warned the farmer. ‘It’s slow and steady....If I pull you out too quickly the sand’s vacuum will push you down further.”, this worked just until the Sombra-Lite? She really did not want to call him by that name. The real Sombra was an horrible living shadow that tormented and enslaved Crystal Ponies. This one seemed to be just grumpy. Could this be Discord? She knew the devious draconequus liked the marvelous yellow mare and sometimes she would see him follow her about like a puppy dog. Even while making barking sounds. He was an odd fellow. Things were going slowly, and soon the....Sweet Celestia...While she lacked the utter beauty of Fluttershy, Ali looked incredibly adorable when grouchy. Fire Walker just wanted to fly down and squeeze those big cheeks of hers. But that would not be helpful. And speaking of helpful, the hopefully mock prince off shadows was helping! Yay! he Diet version of Sombra finished the rescue, and the farmer would soon rest her hooves on grassy ground. It was now the deer's turn. With Ali free, she scooped up her rope and flew it over to the others. She lowered the rope to Fluttershy and her squirrel friend. "We just need to wrap it around his stomach and pull him out...Just like before...But he'll need to be calm." this was something the animal caretaker was a pro at. However, there was something else wrong. Apple Bloom had rushed off again. Ugh! Has that girl ever seen a horror movie? They needed to rescue that deer before the filly wandered into further danger!
  3. The red Pegasus let out an painful yelp the moment she tried to move. Something was very wrong with one of her back legs. Her left one. She was almost too scared to look. Thankfully it didn’t look too bad. Just a clean slash right against the gambrel. This was still something she needed to take care of. She let loose another. "Swift!". She needed to make sure he knew where she was. "Really don't want to do this....Swift spent so much on this dress...But if I don't...", she tore off a bit of cloth around her neck. This is turn was quickly shifted into an sturdy bandage. Why did her vacations always end in tragedy? Take a cruise? She ends up in an crazy island of chaos. Trip to the Crystal Empire? Insane warrior caribou. Spend time with fellow officers on an old training field? End up in the land of the dead. She could only imagine if they ever make an stop over at Whinny World. This she pondered as her bandage was formed and applied. The longer she was without Swift, the desire to panic drew further near. Once the bandage was secure, the officer tested her leg. It still hurt like a mother-bucker, but she would be able to move. "Swift!", she called out. It was time to move....Where would Swift be? Thankfully the airship was not even close to being halfway full. So while there would be less ponies to help her, there wasn't going to be as much carnage as if they were on a full cruise. She pushed herself further...."Swift!"
  4. The little colt turned a slight shade of red. “Oh dear.”, he gulped. “Almost forgot the most important part of my job....The actual comics..”, he pulled out a small binder. It was marked HORROR COMICS. And since everything needed a scale that used cute ponies, there was a chart that listed how scary a comic was. One was listed as ‘Not So Scary Horror’, the icon for this level was a happy little colt standing next to an equally adorable sheet ghost. No actual horror was going on. The 5th and final level simply had an terrified adult pony in full horror and blush. “Why is that pony blushing?”, the little dragon asked. “Well, that pony was so scared he had a little accident in his pants.”, the colt responded rather dryly, “Normally you would get to pick which of the five comics you wish to interact with. However.”, he pulled out a comic enclosed in an white sleeve with a big number one on it. “Since your group consists of an young cat girl and a baby dragon...” If looks could kill, Knife would have been a mass murderer by now. “You are only allowed to use the first level of horror...”, he opened up the sleeve and pulled out a rather colorful comic. “Lickety-Split's Not At All Scary Adventures In Sugar-Land", he slid the comic back into its sleeve and started to hoof it over to Daze before something or someone crashed into the little pony who let out an squeak as he fell. Along with Fast Track, the sleeved comics fell to the ground. "Oh.....Sorry there Mister Track...", it was the cat who stumbled into the poor creature. "Was distracted by something over there and I ran into you...Let me help you with the comics.", after a few moments of fumbling about, Thrilly ended up with the level one horror comic. "Got it.", she waved it at the Pegasus who nodded his head. "Thank you....Good luck with the spooky...", he made air-quotes with his hooves. "Adventure..And I know from experience that the Sweet 'N' Sugar Ghosts might be a little too scary for the little ones, so if your baby dragon gets a littlie too scared, feel free to exit when you wish.', he smiled at the threesome before exciting down the hallway. Knife was besides herself. "This is going to terrible! Sugar ghosts! Not at all scary! I wanna go back and slap that dumb kid......", she glanced over at the cat who was giving her the 'look. "What?" The cat slowly pulled out the comic from the first level sleeve. It was a different comic. The titled read. , she slid it back into its sleeve. "Switched it....Nobody's sneakier than a cat...", she lead the pair into the next room...They needed to find a place to sit, open the comic and soon they would enter an new world of....terror...
  5. Wow. It's over. I've been watching this silly horse show since season 2. I was slightly annoyed at a couple of things, but it was still a really good last episode.
  6. A black griffon poked her head out from her tent, only to be driven back in due to the sun's happy rays that met her eyes straight on. "Hok a chanik...", she grumbled to herself. Her silly Ponyville friends managed to convince her that the Apple family made the best cider of all time. Everything else was utter schlock when compared to this famous, fabled beverage. The griffon had her doubts, and she had some of the best Rockwington Dry Ciders one could try....Canterlot Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider.....Froggy Bottom Hoofmade Cider. And even Angry Appleloosa Old Timey Western Cider. This was all crap when compared to the Apple's, they said. And you couldn't just shlep on down to the nearest Cantermart and snatch a six pack from their coolers. Nope! You had to visit Sweet Apple Acres on a certain date and be ready to wait. For a long time. Maybe event rent. a pup tent. Do it, or you'll regret it. There were plenty of things she regretted in her life. One was a permanent marking on her right claw. Pretty blue markings. Done by an artist who dumped her during what was to be a very happy day for her. And now she was in an tent. Waiting for a mug of cider. After letting out a sigh, she pushed her tent flap open again. Thankfully she was ready for the light this time. One of the famers, a pony she knew as Applejack had greeted the little tent city. The line had gotten a good deal longer since the night. Wow. She took a good look at the nearly endless row of tents behind her. Ahead of her was a cute griffon....Oh. He was a little on the young side. A boychik. One with a rather unique bright blue coat. Was he there when she set up her tent? Did he cut in line? He called the farmer an 'Professor'. Heh. Typical griffon snark. Hearing the name, 'Griffonstone' did sorrow her mood just a little. Did the kid come from that dump? She had heard they were -trying- to fix up those ancient pile of ruins, but it wasn't worth it. And the cider BETTER not be decent. Or even just good. She heard 'Big Mac's name called. The last time she ran into that big stallion, they were fleeing from an horde of angry and probably mutated termites. Hopefully they took care of that mess before they started on the cider. Even the best drink would go in the bin the second she saw an nasty little bug floating around in it. Since she still had time before the line started to move, the griffon started to roll up her tent. Hopefully they would be able to finish this quickly, so she could get her deposit on the tent back. She gave he young griffon an 'Morning' before she turned and nodded politely at the unicorn as she continued to work on her tent.
  7. "I probably would have never dared to ask her." That would have been weird. Asking your boss to help set up your wedding on your very first day at work. "But the moment I mentioned I was getting married, she just volunteered. Both the castle and her services." And how could one ever forget a wedding with royalty? This could all change with the passing time. She could not help but grin when the Alicorn mentioned her own 'Empire.' "We really need to visit your homeland. The last few times I was there, it was for work, so I didn't get anytime to wander about. Oh.", she caught the brochure, "It would be the first time I'll really get to visit and not be on the clock..", she paused to glance at the advert, "Hmmm. Flag of many hues and a petting zoo with tiny ewes. " The mare had her mind set that her honeymoon would be more sandy and less fidgety. This was the moment her beloved spoke up. "Well, generally you want a wedding venue that has a special meaning to your life...", she quickly added, "And is within reasonable distance from your family and friends. All who have full time jobs and in many cases, kids." Most of her friends were not swimming in bits, so a trip somewhere fancy where everything cost a zillion bits to stay would not be wise. "They also converted the old family estate in Canterlot, into a rental. It's being used for weddings...Bed and breakfasts and such....My bunch'a'greats Grandfather Lord Maximus married my buncha'a'greats Grandmother, Lady Labyrinthine there...And wow, what a wedding.", she bounced, "Right before they were to take their vows, the home was seized by Maximus' mortal enemies, the dreaded 'Gloom Brotherhood'.", she lowered her stance as if she was about to get into a fight. "I read the battle lasted for hours and if you ever went into the basement that leads to the wine cellar, there are an assortment of really creepy Ossuary down there..Made of pony, griffon and even a few minotaur skulls....Those aren't fake.." Her jaw did drop just a little when her favorite stallion dissed the Crystal Empire right in front of its ruler. Oh dear. She loved her Swifty ever so, but he really needed a filter. Thankfully the impressive Alicorn was the Princess Of Love, and not the Princess Of War. Hopefully Presteza's natural adorableness and Swift's odd mention of Applejack would be enough of a distraction to keep the Princess from smiting her husband-to-be. "Ha....I have enough Pressy-stories to tell the good Corporal, it would make you blush so hard, you'd end up looking like my twin sister.", she winked back at her old friend.
  8. “Generally they do all the coupons and specials during the slow seasons..”, Pocket Change had no issues lifting their luggage with one of his favorite spells. Telekinesis. Easy to learn, hard to master, and it was the ‘go-to’ to spell for any unicorn. “Families with kids and couples that were just married tend to spend more on these trips.” He caught sight of a few other pamphlets that his very favorite mare did not see. “They opened up that new ‘world’ in Whinny World..”, his enthusiasm quickly vanished as he read further, “Oh, one new ride. Thirty new stores.’, he groaned. There was another for the Gallopocus Islands. This one proclaimed in great big letters that they had an nude beach. “I don’t get it.”, the stallion was well aware that ponies were au naturel by default. This was probably the first time Pocket got to spend a decent amount of time with his beloved in what seemed like ages. They were usually so busy. He had his assorted quests, missions and jobs to do. Adventure called. And here he was. And not that far from the most perfect of mares to ever walk into his life. And this was the best kind of trip. One he didn't have to pay for. And they would get to visit a rather impressive school of magic. Normally during one of these sorts of trips, the young unicorn would be able to pick up a new spell. Generally in trade for one of the more obscure ones that he knew. He was surprised that some unicorns were unaware of the 'mend' cantrip. Handy spell! Fix your cloak! Fix your hat! Even your socks! Don't leave your tower without it! Oh-Oh. Was Moon setting him up? This almost felt like a scene for a movie. She never mentioned if this unicorn was a mare or stallion. Had a name that could mean a few things. This could be a ghastly unicorn stallion who practiced dark magic. That was one would think, but he had a feeling this was going to be a gorgeous mare whose beauty stopped hearts! Well, not literally. But her beauty would have no affect on the white pony. He was already with a beauty with no match. Or maybe he was a chef that made those really big hay-burgers with all the fixings. They were usually called 'Heart Stoppers' and were covered in unhealthy add-ons. One of the newer recruits, Magnus Durum was also with them. This would be the first time he actually got to meet the stallion.
  9. Looks like they'll be doing a season '10' via the comics.

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      I'm interested to see how the girls will take to their new roles! 

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      Yeah, after starting off strong and going an rather dark path, which was kind of cool. the comics have kind of lost me. There still have been a couple good ones...

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      Half a loaf is better then no bread Corsair.

  10. The young dragon found a seat on the floor and waited for her turn. This probably was not a good idea as she now would have pebble imprints on her backside. Silverstream was a rather passionate Hippogriff. Once she found a cause to root for, she was there for life. And her current cause was the fight to be nice to the giant space hamster. Still, after getting a good look at the mare, Smolder realized getting into a fight with her would not go well for anyone. Something about the mare..The way she stood...The way she glanced about..And of course her armor...This was a solider and she would kick the snot just about anyone here. And there had to be a story behind that broken horn. What was all that noise? Curious, she turned to see a pony doing a bit of stress eating. Which was never a good sign. She should be friendly. "Heya.", she could be sweet. Dumb ol' Gallus! She could do it. It's hard not to gain such skills when she spent time with Ocellus. "Feeling a little upset? Wanna talk about it?", she fluttered her eyes-lashes as she spoke. Wait a second, she had eye-lashes?
  11. Only 10 more creatures to sign up...Will you make it? Will you be kissed by the best pony?






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      I was but a tacolad of seven winters when they decided on the thread..Now time has gone by and I wonder where have my golden tresses gone? My smooth skin is now covered in wrinkles and my teeth are gone. Oh woe.

  12. Really enjoyed this episode. Trixie was adorable as always. Nice to see big roles for the Doctor and Octavia..She's a character you would think would be humorless and stiff, but she's a pretty likeable gal. Also love the fact that Trixie's photo used for the contest was probably something she got at one of those 'Glamorshots' in the mall. Only a few more episodes to go.
  13. "Miss Presteza is a type of pony, once you spend time with her, you never want her to leave your side...So I can assume they were always trying to find excuses to keep her on staff.", the mare added, "And artists have to be patient or they'll just make a mess..I'm sure whatever they needed my girl was ready for the challenge." Once near her friend, she couldn't help but watch her interact with the Royal Guard and could not help but chuckle. She had been calling the artist 'Miss Presteza' since they were school-ponies. First out of sarcasm, then a bit later, out of respect. The sunny coated unicorn helped the Pegasus pony out of a rather dark place. Her date was probably the same age as they were, but he had a foal-fact and looked a little younger than the group. “Oh..my....”, While she was part of the Twilight Guard, she was still a member of the Royal Equestrian Army. She was still on their mailing list and she received special R.E.A only discounts at any of the Cantermarts Markets....So she knew she had to bow to the good princess, but there was no way she could move in the good princess’ grip. So she would wise to answer her questions. Or face further hugging. “No date yet....We need to make sure our schedules don’t clash...I have my special duties and he has his businesses and hobbies.” Can't miss out on the hobbies! She knew of some of them. Like his need to toss on odd costumes and go on adventures under an odd name. The red Pegasus was no stranger to fun little Daring Do style missions. "I believe...And I'm not one hundred percent sure, but so far there are ideas of having it at the 'Castle Of Friendship' with the good Princess Sparkle.", sweet Celestia's perfect hooves that sounded corny. Normally she would have said Princess Twilight..But Sparkle? Sounds like a character in one of her little sister's shows she says she doesn't watch but does in secret.."She would also work as the officiator....Although that might change considering all the changes that are going on...There is an non denominational pastor in Ponyville named Pipe Down who could fill in that spot." "As for the other questions...Erm.", she sighed, "Originally I wanted a small wedding, but I would be the first mare in my family to be married, and Swifty here is an only child...So this might end up being rather large....As for the rest...Still in debate.", wow, she smells really good! What perfume does she use? "I'm sure once we have a proper planner, things will be settled.", she lowered her voice. "Bachelorette party has been mostly settled....Wild Stallion Saloon in Las Pegasus....Just trying to figure out a way to ask the good purple princess." She also needed to make sure they picked a day there Great Giovanni would be performing. Once she was freed by the Princess of Love, she gave the royal pony a proper bow. As her stallion went in to check on her, she gave him a quick little kiss on the snout. "Don't worry. I've survived several Pinkie Pie hugs...One from Princess Luna...And one from a Yak for some reason. They really like compliments." Her beloved then broke out into some nerd-speak. Some odd language only his kind could use. The good Captain was familiar with such talk. Oh gods, please don't let her first child be a nerd-ling. She spied Applejack from the corner of her eye as she entered the room...She was looking slightly uncomfortable but still rather impressive in her military dress. She would hopefully be able to have a few words with the impressive earth pony of many talents and jobs soon. But for now, she need a drink.
  14. Sweet baby Celestia! Maybe someone should call the school janitor! He’ll need to take a whole day to clean up all these names the others keep dropping! And this new professor was once bitter enemies with the ‘Purple One’? How many enemies did she have? Dragons never have any enemies. They either had creatures they tolerate or a pile of bones. Pick which one you want to be! “I always knew that weird kid was up to no good.”, the dragon sighed. “Found it rather odd she was so young and was always wandering the halls of this school.” Little ponies could not be evil. Even cute little baby dragons...But Smolder was pretty sure ‘Cozy’ was something else. “I betcha she’s some sort of evil shape-shifting demon..Or monster of some kind. As she acted like someone who has never seen a kid before would think a kid would act like...Some creature that only saw kids when watching one of those creepy Shirley Trample movies.” Why in the world did she see one of those nightmare inducing films? Creepy pony with great pig eyelashes and an very curly mane. Tap dancing away and talking like a zombie. ‘You've got to S-M-I-L-E To be H-A-Double-P-Y’. The young dragon shuddered. "So...", guess it was her turn to ask a question. "What happens if someone who doesn't believe they're evil does evil believing it to be good? They might think it will help their friends and or family?"
  15. The ‘angry natives’ looked exactly what Pocket Change believed they would look like. Drunk young adult ponies in very bad Nightmare Moon costumes. Some wore tiki masks. Which sadly were the best costumes, but they were in the wrong lands. The Gallopocus Islands were one would find such an angry set of natives. A few others were dressed in pirate costumes, and one even wore an hockey mask, which was popular in the ‘Fri-Neigh The 13th’ series of movies. These were terrible looking ‘natives’ and their acting was beyond atrocious as many shouted out, "Oingo boingo! Oingo boingo! Flee trespassers!” One rather inebriated pony in a pirate costumed shouted. "Arr! Better leave now ponies or we'll send ye t' th' deep!", before he realized his error, "I mean....Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen!" This farce quickly ended the moment their very red eyes caught sight of Hogo-sha. "Holy crap!", a pony who wore an brightly colored luchador mask shouted out, "There's a freaking giant dog here and he looks hungry! Everyone! Let's get out of here! He can have the treasure!", they were gone in seconds, leaving a few of their masks and even a couple of wallets behind. "I can't believe it!", the mare popped out the bush. "That was him...The guy who shouted 'Holy Crap'", she mimicked his accent. "That was my former.....former colt-friend, current jerk...His friends pretended to be 'angry natives' to scare me away.", she growled, "Once I was gone, my former and his drunken pals could have shared this 'treasure', which I wonder what it is..." she glanced up towards the temple. Pocket Change took that as his cue to leave his hiding spot. "Guess there's only one way to find out.", he shook off some extra leaves before turning to his companion, "Good job Hogo-sha...You made short work of those terrible.....Ugh..", he grunted, "They were all just terrible." What treasures would they find? Gold? Silver? Magical artifacts?
  16. "Maybe it's more like switch...With a gentle tug, I can make you go from grouchy to feisty..." It was like magic! With the help of her song, her old friend magically appeared. Oh was already there and Fire Walker had not seen her yet. Nope. It was the magic of her sweet, sweet, melodic voice. She was like one of those princesses in an Whinny movie. Just sing a song and you soon have animals doing all your chores. Heh. That would never happen in real life. "I'm sure it was just a temp job...", she whispered back. With her Swift hopefully at her side, she made her way over to her friend. And since it was generally frowned upon and usually detrimental to the structure of their delicate dresses, a big hug was not the right thing to do, although she owed the unicorn about a year’s worth, she gave the mare a proper, R.E.A hug. No sudden moves and nopony was going to be pushed across the room. “We have so much to catch up with...”, she was attending the event with Flash Sentry? Really? Not a bad pick. He was handsome and even with all the mess that had happened in the past, he was still dedicated to the guard. “Corporal”, she politely acknowledged him. She would have to hear how they met. She wouldn’t be surprised if Pressy’s brother was involved somehow. As he was part of the guard....Now she was pondering where he was. It did make her feel considerably better that her old companion was hopefully seeing somepony. Fire Walker had a somewhat antiquated view on these sort of things. She was rather sure that single ponies were the most miserable creatures ever and the only cure that lead away from the darkened caves of loneliness to the bright and shiny castle of companionship was being with somepony. And the painter pony had been in that cave for far too long. On the corner of her eye, she noticed Flash's expression. While she would have liked to spend the entire night at her friend's side, she would need to keep it brief. Let the good Corporal have the lion's share of the spunky mare's time. There was always going to be another day for Fire/Press bonding. "Punk just got back the other day...And he has not learned a single thing.", she groaned. Where would Pummel send him next? Ghastly Gorge patrol? The Gates Of Tartarus? Hayseed Swamp? It only was going to be worse... As she glanced through the crowd, she caught sight of a few more ponies she knew. There was the rather swift Heart Shield, who like her brother Walk, spent a good deal of his job as a guard on the street. And then there was...Oh. Captain Shining Armor, and when he was around, so was Princess Cadence...Probably one of the prettiest creatures to ever have existed in Equestria. Oh, to have those hips....legs....and the rest of her...Shining has to be one of the happiest stallion's ever. With that thought, the unicorn made his way over to the small group. She could not help but chuckle when the good Captain mentioned he did not recognize Swift. And while she had a snarky response that would probably turn her green stallion beat red, she wisely decided not to..."This rather handsome young stallion is my fiancé, Swift Squall." She really wondered if he should be introduced as 'Prince Of The Crystal Empire'. Even after spending the majority of her life in the R.E.A, she still couldn't understand Equestria's monarchy system. "And you probably know Captain Shining Armor...Or at least of him.", she nodded at her stallion.
  17. Once their fare had been paid for and the threesome hopped off the taxi, the cat glanced down at her handy pamphlet. "Says here, the fake comic book racks and shelves are just decoration, and more importantly, the owners were tired of ponies taking pictures in his shop, so he made those so pictures can be taken without interrupting his customers. We'll have to take a few after we're done. Cause I really want to have a few prints of you two crazy girls so I can show my friends and family back at the circus. Show them I spent time with the best pony and best dragon.", flattery was the easiest way to get to Knife's heart as she turned a shade of pink. This did not last, as she noticed a pair of pony fillies who were staring at a camera making 'duck faces.' "THAT IS NEVER ATTRACTIVE!', the dragon roared. This did not faze the girls who rolled their eyes up, "Whatever!" Thankfully, the three were soon in the store and it was very busy! There were ponies, griffons, and other creatures checking out the racks. Buying comics, figures and other goodies. A young colt was there to welcome them. He was a fuzzy brown Pegasus pony who wore blue uniform shirt like the other employees. On his name tag, it said. TEMP. "Hi, I'm Fast Track....", he paused as he noticed the strange looks on at least two of their faces. "I know what you're thinking...Kid working at a big store like this...I'm just here to help my cousin Near Mint. She got sick, so they let me work here cause we're really busy.", he nimbly dogged an rather serious looking stallion who carried what seemed to be every sing issue of Power Ponies. "If you need any help...", before he could finish what he was saying, Thrilly spoke up. "Take us to those comics that let us enter 'em. Like what this pamphlet says..We want to experience it all.", her eyes grew big. She was ready! "Er, right. Follow me...", Fast Track lead the three into a long hallway. "We have horror...superheroes...romance...westerns...Pre-Equestria history....", as they walked, they passed doors with what appeared to be icons. A cape for superheroes, a cowpony hat for westerns, etc. "There's science fiction, zombies, spies....Once you've figured out what you want, just tell me. It's twenty bits a head....I'll give you a key,you enter the room, all three of you must touch the comic inside by ten seconds and walla!", he added, "You either finish the comic by beating it, or if you get die...um, lose. And if you need to leave the comic for any reason, just shout out. LET ME OUT and my name. The bathroom's on the right." Both the cat and dragon glanced over at Daze. "You get to pick first.."
  18. Or Apple Bloom is dead and we need to go find an orphan that looks like her...
  19. After receiving the invite and wondering if she would be able to attend, or if her fiancé Swift Squall would also be able to fit the event into his usually busy schedule...Or if she could order the dress and get in time, it was time for the ball. As the red mare slowly entered the venue with her stallion, she glanced around the room. This was practically a family reunion as every single one of her brothers that were officers were here. From Cordy Walker to Moon Walker...Her older brother Punk Walker could be seen trying to hit on one of the R.E.A Head Enchanters, who was one of her very good friends, Ilinalta. Who was also married. This does not go well for her brother. “Ugh.”, she groaned as they continued to walk. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that her old teacher and now head chef at the impressive Cupid II Resort Airship, Greasy Spoon would be preparing the meals for the ball, or at least there to supervise. Her father was probably in the middle of having a chat with him and seeing what he and his staff would be working on. Now she needed to deal with her grumpy little pony she had at her side. “Swifty...”, she whispered, “These are supposed are not supposed to be wild parties, but just nice little, relaxing..”, she stressed that word, “Get togethers...I get to see more than a few ponies I rarely get to talk to..Outside of letters...Even a few I haven’t seen since officer school graduation...",Oh crap...There were a couple of ex-coltfriend in attendance. Storm Chaser was looking a little on the heavy side. And Player One, her very first boo was with his wife. “I’m going to need to find your ‘snark button’ and flip it off.”, she whispered with smirk. “You’ll just need to relax...Nothing you need to do but make small-talk. I’ll make sure you talk to the right ponies....And hopefully General Pummel isn't here...", she had spoken about the elderly stallion before. Fire Walker had faced all kinds of terrifying monsters in her lifetime...Armies of evil Changelings...Pirate Griffons. Shadow beasts..But the old grey Pegasus pony had been giving her the 'jibblies' since she was an filly. "No...No drunk royalty here. Not even sure Alicorns can get drunk..." The closest thing she saw was Princess Twilight before she became a 'princess' dancing at a Canterlot garden party she was standing guard near. The purple pony had been either dancing drunk or just wasn't very good at shaking her flank. "Just relaxing music....Pleasant conversation. And oh, look!", she pointed to one of the servers. "I requested they serve Bon Marché, and here it is....Nice red wine. Perfect for an relaxing evening with friends." , she curled her eyes up in pure bliss. Besides Ilinalta, there were a few ponies she recognized, but none she was super-close with. "Miss Presteza told me she was attending with one of the guards...You remember her? Cute gal. Freckles. Kind of sassy. Uses her tail as a paint brush, which I would normally not recommend...", she glanced around to see if she could find her old friend. "An't no party like a Pressy party and there an't no party without my Pressy pal....ie...", she was not a good rapper...
  20. “Just relax....This isn’t a Daring Do book....You’re not going to get sucked into an bottomless vortex of doom or anything..” , she pulled out an decent sized rope from her saddle-bag. “I’ll throw you the rope...Hold into it and I’ll slowly guide you to dry-land...But make sure to wiggle an leg...It will allow water to fill the sand in your area and weaken it...Allowing you to move...Just don’t move so quickly or you’ll push the water away and allow the sand to hold you back..” With that, the Pegasus pony took to the air and slowly lowered the rope to the poor mare...Since she had to hold it in her teeth, she could not speak, and was unable to call Apple Bloom back when she rushed away...Once again. Ugh. There better not be anymore freaking quicksand! Once the older farmer was able to grasp onto the rope, Fire Walker proceeded to slowly guide her to the edge of dry land. Oh, how she wished she were a griffon at this moment. They had those nice and very useful claws. Great for holding things, which wings could also do, but not while in flight. And while she could have probably flown over to the mare and tried to pull her out, there was a very good chance the officer would end up being pushed into the sand herself. For now, it was slow and steady...She would be happy if the ‘King Sombra’ could use his magic to help.....And hope Applejack’s kid sister didn’t end up some beastie’s meal.
  21. Oooh. Hopefully the tickets will glow and float around like in the 'Ticket Master'. For some reason, that always amused me..
  22. Wow. This has all become rather...interesting... The young dragon really knew it was rude to state, but she just had to watch the verbal beat-down the odd mare with the broken horn just did against what she assumed was a giant talking dish scrubbing pad. Was that right? Maybe it was a pile of yak hair clippings that somehow managed to get its wish to becoming a real boy? An cereal mascot that somehow leaped out of his bow to terrorize the citizens of Ponyville? Pinkie Pie’s experiment in cotton candy that went terribly wrong? While she had the urge to kick the fuzzy little creature into the air like a soccer ball, for some odd reason, she kind of felt bad for him. Weird. “Pfft. Like they say, leave all your drama to your ma....” Wait a second. There was like two whole minutes and her friend did not speak. Was this a record? Was she carried away by an Roc when she wasn’t looking? Did she just fall over dead? “Er, Silver?”, she turned to look at her friend who looked rather terrified. Smolder only saw this look on her face when the normally bouncy hippogryph spoke of the Storm King. “Silver...”, she whispered to her friend, “There’s no reason for you to be scared, especially with me at your side..I’ll whoop anything that tries to mess with my friends...” While Silverstream could be a bit much at times, she was Smolder’s number one go-to-gal when she wasn’t feeling so hot. Just hearing her ramble on with an odd story that just popped in her head, see her in utter amazement as she noticed something she had never seen before or even a quick hug from the fuzzy female always brought her spirits up. “You tell me what’s bugging you and I’ll get to whoop’n.”, she whispered as she cracked her knuckles.
  23. I'm thinking..Since there is only four...player characters...Can we just assume there's a bunch of random NPC kids as well? Would give the illusion that the camp is busy and maybe enough players for two teams?
  24. The little blue Pegasus pony gasped. Her soccer teacher both didn't and wanted to fly! Since that cancled each other out, it meant she didn't want to fly! Why would anypony not want to fly? It would be a terrible nightmare if the filly were to be grounded and never to experience a good part of the world. There were cities one could only get to by flight. She would never be able to experience the delicious ice cream at the 'Cloud Nine' Ice Cream Shoppe in Cloudsdale if she didn't have wings. She would have to endure her entire life being forced to settle with only -good- ice cream. Like the 'Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor' in Canterlot or the 'Scoop-er Stars' in Fillydelphia. The horror! Echo was a very wise filly as she picked clearly the best athlete in the entire park. "Good choice!", she made sure the pony saw her mouth. "I'm thinking...If we're running with the ball and I'm in your blind-spot, I could lightly flex a wing, so you'll feel a little breeze coming your way. That means I'm kicking the ball to you, so you'll be ready.." While she would not be able to hear her calls, she could feel the stomping of her hooves on the ground and the wind would help get them properly coordinated. While her partner was hearing impaired, Echo was a pretty tough little filly. "Hey Mr Gumby!", she called out to her faithful dog. "You bring back any balls that leave the field...Okay?" The dog responded back with an "RAPH!" Once everything was settled, Wind Walker glanced over at their teacher, "I've got my partner, Miss Long Shot!"
  25. Name: Fire Walker Role: Guard Branch and Rank: Twilight Guard. Captain Plus One: Swift Squall
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