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  1. "Well you can say 'good-bye' to that headache once you feel this water..", the dragon closed her eyes and let it all soak in. Being the helpful type, Thrilly placed some of the special shampoo on an loofah and started to scrub away. The small creature did not seem to mind. "Considering we have dragon soap and a scrubby brush made just for creatures with scales, I have a feeling they warned the staff as soon as we entered the hotel...", the cat mused as she washed away the gunk from the former dragon punk. Since she had booked the room, there was already soap for her, and the hotel was always stocked with pony toiletries. Once the dragon was nice and shiny, Thrilly gave herself a good washing. Daze's little scrapes and bruises nearly vanished once she touched the water. This was pretty powerful stuff! Anything beyond a light scar still remained. The pair watched in semi-horror as the pony gulped down some of the water and sprayed it back at them. "Ah nasty!", the dragon gasped, "You put some of that water in your mouth? After we bathed in it? And also, I've been sort of tooting in it for a bit. Sorry.", she slowly climbed out of the tub and quickly shook off the excess water. "Heh. Dragon-Toots....Can I call you that?" "No! You can't!", the dragon called back as she dried off. "What's this place you want to take us for dinner?", she asked the Pegasus pony.
  2. “Wouldn’t be surprised if you smelled nothing but ponies.”, the unicorn whispered, “Thanks to the Daring Do series of books, this area is rather popular for young explorers...I also believe they film in this area as well. “ Now ‘natives’ was an odd thing. There were stories of actual real tribes of ponies who avoided civilization for whatever reasons. This tended to be rather rare. Gangs of looters would sometimes disguise themselves as locals, mostly to blend in and to even scare those who were curious. Even unicorns hid in the wilderness learning forbidden spells. Those were usually called ‘Hedge Mages’ and were usually best left avoided. Pocket had a feeling he was safe as he was traveling with a very large wolf-creature. Anyone with a lick of sense in them would be wise to avoid the pair. "Drums were used for commutation between members. There would be drum-beats for danger...Return home...Beats for announcements such as the tribal leaders have returned...Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if they're just doing it to scare ponies away." Following his partner, the unicorn quickly snatched up a bunch of loose branches with his telekinesis and extended the foliage they had hid behind. Within moments, there was the sound of hooves hitting the ground. These belonged to an rather fierce looking Pegasus mare who stopped. "Why are they playing the drums?", she asked herself before turning her attention to Pocket Change's temporary bush. "The heck?", she yelped.....Had she seen them?
  3. What the heck? Was he checking her out? She knew she was pure 100% hot stuff, but wasn't he a little on the young side to be doing that? "Guess it runs in the family as I have a brother that's into music..." Well, maybe that was stretching it. Or was he more like his sister and just enjoyed dressing up. Still, his poetry did save the lives of more than a hundred hatchlings to be. What a weird day that was. The bongos were an a musical instrument....She thought. A sly smile formed on her face. "Guess if you join one of the dance clubs, I'll have to follow...Keep my eye on yah so you can't cause any trouble, eh?", she gave the colt a wink before there was a sharp return to slightly more moribund talk. "Eh...", that was not her finest hour. "Now that I know....Thanks to our library here....I would say we would make statues like anyone else...One would need hammer, chisels, and files....A well planned out statue sketched out on paper...The right safety tools like a mask and goggles. But for the most part, I just spent a few minutes, kicking, punching, slashing and eventually biting a large rock, hoping it would simply turn into something that would memorialize a tree.. And no surprise, it did not turn into what I wanted. Go fig.." While things were improving, dragons really did not do art. They had their caves. They had their lava. And one place that serves really bad coffee. They really did not have any villages, cities or towns. Maybe this will all change. After spending her nights on a an rather comfortable bunk bed, the dragoness really had her doubts that she could return to sleeping on a cave floor. Even if things did get a little drafty from time to time. "As for the very new 'Tree-house Of Harmony', if you've been to the Crystal Empire, you'd get a good idea what it looks like....A big crystal tree with an crystal building for an trunk.....Almost Crystal Empire meets Cloudsdale? It's mostly just a place to hang out and relax.....We have a little library....Half-bathroom type...Little kitchen-ete area..Mostly for making snacks and a good cup of tea." She stopped herself from saying it was a 'little home away from home'. She'd probably have to smack her if those words ever came from her mouth. "So we could check out the dining hall...They're not serving, but they have a couple of vending.....Wait you modeled? What kind?" Smolder was curious..
  4. “Still around? Nah.”, the colt shrugged, “He went to the ‘Great Caboose In The Sky’ after he did his first test-run with his latest and very last creation, the ‘Trans-Equestrian Express'. Some say he went so fast he went forwards into time....While most say he and his train blew up due to his boiler..." Fast Track still remembered that dark day. He was a very little pony when he heard what happened one school day. Heard the explosion that is. He heard rumors that ponies climbing the 'Great Mount Everhoof' were able to hear the great ka-boom as well. "Later his daughter upgraded the 'Fireball' and she was able to beat his record, which still stands today...", he smiled as the mare spoke of her stories. "Romance novels can be a bit...Much....One of my school-friends always seems to have some silly new book stuffed in her snout every time I see her....Nothing but kissing...betrayals and secret twin brothers....", she shuddered, "I usually prefer history-novels..And mysteries...", the pair found themselves in the main pub area....As the colt was about to wave and say hello to one of his friends...Something No Vella said, caused the little brown pony to turn a slight shade of red. I haven't seen anything in the last... almost two decades "Oh dear...I'm so sorry..." With all the distractions for Fast Track's eyes to fall upon, there was one thing he really did not pay attention to, and that was the mare! She was blind! And there he was pointing out all sorts of cool things she could 'look at'. Ho-Boy. Being the gentle-sort, he helped the writer to her chair..."My friend is here...Her name is Wind Walker....Her whole family since like forever have been part of the royal guard...Her sister, who is also here is Captain for Princess Twilight's special guard....She's having a drink at the bar and chatting with some other ponies...And Wind is talking to some pink guy.....Erm....."
  5. The young dragon was still impressed by Valen's little dance. She knew it wasn't that hard for those who could stand on two legs to break into some moves...But those who were born on four...That took true talent to look good..."I should hook up with one of those dance club things as we dragons are cool and those who know the moves, always rule the school." Back to the tree.... “It was so....”, Smolder paused to think of the right word, “Bizarre this feeling we all shared over the loss.” The dragon planted herself back on the ground, “Some of the other students and I tried to come up with something to memorialize the Tree of Harmony...So those who passed nearby would know something of such great importance, even for such a short time was once there....And we all tried to come up with something..", she frowned, "Being a dragon we go big...we go strong and we try to make things that last forever....I tried with a statue...But considering our art classes recently had us make pipe-cleaner spoon ponies....We had not yet made it to stone carving....So you could see where it went.....And we all put our heads together..." She was pretty sure Gallus' noggin sounded like a coconut. "And we all worked on something and it turned out how you expected....eh...", she shrugged. "But something happened...Something magical, and in a blink of an eye, we had ourselves an 'Treehouse Of Harmony'...I'll have to show you it later.." She really wasn't sure how to answer the next question, but she tried anyways. "Eh..", she shrugged her shoulders. "Guess the tree maybe thought you were special....Wanted to say hello....Heh..", she grinned back at the pony.
  6. The little Pegasus pony blinked. She was not a vella? No vella? Oh. That was her full name. Like a novella. A short story! She thought that she would know her? Oh-oh! She was probably famous. "My name's Fast Track.", the little colt had a cute little train on his flank. "Parents work at the Canterlot Railway Company....Dad is an train engineer and mom works at the corporate office..Oooh.", he paused to admire an old framed photo. An rather impressive mustachioed unicorn decked out in an old timey train engineer uniform. He stood by an rather beastly looking train. "That's Sir Neighel Gearsely, explorer and train engineer. He built the famous 'Fireball Express' and held the speed record until his daughter, Toot Tooter broke it rather recently." He frowned as the mare mentioned that she wasn't exciting enough to tell a story. "Nonsense..", he shook his head, "Dad said everypony had a least one really interesting story to tell...Maybe it might not be an epic tale with you facing an mighty Cipactli or fleeing an big ol' rock in an ancient Temple of Chicomoztoc...But you probably have something to say...Maybe how you got into whatever you do for a living...Might encourage kids like me to go into that field." The brown coated colt lead the mare into an rather large room. A heavily themed bar sat at the end, and an old brick fireplace kept the room nice and warm on the other side. There were an assortment of ponies, from a few who sat at the bar, to a small group of colts and fillies that mingled near the fireplace. All within distance held glasses that were filled with drinks of all colors..Some had bit of fruit that hung from the sides. Some even bubbled. The colt waved at a small blue Pegasus pony who was in mid-conversation with an older pink stallion. "That's my friend Wind Walker....Her big sister should be around here somewhere...You could probably see an rather old chair near the fireplace..That's where the story-teller sits."
  7. "Yes. You can't go very far without the right equipment...oh.", he was rather surprised to see actual, real weapons. These were always completely forbidden in college funded digs. And frowned on even at private jobs. "Thankfully we live in a time where those for the most part are unnecessary." If something really horrible comes up, he could at least bonk 'em on the head with his hilt. The unicorn had magic that could be used to stop an foe, but nothing that could do any permanent damage. Although, if one thought it through enough, even an normally harmless spell could do some damage. A spell-caster's most basic spell, telekinesis could do some major hurting when cast by an creative unicorn. Had he mentioned his little journey on the Polar Star? "That seemed like an lifetime ago..", the stallion sighed, "My colleges, Ember Spark, Cleverboots, Emerath and I discovered a rather impressive tower...And this was before the Crystal Empire had returned mind you...But we found this impressive tower in the middle of the northern mountains.. It was inhabited by a tribe of white griffons....Beautiful creatures....They were standing guard...Waiting for an great kingdom to return...And it did...Eventually.." "When the Crystal Empire returned, we returned to the tower and it appeared to have been deserted...I hope the griffons had left their home to alert the rest of the world of the Kingdom's return...We did find a few other interesting areas to explore later.." The unicorn could not help but smile when dinner was mentioned. He was a sucker for a free meal. "Sounds like a plan..."
  8. Ah. Ponyville. The biggest little village in all of Equestria. As the stallion retrieved his pack and trotted off the train, he surveyed the village. It was a good deal bigger than when he was last in town. There was now a giant freaking castle that appeared to have been snatched from the Crystal Empire. Nearby was a very impressive looking school that might as well be an high school. But they considered it a 'school of friendship'. Fine. His sister's friend Fire Walker worked and even lived at that castle. Hopefully he would not run into her as not only did she live in FREAKING CASTLE, she was also marrying a billionaire. He had heard more than enough from his identical sibling, and he did not need to hear it from her. Ol' Miss Braggy Pants. The last time he was here.....He had enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at Sweet Apple Acres. A small event had been held to sell apples. Buy an bag of apples and receive a kiss from the farmer's daughter, Applejack. Thankfully this was before he became a 'thing' with his current beloved. But he doubted she would have minded. He remembered that part rather well. The apple farmer smelled like her croup of choice, crossed with sweat and what he assumed was 'Sassy Horse' body-spray. But what else had he done that day? He had run into the pony that had invited him over. Silverbolt. Skinny guy. Worked as a mail-pony. Maybe? While he had a good job, he always was looking for a little adventure. Something beyond 'Whinny World'. As he pondered a somewhat lost memory...Pocket Change watched as a friendly bee buzzed near his snout. Oh how he loved honey. Especially the kind they mind in the south....They call it Tupelo....Tastes like cotton candy...:Pinkie Pie....Oh...Now he remembered. There was that strange place with the weird bug pony and Pinkie...And also Silverbolt. And the Whitetail Woods. He got lost in the woods and was stung by stinging bugs. Not a memory that needed bringing up. The unicorn let out a sigh. Hopefully they will be avoiding the angry insects this time around. One could hope. As he neared the massive farm, he quickly spotted the cobalt Pegasus. "Hello Mister Bolt..", he shouted as he drew near. Weird, he was still dressed for work and had a package. had he come too early?
  9. "A baff?", the dragon groaned, "But I already had my month's baff!" Thankfully the foul-smelling threesome found an taxi driver that was able to handle their unique fragrance for the duration of the trip back to the Canterlot Hotel. Thrilly made sure to give the fella a good tip. Those who got a little too close to their group were able to faint away onto hotel supplied couches. One rather fancy looking stallion managed to let out an "Quelle est cette odeur!" before fleeing the scene. "Good gravy.", the cat grumbled, "I think the taxi dropped us off at the wrong hotel. Maybe this is the famous 'Home For The Critically Over-Acting Creatures Of Equestria?'. We don't smell that bad." She gave herself a quick sniff before her face turned a dark green hue. "Or maybe not." A quick elevator ride later, the three found themselves in Thrilly's oversized room. As if someone told the staff about their condition, there were more than a few full-sized bottles of shampoos and soaps waiting for them. The little dragon held up a bottle of 'Juan'Somes Baby Dragon 'No Tears' Baby Shampoo For Babies' brand shampoo. "Wagh!", she growled at the bottle. Even the shampoos were insulting her now! A moment later, the sauna-tub was full of hot, soapy water...The dragon tossed off her cloak and was the first to hop in. "Wow. It's no lava bath, but it actually feels good.", for the first time, she sounded only slightly grumpy. Thrilly joined her. "Come on Daze....Just make sure to take off all your bandages...Along with cleaning, this bubble soap uses special Unyasi salves to both heal and rejuvenate." she purred as the healing waters worked their magic.
  10. No Vella caught the attention of a young colt that had followed her into the themed family pub. He was obviously trying his best not to sound rude. Afterall, there was a rather large sign outside that marked the building as the 'Explorer's Society', along with another, smaller sign that welcomed victors once they entered the building. All of the employees were wearing name tags with the pub's logo, and they were also selling a ton of ' Explorer's Society' branded merchandise nearby. And the rug underneath their hooves was also marked with the logo. Maybe she was distracted. "Yes mam.", the little pony smiled back at the mare. "World famous and all.", he wanted to wander off and meet his friends, but he decided to help the poor pony out. "My parents took me here a few years ago..Said it was started by a bunch of famous adventurers as a place they could hang around and tell stories about their previous adventures." He waved his front right hoof at a series of painting that hung nearby. These contained creatures of all ages and sizes...Most decked out in fedoras or pith helmets...With names like Colonel Critchlow, Bravely Blue and Captain Merrifeather Pleasure. These were hardy adventures filled with daring doo! Brave souls that lived the life only the little colt could dream about! "They would showcase their finds here and would have a secret meeting once a year." There were an assortment of interesting relics that were displayed in glass covered cases. "A few years ago, they turned it into an 'all ages' themed family pub. Dad said the regulars weren't keen about the idea, but it kept the place from going under....Tonight, they're hosting creatures to sit and tell stories...If you have a tale to tell, or just like to listen, follow me..."
  11. For what had felt like an eternity, the young dragon had searched the school from top to bottom the moment her 'guest' had simply vanished from where he had stood. She originally had assumed it had something to do with the sprit of the 'Tree Of Harmony', but things were a little different than before. Could it simply snatch a creature anywhere now? Before, she had to venture down below. There ways always a chance that he being a pony, that his magic had teleported him away. She had seen both Headmare Twilight and the school guidance counselor, Starlight Glimmer teleport before, along with a few others. But that particular magic made a sound. Valen simply vanished. Also he was an earth pony. Not an unicorn. Duh. Smolder had searched all the classrooms, the offices, the bathrooms, and any other room she had access to. She had even considered checking out her new tree-house, but there was no way he could have gotten that far. Thankfully, he simply shuffled into existence. And was also dressed as a ballet dancer. “Erm.”, for once, the dragon was speechless. There was a good deal of history to speak of. And she had forgotten some of it.....Normally when the others of her happy little gang were there, they could fill in the bits she had forgotten about. "Well you see.", she shook her brain about until what she considered useful information fell out. "There were these magic seeds planted...That become a magic tree.....Which created the 'Elements Of Harmony'....These are magical doodads that our Headmare...And Princess..." there were probably a few jobs she missed. "And her friends usually yank out when they face really big evil creatures...But when they're not using them, they had stored them in the tree...The tree also had a spirit which could speak to us and appear in the form of someone we trust, like...", She was really starting to ramble. She almost wished her brother was here to give her a good smacking. Shut up yah nerd! "The spirit did....a test thing..which we did.....all depended on what issues we were having at the time..", she sighed, "But that King Sombra guy kind of killed the tree.." It was an odd feeling. When the tree was blasted into smithereens, it had almost felt like they had lost a real person...Which maybe the spirit was...This was a feeling rather alien to the young dragon as her kind tend to live very long lives and death was uncommon. "But the spirit lived on....And turned into a tree house..." That sounded really weird when spoken out-loud. "I guess the spirit wanted to test you.....And that costume." Considering she had to take off the dress she was given as part of the test. It was somehow created.. Was it magic? Thankfully, later on, the dragon had snuck back down into the tunnels and snatched the dress back up. It was rather gaudy looking, but it felt really good to wear. She really just needed to sit down, which she did, on the floor. There she watched the little unicorn as she danced up a storm. Wow. He was really good! And to make things a bit more interesting, his clothing transformed into something a bit more feminine. Could her dress do the same? She would have to check this out later on. "Wow.", the dragon got up. "That was pretty impressive...." she wasn't an expert of cutie marks, but wouldn't something as impressive as that earn him a mark? This she could not see as his tutu was covering this all up. This was turning into a really weird day. Like seriously. Besides her patented 'victory air dance', she was not an expert on dance. She knew more about certain clothing use for dance than the actual activity itself. A few others had noticed the young pony and had stopped to watch. There was an janitor who Smolder was pretty sure was named 'Scruffy' along with a few other students who had snuck into the library. They all stomped their hooves for the stallion before shuffling away. "I'm pretty sure there's a few dance clubs at the school. But I bet you're probably dance circles around those guys.."
  12. For a show about cute & colorful little animals, they always seem to be the cutest when they're MAD. And also Rose was in this as well.
  13. One of the funnier episodes...It was nice to see Maud without Pinkie for a change. And Cockatrices were one of the nastier creatures that have popped up in FIM. Nice to see them again....And now Silverstream has a really powerful pet at her side. And I just love the expressions in this episode...
  14. Looks like they will be releasing an MLP mini movie on June 29...Probably a Summer type movie, like last year's Christmas movie. First on Discovery and the Netflix.

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      Rainbow Roadtrip from Boulder Media.

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      Hopefully they'll be able to take AJ's truck....And cardboard cutout of Twilight....



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      They're also using Toon Boom so it will look like the movie shown at theaters.

  15. "Gah.", the little dragon was not keen about being referred to as a baby. And the weird cat girl was still hugging her. What was with her? "Yeah, my folks left me to fend for myself...And I tried to keep myself amused...After spending a half hour bouncing on the hotel bed, I tried to find something fun to do. First, I wanted to get something to eat, but the fancy diner only had Amplimets and I hate those things...Gives me gas." This was enough for Thrilly to finally release the dragon. "They have a really neat movie theater on the first floor, so I checked that out, but there was nothing but movies with ponies kissing! Bleh!", she stuck out her tounge. "And also a dumb baby movie. I'm sure they had babies kissing it in as well. Double bleh. They also had a dance hall which was filled with old ponies dancing..and you know....", she shuddered. "Was it kissing? Say it was kissing!", the cat made a few 'smoochies' into the air. The dragon decided to ignore that and focused on Daze's 'no fun' bit. "I dunno about that...You guys looked like you were having fun...Chasing down a sneaky thief, exploring places you'd probably never see before...Just running...and flying....But here you go..", she handed over the small necklace, "I hope...oh come on with the hugging already!", 'Knife' let out a squeak as the aerial acrobatic pulled her in for another hug. "Wagh! I promise to be good!" After freeing the creature ONCE AGAIN, Thrilly turned to the Pegasus pony, "We should hit the hotel room first....Get cleaned off..Cause.....Yuck....", she slipped the necklace on. "Then we should find a place that serves good food for all of us..."
  16. After serving an slew of well paying customers who knew how to tip, the bartender’s mood improved a good deal. This was just in time for the pink-haired stallion to order. What did he want? 'The Best'? Ugh. She hated ponies that couldn’t just pony up to the bar and order what they really wanted. She needed to do the actual work on that side as well. Fine. Whatever. She gave the unicorn a quick lookover. He just SCREAMED lightweight. Her real 'best' would probably KO the poor guy or even worse, get him really drunk, really fast. After taking a good look at his ID, she decided to go easy on him. "Well...", she rubbed her chin, "How about an 'Son Of An Son Of Somnambula'? It's an old favorite of mine." And this was the truth! "It's basically Princess Pride Bourbon, Blackberry Brandy, lemon juice and a pinch of special Vanhoover syrup..." As the mare worked on his drink, the stallion alerted a nearby filly. "Oh hey Mister Cain!", she sat by an empty seat that had once held a stallion. "I was listening to their storyteller...Nice guy, but he had to go use the 'lil' colt's room'. But I'll fill you in on his story, so when he comes back, he could just continue it...Easy peasy, lemon squeazy!" Her drink probably contained a bit more sugar than advised by the Equestria Health Committee. "The stallion had an really old scar on his...flank...Tell stories about getting scars is an popular type of story to tell at these places according to my dad...He actually got a really bad scar back when the Changelings were bad and invaded Ponyville.", it was almost two seconds for the filly to quickly veer off subject, "He gave this really mean Changeling a good clobbering, but the meanie grew really big claws and slashed him good in the face...Gave him a scar near his eye...Dad calls this an 'handsome guy' scar, but mom wanted him to get it fixed. But he didn't. Cause he never had a cool scar and couldn't tell cool scar stories without an cool scar...And nopony wants to hear about his appendix scar...Any-who.", she took a sip from her themed cup. "The stallion that was here.", she pointed to an empty chair. "He was in Hoofington at a pub..Oooh..", again, she was not very good at telling stories, "My sister's friend Muggo' Ale owns a pub in Fillydelphia...Well, his family owns it...And sometimes we go there and Muggo' always has this old hat on and he....Oh..", she started to blush. "The stallion was in a pub, but he was running out of money..But oh no!", she acted surprised, "Some dirty boy took his coin-purse! And he got up from his stool to chase after the thief! Of course he had to yell 'Stop Thief' like they do in movies. Thieves never actually stop when ponies tell them to. Which is rude. Then he chased the thief into a dark corner, which is always a good idea and the thief was there...And the stallion called him a bastard, which I probably shouldn't say cause I'm a kid. But he calls the thief a bad word and the thief pulls a knife on him...Which you'd think he would have a dagger. Or something he can shoot darts at like in 'Daring Do and the Trek to the Terrifying Towers', but nope. He took out a knife, which he probably stole from the pub. But just when he was getting to the best or 'stabby' parts, he had to get up and use the baf-room. Boo." "So.", she smiled back at the pony. "Do you have any stories?"
  17. "I'm not a baby!", growled the dragon. "Hey...", she glanced at her side as Thrilly lifted up her cloak. "You could at least ask..." the creature managed to blush even harder then before. "Sorry.", the cat promptly released the cloak. "One of the security guards at my show is a dragon named Pyre. He told me a bunch of things about dragons..I was just checking to see if you had gone through the molt yet, but nope. You an't got no wings yet." Not keen on being poked by the silly cat, the dragon turned her attention to the Pegasus pony. "My name isn't punk or Sneaky Mc....whatever you said...It's erm.", she glanced at the end of her tail. "It's Knife. Yep. Knife the cool thief.". This did not impress Thrilly, who interrupted. "That's not your name." "Oh for goodness sake....Could it just be Knife?", groaned the thief, "It's really Imagine....My parents are weird. They gave my siblings some really awful names.....Dream....Summer..Moon...Peace...So please just call me Knife...", she returned her gaze back to Daze. "My parents are staying at the hotel like you guys but they've been so busy with their stupid convention they haven't spent a second with me....So I decided to play sneak-thief and had been sneaking about the hotel for fun..Not really doing anything....Just finding places to hide....Until I saw some pony maid and she was blathering to another...And she had a key hanging from her pocket and I knew I had to steal it!", a smile of satisfaction fell upon her face. "When I was trying to find a good place to enter, I saw kitty girl over there and she had this necklace on..", 'Knife' pulled out a small necklace with a bell attached. "From a distance I thought it was one of my favorite gems, and since I was really hungry at the time, I knew I had to snatch it. Didn't know it was a bell until after I got away..But then I got scared...You an't going to tell my parents are you?" For once, there was a an actual real look of fear on the poor creature's face. This was more than enough for the cat. "Nah, but we're going to have to return the key....And if it's okay with Daze you can hang around with us...Just don't get into trouble.."
  18. Once the smoke had cleared, Thrilly stood victorious. Or at least had managed to stop the thief from swinging his nasty looking tail around. It looked like someone had attached a knife to the end. But it was actually a natural part, of his rather scaly little tail. Scaly? “I think our little thief is a dragon!”, curious, the cat pushed down the hood to see a rather small scaly girl. “Oh sweet baby Bacchus!”, she cooed, "Our thief is so dang cute!" "I an't cute!", the adorable creature squeaked. "I thought your dumb bell was an Citrine and I really like those..", the small creature tried to sound tough, but there was more than a hint of fear in her voice. "You're either a cute little baby dragon, or you're a mean thief we're going to throw into a Canterlot jail. What's it gonna be?", Thrilly stared the creature down. A loud sigh came from the creature, "Could we go half-way? I'm cute. But I'm not a baby! Oh. Now she's hugging me....Yeash." The cat dragged the helpless little beastie into a full hug. "Oh, this is the best day ever!", she shouted, "Can we keep her?", she asked the Pegasus pony as the dragon rolled her eyes up. "I think I might change my mind about prison..."
  19. Nice, heavy snow. Normally she would hate to see it in her yard. But this time it kept the blacksmith and her ‘passenger’ free from harm. And even nasty scraps and bruises. “Oh....Right.” under her lawyer of clothing, feathers and fur was a blushing little griffon girl. She almost did not want to let the poor mare go as ponies were so dang hug-able. After what seemed like forever, Zelda released the poor mare from her grip. “Not terribly keen about our current predicament.”, the black bird grumbled as she retrieved her bag, “But I feel fine. I would rather be in our little cabin, but oh....”, she gasped as their former little home kept rolling down the track. It seemed to go faster the longer it went on. “We probably should start moving. Even with all this clothing, we could still freeze to death out here...” and there was always a chance of FROSTBITE. She didn’t want to end up like Ol’ Steelbeak.
  20. While the unicorn liked the –idea- of monsters and dangerous creatures, he had a feeling his new companion was jinxing the quest with his almost verbal requests to be chased by something. Or even to see an larger version of an already perfectly sized menace. Dangerous monsters were best left in books and movies. And while Pocket Change knew there was always a chance they would stumble upon something unpleasant, he dared never to ask for it. “There are potions one can brew to take on the appearance of another, but those are usually limited to just one subject...And spells as well, but those are for spell-casters beyond my limit..”, It seemed like it took forever for him to learn teleportation, but to learn a spell that would change every bit of his person. “Illusion spells I can do, but they just throw a simple glimmer over you and can easily be defeated by those with a strong...er..” The large shape-shifting canine was smelling danger.. “If you suggest we do, we should...” That snout of his was far better suited for sniffing out evil than Pocket’s. “What do you think it is?”, he whispered as he tried to find the best place to hide.
  21. “Well then. You have chosen what suits you. A pony of grace and strength.” The moment Valen picked his costume, it seemed like all of the light had vanished from the universe. Or at least everything that was Rarity’s shop. Now only a rather ghostly looking unicorn stood near the colt in an endless white void. “While you are not yet ready to face your fears..” the ghostly creature spoke with Rarity’s voice, but was clearly not the fashionista. “I have a feeling once you fully embrace this school and learn from both its teachers and students, you will be more than capable of taking on those fears and even learning more of yourself and what sort of pony you will become. Listen to those voices, but make sure to listen inward as well.” With those final words, the ghostly pony vanished, along with her void. This left the colt back in the library under a pile of books. “Crap!”, a familiar voice called out. “I can’t believe I’ll be the first creature to fail tour-guide.”, Smolder could be heard a few rows from where Valen now sat. “Guy just vanished.”, she grumbled, “I really hope...Oh.”, she peeked her head through one of the shelves, “Hey there...Did you run into someone you’re fond of, but they were all ghosty?” The dragon quickly noticed something different about the pony. "Or it appears you just took a moment to put on that fancy costume..." Valen was still dressed in his Nightmare Night 'Danseur' costume. "Guess you want to show me some of your moves..", a smile formed on her face, "So let's see what you got.."
  22. Real Life continues to get in the way of the more important horse time. Will post soon. :green:

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