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  1. Unfortunately, it seems I'm going to have to step back, and I am sorry for my recent lack of activity. I truly apologize. Having gotten bogged down in admin duties for another group (we're kicking off a huge summer event, and hosted a real-life meetup at my house), I... forgot about Canterlot entirely. I really have no excuse for that, and again I apologize. For this reason, I am going on hiatus and resigning my Cast characters. Hopefully I can pick up again when things cool off with my other group; unfortunately, as an admin there I have to prioritize that group. Perhaps I can reapply for Twist in a month or so. Again, I apologize, and thank you for your patience.
  2. "Why, you're absolutely right, Sweetie!" Rarity laughed, nodding. "After all, a mess left alone will only get bigger!" She smiled as she listened to Scootaloo. Adventure, hm? Well. She could think of something the girls might like. "Well, the first thing is to get all the excess water off the floor. Cleaning the floor is what we do last, of course - but the first thing is to open the doors and use brooms and rags to chase the water out." Rarity trotted over to open the door so she could demonstrate - with a broom, the water could be scooted across the floor and outside. "Ready?"
  3. ((Sounds fine with me. Sorry I've been so slow myself. v.v)) "I think that's a great idea." Strawberry smiled, also taking in the scents of the shop. It reminded her a little of home, really; everyone up early, her sister and parents in the kitchen while she brought in the day's produce... it could almost make her homesick if not for how much she was enjoying Ponyville. "I need to head to the library anyhow; it'd be nice to show Miss Lemon here around while I'm at it. How long have you been in town?" She looked over at the foal as she addressed her, ears perked curiously.
  4. Rarity perked her ears on hearing the unicorn's voice - at last! She turned and trotted over to greet him, beaming. "There you are! Why, I've been looking everywhere for you! You see, you left something in my boutique, and I wanted to return it and speak with you." She turned to levitate the sketchbook from her saddlebag, chattering all the while. "And really, this is rather fantastic. Not that I went looking through it, mind you, I understand as well as anyone that art is often highly personal, but it had fallen open to a particular ink drawing, and I must say it was exquisite! But oh my, listen to me go on!" Rarity gave a ladylike titter as she moved the sketchbook to Inkwell. "Perhaps you'd like to join me for coffee and danish?"
  5. It had been a few days since the disaster at her shop. Rarity had, of course, quickly forgiven Sweetie Belle and by extension Scootaloo; nothing too disastrous to her career had occurred, and with the help of the foals she had gotten her boutique quickly back in order. Once that was done (and the promised sisterly bubble bath!), it had been a simple matter to finish her order. All in all, Rarity was in high spirits! At least until she found the sketchbook again. She had nearly forgotten the creature who had had the nerve to try to scold Sweetie in her place until she opened the drawer to discover his sketchbook. Rarity had paused, remembering the exquisite (even if slightly damaged) drawing she'd seen, and smiled a bit at the memory. She had to wonder what the rest of the book was like! Not that she was going to go rooting through. Oh no no no, that was rude, like someone going through her concepts without permission. But perhaps he would show her, if she could find him and return the book. They had gotten off on the wrong hoof, certainly, but that could be dealt with one artiste to another! With this in mind, Rarity levitated the sketchbook into her saddlebag and was of at a brisk trot.
  6. Raspberry perked her ears as the door opened, smiling at the young stallion entered. Time to put her customer service skills to the test! "Good morning, and welcome to Sugar Blooms!" She trotted around the counter to greet him - still careful and dainty as she could manage. "You're in luck - I just finished the morning's special a few minutes ago. Raspberry tortes today. We also have lemon cake, if that's more to your liking, and a few other goodies - feel free to have a look around and let me know when you decide!"
  7. "Exactly!" Rarity chimed in response to Scootaloo before looking over at her sister. The unicorn's ears ticked gently in time to the song's rhythm as she listened to Sweetie Belle sing, and when she was finished Rarity clopped her hooves in polite applause. "You see? That's wonderful! Now. As to my... earlier days... I'll show you pictures from those once we're all cleaned up, all right?" Oh the sacrifices she made for her sister! Those pictures deserved to be burned! Or buried! Or burned and then the ashes buried! Rarity kept her smile, though, stepping a bit back from the foals to start shaking water from her mane and tail. "Now then. Who would like a hot bath? I have some lovely bubbles I've just gotten my hooves on!"
  8. AS HE IS MEANT TO. Seriously, glad you like him. He was fun to work with and ever so cooperative.
  9. Twist dutifully listened to the geography lesson, occasionally perking her ears at the mention of places where she had family. It would be fun to go back to Manehatten! Maybe a school trip like Miss Cheerilee had suggested! Like most of the foals, even Twist tuned out a bit when the teacher announced that lessons were over. Until, of course, the show was namedropped. Travelling Players! One of the things she hadn't gotten to do in Manehattan! And that play? This was going to be awesome! Even the connected assignment sounded great! Twist popped from her seat, hoof waving in the air. "I want to go!"
  10. Rarity blinked, taken aback. Then she smiled, leaning forward to nuzzle her sister again. "Oh, Sweetie. That's simply not true you know! You're quite good at singing - why that little song you were singing as you came in was as good as anything I've heard from grown-up performing ponies! It was simply wonderful and I would like to hear all of it. And do you remember those little capes you made for the Crusaders? Why, those were simply darling!" She decided not to mention the... interesting... talent show costumes. "In any case. Why, I should show you some of the designs I had at your age. I think you could use a good laugh. And... urgh... what I came up with in Cloudsdale. NOT one of my finer moments, I assure you." Rarity would, in fact, rather forget the entire incident - but she wanted her sister to be happy too. Besides, now Scootaloo was crying as well and she was certain the little pegasus would enjoy some of her... less inspired moments. In fact, she turned to give Scootaloo a little nudge too. "Now, dear, I simply won't see this from you either. After all, if you and Sweetie are like my friends and me, then you're practically sisters, aren't you? And what would that make the two of us?" She beamed at the pegasus, head tilting. Oh she hoped this would work! She wished she had some of Fluttershy's way with 'little creatures' right now!
  11. Twist gave the yellow filly an exasperated look - one mean pony just left, do you feel you have to take his place? - but said nothing to her, instead smiling over at Sweetie Belle. "You have a lot of fun with that, huh? Mind if I tag along now and then? Maybe I can... I dunno, help mark-check? And the more ponies thinking about what to try the better, right?" Back in the crowded classroom, she'd slipped back into trying to avoid 's' words to minimize her lisp. Sometimes it couldn't be avoided, though; she just hoped the inevitable sibilants didn't stand out too much. Twist looked over at Starlight and Grim with a smile, head tilting. "You two gonna go with them? Maybe later I can show you my new mixing trick... I think Those three already tried to get candy-making marks, but there are lot to try, and you guys can come too!" She perked her ears at Purple's mention of hoofball and glanced over. "I don't know the game, but I can learn!" Of course, she had the misfortune to be one of the last to speak when Cheerilee called for order. She slid down behind her desk in embarrassment, barely registering the sullen filly's sudden enthusiasm.
  12. Strawberry beamed at Twilight's favorable response, nodding. "Sounds good!" Twilight's yawn triggered one from Strawberry too, and she laughed apologetically. "But maybe after we both get some rest. Say, you ever tasted the jalapeno chocolate cake here? Ordered a little from this pony called Pinkie Pie, gotta pick it up while we're here." Like Twilight, Strawberry paused to let Lemon enter first. "Go right ahead! Think we should get some packed up for your parents too?"
  13. Rarity's cold stare remained on Inkwell as he fled, the unicorn's ears flattening against her skull as she heard her poor little Sweetie Belle crying. She stood still a long moment once he was gone, taking a few slow, deep breaths to compose herself. Then she switched her sign to CLOSED and turned to survey the damage. One thing was certain: she was not going to be visiting Hoity Toity's order today. Well - fine. She'd made sure to give herself plenty of leeway this time. There was plenty of time to start fresh and have the dresses ready before deadline. For now, there were foals to attend to, so Rarity turned to head to the back room where Sweetie and Scootaloo had gone. As she walked, her hoof came against the abandoned sketchbook; she blinked, gazing down at the image a long moment. Well now! It certainly was a shame to see such a thing damaged, and she did feel for the artist. Still, it was no excuse. The sketchbook could be returned later; Sweetie first. A moment more to admire the image and she flipped the book closed before levitating it into a drawer for safekeeping. That done, she finally approached the foals. Rarity gazed down at Sweetie, and Scootaloo's attempts to comfort her, for a long moment. Then she smiled, kneeling in front of her sister and nuzzling her just below her nubbly little foal horn. "Well! I don't think those designs were working out anyway, do you? I needed to make a fresh start of it anyway. For now - what would you girls say to taking a break for the afternoon and heading out to the spa? We'll bring Apple Bloom too if she'd like!"
  14. "Thanks!" Strawberry beamed at the artist, happily placing the bits where indicated. Oh, this would look wonderful opposite her window, over the bed! "And I was glad to help. The paintings are beautiful - be a real shame if nopony saw." She smiled as she maneuvered her own new possession onto her back. "Thanks for the warning about the poison joke too - I'll keep it in mind and keep my distance." She headed over to Sugar Orange then, smiling at the pretty stallion. "Ready for that cake now, if it's no trouble...."
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