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  1. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    "Is not my fault Equestrian is hard to read!" She protested, jumping to her own defense. Memories of her frustration staring at the same characters, trying to memorize the specific sounds they made based on where they were and how they were written. Drawing pictographs was much more efficient once one became familiar with what each picture meant. No more pesky letters and the same word meaning 5 different things. "Maybe later you can give me some books to read! Though I might need some help reading them." She admitted. When they reached the main warehouse, Cemmoyāhua got low to the ground to stay as hidden as possible. "This stallion is not like the 'baddies' you are used to encountering. He is a clever and ambitious pony who is pushing his luck, not a... 'muh-fee-yo-so'. This is probably as many guards he could hire without drawing too much attention. But tonight they would be stretched thin, that's why we are here. He has a lot of inventory moving around that still needs to be protected." After scanning along the walkways and the interior of the room from their poor vantage point for a moment. Wooden boxes stacked on top of each other bound in rope and rivets should provide sufficient cover. she spoke up again, "We need to get to a higher vantage point. If we are where I think we are, his main office should be on the other side of the warehouse." She looked up, "Do you think you will be able to fly me up? Or will I have to climb on some boxes to get high enough? It would be no trouble, I have climbed trees much more challenging than some boxes." Some of the boxes were stacked in a way that some acrobatic skills, one would be able to get to the second floor. Alternatively, there might be a ladder or staircase somewhere, but who could guess where and how well they would be watched.
  2. Changelings in Paradise (Hub, see OOC)

    Being the test subject of so many experiments had its repercussions. Even if those experiments involved temporarily gaining an extra wing, or losing all hair, or losing all motor skills all issues would be suffered until the Fancy inventor undid whatever horrible affliction that had been done onto the test subject. This time, however, the effects were not ones that needed to be resolved immediately. Her new name was Dunnie. Once she was a a stallion, but now her friend had given her a whole new body with one of his experiments. Gearbox was most likely off getting himself into trouble in his own ways with his brand new body. Dunnie, following suit, figured the best place to get into trouble would be to take up the offer of a 'free' vacation. On a whim, she boarded the ferry with little more than a sun hat and a pair of shades over her eyes. As she rested her hooves over the railing, her mane and tail blowing gently in the salty ocean wind. She enjoyed the climate for once instead straining to fly from island to island as the ferry drifted along the waves. Until the ferry landed, at which point she was ready to disembark to greet their hosts. With the other guests, she gathered in time for the queen to give the official welcoming. After the changelings had tried and failed to take the capital, maybe they had truly let go of their old ways and would try to embrace co-existing with ponies. Dunnie believed in second chances, so she was open to the idea of giving these creatures theirs. She chose to stay quiet, though. Still, she was not used to her voice.
  3. A Changeling in Heart? (Sign ups and OOC)

    Dunnie will join! She will need a place to get accustomed to a new body
  4. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    Cemmoyāhua tried to rush in to help, but her attempt was thwarted quickly by the black spear-point of the guard. While being choked, he focused on the mare in front of him, and in his panic was unable to try to defend himself against the Pathfinder who would eventually make him see stars. On the ground, he was breathing and his heartbeat was steady. Useless now. "If you were a criminal as much as our quarry, then you would spare no expense trying to protect yourself." The mare said, thinking that Pathfinder didn't truly grasp the scale of her work and how that related to the rest of the life in the Tenochtitlan basin. Oh well, she thought, at least she will be able to help us, even if she doesn't understand the importance. Cemmoyāhua reassured herself, firm in the idea that Pathfinder would lead the Tenochtitlan basin and the crown to her goals. That is, after all, the goal of a hero to make sure that the good guys win. The Basiner decided to remind her Equestrian counterpart, "Remember that lives are at risk." She said, turning to head out the door where the guard came in. Since they were in the bowls of the facility, and the boss didn't bother putting much security down here, she gave her assessment. "So we are looking for a ceam-colored pony, who is older than the average stallion." She said, checking down the hallway to see nopony there. "It looks clear. I don't imagine there would be any more traps around here." She whispered, in case there were any more guards. But it all seemed clear. "Huh. It seems that the guards were all sent to the top, where the easiest place to enter would be." She said, beginning to trot down the darkened hallway, lit by the occasional candle set into the wall. "If the rest of the staff are up there, maybe we could sneak past them and get to the main office, which should be on the third floor, overlooking the warehouse itself." She said, "Where I would be if I were an evil mustardmine."
  5. Dunder gasped at the sight of the chest. Weapons and armor! Much more than he had at home! Dunder dove for the chest, digging through the wooden swords and plastic chestpeices and greaves, careful not to toss any out as to not make a mess that he'd have to clean up. After some serious digging, he emerged, eye patches over both eyes and a red do-rag over his scalp. Some chest peices under one foreleg, and some scimitars under the other. Only the most pirate of pirate swords! With care, he flew over to where he could could hear Blueblood and some other foal who declared that the ship would be called the "Inknator." Not what Dunder would have picked, but he also couldn't offer an alternative name. After landing, Dunder saluted with a wing, nearly hitting Blueblood in the rump. "Call me Patches, skipper extraordinaire!" He demanded, "I will lead us to the finest booty in all of the world!" After that, he raised an eyebrow, and lifted an eyepatch up, "What does a skipper do exactly?" With his eyepatch raised, he spotted the griffon hatchling approach, and say something unintelligible. What kind of wacky place did Dunder find himself, where a bunch of ponies couldn't speak equestrian properly. Still, Dunder was excited to meet new pirate recruits. He pat the grifflet on the back, and hoofed over a sword, "Woo! You're one of us now! And we hate those dumb knights!"
  6. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    The goggle's band stretched as Cemmoyāhua pulled it over her face to cover her eyes. A couple blinks and a quick wipe with her fetlock and she smiled at Pathfinder, ready to dive. Despite her affinity for fire magic, she was an excellent swimmer as most were who grew up surrounded by canals and a lake. With only some light stone jewelry to weigh her down, she glided through the water currents with ease. At least, until they got to the point where they could both be pulled where she went limp and let the water pull them along. The plan of entry was still Pathfinder's. So she followed along with her friend's instinct. Even though while faced with the gate blocking them from air, she suppressed her panic and remained calm as Pathfinder kicked the metal apart. Once, twice, the metal strained against the pounding hooves. With a powerful kick of her hindlegs she shot forth, aiming for the gate to help breath through to precious air. As she braced for impact, instead she felt nothing except herself breaching the water "Aggghhh!" She groaned, coughing up some water. Her rapid breaths sucked in pretty rank air but still breathable nonetheless. After a pause she removed her goggles, "We're never doing that again." She looked up at Pathfinder pushed the tank open with relative ease. A common complaint of places owned by traders was that they cut corners on costs wherever they could. Cemmoyāhua never thought that this would come in her favor, however. Though her relief was quickly dashed when the lid swung open and crashed, the hinges that allowed it to open completely giving way and breaking under the weight of the lid. The loud crash sent a jolt of fear down Cemmoyāhua's spine, pushing her to action. She hopped out of the cauldron-like contraption. Instead of shaking herself off, Cemmoyāhua's horn lit up. In a flash she was consumed in flame that vaporized off the water in a puff of steam but left the rest of herself untouched. Mid air-however. Something else clanked, and a rope zipped along the stone floor, barely missing Cemmoyāhua's airborne hooves and wrapping tightly around Pathfinder's legs. Just when Pathfinder was about to get strung up and dangled, Cemmoyāhua summoned a whip-like stream of super hot flame. The spell quickly sliced through the rope, still wrapping around Pathfinder's legs but she remained on the ground about to topple but Cemmoyāhua jumped on her back to stabilize the pegasus. "We got to get out of here, we're gonna--" She was going to continue but a masculine voice cut her off. She kicked the bound pathfinder behind a series of pipes, concealing herself but barely. Just before somepony rounded a corner and entered the small room, lantern in one wing and an obsidian spear in the other. "What are you doing here?" He asked in the language of the empire. "I'm just checking the pipes. And this water tank exploded down here!" Cemmoyāhua responded casually. Despite Cemmoyāhua outranking the young warrior in both class and warrior-rank, the lines between each so often blurred, she couldn't just tell him to flap-off due to the sensitivity of her mission. He approached still, spear now held in his hoof, menacingly. "Nopony is supposed to be down here now! What are you doing here?!"

    Free? If you would please draw my character with no art yet.
  8. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    The wood groaned under the hooves, despite the actual bridge itself feeling sturdy. The sound of water flowing beneath the bridge along with moonlight glistening off the mostly still water gave Cemmoyāhua a sense of peace to think carefully. How much exactly was she going to tell Pathfinder? As much as she hated withholding information, it was a very sensitive subject. It was bad enough already for Cemmoyāhua to know. But Pathfinder's part in this whole ordeal was integral, and denying her of information may not be the best idea. Anyway, she made a good and humorous point as to why "The closes it comes at your language is, 'The first bone.'" She said, her voice dropping low "The bone of a pony pulled from the underworld. To stop its power the first time cost many lives. How it came to our world, we do not know. All you will need to do is be like Daring-Do. Beat up the bad guys, help get the thing. You know, stuff like that." Her hushed tone continuing until she exclaimed, "Yes! It is surprising that you know." She said, impressed by Pathfinder's knowledge despite her admitted head-injury. She however did not comment on Pathfinder's accent. "A ritual to send off traders, wishing them luck on their journey. The brigands around here are usually no trouble for the caravan guards, but still it is a dangerous job." She said, her normal, happier tone returning. "I think we will skip the festival for now. They will continue through the night, I am sure when our mission is complete we will be able to join in the fun!" She said as they crossed the bridge, taking a step onto the compacted dirt road of the city edges. "We will be heading to the warehouse where it should be. I would like to add that we should try to get it and get out. Oh!" She paused in her tracks, and looked up at the flying mare. "And if we find it, let me handle it! This is very important." There were hardly any ponies in the streets. Those who were were making their way to the festivities, and of those only few stopped to take a glance at the oddly dressed Pathfinder. After making their way through the city, Cemmoyāhua paused and signaled for her companion to halt as well. Then the unicorn dove into a nearby canal, bobbing back up to peek over at the stone building. "This is it. A warehouse where taxes are kept. Unassuming, yet close to the festivites. Perfect place to get contraband to the caravans." She said, pointing a hoof at a pony-drawn wagon, "It seems like some of the taxes are going towards keeping the party going. Taxes being food and fuel and the like." She clarified. "There's a passage on the other side where wagons enter and exit. There are some other entrances for ponies. Pegasi and earth-bound alike. No doubt they are guarded. What say you, Pathfinder? How would you get into such a place?"
  9. Even though the little pony was sitting there in an attentive manner, Applejack's attempt to communicate with Dunder fell on deaf ears. With his eyes transfixed on the mare and his mouth stuck open in awe, he did not understand what she said. Not because she was butchering the language, he was dumbfounded by her porque ella fue una diosa. Her light drawl, her blonde mane, eyes green like a fresh pear. The foal felt overwhelmed with a desire to keep the mare happy and impress her! For what reason exactly Dunder could not say, but it was indeed a powerful emotion. A powerful emotion, as powerful of an emotion as the annoyance Dunder felt when this pale, broccoli headed foal had the audacity to scream and insult a stranger. Dunder turned his head, eyebrows furrowed at Squall. "Oh! You are my mom? No?" Dunder stood up and turned, smacking his tail across Squall's nose, "Then I wasn't talking to you!" Dunder huffed, clearly not having any of Squall's attitude. He sat aside, while the two argued over pirates vs. knights. And as the group of foals as a whole argued to get time outside. Dunder himself was not hungry. In fact, he was full of energy just waiting to be burned off. When the alabaster foal announced his call to arms, the pegasus trotted over next to the prince. Normally, he would have chose the knight faction, but he could dabble on the other side for fun. "Sorry, I try to speak Equestrian as much as possible around my... not.... family." Dunder said, tilting his head at Blueblood, "But when you speak questrian you have a lot of th's." Imitating the lisp that Blueblood peppered into his speak habitually. "Also, I'm gonna be your skipper! Because Pirates rule the seas!" He said as he flapped his wings to gain some altitude.
  10. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    Immediately upon Pathfinder getting close enough, the maroon mare pulled the pegasus into a tight hug that was quickly released. "Hey... is for eating." She said and winked at the other, "I learned that joke in Manehattan. The carrot venders there are very kind." She said, covering a giggle. Though, her smile quickly faded as they both moved onto the matter at hoof. "I sent you the letter because of Daring-Do books." She responded, a hint of hurry accompanying her once cheerful tone. In a flash, Cemmoyāhua had to decide how much information she was going to give out at this point. "I'm sure you know, nopony is better at retrieving artifacts than Daring Do. And A.K. Yearling told me that Daring-Do is just a character in a book, the neigh-sayer!" The unicorn spun around, her black tail whooshing air over the pegasus's nose. "So I sent a letter to the most Daring-Do pony in Equestria, you!" She said over her shoulder and started to trot off. "We should probably get out of here, the jungles are dangerous at night, you know!" The mare glanced around at the trees, the flame atop her horn dragging behind and puffing at the quick movements. She trotted off towards the edge of the jungle, "I don't wish to bore you with details. I will tell you though." Her tone went solemn, almost sad, "Something very important and very powerful has been stolen from our city. In the wrong hooves, it could easily change the fate of our city or even Equestria... or anywhere it is used." As she emerged from the jungle, the city of Tenochtitlan stood stoic resting atop the lake. The buildings, temples and monuments casting a silhouette across the illuminated sky dotted with stars. "A few hundred years ago this place was a wasteland. I will do anything to stop that from happening again." Up the temple, a series of flames could be seen erupting. Jetlike, alternating in a pattern up and down and around the temple. "Oh! I forgot to mention, there is a yearly ritual tonight. Perfect cover for a foreigner to be here." She said, happiness beginning to return, "And I think you're gonna love it! At least, you would. I was not planning on going there." She scratched her chin, inflecting for a moment, "It's up to you, we have this bridge to get across to the center of the lake and city, anyway."
  11. Bevel... Again.

    Mademoiselle, this light compliments you.
  12. Canterlot Group Photo!

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  13. Canterlot group photo! (closed)

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  14. Canterlot group photo! (closed)

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  15. Pride of the Pochteca [SteelEagle]

    Crossing into a jungle was definitely a jarring experience for most ponies. Sucking in air became difficult with the humidity, the sense of personal space ebbed away with every low hanging tree branch and every insect that buzzed one's head. What would seem like an obstacle to most ponies, Cemmoyāhua saw as sheer beauty. Decades upon decades of organisms, each living their lives stretching their wings and burrowing their roots made the jungle into what it was. And how she loved it. A.K. Yearling did justice to the beauty of the tenochtitlan basin in her book that Cemmoyāhua was flipping through. The passages of Daring-Do, defying all odds to beat up the baddies and get away just in the nick of time with the treasure. The unicorn had read the book cover to cover several times and was eager to find the pages where Daring Do beat the odds for they filled Cemmoyāhua with hope. When the time came to meet Pathfinder, she took watch at the top of the temple. Her head was on a swivel as she made her rounds around the construction, scanning the ponies who were either visiting or taking the bridge to the center of the lake and the city itself. As usual, it was busy. Not only were common ponies as well as priests trotting up and down the temple steps, but so were hordes flowing in and out of the city, some carrying carts but most wearing dull colors or white. Which helped Cemmoyāhua because she knew her quarry would be wearing her green shirt and tan hat. At least, if every picture the unicorn ever saw of the Pathfinder was correct. Also as usual, as the sun set and the 7th full moon of the year arose, the ponies had thinned to just groups of preists carrying torches to prepare for their night time rituals. Perfect time for Cemmoyāhua to meet her guest. She descended from the temple and with haste made it to the biggest tree she could see. For a moment she appreciated the specimen, then she put her hoof and horn to the trunk and closed her eyes to concentrate. Shallow roots, all intertwined created a sensitive mat for a pony as skilled as Cemmoyāhua to pick up on. In a few moments she picked up, not too far in the jungle, of the 1-2-3-4 hoofbeats of a singular pony. A smile came over the mare, as eagerness built up in her chest. Quickly she made her way into the jungle to meet finally with the pony she waited so long for. Bobbing and weaving over and under low hanging branches and vines, she made her way until she could see the other mare in the pale moonlight. Her horn sprouted a flame, just strong enough to illuminate the mare. "Hey! Pathfinder!" She greeted, a toothy smile on her face. "Please call me, Cemmoyāhua Tletl." She said, touching her hoof to her chest. Her accent was strange sounding, but also very light. "The pony who sent you the letter."