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  1. Dunnie could see that the new recruit was getting his harsh briefing as expected. Perhaps better than she could. Prince Blueblood was occupied with the large creature, and the Captain was busy roasting the recruit. She slipped away from the group and turned toward the door that she had entered through. With everyone doing their thing, she slipped back out the door so that she could maybe get to her other duties of the house.
  2. Dunnie walked into the back garden, following close behind Blueblood as they passed the threshold with Tiger Blood. The sun's warmth was welcome on her wings, and her armored glowed softly with its polished sheen. She crouched down low, and stretched her wings out, "Those halls are too air conditioned." She muttered to herself as she finished her stretches. That's when she saw him: the sphynx. It was amazing to see a creature that large, especially one that was sapient and talking. If it weren't for the maids that were floating about the creature, Dunnie would have pulled Bluey to safety. However, nopony was alarmed and neither was Dunnie. Dunnie didn't even notice Star Crusader arrive until she had already landed and bowed. Dunnie quickly bowed back, "It's good to see you again, Star." She said and grinned behind her mask. When Blueblood left the side to talk to the spyhx, Dunnie stayed put. "I just got off vacation myself. So I'm trying to adjust back to everything around here. Seems that..." She trailed off, looking around the garden, "...some changes are more surprising."
  3. Dunnie raised an eyebrow. She gave a sidelong glance to Blueblood. The stallion seemed committed to this, so she would have to be too. She stayed close to Blueblood. She looked back to Tiger, "Alright, alright." The sharpness in her tone dropped. "If you are serious about joining you will have to be serious about the rest of it. Ettiquette included." She stated, "And, of course, if you do not learn, we will have to give you the boot."
  4. "You have spoken with the conviction and poise of a deflating balloon." She eyed the stallion, "Though, you have spoken with a modicum of decency on your third attempt, so I will nod disqualify you outright." She stepped back, moving to rejoin Blueblood at where he was standing, "As said, you will need to present yourself respectfully to the public. As well as foreign and domestic officials. You will be scrutinized for how you carry yourself and how you speak. Combat prowess and the appropriate behavior are equally as necessary. If this does not appeal to you, then you are dismissed."
  5. She half turned away from the stallion, giving him less space to look over her at the prince. "So you are both blind and deaf." The pegasus reached up to take off her mask. After removing it and setting it on the floor, she looked back to the brown stallion. "I am Dunnie Blust, of Prince Blueblood's honor guard." She stated, "Everything you say and do will be taken into account for your entry into this retinue." She reached back up and put the mask back on with a metallic clink. "Now, state your name, where you are from, and why you are here whilst commanding dignity and respect. Else you will be disqualified from entry on the grounds of being blind, deaf, and dumb."
  6. "Do not speak to the prince in such a manner." A mare's voice from above. There flew a pegasus, who was looking down at the brown stallion. She drifted down and landed gently between him and the prince. "You will speak in a respecful, formal tone while you are on guard duty. Especially to the prince." Her voice was muffled by her mask but still carried the sharpless of a blade. The mask of shiny metal construction, polished, but still scarred from heavy use. She wore a breastplate, a pink puffy shirt, blue and red breeches, and a hat with a puffy red feather. On her belt were a sword and blucker. "Now, state why you are here. This time with dignity." She commanded.
  7. Oh, wow. That was a very, very large dog working the treadmill on that machine. Not only very large, but also enveloped in an aura of smoky clouds that blended in with illuminated markings across his body. As the creature responded to Blueblood's wisecrack, Dunnie could only watch in awe as the creature moved legs and jaw. Only after a familiar voice entered her ears, did she realize that she was staring. Her cheeks flushed red as she took a deep breath. Her reaction can't be that bad, can it? She smiled as she laid eyes on the black griffoness. "Hey." Dunnie said back, then paused a moment, "Hay is for horses." "I haven't seen you in a while. I think you've gotten a lot taller." Dunnie grinned at the black catbird. While Blueblood was distracted, she dropped a bit of her own cider into his mug to give him a little more. He had saved her a spot, afterall, and he was the one excited about all of this. On time with Zelda's cheer, she took a sip. After a gulp she was starting to realize why ponies lined up for this stuff. The flavor, apple, acidity, smooth. All with the zing of fermentation at the end.
  8. Dunnie chuckled at Blueblood's late thoughtfulness with the kitchenette. It was the thought that counted, afterall. "Oh, Blueblood. Lack of a cooking space is no worry, I get to take a break and we get to try the local cuisine!" She pulled the fast-food bag free from under her wing and set it inside the tent. The brown bag's bottom was stained noticeably dark from the oils. Just as soon as the bag was set down, it seemed that the line was moving. Talk about good timing, "Right, lead the way!" She tried not to get swept up by the crowd and stick close to Blueblood. How this place managed to not turn into a full on riot was beyond the brown pony. So many bodies were lined up and eager to taste something of such a limited supply. The Apple family must be flattered. She was trotting alongside Bluey while glancing about the trees and landscape. She would have flown overhead, but, she also wanted to blend in as well as she could. When the unicorn pulled her attention toward someone she knew, she glanced over to see none other than...Zelda. "Ah! Zelda!" Her eyes lit up. Indeed, she was an old friend. They had been through a lot and shared a lot with each other. Though, the bird has not seen this form of Dunnie. "Oh, two cups?" She asked. Perhaps she could get another cup with some cunning. "Well, it seems most ponies already know you are as you are, so." She took one of the mugs, thanking Blueblood for the payment and smiling down and thanking Apple Bloom too. So cute! "Anyway, seems that the cider is going to run out before you can try." She eyed the cider stocks, already getting dangerously low.
  9. Waking up at the crack of dawn was not something that Dunnie was used to. At least, not anymore. However, camping was an exception no matter how close to civilization the camping was. These were also unusual circumstances for the mare, it seemed that Blueblood's collection of expensive drink would not be complete without some of that famous Ponyville cider, made by none other than the Apple family. Dunnie knew well enough that this was a popular enough occasion for the locals and some out-of-towners to break out the tents, so this had better be some good cider! She was trotting back along the endless stream of tents. Ponies waking up, milling about, preparing food or drink to start the day of waiting in line. Fortunately for her, she had a spot saved for her closer to the front of the line. Surprisingly so, since she had just arrived yesterday to find that her quarry had been camping early enough for him to get a good spot. Fresher cider, or something like that. As she trotted back up, she noticed that Blueblood was already awake and talking to a neighbor. She smiled and trotted past the pale pink pony and took a spot up next to Blueblood, where she would plant a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Good morning." She opened up her wing to reveal a paper bag. "Got us some breakfast! For some reason, though, the only place open was the fast food restaurant." Guess they couldn't ditch work to snatch up some limited time cider. "Is this your friend?" She certainly was pretty, and definitely did not look like a local. A Canterlot native would not be far fetched.
  10. "This castle was built but in a few moments?" She asked, noting the jagged chunks of crystal jutting out of the arches and generally just posing a safety concern. "I guess, at least it has rooms actually built? Instead of just being a giant monolith of crystal." She asked while scraping a hoof gently across the point, seeing how sharp it was. While she hoofed mindlessly at the jutting out crystal, she listened in on them. She hoped that a magical force who is omnipotent would know how not to waste the time of these important ponies. Dunnie didn't mind traveling across Equestria, but it would be rather disheartening to see that the objective of her goal was to take out somepony's trash. As the group moved on she did too. When the door the the library was opened and she stepped in, she looked around the room at all the books, mouth wide in amazement, "Whoah. Are these all the books from the old library? Oh, that wouldn't make sense since the old library was blown up..." She thought for a moment on that, while walking forward, taking in the scenery more. "This place really seems bigger on the inside than the outside. It's amazing." She glanced back at fire, "Also why is this Princess Twilight's favorite room? I don't actually know much about her. Also I've never met her." She gasped, "Are we going to be able to meet her today?! That would be so cool!"
  11. Dunnie had just finished the last of her work at the Blueblood residence in Canterlot. After a long day of cooking, including all the preparation work and cleaning, she was exhausted. The last order of business before retiring was checking the mail. Dunnie stood in the street, in front of the mailbox as she shuffled through the papers addressed to her. Usually there was nothing important in there. However, while going though the letters, she noticed one that stuck out. "Bevel..." She muttered as she read the name aloud. As she retreated back to her room, rest of the mail under her wing, she read the letter. "A map to go somewhere?" She muttered to herself. Bevel was certainly an eccentric mare, but this was a bit strange for her. After following the map's directions, she was led to a rather unassuming house. After knocking on the door, she was sucked in. "Aaaaaa!" She shouted the whole way down, completely caught off guard.
  12. Heart of Equestria... What even could even be such a thing? The collective will of all ponies? An entity greater than both of the princesses combined? Would an entity of that power remain neutral for long? Thoughts raced through Dunnie's mind as the power of the magic table before her was revealed, even if the source of such power remained mysterious. At Fire's explanation, she nodded slowly while listening. Her eyes locked on the table throughout the explanation. A very knowledgeable pony indeed. "I suppose the princess is lucky, then, that her old residence was built atop this powerful magic?" She chuckled lightly, "Or maybe this castle would have followed her wherever she went?" Dunnie pushed herself onto her hindlegs and did the best shrug that she could. No protest came from Dunnie as Fire moved the tour along, she dropped back to her hooves and followed silently, getting close to Bevel.
  13. She smiled and leaned back, "I'll be sure to send her your gratitude. Though that might motivate her to become even more ambitious... Not that this would be a bad thing, necessarily." She chuckled, "Hmmm..." She grinned, "'Perfect masculine form', eh?" She echoed, her grin keeping up, "Maybe you are enjoying and supporting my change so that my own masculine form doesn't shadow yours any longer." She said, stifling a second chuckle. Though, now that the jesting was over, her expression softened to a more reflective one. "Well, of course my past still lingers. Who's past doesn't linger? Except maybe if somepony has amnesia or something." She turned to look away, taking a deep inhale. "Of course I am not trying to discard my whole life, I just want to continue it in the way that I want to and be happy with myself." She said, looking back to Bluebelle to meet her gaze, "Isn't that what we all want?"
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