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  1. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Despite Taira's callout to her, Dunnie already had her eyes on the approaching blue piece. She could feel Taira's mass slam into the ground after he completed his jump over Medo, all while her eyes locked on Earth Writer. He had lost the advantage so quickly, he was going to do something desperate to try to gain the upper hand. Most ponies would have jumped back, but a fighter like Dunnie knew to close the distance between opponents. Before the blue piece landed on the ground, Dunnie had already already jumped forward, challenging his aggression.
  2. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    Dunnie covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, "At least in Bevel's lab I know I am just a guinea pig. Though, she actually cares about my well-being, so I cannot complain." She shrugged. It was true, Bevel always treated her well. Even when it seemed like Bevel or Gearbox disregarded the well-being of Dunder or Dunnie's, it only seemed that way and was never actually the truth. "Anyway, she is the one to thank for my current form. If anything I am in her debt now." "I don't think it is any one gender's manners. It's just who I am, I like to drink my beverages quickly." She said, "Anyway, I always see royalty taking the tiniest sips and eating the smallest forkfuls." She shrugged, leaving Bluebelle to make what she would of that. The next question, however, made her tense up a hair. What now? Be like this for the rest of her life? Only sometimes? Maybe never again? As much thought as she put into it, there were more questions than answers. However, the questions were always pertaining to others while she knew exactly what she wanted. "I want to stay this way as often as possible." She said, her voice becoming a tad quieter, "If I could I would relive my whole life this way, but obviously that won't happen. So I just have to make do."
  3. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    At this point, Dunnie knew to look away from the flashing light. She didn't know how strong it appeared to the spectators, but so close the magical light could leave a pony blind for a few minutes. When the flash from the spell had dissipated, all that was left standing were the figures of the two stallions where the mares used to be. As Gearbox got to explaining the magic using jargon that will fly over most pony's heads in his regular jovial demeanor, Dunder suddenly became apprehensive. His already melancholic behavior dropped further, along with his head which now hung low while his hoof kicked idly against the castle floor with soft clacking. Though, when Gearbox spoke up about his attractiveness, the stallion smiled and stifled a chuckle. "You are a rather attractive stallion. And as a mare. I guess you got pretty lucky." He said, his voice low, barely loud enough for Gearbox to hear. He lifted his head to look straight at the re mare before him, "Oh, and we can go to the microbrew if you wish. But there isn't really much to 'catch up' on." He said, leaving out his thought that he could really go for a drink right about now. For they had to continue with the reason they all gathered. "Let us begin the tour." He said, still speaking softly. He turned to face gearbox, "But first...." He held out his hoof with the bracelet around it while looking down at the slightly shorter stallion.
  4. The Wolf General (Version 2)

    Best woof daddy
  5. Yama Kara No Ongaku

    Cute woof, as always.
  6. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Dunnie grinned at the Kirin's response. "Good, I knew you would be reasonable. Now." She took a glance out at the playing field, eyes darting around as she scanned positions of fellow red pieces. "There!" A red unicorn with a long mane and tail who was alone and an open target for any coordinated group of blue ponies. "Quickly, we must go help her out!" She commanded the stallion, not waiting for a response before hopping off. A large group ganging up on loners was a good tactic, now they would just need to form a large group themselves and steamroll the blue team. Little did she know as she hopped off she missed a small detail: a blue player had positioned herself in front of Taira, and as Dunnie bounced off to support the blue player, she had unknowingly bounced ahead of Taira, just far enough to not help. "C'mon! Keep u--" Her command was cut short by the sight of Taira's position. "Uhhhhh. You in the blue? If you let yourself get caught I'll treat you to dinner at the Blueblood residence." The literal only advantage she had. Though she kept her head on a swivel, so no ponies could sneak up on the three.
  7. The Big Bad Wolf of Polohama

    Such a good woof.
  8. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    All she could do was roll her eyes at his, as usual, disconnected comment. Sometimes he could be insufferable, but who didn't have their quirks? Anyway, that just made his usual behavior, acting kind and charming, even more enjoyable. At the other end of the table, Dunnie adjusted her hoof so that it was holding her head up by her jaw, her head turned slightly away from the tea and and the princess. She saw Bluebelle's transformation out of the corner of her eye, hardly getting drawn in at all. She had seen the transformation process a dozen times in the mirror and with Bevel herself. Not only that, but Bluebelle's transformations were common knowledge around the house. At this point, it was probably in the job description for all staff. "Yes, you are understanding me right." Still, she did not make direct eyecontact with Bluebelle while reaching down with a wing to pick up the tea cup. She blew some steam off the top before quietly taking a sip. Dunnie appeared apprehensive to talk about herself, especially her feelings. "If I ever did feel uncomfortable about being a stallion I just repressed it and never told anypony. So much so that turning into a mare didn't even seem that attractive of an offer." She sat up, suddenly taking on a less reclusive demeanor. "Ah well, what's in the past is in the past, right?" She picked up the teacup again and knocked the whole glass back, "Eugh." She shivered, "That was a bad idea."
  9. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Dunnie grunted as she was pushed back to the next available square flopping onto the ground but quickly standing back up, resuming her annoyed demeanor. It seemed as though there were a few other red pieces going up against a few blue pieces. A surprising turnout, given the size of the city. Maybe most of the ponies had the intuition to not leave their homes while something was so obviously off. "You!" She turned and pointed her hoof at the hunky kirin, "I want to give a piece of my mind to whoever started all this. And the fastest way to get that done is by winning this game. I don't care who wins as long as I can get my shopping and cafe time in before I have to go back to work!" She turned and tapped her hoof to her chin, "Actually, if you help me get this over with quickly then you and whoever you want are invited to dinner at the Blueblood residency. What do you say?" She clasped her hooves together, slitting on the floor while doing her best to make big puppy eyes to drum up some sympathy.
  10. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    It was true that Dunnie was given the servant's door key. A small iron mortise key complete which betrayed the beauty of the rest of the house, while simultaneously reflecting the state of the servants of Canterlot as a whole. Rugged and worn, and ugly because it doesn't need to be pretty. She looked over at him, "I leave it in the room. In case my keys get stolen for a break-in, the front door is a lot more well guarded than the servant's door." A little bit of paranoia never hurt anypony. The safety of everypony else in the house was still a part of her responsibilities. She threw her head up to stand straight, "Anyway, I'm more useful than half of the 'dignitaries' that waltz through the front door. All they do is eat the food, drink the wine, and complain behind your back." A tad bit defensive of Blueblood, herself. Later...? Did he not like the gift? Rather than remember that the switch trigger was tea, her brain shifted immediately to overthinking the refusal. With her loss in thought, she didn't notice herself getting checked out by the prince. Dunnie appreciated the skipping of small talk and getting down to it. After listening to the prince, her eyes lit up, "Oh, you think you had something to do with this? I mean, it's true I was a little less shy of the idea because I knew that you had done it as well. However, Bevel came up with the idea herself and simply asked me to be her guinnea pig." She sat down on the floor next to the table, "What I did not expect was to enjoy this form so much, and have such complicated feelings for it." She propped her head up on the table using her hoof, "Please, lots of sugar in my tea as usual."
  11. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Finally. Dunnie descended down the steps of Blueblood's house to the street. She was on break after a relatively easy morning, not that they were ever as stressful as working in a restaurant. But, in the lul between making lunch and dinner, Dunnie decided to relax for a bit and probably relax at a cafe and go shopping. However, as she looked down on the street for a landing spot, she noticed that the whole street was patterned like a grid. She glanced left and right, the whole road was the same, colored with perfect squares. "Thorough prank." Her wings carried her back down to the steps to the house, where she landed on a sheet of paper. When she looked down, she noticed she was all red. What the... am I dreaming? Or is this some elaborate magic? Quickly she swiped up the flyer that was under her hoof. She scanned the document, searching for information. Giant game of checkers, commoners blue, nobility red. Wait. "What?! I'm not a noble!" She blurted out in surprise as she glanced down again at her now red body. "Somepony's got it all wro--!" She stepped down onto the grid and was teleported to Canterlot Castle. The warping sent her mind into a tailspin, "Eugh." She struggled to keep her hoofing, so she wrapped a hoof around this large, soft, red object to keep balance. Little did she know it was a horned beefcake from Neighpon she had a leg around.
  12. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    Had Blueblood not interrupted, the argument would likely ended with Dunnie getting hoisted up and tossed out to the front steps. But, as to be expected, Blueblood would not settle for anything short of a dramatic entrance, or rather, a tumble into the scene. "Blueblood!" Dunnie cried out, she pushed against the guard who was body blocking her with ease. To both of their relief, Blueblood got up and brushed himself off. Another wave of relief washed over her as Blueblood vouched for her. She smiled at the prince and grinned devilishly at the guard, "You know, I got pretty close to you just now. You'd make a cute mare." She strutted alongside the guard, brushing her tail across his nose. It was amazing to see how quickly a pony can change attitude. As the guard fled, Dunnie stuck out her tongue and held her wing in front of her nose. After all was said and done she looked over her shoulder at the stallion. Now finally able to get a good look at him, he looked different. How so, she could not say. "Thank you, Blueblood." At his lead to follow she did. "On my way back I got a gift for you, I've been hoping to try it out." With a wing she summoned a tightly bound sack from her bag, "It's coffee grown to have a very specific taste. Slightly acidic and mildly fruity, if you would like?"
  13. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    "We used to date." The words stung, but not as much as they used to. The words that really hurt, that realized Dunnie's worst fears, was Fire insisting that Dunnie needed "fixing." On top of Fire's refusal to return the hug. The tears welled up behind her eyes, as fears of losing one of her oldest and best friends surfaced. However, Dunnie held back the tears, as crying and causing a scene would only make things worse. As Fire showcased the golden cider and the brightly colored cupcakes, Dunnie could only look at them with an abject gaze. However, the cupcakes could offer some temporary comfort given the circumstances. Dunnie ripped the wrapper off one, eating the whole cupcake in one bite while listening to Fire explain her ideas for the castle. By the end of Fire's monologue, Dunnie had gotten through 3 cupcakes and was holding out a fourth to Bevel. "They are very good. The chocolate ones are better." She said while maintaining eye contact on Fire, who was now breathing into a paper bag. Dunnie approached her, "Fire, you're overreacting. There is nothing to be freaking out about, there is no part of me that you need to fix. The magic can be undone at a moment's notice, if we so wish." Dunnie said, motioning to the golden bracelet on her fore leg. While putting her hoof down, she resisted the urge to stop the ground. "You're just going to have to accept it." Her voice stayed strong, not revealing the burning fear in her gut. "Only if it would make you feel better," She spun around, and trotted back towards Bevel, "We could showcase this device?"
  14. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    It all made sense now. Every last bit of luck left for Dunnie was used up with Bevel offering to turn her into a mare. After the vacation to the changeling isles and going back to work at the Blueblood manor, all that has followed the transformation have been encounters with ponies who have known her since before the transformation. Even though she knew that such encounters would eventually happen, she had hoped to enjoy life as a mare and suffer awkward reunions later. However, it seemed fate put Dunnie against one of the last ponies she wanted to see again. Her legs locked up, her teeth gritted, ever muscle in her body stiffened up. What will she say? What will she think? Will she keep being my friend? Will she never talk to me again? Thoughts of fear buzzed through her mind, but the jig was already up. There was nothing to do, except to prove how minimal the differences were. The look of shock slowly gave way to a wide smile. "Fire!" She zoomed to embrace the red pony, squeezing her tight and nuzzling her neck. "Long time no see!" Fire would get a whiff of Dunnie's perfume which carried a light fragrance of fresh strawberries. "How have you been? We need to make sure to keep in touch better!" Greeting her like this felt natural. She was still the same pony inside, even though her appearance changed. "Oh, yes." Dunnie released Fire to look at Bevel, "We have known eachother for a long time, actually. Went on quite a few expeditions, ey, friendo?" She beamed at the mare, giving a light nudge with a firehoof against the chest.
  15. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    Returning home was supposed to be a time of gracefully resuming one's work and responsibilities with a sense of rejuvenation. This time, Dunnie was eager to resume work as a cook of the royal house because her time on vacation left her more stressed than relaxed. She mostly was alone in her cabin, only coming out for "essentials" while dodging others. Maybe going straight to such a public and romantic place so quickly was not a good idea. Surely, she thought, getting used to a life like this would be much easier at work where she was practically family with everypony else there. Or so she thought. She unlocked the front door with her key and entered, only taking a few steps inside before glancing around. Same as normal. Her eyes rested on a guard for a moment, to whom she shyly looked away with her head lowered to trot in the opposite direction. "YOU THERE!" She jumped as the thunderous voice behind her broke the silence. "How did you get in here?" She spun around, "I, uh... Used my key?" "I know all the ponies who have the house key, and I don't remember you." The guard squinted his eyes at the mare "Actually, you look familiar. You look like you could be one of their sisters or something." "Well, I can go back to my room. I have pictures of me and Blue--" she cut herself off when remembering the nature of the pictures, but the guard was not having it. He shook his head. "Sorry, but you aren't allowed in here." His voice carrying a slightly apologetic tone, "You can tell your brother that you're welcome to visit if you make an appointment.." Now, Dunnie was getting frustrated, "You must be new. I actually outrank you since I am a member of Bluey's personal retinue. So please let me get to work. You're gonna love my hash browns and omelettes." "You have 10 seconds to leave, or else I will force you out!" He raised his voice again, a drastic shift front the more comforting tone from before. He was frustrated too now, not liking the lip he received.