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  1. Rock farmers unite! Greetings
  2. ecmajor

    the perfect team

    So true! That's what friends are for: seeing you for you and not for your screwups This is wonderful
  3. ecmajor

    ECMajor's Pony Things

    What it says on the tin!
  4. ecmajor


    Most of my pony art isn't pornographic, in my opinion, but i do draw a lot of pinups - and there is some suggestiveness there even when there isn't blatant 'nudity' and exposed parts. So the suggestiveness might be a tad bit too much for the gallery. It's not a big deal though, i have other places to post that stuff ^.^ I can't stop drawing ponies! so that's definitely not a problem, heheh. Poniiiieeeeessss... they are the best
  5. Oh no! First Derpy and now Fluttershy! The horror! ...i'm sure it was a mistake XD Because imagining that Flutterless world... is too painful.
  6. ecmajor


    Thanks for the info Dessa! It sounds pretty easy. After reading the rules it turns out a good portion of my stuff isn't allowed here, but ah well, i can still post a few things. And thanks Zephyr!
  7. ecmajor


    Wow, thanks for the warm welcome, y'all! I guess this place is as friendly as i suspected it might be ^.^ Shucks, Artax i don't know if i'm quite that popular, but i guess you must be familiar with my stuff at least, so that's pretty neat! And Dessa - yeah, this avatar was hastily cropped from something i drew for my ask blog over on tumblr. And i'd love to find out more about showing my art off here, like Brian has... to be honest i don't really know much about how this site works yet, but he's got a gallery - so i suppose eventually maybe i can post my things here too, eh? Something for me to look into when i have more time. *on lunchbreak during work* Anyway, thanks again for all the salutations, folks! Nothing beats the magic of friendship for making a noob feel welcome XD -ec
  8. ecmajor


    Thanks a lot! ^.^ Hmmm, gotta make a profile... this blank pony silhouette is a little bland.
  9. ecmajor


    Hay everypony Anyway, i don't know if i have a lot to say... i'm an artist and pony fanatic, and i came here because this seems to be the best spot to gawk at Brian Blackberry's awesome art... but i'm willing to bet folks are friendly, and who knows... maybe i won't be as shy as i usually am and i'll make some friends or something! Happy to be here, -ecm
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