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  1. Grrrr - I still exist, I've just been busy lately.
  2. Wow, 2 years ago today I registered for this site. That seems so long ago...

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      Happy Cantaiversary!

  3. You all exist :I (Just kidding please don't hurt me)
  4. After a second of looking around, Spring was content with her findings and leaned back into the sand. Thankfully nopony had noticed her display and she could avoid an awkward conversation. A soft sigh and a light stretch accompanied Spring's descent into a relaxed nap. A sudden thought jerked her back to the present almost immediately. If one wave could come up this far, surely there could be more. Two white hooves pushed into the sand and moved the mare back along the beach. Sand worked its way into her tail and mane in the rushed process, but the safety of a few more feet from the tide line was worth it to the vacationing farmer. Spring wriggled her way back into the comfort of the warm sand and was just about to doze off when a nearby voice interrupted her. “Miss? Are you alright?” Spring groaned inwardly. Of course somepony had to have been looking and seen her display. She averted her eyes towards the rocking ocean and away from the stranger, hoping to hide any remnant of fear they may betray. She stammered out a response, "Y-yes, I'm fine. Just... doing my stretches. Oh, and-and enjoying the beach! Yeah." Her voice got quieter and more strained throughout the reply to the point of being barely audible by the time she gave her reassuring "yeah."
  5. I made some arts. I have used PDN, Adobe Illustrator, and GIMP in the past. I've enjoyed making pictures (for the most part) but I'm a little short on ideas and I'd love to draw some things for the wonderful people of Canterlot, if you'd have me. I like to make pictures in various ways and I'm always open to new ones (except paint... I despise paint >.>). Suggestions on improvement are also more than welcome~ Spoilers are the best ^_^ Horse Sketch Ponyta - ew, grainy coloured pencils! Horsepattern A Spring Day Sketch Trapped in Boredom A Father's Warmth A Mother's Love Horse Colorful Horse Starks! Silver Fate Landsknecht Banner There are several more on my DA page, but I only posted my favourites here.
  6. I've gotten much crazier cooler since my last post here! Horsey riding (very fun!) Gator riding (slightly less safe) Face beating (Gore Warning!)
  7. A thin spiderweb of cracks began to form at the lowest point of the bulge, suggesting that the weight of the wood coupled with the upward momentum was too much for the simple cart to bear. Refuge was not far away, however, and the two ponies soon reached Cloudsdale and rested the cart on the cloud. The wheels sunk through, but the rest remained afloat due to the pegasus magic of the city (not sure how this actually works....). Not far from the shop, it took very little time and effort to get it the last few feet of the way there. Once in place, Storm slouched against the cart and wiped the sweat from her brow. That was far too close was her primary thought on the subject. Next time she would have to use another cart or pack less wood... "Bolt... We made it." A small groan, "Thanks, I couldn't have done it without you."
  8. Spring Shimmer sat in the sand at the beach of Seasaddle Bay, treacherously close to the waves crashing down. She payed no heed to them, instead marveling at how the hot sun and cool breeze felt on her coat. Working back at the farm, the days gave her only the former, and nights forced upon her the latter. This vacation is exactly what I needed she thought to herself, reflecting on the turn of events that led her here. Her new friend had generously offered to watch the farm for her for a few days while she took a long postponed trip to the beach. There was just one problem: she didn't know how to swim. Sure, some may argue that swimming is an imtegral part of beach enjoyment, but Spring figured she could have just as nice of a time, if not better, sticking to basking in the radiance of the sun with a cool, misty sea spray being the wettest she gets. Her thoughts were interrupted by the tip of a wave meeting her hoof and sending a small chill through her leg. The grey mare shot to attention and flailed in surprise before realizing how silly she must look. A bashful grin spread from ear to ear as she looked around to make sure nopony saw her fright.
  9. Mighty air currents were made from their flapping and the cart was moving fairly quick to their destination. Each down beat of their wings propelled them upwards and made the cart emit an angry creak. A small bow in the bottom began to form. The cart wasn't designed for such heavy loads to be lifted vertically with very little pressure being placed on the wheels and axle. Noticing this problem, Storm reassessed their distance. They were inching their way ever closer to Cloudsdale, and the ground below seemed a forever's fall further. Shouldn't be a problem... we can make it.
  10. Storm's large hippogriff wings made hard, steady flaps against the air. Her muscles strained and her brow furrowed in concentration. Why did I have to order so much wood at once? She thought to herself, annoyed at her poor judgement. She looked up with hopes that the city would be close. Drat! she thought angrily, still so far away! "Bolt! Almost there, we can do it!" she called out in encouragement to her flapping fellow anyways.
  11. Storm winced a little, then followed Charged Bolt to the cart. "Thank you..." her voice trailed off, thinking to herself and hoping she hadn't just annoyed her friend. When she reached the load, determination defined her figure as she grabbed hold of the cart and heaved in an attempt to lift it into the air with him.
  12. "To be home in my warm bed before it gets dark, silly." She responded with a wry smirk. "Now come on, let's finish this. We've come this far and the wagon won't be moving itself." Storm eyed the cart with a slight touch of dismay. What a way to end an evening...
  13. Storm's tail twitched at the sound of snoring. A quick glance at Charged Bolt confirmed that he had decided to take a nap. The hippogriff took one last longing look at the sunset, then turned back to nudge Charged Bolt awake. "Come on, we need to finish this," she reminded the sleeping pegasus, a slight whine punctuating the first part of her sentence.
  14. Storm glared at the arachnid for a moment before sighing in acceptance of the new sunset watcher. One more in the party couldn't hurt. Across from the viewers the sunset was reaching the climactic moment of half submersion behind the mountains, allowing the rays of light to bounce and refract down the hills to give them a lively hue. The warm reds and oranges were giving way to softer and cooler blues and purples as the sun dipped farther below the mountain crest. It would be dark soon, Storm knew, but she didn't want to rush things. She was tired and the sunset was pretty, she may as well finish it.
  15. Storm gulped and stammered out a response, "No, no, nothing wrong... just, erm, thought you should know." A nervous hiccup of a laugh followed. In truth, it was a little disturbing to her. The creature would most definitely be a distraction. A small gust of air was shot from her beak towards the spider in an attempt to harmlessly blow it away.
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