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  1. just like it says buddy
  2. wow what a bump. this profile has been heavily revamped and is ready for approval!
  3. wow cool I can set statuses here now

  4. Cat Napper


    ahhh I love this so very much thank you again for this, it's awesome
  5. Oh dear Luna.. Cat facehoofed lightly and let out a groan of disbelief, trying to mask her blushing before leaping down to the earth with a soft thud. "Relax Dark, ugh, don't make this any worse please.." With a faux smile towards the stranger who'd appeared near them, immediately melting into a focused frown, the little pegasus took a great big mouthful of the unicorn's cape, braced her hooves hard against the ground, and yanked with all of her might. "Rrrrgthhh, I am sstho sthorry missh.." She mumbled between yanks, little wings spread wide and fluttering as she pulled harder at the stuck villain. "Youh'll havth to excusth him, he'sth..." She began apologetically, a little trickle of sweat beading down her face. "He'sth... ahhhhn.." Her movements became sluggish, and with a long shiver, the little artist was forced to release her hold on the purple fabric, and quickly found her body at an uncomfortably cold temperature. "Ahhh, brrrrr.. wh-wh-what the hay..?" The poor pegasus snorted, hot breath leaving her snout in a wide, visible puff of water vapor. Celestia.. it couldn't have possibly gotten so cold within those few moments now could it? Even though it was rather cool to begin with, this was a serious drop in temperature that... wait a second.. Cat's stiff, shuddering form locked up, and she turned to cast a frightened little glance at the pegasus mare before her. "W-wait.." She began, edging a little bit closer to Dark and the warmth radiating from his still stuck body. "D-d-d-did.. y-you d-do that...?" At the mare's next words, the filly's ears lowered. Greeeat, another threatening 'better than everyone' girl. For such a humble little town, Ponyville sure wasn't as friendly as she hoped it would be. Hugging her wings close to her body, the striped teen glared softly at her. Powerful magical weather girl or not, the filly was not in the mood to let anyone at all leave their hoofmarks in her again. "Wh-what do y-y-you want...?" She snorted in a slightly less friendly tone than she'd used previously. Was it so hard to ask for good company these days?
  6. All of my yes. These are fantastic suggestions everyone, feel free to share if you've got anymore you'd wanna see c:
  7. Cat Napper

    Cat's Not-Art!

    this is not artwork, it's a SANDWICH
  8. personally I'm more freaked out by the Frostbite Spiders in Skyrim. Especially when those punks just drop outta the darn ceiling ;A;
  9. Finding her friend seemed to have been lost within a matter of seconds after having remembered it, and Jump was back to stomping around, absolutely perplexed with the dirt beneath her. Kick, scuff, stomp, and repeat. Kick, leap, stomp, scuff! The more dirt kicked up with her hooves the better! The mare grinned, as if rocking along with an invisible beat, her inspections of the ground lead her to create the beginnings of a rough, stomping dance of her own creation. It wasn't exactly fancy hoofwork, but it didn't entirely look perfectly easy either. Kick, slide, scuff, stomp, leap! She opened her wings with a little giggle, with a rhythmic canter, she picked up speed, and gave a tremendous leap to kick off of the side of a buildings, in a finish, landing a perfectly executed back flip with another cloud of dust rising around her, unaware that she had indeed landed only a few feet in front of a certain unicorn stallion. "Ahhaha, smooth! Rockin', beastly! I gotta remember that one.." She chuckled to herself, dancing was second nature to her, and to Jumpstyle, inspiration could come from anywhere. Unintentionally bobbing her head to that imaginary beat, she began to trot away with a few bouncy, kicking steps, before she realized completely that.. the beat? She wasn't imagining it! The white pegasus pricked her ears, hmmm.. yep, there was definitely a sick bass drop somewhere nearby, sounded like it was coming from head.. phones.. Whirling around, the mare's mane shrouded face was nevertheless curious as she finally noticed. Standing behind her this entire time? Ohhh Celestia... Jumpstyle blushed and backed up a few steps.. "Hey! I know you... y-you're, DJ Neighsay!" She broke into a wide grin, giving a little bit of a girly squeak and actually flipping her wild hair partially from her face to get a better look. That brilliant yellow pelt, perfect black mane, boss neon streaks, trademark shuttershades! That was definitely Jumpstyle's favorite DJ who had been watching her, and seen her dancing in the dusty streets just moments ago. "Oh man, I am such a huge fan of your stuff bro! You're like, my inspiration! Oh man, what are the chances of meeting YOU here?" Lost in a bit of an uncharacteristic fangirl moment, Jump gave yet another happy leap, grinning wide with her one visible eye sparkling with lively excitement, before in a few seconds she managed to get a grip on herself. Let's try not to look like a total idiot to the best DJ of all time, she told herself, blushing a little bit brighter as she relaxed. "S-sorry, um.. I'm, not normally like that.. it's just, bro, you're like, whoah! And I mean, whooaa! You're like, boss, but more than that. You're like, three bosses! All at once!"
  10. For those of you familiar with the artwork of me, Slatehyena, Cat Napper, whatever you wanna call me now, you'd know I pretty much only draw OCs. Mainly my own OCs, as I am a ridiculously selfish artist xD I feel like I really need to branch out and touch down in some more brony artwork areas, and I need you guys to be kind to me and pitch in ideas for any canon character artwork you'd like to see from me :3 Thanks to my busted laptop, the most I can provide you with are concept sketches for some time, but I need the practice despnately so any ideas would definitely be appreciated fully, and once I get that laptop of mine back in action, many of these will be finished. My gallery has a pretty basic summary of the kind of work I do if you want to check that out and gimme some fitting suggestions. I'm not picky at all with subjects also, I'll do cute shippy stuff, action scenes, honestly just about anything any of you can think of, my brain is dry of ideas Much thanks to all of you who help me out here, and if it's any sort of incentive, I do random gift arts for people who help me out x3
  11. I hate this song and I hate myself for getting it stuck in my head. But the meatloaf was really good :3
  12. Pretty much explains me yep, though I always end up laughing at myself for being scared of Youtube videos and stuff xD I follow them because it's a wicked cool concept and just leaves me with a burning curiosity to know more about it. And yes, yes I know of Slendy's origins, I only started watching it because all my friends were stupid scared of it, call me mainstream or whatever because I totally am xD
  13. Oh yes, this exactly xD
  14. Cat Napper


    So I decided to watch through Marble Hornets the other day, I've gotten decently far, can't remember how so off the top of my head. It's interesting, but I'm really not getting all paranoid and weird about it like everyone else I know x3 brother can't sleep, friends claim they're seeing things, etc. Anyone else here not entirely moved by Slenderman? Or is there just something wrong with me? I mean, he is creepy, but not THAT creepy
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