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  1. The only thing that isn't Mature is my story, Flare of Hope, and it's rated Teen. The other two were only bumped up to Mature because of one or two scenes that had to be there for progression.
  2. I had to restart cuz my stuff was stolen, but had my friend send me an Absol right after getting my first pokeballs. My team is an Absol who has been my friend since childhood, Froakie, cuz dat ninjaness, Sylveon, who is the most adorable dragon slayer, Charizard no mega, Fafnir the Flygon, and Omni the Pupitar
  3. Well, Pokemon X and Y are coming out today. Shut-in status: Confirmed.

  4. Bass smiled at Lilia's enthusiasm toward his news. He chuckled before being drawn into another kiss. After a slight second, he embraced Lilia, happily, feeling as though all of his dreams were coming true for this one moment. A moment that he wished would last forever. After what felt like hours, Bass finally released Lilia from his embrace, and bowed, courteously. "Miss Lilia Bloom, may I have this dance?"
  5. Bass smiled, and chuckled a bit at Lilia fumbling with her words. He could tell through her words that she had something else on her mind. He smiled even wider as he imagined how wonderful it would be to have Lilia live with him. He imagined spending every last moment with her, when she wasn't working. He imagined waking up every morning next to her. "Lilia... I love you. And I would love to have you live with me, in Canterlot."
  6. Bass stared into Lillia's eyes, as she spoke, and he allowed her words to sink in. He wrapped his forelegs around the mare in front of him, and held her tight. "No more disappearing. I promise. I didn't realize just how much it hurt to be away from you. I never want to put you through that again." He kissed her once more, unleashing all his pent up emotion into the kiss. After a few long moments, je broke the kiss, and rested his forehead against Lilia's. "I made enough bits in Stalliongrad to buy a small house in Canterlot." He smiled at Lilia, and slowly loosened his hold on her. "I'll be moving there in a week. You don't have to go anywhere, Lilia."
  7. Bass smiled at the mare, and kissed her softly. It was a sensation he had missed for so long. To say that Lilia was the only one whose productivity had suffered from their year-long separation would be far from the truth. In the past year, Bass had hit a snag with his songwriting, and had slowly hit a spiral into the depressing territory with his performances. Regardless of the past events, all the pain suddenly faded, as he became lost in the sensation of Lilia's kiss. He made a mental note to thank Treble for the best birthday present he could ever ask for. After breaking the kiss, he simply stared into Lilia's eyes. "I missed you too, Lilia. I couldn't stop thinking about you."
  8. Treble had finally finished putting the finishing touches on the decorations for the party, as she heard a knock on the door. Her mane was a mess from the rushing and worry that the decorations wouldn't be done in time. She dashed to the door, and stopped halfway, looking into the mirror at her mane, and turned to go fix her mane quickly, then stopped, nearly pacing between the door, and her bedroom debating on whether or not to fix her mane, then just decided to say 'Screw it' and move to the door. She looked through the peephole, and sighed in relief, as she saw Cherry standing outside, then opened the door. "Good morning, Cherry. Are you the only one?" Somehow, some way, Midsy had convinced Bass to visit his old favorite sandwich shop. Bass sat at the table, as Midsy frantically looked over the menu. "Midsy, what are you doing? You always get the same thing here." Midsy continued looking at the menu, trying to figure out which item would take the longest to prepare. "I just wanted to try something new!" "Midsy... you never try anything new..."
  9. Bass heaved a heavy sigh of relief, as the larger stallion trotted away, without so much as a jab to Bass's face. He looked around at the crowd that was cheering Bass's courage (or stupidity). As the crowd dispersed, he looked at the mare by his side, and smiled. "I almost didn't come, but Treble insisted." He looked over Lilia's dress, and was simply dumbfounded. He had never seen her look so beautiful, and suddenly, all he had accomplished in his nearly year long absence didn't mean a thing compared to this night. He stared into Lilia's eyes, completely lost in their beauty. "Lilia, my love... you... you look absolutely stunning, tonight."
  10. Bass's amber glasses somewhat disguised the color of his eyes, as he stared down the larger stallion. At this point, a decent amount of ponies were watching the scene, but unlike the other stallion, Bass was used to performing with an audience. Bass was ready to rear back, and give that stallion a piece of his mind... until he spotted the mare out of the corner of his eye. Lilia? Bass looked back at the stallion, his face even more stern than before. He inhaled deeply through his nose, and went to it. "Why, yes. As a matter of fact, she is. And she was waiting for me to meet her here, so I'd ask you to respect the fact that she is, and back off!" After the rant, Bass took a deep breath, and straightened his glasses back on his face, then he would motion to the others around them. "If you would, kindly that is. See, my new friends here don't like what you're doing any more than I do. Don't you think it would be a strategic move on your part?"
  11. Wow. The Royal Castle. It was everything that Bass had dreamed of. The pegasus trotted casually through the crowd, making sure his special tuxedo didn't get so much as a spec of dirt on it. Treble would kill him, if he had. The tuxedo was solid black with blue cuffs. Beneath the blazer, he wore a blue vest, nearly the same color as the streak in his mane and tail, and beneath that, a black shirt with a blue bowtie. The dazzling suit, along with a ticket to the Gala had been a birthday present from his twin sister, and he was about to make sure that absolutely nothing happened to that suit... unless it was absolutely necessary. And upon spotting somepony making a scene on the dance floor. Upon closer inspection, Bass decided that this was definitely a necessary situation. He slipped off the blazer, and made his way to the dance floor, spotting a random, belligerent stallion forcing some lovely mare into a dance. This was something that Bass was NOT cool with, and apparently, the same went for all the other ponies who saw this, but none wished to say anything. However, Bass was always the one to prefer action in such a case, and it showed when he trotted straight up to the stallion, and tapped him on the shoulder."Sorry, brother, but I'm pretty sure the lady said she didn't want to dance, so if you could please stop making a scene, and go find yourself another dance partner who will WILLINGLY dance with you, that would make the evening just a bit brighter for everyone, don't you think?"
  12. Well, let's try this. Deep Bass- What is Light? Where is Laughter? (Skrillex Remix) Mid Wobble- Ardjet (DJ Uraken Remix) Soft Treble- Treasure by Flyleaf
  13. It had been a while since Bass had been back to Fillydelphia, but he was glad to be back. As he soared over the skyline, he looked around at all the familiar locations. He spotted the restaurant where he had shared his first date with Lilia, the record shop that he had worked at for the longest time, and the countless clubs and bars where he had performed, either with his old band, or solo. It was a nice trip down memory lane, but the memories were just that. Memories. He slowed to a glide, and landed, not long after being waved down by a familiar figure, who immediately took wrapped him in an ecstatic hug. "Bass, you're back! Treble said you'd be coming home, today! I'm just so happy to see you again! Happy birthday, by the way!" Bass laughed, as Midsy wrapped him in a tight hug. "I missed you, too, Midsy. And thanks." After a second, the mare released Bass from the hug. "So, what are you gonna do now? I bet there're so many things you wanna do, now that you're home, huh?" Bass shook his head. "Not really anything just yet. It was a decent flight from Stalliongrad. I kind of want to just take a nap." Midsy's eyes went wide. "Oh! Well, you can't do that! Treble's trying to get the apartment nice and clean for you. You don't want to imterrupt her, do you?" Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Treble was frantically hanging decorations around the apartment. "Oh, why didn't I do this sooner? And when are those guests going to arrive?" Treble had gone through the trouble of planning a surprise party for Bass, and inviting just about everyone, but no one had arrived yet.
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