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  1. I'm alive, I've returned, and I want some Pop Rocks

  2. Greetings and Welcome to Canterlot!
  3. Thanks so much!!! Yeah, I actually get stressed with how everyone drives and even my family. Feel more secure taking bus or train now. Also, yes, I plan on being here longer. Had so much fun rp'ing here when I had the chance. Let's get into it!
  4. Been quite a long time since I've seen or been onto this site. I was hit by a car in June last year and have been in the hospital recovering up until March of this year and am doing so much better. Hoping to get back into rp and bring Greenshot Apple back into action
  5. Gotta love the foils I got a Aj/Twi pack before they were released and am glad to see that I could get a holo Applejack theme pack though I would wait awhile. The theme box and 36 pack box were my "Santa" gifts for Christmas even though I got them later. I may be making my deck, but I'm not much of a CG player. I'd be up for learning while I just organize the cards to try and collect them all..which I never do. Was also hoping to see a rare card in the box like they did for S1 and S2 series cards. Would've been a grand idea.
  6. Just fully achieved Saints row 4 so moving on to Lollipop chainsaw as well as playing happy wars
  7. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]You're very welcome; thank you for having us, it was truly excellent. I should like to know the cupcake recipe someday, it was superb![/colour][colour=#282828]"[/colour] "[colour=#006400]I probably would give out the recipe out my mother's recipe, but I do not know the whole recipe's contents myself. You'd have to bring that up to Sweet Blintze some time she gets a chance to relax Earth Writer.[/colour]" [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had said in response to the stallion while the bill was in Sugar's hooves. He was slightly startled when he had just noticed Sugar Apple hovering and brought her forelegs around his neck. Bring his own hoof to wrap around her neck as he quickly gave a responding hug right back. "[colour=#008000]I'm happy to know that you both enjoyed your meals. You both have a great night and Happy Hearts and Hooves Day you two![/colour]" Greenshot began waving his hoof back as both Earth Writer and Sugar Apple trotted out the shop. Grabbing a towel from his saddlepack he began cleaning the table as the day was still not yet done and couples would still be coming to enjoy meals prepared by Sweet Blintze and served by Greenshot Apple. (Cues My leave..was a long time, but I had fun doing this roleplay with you two. Ciao for now!)
  8. As if he knew it was his cue, [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] came up to table just to take away the empty plates and glasses Sugar and Earth were finished with. Stacking them neatly on his back as he went to the back kitchen just as quickly as he came to take them. Leaving them momentarily alone with each other while he placed the dishes into the soapy sink with suds nearly spilling out. Greenshot came back with a pencil levitating as he got their check ready then trotted happily over to the two of them. "[colour=#008000]Well, I appreciate you both having spent your time on Hearts and Hooves Day here at our shop.[/colour]" Greenshot would place the check on the table that read their price, but he had put Free of charge since their meal was free cause Sugar was family and that day was special. Then, he would place two coupons that everyone received that day for a free pastry the next time they came to eat at Sweet Blintze's Pastry shop. "[colour=#008000]Their you both go. I hope you's have a splendid day and don't forget to stop by again when your in town Sugar Apple. Really nice seeing you again. Same goes for you Earth Writer.[/colour]"
  9. “Ah’m perfectly alright hun, ah wasn’t really in grave danger at all. Trust me; ah’ll be fiiiine.” "[colour=#008000]Of course your perfectly fine cousin, your an Apple after all.[/colour]" [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] said proudly at Sugar Apple before hearing Earth Writer say something as well. Turning his head to look over at the stallion as he was speaking. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Don't get too stressed out over us. We didn't come here to make your day difficult.[/colour][colour=#282828]"[/colour] Giving a soft nod, but shook his head lightly making his mane sway with his head shaking. "[colour=#008000]Oh trust me, my day is not at all difficult. Someone early in the morning choked of a strudel cause they were in such a hurry to eat it. The mare got angry and rushed out of the shop making a scene like it was our fault or something...Anyway, if ya'll would like anything else at all then please grab my attention. If not, just give me a hoof wave and I'll bring your check over so you both can continue your day together.[/colour]" Greenshot gave a warm, hearty smile at the both of them as he'd leave them to their chatter while he heads back to the counter to organize stuff behind the counter for the reservations that would come later when it's sun falls and moon rises. (by the way, I won't be doing a post until I'm called for ^^)
  10. (God, I keep forgetting to come back here. My apologies!) [colour=#800080]“Now just wait a minute cousin, [/colour][colour=#800080]Mah life wasn’t in danger...ah just had a minor swallowin’ problem... thet’s all."[/colour] [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple [/colour]gave a soft chuckle at his cousin's response to what he had said. Looking over at her then at Earth Writer who probably got his refernce. Greenshot meant to say that for saying her life, Earth deserved a reward. Wondering if he'd say something, but shrugged it off a bit as it seemed neither of them did catch it. Smiling anyway, he watched Earth Writer remove the chunk of food from his drink as Greenshot assumed he would probably need another drink and was already ready to leave to go and ask his mother for another Cider Smoothie. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Er... I don't suppose I could ask for a second one?[/colour][colour=#282828]" [/colour] "[colour=#008000]Of course I could get you another one. It's no problem at all![/colour]" Greenshot gave a smile as well as a nod at him as he lit up his horn and brought the glass of cider to levitate off their table and just in front of him as he would trot away momentarily to drop the glass of smoothie cider by the washing area. Then, got a replacement of the drink from his mother and came back with Earth's replacement. Setting the drink down in front of Earth Writer and place a straw inside the drink as he looked at the two of them. "[colour=#008000]I really do hope your both having a good time. Are you feeling alright there cousin?[/colour]" Greenshot would say while looking over at Sugar Apple.
  11. Giving a nodding gesture over at Sugar Apple as he would indeed tell her aunt what she had said. The smiling [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple [/colour]watched as the two enjoyed what his mother had made for the couple and trotted off with head held high and a tray of empty glasses and plates with crumbs or streaks of sugar coating it. Many of the ponies who reserved seats were nearly all gone. Greenshot made a quick trip to the back to drop off the dirty dishes then walked over towards his mother and said in a happy and proud manner "[colour=#008000]Sugar Apple said that your food is great as always mum. Today sure is a great day for business though and I wanted to wish you a happy hearts and hooves day, hope you and dad have plans tonight and not just plans too work all day[/colour]." Greenshot's ears suddenly flicked upright when he heard the coughing of a mare. Quickly leaving the kitchen to look out at the ponies remaining in the shop to see Earth Writer assisting to Sugar Apple and see that she had been choking. Watching her cough up something and trotted his way over towards the two to make sure everything was alright. Some of the remaining couples giving Earth and Sugar weird looks while others just ignored the scene all together. "[colour=#008000]Are you alright their cousin Sugar? Need at water or anything at all? Awesome job and good reaction Earth Writer at saving the life of your future mare![/colour]"
  12. Back in the kitchen, [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] was assisting his mother with mixing ingredient's and bringing out bags of flour and sugared goodies to decorate the parties with. Coming back out to check on everypony out in the shop still enjoying themselves and their company. Looking over at his cousin and Earth Writer who had been talking with a soft smile on his lips as he would turn around and ready to bring them their order. Placing a tray on his back as his mother would levitate their Apple Cider smoothies onto the tray along with a hearts & hooves day cupcake as well as two apple strudel's. Looking back at his mother while his horn began to glow to lift over two straws as well as napkins and made his way out to the room and came up alongside Earth and Sugar's table. "[colour=#008000]Alrighty you two, your cider smoothies and pastries have arrived! I hope you two enjoy and wave a hoof if anything else is needed okay?[/colour]" Greenshot would place the napkins on the table in front of the two of them. Then, he'd levitate the apple cider smoothies to rest upon the napkins with two straws following suit to good into their drinks. Afterwards, Greenshot placed two plated apple strudel's in front of the mare and stallion along with two heart shaped chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling and frosting with a small candy cherry on top of each of them. "[colour=#008000]Please Enjoy you two[/colour]" Greenshot smiled at them while flicking his tail which had a towel on it that was cleaning the table which he had began looking at. The ponies had just left the table and place a tip of 4 bits which Greenshot placed inside his nit bag which was around his neck, but behind his neck underneath his flowing yellow-green streaked mane.
  13. "[colour=#008000]Awesome then. I will let Sweet Blintze know what you both want and It will be out here in a few, short minutes along with your Cider smoothies Earth and cousin Sugar. You both will just love the dessert and especially the smoothie. My lips are just dying to drink some now. I've not had anytime to break and still busy taking care of ya'll and the rest of the customers. I shall return![/colour]" With that, Greenshot Apple let the two have their conversation as he went of through the table to place the menu's inside a box full of them and brought the order to his mum of their requests. Sighing in relief to take a short breather against the wall just behind the register as his glowing horn levitated a cherry cupcake towards his mouth.
  14. [colour=#800080]“We’ll be havin’ cider smoothies t’drink, and ah think th’ strudel sounds like a good choice, don’t it Earthy?”[/colour] [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Oh yes, the apple strudel sounds excellent. House specialty, isn't it?"[/colour] [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] nodded at both with his ears raised to hear what they had wanted while trying his best to block out the giggles and the chatter of the surrounding pony couples. He had heard what they requested and replied back in a smooth and calm tone of voice "[colour=#008000]Alrighty, two cider smoothies as well as well as two apple strudel's. Yes it is our house special for Sweet Blintze loves making her own version of the strudel. Is the order that I have repeated back to you both correct and if so, will there be anything else you may want? We got brownies, cakes, pies, blintzes and more.[/colour]" Greenshot had been looking over at Earth Writer during his talk, but then looked over at his cousin with a smile as he gave his tail a sway. His horn illuminating lightly as he would levitate both of their menus over to lay flat against the designed saddle that Greenshot had been wearing on his back. ((My apologies for taking so long to respond to this)) ((I'm not sure about those mixes as I am not a pop drinker. I only drink water and Aloe drinks))
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