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  1. Good to have a chance to say "Hi" to all of you again. Now back to my slumber. Never forgotten LPW~
  2. ~19 months later: "I may need just *one* solid RP to regain my writing skills I've lost elsewhere, soon :)". Reality first, though.

    1. starswirlthebearded


      Welcome back! It's good to see you again! :)

    2. Volt


      Hey SSTB! Man, it's been a long time, I've had problems remembering Rarity's original username heh. I'll take my time I fear, my beloved OC has changed/evolved so I'll need to update it, plus I have a few more important matters and duties to attend to for the time being.

      Good to hear from ya too and see that I still recognize a lot of names here :)

  3. RP posts writing in progress, they'll appear in several hours after I deal with work in here. Granted.

    1. Kodokuna


      You're alive~ **Huggles**

    2. tacobob
  4. I am indefinitely and irrevocably leaving the site for a minimum of a few months - 's certain areas. What do I mean? I will, as best as possible, strive away from using chat or any different areas than RP forums. I will cease any kinds of activity here excluding the roleplaying area. I'm not going to give this one up yet, because it's simply too much fun. If you will want something from OC's/Cast I play, send me a PM. It was a pleasure knowing all of you. First and foremost Aria, if not her I'd never probably stay on this site. There are countless people I'd like to mention, some of whom are not even on this site anymore. Be sure though, that if I have interacted with you at least once, you can trust that you're a valuable person to me. I'll just try to mention a few most important people. Autumn/Manestream - I think the reason is far too obvious here. The site itself. Although there are dozens of smaller ones as well. Phil the Time Wizard - insanely patient to all my ramblings and question, really helpful. Great listener. I really valued his advices. Conor Colton - being nearly as persistent and patient as Phil successfully earned him a place in here. These two were the most dependable people I've met on the site. Rosewind - always kind and positive. Guarding the community nearly with her life. A person you could really depend on. Flutterscotch - I loved any kinds of interaction with Scotchie in the Jar~, positive, realistic with an approach towards life which I completely understood. EVEN if she had her oddities ^^ Starswirl the Bearded - a great mate to have both a meaningless conversation and more intellectual one as well. Also really helpful in whatever issue you've had. SteelEagle/Riverhippo - two people I couldn't really separate. Where was Steel, there was River. I really had a lot of fun roleplaying or even only talking with them. QuickLime - even though we weren't getting along, she's working hard to keep the site clean and suitable to all audiences. And she's always willing to help if you have any kinds of questions. Diomedes/Helix - I barely had chance to talk with them, but even that little piece of conversation has proven to me that they're fantastic people. Elderflower/Jane - even though I knew you both so short, I already know I'm going to regret I didn't have an occasion to get to know you better. I wish you two great fun in the forums/ LoopEnd and all the artists - I still cannot express my gratitude about how much I liked that request you did for me. More than that, I believe any artist whom ever at least tried his strengths with MLP deserves a mention here. Everyone from Old LPW crew (people will know who I mean) - you were responsible for giving me a chance to become more open towards people, and that's what I did. Each one of you was, and remains, a fantastic man. Everyone from Chatroom - the very fact I attended chat room so often was solely your fault. People there were always positive and silly. With certain doses of seriousness when situation required this. All the roleplayers I've ever roleplayed with - for giving me a chance to create my own, surrealistic stories in the world of MLP:FiM. Without you, this site would never be the same nor the site it is now. Finally, every single MLP fan out there - for forming such a great community and not fearing to truly love things you want to love, despite the situation or what happens. I won't say everything was always smooth and beautiful. I had a few issues, I disagreed with a lot of opinions. But in general I've enjoyed nearly every second of my stay. It's been a pleasure knowing all of you for so long. Hope you all keep enjoying the site. Goodbye.
  5. That is just another proof of Chair's cruelty. None other furniture are armed or seek to resolve problems using force and violence. Chairs are the only aggressive furniture out there. Your foalishness will lead you to your doom when they turn against you in their final quest to conquer us and bend our backs.
  6. "And who are you?" - the proud lord said...

  7. I have decided not to be completely cruel. We all do know that chairs are nothing but mere attempts of assuring comfort. They deceive the users, attract them, and then force them to sit in unnatural positions what causes severe spine injuries in long term. It is obvious that any kinds of couches, sofas, beds or stools are far more superior, since they do not provide... fake and harmful... "Support", as they're trying to convince us. Yet, I am not a monster. I am willing to hear out any lies the chairs have filled others' minds with and at least attempt to lead them in right direction. I shall give them chance to cease and repent, for they do now know what foul powers possessed them.
  8. I have a thing against chairs in Equestria okay? >:/ They're an unnatural evil in pure form and should be contained and held under observation >:/

    1. SparkleFire


      Chairs are a thing of beauty, equality for chairs!

    2. Volt


      No, they might be used for decoration, but they shall not be sat upon in completely weird positions!

    3. tacobob


      Down with chair! They aren't fair! Up with stool, they're real cool!

  9. [colour=#9933cc]"Oh... dear... Celestia..."[/colour] - of all the decisions she picked today, calling a guard was one of the WORST she could have obviously made. It was somewhat funny how fast he appeared, but he explained he was guarding the entrance to the nearest archaeological panel, the one she had just left, and heard somepony calling for security. What happened next? Well, he arrived at the place, noticed the chaos and all the mess and... Rising Star, standing in the middle of it, with nopony else around. Pink mare at first stared at him blankly, but after taking a look around she quickly realized the position she had found herself in. She was taken into temporary custody despite of her protests and explanations. She didn't know how much time she spent trying to put her innocence in security's heads, it might have been minutes, it could have taken half an hour. What she did know is that her questioning contained 4 facehooves, 3 sighs, 5 rhetorical questions spawned from pure disbelief and countless groans of resignation. Even the fact that she belonged to staff wasn't able to pierce their stubborn minds... After she FINALLY managed to convince them that she was just yet another, incidental pony passing through, they released her and the guard, who initially captured her, escorted her back at the panel entrance, apologizing for the inconvenience. He led her inside and once again positioned himself near the entry to the hall. Her little case caused the panel to be unguarded for a short amount of time, but did it truly matter? She didn't even see a reason for him to be guarding that spot. Was he supposed to catch 'villains'? Or perhaps he was ordered to disallow certain ponies inside? The very idea of it was ridiculous. Nevertheless, what Star was certain of is that she wasted a lot of time and her nerves were stretched thin right now. Thankfully, she found her equipment still standing by the wall, just where she had left it. The panel itself seemed to be already in progress... It wasn't surprising at all. Seeing how Doctor Merlot was presumably late to it, he was most probably anxious to get it going and catch up with the schedule. It was as if Star had forgotten his reasons for a moment after the 'interrogation'. From her position in the corner at the far end of the room she could clearly see the stand along with his silhouette. She snapped a few photos before frowning and leaning from behind her camera. After a moment of hesitation, she packed her things up and moved alongside the right wall to set up in a place from which she could photograph attendees and at once listen to the panel itself. As she reached the right side of the room, she lost her balance and tripped, nearly falling on her knees. After a brave fight to regain her stance, she stopped and covered her face with a hoof, breathing heavily. [colour=#9933cc]"It was supposed to be a normal job for pony's sake!"[/colour] - this day wasn't going the way she had planned. It would take some time for her to regain her composure.​
  10. That was the whole issue with Aloe. No matter who you were, no matter what happened, no matter how hard you tried... you just couldn't be upset with her. That is, of course, if we considered things from Lotus' perspective. Her sister seemed to be in quite a good mood today. It was somewhat understandable. She barely could remember when they had a chance to spend some time together herself.​[colour=#ff66ff]"[/colour][colour=#3399ff]W[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]ell if you're sleep is for beauty then you should be awake at all hours of the day. And please, I'd never leave you out of anything. Which is why I waited right here for you to get here. I couldn't possibly enjoy this fully without you here with me."[/colour] The response was followed by a quick kiss on the cheek, a simple example of sisterly affection, which Lotus gladly accepted. [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]T[/colour][colour=#3399ff]hat would explain why you're ALWAYS awake before I am! Well played sis', well played indeed."[/colour] - a nod and a frown implying defeat accompanied these words. In fact... something was amiss here. It took Lotus a short moment to connect certain events of the past with current situation. She took a precautionary, theatrical step backwards while throwing her sister a suspicious stare. [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]Y[/colour][colour=#3399ff]ou're so sweet today that I fear you might be trying to pull something on me again!"[/colour] - this was said in jokingly manner of course, and whole scene's point was just to make them both laugh. What Lotus cheerfully did afterwards.Aloe then proceeded with explaining who's attending the convention. In the very moment she heard the names, Lotus' eyes became as large as plates while her face expressed complete blankness. [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]W[/colour][colour=#3399ff]ait... Did you... You've said that..."[/colour] - cerulean mare couldn't formulate a correct sentence. She gulped and tried once more - [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]Y[/colour][colour=#3399ff]ou said... said... that convention is honored with... with... MISS RARITY'S PRESENCE!?"[/colour] - she nearly jumped after emphasizing her last words. Of course, the fact that Princesses were here was impressive as well. But let's face the facts, Lotus was an Earth Pony and it was a funny connection to the fact how she kept both her hooves on the ground. She knew Princesses were out there somewhere, she knew they were wonderful rulers and probably great ponies themselves. But at once, she never had a chance of meeting one, meanwhile Rarity was somepony she appreciated, since she probably was her favorite customer. [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]O[/colour][colour=#3399ff]ooh it's been so long since I had a chance of chatting with her! Come on...!"[/colour] - Lotus passed her sister and turned back, grabbing Aloe's front hoof with both of her own and trying to walk backwards in order to pull her along - [colour=#3399ff]"[/colour][colour=#ff66ff]W[/colour][colour=#3399ff]e need to find her and say hello! Pleaaaaseee?"[/colour] ​
  11. It was a memorable morning, filled with thrill of excitement and anticipation. All the meetings were canceled beforehoof, nopony was allowed to interrupt her that day. The Grand Masquerade in the legendary Crystal Empire. Fleur's every thought was consumed with that one, important event. The very idea of such masquerade was quite tempting, but there was one more factor that influenced mare's decision to attend it... it was going to be held... in the Crystal Castle itself! The very residence of the Prince and Princess! The moment she had heard about it, the decision was made. She was going to attend it, and nothing was going to stop her.Of course, there was a little, certain detail she initially had forgotten. Since it was a masquerade, everypony were supposed to remain anonymous. But she was Fleur de Lis... her silhouette, appearance, mane... all these comprised on what she was most famous for. Yet, determination is an outstanding motivator, thus model mare allowed herself to commit a little crime for the sake of attending the ball. This morning nopony was allowed to see her, until she readied herself. Having hired two professional beauty experts, she had them invited to come over early morning. One of the most important things to get taken care of was her mane and tail... and she already had an idea what to do with them. [colour=#9966cc]"[/colour][colour=#ff66cc]D[/colour][colour=#9966cc]ye them in a silvery shade, s'il vous plâit (please). Just! Silvery, not gray, I cannot be hoarse-headed!"[/colour] - that would be the worst possible outcome she could have imagined - [colour=#9966cc]"[/colour][colour=#ff66cc]A[/colour][colour=#9966cc]nd interweave a few silver-white shining streaks if possible."[/colour] - that's what she said back then, and the outcome has proven itself to be most magnificent. Then, there was only an issue of outfit left. Fleur was supposed to mix white coating and dress with silvery ornaments. And taking the very first glance at the dress the moment it was delivered, she knew it was perfect. Long, white with subtle silver accent, wrapping itself around her chest, though uncovering long neck and front hooves. She knew it would make her look somewhat as if she was attending a wedding... but that was the very idea of that outfit. Plus her cutie mark was impossible to be spotted now. There was even a white, see through veil delivered along. One more important detail were the fake, padded, folded and fancy Pegasi wings attached to the dress. She couldn't recognize the material but it was clear at the first sight that they were not real. Even she wasn't SO arrogant to try and impersonate herself as an Alicorn... or... was she? Still... The stories she had read required those. And well, on a side note, they were perfect to draw one's attention to her! Last but not least arrived... the mask. A culmination of her efforts. Of course, she had to order a custom one, since these were destined for Pegasi and Earth Ponies. Unicorns would have a little problem wearing those without a slight change. Generally though, she preferred comfort rather than complete facelessness. Besides, it would take a lot to recognize her already. And so the time has come to leave towards the Crystal Empire,... ...thus many hours later there she was, standing in front of the Crystal Castle itself. 'Alicorn' ghost bride Fleur de Lis, just as the stories she had read in youth said. Starting with shoes, then dress, mask and finishing at veil. It was her very first visit to the empire, and even though the landscapes surrounding it were simply amazing, nothing she saw so far could even compete against the endlessly fabulous Castle. Somehow, she fell in love at the first sight with the kingdom. Perhaps one day she'd consider moving here for good? That thought made her giggle. All of this was so exciting! Alas, the time was short. There was no telling what kind of marvelous things awaited her inside. She calmly walked past the guard, levitating her invitation in front of his, or hers since it was hard to say judging from the costume, eyes and carefully making sure not to spare the guard any more attention than required. The VIP of the masquerade has just arrived, too bad nopony would even know that... [colour=#9966cc]"[/colour][colour=#ff66cc]O[/colour][colour=#9966cc]h well, their loss I guess."[/colour]​
  12. Looking for: Rising Star's younger sister. (-3) 10 words or less: Unicorn, Adult, Cool (easy-going), Intuitive, Energetic and Spontaneous. Was going to app her myself someday... ...but where would be fun in that? Perhaps it'll work, perhaps not. EDIT: *Coughs* This is my... *Coughs* no 666 post. Please do not apply possessed ponies D:
  13. *Insert ALL of the "Linkin' Park - Papercut" lyrics here*

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    2. Volt


      Hey, what you did there. I can see it.

  14. Personally I'm not interested in EQG RP at all. So I'll just vote accordingly to reflect my thoughts: No. As for section... well, since I'm not particularly interested, I don't dive into details myself. Of course, the only drawback for community I see would be that some people might want to lower the amount of MLP:FIM roleplay threads in order to be able to maintain additional EQG threads. So yeah, I see a potential situation in which MLP:FIM RP forums might became a tiny-moderately bit slower/less populated (depending on the community demand). Still, apart from that there's no harm in doing it I guess. Although not sure if it would require whole subforum... Question is: Is the site dedicated to MLP: FiM or EQG? Because one does not equal another.
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