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  1. Rainb0w on Our Day in Disdain: Chapter 2 Spoiler: >Right off, you need indentations. Deviant art doens't allow i... http://t.co/zkL8wyaY

  2. Our Day in Disdain: Chapter 2 Spoiler: submitted by Rainb0w to MLPwritingschool [link] [comment] http://t.co/TrVI3nLl

  3. Rainb0w on Wasn't sure I should post this to MLP or guns.: I wouldn't post it to either. People on reddit start ... http://t.co/CNVexEOs

  4. Our Day in Disdain: Chapter 2 Spoiler: http://t.co/sjj6YUEj

  5. Rainbow Dash sure has calmed down a lot since season 1. She isn't as brash and in-your-face as she used to be. She's almost boring!

    1. Tenkan


      I see it more as mature.

      I'm actually starting to like her more this season. 0_0

  6. I think I'm going to submit my fan-novel to EQD once I finish chapter 2... Maybe chapter 3, I'm not sure.

  7. http://t.co/iPDH2hO6 : Instrumental Music: Sleepless Night / Above Cloudsdale (PonyFireStone Remix) /... http://t.co/qmkciOOK

  8. http://t.co/iPDH2hO6 : Animation: Pinkie Tries to Break your Monitor / Wonderflop Academy: *Looks as G... http://t.co/3onOGO17

  9. r/mylittlepony is the only pony community I know where you can't express dissidence or else everypony will treat you like you're Hitler.

  10. So apparently I have fans now. Two people just added me on skype gushing about how much they love my fanfics and website... I want more!

  11. Blah blah gay sex blah blah congress.

  12. Fill in the blank:Scootaloo: "maybe we should try to get out Cutie Marks in ___"Applebloom "haven't we already tried that?"

  13. My Asuran Thief looks amazing on high graphics! http://t.co/khkSGzIo

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