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  1. :LiliSurprised: How are we at Season 8?  How did this happen.  I remember yesterday we were giving Amid Amidi guff about stomping on a show that he's never seen, and now, season 8.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bellosh


      Nice to see ya again, Scotch! ;)

    3. flutterscotch


      SEASON 9.


      I guess I have a season to catch up on.  This is what comes of being out of the loop and not watching TV.

    4. tacobob


      Wow, it seemed just like yesterday when I was confused on why so many people were streaming My Little Pony! It can't be good! They're never good...maybe I'll see what the fuss is...

  2. I transformed Glow into a G1 flutter with a modified symbol. Hair's still a touch messy.
  3. You still in "the Jerz"?

    1. Pony_Sage


      In Morristown now running a farm, but yes in the Jerz.

    2. flutterscotch


      HAH!  Awesome.  I probably could have predicted that. I stay pretty far away from Jersey these days, only make it once every few years.  Crazy family and all.

    3. Pony_Sage


      Well, if you're in the neighborhood just shoot me a text, you still have my cellophane number.

  4. <3<3




    1. Rosewind


      I MISSED YOU! You really should come visit the Discord chat; that's where all the old Skype group is!

    2. flutterscotch


      Old Scotch no understand Discord.  I'll have to look into the fresh things the kids are into!



    I'm just a rainbow in the dark!


    *runs away*.


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    2. flutterscotch


      @DreamingKnights not quite back, not for RP at least.  More like a drive by.


      @Rosewind Unicornelius is still around.  I posted him to Dio's facebook wall yesterday, hehehe.  And yes, we do need to catch up!


    3. DreamsofMaple


      Well you are here. Even if only for a moment. And I missed you a whole lot. <3

    4. Rosewind


      We need to be FB friends! (This is...if you want to! :oops:)

  6. Given that I literally just bought a beat up G1 pony to make a custom of one of my characters on here, I thought I would say hi, and HARASS DIO!  muhahahah. :sans:

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    2. flutterscotch


      OMG!  Dubstep! Rosewind!  StatSwirl!  Corsair! FREAKING PONY_SAGE!   How are you all???




      Also...how are all of you still here??? AAAAHHHHHH.  Man, I have to read some RPs!

    3. starswirlthebearded


      I'm well! And I have no idea! I'm not even here for the ponies anymore really...

    4. SteelEagle


      So many RPs to read. So many ponies to pony!

  7. The check out Ben Gibbard's Solo Project All-Time Quarterback. I worked for that label back in the day.
  8. Oh god. I know I am supposed to be gone, but I need to respond to this and how do I even qualify this into ONE SINGLE ALBUM? Music is a huge HUGE part of my life. Always. Even as a very young child, I was very aware of what I liked and did not like, and spent more of my first-fourth grade years listening to the radio than watching TV or playing video games. I spent most of my money from my first jobs on records (yeah, those black things that look like frisbees), and even as the very first thing I bought when I got a divorce was a brand new record player. My mind automatically fills in soundtracks to memories, and hearing a song that I haven't heard in a long time can instantly transport me back in time. So I will take it back to the earliest album obsession. Def Leppard's Pyromania pretty much shaped the entire 80s for me. It was the first record I bought. I was PROBABLY 7, and it was about a year after it came out. If we want to count the one album that influenced your musical tastes the most, this would be it. Not by virtue of the sound of the album per se, but rather by the influences that i eventually researched and sought out. Queen, Bowie (which to be fair my mother forced on me), Thin Lizzy and the entire spectrum of glam rock was revealed to me by my love of this album. This album made me bring music into my live as something very important. And when I was in high school Beck's Mellow Gold came out and basically turned me into a indie kid who loves relatively noisy, guitar-driven rock for life, compelting the spectrum of stuff I listen to. Before this I didn't know independent labels existed (i discovered this by virtue of One Foot in the Grave, which was released on K). Now most of the music I listen to tends to be more skewed that way, not to mention that i have even worked for one in Seattle, and have friends who release albums on many of them. The DIY lifestyle is pretty much my identity. I exist in a circle of crafters, musicians, small farmers and the like. It also made me attracted to men in 70s style cowboy shirts, which has not gone away. Also, all you people who are talking about Owl City. Please look into their influences, like John Vanderslice (who is actually a friend of mine, and makes crazy awesome and intellectually challenging music, and is pretty much the NICEST GUY in indie rock). Actually, for ANY band you love, look into their influences. You will be amazed at how your musical spectrum grows. You like a band? check them out on allmusic.com and look at the "related" tab. Follow that trail back to the bands that influenced the bands you love, and the bands that influenced them. You will not regret it once you find some musical perfection from the past.
  9. No, I am giving it a few days to make sure that I get to contact everyone I need to. I have been a member of thie board since the long ago days before it was Canterlot.com. Also trying to figure out a way to free up my character's names so that they can be re-used. Except Unicornelius. None of you can TOUCH that one!
  10. You will always be the power of 9 ponies on the internet to me, Jen. <3 <3
  11. I will, I promise, now that things have settled down a bit! Thank you I hope things get better for you as well!!!
  12. Life sure moves fast when you are trying to complete restructure your life. Hello friends. Long time no see. I know it's been awhile with no communication from me and for that I'm pretty sorry. See, in January, my life began to fall apart because I finally confronted my husband about his latest emotional affair with a co-worker. Around mid-February it turned into a full blown affair and I eventually filed for divorce. It just wasn't fixable at that point, despite years of me trying, encouraging counselling and trying to emotionally reconnect to him. He just responded by being a passive-aggressive manbaby. All of my other mysterious unexplained absences from this board were directly caused by depression associated with my marriage and my husband's tendency to get emotionally involved with other women. As a matter of fact, part of the very reason I JOINED this forum was so that I could have something to do while I was at home because he would passive-aggressively intentionally hit on women because I was not at his disposal. Partially the immersal in a less-painful fantasy world helped tremendously. But eventually I got to the point where things just kept falling apart and the fantasy was just not fulfilling anymore and was worsening my depression. On top of this all of my projects were due in the Feb-May time slot, and when you are going through something as traumatic as a divorce, no matter how amicable and mutually agreeable, focus just doesn't happen. You get stuck in a rut of being bummed out and every day just blending to the next. I live in Massachusetts, and work in Boston. I moved to the area 10 years ago for the man I just divorced. My divorce was finalized 2 weeks ago, the trial was the day that Boston was on lockdown from the manhunt for the Marathon Bombing suspects. He only just moved out May 1 after originally trying to leave April 1, and unfortunately moved 2 blocks away from me (literally, I can see his back door from my yard. Who does that?) I've begun the long and tedious process of picking up the pieces of my life, reconnecting with people he really frowned upon me communicating with, and trying to get projects that my ex has constantly emotionally sabotaged me on completed. All in all, though, my life is very full but I am exponentially happier and fuller. I am starting a business, a small press dedicated to producing childrens' books, and an etsy store to sell off the years of vintage items I collected when I assumed we were going to buy a house together. I do not have any regrets, and all my friends have told me that I am my old self again now that this is over. A little older and wiser perhaps, but still me, after so many years of being "Carl's Wife". I kept the apartment we shared and most of the stuff, but have to cull a lot of the things I had collected in my unhappiness. Unfortunately, Canterlot.com is one of them. I just don't have the time or energy to commit to it anymore at all. I will miss you all, and am glad that Canterlot was a part of my life for awhile, and will be eternally grateful to Mane and Artax and the rest of the staff for their support and understanding, and to the rest of the friends I made while I was here (but especially Jen and Dio, who had front row seats to my entire collapse and were tremendously helpful through it all even today, I love you both!). It was good while it lasted and I wish everyone the best of luck! Goodbye Canterlot, I'll never forget you. <3 If this can serve any lesson to anyone, just be kind and honest to each other, always.
  13. Getting a divorce is hard.

    1. Rosewind


      Hang in there, Scotchie!

    2. starswirlthebearded
  14. I dunno, it seems like being relatively easily zapped back into living stone might put have put a damper on Discord's behavior from the last episode. After all, he let chaos reign and at the time expected to be free forever.
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