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  1. Hi there! I noticed your lovely Pyro pony icon~ So, you must be familiar with TF2! If you're interested, I have an rp based on it going on right now~

  2. well, granted. I just want to keep it alive, so it will avoid getting deleted...
  3. (bump. i havent been responding, dimitri, because you guys govt a good coneversation rigt here
  4. (DRAMATIC JUMP IN) The Changling looked worringly up to the sky, a butterfly net braced against his sholder. suddenly, with a gasp, Scratch E quills rushed ogf, whipping around his net-until he tripped over Deliliahsbody. (DARN YOU, SPEED POSTERS!!!
  5. They're not adult mares. just Realy big fillies. (WE RETURN YOU TO SCEDULED CRITIQING) This episode is great one, with a great look in how ineffectivness is more memorable than gettin it done. one thing, however... THE BUCKING SONG! STOP MAKING SONGS I LOVE AND HATE! I CRINGE AND DANCE TO THIS DISASTERPIECE!
  6. synkyd


    I have a theory behind slenderman. looking at all ive seen from my slendysession of summer of 11, I worked up a idea to explain the obserber. Its slenderMEN. Lets take a look. in Marble hornets, slendy plays more of a passive role, livin6 up to his obserber namestate. He poses a threat, but a minor one. However, in Tribe Twelve, He plays A VERY active threat, as shown by the episode where noah sees him in the house. How could it be the same thing? only one slendy is the same as another. Dark Harvest anyone? Again, this is just a theory. but it seems the slendy has no interest in the group, only the cult. that is, until noah shows up, where they get a full born attack. this whole idea is supported by the egyptan video, as well. ALIEONS, PERHAPS?
  8. Oh man, did I fall for this. Thankfully, my passiveness saved me from writing a scaving letter. well, you cant beleve... everything... you.... ... TWILIGHT EPISODE IDEA LETTER GO!
  9. Calypso's sissors clicked across Stardusts mane, follics of hair waving down , in a poetic dance. A cowb was lifted through her mane, slipping strands through its teeth. "How did you come across my quaint little salon?" Calypso asked, gently pushing down her ear.
  10. party with Twilight? YES! book reading partay!
  11. next one. YOUR PONY DOES NOT LIVE IN PONYVILE. (Unless you have a Supernatural Magizine owner for a charater. seriously, have you seen the wierd stuff in ponyvile?)
  12. (Why'd you make that an option?) AHHHGHHHH!ohmanohmanohmanohman! WHY AM I HERE? WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT WAS THAT? HOW DID I GET HERE! wait!... last thing I remember is that I had a rocket launcher... and was walking out of black mesa... Jesus, I must of got drunk. if I finally got out of that hole, I'd party like it 1985. that was a good year. "Says freeman, remincing on the good year. Gorden looks down and sees the trail of (what he thought to be ) Kool aid. "Well, at least I can find out where I got totally smashed at. frell, I could find more inhibitors!"
  13. The world slowly spins into view, objects spiraling to focus. A wine bottle lays in the palms of a white man, The corner of his mouth trailing a long line of spit. "Ihhh... Graaa..." Grunts out of the groggy scientest. "Must of had too... much wine..." The black hipster shades wearing docter pulls the bottle to his Face. "What... Who was the cheap mistress who got me knocked up tonight... wait... .... ... ... ... ..THIS IS KOOLAID! oh man, what kind of crazy occult have I gotten into now...AND WHERES MY SUIT???"
  14. The Rusty Horseshoe Mare kept reminding me of The Truckdriver from Peewees big adventure. Potential nerdy moment? Also, Brace yourself: much explicit fiction from the close relationship between scoots and rd. over all, i liked it. Scootalo was perfectly done for this episode, peeling away the layers of false bravo effectively. 4/5
  15. I will be infected!... snd will be wearing a top hat
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