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  1. Mayday decided all these peaceful Frisbee playing is too calm for her liking and decided to spices thing up. The next time someone mention "Catch" she would leads for it and fetches it in her mouth, but instead of tossing it, she makes a break for it, seem like she is planing on stealing the Frisbee in plain sight of everypony! Would anypony do something about the Frisbee thief?
  2. She perks at the sound of the call, and before she knows it, her head have since reflexively pivots toward the source of the sound, but only get distracted by an incoming frisbee as the round and colorful airborne object catches her attention. Without a second thought. She would snaps at the disk, but it end up bouncing off her nose. However, the angle seem to be perfect for her to to catches it on her rebound, and with much less velocity this time around, she managed! Either way, she calls out again. "Frisbee!" and throws it right back, at least, she thought she is throwing it at the direction it came from, it was kinda hazy really. Who else will catch it? Who knows?
  3. Spoiler! Highlight to read Seem like we just got a bunch of Evil pony clones IN THE SHOW. Highlight to read.
  4. Thanks. I spend the time to look thought that one and it seem like it made no attempt in introducing NPC and have no real empathizes no friendship beside something call a group attack.
  5. Well the problem with using other system is that the NPC enemies in FIM are difficult to make. As ponies don't actually use attack to defeat them. Each enemies encounter would be more like puzzle, and at the same time, the way that FiM series imply the use of Friendship to help with every situation should also have some empathizes. I am wondering if someone have a good idea on how to implement in a way that you beats by solving a puzzle rather then simply collecting Dice roll to reach over a certain hit point.
  6. You know oddly enough that make me understand the real Ginger Mint better. O.o
  7. Found this fun little thead somewhere else and think this might be an awesome discussion anywhere! If your character (or your favourite Canon character, whichever) have an Evil twin / clone. What would that pony be like? And if you already have an Evil pony, what would be the good one be like?
  8. but but but you said your mane just started a fire curtain fire! This is important! Fire bad!
  9. Yes, that is basically a variation of the BESM system on the same link with more implementable in the core rule but with no specific modification on NPC enemies... ... I guess I am asking for the wrong thing altogther?
  10. Looking for someone who might have experience or interest with Pen and Paper style Roleplay Campaign with Ponies based on modified system such as BESM or something totally different I currently have question regarding to NPC and how to properly manages them, especially the enemies. I have spent some time customizing these system but currently have limited testing done so far especially in situation where there are a group of pony fighting NPCs. in BESM, we simply use the existing system and in Ponies and Puzzle, we created something sorta a "Friendship" system where the focus is to help each other. But I have not had a chance to do play actual play testing. So currently looking for two things: Insight on adding NPC enemies, the what and the how Player who want to test / have tested this before Thank you!
  11. Mayday notices a torrents of question coming from the pony. Though she patiently listen to all of it without the slightest interruption or comment... except that one of interruption that snapped Ginger Mint out of her rambling anyway. Only once she got to the end, she would respond with a raised eyebrow. "Oh, no, not dangerous at all... Long as you.... run for it!" With that, The Red pegasus have resumed her running with a bolting start. Almost seemed like she fully plan on leaving Ginger Mint behind. However, she does pauses to look behind her just to make sure if Ginger Mint is following... and if she is not, she would stops and gestures her to follow! Either she have to encourages Ginger Mint to run a second time or not... She would greets her anyhow "Sorry for that, but I think you have far too much on your mind at the moment... I think it will do you some good if you focus more on running. My name is Mayday Sunnyside, what is yours?"
  12. So somepony gave you the same number as somepony else? Of course, you should incorperate it into the roleplay, let your character react to it! At least that is what I would do.
  13. "Why... pretty sure I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am going to answer anyway. I have seem my fair share of oddly shaped tree that happens to look like four legged tree creatures, but they are not exact native.... Are you sure you are alright? I saw you ran all the way around the race track to get back in place." She responded. Seeing she was looking for this particular pony the whole time, it ought to be natural for her to be the closest around. Beside... having fallen behind after their detour, the sense of urgent in this race no longer bothering her. "Why do you ask, anyway? Did you saw any four lagged tree creature around in this wood?"
  14. I was trying to communicate with Mint but seem like I didn't got the chance before the thread get locked. I really suck at forum roleplay. x.o
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