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  1. I forgot to mention I have been keeping up with Fandom stuff but haven't been watching the show. I am going to need to catch up.
  2. Hello All! MarchingHammers here, just saying I am back from a very long hiatus. I have been gone for just over three years now, which is pretty nuts since I graduated college and am well on my way towards earning my graduate degree. I have a character that some of you may remember named Harmonic Waters, also formerly known as "Syd" or "Sydphony" I hope to reintegrate back in and hopefully meet some old friends and new ones as well!
  3. Thanks! I have been away for a while haha. Busy attending cons and Cosplaying as of late!
  4. Hey All, I am returning from a REALLY LONG Hiatus. The last time I was super active here was in 2013 or so which was back in my bachelor/sophmore year of college. I am now in grad school. Time to see if anyone remembers me from then!
  5. Back again. It's been a long time. Time to see what has been going on as of recent :)

  6. Welcome back! I just came back here myself
  7. Well, I haven't been here in a while! I hope everyone remembers me

    1. tacobob


      Oh yeah, I know you. We RP'ed many moons ago. Unlike the good Doctor, you don't owe me any bits.

  8. I believe they will announce the big names later on. The main worry here is Galacon, which I dare to call a rival convention. It takes place on nearly the same date, so the VA's and staff will be split between the two cons.
  9. So Bronycon just hit 2000 ticket sales. I can only assume there will be more and more with the summer coming up.
  10. Very true. I am trying to match the image above as much as possible. I will be wearing a black outfit (underarmor to simulate the sneaking suit) under my costume, so it will show through in regards to the similarities to Twilights sneaking suit. The on;y differences is that I will be wearing military bdu's over the suit.
  11. Well, TBH I was going for more of a Naked Snake Twilight (Metal Gear Solid 3 inspired), with camoflauge suit based off the image. Not of Snake Pliskin from the Escape From series. This image serves as my inspiration.
  12. Hello there everybody! For Bronycon 2013, I have begun work on designing a cosplay of Twilight Sparkle (Since it is male, I guess Dusk Shine would fit better.) But this cosplay is based off of the Future Twilight character design, which is directly influenced by the Metal Gear Game series' character, Snake. Now, I planned to base the cosplay off this character: Now, The main question is, what other decorations could I put on it (Other than A twilight wig, ears and horn) to make this look more like Twilight Sparkle than just Snake.
  13. It is nice to see my OC becoming a Dad. It is adorable.

  14. See, the issue with me going to Big Apple Pony Con is that I will be at College around that time, and it will be difficult for me to get there while dealing with Schoolwork.
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