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  1. gime all da hugz also ill be sure to post here if I ever get around to drawin aqua drop or any other pones i've kinda fallen out with watching the show for the last like... however many seasons, last time i was consecutively watching the show is the big episode when twilight got both princesses magic to safekeep it? that big season finale. I've watched episodes here and there but i'm just not liking the writing like I used to anymore :C plus i'm in other fandom communities so mlp ended up falling to the wayside hope peepl have been doing well! o/
  2. came back from the beyond to scream SEAPONIES aka hippocampi interested to see their designs, cause then I'd have an excuse to draw a show/movie-canon Aqua Drop after so long don't mind me
  3. Ahhh thank you all so much hehe;; I'll try to pop in here more, I had lots of good memories on this site uwu The reason I mentioned Aqua in the header is cause I'm finally trying to make a webcomic if the story I have in my head for her. I tried to make an askblog with just her, but I just didn't have them motivation for it. This time I'm gonna REALLY try and get her going, and try and make a neat story for her ghghhjg Her tumblr is here, and that's where I'm gonna post the pages and everything. I'd appreciate some feedback on the whole idea and maybe a little bit of support? I find I am able to finish projects easier if I have people actually looking forward to the end result haha;;
  4. Not much. Well, actually, irl a lot has happened, but I'm not here to bore people with my real life Internet wise I just spend all my time on tumblr doing various arting and Rping, ect. Trying to make a living off being an artist and failing, the usual, haha
  5. Heyo! Long time no see! Don't know how many of you are new or old or would remember me, but hi! Just checking in, I wanna see how many of my old peeps are still kicking ...... and/or interested in hearing about what I've been up to! So yeah! o/
  6. Kudalyn


    doodles~ things I don't think look quite as good as the others, or are WIPs
  7. Kudalyn

    Midnight City

    My style always gives the ponies awkwardly long legs - I just kinda like how it looks. Plus, I specifically gave R (one on the right) even longer legs - in the movie he's taller than the heroine by a good amount, so I just gave his pony design even longer legs.
  8. Kudalyn

    I know a Rockstar

    He doesn't have a 'name' yet, since he's just a design I made up for a friend who hasn't named him yet. I don't think he'd get a name past my friend's screen name, which I won't share here, sorry! Thank you though!
  9. Kudalyn

    R(omeo) and Julie(t)

    Thank you very much!
  10. Kudalyn

    Beautiful Brothers

    Fantastic designs!
  11. Kudalyn


    ahhahahahaha why do you hate wheatley?
  12. Kudalyn

    Give me a Smile

    He's happy about it, but embarrassed too. He's not into MLP but tries to keep up with the shows so he knows what I like and stuff.
  13. Kudalyn

    Berry Tin

    I sometimes do, but I'm not right at the moment. I have things to do before I open them up.
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